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    Bearcats - Belmont, CA

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100 Meters
1.10Andy Feng12.39aApr 25Bret Harte Invitational
2.10Boris Mazin12.74aApr 25Bret Harte Invitational
3.-Kenneth Grady12.83aMar 14East Bay Invitational
4.11Dylan Proctor13.00aMay 8PAL Varsity Trials
5.9Maxwell Fukada13.15aMay 9PAL F/S Championships
6.12Brendan Frost13.29aMar 14East Bay Invitational
7.9Galo Reyes14.43aMar 21Don Christopher Invitatio..
8.9Arthur UmerovDNSApr 25Bret Harte Invitational
200 Meters
1.11MeShawn Ware23.98aMar 21Don Christopher Invitatio..
2.11Aria Haghnia24.03aMar 21Don Christopher Invitatio..
3.10Andy Feng25.42aMay 9PAL F/S Championships
4.11Rashad Ali25.52aApr 18Bearcats Invitational
5.12Nick Flouty25.54aMar 21Don Christopher Invitatio..
6.9Maxwell Fukada25.67aMay 9PAL F/S Championships
7.10Ian Hoole25.75aMay 9PAL F/S Championships
8.9Arthur Umerov25.94aMar 21Don Christopher Invitatio..
9.9Drake Kapoor26.11aMar 21Don Christopher Invitatio..
10.10Boris Mazin26.34aMar 21Don Christopher Invitatio..
11.11SEBASTIAN LEE27.49aMar 21Don Christopher Invitatio..
12.9Ariel Blemur29.00aMar 21Don Christopher Invitatio..
400 Meters
1.11Aria Haghnia52.05aMay 8PAL Varsity Trials
2.11MeShawn Ware54.24aMay 8PAL Varsity Trials
3.11SEBASTIAN LEE55.99aMar 14East Bay Invitational
4.12Ilya Rozenblat56.20aMar 21Don Christopher Invitatio..
5.10Ian Hoole56.41aApr 25Bret Harte Invitational
6.11Rashad Ali56.73aMay 8PAL Varsity Trials
7.9Drake Kapoor59.10aMar 21Don Christopher Invitatio..
8.9Arthur Umerov60.10aMay 9PAL F/S Championships
800 Meters
1.12Ilya Rozenblat2:11.65aApr 25Bret Harte Invitational
2.9Oliver Yau2:20.00aApr 25Bret Harte Invitational
3.12Simon Bartos2:24.59aMay 8PAL Varsity Trials
4.12Mark Woo2:33.86aMay 8PAL Varsity Trials
5.9Quinn Hughes2:38.99aApr 18Bearcats Invitational
6.10Ian HooleDNSApr 25Bret Harte Invitational
1600 Meters
1.10Yuto Watanabe4:59.87aMar 14East Bay Invitational
2.9Oliver Yau05:06.4aMay 9PAL F/S Championships
3.9Andrew Kim05:12.7aMay 9PAL F/S Championships
4.12Simon Bartos5:18.77aApr 25Bret Harte Invitational
5.9Quinn Hughes5:45.69aApr 18Bearcats Invitational
6.10Jack Pope5:55.41aApr 25Bret Harte Invitational
7.12Mark Woo5:56.16aApr 18Bearcats Invitational
8.10Kevin Lopez5:59.97aApr 18Bearcats Invitational
3200 Meters
1.9Andrew Kim11:22.5aMay 9PAL F/S Championships
2.11Denis Vasquez11:45.46aMar 21Don Christopher Invitatio..
3.10Jack Pope13:06.3aMay 9PAL F/S Championships
4.10Kevin Lopez14:04.1aMay 9PAL F/S Championships
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.12Nick Flouty44.44aMay 8PAL Varsity Trials
2.9Drake Kapoor52.73aMay 9PAL F/S Championships
4x100 Relay
1.-Relay Team 47.18aApr 25Bret Harte Invitational
2.-Andy Feng
Drake Kapoor
Boris Mazin
Galo Reyes
48.53aApr 25Bret Harte Invitational
4x400 Relay
1.-Simon Bartos
MeShawn Ware
Ilya Rozenblat
3:39.19aApr 25Bret Harte Invitational
2.-Relay Team 3:41.57aMar 21Don Christopher Invitatio..
3.-Andy Feng
Drake Kapoor
Oliver Yau
Dylan Proctor
3:49.85aApr 25Bret Harte Invitational
SMR 100-100-200-400m
1.-Relay Team 1:54.58aMar 14East Bay Invitational
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.-Relay Team 12:22.06aMar 14East Bay Invitational
Shot Put - 10lb
1.10Nickolas Poellinger44' 3.00Mar 21Don Christopher Invitatio..
2.10Rolando Escobar37' 3.00Apr 18Bearcats Invitational
3.12Scotch Cadiz31' 6.00Mar 21Don Christopher Invitatio..
4.10Sean Radam29' 11.50Apr 25Bret Harte Invitational
5.9Theo Philliber28' 3.50Mar 21Don Christopher Invitatio..
6.9Magnus Marshall26' 11.00Apr 18Bearcats Invitational
Shot Put - 12lb
1.10Nickolas Poellinger42' 6.00Mar 14East Bay Invitational
2.12Vatesoni Filikitonga40' 3.50Mar 21Don Christopher Invitatio..
3.10Rolando Escobar35' 5.50Mar 14East Bay Invitational
4.11Moises Alvarez29' 7.00Mar 21Don Christopher Invitatio..
5.12Scotch Cadiz28' 11.00Apr 18Bearcats Invitational
6.11Jose Delgado-Mata28' 5.00Apr 18Bearcats Invitational
Discus - 1.6kg
1.10Nickolas Poellinger114' 9.00Apr 25Bret Harte Invitational
2.12Taniela Hafoka104' 11.00Mar 21Don Christopher Invitatio..
3.10Rolando Escobar84' 1.00May 9PAL F/S Championships
4.9Magnus Marshall69' 9.50Apr 25Bret Harte Invitational
5.9Theo Philliber67' 3.00May 9PAL F/S Championships
High Jump
1.11Anvit Prasad5' 2.00Apr 18Bearcats Invitational
2.9Galo Reyes4' 6.00May 9PAL F/S Championships
3.9Drake KapoorNHMay 9PAL F/S Championships
Pole Vault
1.10Brandon Huey11' 0.25Apr 25Bret Harte Invitational
2.12Brendan Frost9' 0.00May 8PAL Varsity Trials
9Maxwell Fukada9' 0.00Mar 21Don Christopher Invitatio..
4.10Vince DeRamos8' 6.00Mar 21Don Christopher Invitatio..
5.9Ariel Blemur7' 6.00Apr 18Bearcats Invitational
6.10Keagan Howarth-DunnNHApr 18Bearcats Invitational
Long Jump
1.11SEBASTIAN LEE17' 2.50May 8PAL Varsity Trials
2.11Dylan Proctor16' 8.75Mar 21Don Christopher Invitatio..
3.9Galo Reyes16' 1.00May 9PAL F/S Championships
4.9Drake Kapoor15' 11.00May 9PAL F/S Championships
5.11Anvit Prasad15' 9.75Apr 18Bearcats Invitational
Triple Jump
1.11Anvit Prasad34' 9.00Apr 18Bearcats Invitational
2.11Dylan Proctor33' 8.00Mar 21Don Christopher Invitatio..
3.9Galo Reyes33' 7.00May 9PAL F/S Championships
4.11SEBASTIAN LEEDNSApr 25Bret Harte Invitational


100 Meters
1.9Mia Sukumaran13.57aMar 21Don Christopher Invitatio..
2.12Gianna Lum14.08aMay 8PAL Varsity Trials
3.12Jioni Adams14.17aMar 21Don Christopher Invitatio..
200 Meters
1.12Jennifer Patterson27.22aMar 21Don Christopher Invitatio..
2.10Natalia Diaz27.53aApr 25Bret Harte Invitational
3.9Mia Sukumaran27.80aApr 25Bret Harte Invitational
4.12Jioni Adams29.75aMar 21Don Christopher Invitatio..
5.9Libby Hayes32.13aApr 25Bret Harte Invitational
6.9Elizabeth Hays33.73aMay 9PAL F/S Championships
400 Meters
1.12Jennifer Patterson59.70aMar 21Don Christopher Invitatio..
2.10Natalia Diaz64.74aMar 21Don Christopher Invitatio..
800 Meters
1.9Seanna Fess2:31.58aMar 21Don Christopher Invitatio..
2.11Isabel Froerer2:40.32aApr 18Bearcats Invitational
1600 Meters
1.9Seanna Fess5:36.05aMar 21Don Christopher Invitatio..
2.11Isabel Froerer5:44.00aApr 18Bearcats Invitational
3.10Hannah Choe7:00.95aMar 14East Bay Invitational
4.11Brenda GarciaDNSApr 25Bret Harte Invitational
3200 Meters
1.9Seanna Fess12:25.31aApr 18Bearcats Invitational
2.11Brenda GarciaDNSApr 25Bret Harte Invitational
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.9Andora Fess18.36aMay 9PAL F/S Championships
2.10Kayla Kaussner18.45aApr 25Bret Harte Invitational
3.11Lisa Elliott21.56aMay 8PAL Varsity Trials
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.9Andora Fess51.13aApr 18Bearcats Invitational
2.-Andrea Fees52.20aMar 14East Bay Invitational
3.10Kayla Kaussner52.90aMay 9PAL F/S Championships
4.11Lisa Elliott60.86aMay 8PAL Varsity Trials
4x100 Relay
1.-Relay Team 53.20aMay 9PAL F/S Championships
2.-Natalia Diaz
Kayla Kaussner
Andora Fess
Mia Sukumaran
57.44aApr 25Bret Harte Invitational
4x400 Relay
1.-Relay Team 04:28.8aMay 9PAL F/S Championships
2.-Natalia Diaz
Seanna Fess
Kayla Kaussner
Mia Sukumaran
DNSApr 25Bret Harte Invitational
SMR 100-100-200-400m
1.-Relay Team 2:01.75aMar 14East Bay Invitational
Shot Put - 4kg
1.10Anaseini Fakava31' 3.00Mar 21Don Christopher Invitatio..
Discus - 1kg
1.10Anaseini Fakava85' 2.50Mar 14East Bay Invitational
2.11Meletuna Pikula78' 2.00May 8PAL Varsity Trials
High Jump
1.9Elizabeth Hays3' 10.00May 9PAL F/S Championships
2.9Sabrina JinJ4-02.00May 9PAL F/S Championships
9Alice HuangNHMay 9PAL F/S Championships
Pole Vault
1.11Kyoka Kuroiwa7' 6.00Apr 18Bearcats Invitational
2.11Katherine Choy6' 0.00Apr 18Bearcats Invitational
9Alice Huang6' 0.00May 9PAL F/S Championships
4.9Elizabeth Hays5' 6.00May 9PAL F/S Championships
5.10Hannah ChoeSCRApr 25Bret Harte Invitational
11Isabel FroererNHMar 21Don Christopher Invitatio..
9Libby HayesNHMar 14East Bay Invitational
Long Jump
1.9Andora Fess15' 7.25May 9PAL F/S Championships
2.-Andrea Fees14' 6.25Mar 14East Bay Invitational
3.12Gianna Lum13' 10.00Mar 14East Bay Invitational
4.9Sabrina Jin13' 2.00May 9PAL F/S Championships
5.9Alice Huang9' 6.25Apr 25Bret Harte Invitational
Triple Jump
1.12Gianna Lum30' 3.00May 8PAL Varsity Trials
2.9Sabrina Jin29' 10.00May 9PAL F/S Championships
3.9Alice HuangNDMay 9PAL F/S Championships

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