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100 Meters
1.9Paul Wickwire11.11aMay 9Ocean County Champio..
2.-Emmanuel Bowen11.78aMay 9Ocean County Champio..
3.11Kidron Stolte11.82aMay 24NJSIAA South Group 2..
4.12Vincent DiGirolamo12.06aMay 17Shore Conference
5.10Kenneth Bass12.51aMay 9Ocean County Champio..
6.-Damian Majewski12.65aMay 21Ocean Co. Boys Frosh..
7.-Connor Lustenberger12.89aMay 21Ocean Co. Boys Frosh..
8.-Jared Mancio12.93aMay 21Ocean Co. Boys Frosh..
9.-Jovan Mancio13.24aMay 21Ocean Co. Boys Frosh..
10.-Jesse Mancio13.36aMay 21Ocean Co. Boys Frosh..
200 Meters
1.9Paul Wickwire22.29aMay 9Ocean County Champio..
2.11Kidron Stolte24.07aMay 17Shore Conference
3.12Vincent DiGirolamo24.34aMay 17Shore Conference
4.12Daniel Moran24.40aMay 24NJSIAA South Group 2..
5.10Kenneth Bass25.18aMay 9Ocean County Champio..
6.-Damian Majewski26.14aMay 9Ocean County Champio..
7.-Connor Lustenberger26.52aMay 9Ocean County Champio..
8.-Russell Paretzsky26.82aMay 21Ocean Co. Boys Frosh..
9.-Jared Mancio26.99aMay 21Ocean Co. Boys Frosh..
10.-Jovan Mancio28.30aMay 21Ocean Co. Boys Frosh..
11.-Jesse Mancio30.12aMay 21Ocean Co. Boys Frosh..
400 Meters
1.9Paul Wickwire51.78aMay 9Ocean County Champio..
2.12Vincent DiGirolamo54.18aMay 24NJSIAA South Group 2..
3.12Daniel Moran55.28aMay 17Shore Conference
4.12Zachary Algaze56.60aMay 9Ocean County Champio..
800 Meters
1.9Gunnar Pearson2:04.89aMay 9Ocean County Champio..
2.12Zachary Algaze2:11.47aMay 9Ocean County Champio..
3.9Anthony Sarno2:18.46aMay 24NJSIAA South Group 2..
4.-Allan Buaya2:36.61aMay 21Ocean Co. Boys Frosh..
5.-Jack Brennan2:41.60aMay 21Ocean Co. Boys Frosh..
6.-Mitchell VanHorn3:00.32aMay 21Ocean Co. Boys Frosh..
1600 Meters
1.9Gunnar Pearson4:44.51aMay 21Ocean Co. Boys Frosh..
2.11Zachary Mozart4:56.02aMay 9Ocean County Champio..
3.9Anthony Sarno5:01.74aMay 9Ocean County Champio..
4.10Andrew Becker5:08.63aMay 9Ocean County Champio..
5.-Sean Moran5:15.50aMay 9Ocean County Champio..
6.9Kyle Sarno5:20.25aMay 9Ocean County Champio..
7.-Joseph Scioscio5:20.56aMay 21Ocean Co. Boys Frosh..
3200 Meters
1.11Zachary Mozart10:22.53aMay 17Shore Conference
2.9Kyle Sarno11:13.07aMay 24NJSIAA South Group 2..
3.10Andrew Becker11:17.83aMay 9Ocean County Champio..
4.9Anthony Sarno11:44.74aMay 9Ocean County Champio..
5.10Joshua Aguilar13:08.28aMay 9Ocean County Champio..
110m Hurdles - 36"
1.10Parker Teliszewski16.52aMay 21Ocean Co. Boys Frosh..
2.-Avery Boyer20.36aMay 21Ocean Co. Boys Frosh..
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.12Samuel Robbins16.12aMay 9Ocean County Champio..
2.10Parker Teliszewski16.48aMay 9Ocean County Champio..
3.12Kyle Zeitler17.11aMay 9Ocean County Champio..
4.-Kyle Morris18.00aMay 9Ocean County Champio..
5.-Avery Boyer20.00aMay 9Ocean County Champio..
400m Hurdles - 36"
1.12Samuel Robbins57.10aMay 24NJSIAA South Group 2..
2.12Kyle Zeitler61.76aMay 24NJSIAA South Group 2..
3.-Kyle Morris62.03aMay 9Ocean County Champio..
4.-Avery Boyer72.67aApr 5Howell Rebel relays
4x100 Relay
1.-Emmanuel Bowen
Kenneth Bass
Kidron Stolte
Paul Wickwire
46.13aApr 5Howell Rebel relays
2.-Kevin Hoffman
Connor Lustenberger
Russell Paretzsky
Damian Majewski
51.10aApr 5Howell Rebel relays
4x200 Relay
1.-Kidron Stolte
David Holland
Kenneth Bass
Connor Pagkalinawan
1:43.22aApr 5Howell Rebel relays
4x400 Relay
1.-Samuel Robbins
Paul Wickwire
Daniel Moran
Vincent DiGirolamo
3:35.94aMay 9Ocean County Champio..
4x800 Relay
1.-Anthony Sarno
Kyle Sarno
Gunnar Pearson
Josh Aguilar
9:45.25aApr 5Howell Rebel relays
SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8]
1.-Kenneth Bass
Kidron Stolte
Paul Wickwire
Zachary Algaze
3:56.99aApr 5Howell Rebel relays
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.-Sean Moran
David Holland
Gunnar Pearson
Zachary Mozart
12:08.81aApr 5Howell Rebel relays
Shot Put - 12lb
1.11Xavier Young49' 11.25May 24NJSIAA South Group 2..
2.12Zachary Andrews43' 9.00Apr 5Howell Rebel relays
3.11Cinjun Erskine41' 7.00Apr 5Howell Rebel relays
4.-Michael Baker26' 1.25May 21Ocean Co. Boys Frosh..
Discus - 1.6kg
1.11Cinjun Erskine147' 5.00May 9Ocean County Champio..
2.11John Doles118' 0.00May 24NJSIAA South Group 2..
3.11Xavier Young113' 2.00Apr 5Howell Rebel relays
Javelin - 800g
1.11Cinjun Erskine188' 7.00May 24NJSIAA South Group 2..
2.11Xavier Young148' 1.00May 9Ocean County Champio..
3.-Connor Lustenberger125' 10.00May 21Ocean Co. Boys Frosh..
4.-Austin Walker113' 6.00May 21Ocean Co. Boys Frosh..
5.-Matthew Nolan110' 0.00May 21Ocean Co. Boys Frosh..
6.-Niklas Haas86' 7.00May 21Ocean Co. Boys Frosh..
7.11John Doles86' 5.00Apr 5Howell Rebel relays
High Jump
1.11Cinjun Erskine5' 10.00Apr 5Howell Rebel relays
2.-Emmanuel Bowen5' 8.00Apr 5Howell Rebel relays
3.-Avery Boyer5' 2.00Apr 5Howell Rebel relays
Pole Vault
1.10Connor Pagkalinawan10' 0.00May 21Ocean Co. Boys Frosh..
2.-Tyler PodinkerNHApr 5Howell Rebel relays
Long Jump
1.12Vincent DiGirolamo19' 2.00May 9Ocean County Champio..
2.9Paul Wickwire18' 8.00Apr 5Howell Rebel relays
3.-Emmanuel Bowen18' 7.00Apr 5Howell Rebel relays
4.10Kenneth Bass18' 0.00Apr 5Howell Rebel relays
5.10Parker Teliszewski17' 6.00May 21Ocean Co. Boys Frosh..
Triple Jump
1.10Parker Teliszewski39' 4.50May 21Ocean Co. Boys Frosh..
2.-Emmanuel Bowen39' 2.25Apr 5Howell Rebel relays
3.10Kenneth Bass37' 8.50May 9Ocean County Champio..
4.12Daniel Moran36' 5.50May 24NJSIAA South Group 2..
5.-Connor Lustenberger34' 9.00May 21Ocean Co. Boys Frosh..
6.-Kyle Morris33' 1.00Apr 5Howell Rebel relays


100 Meters
1.10Alyx Wianicki13.31aMay 24NJSIAA South Group 2..
2.10Morgan Brignoli13.33aMay 24NJSIAA South Group 2..
3.10Jenna Walker13.40aMay 24NJSIAA South Group 2..
4.-Alyssia Adorno13.52aMay 20Shore Area Girls Fro..
5.-Cameron Sita13.96aMay 20Shore Area Girls Fro..
6.12Andrea Alleyne13.98aMay 9Ocean County Champio..
7.12Phylicia Matusz14.18aMay 17Shore Conference
8.12Brianna Cortes14.20aMay 9Ocean County Champio..
200 Meters
1.10Jenna Walker26.29aMay 24NJSIAA South Group 2..
2.10Sarah Neuner27.96aMay 9Ocean County Champio..
3.10Alyx Wianicki28.21aMay 9Ocean County Champio..
4.10Ashley McNabb28.31aMay 9Ocean County Champio..
5.-Alyssia Adorno28.91aMay 20Shore Area Girls Fro..
6.-Caitlyn Moran28.96aMay 20Shore Area Girls Fro..
7.12Andrea Alleyne29.21aMay 17Shore Conference
8.12Brianna Cortes29.34aMay 9Ocean County Champio..
9.-Cameron Sita30.66aMay 20Shore Area Girls Fro..
400 Meters
1.12Phylicia Matusz63.16aMay 17Shore Conference
2.10Sarah Neuner64.15aMay 24NJSIAA South Group 2..
3.10Alyx Wianicki64.36aMay 9Ocean County Champio..
4.10Jenna Walker65.09aMay 9Ocean County Champio..
5.-Caitlyn Moran67.01aMay 20Shore Area Girls Fro..
800 Meters
1.10Erin O'Connor2:30.32aMay 24NJSIAA South Group 2..
2.12Phylicia Matusz2:33.26aMay 9Ocean County Champio..
3.10Lindsey Weyrick2:35.65aMay 9Ocean County Champio..
4.11Allison Larkin2:46.79aMay 9Ocean County Champio..
1600 Meters
1.12Phylicia Matusz5:41.53aMay 9Ocean County Champio..
2.10Erin O'Connor5:48.33aMay 9Ocean County Champio..
3200 Meters
1.10Erin O'Connor13:30.91aMay 9Ocean County Champio..
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.10Jordan Erskine16.28aMay 24NJSIAA South Group 2..
2.-Mary Toro19.02aMay 9Ocean County Champio..
400m Hurdles - 30"
1.10Ashley McNabb68.16aMay 24NJSIAA South Group 2..
4x100 Relay
1.-Sarah Neuner
Morgan Brignoli
Jenna Walker
Alyx Wianicki
52.11aMay 24NJSIAA South Group 2..
2.-Relay Team 52.35aMay 19East Coast Relays
3.-Alyx Wianicki
Morgan Brignoli
Brianna Cortes
Jenna Walker
53.94aApr 12Husky Relays
4.-Andrea Alleyne
Morgan Brignoli
Alyx Wianicki
Jenna Walker
53.99aApr 5Howell Rebel relays
5.-Alyssia Adorno
Jaisaly Lugo
Caitlyn Moran
Nicole Larkin
57.57aApr 12Husky Relays
6.-Nicole Larkin
Jaisaly Lugo
Amanda Samford
Alyssia Adorno
61.13aApr 5Howell Rebel relays
4x200 Relay
1.-Jenna Walker
Morgan Brignoli
Sarah Neuner
Alyx Wianicki
1:48.61aMay 19East Coast Relays
2.-Brianna Cortes
Sarah Neuner
Caitlyn Moran
Jenna Walker
1:53.82aApr 12Husky Relays
3.-Andrea Alleyne
Morgan Brignoli
Sarah Neuner
Jenna Walker
1:55.87aApr 5Howell Rebel relays
4.-Jenna Sullivan
Alyson Cammarata
Brittany Carter
Jordan Sullivan
2:22.20aApr 5Howell Rebel relays
4x400 Relay
1.-Phylicia Matusz
Jenna Walker
Sarah Neuner
Alyx Wianicki
4:21.42aMay 9Ocean County Champio..
SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8]
1.-Relay Team 4:42.73aMay 19East Coast Relays
2.-Lindsey Weyrick
Alyssia Adorno
Brianna Cortes
Erin O'Connor
4:43.74aApr 5Howell Rebel relays
3.-Lindsey Weyrick
Alyssia Adorno
Brittany Carter
Erin O'Connor
4:45.12aApr 12Husky Relays
4.-Brienna Cooney
Amanda Samford
Brittany Carter
Ally Larkin
5:12.87aApr 5Howell Rebel relays
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.-Lindsey Weyrick
Ashley McNabb
Phylicia Matusz
Erin O'Connor
14:32.10aApr 5Howell Rebel relays
4x102.5 Shuttle Hurdles - 30"
1.-Jordan Erskine
Mary Toro
Brittany Carter
Brielle Bazerque
77.81aApr 5Howell Rebel relays
Shot Put - 4kg
1.10Amy Bruno35' 3.75Apr 12Husky Relays
2.10Ashley McNabb28' 2.25Apr 12Husky Relays
3.11Kyle Buaya26' 10.50Apr 5Howell Rebel relays
4.-Amanda Samford25' 2.50May 20Shore Area Girls Fro..
5.-Emily Calderon24' 9.50May 20Shore Area Girls Fro..
6.-Brianna Sanford18' 10.00May 20Shore Area Girls Fro..
Discus - 1kg
1.12Morgan Conklin79' 1.00Apr 5Howell Rebel relays
2.-Dana Lozito70' 3.00May 20Shore Area Girls Fro..
3.11Kyle Buaya65' 4.00Apr 5Howell Rebel relays
4.-Brianna Sanford49' 10.00May 20Shore Area Girls Fro..
Javelin - 600g
1.10Jordan Erskine94' 8.00May 9Ocean County Champio..
2.12Morgan Conklin92' 10.00May 9Ocean County Champio..
3.-Mary Toro78' 4.50Apr 5Howell Rebel relays
High Jump
1.10Jordan Erskine4' 10.00May 24NJSIAA South Group 2..
2.10Morgan Brignoli4' 8.00May 24NJSIAA South Group 2..
3.10Ashley McNabb4' 6.25Apr 12Husky Relays
Pole Vault
1.10Amy Bruno7' 0.00Apr 5Howell Rebel relays
2.10Jenna WalkerNHApr 5Howell Rebel relays
Long Jump
1.10Amy Bruno15' 7.25May 9Ocean County Champio..
2.10Morgan Brignoli15' 2.00May 19East Coast Relays
3.-Cameron Sita14' 5.25May 20Shore Area Girls Fro..
4.10Sarah Neuner14' 1.00Apr 5Howell Rebel relays
5.11Kyle Buaya12' 0.50May 20Shore Area Girls Fro..
Triple Jump
1.10Jordan Erskine31' 7.25May 9Ocean County Champio..
2.10Amy Bruno31' 7.00May 9Ocean County Champio..
3.12Phylicia Matusz28' 3.00Apr 5Howell Rebel relays
4.-Mary Toro27' 10.00Apr 12Husky Relays
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