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    Mustangs - Gordon, NE

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100 Meters
1.12Shane Child11.24cApr 2Bayard C/D Invitational
2.10Denis Mulcahy12.01aMay 12B-6 Districts-Ogallala
3.11Peyton Simmons12.14cApr 22Twilight
10Tim Sasse12.14cApr 22Twilight
5.9Clay Shields12.24cMay 6Valentine Invite
6.9Jarret Pieper12.64cApr 22Twilight
7.12Ethan Yauney12.84aMar 24Sidney Invite
8.10Hideki Sato13.04cApr 22Twilight
9.10Zane Hamilton13.14cApr 9E. Lee Todd Invite
9Damian Holeman13.14cMay 6Valentine Invite
200 Meters
1.12Shane Child23.00aMay 12B-6 Districts-Ogallala
2.10Korby Campbell23.64cMay 6Valentine Invite
3.11Peyton Simmons25.74cApr 9E. Lee Todd Invite
4.10Denis Mulcahy25.84cApr 9E. Lee Todd Invite
5.10Hideki Sato26.04cApr 9E. Lee Todd Invite
6.9Jarret Pieper26.54cMay 6Valentine Invite
7.11Brandon Reeves27.14cApr 22Twilight
8.10Zane Hamilton27.24cApr 22Twilight
400 Meters
1.10Korby Campbell52.34cMay 6Valentine Invite
2.10Jared Nelson55.94cMay 6Valentine Invite
3.11Brandon Reeves56.99aMar 24Sidney Invite
4.11Sean Combs57.10aApr 14Western Trails Conference..
5.10Denis Mulcahy57.64cApr 9E. Lee Todd Invite
6.10Zane Hamilton58.39aMay 12B-6 Districts-Ogallala
7.9Jarret Pieper62.62aMay 12B-6 Districts-Ogallala
8.10Tim Sasse62.84cApr 22Twilight
9.10Rett Andrews63.64cMay 6Valentine Invite
10.10Broc Black Calf65.54cApr 9E. Lee Todd Invite
800 Meters
1.11Sean Combs2:05.53aMay 12B-6 Districts-Ogallala
2.11Brandon Reeves2:11.00Apr 9E. Lee Todd Invite
3.9Justin Frandsen2:27.90Apr 22Twilight
4.10Clay Johns2:31.20Apr 22Twilight
5.11Jose Montanez2:34.00May 6Valentine Invite
6.10Jesse Moss2:37.28aMay 12B-6 Districts-Ogallala
7.10Jared Nelson2:39.27aMar 24Sidney Invite
8.9Ryan Wellnitz2:45.73aMar 24Sidney Invite
9.10Rylan Hurd2:52.04aMay 12B-6 Districts-Ogallala
1600 Meters
1.11Brandon Reeves5:15.50Apr 9E. Lee Todd Invite
2.11Juan Sanchez5:21.20May 6Valentine Invite
3.9Justin Frandsen5:29.20aMay 12B-6 Districts-Ogallala
4.9Jacob Grover5:45.30Apr 22Twilight
5.10Jesse Moss6:06.88aMar 24Sidney Invite
6.10Rylan Hurd6:28.80Apr 22Twilight
7.9Ryan WellnitzNTApr 14Western Trails Conference..
10Jared NelsonNTApr 9E. Lee Todd Invite
3200 Meters
1.11Juan Sanchez11:31.82aMay 12B-6 Districts-Ogallala
2.10Darin Archibald12:32.10May 6Valentine Invite
3.9Ryan Wellnitz13:35.65aMay 12B-6 Districts-Ogallala
4.10Rylan Hurd16:06.20aMar 24Sidney Invite
5.9Justin FrandsenNTApr 9E. Lee Todd Invite
4x100 Relay
1.Relay Team 47.34cMay 6Valentine Invite
2.Ethan Yauney
Tim Sasse
Denis Mulcahy
Peyton Simmons
47.97aMay 12B-6 Districts-Ogallala
3.Broc Black Calf
Seth Elsea
Ian Meng
Clay Shields
52.74cApr 9E. Lee Todd Invite
4.Jarret Pieper
Seth Elsea
Zane Hamilton
Hideki Sato
52.84aApr 2Bayard C/D Invitational
5.Damian Holeman
Broc Black Calf
Clay Shields
Jarret Pieper
DQApr 14Western Trails Conference..
Peyton Simmons
Tim Sasse
Ethan Yauney
Denis Mulcahy
DQApr 22Twilight
4x400 Relay
1.Korby Campbell
Jared Nelson
Brandon Reeves
Shane Child
3:33.76aMay 12B-6 Districts-Ogallala
2.Korby Campbell
Jared Nelson
Sean Combs
Shane Child
3:39.53aMay 2Best in the West Classic
3.Korby Campbell
Brandon Reeves
Jared Nelson
Sean Combs
3:47.01aMar 24Sidney Invite
4x800 Relay
1.Sean Combs
Jared Nelson
Juan Sanchez
Brandon Reeves
8:57.44aMay 2Best in the West Classic
2.Sean Combs
Jared Nelson
Brandon Reeves
Juan Sanchez
9:15.17aApr 14Western Trails Conference..
3.Relay Team 9:30.25aMar 24Sidney Invite
4.Justin Frandsen
Clay Johns
Jose Montanez
Juan Sanchez
9:37.48aMay 12B-6 Districts-Ogallala
5.Jose Montanez
Clay Johns
Justin Frandsen
Sean Combs
9:53.81aApr 2Bayard C/D Invitational
6.Jacob Grover
Clay Johns
Jesse Moss
Ryan Wellnitz
10:03.50Apr 9E. Lee Todd Invite
7.Clay Johns
Rylan Hurd
Jacob Grover
Jesse Moss
10:42.70Apr 22Twilight
Shot Put - 12lb
1.12Ethan Yauney43' 4.00Apr 22Twilight
2.12Rhett Conroy37' 9.50May 12B-6 Districts-Ogallala
3.10Jared Nelson33' 0.00Apr 9E. Lee Todd Invite
4.9Damian Holeman32' 11.00Apr 2Bayard C/D Invitational
5.10Broc Black Calf32' 10.50Apr 22Twilight
6.10Cade Fisher30' 0.00Mar 24Sidney Invite
7.10Zane Hamilton29' 10.00Apr 14Western Trails Conference..
8.10Ian Meng28' 5.50Apr 9E. Lee Todd Invite
9.12Seth Elsea25' 8.25Apr 9E. Lee Todd Invite
Discus - 1.6kg
1.10Korby Campbell95' 8.00Mar 24Sidney Invite
2.10Cade Fisher90' 1.00Apr 22Twilight
3.12Seth Elsea87' 0.00May 6Valentine Invite
4.10Broc Black Calf86' 3.00Apr 22Twilight
5.9Clay Shields84' 5.00Apr 22Twilight
6.10Zane Hamilton83' 4.00Apr 22Twilight
7.9Damian Holeman81' 4.00Mar 24Sidney Invite
8.10Rett Andrews76' 8.00Apr 22Twilight
9.10Ian Meng62' 9.00Apr 9E. Lee Todd Invite
High Jump
1.12Caleb Peters6' 5.00Apr 14Western Trails Conference..
2.10Jared Nelson5' 10.00Apr 2Bayard C/D Invitational
10Korby Campbell5' 10.00Apr 14Western Trails Conference..
Long Jump
1.10Korby Campbell20' 3.50Apr 22Twilight
2.12Shane Child19' 11.50Apr 22Twilight
3.12Caleb Peters18' 3.50Apr 14Western Trails Conference..
4.10Hideki Sato17' 5.75May 6Valentine Invite
5.9Jarret Pieper17' 3.00Apr 22Twilight
6.11Sean Combs16' 9.75Mar 24Sidney Invite
7.10Denis Mulcahy15' 6.00Mar 24Sidney Invite
8.10Tim SasseNMMar 24Sidney Invite
Triple Jump
1.12Caleb Peters38' 10.75Mar 24Sidney Invite
2.10Tim Sasse36' 6.50May 12B-6 Districts-Ogallala
3.11Sean CombsDQMay 6Valentine Invite


100 Meters
1.9Callie Shultz13.94cApr 22Twilight
2.9Shyanne Douville14.04cApr 22Twilight
3.9Liz Titov14.84cApr 22Twilight
4.9India Rittgarn15.14cApr 14Western Trails Conference..
200 Meters
1.9Callie Shultz29.74cApr 9E. Lee Todd Invite
2.9Shyanne Douville32.06aMay 12B-6 Districts-Ogallala
3.12Rebecca Wellnitz32.34cMay 6Valentine Invite
4.9Liz Titov32.52aMay 12B-6 Districts-Ogallala
5.9India Rittgarn32.90aMar 24Sidney Invite
400 Meters
1.11Josie Perez67.04cMay 6Valentine Invite
2.11Shaniah Freeseman67.98aMar 24Sidney Invite
3.9Callie Shultz69.26aMay 12B-6 Districts-Ogallala
4.9Reann Ferguson73.15aApr 2Bayard C/D Invitational
5.9Shyanne Douville73.64cApr 22Twilight
6.12Rebecca Wellnitz73.94cApr 22Twilight
7.9India Rittgarn75.77aMay 12B-6 Districts-Ogallala
8.9Moss Bayne76.14cApr 9E. Lee Todd Invite
800 Meters
1.11Carlee Hinn2:31.95aMay 12B-6 Districts-Ogallala
2.11Shaniah Freeseman2:39.67aMay 12B-6 Districts-Ogallala
3.11Josie Perez2:47.20Apr 9E. Lee Todd Invite
4.9Reann Ferguson2:50.04aMay 12B-6 Districts-Ogallala
4x100 Relay
1.Liz Titov
India Rittgarn
Rebecca Wellnitz
Ciera Andersen
DQApr 14Western Trails Conference..
Liz Titov
Gracey Perez
Ciera Andersen
Sarah Stangle
DQApr 2Bayard C/D Invitational
Liz Titov
Ciera Andersen
India Rittgarn
Callie Shultz
DQApr 22Twilight
4x400 Relay
1.Callie Shultz
Shaniah Freeseman
Josie Perez
Carlee Hinn
4:30.62aMay 12B-6 Districts-Ogallala
2.Callie Shultz
Shaniah Freeseman
Carlee Hinn
Josie Perez
4:30.70Apr 9E. Lee Todd Invite
3.Relay Team 4:40.87aMar 24Sidney Invite
4.Carlee Hinn
Rebecca Wellnitz
Shyanne Douville
Moss Bayne
NTApr 2Bayard C/D Invitational
4x800 Relay
1.Shaniah Freeseman
Reann Ferguson
Josie Perez
Carlee Hinn
10:49.05aMay 2Best in the West Classic
2.Relay Team 11:11.86aMar 24Sidney Invite
3.Shaniah Freeseman
Moss Bayne
Josie Perez
Carlee Hinn
11:12.20Apr 22Twilight
Shot Put - 4kg
1.12Sarah Stangle28' 4.00Apr 14Western Trails Conference..
2.11Josie Perez26' 2.50Mar 24Sidney Invite
3.9India Rittgarn24' 4.75May 12B-6 Districts-Ogallala
4.9Gracey Perez24' 4.50Apr 22Twilight
5.9Liz Titov18' 9.00Mar 24Sidney Invite
Discus - 1kg
1.11Josie Perez91' 1.00Mar 24Sidney Invite
2.11Ciera Andersen86' 5.00Apr 14Western Trails Conference..
3.12Sarah Stangle83' 6.00May 12B-6 Districts-Ogallala
4.11Carlee Hinn81' 6.00Apr 9E. Lee Todd Invite
5.9Gracey Perez70' 8.00Mar 24Sidney Invite
High Jump
1.11Kenna Campbell4' 11.00May 12B-6 Districts-Ogallala
Long Jump
1.9Moss Bayne13' 6.75May 6Valentine Invite
2.12Rebecca Wellnitz12' 10.00Apr 14Western Trails Conference..
3.9Shyanne Douville11' 6.50Apr 2Bayard C/D Invitational
Triple Jump
1.9Moss Bayne28' 7.00Apr 22Twilight
2.12Rebecca Wellnitz28' 6.00May 6Valentine Invite

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