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55 Meter Dash
1.11Trevor Clark7.20aMar 21UNK Indoor Class D I..
2.10Parker Janicek7.45aMar 21UNK Indoor Class D I..
3.9Ethan Snyder8.02aMar 21UNK Indoor Class D I..
100 Meters
1.9Kaleb Kindler12.2Mar 28Wilcox-Hildreth Invi..
2.11Trevor Clark12.3Mar 24Alma-Bertrand-Holdre..
3.9Cooper Wright12.7Mar 28Wilcox-Hildreth Invi..
4.10Parker Janicek12.8Apr 2Pleasanton Invite
5.9Christian Hansen13.5Mar 28Wilcox-Hildreth Invi..
6.9David Ehrke15.4Mar 24Alma-Bertrand-Holdre..
7.11Jonathan Herz15.7Mar 24Alma-Bertrand-Holdre..
200 Meters
1.11Trevor Clark25.0Apr 10Axtell Invite
2.9Kaleb Kindler25.5Mar 28Wilcox-Hildreth Invi..
3.11Ashton Hammond25.8Mar 24Alma-Bertrand-Holdre..
4.10Parker Janicek26.64aMar 21UNK Indoor Class D I..
5.9Christian Hansen30.4Apr 2Pleasanton Invite
400 Meters
1.12Ryan Soderholm55.0Apr 10Axtell Invite
2.11Trevor Clark57.4Apr 10Axtell Invite
3.9Kaleb Kindler58.4Apr 10Axtell Invite
4.9Cooper Wright67.5Mar 24Alma-Bertrand-Holdre..
5.9Christian Hansen1:09.23aMar 21UNK Indoor Class D I..
400 Meters - Relay Split
1.10Parker Janicek63.3Mar 21UNK Indoor Class D I..
2.12Ryan Soderholm64.8Mar 21UNK Indoor Class D I..
3.9Kaleb Kindler65.8Mar 21UNK Indoor Class D I..
4.11Trevor Clark71.6Mar 21UNK Indoor Class D I..
800 Meters
1.12Ryan Soderholm2:09.6Apr 10Axtell Invite
2.9Kaleb Kindler2:25.7Apr 10Axtell Invite
3.11Trevor Clark2:27.53aMar 21UNK Indoor Class D I..
800 Meters - Relay Split
1.12Ryan Soderholm2:09.8Apr 2Pleasanton Invite
2.9*Kaleb Kindler2:18.2Apr 22Jim Mather Invitatio..
3.11Trevor Clark2:19Mar 24Alma-Bertrand-Holdre..
4.11Ashton Hammond2:21.4Mar 21UNK Indoor Class D I..
5.10Parker Janicek2:31.2Apr 2Pleasanton Invite
6.9Christian Hansen2:42.3Apr 10Axtell Invite
7.9David Ehrke3:03.7Apr 10Axtell Invite
8.11Jonathan Herz3:52.3Apr 10Axtell Invite
1600 Meters
1.9*Christian Hansen6:09.4Apr 22Jim Mather Invitatio..
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.11Trevor Clark20.6Apr 10Axtell Invite
4x100 Relay
1.Ashton Hammond
Parker Janicek
Kaleb Kindler
Ryan Soderholm
49.3Apr 2Pleasanton Invite
2.Trevor Clark
Parker Janicek
Ashton Hammond
Kaleb Kindler
49.7Mar 24Alma-Bertrand-Holdre..
4x400 Relay
1.Ryan Soderholm
Trevor Clark
Parker Janicek
Kaleb Kindler
4:25.69aMar 21UNK Indoor Class D I..
4x800 Relay
1.Kaleb Kindler
Parker Janicek
Ashton Hammond
Ryan Soderholm
9:22.1Apr 2Pleasanton Invite
2.Ryan Soderholm
Ashton Hammond
Trevor Clark
Kaleb Kindler
9:27.08aMar 21UNK Indoor Class D I..
3.Trevor Clark
Ryan Soderholm
Ashton Hammond
Kaleb Kindler
9:28.9Mar 24Alma-Bertrand-Holdre..
4.Jonathan Herz
Trevor Clark
Ehrke David
Christian Hansen
12:06.1Apr 10Axtell Invite
Shot Put - 12lb
1.9David Ehrke34'8"Apr 10Axtell Invite
2.11Jonathan Herz31-03.50Mar 21UNK Indoor Class D I..
Discus - 1.6kg
1.9David Ehrke89'11"Apr 10Axtell Invite
2.-*Jon Herz74'10"Apr 22Jim Mather Invitatio..
3.9*Christian Hansen74'8"Apr 22Jim Mather Invitatio..
4.11Jonathan Herz71'10"Mar 24Alma-Bertrand-Holdre..
High Jump
1.9Cooper Wright5'0"Mar 24Alma-Bertrand-Holdre..
2.9Ethan SnyderNHMar 21UNK Indoor Class D I..
Pole Vault
1.11Ashton Hammond10'6"Apr 2Pleasanton Invite
Long Jump
1.10Parker Janicek17-11.00Mar 21UNK Indoor Class D I..


55 Meter Dash
1.11Haley Hays8.34aMar 21UNK Indoor Class D I..
2.11Anna Stenka9.00aMar 21UNK Indoor Class D I..
3.12Alex Stuhmer9.02aMar 21UNK Indoor Class D I..
100 Meters
1.9Maddie Brugh14.7Mar 28Wilcox-Hildreth Invi..
2.11Anna Stenka15.1Apr 2Pleasanton Invite
3.12Alex Stuhmer15.3Mar 28Wilcox-Hildreth Invi..
4.9Hallie Prickett15.8Apr 10Axtell Invite
5.10Jordan Danks16.8Mar 24Alma-Bertrand-Holdre..
6.10Shelby Butts18.3Mar 24Alma-Bertrand-Holdre..
200 Meters
1.9Jadyn Heckenlively28.9Apr 2Pleasanton Invite
2.11Peyton Millard30.4Mar 24Alma-Bertrand-Holdre..
3.11Laural Christensen30.7Mar 28Wilcox-Hildreth Invi..
4.9Maddie Brugh32.0Apr 10Axtell Invite
5.9Hallie Prickett32.4Mar 28Wilcox-Hildreth Invi..
400 Meters
1.9Jadyn Heckenlively69.0Apr 2Pleasanton Invite
2.11Laural Christensen72.3Apr 10Axtell Invite
3.11Jennie Shaffer1:17.57aMar 21UNK Indoor Class D I..
4.11Floreign Enderina88.0Mar 24Alma-Bertrand-Holdre..
400 Meters - Relay Split
1.9Emma Smolik71.4Mar 21UNK Indoor Class D I..
2.11Laural Christensen72.8Apr 10Axtell Invite
3.11Haley Hays74.1Mar 21UNK Indoor Class D I..
4.10Kaitlyn Harrison75.5Mar 21UNK Indoor Class D I..
5.11Peyton Millard77.9Mar 21UNK Indoor Class D I..
6.9Maddie Brugh78.5Mar 28Wilcox-Hildreth Invi..
7.12Alex Stuhmer79.3Apr 2Pleasanton Invite
8.9Hallie Prickett80.5Mar 28Wilcox-Hildreth Invi..
9.9Carson Wolfe83.1Mar 28Wilcox-Hildreth Invi..
800 Meters
1.11Haley Hays2:51.7Mar 24Alma-Bertrand-Holdre..
2.9Emma Smolik2:56.8Mar 28Wilcox-Hildreth Invi..
3.10Kaitlyn Harrison2:59.58aMar 21UNK Indoor Class D I..
4.9*Hallie Prickett3:14.1Apr 22Jim Mather Invitatio..
5.9*Carson Wolfe3:16.6Apr 22Jim Mather Invitatio..
6.11*Anna Stenka3:19.4Apr 22Jim Mather Invitatio..
7.11Floreign Enderina3:58.38aMar 21UNK Indoor Class D I..
800 Meters - Relay Split
1.11*Haley Hays2:44.3Apr 22Jim Mather Invitatio..
2.10Kaitlyn Harrison2:52.2Apr 2Pleasanton Invite
3.9Emma Smolik2:53.2Mar 21UNK Indoor Class D I..
4.11Peyton Millard3:03.6Apr 2Pleasanton Invite
5.9Carson Wolfe3:05.6Apr 2Pleasanton Invite
6.9*Maddie Brugh3:06.0Apr 22Jim Mather Invitatio..
7.9Hallie Prickett3:17.3Apr 10Axtell Invite
8.11Laural Christensen3:21.5Apr 10Axtell Invite
9.11Floreign Enderina3:34.8Apr 10Axtell Invite
1600 Meters
1.12*Miakayla Webster7:45.9Apr 22Jim Mather Invitatio..
2.9Carson Wolfe7:55.3Apr 10Axtell Invite
3.11*Floreign Enderina8:24.2Apr 22Jim Mather Invitatio..
3200 Meters
1.9Carson Wolfe15:51.2Apr 2Pleasanton Invite
2.12Miakayla Webster16:01.8Apr 2Pleasanton Invite
55m Hurdles - 33"
1.11Jennie Shaffer10.29aMar 21UNK Indoor Class D I..
2.9Emma Smolik10.56aMar 21UNK Indoor Class D I..
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.11Jennie Shaffer17.8Apr 10Axtell Invite
2.9Emma Smolik18.0Apr 10Axtell Invite
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.11Haley Hays51.5Apr 10Axtell Invite
2.11Jennie Shaffer57.3Mar 24Alma-Bertrand-Holdre..
3.10Kaitlyn Harrison59.8Apr 2Pleasanton Invite
4x100 Relay
1.Haley Hays
Jadyn Heckenlively
Peyton Millard
Emma Smolik
55.6Apr 2Pleasanton Invite
2.Maddie Brugh
Alex Stuhmer
Haley Hays
Jennie Shaffer
58.1Mar 24Alma-Bertrand-Holdre..
3.Alex Stuhmer
Emma Smolik
Maddie Brugh
Jennie Shaffer
58.4Mar 28Wilcox-Hildreth Invi..
4.Haley Hays
Jennie Shaffer
Peyton Millard
Emma Smolik
60.5Apr 10Axtell Invite
4x400 Relay
1.Peyton Millard
Emma Smolik
Kaitlyn Harrison
Haley Hays
4:58.81aMar 21UNK Indoor Class D I..
2.Laural Christensen
Maddie Brugh
Peyton Millard
Kaitlyn Harrison
5:11.8Apr 10Axtell Invite
3.Carson Wolfe
Hallie Prickett
Maddie Brugh
Laural Christensen
5:15.6Mar 28Wilcox-Hildreth Invi..
4x800 Relay
1.Haley Hays
Emma Smolik
Peyton Millard
Kaitlyn Harrison
11:40.71aMar 21UNK Indoor Class D I..
2.Kaitlyn Harrison
Carson Wolfe
Peyton Millard
Haley Hays
11:46.3Apr 2Pleasanton Invite
3.Kaitlyn Harrison
Haley Hays
Peyton Millard
Emma Smolik
11:59.3Mar 24Alma-Bertrand-Holdre..
4.Hallie Prickett
Laural Christensen
Carson Wolfe
Floreign Enderina
13:27.5Apr 10Axtell Invite
Shot Put - 4kg
1.10Shelby Butts27'7.5"Apr 2Pleasanton Invite
2.10Kaitlyn Harrison25'6.25"Mar 24Alma-Bertrand-Holdre..
3.10Jordan Danks22'.5"Apr 2Pleasanton Invite
Discus - 1kg
1.10Shelby Butts77'10"Apr 2Pleasanton Invite
2.10Kaitlyn Harrison73'6"Apr 10Axtell Invite
3.10Jordan Danks66'10"Apr 10Axtell Invite
High Jump
1.9Jadyn Heckenlively4'10"Mar 24Alma-Bertrand-Holdre..
2.9Carson Wolfe4'6"Mar 24Alma-Bertrand-Holdre..
3.9Hallie Prickett3'10"Mar 24Alma-Bertrand-Holdre..
Pole Vault
1.9Emma Smolik7'6"Apr 10Axtell Invite
Long Jump
1.11Peyton Millard15'1.5"Apr 10Axtell Invite
2.11Haley Hays14'7.25"Apr 10Axtell Invite
3.12Alex Stuhmer13'11"Mar 28Wilcox-Hildreth Invi..
4.11Anna Stenka13'1.75"Mar 24Alma-Bertrand-Holdre..
5.9Carson Wolfe12'9"Mar 24Alma-Bertrand-Holdre..
6.9Maddie Brugh12'5"Mar 28Wilcox-Hildreth Invi..
7.9Hallie Prickett11'3"Mar 24Alma-Bertrand-Holdre..
Triple Jump
1.9Emma Smolik31'11"Mar 24Alma-Bertrand-Holdre..
2.11Haley Hays31'4.5"Apr 2Pleasanton Invite
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