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100 Meters
1.11Alex Linneman11.24cApr 2Ed Moore Invite
2.10Derek Robb11.26aMay 12B-6 Districts-Ogallala
3.10Coby Haas11.48aMay 12B-6 Districts-Ogallala
4.12John Bramer11.59aApr 29Western Conference
5.12Michael Banaszak11.90aMar 24Sidney Invite
6.9Cade Lewis12.04cMay 6Cheyenne County Invite
7.9Christian Balandran12.17aMar 24Sidney Invite
8.9Alec Maddox12.36aApr 7Mitchell Invite
9.11Spencer Rolls12.42aApr 23George Calvert Invite
10.10Jakob Austad12.73aApr 7Mitchell Invite
11.10Mitch Rolls12.74cMay 6Cheyenne County Invite
200 Meters
1.11Alex Linneman22.39aMay 20NSAA Class B State Champi..
2.9Christian Balandran23.14cApr 22Twilight Invitational
3.12Michael Banaszak23.34cApr 2Ed Moore Invite
4.10Coby Haas23.44cApr 2Ed Moore Invite
5.12John Bramer24.08aApr 14Dutch Zorn Invite
6.10Jr. Balandran24.57aApr 23George Calvert Invite
7.10Josh Schaub24.64cApr 22Twilight Invitational
8.11Spencer Rolls24.74aApr 7Mitchell Invite
9.10Mitch Rolls25.74cMay 6Cheyenne County Invite
10.9Cade Lewis25.94cMay 6Cheyenne County Invite
11.9Vincent Hernandez26.13aApr 7Mitchell Invite
400 Meters
1.12Michael Banaszak50.36aMay 12B-6 Districts-Ogallala
2.9Christian Balandran53.24cApr 2Ed Moore Invite
3.9Alec Maddox55.63aMay 12B-6 Districts-Ogallala
4.10Mitch Porter56.01aApr 7Mitchell Invite
5.10Josh Schaub57.20aMar 24Sidney Invite
6.9Vincent Hernandez58.47aApr 23George Calvert Invite
7.9Dylan Charles59.31aApr 23George Calvert Invite
8.10Jr. Balandran59.42aApr 14Dutch Zorn Invite
9.10Mitch Rolls60.41aApr 29Western Conference
10.9Cade Lewis60.50aApr 14Dutch Zorn Invite
11.11Spencer Rolls60.75aApr 29Western Conference
12.10Kaden Vowers63.44aMar 24Sidney Invite
13.10Tyler Astry63.77aApr 7Mitchell Invite
14.10Jack Hinrichs69.04aMar 24Sidney Invite
800 Meters
1.10Bret Jaggers2:06.42aApr 22Twilight Invitational
2.12Logan Uhlir2:08.48aApr 14Dutch Zorn Invite
3.11Will Castner2:12.32aApr 29Western Conference
4.10Mitch Porter2:12.80Apr 2Ed Moore Invite
5.12Brenner Keane2:13.65aMar 24Sidney Invite
6.12Jacob Schaub2:17.77aMay 12B-6 Districts-Ogallala
7.10Jr. Balandran2:27.50Apr 2Ed Moore Invite
1600 Meters
1.12Brenner Keane4:53.34aApr 22Twilight Invitational
2.11Will Castner5:01.03aMay 12B-6 Districts-Ogallala
3.9Collin Brauer5:05.00Apr 2Ed Moore Invite
4.11Ryan Aurich5:10.07aApr 7Mitchell Invite
5.9Dante Petersen5:22.99aApr 29Western Conference
6.10Colton Peckham5:23.80aApr 23George Calvert Invite
7.9Dante Peterson5:34.98aApr 14Dutch Zorn Invite
8.12Jacob SchaubNTMay 6Bayard BCD Invitational
3200 Meters
1.9Collin Brauer10:24.55aMay 2Best in the West Classic
2.11Ryan Aurich10:47.11aMay 2Best in the West Classic
3.10Colton Peckham11:59.30aMay 12B-6 Districts-Ogallala
4.9Tristian Ahrendt13:44.60May 6Cheyenne County Invite
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.12Colby Dickman17.15aMay 6Bayard BCD Invitational
2.10Jonathan Smith17.79aApr 29Western Conference
3.9Taylor Hart20.90aApr 7Mitchell Invite
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.10Jonathan Smith43.37aApr 22Twilight Invitational
2.9Taylor Hart51.44cMay 6Cheyenne County Invite
3.9William Draper52.47aMar 24Sidney Invite
4x100 Relay
1.Relay Team 43.29aMay 20NSAA Class B State Champi..
2.Derek Robb
Coby Haas
Michael Banaszak
Alex Linneman
43.30aMay 12B-6 Districts-Ogallala
3.Derek Robb
Michael Banaszak
Christian Balandran
Alex Linneman
44.71aMar 24Sidney Invite
4.Derek Robb
Coby Haas
Michael Banaszak
Christian Balandran
45.49aApr 7Mitchell Invite
5.John Bramer
Coby Haas
Alec Maddox
Jr. Balandran
47.29aMar 24Sidney Invite
6.Spencer Rolls
Mitch Rolls
Cade Lewis
Alec Maddox
50.42aApr 7Mitchell Invite
7.Alec Maddox
Jr. Balandran
Spencer Rolls
Cade Lewis
DQApr 23George Calvert Invite
4x400 Relay
1.Relay Team 03:24.26aMay 20NSAA Class B State Champi..
2.Michael Banaszak
Derek Robb
Christian Balandran
Alex Linneman
3:24.57aMay 12B-6 Districts-Ogallala
3.Michael Banaszak
Bret Jaggers
Derek Robb
Alex Linneman
3:33.80Apr 2Ed Moore Invite
4.Michael Banaszak
Christian Balandran
Derek Robb
Alex Linneman
3:37.09aMar 24Sidney Invite
5.Michael Banaszak
Derek Robb
Bret Jaggers
Christian Balandran
3:41.33aApr 7Mitchell Invite
6.Cade Lewis
Caedon Snider
Kaden Vowers
Colton Peckham
4:07.55aApr 23George Calvert Invite
7.Cade Lewis
Mitch Rolls
Caedon Snider
Kaden Vowers
4:10.15aApr 7Mitchell Invite
4x800 Relay
1.Relay Team 08:25.95aMay 20NSAA Class B State Champi..
2.Bret Jaggers
Brenner Keane
Logan Uhlir
Will Castner
8:27.98aMay 6Bayard BCD Invitational
3.Bret Jaggers
Jacob Schaub
Logan Uhlir
Will Castner
8:43.29aApr 29Western Conference
4.-Brenner Keane
Logan Uhlir
Bret Jaggers
Ryan Aurich
8:59.88aApr 7Mitchell Invite
5.Bret Jaggers
Logan Uhlir
Collin Brauer
Jr. Balandran
9:04.90Apr 2Ed Moore Invite
SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8]
1.Jr. Balandran
Coby Haas
Christian Balandran
Mitch Porter
3:53.16aApr 14Dutch Zorn Invite
Shot Put - 12lb
1.12Jacob Heeren57' 3.00May 12B-6 Districts-Ogallala
2.10Tyler Bergstrom41' 0.00Apr 22Twilight Invitational
3.10Jack Hinrichs39' 2.00May 12B-6 Districts-Ogallala
4.11Thomas Kokjer37' 9.00Apr 22Twilight Invitational
5.9Lane Hughes35' 11.50May 6Cheyenne County Invite
6.9Cade Lewis33' 10.75Apr 2Ed Moore Invite
7.9Zach Pettit32' 11.75May 6Cheyenne County Invite
Discus - 1.6kg
1.11Thomas Kokjer138' 3.00Apr 14Dutch Zorn Invite
2.10Tyler Bergstrom125' 7.00Apr 14Dutch Zorn Invite
3.9Zach Pettit105' 9.00Apr 29Western Conference
4.10Jack Hinrichs87' 4.00Apr 23George Calvert Invite
5.9Lane Hughes72' 7.00May 6Cheyenne County Invite
High Jump
1.10Mitch Porter6' 0.00Apr 14Dutch Zorn Invite
2.10Josh Schaub5' 10.00May 6Cheyenne County Invite
3.12Colby Dickman5' 8.00Apr 29Western Conference
4.9Caedon Snider5' 4.00May 6Cheyenne County Invite
Pole Vault
1.10Jonathan Smith12' 2.00May 12B-6 Districts-Ogallala
2.10Kaden Vowers9' 6.00Apr 29Western Conference
9Dylan Charles9' 6.00Apr 23George Calvert Invite
4.10Jakob Austad8' 6.00Apr 23George Calvert Invite
5.9Alex Jallen8' 0.00Apr 7Mitchell Invite
Long Jump
1.11Alex Linneman21' 11.50Apr 14Dutch Zorn Invite
2.12John Bramer18' 4.50Apr 22Twilight Invitational
3.9Alec Maddox17' 8.50Apr 23George Calvert Invite
4.10Grant Hausmann17' 3.50Apr 7Mitchell Invite
5.10Jr. Balandran16' 7.50Mar 24Sidney Invite
6.10Jakob Austad15' 10.75Apr 2Ed Moore Invite
7.9Tristian Ahrendt15' 5.75Apr 29Western Conference
Triple Jump
1.10Mitch Porter42' 9.75Apr 14Dutch Zorn Invite
2.10Jakob Austad39' 3.00May 12B-6 Districts-Ogallala
3.10Tyler Bergstrom39' 0.50Apr 14Dutch Zorn Invite
4.11Jarod Luptak34' 10.00Mar 24Sidney Invite
5.9Caedon Snider32' 5.25Apr 23George Calvert Invite
6.9Tristian Ahrendt31' 8.00May 6Cheyenne County Invite
7.9Vincent Hernandez31' 6.00Mar 24Sidney Invite


100 Meters
1.9Courtney Fritzler12.69aMay 2Best in the West Classic
2.11Kelly Von Seggern12.73aMay 20NSAA Class B State Champi..
3.9Faith Michelman13.69aApr 29Western Conference
4.11Emily Mika13.94cApr 2Ed Moore Invite
5.12Abby Heller13.96aMar 24Sidney Invite
6.12Genessa Schilz14.11aMar 24Sidney Invite
7.10Natalie Radcliffe14.26aMar 24Sidney Invite
8.9Lauren Beatty15.44cMay 6Cheyenne County Invite
200 Meters
1.9Courtney Fritzler25.99aMay 20NSAA Class B State Champi..
2.10Natalie Radcliffe27.44cApr 22Twilight Invitational
3.12Genessa Schilz28.31aApr 7Mitchell Invite
4.9Faith Michelman28.74cMay 6Cheyenne County Invite
5.10Julia Evertson29.44cApr 22Twilight Invitational
6.9Allie Means30.13aMar 24Sidney Invite
7.10Sidney Sunderland30.84aMar 24Sidney Invite
8.9Lauren Beatty32.61aApr 23George Calvert Invite
400 Meters
1.12Preslie Allen60.37aMay 20NSAA Class B State Champi..
2.12Genessa Schilz61.35aMay 6Bayard BCD Invitational
3.10Kara Birner65.06aMay 12B-6 Districts-Ogallala
4.10Julia Evertson65.84aApr 29Western Conference
5.9Katelyn Sylvester66.49aApr 22Twilight Invitational
6.9Meghan Ross71.44cApr 2Ed Moore Invite
7.9Madison Fehringer71.54cMay 6Cheyenne County Invite
8.9Payton Jung75.28aApr 7Mitchell Invite
9.9Lauren Beatty84.22aMar 24Sidney Invite
800 Meters
1.12Preslie Allen02:21.69aMay 20NSAA Class B State Champi..
2.10Julia Evertson02:26.02aMay 20NSAA Class B State Champi..
3.10Charlie Brockhaus2:34.49aMay 12B-6 Districts-Ogallala
4.10Kara Birner2:35.43aMay 2Best in the West Classic
5.10Chantal Riggs2:36.57aMay 2Best in the West Classic
6.9Hannah Kennedy2:38.97aMar 24Sidney Invite
7.9Katelyn Sylvester2:55.77aMar 24Sidney Invite
8.9Clara Kokjer3:15.09aMar 24Sidney Invite
9.9Katie Gilmore3:22.66aMar 24Sidney Invite
1600 Meters
1.12Jami Flores5:47.91aMay 12B-6 Districts-Ogallala
2.10Chantal Riggs5:55.52aMay 12B-6 Districts-Ogallala
3.9Hannah Kennedy6:02.60Apr 2Ed Moore Invite
4.12Erin Lindeman6:10.41aMar 24Sidney Invite
5.12Paola Flores6:15.50Apr 2Ed Moore Invite
6.10Kollyn Weimer6:28.20May 6Cheyenne County Invite
7.12Mia Hernandez6:40.90Apr 2Ed Moore Invite
8.9Katie Gilmore6:46.20May 6Cheyenne County Invite
3200 Meters
1.12Erin Lindeman12:38.10aApr 29Western Conference
2.9Hannah Kennedy12:42.40Apr 2Ed Moore Invite
3.12Paola Flores13:29.51aMar 24Sidney Invite
4.10Chantal Riggs13:46.05aMar 24Sidney Invite
5.10Kollyn Weimer14:05.96aMay 12B-6 Districts-Ogallala
6.10Charlie Brockhaus14:25.33aMar 24Sidney Invite
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.9Meghan Ross18.24cApr 22Twilight Invitational
2.11Tessa Kemper19.43aApr 7Mitchell Invite
3.10Kristina Davis19.81aMay 12B-6 Districts-Ogallala
4.10Elea McKnight21.15aMay 12B-6 Districts-Ogallala
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.9Allie Means52.01aMay 12B-6 Districts-Ogallala
2.12Abby Heller53.38aApr 14Dutch Zorn Invite
3.11Tessa Kemper54.14cApr 2Ed Moore Invite
4.9Meghan Ross54.71aApr 22Twilight Invitational
5.10Elea McKnight57.27aMay 12B-6 Districts-Ogallala
6.9Macie Rolls58.15aApr 23George Calvert Invite
7.10Kristina Davis59.13aApr 29Western Conference
8.9Allison Nesbitt60.97aMar 24Sidney Invite
4x100 Relay
1.Relay Team 50.53aMay 20NSAA Class B State Champi..
2.Natalie Radcliffe
Courtney Fritzler
Abby Heller
Kelly Von Seggern
50.80aMay 12B-6 Districts-Ogallala
3.Emily Mika
Courtney Fritzler
Natalie Radcliffe
Kelly VonSeggern
52.57aMar 24Sidney Invite
4.Emily Mika
Courtney Fritzler
Abby Heller
Kelly VonSeggern
52.74cApr 2Ed Moore Invite
5.Makenna Douglas
Courtney Fritzler
Natalie Radcliffe
Kelly VonSeggern
53.03aApr 7Mitchell Invite
6.Payton Jung
Faith Michelman
Elea McKnight
Macie Rolls
58.51aApr 23George Calvert Invite
4x400 Relay
1.Preslie Allen
Natalie Radcliffe
Abby Heller
Genessa Schilz
4:05.39aMay 12B-6 Districts-Ogallala
2.Relay Team 04:05.51aMay 20NSAA Class B State Champi..
3.Abby Heller
Preslie Allen
Natalie Radcliffe
Genessa Schilz
4:09.14aApr 22Twilight Invitational
4.Preslie Allen
Natalie Radcliffe
Genessa Schilz
Abby Heller
4:25.09aMar 24Sidney Invite
4x800 Relay
1.Hannah Kennedy
Julia Evertson
Kara Birner
Charlie Brockhaus
9:58.59aMay 12B-6 Districts-Ogallala
2.Relay Team 10:08.12aMay 20NSAA Class B State Champi..
3.Charlie Brockhaus
Julia Evertson
Chantal Riggs
Kara Birner
10:24.50Apr 2Ed Moore Invite
4.Chantal Riggs
Julia Evertson
Charlie Brockhaus
Kara Birner
10:25.02aApr 14Dutch Zorn Invite
5.Paola Flores
Julia Evertson
Kara Birner
Hannah Kennedy
10:54.48aApr 7Mitchell Invite
SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8]
1.Natalie Radcliffe
Courtney Fritzler
Genessa Schilz
Julia Evertson
4:29.99aApr 14Dutch Zorn Invite
Shot Put - 4kg
1.10Emma Spachek37' 1.00Apr 7Mitchell Invite
2.11Annalise Lecher33' 9.00Apr 14Dutch Zorn Invite
3.9Allison Nesbitt28' 9.00Apr 7Mitchell Invite
4.12Taylor Parsons26' 5.50Apr 7Mitchell Invite
5.9Olyvia Frerichs22' 10.25Apr 23George Calvert Invite
Discus - 1kg
1.11Annalise Lecher114' 10.00May 12B-6 Districts-Ogallala
2.9Katelyn Sylvester99' 9.00May 2Best in the West Classic
3.9Allison Nesbitt91' 10.00May 6Cheyenne County Invite
4.9Macie Rolls85' 0.00May 6Cheyenne County Invite
5.9Olyvia Frerichs73' 5.00May 6Cheyenne County Invite
High Jump
1.11Megan Rapp4' 10.00Mar 24Sidney Invite
2.9Payton Jung4' 9.00May 12B-6 Districts-Ogallala
3.12Abby Heller4' 8.00Mar 24Sidney Invite
4.10Kristina Davis4' 5.00May 12B-6 Districts-Ogallala
Pole Vault
1.11Jolene Oliverius9' 7.00May 12B-6 Districts-Ogallala
12Jasmine Jallen9' 7.00May 12B-6 Districts-Ogallala
3.10Tessa Siler8' 6.00May 6Cheyenne County Invite
4.11Brenda Maytorena7' 6.00Apr 29Western Conference
5.9Makenna Douglas6' 0.00Mar 24Sidney Invite
Long Jump
1.10Natalie Radcliffe16' 0.50May 2Best in the West Classic
2.9Laney Wagner13' 3.75Apr 2Ed Moore Invite
11Tessa Kemper13' 3.75Mar 24Sidney Invite
4.10Carissa Radtke13' 2.00May 6Cheyenne County Invite
5.9Makenna Douglas12' 6.50Apr 7Mitchell Invite
Triple Jump
1.9Payton Jung32' 10.00May 6Bayard BCD Invitational
2.9Allie Means30' 9.50May 12B-6 Districts-Ogallala
3.11Tessa Kemper29' 7.25Mar 24Sidney Invite
4.9Laney Wagner28' 8.75May 12B-6 Districts-Ogallala
5.9Katelyn SylvesterNMMar 24Sidney Invite

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