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100 Meters
1.10DaRon Johnson12.14cMar 24JV Meet @ Bryan
2.12Tamien Blackmore12.44cMar 24JV Meet @ Bryan
3.10Dinairo Walker12.54cMar 24JV Meet @ Bryan
9Justin Bauldwin12.54cMar 24JV Meet @ Bryan
9Zack Hangman12.54cMar 24JV Meet @ Bryan
6.11Christian Schrimpf12.64cMar 24JV Meet @ Bryan
7.9Destan Anderson13.04cMar 24JV Meet @ Bryan
8.9Ian Baehr13.54cMar 24JV Meet @ Bryan
10Dawson Knicherbocker13.54cMar 24JV Meet @ Bryan
10.9Julius Davis13.74cMar 24JV Meet @ Bryan
11.9Brian Neely17.84cMar 24JV Meet @ Bryan
200 Meters
1.10DaRon Johnson25.34cMar 24JV Meet @ Bryan
2.9Justin Bauldwin26.64cMar 24JV Meet @ Bryan
3.11Christian Schrimpf26.94cMar 24JV Meet @ Bryan
4.12Tamien Blackmore27.04cMar 24JV Meet @ Bryan
5.9Destan Anderson27.44cMar 24JV Meet @ Bryan
6.9Ian Baehr28.14cMar 24JV Meet @ Bryan
7.10Dawson Knicherbocker28.24cMar 24JV Meet @ Bryan
8.9Julius Davis28.64cMar 24JV Meet @ Bryan
9.9Brian Neely39.24cMar 24JV Meet @ Bryan
400 Meters
1.9Preston McGlaughlin58.44cMar 24JV Meet @ Bryan
2.9Kristian Harris66.14cMar 24JV Meet @ Bryan
3.11Carter Jansen66.54cMar 24JV Meet @ Bryan
4.9Jaden Hagen67.44cMar 24JV Meet @ Bryan
5.10DaQuwain Glass68.54cMar 24JV Meet @ Bryan
800 Meters
1.9Dakota Kochen2:30.70Mar 24JV Meet @ Bryan
2.10Dax Galloway2:36.90Mar 24JV Meet @ Bryan
1600 Meters
1.10Alex Martin5:39.30Mar 24JV Meet @ Bryan
2.10Eron Haynes5:55.90Mar 24JV Meet @ Bryan
3.9Tylor Underwood6:05.00Mar 24JV Meet @ Bryan
4.11Carter Jansen6:58.30Mar 24JV Meet @ Bryan
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.10Dinairo Walker48.84cMar 24JV Meet @ Bryan
2.9Zack Hangman50.14cMar 24JV Meet @ Bryan
4x800 Relay
1.Calvin DePriest
Wyatt Burgess
Eron Haynes
Marshall Dawkins
9:51.30Mar 24JV Meet @ Bryan
Shot Put - 12lb
1.10Will Eversol34' 7.00Mar 24JV Meet @ Bryan
2.11Micah Griffin31' 7.00Mar 24JV Meet @ Bryan
3.12Anthony Wade29' 3.00Mar 24JV Meet @ Bryan
4.10Garrison Brown27' 3.00Mar 24JV Meet @ Bryan
5.11Zach Nordbye24' 7.00Mar 24JV Meet @ Bryan
6.9Jacob Cimino24' 6.00Mar 24JV Meet @ Bryan
7.11Christian Richt24' 3.50Mar 24JV Meet @ Bryan
8.11Samad Muhammed24' 1.00Mar 24JV Meet @ Bryan
9.11Charles Nolan3' 6.50Mar 24JV Meet @ Bryan
Discus - 1.6kg
1.10Will Eversol87' 0.00Mar 24JV Meet @ Bryan
2.12Anthony Wade83' 8.00Mar 24JV Meet @ Bryan
3.11Micah Griffin65' 0.00Mar 24JV Meet @ Bryan
4.11Charles Nolan62' 2.00Mar 24JV Meet @ Bryan
5.9Jacob Cimino53' 10.00Mar 24JV Meet @ Bryan
6.10Garrison Brown51' 9.00Mar 24JV Meet @ Bryan
High Jump
1.9Zack Hangman5' 6.00Mar 24JV Meet @ Bryan
Pole Vault
1.10Alex Martin6' 6.00Mar 24JV Meet @ Bryan
Long Jump
1.9Zack Hangman17' 7.75Mar 24JV Meet @ Bryan
2.10Dinairo Walker16' 10.00Mar 24JV Meet @ Bryan
3.9Destan Anderson15' 8.00Mar 24JV Meet @ Bryan
4.10DaQuwain Glass14' 3.00Mar 24JV Meet @ Bryan
Triple Jump
1.10DaQuwain Glass31' 7.25Mar 24JV Meet @ Bryan
2.9Julius Davis29' 9.00Mar 24JV Meet @ Bryan


60 Meter Dash
1.10*Eva Taylor8.28aMar 27Doane Indoor Class A..
2.11Deja Johnson8.41aMar 21Norm Herren Indoor M..
3.12Shaina Owens8.46aMar 21Norm Herren Indoor M..
4.11Taylor Gunter8.63aMar 21Norm Herren Indoor M..
5.11*Shaundra Shepherd8.85aMar 27Doane Indoor Class A..
100 Meters
1.11Shaundra Shepherd14.14cMar 24JV Meet @ Bryan
2.9Caitlyn Weedin15.24cMar 24JV Meet @ Bryan
3.12Jekema Turner15.54cMar 24JV Meet @ Bryan
4.9Cindy Estrada17.74cMar 24JV Meet @ Bryan
5.9Liz Palmerin-Anguiano17.94cMar 24JV Meet @ Bryan
6.11Jasmyn Littlejohn18.14cMar 24JV Meet @ Bryan
9Isabelle Filips18.14cMar 24JV Meet @ Bryan
200 Meters
1.12*Shaina Owens28.41aMar 27Doane Indoor Class A..
2.11*Taylor Gunter28.70aMar 27Doane Indoor Class A..
3.12*Syranda Poole29.46aMar 27Doane Indoor Class A..
4.11*Shaundra Shepherd30.42aMar 27Doane Indoor Class A..
5.9Caitlyn Weedin33.04cMar 24JV Meet @ Bryan
400 Meters
1.10Eva Taylor64.37aMar 21Norm Herren Indoor M..
2.12*McKenzie Clayton65.89aMar 27Doane Indoor Class A..
3.9*Taishelle Cooperwood66.94aMar 27Doane Indoor Class A..
4.9*Jessica Lee70.32aMar 27Doane Indoor Class A..
5.9Ilana Lewis71.21aMar 21Norm Herren Indoor M..
6.10*Jade Moses71.24aMar 27Doane Indoor Class A..
7.9Kendyl Clayton72.74cMar 24JV Meet @ Bryan
8.11Charita Dailey75.74cMar 24JV Meet @ Bryan
500 Meters
1.10Averie Linnell1:35.51aMar 21Norm Herren Indoor M..
2.9Kendyl Clayton1:38.88aMar 21Norm Herren Indoor M..
3.10Alyssa Politi1:40.39aMar 21Norm Herren Indoor M..
800 Meters
1.10Sammy Roberts2:37.19aMar 21Norm Herren Indoor M..
2.10Brianni Jones2:42.30aMar 21Norm Herren Indoor M..
3.11*Elise Saniuk2:47.68aMar 27Doane Indoor Class A..
4.12Hannah DePriest2:48.81aMar 21Norm Herren Indoor M..
5.10*Averie Linnell2:52.41aMar 27Doane Indoor Class A..
6.12*Shannon Dillman2:54.22aMar 27Doane Indoor Class A..
7.9*Taylor Anderson2:55.31aMar 27Doane Indoor Class A..
8.11Laura Poeckes3:14.60Mar 24JV Meet @ Bryan
9.10Nyadet Dojoik3:24.70Mar 24JV Meet @ Bryan
1000 Meters
1.12Shannon Dillman3:54.14aMar 21Norm Herren Indoor M..
2.10Leah Henriksen3:59.96aMar 21Norm Herren Indoor M..
3.9Taylor Anderson4:00.03aMar 21Norm Herren Indoor M..
1500 Meters
1.10Hawa Shatta5:39.93aMar 21Norm Herren Indoor M..
2.9Davina Westbrook5:50.26aMar 21Norm Herren Indoor M..
3.10Emily Zetterman5:50.52aMar 21Norm Herren Indoor M..
1600 Meters
1.10*Brianni Jones5:48.81aMar 27Doane Indoor Class A..
2.10*Sammy Roberts5:49.10aMar 27Doane Indoor Class A..
3.9Shaikra Garrett7:34.40Mar 24JV Meet @ Bryan
4.11Julia Giglodoro7:34.50Mar 24JV Meet @ Bryan
5.11Natalie Nepper7:37.90Mar 24JV Meet @ Bryan
3000 Meters
1.9Davina Westbrook12:41.67aMar 21Norm Herren Indoor M..
2.10Emily Zetterman13:25.87aMar 21Norm Herren Indoor M..
3200 Meters
1.10*Hawa Shatta13:00.88aMar 27Doane Indoor Class A..
2.9*Davina Westbrook13:25.04aMar 27Doane Indoor Class A..
3.10*Emily Zetterman13:54.36aMar 27Doane Indoor Class A..
60m Hurdles - 33"
1.10*Bella Mancuso10.82aMar 27Doane Indoor Class A..
2.10Eva Taylor11.00aMar 21Norm Herren Indoor M..
3.10*Regan Siems11.42aMar 27Doane Indoor Class A..
4.10*Alyssa Politi12.31aMar 27Doane Indoor Class A..
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.9Rosemary Onyango20.14cMar 24JV Meet @ Bryan
2.10Alyssa Politi21.04cMar 24JV Meet @ Bryan
4x200 Relay
1.-Deja Johnson
Taishelle Cooperwood
Jessica Lee
Taylor Gunter
1:56.26aMar 21Norm Herren Indoor M..
4x400 Relay
1.*Eva Taylor
Alyssa Politi
McKenzie Clayton
Taishelle Cooperwood
4:29.00aMar 27Doane Indoor Class A..
2.McKenzie Clayton
Sammy Roberts
Brianni Jones
Eva Taylor
4:31.13aMar 21Norm Herren Indoor M..
3.Charita Dailey
Kendyl Clayton
Ilana Lewis
Alyssa Politi
4:53.20Mar 24JV Meet @ Bryan
4x800 Relay
1.*Sammy Roberts
Brianni Jones
Elise Saniuk
Hannah DePriest
10:35.27aMar 27Doane Indoor Class A..
2.Elise Saniuk
Shannon Dillman
Falisha Aristede
Taylor Anderson
11:50.10Mar 24JV Meet @ Bryan
Shot Put - 4kg
1.12Jakia Vaughn-Taylor33' 9.00Mar 21Norm Herren Indoor M..
2.10*Taylor Hogan28' 1.50Mar 27Doane Indoor Class A..
3.11Hap'gy Morgan24' 6.00Mar 24JV Meet @ Bryan
4.10Hannah Rummels21' 3.50Mar 24JV Meet @ Bryan
5.10Stephanie Lopez19' 5.50Mar 24JV Meet @ Bryan
6.11Jasmyn Littlejohn18' 7.50Mar 24JV Meet @ Bryan
7.9Maya Alderson14' 2.50Mar 24JV Meet @ Bryan
Discus - 1kg
1.11Hap'gy Morgan54' 5.00Mar 24JV Meet @ Bryan
2.9Falisha Aristede52' 6.00Mar 24JV Meet @ Bryan
3.10Hannah Rummels46' 8.00Mar 24JV Meet @ Bryan
4.10Taylor Hogan45' 8.00Mar 24JV Meet @ Bryan
5.10Stephanie Lopez42' 7.00Mar 24JV Meet @ Bryan
6.10Maya Armstead-Triplett33' 2.00Mar 24JV Meet @ Bryan
Pole Vault
1.12Hannah DePriest6' 6.00Mar 24JV Meet @ Bryan
12*Syranda Poole6' 6.00Mar 27Doane Indoor Class A..
3.10Alyssa Politi5' 6.00Mar 24JV Meet @ Bryan
Long Jump
1.11*Taylor Gunter15' 4.75Mar 27Doane Indoor Class A..
2.12Shaina Owens14' 7.00Mar 21Norm Herren Indoor M..
3.11Charita Dailey12' 5.50Mar 24JV Meet @ Bryan
4.9Jaydon Value12' 3.00Mar 21Norm Herren Indoor M..
5.9Ilana Lewis10' 4.50Mar 24JV Meet @ Bryan
Triple Jump
1.10*Mali Nichols30' 1.50Mar 27Doane Indoor Class A..
2.10*Bella Mancuso29' 8.00Mar 27Doane Indoor Class A..
  * = Denotes a recent improvement
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