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    Pirates - Pittsburg , CA

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100 Meters
1.11Isaiah Turner11.14aMay 23NCS Tri-Valley Championsh..
2.9Nathan Dollarhide-Watson11.36aFeb 28Super 7 Invitational
3.12Deante Fortenberry11.37aMay 1Bob Warren Relays
4.12Angel Reynoso11.42aMay 13BVAL Trials Varsity & Fro..
5.9A'Jae Boyd11.53aApr 29BVAL Dual Freedom vs Pitt..
6.11Jordan Parker11.55aMar 18Deer Valley vs. Pittsburg..
7.12Michael La Shon11.59aApr 15Liberty vs. Pittsburg Dua..
8.12Joey Bartolo11.67aMar 7Vallejo Relays
9.9Jalen Mitchell11.82aApr 29BVAL Dual Freedom vs Pitt..
10.9Jakari Hynes-Akil11.85aApr 29BVAL Dual Freedom vs Pitt..
11.12Diallo Austin11.87aApr 18Pittsburg Relays
12.12Ahmari Smith11.91aMar 18Deer Valley vs. Pittsburg..
9Tyrone Willis11.91aMar 7Vallejo Relays
14.10Bobby Rollins12.05aApr 29BVAL Dual Freedom vs Pitt..
15.-Marlan Braggs12.06aMay 13BVAL Trials Varsity & Fro..
16.12Daniel Ceja12.09aMar 7Vallejo Relays
17.10Justice Joel12.12aMar 21Eddie Hart Invitational (..
18.9Anthony Robinson12.14aApr 15Liberty vs. Pittsburg Dua..
19.9Aarone Holmes12.15aApr 29BVAL Dual Freedom vs Pitt..
20.12Andre Grisby12.19aMar 7Vallejo Relays
21.9Marquis La Shon12.26aApr 18Pittsburg Relays
22.9Richard Dollarhide-Watson12.29aMay 1Bob Warren Relays
23.12Charles White12.45aApr 29BVAL Dual Freedom vs Pitt..
24.12Corey Gilbert12.49aFeb 28Super 7 Invitational
25.9Jamil Edwards13.01aMar 7Vallejo Relays
26.-Alex Delgadillo13.32aMay 12BVAL F/S Trials
27.9Zaheem Smith13.68aMar 21Eddie Hart Invitational (..
28.-Joshua Pantangco13.95aApr 29BVAL Dual Freedom vs Pitt..
29.11Tracey Wood14.40aApr 29BVAL Dual Freedom vs Pitt..
30.9Keevon Carmouche15.42aMar 21Eddie Hart Invitational (..
200 Meters
1.11Isaiah Turner22.36aMay 30NCS MOC Championships
12Daniel Ceja22.36aApr 29BVAL Dual Freedom vs Pitt..
3.12Michael La Shon22.53aMay 23NCS Tri-Valley Championsh..
4.12Deante Fortenberry23.01aMar 18Deer Valley vs. Pittsburg..
5.12Joey Bartolo23.21aMay 13BVAL Trials Varsity & Fro..
6.12Angel Reynoso23.31aMay 13BVAL Trials Varsity & Fro..
7.12Diallo Austin23.38aApr 29BVAL Dual Freedom vs Pitt..
8.9A'Jae Boyd23.97aMay 16BVAL Championships
9.9Jalen Mitchell24.07aMay 16BVAL Championships
10.9Nathan Dollarhide-Watson24.21aMar 21Eddie Hart Invitational (..
11.10D'Najee Smith24.33aMar 18Deer Valley vs. Pittsburg..
12.9Richard Dollarhide-Watson24.46aMay 16BVAL Championships
13.12Charles White24.57aMay 13BVAL Trials Varsity & Fro..
14.9Marquis La Shon24.74aApr 15Liberty vs. Pittsburg Dua..
12Kelvin Amoah24.74aMar 18Deer Valley vs. Pittsburg..
16.9Anthony Robinson24.75aApr 15Liberty vs. Pittsburg Dua..
17.10Tyrese Patterson24.79aApr 29BVAL Dual Freedom vs Pitt..
18.12Andre Grisby24.92aMay 13BVAL Trials Varsity & Fro..
19.9Aarone Holmes25.13aApr 29BVAL Dual Freedom vs Pitt..
20.9Jakari Hynes-Akil25.35aMar 21Eddie Hart Invitational (..
21.-Marlan Braggs25.43aMay 13BVAL Trials Varsity & Fro..
22.12Bishop Torres Nazareta25.49aApr 15Liberty vs. Pittsburg Dua..
23.12Israel Castro25.92aApr 15Liberty vs. Pittsburg Dua..
24.9Jamil Edwards25.94aApr 15Liberty vs. Pittsburg Dua..
25.9Trey Pierce26.01aApr 15Liberty vs. Pittsburg Dua..
26.11Karam Samplay26.31aApr 15Liberty vs. Pittsburg Dua..
27.11Jose Garcia26.57aMar 18Deer Valley vs. Pittsburg..
28.11Carlos Gonzalez26.78aMar 11Heritage vs. Pittsburg Du..
29.9Zaheem Smith27.56aMar 21Eddie Hart Invitational (..
30.-Alex Delgadillo28.04aApr 29BVAL Dual Freedom vs Pitt..
31.-Joshua Pantangco28.64aApr 29BVAL Dual Freedom vs Pitt..
32.9Keevon Carmouche29.45aMar 11Heritage vs. Pittsburg Du..
33.9David Sedan Gomez29.61aMar 11Heritage vs. Pittsburg Du..
34.11Tracey Wood30.51aApr 29BVAL Dual Freedom vs Pitt..
400 Meters
1.12Daniel Ceja49.09aMay 30NCS MOC Championships
2.12Michael La Shon49.31aMay 30NCS MOC Championships
3.9David Sedan Gomez51.59aMar 7Vallejo Relays
4.12Diallo Austin52.13aMay 13BVAL Trials Varsity & Fro..
5.12Joey Bartolo52.96aApr 18Pittsburg Relays
6.12Deante Fortenberry53.30aApr 15Liberty vs. Pittsburg Dua..
7.12Kelvin Amoah54.42aMar 18Deer Valley vs. Pittsburg..
8.11Isaiah Turner54.51aMar 7Vallejo Relays
9.9Richard Dollarhide-Watson54.59aMay 12BVAL F/S Trials
10.9Jalen Mitchell55.79aMar 7Vallejo Relays
11.9Marquis La Shon55.87aMar 21Eddie Hart Invitational (..
12.9Jamil Edwards56.15aMay 16BVAL Championships
13.11Thomas Galatas56.36aMar 11Heritage vs. Pittsburg Du..
14.12Israel Castro56.47aMar 18Deer Valley vs. Pittsburg..
15.9A'Jae Boyd56.67aApr 15Liberty vs. Pittsburg Dua..
16.11Karam Samplay57.74aApr 15Liberty vs. Pittsburg Dua..
17.9Jakari Hynes-Akil58.24aMar 21Eddie Hart Invitational (..
18.9Trey Pierce58.26aMar 7Vallejo Relays
19.11Jose Garcia59.09aMar 18Deer Valley vs. Pittsburg..
20.12Charles White59.28aMay 13BVAL Trials Varsity & Fro..
21.12Bishop Torres Nazareta61.88aMar 18Deer Valley vs. Pittsburg..
22.9Zaheem Smith63.56aMar 18Deer Valley vs. Pittsburg..
23.10Noah Gordon63.67aApr 15Liberty vs. Pittsburg Dua..
24.10Tyrese Patterson64.81aMar 11Heritage vs. Pittsburg Du..
25.-Alex Delgadillo67.00aApr 15Liberty vs. Pittsburg Dua..
26.12Ahmari SmithNTMar 7Vallejo Relays
800 Meters
1.11Carlos Gonzalez2:05.35aMar 21Eddie Hart Invitational (..
2.11Thomas Galatas2:06.57aMay 16BVAL Championships
3.12Kelvin Amoah2:09.01aApr 15Liberty vs. Pittsburg Dua..
4.12Israel Castro2:10.02aMay 13BVAL Trials Varsity & Fro..
5.11Karam Samplay2:11.72aMar 7Vallejo Relays
6.11Jose Garcia2:13.72aApr 15Liberty vs. Pittsburg Dua..
7.12Bishop Torres Nazareta2:14.86aApr 29BVAL Dual Freedom vs Pitt..
8.9Logan McNamar2:24.56aMay 12BVAL F/S Trials
9.10Noah Gordon2:26.56aMay 13BVAL Trials Varsity & Fro..
10.9David Sedan Gomez2:35.89aMar 21Eddie Hart Invitational (..
11.9Zaheem Smith2:39.35aApr 29BVAL Dual Freedom vs Pitt..
12.12Troy Williams2:44.10aApr 15Liberty vs. Pittsburg Dua..
13.9Gino ConfettiNTMar 7Vallejo Relays
1600 Meters
1.11Carlos Gonzalez4:35.00aMay 16BVAL Championships
2.11Thomas Galatas4:49.15aMay 13BVAL Trials Varsity & Fro..
3.12Israel Castro5:01.42aApr 29BVAL Dual Freedom vs Pitt..
4.10Noah Gordon5:04.72aMay 13BVAL Trials Varsity & Fro..
5.9Logan McNamar5:06.02aMay 16BVAL Championships
6.12Bishop Torres Nazareta5:09.47aMay 13BVAL Trials Varsity & Fro..
7.9Zaheem Smith5:46.13aApr 29BVAL Dual Freedom vs Pitt..
8.9David Sedan Gomez5:48.91aMay 12BVAL F/S Trials
9.12Troy Williams6:04.39aApr 15Liberty vs. Pittsburg Dua..
3000 Meters
1.11Carlos Gonzalez9:12.48aMay 1Bob Warren Relays
3200 Meters
1.11Carlos Gonzalez10:02.77aMay 16BVAL Championships
2.10Noah Gordon10:47.16aMay 1Bob Warren Relays
3.9Logan McNamar11:17.39aMay 1Bob Warren Relays
4.9Gino ConfettiNTMar 7Vallejo Relays
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.12Ahmari Smith16.06aMar 14Marsh Creek Invitational
2.9Aarone Holmes21.55aApr 18Pittsburg Relays
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.12Ahmari Smith44.81aMar 7Vallejo Relays
2.12Daniel CejaNTMar 7Vallejo Relays
9Aarone HolmesNTMar 7Vallejo Relays
4x100 Relay
1.-Deante Fortenberry
Daniel Ceja
Diallo Austin
Isaiah Turner
43.17aMay 16BVAL Championships
2.-Relay Team 43.54aMay 23NCS Tri-Valley Championsh..
3.-Deante Fortenberry
Diallo Austin
A'Jae Boyd
Isaiah Turner
43.64aMay 30NCS MOC Championships
4.-Joey Bartolo
Deante Fortenberry
Daniel Ceja
Isaiah Turner
44.18aApr 18Pittsburg Relays
5.-Diallo Austin
Joey Bartolo
Deante Fortenberry
Isaiah Turner
44.56aMar 14Marsh Creek Invitational
6.-Diallo Austin
Joey Bartolo
Isaiah Turner
Nathan Dollarhide-Watson
44.69aMar 7Vallejo Relays
7.-Jakari Hynes-Akil
Jalen Mitchell
Richard Dollarhide-Watson
A'Jae Boyd
45.39aMay 16BVAL Championships
8.-Jakari Hynes-Akil
Justice Joel
A'Jae Boyd
Anthony Robinson
45.55aApr 15Liberty vs. Pittsburg Dua..
9.-Jakari Hynes-Akil
Marquis La Shon
A'Jae Boyd
Anthony Robinson
46.37aApr 18Pittsburg Relays
10.-Richard Dollarhide-Watson
Jalen Mitchell
A'Jae Boyd
Trey Pierce
47.31aMar 7Vallejo Relays
11.-Jamil Edwards
Jalen Mitchell
Trey Pierce
Aarone Holmes
47.66aApr 18Pittsburg Relays
12.-Andre Grisby
Charles White
Marlan Braggs
Tracey Wood
50.12aApr 18Pittsburg Relays
13.-Tyrese Patterson
Andre Grisby
Tyrone Willis
Jamil Edwards
50.45aMar 7Vallejo Relays
4x200 Relay
1.-Relay Team 1:31.43aApr 18Pittsburg Relays
2.-Diallo Austin
Joey Bartolo
Isaiah Turner
Nathan Dollarhide-Watson
1:33.84aMar 7Vallejo Relays
3.-Andre Grisby
Deante Fortenberry
Charles White
D'Najee Smith
1:37.67aMar 7Vallejo Relays
4.-A'Jae Boyd
Trey Pierce
Richard Dollarhide-Watson
Jalen Mitchell
1:39.77aMar 7Vallejo Relays
5.-Tyrese Patterson
Marquis La Shon
Tyrone Willis
Jamil Edwards
NTMar 7Vallejo Relays
4x400 Relay
1.-Daniel Ceja
Diallo Austin
Joey Bartolo
Michael La Shon
3:22.44aMay 30NCS MOC Championships
2.-Relay Team 3:23.27aMay 1Bob Warren Relays
3.-Joey Bartolo
Michael La Shon
Diallo Austin
Daniel Ceja
3:24.06aMay 16BVAL Championships
4.-Diallo Austin
Joey Bartolo
Micheal La Shon III
Daniel Ceja
3:24.51aApr 11Arcadia Invitational (Day..
5.-Kelvin Amoah
Joey Bartolo
Diallo Austin
Micheal La Shon III
3:28.42aMar 14Marsh Creek Invitational
6.-Daniel Ceja
Joey Bartolo
Micheal La Shon III
Diallo Austin
3:30.95aApr 18Pittsburg Relays
7.-D'Najee Smith
Micheal La Shon III
Joey Bartolo
Diallo Austin
3:31.28aMar 7Vallejo Relays
8.-Jamil Edwards
Jalen Mitchell
Marquis La Shon
Richard Dollarhide-Watson
3:42.94aMay 16BVAL Championships
9.-Jakari Hynes-Akil
Justice Joel
A'Jae Boyd
Anthony Robinson
3:45.29aApr 15Liberty vs. Pittsburg Dua..
10.-Aarone Holmes
Jalen Mitchell
Jamil Edwards
Marquis La Shon
3:48.99aApr 18Pittsburg Relays
11.-Karam Samplay
Andre Grisby
Charles White
Kelvin Amoah
3:49.08aApr 18Pittsburg Relays
12.-Andre Grisby
Charles White
Kelvin Amoah
Tracey Wood
3:51.26aApr 15Liberty vs. Pittsburg Dua..
13.-Jalen Mitchell
Richard Dollarhide-Watson
Marquis La Shon
Jamil Edwards
3:54.19aMar 7Vallejo Relays
14.-Tyrese Patterson
Alex Delgadillo
Keevon Carmouche
Justice Joel
4:27.81aApr 18Pittsburg Relays
15.-Tyrone Willis
Kelvin Amoah
Keevon Carmouche
A'Jae Boyd
NTMar 7Vallejo Relays
4x800 Relay
1.-Relay Team 8:39.47aApr 18Pittsburg Relays
SMR 100-100-200-400m
1.-Keevon Carmouche
Alex Delgadillo
Justice Joel
Tyrese Patterson
1:49.56aApr 18Pittsburg Relays
2.-Marlan Braggs
Micheal La Shon III
Kelvin Amoah
Charles White
1:54.76aApr 18Pittsburg Relays
3.-Jakari Hynes-Akil
Anthony Robinson
Aarone Holmes
Jamil Edwards
DNSApr 18Pittsburg Relays
-Isaiah Turner
Deante Fortenberry
Diallo Austin
Daniel Ceja
DQApr 18Pittsburg Relays
Swedish 100-200-300-400m
1.-Relay Team 2:13.10aMar 28Deer Valley Invitational
SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8]
1.-Thomas Galatas
Diallo Austin
Joey Bartolo
Kelvin Amoah
3:49.35aMar 14Marsh Creek Invitational
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.-Relay Team 11:12.61aMar 28Deer Valley Invitational
2.-Israel Castro
Jose Garcia
Bishop Torres Nazareta
Carlos Gonzalez
11:19.37aApr 18Pittsburg Relays
3.-Noah Gordon
David Sedan Gomez
Logan McNamar
Zaheem Smith
12:40.35aApr 18Pittsburg Relays
Shot Put - 10lb
1.10Iffy Joyner46' 4.25May 1Bob Warren Relays
2.10Devon Taylor43' 4.75May 1Bob Warren Relays
3.10Tariq Wright42' 2.00May 12BVAL F/S Trials
4.-Wyatt Baio35' 2.25May 1Bob Warren Relays
5.10Leonard Wyatt Baio34' 7.00May 12BVAL F/S Trials
Shot Put - 12lb
1.10Iffy Joyner47' 3.75May 13BVAL Trials Varsity & Fro..
2.12Corey Gilbert46' 0.00May 23NCS Tri-Valley Championsh..
3.12Michael Chatman45' 9.75May 23NCS Tri-Valley Championsh..
4.11Namontte Grisby45' 4.00Apr 18Pittsburg Relays
5.10Devon Taylor44' 5.50Apr 18Pittsburg Relays
6.10Tariq Wright40' 7.00Apr 29BVAL Dual Freedom vs Pitt..
7.12David Lui36' 0.00Mar 21Eddie Hart Invitational (..
8.10Leonard Wyatt Baio35' 5.50Feb 28Super 7 Invitational
9.11Kalen Jotojot34' 2.50May 13BVAL Trials Varsity & Fro..
10.9Kevin McCoy34' 0.50Mar 11Heritage vs. Pittsburg Du..
11.11Quinn Sipsy33' 3.00May 13BVAL Trials Varsity & Fro..
12.-Jaieoni Davis33' 2.50Apr 18Pittsburg Relays
13.11Lynell Walker33' 0.50Feb 28Super 7 Invitational
14.9Fontana Collins32' 10.50Feb 28Super 7 Invitational
15.11Savior Jackson32' 6.00Mar 11Heritage vs. Pittsburg Du..
16.10Saieoni Davis32' 3.75Mar 28Deer Valley Invitational
17.12Samuel Alvarez31' 5.00Apr 15Liberty vs. Pittsburg Dua..
18.11Giovanni Najarro29' 11.00May 13BVAL Trials Varsity & Fro..
19.11Savaughn Long26' 3.50Mar 28Deer Valley Invitational
Discus - 1.6kg
1.10Iffy Joyner158' 9.00May 30NCS MOC Championships
2.12Corey Gilbert156' 0.00May 30NCS MOC Championships
3.11Namontte Grisby152' 0.00Apr 18Pittsburg Relays
4.12Michael Chatman133' 10.00Mar 18Deer Valley vs. Pittsburg..
5.11Lynell Glover114' 11.00Apr 29BVAL Dual Freedom vs Pitt..
6.12Samuel Alvarez111' 4.00Apr 15Liberty vs. Pittsburg Dua..
7.12David Lui108' 7.00Mar 21Eddie Hart Invitational (..
8.11Lynell Walker102' 7.00Mar 11Heritage vs. Pittsburg Du..
9.11Savior Jackson102' 3.00Apr 29BVAL Dual Freedom vs Pitt..
10.11Kalen Jotojot100' 7.00May 13BVAL Trials Varsity & Fro..
11.-Jaieoni Davis100' 2.00Apr 18Pittsburg Relays
12.10Leonard Wyatt Baio97' 8.00May 12BVAL F/S Trials
13.11Quinn Sipsy97' 5.00Apr 29BVAL Dual Freedom vs Pitt..
14.10Tariq Wright94' 8.00May 12BVAL F/S Trials
15.-Wyatt Baio91' 2.00May 1Bob Warren Relays
16.10Devon Taylor88' 9.00May 12BVAL F/S Trials
17.9Kevin McCoy75' 0.00Mar 18Deer Valley vs. Pittsburg..
18.11Giovanni Najarro74' 11.00Apr 29BVAL Dual Freedom vs Pitt..
19.9Fontana Collins63' 8.75Feb 28Super 7 Invitational
High Jump
1.9Trey Pierce6' 0.00Apr 29BVAL Dual Freedom vs Pitt..
2.12Michael Chatman5' 8.00Apr 15Liberty vs. Pittsburg Dua..
3.12Andre Grisby5' 6.00Mar 21Eddie Hart Invitational (..
4.12Deante Fortenberry5' 4.00Mar 11Heritage vs. Pittsburg Du..
Pole Vault
1.11Andrew Toledo11' 6.00Apr 15Liberty vs. Pittsburg Dua..
2.12Michael Chatman9' 0.00Mar 18Deer Valley vs. Pittsburg..
10Angelino Quintos9' 0.00May 12BVAL F/S Trials
4.12Troy Williams6' 0.00Mar 11Heritage vs. Pittsburg Du..
5.-Joshua Pantangco4' 0.00Mar 18Deer Valley vs. Pittsburg..
Long Jump
1.9Trey Pierce19' 9.00May 13BVAL Trials Varsity & Fro..
2.12Michael Chatman19' 4.50May 1Bob Warren Relays
3.12Andre Grisby19' 4.00Mar 21Eddie Hart Invitational (..
4.10Justice Joel19' 0.50Mar 21Eddie Hart Invitational (..
5.12Deante Fortenberry18' 11.50Mar 28Deer Valley Invitational
6.9Richard Dollarhide-Watson17' 10.50Mar 21Eddie Hart Invitational (..
7.12Diallo Austin12' 10.50Apr 15Liberty vs. Pittsburg Dua..
8.9Keevon Carmouche12' 7.00Mar 21Eddie Hart Invitational (..
Triple Jump
1.9Trey Pierce42' 9.50May 16BVAL Championships
2.11Savior Jackson37' 7.50Apr 29BVAL Dual Freedom vs Pitt..
3.12Andre Grisby36' 1.00Apr 15Liberty vs. Pittsburg Dua..
4.9Richard Dollarhide-WatsonSCRMar 11Heritage vs. Pittsburg Du..


100 Meters
1.12Brittany Brown12.80aApr 29BVAL Dual Freedom vs Pitt..
2.10Kiara Flenoid13.44aMay 13BVAL Trials Varsity & Fro..
3.11Aleeyha Patterson14.00aMar 7Vallejo Relays
4.9Amber Daniels14.09aMay 12BVAL F/S Trials
5.12Stefany Ramirez14.61aMay 13BVAL Trials Varsity & Fro..
6.-Brianna Davis14.68aApr 15Liberty vs. Pittsburg Dua..
7.12Angelique Alvidrez15.02aMay 13BVAL Trials Varsity & Fro..
8.12Akili Nuez-Mixon15.12aApr 29BVAL Dual Freedom vs Pitt..
9.10Karely Valdez-Lopez15.47aMay 12BVAL F/S Trials
10.9Malia Nuez-Mixon15.72aMar 11Heritage vs. Pittsburg Du..
11.11Cyndell de Ocampo15.79aApr 15Liberty vs. Pittsburg Dua..
12.10Gabriela Galaz15.98aApr 29BVAL Dual Freedom vs Pitt..
13.10Chela Porter16.37aApr 18Pittsburg Relays
14.12Nikayla Rice16.98aApr 15Liberty vs. Pittsburg Dua..
15.10Stella Murimi18.68aMar 18Deer Valley vs. Pittsburg..
16.12Monica HarrellDNSMar 11Heritage vs. Pittsburg Du..
200 Meters
1.10Kiara Flenoid27.23aMay 23NCS Tri-Valley Championsh..
2.12Brittany Brown28.76aMar 11Heritage vs. Pittsburg Du..
3.11Aleeyha Patterson28.94aApr 15Liberty vs. Pittsburg Dua..
4.12Monica Harrell29.34aMar 18Deer Valley vs. Pittsburg..
5.12Hydeia Barney29.76aApr 15Liberty vs. Pittsburg Dua..
6.9Malia Nuez-Mixon30.15aMay 16BVAL Championships
7.9Amber Daniels30.46aApr 29BVAL Dual Freedom vs Pitt..
8.10Abrianna Mosteiro30.54aApr 15Liberty vs. Pittsburg Dua..
9.11Camille Caoile30.99aMar 18Deer Valley vs. Pittsburg..
12Stefany Ramirez30.99aMay 13BVAL Trials Varsity & Fro..
11.11Jacinda Wollenwebber31.06aApr 15Liberty vs. Pittsburg Dua..
12.12Angelique Alvidrez31.43aApr 15Liberty vs. Pittsburg Dua..
13.12Akili Nuez-Mixon31.57aApr 29BVAL Dual Freedom vs Pitt..
14.12Cristina Fierro31.98aMar 11Heritage vs. Pittsburg Du..
15.10Karely Valdez-Lopez32.03aApr 29BVAL Dual Freedom vs Pitt..
16.10Gabriela Galaz33.27aApr 29BVAL Dual Freedom vs Pitt..
17.9Jessica-Mae Hanners33.67aApr 15Liberty vs. Pittsburg Dua..
18.10Aliyah Karunaratne34.15aMar 18Deer Valley vs. Pittsburg..
19.11Manisha Raju34.47aMar 11Heritage vs. Pittsburg Du..
20.12Melanie Torres34.54aApr 15Liberty vs. Pittsburg Dua..
21.10Chela Porter35.32aMay 12BVAL F/S Trials
22.12Nikayla Rice37.37aApr 15Liberty vs. Pittsburg Dua..
23.11Maya MorrisDNSMay 13BVAL Trials Varsity & Fro..
400 Meters
1.11Aleeyha Patterson63.73aApr 18Pittsburg Relays
2.10Abrianna Mosteiro67.62aMar 18Deer Valley vs. Pittsburg..
3.12Monica Harrell67.86aMar 18Deer Valley vs. Pittsburg..
4.9Malia Nuez-Mixon68.35aMay 16BVAL Championships
5.12Cristina Fierro68.77aApr 15Liberty vs. Pittsburg Dua..
6.11Camille Caoile70.47aMar 18Deer Valley vs. Pittsburg..
7.12Angelique Alvidrez77.11aMar 11Heritage vs. Pittsburg Du..
8.10Karely Valdez-LopezDNSMar 18Deer Valley vs. Pittsburg..
12Hydeia BarneyNTMar 7Vallejo Relays
11Maya MorrisNTMar 7Vallejo Relays
10Aliyah KarunaratneNTMar 7Vallejo Relays
800 Meters
1.10Abrianna Mosteiro2:32.87aMay 13BVAL Trials Varsity & Fro..
2.12Cristina Fierro2:33.35aMar 7Vallejo Relays
3.12Hydeia Barney2:34.69aMay 16BVAL Championships
4.10Aliyah Karunaratne2:41.60aMay 12BVAL F/S Trials
5.11Jacinda Wollenwebber2:47.87aMay 13BVAL Trials Varsity & Fro..
6.11Camille Caoile2:49.16aMar 21Eddie Hart Invitational (..
7.9Alexis Ibarra-Bautista2:51.43aMar 21Eddie Hart Invitational (..
8.9Jessica-Mae Hanners3:01.15aMar 7Vallejo Relays
9.12Melanie Torres3:08.27aApr 29BVAL Dual Freedom vs Pitt..
10.11Maya Morris3:10.57aMar 18Deer Valley vs. Pittsburg..
11.11Manisha Raju3:11.40aMar 18Deer Valley vs. Pittsburg..
1600 Meters
1.10Abrianna Mosteiro5:35.12aApr 18Pittsburg Relays
2.12Cristina Fierro5:50.69aMar 18Deer Valley vs. Pittsburg..
3.11Jacinda Wollenwebber5:54.48aMar 18Deer Valley vs. Pittsburg..
4.12Hydeia Barney5:54.84aMar 11Heritage vs. Pittsburg Du..
5.9Jessica-Mae Hanners6:24.00Apr 15Liberty vs. Pittsburg Dua..
6.9Alexis Ibarra-Bautista6:35.44aMar 21Eddie Hart Invitational (..
7.11Manisha Raju7:46.94aMar 18Deer Valley vs. Pittsburg..
3200 Meters
1.12Cristina Fierro13:04.08aMar 18Deer Valley vs. Pittsburg..
2.12Melanie Torres17:33.83aMar 18Deer Valley vs. Pittsburg..
3.10Abrianna MosteiroDNSMay 16BVAL Championships
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.9Amber DanielsDNSMar 21Eddie Hart Invitational (..
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.12Brittany Brown52.59aMar 21Eddie Hart Invitational (..
2.11Aleeyha Patterson54.32aMar 7Vallejo Relays
4x100 Relay
1.-Relay Team 52.84aMay 23NCS Tri-Valley Championsh..
2.-Maya Morris
Brittany Brown
Aleeyha Patterson
Kiara Flenoid
52.87aMay 16BVAL Championships
3.-Aleeyha Patterson
Stefany Ramirez
Cyndell de Ocampo
Angelique Alvidrez
57.85aApr 15Liberty vs. Pittsburg Dua..
4.-Gabriela Galaz
Karely Valdez-Lopez
Malia Nuez-Mixon
Chela Porter
60.26aApr 18Pittsburg Relays
5.-Karely Valdez-Lopez
Malia Nuez-Mixon
Gabriela Galaz
Amber Daniels
65.79aMay 16BVAL Championships
4x200 Relay
1.-Relay Team 1:52.70aApr 18Pittsburg Relays
2.-Hydeia Barney
Cristina Fierro
Abrianna Mosteiro
Jessica-Mae Hanners
2:09.30aMar 7Vallejo Relays
4x400 Relay
1.-Relay Team 4:27.65aMay 23NCS Tri-Valley Championsh..
2.-Aleeyha Patterson
Maya Morris
Brittany Brown
Hydeia Barney
4:34.25aMay 16BVAL Championships
3.-Angelique Alvidrez
Aleeyha Patterson
Cyndell de Ocampo
Stefany Ramirez
4:37.17aApr 15Liberty vs. Pittsburg Dua..
4.-Chela Porter
Sylvia Wachira
Gabriela Galaz
Malia Nuez-Mixon
4:38.08aApr 15Liberty vs. Pittsburg Dua..
5.-Hydeia Barney
Cristina Fierro
Abrianna Mosteiro
Melanie Torres
4:48.90aApr 18Pittsburg Relays
6.-Karely Valdez-Lopez
Amber Daniels
Gabriela Galaz
Malia Nuez-Mixon
4:51.85aMay 16BVAL Championships
4x800 Relay
1.-Relay Team 10:26.87aMar 28Deer Valley Invitational
SMR 100-100-200-400m
1.-Gabriela Galaz
Karely Valdez-Lopez
Sylvia Wachira
Malia Nuez-Mixon
2:21.39aApr 18Pittsburg Relays
2.-Angelique Alvidrez
Brittany Brown
Aleeyha Patterson
Stefany Ramirez
DNSApr 18Pittsburg Relays
Swedish 100-200-300-400m
1.-Relay Team 2:58.87aMar 28Deer Valley Invitational
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.-Relay Team 14:14.32aFeb 28Super 7 Invitational
2.-Jessica-Mae Hanners
Alexis Ibarra-Bautista
Malia Nuez-Mixon
Karely Valdez-Lopez
15:23.84aApr 18Pittsburg Relays
Shot Put - 4kg
1.12Jelaia Jones45' 2.75Jun 6California State Champion..
2.11Seuvahnia Kuka34' 8.00May 23NCS Tri-Valley Championsh..
3.11Lalani Davis25' 6.50Feb 28Super 7 Invitational
4.12Evangelina Halafihi23' 4.00Mar 11Heritage vs. Pittsburg Du..
5.12Roelyne Reyes22' 4.00Mar 18Deer Valley vs. Pittsburg..
6.10Riodelle Reyes21' 9.50Apr 29BVAL Dual Freedom vs Pitt..
7.11Elisa Baneni21' 3.75May 13BVAL Trials Varsity & Fro..
8.9Bei MataelaNDMar 7Vallejo Relays
9Krysiana KukaNDMar 7Vallejo Relays
Discus - 1kg
1.12Jelaia Jones116' 1.00Apr 15Liberty vs. Pittsburg Dua..
2.10Aliyah Karunaratne110' 2.00Apr 29BVAL Dual Freedom vs Pitt..
3.11Seuvahnia Kuka109' 4.00May 16BVAL Championships
4.12Evangelina Halafihi85' 8.00Mar 7Vallejo Relays
5.11Lalani Davis84' 0.00Feb 28Super 7 Invitational
6.12Roelyne Reyes62' 2.00Mar 18Deer Valley vs. Pittsburg..
7.10Riodelle Reyes59' 11.00Apr 15Liberty vs. Pittsburg Dua..
8.11Elisa Baneni56' 11.00May 13BVAL Trials Varsity & Fro..
9.9Krysiana KukaNDMar 7Vallejo Relays
9Bei MataelaNDMar 7Vallejo Relays
High Jump
1.12Angelique AlvidrezNHMar 18Deer Valley vs. Pittsburg..
Pole Vault
1.12Elizabeth Yangorin9' 6.00Feb 28Super 7 Invitational
2.9Alexis Ibarra-Bautista5' 0.00Mar 11Heritage vs. Pittsburg Du..
Long Jump
1.12Brittany Brown17' 4.50May 16BVAL Championships
2.11Cyndell de Ocampo12' 10.50Apr 29BVAL Dual Freedom vs Pitt..
3.11Iiliayah Callen11' 1.50May 13BVAL Trials Varsity & Fro..

* = Recent improvement

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