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Mens show...

100 Meters
1.10Dereak Albright11.41aORNew Hope Christian
2.12Luke McKay11.47aORPaisley
3.9Joel Baeza11.58aORLife Christian
4.11Garrett Esteb11.94cORHosanna Christian
5.11Martin McKay12.03aORPaisley
6.11Ryan Lockwood12.08aORHosanna Christian
7.10Kevin Scholen12.09aORLife Christian
8.12Linjing Shen12.37aORPaisley
9.12Daniel Miller12.69aORNorth Clackamas Christian
10.12Kenny Alexander12.74cORLife Christian
200 Meters
1.12Luke McKay23.08aORPaisley
2.10Dereak Albright23.34cORNew Hope Christian
3.9Joel Baeza23.76aORLife Christian
4.12Peter Hilbert24.44aORNorth Clackamas Christian
5.11Ryan Lockwood24.51aORHosanna Christian
6.11David Johnson24.70aORNew Hope Christian
7.10Kevin Scholen24.86aORLife Christian
8.11Martin McKay25.52aORPaisley
12Linjing Shen25.52aORPaisley
10.11Garrett Esteb25.88aORHosanna Christian
400 Meters
1.10Dereak Albright51.94aORNew Hope Christian
2.11David Johnson53.56aORNew Hope Christian
3.12Luke McKay53.77aORPaisley
4.12Jack O'Leary54.14cORPaisley
12Jim Fenstermacher54.14cORNorth Clackamas Christian
6.11Adam Arrington54.49aORPaisley
7.12Peter Hilbert54.74cORNorth Clackamas Christian
8.11Garrett Esteb55.62aORHosanna Christian
9.11Martin McKay56.22aORPaisley
10.12Kenny Alexander58.66aORLife Christian
400 Meters - Relay Split
1.10Dereak Albright52.60ORNew Hope Christian
2.11David Johnson53.00ORNew Hope Christian
3.9Chris Merlos56.00ORNew Hope Christian
4.11Nick Tran58.50ORNew Hope Christian
5.9Joon Seo59.10ORNew Hope Christian
6.9Jonas Lundgren60.90ORNew Hope Christian
7.10Justin Park61.50ORNew Hope Christian
8.10Gabe Kester64.10ORNew Hope Christian
9.11Daniel Rossiter66.00ORNew Hope Christian
10.10Chris Bucell71.60ORNew Hope Christian
800 Meters
1.12Jack O'Leary2:02.22aORPaisley
2.11David Johnson2:04.89aORNew Hope Christian
3.12Ben Porter2:07.89aORNorth Clackamas Christian
4.9Chris Merlos2:08.90ORNew Hope Christian
5.11Zach Steele2:10.19aORNorth Clackamas Christian
6.11Mikey Janecke2:13.93aORHosanna Christian
7.9Jonas Lundgren2:23.06aORNew Hope Christian
8.9Joon Seo2:25.26aORNew Hope Christian
9.9Adam Barth2:31.60ORNew Hope Christian
10.10Chris Bucell2:32.69aORNew Hope Christian
1500 Meters
1.9Chris Merlos4:19.70aORNew Hope Christian
2.12Jack O'Leary4:21.90aORPaisley
3.11Zach Steele4:23.03aORNorth Clackamas Christian
4.11Mikey Janecke4:36.32aORHosanna Christian
5.11David Johnson4:37.00ORNew Hope Christian
6.9Adam Barth5:12.00ORNew Hope Christian
7.10Chris Bucell5:16.43aORNew Hope Christian
8.9Jonas Lundgren5:26.30ORNew Hope Christian
9.9Nate Beckstrand5:32.51aORHosanna Christian
10.9Joon Seo5:50.00ORNew Hope Christian
1 Mile
1.9Chris Merlos4:45.70ORNew Hope Christian
2.9Adam Barth5:38.80ORNew Hope Christian
3.12Nate Drake6:51.02aORLife Christian
3000 Meters
1.9Chris Merlos9:32.50ORNew Hope Christian
2.12Jack O'Leary9:52.69aORPaisley
3.11Zach Steele10:23.50ORNorth Clackamas Christian
4.11Mikey Janecke10:58.60ORHosanna Christian
5.9Nate Beckstrand11:02.50ORHosanna Christian
6.9Adam Barth11:09.60ORNew Hope Christian
7.10Jake Roach11:58.80ORHosanna Christian
8.11Garrett Martin12:18.50ORHosanna Christian
9.9Jonas Lundgren12:53.90ORNew Hope Christian
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.11Wade O'Connor18.84aORPaisley
2.10Justin Park20.10aORNew Hope Christian
3.10Gabe Kester20.47aORNew Hope Christian
4.10Austin Cregut22.24cORNew Hope Christian
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.11Wade O'Connor46.67aORPaisley
2.10Justin Park48.45aORNew Hope Christian
3.10Gabe Kester50.52aORNew Hope Christian
4x100 Relay
1.-Linjing Shen
Wade O'Connor
Martin McKay
Luke McKay
2.-Linjing Shen
Victor Fioravante
Martin McKay
Luke McKay
3.-Adam Arrington
Wade O'Connor
Martin McKay
Luke McKay
4.-Victor Basurto
Wade O'Connor
Victor Fioravante
Martin McKay
5.-Jordan Crenshaw
Mikey Janecke
Ryan Lockwood
Garrett Esteb
47.59aORHosanna Christian
6.-Jordan Crenshaw
Ryan Lockwood
Garrett Esteb
Mikey Janecke
47.68aORHosanna Christian
7.-Victor Basurto
Victor Fioravante
Linjing Shen
Martin McKay
8.-Mikey Janecke
Ryan Lockwood
Garrett Esteb
Jordan Crenshaw
49.64cORHosanna Christian
9.-Garrett Hillier
Gabe Kester
Jonas Lundgren
Nick Tran
50.36aORNew Hope Christian
10.-Relay Team50.94cORNew Hope Christian
4x400 Relay
1.-Martin McKay
Adam Arrington
Jack O'Leary
Luke McKay
2.-Martin McKay
Wade O'Connor
Adam Arrington
Luke McKay
3.-Luke McKay
Jack O'Leary
Martin McKay
Adam Arrington
4.-Dereak Albright
Nick Tran
Chris Merlos
David Johnson
3:46.44aORNew Hope Christian
5.-Nick Tran
David Johnson
Chris Merlos
Dereak Albright
3:46.59aORNew Hope Christian
6.-Dereak Albright
Nick Tran
David Johnson
Chris Merlos
3:47.35aORNew Hope Christian
7.-Dereak Albright
Nick Tran
Chris Merlos
Joon Seo
3:47.51aORNew Hope Christian
8.-Ben Porter
Jim Fenstermacher
Peter Hilbert
Zach Steele
3:50.18aORNorth Clackamas Christian
9.-Ben Porter
Zach Steele
Jim Fenstermacher
Peter Hilbert
3:52.10ORNorth Clackamas Christian
10.-Nick Tran
Jonas Lundgren
Chris Merlos
David Johnson
3:55.30ORNew Hope Christian
SMR 100-100-200-400m
1.-Jordan Crenshaw
Nate Beckstrand
Jake Roach
Garrett Martin
2:04.10ORHosanna Christian
Shot Put - 12lb
1.11Martin McKay39' 2.00ORPaisley
2.11Cougar Bessy38' 6.75ORPowers
3.11Joe Aguilar38' 6.50ORPaisley
4.10Chris Dutton38' 4.50ORHosanna Christian
5.11Daniel Rossiter37' 4.00ORNew Hope Christian
6.11Garrett Martin37' 3.75ORHosanna Christian
7.10Kyle Manning35' 2.50ORLife Christian
8.10Zachery Starr35' 2.00ORPerrydale
9.11Omar Alvarado33' 8.50ORHosanna Christian
10.10Spencer Barter33' 6.00ORLife Christian
Discus - 1.6kg
1.12Ben Porter126' 5.00ORNorth Clackamas Christian
2.11Edward Dehgraf102' 5.00ORPaisley
3.11Joe Aguilar95' 5.00ORPaisley
4.11Daniel Rossiter95' 3.00ORNew Hope Christian
5.10Zachery Starr92' 4.00ORPerrydale
6.10Spencer Barter91' 9.00ORLife Christian
7.11Cougar Bessy90' 7.00ORPowers
8.9Aaron Pedrick90' 1.00ORPowers
9.11Wade O'Connor88' 7.00ORPaisley
10.10Chris Dutton84' 3.00ORHosanna Christian
Javelin - 800g
1.12Ben Porter154' 7.00ORNorth Clackamas Christian
2.12Jack O'Leary149' 3.00ORPaisley
3.11David Johnson146' 7.00ORNew Hope Christian
4.11Joe Aguilar124' 7.00ORPaisley
5.11Garrett Martin112' 10.00ORHosanna Christian
6.11Martin McKay112' 2.00ORPaisley
7.12Kevin Nichol107' 4.00ORLife Christian
8.11Edward Dehgraf104' 1.00ORPaisley
9.11Daniel Rossiter101' 4.00ORNew Hope Christian
10.10Chris Bucell100' 10.00ORNew Hope Christian
High Jump
1.10Dereak Albright5' 10.00ORNew Hope Christian
2.11Adam Arrington5' 6.00ORPaisley
3.11Wade O'Connor5' 2.00ORPaisley
4.10Austin Cregut5' 0.00ORNew Hope Christian
5.9Nate Perry4' 8.00ORNew Hope Christian
Pole Vault
1.12Luke McKay13' 8.00ORPaisley
2.11Adam Arrington12' 0.00ORPaisley
3.10Justin Park9' 0.00ORNew Hope Christian
4.11Nick Tran4' 0.00ORNew Hope Christian
5.9Joon Seo3' 6.00ORNew Hope Christian
Long Jump
1.12Luke McKay18' 8.00ORPaisley
2.11Garrett Esteb18' 6.00ORHosanna Christian
3.12Peter Hilbert17' 5.00ORNorth Clackamas Christian
4.11Ryan Lockwood17' 4.00ORHosanna Christian
5.12Daniel Miller16' 5.00ORNorth Clackamas Christian
6.11Garrett Hillier16' 3.00ORNew Hope Christian
7.10Gabe Kester16' 1.00ORNew Hope Christian
8.12Linjing Shen15' 7.00ORPaisley
9.10Jake Roach15' 4.00ORHosanna Christian
10.10Ron Zemke15' 3.75ORPowers
Triple Jump
1.11David Johnson39' 0.00ORNew Hope Christian
2.11Adam Arrington38' 5.00ORPaisley
3.12Jack O'Leary37' 4.50ORPaisley
4.11Khanh Dang33' 3.00ORNew Hope Christian
5.10Chris Bucell31' 10.00ORNew Hope Christian
6.9Chris Merlos31' 9.00ORNew Hope Christian

Womens show...

100 Meters
1.12Anna Rose McKay13.33aORPaisley
2.11Megan Cummins13.54aORPerrydale
3.11Bridget Regan13.64aORPerrydale
4.10Kylee O'Connor14.03aORPaisley
5.12Brittany Shatto14.19aORLife Christian
6.10sheridan Naber14.24cORLife Christian
7.11Joan McKay14.38aORPaisley
8.10Lydia Cunningham14.44cORNew Hope Christian
12Cathy Cunningham14.44cORNew Hope Christian
9Alysia Vergin14.44cORPerrydale
200 Meters
1.12Anna Rose McKay27.38aORPaisley
2.11Bridget Regan28.08aORPerrydale
3.12Brittany Shatto29.15aORLife Christian
4.12Cathy Cunningham29.44cORNew Hope Christian
5.9Priscilla Norris29.76aORPaisley
6.11Carly Joy Bigby29.80aORHosanna Christian
10sheridan Naber29.80aORLife Christian
8.9Riley Baldwin29.94aORPowers
9.11Joan McKay30.33aORPaisley
10.11Emma Thompson30.73aORHosanna Christian
400 Meters
1.11Bridget Regan60.49aORPerrydale
2.10Kylee O'Connor61.31aORPaisley
3.11Tess O'Leary66.74cORPaisley
4.10Joie Hoppe69.64aORPaisley
5.11Carly Joy Bigby69.73aORHosanna Christian
6.10Lydia Cunningham71.34cORNew Hope Christian
7.9Kayla Van Lieu71.94cORNorth Clackamas Christian
8.12Cathy Cunningham72.24cORNew Hope Christian
9.10Sarah Kostrna72.57aORNew Hope Christian
10.12Megan Ikin73.66aORLife Christian
400 Meters - Relay Split
1.12Cathy Cunningham67.40ORNew Hope Christian
2.12Jessica Goddard71.60ORNew Hope Christian
3.10Lydia Cunningham71.70ORNew Hope Christian
4.10Sarah Kostrna79.90ORNew Hope Christian
5.9Annie Dang80.70ORNew Hope Christian
6.11Lindsey Pham84.20ORNew Hope Christian
7.10Ashlee Kim88.20ORNew Hope Christian
800 Meters
1.11Tess O'Leary2:27.07aORPaisley
2.12Shelby Barter2:41.00ORLife Christian
3.10Kelly Ikin2:55.14aORLife Christian
4.9Hannah Woodwick2:59.88aORHosanna Christian
5.11Elana Hampton3:07.18aORHosanna Christian
6.12Lainie Ford3:13.56aORNorth Clackamas Christian
7.9Jessica Rice3:24.59aORHosanna Christian
8.11Lindsey Pham3:46.60ORNew Hope Christian
9.9Katlyn Pritchett4:00.56aORNew Hope Christian
10.11Dana Baimashova4:11.30ORNew Hope Christian
1500 Meters
1.12Shelby Barter5:24.47aORLife Christian
2.11Tess O'Leary5:31.62aORPaisley
3.10Kylee O'Connor5:37.03aORPaisley
4.11Alejandra Stein6:33.60aORPaisley
5.12Lainie Ford6:34.91aORNorth Clackamas Christian
6.9Hannah Woodwick6:35.25aORHosanna Christian
7.9Jessica Rice6:35.32aORHosanna Christian
8.12Jessica Goddard6:39.00ORNew Hope Christian
9.12Megan Ikin6:57.20ORLife Christian
10.10Cathy Jung7:46.48aORPaisley
1 Mile
1.12Shelby Barter6:28.49aORLife Christian
2.12Coley Kalsch7:04.32aORLife Christian
3.12Megan Ikin7:55.03aORLife Christian
3000 Meters
1.12Shelby Barter11:24.19aORLife Christian
2.9Jessica Rice13:52.20ORHosanna Christian
3.9Hannah Woodwick15:43.50ORHosanna Christian
4.9Dominique Radant19:26.40ORNew Hope Christian
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.11Elana Hampton16.55aORHosanna Christian
2.11Emma Thompson17.38aORHosanna Christian
3.10Kylee O'Connor17.75aORPaisley
4.9Kayla Van Lieu17.83aORNorth Clackamas Christian
5.10Joie Hoppe18.55aORPaisley
6.10Lydia Cunningham18.78aORNew Hope Christian
7.9Alysia Vergin20.10aORPerrydale
8.9Legend Bayles20.87aORLife Christian
9.10Hannah Risley21.33aORNorth Clackamas Christian
10.9Dominique Radant23.44cORNew Hope Christian
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.10Kylee O'Connor48.83aORPaisley
2.10Lydia Cunningham49.24aORNew Hope Christian
3.11Elana Hampton50.90aORHosanna Christian
4.9Kayla Van Lieu52.38aORNorth Clackamas Christian
5.11Emma Thompson53.07aORHosanna Christian
6.10Joie Hoppe53.50aORPaisley
7.12Nicole Park64.14cORNew Hope Christian
8.9Legend Bayles64.44cORLife Christian
9.10Hannah Risley67.24cORNorth Clackamas Christian
10.9Dominique Radant80.94cORNew Hope Christian
4x100 Relay
1.-Kylee O'Connor
Kaci O'Sullivan
Priscilla Norris
Anna Rose McKay
2.-Kaci O'Sullivan
Anna Rose McKay
Priscilla Norris
Kylee O'Connor
3.-Alysia Vergin
Megan Cummins
Christy Yip Hoi Ying
Bridget Regan
4.-Joan McKay
Kaci O'Sullivan
Priscilla Norris
Anna Rose McKay
5.-Emma Thompson
Elana Hampton
Carly Joy Bigby
Bethany Moro
56.15aORHosanna Christian
6.-Bethany Moro
Carly Joy Bigby
Hannah Woodwick
Emma Thompson
56.24cORHosanna Christian
7.-Joan McKay
Kaci O'Sullivan
Priscilla Norris
Joie Hoppe
8.-Emma Thompson
Elana Hampton
Carly Joy Bigby
Hannah Woodwick
56.87aORHosanna Christian
9.-Emma Thompson
Carly Joy Bigby
Elana Hampton
Bethany Moro
57.34cORHosanna Christian
10.-Elana Hampton
Emma Thompson
Carly Joy Bigby
Pamela Moro
57.44cORHosanna Christian
4x200 Relay
1.-sheridan Naber
Coley Kalsch
Alyssa Gates
Brittany Shatto
2:16.34aORLife Christian
4x400 Relay
1.-Priscilla Norris
Joie Hoppe
Kylee O'Connor
Tess O'Leary
2.-Priscilla Norris
Joie Hoppe
Tess O'Leary
Kylee O'Connor
3.-Kylee O'Connor
Joie Hoppe
Tess O'Leary
Anna Rose McKay
4.-Joie Hoppe
Kylee O'Connor
Tess O'Leary
Anna Rose McKay
5.-Kylee O'Connor
Joie Hoppe
Priscilla Norris
Tess O'Leary
6.-Priscilla Norris
Anna Rose McKay
Tess O'Leary
Joie Hoppe
7.-Kaci O'Sullivan
Tess O'Leary
Anna Rose McKay
Kylee O'Connor
8.-Shelby Barter
Coley Kalsch
Megan Ikin
sheridan Naber
4:49.90ORLife Christian
9.-Joie Hoppe
Priscilla Norris
Kaci O'Sullivan
Tess O'Leary
10.-Elana Hampton
Emma Thompson
Carly Joy Bigby
Hannah Woodwick
4:56.50ORHosanna Christian
SMR 100-100-200-400m
1.-Moriah Smith
Jessica Rice
Hannah Woodwick
Bethany Moro
2:32.40ORHosanna Christian
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.-Coley Kalsch
Megan Ikin
Shelby Barter
Kelly Ikin
13:07.54aORLife Christian
Shot Put - 4kg
1.11Carly Joy Bigby29' 7.20ORHosanna Christian
2.11Megan Cummins28' 1.00ORPerrydale
3.12Jessica Goddard27' 2.50ORNew Hope Christian
4.12Nicole Park26' 8.00ORNew Hope Christian
5.9Priscilla Norris25' 1.50ORPaisley
6.10Lauren Taylor24' 1.00ORLife Christian
7.10Sasha Stepanova21' 9.00ORPaisley
8.9Dominique Radant21' 7.00ORNew Hope Christian
9.9Legend Bayles21' 6.50ORLife Christian
10.10Moriah Smith20' 0.50ORHosanna Christian
Discus - 1kg
1.12Jessica Goddard85' 0.00ORNew Hope Christian
2.11Megan Cummins76' 7.00ORPerrydale
3.10Sasha Stepanova63' 6.00ORPaisley
4.10Sarah Kostrna59' 11.00ORNew Hope Christian
5.9Legend Bayles56' 0.00ORLife Christian
6.9Priscilla Norris51' 9.00ORPaisley
7.10Sarah Kim48' 7.00ORNew Hope Christian
8.9Annie Dang47' 2.00ORNew Hope Christian
9.9Katlyn Pritchett43' 9.00ORNew Hope Christian
10.10Moriah Smith43' 1.00ORHosanna Christian
Javelin - 600g
1.12Jessica Goddard94' 1.00ORNew Hope Christian
2.12Brittany Shatto75' 3.00ORLife Christian
3.10Lauren Taylor70' 3.00ORLife Christian
4.9Priscilla Norris56' 8.00ORPaisley
5.11Lindsey Pham49' 4.00ORNew Hope Christian
6.11Alejandra Stein48' 4.00ORPaisley
7.10Sasha Stepanova42' 9.00ORPaisley
8.10Sarah Kim39' 7.00ORNew Hope Christian
9.11Dana Baimashova39' 4.00ORNew Hope Christian
10.10Sarah Kostrna38' 0.00ORNew Hope Christian
High Jump
1.12Kaci O'Sullivan4' 10.00ORPaisley
2.12Nicole Park4' 2.00ORNew Hope Christian
3.10Lydia Cunningham4' 0.00ORNew Hope Christian
4.11Alejandra Stein3' 8.00ORPaisley
Pole Vault
1.11Tess O'Leary9' 0.00ORPaisley
2.12Kaci O'Sullivan8' 0.00ORPaisley
3.12Nicole Park7' 6.00ORNew Hope Christian
4.12Cathy Cunningham6' 6.00ORNew Hope Christian
5.9Dominique Radant5' 0.00ORNew Hope Christian
Long Jump
1.12Anna Rose McKay16' 10.00ORPaisley
2.10Kylee O'Connor15' 7.00ORPaisley
3.9Riley Baldwin14' 9.00ORPowers
4.10Lydia Cunningham14' 6.00ORNew Hope Christian
5.12Cathy Cunningham14' 5.50ORNew Hope Christian
6.12Kaci O'Sullivan13' 8.00ORPaisley
7.12Coley Kalsch13' 6.00ORLife Christian
8.12Brittany Shatto12' 11.00ORLife Christian
9.12Christy Yip Hoi Ying11' 6.00ORPerrydale
10.10Lauren Taylor11' 4.50ORLife Christian
Triple Jump
1.12Anna Rose McKay33' 6.00ORPaisley
2.11Tess O'Leary32' 3.75ORPaisley
3.12Cathy Cunningham30' 4.00ORNew Hope Christian
4.10Lydia Cunningham29' 3.00ORNew Hope Christian
5.9Priscilla Norris26' 2.00ORPaisley

* = Recent improvement

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