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    Eagles - Omaha, NE

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100 Meters
1.10Marlon Wright10.91aMay 7Omaha Metro Conferen..
2.11Anthony Sanders10.928aMay 24NSAA Class A State C..
3.11Tre Sanders10.97aMay 7Omaha Metro Conferen..
4.10James Jackson11.23aMay 7Omaha Metro Conferen..
5.12Cameron Dorsey11.25aApr 24Dennis Smith Invitat..
6.11Teral Lee11.34cMar 26Omaha Metro JV @ PLV..
7.12Aaron Wright11.44cApr 28Bellevue West T-Bird..
8.10Sammie James11.64cMar 26Omaha Metro JV @ PLV..
9.10Alek Ward-Stoural11.74cMar 26Omaha Metro JV @ PLV..
10Dae'Trel Thomas11.74cApr 28Bellevue West T-Bird..
11.9Adrian Taylor11.94cMar 26Omaha Metro JV @ PLV..
12.10Chance Hall12.16aMay 9Omaha Metro JV Confe..
13.11Tamien Blackmore12.24cMar 26Omaha Metro JV @ PLV..
14.12Jeremiah Johnson12.44cMar 26Omaha Metro JV @ PLV..
15.9Dawson Knicherbocker12.64cMar 26Omaha Metro JV @ PLV..
16.11Nick Rock13.34cMar 26Omaha Metro JV @ PLV..
11Darius Jones13.34cMar 26Omaha Metro JV @ PLV..
18.12Hany Ilombo14.04cMar 26Omaha Metro JV @ PLV..
19.9Wyatt BurgessSCRMar 26Omaha Metro JV @ PLV..
9Dinairo WalkerSCRMar 26Omaha Metro JV @ PLV..
200 Meters
1.10James Jackson23.29aMay 7Omaha Metro Conferen..
2.10Marlon Wright23.79aMay 7Omaha Metro Conferen..
3.12Jeremiah Johnson23.87aApr 24Dennis Smith Invitat..
4.12Aaron Wright24.08aApr 17Dick Jones (Omaha Ce..
5.10Sammie James24.12aMay 9Omaha Metro JV Confe..
6.11Teral Lee24.54cMay 3Omaha Metro @ MS #2
7.10Alek Ward-Stoural24.68aApr 24Dennis Smith Invitat..
8.10Chance Hall24.85aApr 24Dennis Smith Invitat..
9.9DaRon Johnson25.04cMay 3Omaha Metro @ MS #2
10.12Khalil Muhammad26.07aApr 12Benson High Invite
11.9Dinairo Walker26.44cMar 26Omaha Metro JV @ PLV..
12.9Dawson Knicherbocker27.04cMar 26Omaha Metro JV @ PLV..
13.11Nick Rock27.34cMay 3Omaha Metro @ MS #2
14.9Adrian Taylor27.44cMar 26Omaha Metro JV @ PLV..
15.9Nic VonOldenburg27.64cMar 26Omaha Metro JV @ PLV..
16.9Wyatt Burgess29.24cMar 26Omaha Metro JV @ PLV..
17.12Nate Teetzel31.54cMar 26Omaha Metro JV @ PLV..
18.12KaRon ColemanSCRMar 26Omaha Metro JV @ PLV..
11Mykez MooreSCRMar 26Omaha Metro JV @ PLV..
11Darius JonesSCRMar 26Omaha Metro JV @ PLV..
11Tamien BlackmoreSCRMar 26Omaha Metro JV @ PLV..
12Hany IlomboSCRMar 26Omaha Metro JV @ PLV..
400 Meters
1.10Justus Henderson53.24cApr 28Bellevue West T-Bird..
2.12Khalil Muhammad54.84cApr 28Bellevue West T-Bird..
3.10Chance Hall56.69aApr 12Benson High Invite
4.10Alek Ward-Stoural57.64aMay 9Omaha Metro JV Confe..
5.10Sammie James59.26aApr 24Dennis Smith Invitat..
6.12Aaron Wright60.51aApr 24Dennis Smith Invitat..
7.9Dawson Knicherbocker64.06aMay 9Omaha Metro JV Confe..
8.9Alex Martin65.14cMay 3Omaha Metro @ MS #2
9.11Darius Jones65.94cMar 26Omaha Metro JV @ PLV..
10.9Brandon GebhartSCRMar 26Omaha Metro JV @ PLV..
9Cole KuiperSCRMar 26Omaha Metro JV @ PLV..
9Nic VonOldenburgNTMay 3Omaha Metro @ MS #2
12Hany IlomboSCRMar 26Omaha Metro JV @ PLV..
800 Meters
1.10Dylan Schufeldt2:02.00aMay 7Omaha Metro Conferen..
2.11Chase Davis2:12.09aApr 24Dennis Smith Invitat..
3.11Tom Black2:12.60Apr 28Bellevue West T-Bird..
4.9Akol Malong2:28.71aMay 9Omaha Metro JV Confe..
5.9Wyatt Burgess2:35.10aMay 9Omaha Metro JV Confe..
6.9Peter Hinchey2:35.81aMay 9Omaha Metro JV Confe..
7.11Pressley Malloy2:49.00Mar 26Omaha Metro JV @ PLV..
8.9Adrian Taylor2:53.10May 3Omaha Metro @ MS #2
9.9Grant Burbach2:57.00Mar 26Omaha Metro JV @ PLV..
1600 Meters
1.11Chase Davis4:40.80Apr 28Bellevue West T-Bird..
2.10Dylan Schufeldt4:45.85aApr 24Dennis Smith Invitat..
3.12Danny Ewart4:49.90Apr 28Bellevue West T-Bird..
4.9Alex Tollinger4:55.01aMay 9Omaha Metro JV Confe..
5.11Tom Black5:07.32aApr 24Dennis Smith Invitat..
6.9Alex Martin5:27.21aMay 9Omaha Metro JV Confe..
7.9Joe Saniuk5:56.80Mar 26Omaha Metro JV @ PLV..
8.10Carter Jansen6:00.11aMay 9Omaha Metro JV Confe..
9.9Calvin DePriestSCRMar 26Omaha Metro JV @ PLV..
3200 Meters
1.9Alex Tollinger10:30.16aApr 17Dick Jones (Omaha Ce..
2.12Danny Ewart10:37.29aMay 7Omaha Metro Conferen..
3.10Dylan Schufeldt10:50.90May 3Omaha Metro @ MS #2
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.12Cameron Dorsey16.14aApr 12Benson High Invite
2.11Bradley Kolvek18.24aApr 12Benson High Invite
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.12Cameron Dorsey39.41aApr 24Dennis Smith Invitat..
2.11Bradley Kolvek42.40aApr 12Benson High Invite
3.9Seth Schuman53.94cMar 26Omaha Metro JV @ PLV..
4.9DaRon Johnson60.64cMar 26Omaha Metro JV @ PLV..
4x100 Relay
1.-Tre Sanders
Cameron Dorsey
Marlon Wright
James Jackson
42.15aMay 7Omaha Metro Conferen..
2.-Relay Team 42.58aMay 24NSAA Class A State C..
3.-Cameron Dorsey
Tre Sanders
James Jackson
Marlon Wright
42.64cApr 28Bellevue West T-Bird..
4.-Anthony Peak
Chance Hall
Sammie James
Teral Lee
45.14aMay 9Omaha Metro JV Confe..
5.-Mikael Cummings
Sammie James
Teral Lee
Anthony Peak
47.14cMay 3Omaha Metro @ MS #2
4x400 Relay
1.-Justus Henderson
James Jackson
Tre Sanders
Cameron Dorsey
3:25.90Apr 28Bellevue West T-Bird..
2.-Justus Henderson
Cameron Dorsey
Tre Sanders
James Jackson
3:30.46aApr 17Dick Jones (Omaha Ce..
3.-Relay Team 3:30.50aMay 24NSAA Class A State C..
4.-Tre Sanders
Cameron Dorsey
Justus Henderson
Markell Vaughn
3:33.96aApr 12Benson High Invite
5.-Justus Henderson
James Jackson
Khalil Muhammad
Tre Sanders
3:36.58aMay 7Omaha Metro Conferen..
6.-Chance Hall
Anthony Peak
Bradley Kolvek
Sammie James
3:45.30aMay 9Omaha Metro JV Confe..
7.-Mikael Cummings
Anthony Peak
Jeremiah Johnson
Sammie James
2:52.80May 3Omaha Metro @ MS #2
4x800 Relay
1.-Dylan Schufeldt
Justus Henderson
Tom Black
Danny Ewart
8:46.42aApr 12Benson High Invite
2.-Justus Henderson
Chase Davis
Dylan Schufeldt
Tom Black
8:52.53aApr 17Dick Jones (Omaha Ce..
3.-Dylan Schufeldt
Chase Davis
Danny Ewart
Khalil Muhammad
8:57.54aMay 7Omaha Metro Conferen..
4.-Tom Black
Chase Davis
Dylan Schufeldt
Danny Ewart
8:59.40aApr 24Dennis Smith Invitat..
5.-Isaiah Hall
Adrian Taylor
Tom Black
Alex Tollinger
9:29.29aMay 9Omaha Metro JV Confe..
6.-Calvin DePriest
Adrian Taylor
Joe Saniuk
Isaiah Hall
9:35.60May 3Omaha Metro @ MS #2
7.-Relay Team 10:55.00Mar 26Omaha Metro JV @ PLV..
Shot Put - 12lb
1.11Christian Bell46' 8.00May 7Omaha Metro Conferen..
2.11Elijah Heath38' 1.00May 7Omaha Metro Conferen..
3.11Isaiah Heath36' 5.50Apr 17Dick Jones (Omaha Ce..
4.11Nate Sexton35' 9.25Apr 17Dick Jones (Omaha Ce..
5.11Spencer Witte32' 7.00Apr 12Benson High Invite
6.9Will Ebersol31' 10.00May 9Omaha Metro JV Confe..
7.9Taylor Heaton31' 7.00May 9Omaha Metro JV Confe..
8.10Justin Mitchell29' 4.00May 3Omaha Metro @ MS #2
9.11Anthony Wade29' 2.00May 9Omaha Metro JV Confe..
10.10Zach Nordbye25' 8.00Mar 26Omaha Metro JV @ PLV..
11.9Treven Heaton25' 6.00Mar 26Omaha Metro JV @ PLV..
12.9Garrison Brown24' 7.00Mar 26Omaha Metro JV @ PLV..
13.9Aaden Cleaver21' 2.00Mar 26Omaha Metro JV @ PLV..
Discus - 1.6kg
1.11Christian Bell113' 5.00Apr 24Dennis Smith Invitat..
2.11Elijah Heath107' 9.00May 7Omaha Metro Conferen..
3.11Spencer Witte100' 9.00Apr 24Dennis Smith Invitat..
4.11Isaiah Heath95' 11.00Apr 17Dick Jones (Omaha Ce..
5.11Anthony Wade83' 8.00May 9Omaha Metro JV Confe..
6.9Aaden Cleaver83' 4.00Mar 26Omaha Metro JV @ PLV..
7.9Taylor Heaton80' 11.00May 3Omaha Metro @ MS #2
8.10Zach Nordbye77' 9.00May 9Omaha Metro JV Confe..
9.9Will Ebersol71' 3.00May 9Omaha Metro JV Confe..
10.11Nate Sexton67' 9.00Mar 26Omaha Metro JV @ PLV..
11.10Justin Mitchell64' 2.00May 3Omaha Metro @ MS #2
12.9Treven Heaton43' 5.00Mar 26Omaha Metro JV @ PLV..
13.9Garrison Brown40' 1.00Mar 26Omaha Metro JV @ PLV..
High Jump
1.10Mikael Cummings5' 10.00May 3Omaha Metro @ MS #2
2.9Cole KuiperNHMar 26Omaha Metro JV @ PLV..
9Nic VonOldenburgNHApr 17Dick Jones (Omaha Ce..
Pole Vault
1.12Isaiah Hall10' 0.00May 7Omaha Metro Conferen..
2.9Nic VonOldenburg8' 0.00May 9Omaha Metro JV Confe..
9Alex Martin8' 0.00May 3Omaha Metro @ MS #2
4.12Nate TeetzelNHMay 3Omaha Metro @ MS #2
Long Jump
1.10Dae'Trel Thomas21' 6.75Apr 12Benson High Invite
2.10Anthony Peak20' 8.50May 9Omaha Metro JV Confe..
3.10Justus Henderson20' 7.75May 7Omaha Metro Conferen..
4.10Mikael Cummings17' 9.50May 3Omaha Metro @ MS #2
5.12Jeremiah Johnson16' 8.25May 3Omaha Metro @ MS #2
6.9DaRon Johnson16' 5.00May 3Omaha Metro @ MS #2
7.9Nic VonOldenburg16' 2.75May 3Omaha Metro @ MS #2
8.9Seth SchumanSCRMar 26Omaha Metro JV @ PLV..
12KaRon ColemanSCRMar 26Omaha Metro JV @ PLV..
Triple Jump
1.10Dae'Trel Thomas41' 0.00Apr 17Dick Jones (Omaha Ce..
2.10Justus Henderson40' 11.00Apr 17Dick Jones (Omaha Ce..
3.10Anthony Peak39' 9.00May 9Omaha Metro JV Confe..
4.10Mikael Cummings36' 10.50May 9Omaha Metro JV Confe..
5.9DaRon Johnson34' 9.25May 9Omaha Metro JV Confe..
6.9Seth Schuman32' 5.50Mar 26Omaha Metro JV @ PLV..
7.12KaRon ColemanSCRMar 26Omaha Metro JV @ PLV..
12Jeremiah JohnsonSCRMar 26Omaha Metro JV @ PLV..


60 Meter Dash
1.11Shaina Owens8.50aMar 22Norm Herren
2.11Syranda Poole8.67aMar 22Norm Herren
10Morgan Greenfield8.67aMar 22Norm Herren
100 Meters
1.10Deja Johnson12.82aMay 7Omaha Metro Conferen..
2.12Shylia Riley12.99aMay 7Omaha Metro Conferen..
3.10Morgan Greenfield13.39aMay 7Omaha Metro Conferen..
4.9Eva Taylor13.54cMay 3Omaha Metro @ MS #2
5.11Kiana McCloud13.65aMay 9Omaha Metro JV Confe..
6.11Shaina Owens13.68aApr 12Benson High Invite
7.11Syranda Poole13.74cMay 3Omaha Metro @ MS #2
8.10Shaundra Shepherd13.85aMay 9Omaha Metro JV Confe..
9.11Auvielle Collins14.04cMar 26Omaha Metro JV @ PLV..
10.12Kennedy Leach14.14cMar 26Omaha Metro JV @ PLV..
11.10Amani Pope14.30aMay 9Omaha Metro JV Confe..
12.12Austynn Barrow14.84cMar 26Omaha Metro JV @ PLV..
13.10Antigone Falkner15.24cMar 26Omaha Metro JV @ PLV..
14.9Cyera Sherrod15.34cMay 3Omaha Metro @ MS #2
15.9Jakiera Adams15.44cMar 26Omaha Metro JV @ PLV..
9Eliya Sayles-Jackson15.44cMar 26Omaha Metro JV @ PLV..
17.9Andria Fondale16.34cMar 26Omaha Metro JV @ PLV..
18.10Teira ThomasSCRMar 26Omaha Metro JV @ PLV..
200 Meters
1.11Shaina Owens27.36aApr 24Dennis Smith Invitat..
2.11Syranda Poole27.81aApr 24Dennis Smith Invitat..
3.12Shylia Riley27.92aApr 17Dick Jones (Omaha Ce..
4.10Deja Johnson28.07aMay 7Omaha Metro Conferen..
5.10Morgan Greenfield28.70aMay 14A-1 Districts
6.11Kiana McCloud29.24cMay 3Omaha Metro @ MS #2
7.9Jade Moses29.48aApr 12Benson High Invite
8.10Shaundra Shepherd29.54cMay 3Omaha Metro @ MS #2
9.12Kennedy Leach30.04cMar 26Omaha Metro JV @ PLV..
10.10Amani Pope30.34cMay 3Omaha Metro @ MS #2
11.9Cyera Sherrod31.03aMay 9Omaha Metro JV Confe..
12.10Antigone Falkner32.34cMay 3Omaha Metro @ MS #2
12Austynn Barrow32.34cMar 26Omaha Metro JV @ PLV..
14.9Eliya Sayles-Jackson34.24cMar 26Omaha Metro JV @ PLV..
15.10Teira Thomas34.64cMar 26Omaha Metro JV @ PLV..
16.9Andria Fondale35.04cMar 26Omaha Metro JV @ PLV..
17.9Jakiera AdamsSCRMar 26Omaha Metro JV @ PLV..
400 Meters
1.12Desiree Sanders57.00aMay 24NSAA Class A State C..
2.11McKenzie Clayton59.98aMay 24NSAA Class A State C..
3.11Charity Perkins62.61aMay 14A-1 Districts
4.9Eva Taylor64.04cApr 28Bellevue West T-Bird..
5.9Jade Moses64.76aMay 9Omaha Metro JV Confe..
6.9Sammy Roberts66.24cApr 28Bellevue West T-Bird..
7.12Aisha Udofia66.74aApr 17Dick Jones (Omaha Ce..
8.12Shylia Riley67.30aApr 12Benson High Invite
9.10Shaundra Shepherd68.94aApr 12Benson High Invite
10.9Mali Nichols71.74cMay 3Omaha Metro @ MS #2
11.10Abby Suey78.64cMar 26Omaha Metro JV @ PLV..
12.11Melodie Schincke1:30.14cMar 26Omaha Metro JV @ PLV..
500 Meters
1.12Aisha Udofia89.71aMar 22Norm Herren
2.11Syranda Poole1:31.75aMar 22Norm Herren
3.9Isabella Mancuso1:32.40aMar 22Norm Herren
800 Meters
1.12Aisha Udofia2:30.61aMay 14A-1 Districts
2.9Sammy Roberts2:31.44aMay 7Omaha Metro Conferen..
3.12Louise Mullen2:35.48aMay 7Omaha Metro Conferen..
4.11Hannah DePriest2:39.17aApr 17Dick Jones (Omaha Ce..
5.9Maddie Badura2:40.49aApr 17Dick Jones (Omaha Ce..
6.9Averie Linnell2:41.00Apr 28Bellevue West T-Bird..
7.12Anne Mikkelsen2:46.89aMay 9Omaha Metro JV Confe..
8.11Shannon Dillman2:56.14aMay 9Omaha Metro JV Confe..
9.9Alex Ketzler3:01.80Mar 26Omaha Metro JV @ PLV..
10.10Julia Gigliodoro3:23.70Mar 26Omaha Metro JV @ PLV..
11.12Amelie Kolly3:35.00May 3Omaha Metro @ MS #2
12.10Vicky Bustamante-Salvador3:37.10Mar 26Omaha Metro JV @ PLV..
13.10Natalie Nepper3:40.00Mar 26Omaha Metro JV @ PLV..
14.12Seni AdekunleNTMay 3Omaha Metro @ MS #2
10Elizabeth PerezSCRMar 26Omaha Metro JV @ PLV..
9Brianni JonesSCRApr 28Bellevue West T-Bird..
1000 Meters
1.9Sammy Roberts3:29.43aMar 22Norm Herren
2.12Seni Adekunle3:44.34aMar 22Norm Herren
3.9Maddie Badura3:47.96aMar 22Norm Herren
1500 Meters
1.9Hawa Shatta5:36.17aMar 22Norm Herren
2.12Louise Mullen5:49.98aMar 22Norm Herren
3.9Emily Zetterman6:08.82aMar 22Norm Herren
1600 Meters
1.9Hawa Shatta5:41.91aApr 17Dick Jones (Omaha Ce..
2.9Brianni Jones5:57.00aApr 17Dick Jones (Omaha Ce..
3.12Louise Mullen6:06.70Apr 28Bellevue West T-Bird..
4.12Seni Adekunle6:16.50aApr 24Dennis Smith Invitat..
5.9Emily Zetterman6:19.94aMay 9Omaha Metro JV Confe..
6.9Maddie Badura6:20.84aApr 24Dennis Smith Invitat..
7.10Vicky Bustamante-Salvador7:15.30May 3Omaha Metro @ MS #2
3000 Meters
1.9Hawa Shatta12:02.51aMar 22Norm Herren
2.12Louise Mullen12:42.23aMar 22Norm Herren
3.9Brianni Jones12:45.27aMar 22Norm Herren
3200 Meters
1.9Hawa Shatta12:16.18aApr 17Dick Jones (Omaha Ce..
2.12Louise Mullen13:19.03aApr 17Dick Jones (Omaha Ce..
3.12Seni Adekunle14:04.09aApr 17Dick Jones (Omaha Ce..
4.9Brianni Jones14:18.74aApr 12Benson High Invite
60m Hurdles - 33"
1.12Madalyn Buller9.45aMar 22Norm Herren
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.12Madalyn Buller15.02aApr 24Dennis Smith Invitat..
2.9Regan Siems18.96aMay 9Omaha Metro JV Confe..
3.9Isabella Mancuso19.14aApr 17Dick Jones (Omaha Ce..
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.12Madalyn Buller45.20aMay 24NSAA Class A State C..
2.9Eva Taylor48.83aMay 24NSAA Class A State C..
3.9Isabella Mancuso52.54aMay 14A-1 Districts
4.9Regan Siems58.41aApr 12Benson High Invite
5.12Abby Jeffrey68.04cMar 26Omaha Metro JV @ PLV..
4x100 Relay
1.-Shylia Riley
Deja Johnson
Maddie Buller
Desire'e Sanders
48.40aMay 14A-1 Districts
2.-Shaina Owens
Shylia Riley
Maddie Buller
Desire'e Sanders
48.66aMay 7Omaha Metro Conferen..
3.-Shaina Owens
Shylia Riley
Desire'e Sanders
Maddie Buller
49.44cApr 28Bellevue West T-Bird..
4.-Shaina Owens
Shylia Riley
Morgan Greenfield
Deja Johnson
50.53aApr 12Benson High Invite
5.-Amani Pope
Shaundra Shepherd
Kiana McCloud
Jade Moses
53.95aMay 9Omaha Metro JV Confe..
6.-Syranda Poole
Shaundra Shepherd
Jade Moses
Amani Pope
55.14cMay 3Omaha Metro @ MS #2
7.-Syranda Poole
Isabella Mancuso
Kennedy Leach
Kiana McCloud
58.34cMar 26Omaha Metro JV @ PLV..
4x200 Relay
1.-Deja Johnson
Morgan Greenfield
Shylia Riley
Maddie Buller
1:52.92aMar 22Norm Herren
4x400 Relay
1.-McKenzie Clayton
Charity Perkins
Madalyn Buller
Desiree Sanders
3:54.62aMay 24NSAA Class A State C..
2.-McKenzie Clayton
Charity Perkins
Desire'e Sanders
Maddie Buller
4:02.52aMay 14A-1 Districts
3.-McKenzie Clayton
Charity Perkins
Eva Taylor
Maddie Buller
4:04.05aMay 7Omaha Metro Conferen..
4.-Charity Perkins
Maddie Buller
Noni Henderson
McKenzie Clayton
4:08.30aApr 17Dick Jones (Omaha Ce..
5.-Charity Perkins
McKenzie Clayton
Maddie Buller
Noni Henderson
4:11.70Apr 28Bellevue West T-Bird..
6.-Charity Perkins
Taylor Gunter
Aisha Udofia
Maddie Buller
4:17.06aMar 22Norm Herren
7.-Charity Perkins
Noni Henderson
McKenzie Clayton
Maddie Buller
4:17.59aApr 24Dennis Smith Invitat..
8.-Charity Perkins
Taylor Gunter
McKenzie Clayton
Noni Henderson
4:27.52aApr 12Benson High Invite
9.-Elisabeth Saniuk
Maddie Badura
Averie Linnell
Hannah DePriest
4:31.13aMay 9Omaha Metro JV Confe..
10.-Brianni Jones
Eva Taylor
Hawa Shatta
Jade Moses
4:32.90May 3Omaha Metro @ MS #2
11.-Alex Ketzler
Hannah DePriest
Abby Suey
Auvielle Collins
5:09.60Mar 26Omaha Metro JV @ PLV..
4x800 Relay
1.-Aisha Udofia
Elisabeth Saniuk
Sammy Roberts
Brianni Jones
9:59.10aMay 24NSAA Class A State C..
2.-Aisha Udofia
Louise Mullen
Brianni Jones
Sammy Roberts
10:07.79aMay 7Omaha Metro Conferen..
3.-Aisha Udofia
Maddie Buller
Elise Sanuik
Sammy Roberts
10:08.30aApr 17Dick Jones (Omaha Ce..
4.-Aisha Udofia
Hannah DePriest
Sammy Roberts
Elise Sanuik
10:23.85aApr 12Benson High Invite
5.-Relay Team 10:25.44aApr 24Dennis Smith Invitat..
6.-Hawa Shatta
Brianni Jones
Maddie Badura
Louise Mullen
10:33.70May 3Omaha Metro @ MS #2
7.-Elisabeth Saniuk
Maddie Badura
Averie Linnell
Hannah DePriest
10:37.15aMay 9Omaha Metro JV Confe..
8.-Aisha Udofia
Seni Adekunle
Hannah DePriest
Elise Sanuik
10:41.80Apr 28Bellevue West T-Bird..
Shot Put - 4kg
1.11Jakia Vaughn-Taylor33' 1.50May 7Omaha Metro Conferen..
2.9Taylor Hogan27' 2.00May 9Omaha Metro JV Confe..
3.11Kia Scott26' 3.50Apr 24Dennis Smith Invitat..
4.11Jamie Colvin25' 9.00Apr 28Bellevue West T-Bird..
5.9Hannah Rummels23' 9.50May 3Omaha Metro @ MS #2
Discus - 1kg
1.11Jamie Colvin84' 4.00Mar 26Omaha Metro JV @ PLV..
2.11Kia Scott63' 3.00May 3Omaha Metro @ MS #2
3.9Hannah Rummels62' 9.50May 9Omaha Metro JV Confe..
4.9Taylor Hogan49' 11.00May 3Omaha Metro @ MS #2
High Jump
1.12Shelby Poell5' 2.00Apr 17Dick Jones (Omaha Ce..
Pole Vault
1.11Syranda Poole7' 6.00Apr 12Benson High Invite
2.9Isabella Mancuso6' 6.00Apr 17Dick Jones (Omaha Ce..
3.11Hannah DePriest6' 0.00Apr 12Benson High Invite
12Kennedy Leach6' 0.00May 3Omaha Metro @ MS #2
12Anne Mikkelsen6' 0.00May 3Omaha Metro @ MS #2
6.9Alex Ketzler5' 6.00Mar 26Omaha Metro JV @ PLV..
12Abby Jeffrey5' 6.00May 3Omaha Metro @ MS #2
8.10Natalie NepperNHMar 26Omaha Metro JV @ PLV..
11Shannon DillmanNHMar 26Omaha Metro JV @ PLV..
11Melodie SchinckeNHMay 3Omaha Metro @ MS #2
Long Jump
1.12Shylia Riley17' 11.00May 14A-1 Districts
2.12Noni Henderson17' 6.00May 14A-1 Districts
3.10Taylor Gunter15' 9.75Mar 22Norm Herren
4.11Shaina Owens15' 3.00Apr 28Bellevue West T-Bird..
5.9Mali Nichols14' 10.00Mar 26Omaha Metro JV @ PLV..
6.12Kennedy Leach13' 9.00Mar 26Omaha Metro JV @ PLV..
7.9Jakiera Adams13' 3.00Mar 26Omaha Metro JV @ PLV..
Triple Jump
1.12Noni Henderson36' 1.75May 7Omaha Metro Conferen..
2.12Shylia Riley35' 9.75May 7Omaha Metro Conferen..
3.9Mali Nichols30' 6.50Apr 12Benson High Invite
4.9Isabella Mancuso30' 5.00Mar 26Omaha Metro JV @ PLV..
5.10Taylor GunterNDMay 3Omaha Metro @ MS #2
  * = Denotes a recent improvement
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