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100 Meters
1.10Nick Kennedy11.60aMar 29FZW Varsity/J.V. Jag..
2.11Chris Walsh11.62aMar 29FZW Varsity/J.V. Jag..
3.10Jake Derousse12.12aMar 29FZW Varsity/J.V. Jag..
4.11Devin Listen12.19aApr 8Tiger Town
5.12Cameron Juedemann12.36aApr 8Tiger Town
6.12Julian Drago12.70aApr 2North County HS Invi..
7.9Andrew Cox13.31aMar 29FZW Varsity/J.V. Jag..
200 Meters
1.11Chris Walsh23.72aMar 24Hillsboro Co-Ed Rela..
2.10Jake Derousse23.90aMar 29FZW Varsity/J.V. Jag..
3.10Nick Kennedy23.91aMar 24Hillsboro Co-Ed Rela..
4.12*John Schneider24.41aApr 16Simpson Relays
5.11Devin Listen24.57aMar 29FZW Varsity/J.V. Jag..
6.12Julian Drago25.63aApr 2North County HS Invi..
7.12Cameron Juedemann25.93aApr 8Tiger Town
8.9Andrew Cox27.46aMar 29FZW Varsity/J.V. Jag..
400 Meters
1.12John Schneider53.25aApr 8Tiger Town
2.11Barry Horrell56.37aApr 2North County HS Invi..
3.10Aaron Dugan56.38aApr 2North County HS Invi..
4.11Joe Melton56.87aMar 24Hillsboro Co-Ed Rela..
5.11Austin Jackson57.76aMar 24Hillsboro Co-Ed Rela..
6.10Connor Montgomery58.71aMar 24Hillsboro Co-Ed Rela..
7.12Nolan Theisson59.90aMar 29FZW Varsity/J.V. Jag..
8.9Alec Siwek63.99aMar 29FZW Varsity/J.V. Jag..
9.9Lucas Secrease68.48aMar 29FZW Varsity/J.V. Jag..
800 Meters
1.12John Schneider2:09.95aApr 2North County HS Invi..
2.10Aaron Dugan2:10.03aApr 2North County HS Invi..
3.11Barry Horrell2:12.00Mar 24Hillsboro Co-Ed Rela..
4.12*Nathan Hoffmeister2:19.38aApr 16Simpson Relays
5.12Nolan Theisson2:33.70aMar 29FZW Varsity/J.V. Jag..
6.10Brendan Ryan2:38.30aMar 29FZW Varsity/J.V. Jag..
7.10Austin Theisson2:42.50aMar 29FZW Varsity/J.V. Jag..
1600 Meters
1.10*Aaron Dugan4:32.32aApr 16Simpson Relays
2.10Will Fitzpatrick5:04.01aApr 2North County HS Invi..
3.12Nathan Hoffmeister5:04.20aMar 29FZW Varsity/J.V. Jag..
4.11Barry Horrell5:05.00Mar 24Hillsboro Co-Ed Rela..
5.10William Fitzpatrick5:07.10aMar 29FZW Varsity/J.V. Jag..
6.9Lucas Secrease5:33.70aMar 29FZW Varsity/J.V. Jag..
3200 Meters
1.10*Aaron Dugan9:51.41aApr 16Simpson Relays
2.10*Will Fitzpatrick10:34.42aApr 16Simpson Relays
3.12Nathan Hoffmeister10:39.20aMar 29FZW Varsity/J.V. Jag..
4.10William Fitzpatrick11:01.42aApr 8Tiger Town
5.9Alec Siwek11:38.70aMar 29FZW Varsity/J.V. Jag..
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.12Mitchell Scott15.18aMar 24Hillsboro Co-Ed Rela..
2.10Clayton Vassali17.40aMar 29FZW Varsity/J.V. Jag..
3.12Nolan Theisson20.13aApr 2North County HS Invi..
4.11*Ramsey Hoffman21.18aApr 16Simpson Relays
5.9Nick Kolano21.37aMar 29FZW Varsity/J.V. Jag..
6.9Jake Mcneese21.42aMar 29FZW Varsity/J.V. Jag..
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.12Mitchell Scott41.11aApr 8Tiger Town
2.12*Austin Weber45.56aApr 16Simpson Relays
3.10Clayton Vassali45.70aMar 29FZW Varsity/J.V. Jag..
4.11Ramsey Hoffman48.08aApr 2North County HS Invi..
5.9Jake Mcneese50.79aMar 29FZW Varsity/J.V. Jag..
6.12Nolan Theisson50.84aApr 2North County HS Invi..
7.9Hunter Hill52.57aMar 29FZW Varsity/J.V. Jag..
4x100 Relay
1.Joe Melton
Devin Listen
Nick Kennedy
Chris Walsh
45.77aApr 2North County HS Invi..
2.*Devin Listen
Nick Kennedy
Joe Melton
Chris Walsh
46.35aApr 16Simpson Relays
3.Kole Meador
Hayden Walters
Connor Montgomery
Andrew Cox
50.29aMar 29FZW Varsity/J.V. Jag..
4x200 Relay
1.Devin Listen
Jake Derousse
Nick Kennedy
Chris Walsh
1:34.62aApr 2North County HS Invi..
2.Devin Listen
Jake Derousse
John Schneider
Chris Walsh
1:35.05aApr 8Tiger Town
3.*Devin Listen
Nick Kennedy
Jake Derousse
Chris Walsh
1:36.20aApr 16Simpson Relays
4.Devin Listen
Austin Weber
Joe Melton
Nick Kennedy
1:38.71aMar 29FZW Varsity/J.V. Jag..
5.Andrew Cox
Connor Montgomery
Hayden Walters
Kole Meador
1:43.69aMar 29FZW Varsity/J.V. Jag..
4x400 Relay
1.*John Schneider
Austin Weber
Clayton Vassali
Joe Melton
3:41.48aApr 16Simpson Relays
2.Joe Melton
Aaron Dugan
Barry Horrell
John Schneider
3:42.09aApr 2North County HS Invi..
3.Joe Melton
Barry Horrell
Austin Jackson
John Schneider
3:42.26aMar 29FZW Varsity/J.V. Jag..
4.Brendan Ryan
Hayden Walters
Austin Theisson
Jake Mcneese
4:15.85aMar 29FZW Varsity/J.V. Jag..
4x800 Relay
1.Aaron Dugan
Nathan Hoffmeister
John Schneider
Barry Horrell
8:40.30aMar 29FZW Varsity/J.V. Jag..
2.Aaron Dugan
Barry Horrell
Nathan Hoffmeister
John Schneider
8:43.61aApr 2North County HS Invi..
3.Barry Horrell
William Fitzpatrick
Nathan Hoffmeister
John Schneider
8:55.32aApr 8Tiger Town
4.*Barry Horrell
Will Fitzpatrick
Nathan Hoffmeister
John Schneider
8:57.04aApr 16Simpson Relays
5.William Fitzpatrick
Austin Theisson
Alec Siwek
Lucas Secrease
9:55.30aMar 29FZW Varsity/J.V. Jag..
Shot Put - 12lb
1.11Ryan Ochoa43' 9.00Apr 8Tiger Town
2.11*Travis Cole40' 3.50Apr 16Simpson Relays
3.11Brennan Jennewein36' 11.75Apr 2North County HS Invi..
4.10Robert Lewis36' 3.50Mar 29FZW Varsity/J.V. Jag..
5.9Dylan Crump35' 7.00Mar 29FZW Varsity/J.V. Jag..
Discus - 1.6kg
1.11Travis Cole114' 9.00Mar 24Hillsboro Co-Ed Rela..
2.12DJ Cashion114' 4.00Apr 2North County HS Invi..
3.11John Bunch101' 6.00Mar 24Hillsboro Co-Ed Rela..
4.9Dylan Crump101' 2.00Mar 29FZW Varsity/J.V. Jag..
5.10Robert Lewis87' 9.00Mar 24Hillsboro Co-Ed Rela..
High Jump
1.12Mitchell Scott6' 2.00Apr 2North County HS Invi..
2.12Austin Weber5' 6.00Mar 24Hillsboro Co-Ed Rela..
3.10Jake Derousse5' 0.00Mar 24Hillsboro Co-Ed Rela..
10Clayton Vassali5' 0.00Mar 24Hillsboro Co-Ed Rela..
5.9Nick Kolano4' 8.00Mar 29FZW Varsity/J.V. Jag..
Pole Vault
1.11Austin Jackson10' 6.00Apr 2North County HS Invi..
11Keith Mckinnon10' 6.00Apr 2North County HS Invi..
3.10Connor Montgomery10' 0.00Mar 29FZW Varsity/J.V. Jag..
4.10Nick Bowling9' 6.00Mar 24Hillsboro Co-Ed Rela..
5.9Hunter Voyles8' 6.00Mar 29FZW Varsity/J.V. Jag..
Long Jump
1.12Mitchell Scott21' 1.00Mar 24Hillsboro Co-Ed Rela..
2.12Austin Weber19' 0.00Apr 2North County HS Invi..
3.11Brett Cole18' 3.00Mar 24Hillsboro Co-Ed Rela..
4.10Clayton Vassali17' 5.50Apr 2North County HS Invi..
5.11Joe Melton17' 1.00Mar 24Hillsboro Co-Ed Rela..
6.10Jake Derousse15' 10.00Mar 29FZW Varsity/J.V. Jag..
7.9Hunter Hill13' 1.00Mar 29FZW Varsity/J.V. Jag..
Triple Jump
1.12Mitchell Scott43' 8.00Apr 2North County HS Invi..
2.12Austin Weber38' 9.00Mar 24Hillsboro Co-Ed Rela..
3.10Clayton Vassali37' 8.50Apr 2North County HS Invi..
4.11Brett Cole36' 9.00Mar 24Hillsboro Co-Ed Rela..
5.10Jake Derousse32' 2.00Mar 29FZW Varsity/J.V. Jag..
6.9Nick Kolano28' 5.50Mar 29FZW Varsity/J.V. Jag..


100 Meters
1.11Christen Hopfer13.40aApr 2North County HS Invi..
2.11Amber Peterson13.52aApr 2North County HS Invi..
3.-Cameron Hopfer13.88aMar 29Festus Early Bird Me..
200 Meters
1.11Christen Hopfer27.34aApr 2North County HS Invi..
2.11Amber Peterson27.42aApr 2North County HS Invi..
3.-Cameron Hopfer29.77aMar 29Festus Early Bird Me..
4.-Morgan Sherrill31.41aApr 8Tiger Town
400 Meters
1.11Amber Peterson60.14aApr 8Tiger Town
2.11*Christen Hopfer63.75aApr 16Simpson Relays
800 Meters
1.12*Haley Davis2:40.43aApr 16Simpson Relays
2.12Tessa Roeder2:42.85aMar 29Festus Early Bird Me..
1600 Meters
1.9Kelly Koester5:50.37aApr 8Tiger Town
2.12Hannah Bopp5:55.56aApr 8Tiger Town
3.-*Maddie Pyle6:11.52aApr 16Simpson Relays
3200 Meters
1.12*Hannah Bopp13:01.81aApr 16Simpson Relays
2.9*Kelly Koester13:06.81aApr 16Simpson Relays
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.12Heidi Knuckles19.07aApr 8Tiger Town
2.-Rachel Ketcherside19.55aApr 8Tiger Town
3.10Kayla Christian21.53aApr 2North County HS Invi..
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.-*Rachel Ketcherside52.83aApr 16Simpson Relays
2.12*Heidi Knuckles54.30aApr 16Simpson Relays
3.10Kayla Christian62.76aApr 2North County HS Invi..
4x100 Relay
1.*Heidi Knuckles
Julia Weinhold
Kayla Christian
Morgan Sherrill
57.48aApr 16Simpson Relays
4x200 Relay
1.Relay Team 1:53.32aMar 29Festus Early Bird Me..
2.*Rachel Ketcherside
Haley Davis
Heidi Knuckles
Morgan Sherrill
1:57.02aApr 16Simpson Relays
4x400 Relay
1.Haley Davis
Christen Hopfer
Rachel Ketcherside
Heidi Knuckles
4:20.53aApr 8Tiger Town
2.Relay Team 4:25.31aMar 29Festus Early Bird Me..
3.*Rachel Ketcherside
Christen Hopfer
Morgan Sherrill
Haley Davis
4:29.90aApr 16Simpson Relays
4x800 Relay
1.Hannah Bopp
Haley Davis
Kelly Koester
Tessa Roeder
10:56.70aApr 8Tiger Town
2.Relay Team 11:03.05aMar 29Festus Early Bird Me..
Shot Put - 4kg
1.11Mirissa Massey32' 5.50Apr 2North County HS Invi..
2.9Sydney Dye31' 0.00Apr 2North County HS Invi..
Discus - 1kg
1.11Mirissa Massey111' 6.00Apr 8Tiger Town
2.-*Julia Land73' 0.00Apr 16Simpson Relays
High Jump
1.-*Julia WeinholdNHApr 16Simpson Relays
Pole Vault
1.12Haley Davis7' 0.00Apr 2North County HS Invi..
2.10*Kayla ChristianNHApr 16Simpson Relays
10Lindsey TurekNHApr 2North County HS Invi..
Long Jump
1.11Amber Peterson15' 3.50Mar 29Festus Early Bird Me..
2.10Kayla Christian12' 8.00Apr 2North County HS Invi..
3.10*Lindsey Turek12' 7.00Apr 16Simpson Relays
Triple Jump
1.10*Lindsey Turek27' 5.50Apr 16Simpson Relays
2.-*Morgan Sherrill26' 10.00Apr 16Simpson Relays
  * = Denotes a recent improvement
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