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      Monarchs - Papillion, NE

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60 Meter Dash
1.10KJ Cotton6.90aMar 9Monarch Trials
2.9Nate Grauf7.09aMar 9Monarch Trials
3.12Gabriel Kendall7.12aMar 9Monarch Trials
4.11Drake Childress7.23aMar 9Monarch Trials
12Khalid Cray7.23aMar 9Monarch Trials
6.11Sam Johnson7.25aMar 9Monarch Trials
7.11Ean Sawtelle7.28aMar 9Monarch Trials
8.10Jaylen Ricks7.30aMar 9Monarch Trials
9.10Brandon Steburg7.40aMar 9Monarch Trials
11Caleb Grove7.40aMar 9Monarch Trials
11.11Nathan White7.42aMar 9Monarch Trials
12.9Jonathan Carter7.44aMar 9Monarch Trials
13.9Javonte Combs7.48aMar 9Monarch Trials
14.10Ray Jackson7.49aMar 9Monarch Trials
11Andrew Hanthorn7.49aMar 9Monarch Trials
16.11Dru Musil7.54aMar 9Monarch Trials
17.9Max Gendler7.55aMar 9Monarch Trials
18.11Goamar Rauch7.59aMar 9Monarch Trials
19.10Bailey Dawes7.67aMar 9Monarch Trials
20.10Noah Phillips7.69aMar 9Monarch Trials
11Travis Schwartz7.69aMar 9Monarch Trials
22.10Justin Meek7.70aMar 9Monarch Trials
23.11Austin Cruz7.74aMar 9Monarch Trials
24.11Ryan Bell7.85aMar 9Monarch Trials
9Jaden Collins7.85aMar 9Monarch Trials
26.9Ryan Davenport8.00aMar 9Monarch Trials
27.9Justin Myers8.04aMar 9Monarch Trials
28.12Ray Bealer8.05aMar 9Monarch Trials
29.9Sam Calhoun8.07aMar 9Monarch Trials
30.11Noah Bell8.15aMar 9Monarch Trials
31.10Tristan Knoell8.20aMar 9Monarch Trials
32.11John Nelson8.70aMar 9Monarch Trials
33.9Xavier Nelson8.75aMar 9Monarch Trials
100 Meters
1.9*Javonte Combs12.24cMar 24JV Meet @ Papillion-..
2.10*Bailey Dawes12.54cMar 24JV Meet @ Papillion-..
10*Brandon Steburg12.54cMar 24JV Meet @ Papillion-..
4.11*Andrew Hanthorn12.84cMar 24JV Meet @ Papillion-..
5.10*Noah Phillips13.14cMar 24JV Meet @ Papillion-..
6.10*Tristan Knoell13.84cMar 24JV Meet @ Papillion-..
160 Meters
1.9Nate Grauf18.83aMar 9Monarch Trials
2.12Khalid Cray19.15aMar 9Monarch Trials
3.11Ean Sawtelle19.24aMar 9Monarch Trials
4.11Dru Musil19.50aMar 9Monarch Trials
5.10Brandon Steburg19.73aMar 9Monarch Trials
6.11Caleb Grove19.99aMar 9Monarch Trials
7.11Austin Cruz20.20aMar 9Monarch Trials
8.9Javonte Combs20.38aMar 9Monarch Trials
9.10Bailey Dawes20.60aMar 9Monarch Trials
10.11Goamar Rauch20.80aMar 9Monarch Trials
11.11Andrew Hanthorn20.90aMar 9Monarch Trials
12.10Noah Phillips21.00aMar 9Monarch Trials
13.9Jaden Collins21.38aMar 9Monarch Trials
9Ryan Davenport21.38aMar 9Monarch Trials
15.11Noah Bell21.50aMar 9Monarch Trials
16.9Jonathan Carter21.53aMar 9Monarch Trials
17.11Ryan Bell21.86aMar 9Monarch Trials
18.10Justin Meek22.00aMar 9Monarch Trials
19.12Ray Bealer22.20aMar 9Monarch Trials
20.11John Nelson23.50aMar 9Monarch Trials
21.9Xavier Nelson24.00aMar 9Monarch Trials
200 Meters
1.10KJ Cotton22.95aMar 21Bulldog T & F Challe..
2.12Khalid Cray24.59aMar 21Bulldog T & F Challe..
3.9Nate Grauf24.70aMar 21Bulldog T & F Challe..
4.10*Bailey Dawes24.94cMar 24JV Meet @ Papillion-..
5.10*Brandon Steburg25.54cMar 24JV Meet @ Papillion-..
6.10*Ray Jackson25.94cMar 24JV Meet @ Papillion-..
7.11*Andrew Hanthorn26.04cMar 24JV Meet @ Papillion-..
8.10*Noah Phillips26.54cMar 24JV Meet @ Papillion-..
9.10*Tristan Knoell28.94cMar 24JV Meet @ Papillion-..
400 Meters
1.10KJ Cotton54.26aMar 9Monarch Trials
2.11Drake Childress54.59aMar 9Monarch Trials
3.12Ed Rule56.56aMar 9Monarch Trials
4.11Sam Johnson57.60aMar 21Bulldog T & F Challe..
5.10Ray Jackson58.30aMar 9Monarch Trials
11Ethan Smith58.30aMar 9Monarch Trials
7.10Jaylen Ricks58.35aMar 9Monarch Trials
8.11*Travis Schwartz58.74cMar 24JV Meet @ Papillion-..
9.9Max Gendler60.97aMar 9Monarch Trials
10.9*Sam Calhoun62.94cMar 24JV Meet @ Papillion-..
11.9*Justin Myers66.54cMar 24JV Meet @ Papillion-..
800 Meters
1.12Adam Bartels2:04.70aMar 21Bulldog T & F Challe..
2.9Jake Norris2:06.10aMar 21Bulldog T & F Challe..
3.10Tyler Williams2:08.50Mar 9Monarch Trials
4.12Ed Rule2:09.80Mar 9Monarch Trials
5.11Thomas Cahill2:13.50Mar 9Monarch Trials
6.10Noah Hazel2:19.00Mar 9Monarch Trials
7.11Ethan Smith2:21.00Mar 9Monarch Trials
8.9Justin Leenerts2:32.00Mar 9Monarch Trials
9.9Justin Rodriquez2:46.00Mar 9Monarch Trials
10.9*Tanner Schlapia2:47.00Mar 24JV Meet @ Papillion-..
12Mason Mueller2:47.00Mar 9Monarch Trials
12.9*Trajan Sutton3:00.00Mar 24JV Meet @ Papillion-..
1600 Meters
1.10Tyler Williams4:52.92aMar 21Bulldog T & F Challe..
2.9Jake Norris4:54.00Mar 9Monarch Trials
3.12Adam Bartels5:03.00Mar 9Monarch Trials
4.12Michael Herndon5:08.65aMar 21Bulldog T & F Challe..
5.12Austin Eidem5:17.00Mar 9Monarch Trials
6.11Ethan Maas5:20.00Mar 9Monarch Trials
7.11Jake VandeGriend5:22.00Mar 9Monarch Trials
8.10Eli Thompson5:28.00Mar 9Monarch Trials
9.10Noah Hazel5:30.00Mar 9Monarch Trials
10.10AJ Hampton5:37.00Mar 9Monarch Trials
9*Dalton Williams5:37.00Mar 24JV Meet @ Papillion-..
12.12*Mason Mueller5:39.00Mar 24JV Meet @ Papillion-..
9*Justin Rodriquez5:39.00Mar 24JV Meet @ Papillion-..
14.11Ethan Smith5:53.00Mar 9Monarch Trials
15.10*Alexander Strehle5:56.00Mar 24JV Meet @ Papillion-..
16.10Jason Peterson5:57.00Mar 9Monarch Trials
17.9Justin Leenerts6:03.00Mar 9Monarch Trials
18.10Gilberto Riveros-Villa6:13.00Mar 9Monarch Trials
19.11*Evan Lamontagne6:14.00Mar 24JV Meet @ Papillion-..
20.10Noah Kahl6:27.00Mar 9Monarch Trials
21.9Tanner Schlapia6:48.00Mar 9Monarch Trials
22.9Trajan Sutton7:26.00Mar 9Monarch Trials
3200 Meters
1.9Jonathan Kawula10:31.21aMar 21Bulldog T & F Challe..
2.9David Kawula10:31.49aMar 21Bulldog T & F Challe..
3.11Ethan Maas10:50.55aMar 21Bulldog T & F Challe..
4.11Jake VandeGriend11:25.00Mar 9Monarch Trials
5.12Austin Eidem11:38.00Mar 9Monarch Trials
6.10Eli Thompson11:40.00Mar 9Monarch Trials
7.12Michael Herndon11:45.00Mar 9Monarch Trials
8.10AJ Hampton12:34.00Mar 9Monarch Trials
9.10Alexander Strehle13:27.00Mar 9Monarch Trials
10.10Jason Peterson13:30.00Mar 9Monarch Trials
11.10Gilberto Riveros-Villa14:24.00Mar 9Monarch Trials
12.10Noah Kahl15:25.00Mar 9Monarch Trials
60m Hurdles - 39"
1.12Gabriel Kendall8.52aMar 21Bulldog T & F Challe..
2.11*Austin Cruz9.24cMar 24JV Meet @ Papillion-..
3.11*Caleb Grove9.34cMar 24JV Meet @ Papillion-..
4.11Noah Bell9.95aMar 9Monarch Trials
5.11*Ryan Bell10.24cMar 24JV Meet @ Papillion-..
6.11Dru Musil10.90aMar 9Monarch Trials
7.9*Xavier Nelson11.94cMar 24JV Meet @ Papillion-..
8.11John Nelson12.00aMar 9Monarch Trials
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.11*Caleb Grove45.34cMar 24JV Meet @ Papillion-..
2.11*Austin Cruz47.64cMar 24JV Meet @ Papillion-..
3.11*Ryan Bell50.34cMar 24JV Meet @ Papillion-..
4.11*John Nelson54.64cMar 24JV Meet @ Papillion-..
5.11*Noah Bell55.74cMar 24JV Meet @ Papillion-..
6.9*Xavier Nelson56.14cMar 24JV Meet @ Papillion-..
4x100 Relay
1.*Noah Phillips
Jaylen Ricks
Caleb Grove
Brandon Steburg
48.34cMar 24JV Meet @ Papillion-..
4x400 Relay
1.Gabriel Kendall
Sam Johnson
Ed Rule
Drake Childress
3:51.44aMar 21Bulldog T & F Challe..
2.*Ray Jackson
Jaylen Ricks
Ethan Smith
Max Gendler
4:07.00Mar 24JV Meet @ Papillion-..
4x800 Relay
1.Ed Rule
Tyler Williams
Jake Norris
Adam Bartels
8:42.12aMar 21Bulldog T & F Challe..
2.*Ethan Smith
Jake VandeGriend
Ethan Maas
Mason Mueller
9:31.00Mar 24JV Meet @ Papillion-..
3.*Aaron Worsfold
Noah Hazel
Eli Thompson
Jason Peterson
9:42.00Mar 24JV Meet @ Papillion-..
Shot Put - 12lb
1.11Jon Soto46' 3.00Mar 21Bulldog T & F Challe..
2.12Tyler Thille45' 1.00Mar 21Bulldog T & F Challe..
3.10Jaden Schovenek44' 7.00Mar 9Monarch Trials
4.11Jared Ertz42' 10.00Mar 9Monarch Trials
5.11Hunter Klaus40' 10.00Mar 9Monarch Trials
6.11*Adam Atkinson39' 2.00Mar 24JV Meet @ Papillion-..
7.10Brandon Jasinski36' 8.00Mar 9Monarch Trials
8.12*Hunter Blair35' 9.00Mar 24JV Meet @ Papillion-..
9.9Bryan Sandoval34' 5.00Mar 9Monarch Trials
10.9*Brandon Dueling34' 4.00Mar 24JV Meet @ Papillion-..
11.10Shane Buscher30' 4.00Mar 9Monarch Trials
12.9*Davis Showell29' 4.00Mar 24JV Meet @ Papillion-..
13.10Jake Rathbum27' 7.00Mar 9Monarch Trials
Discus - 1.6kg
1.11Jared Ertz130' 6.00Mar 21Bulldog T & F Challe..
2.12Tyler Thille128' 5.00Mar 9Monarch Trials
3.10Jaden Schovenek127' 8.00Mar 21Bulldog T & F Challe..
4.11*Adam Atkinson111' 7.00Mar 24JV Meet @ Papillion-..
5.11Jon Soto106' 4.00Mar 9Monarch Trials
6.12*Hunter Blair93' 9.00Mar 24JV Meet @ Papillion-..
7.11Hunter Klaus87' 9.00Mar 9Monarch Trials
8.9*Brandon Dueling82' 3.00Mar 24JV Meet @ Papillion-..
9.9Davis Showell82' 0.00Mar 9Monarch Trials
10.10*Shane Buscher81' 6.00Mar 24JV Meet @ Papillion-..
11.9*Bryan Sandoval81' 0.00Mar 24JV Meet @ Papillion-..
12.10Brandon Jasinski75' 8.00Mar 9Monarch Trials
13.10Jake Rathbum73' 3.00Mar 9Monarch Trials
High Jump
1.12Ray Bealer5' 6.00Mar 9Monarch Trials
9Jonathan Carter5' 6.00Mar 9Monarch Trials
3.9Jaden Collins5' 4.00Mar 9Monarch Trials
11Goamar Rauch5' 4.00Mar 9Monarch Trials
9*Justin Myers5' 4.00Mar 24JV Meet @ Papillion-..
6.9Ryan Davenport5' 2.00Mar 9Monarch Trials
Pole Vault
1.11Jack Noble11' 6.00Mar 21Bulldog T & F Challe..
2.11Thomas Cahill9' 6.00Mar 21Bulldog T & F Challe..
3.11*Josh Vannornam8' 0.00Mar 24JV Meet @ Papillion-..
Long Jump
1.11Nathan White20' 10.00Mar 21Bulldog T & F Challe..
2.9Jonathan Carter19' 4.50Mar 21Bulldog T & F Challe..
3.11Ean Sawtelle19' 1.50Mar 21Bulldog T & F Challe..
4.9Nate Grauf17' 8.00Mar 9Monarch Trials
Triple Jump
1.11Nathan White40' 11.50Mar 21Bulldog T & F Challe..
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