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100 Meters
1.12Anthony Brown11.07aJun 7MN State A and AA Fi..
2.12Elijah McGeehan11.37aMay 62AAA True Team Secti..
3.12Amani Winfield11.40aMay 62AAA True Team Secti..
4.9Jesse Daly11.89aMay 27Section 4AA Champion..
5.-Lorenzo Huckleberry12.33aMay 13Conference #3 - Tria..
6.12Tristen Hassan12.58aMay 13Conference #3 - Tria..
7.10Isaiah Davis12.63aMay 13Conference #3 - Tria..
8.-Viliam Vang12.86aMay 9JV Triangular
9.10Henry Huynh13.18aMay 9JV Triangular
200 Meters
1.12Anthony Brown22.79aMay 27Section 4AA Champion..
2.12Elijah McGeehan23.24aMay 22Classic Suburban Con..
3.11James Prell23.63aMay 62AAA True Team Secti..
4.12Waheed Momoh24.53aMay 20Classic Suburban Con..
5.9Jesse Daly24.87aMay 13Conference #3 - Tria..
6.-Lorenzo Huckleberry25.01aMay 13Conference #3 - Tria..
7.12Tristen Hassan25.03aMay 62AAA True Team Secti..
8.-Joseph Newman26.91aMay 9JV Triangular
9.-Viliam Vang27.16aMay 13Conference #3 - Tria..
10.-Miguel RomeroDNFMay 9JV Triangular
400 Meters
1.11Riese Bushinski53.64aMay 27Section 4AA Champion..
2.11Buddy Prell54.02aMay 20Classic Suburban Con..
3.11James Prell54.19aMay 62AAA True Team Secti..
4.12Seth Nolby55.94aMay 20Classic Suburban Con..
5.-Xavier Pinex58.39aMay 13Conference #3 - Tria..
6.-Omar Aguillon60.71aMay 9JV Triangular
7.-Zakaria Yousof60.84aMay 13Conference #3 - Tria..
800 Meters
1.12Josh Hemelgarn2:06.86aMay 22Classic Suburban Con..
2.12Ben Minder2:14.39aMay 20Classic Suburban Con..
3.11Ben Meeder2:21.70aMay 13Conference #3 - Tria..
4.-Dominic McGinn2:22.16aMay 62AAA True Team Secti..
5.-Myles Taylor2:26.49aMay 9JV Triangular
6.11Jacob Borchers2:27.66aMay 9JV Triangular
7.11Peyton Floyd2:30.01aMay 13Conference #3 - Tria..
8.12Garrett Johnson2:30.93aMay 9JV Triangular
9.11Carson Smelik2:37.40aMay 9JV Triangular
10.-Patrick Lupelow2:37.41aMay 9JV Triangular
11.9Jeff Munter2:46.58aMay 13Conference #3 - Tria..
12.-Johnathan Ridgeman2:46.96aMay 9JV Triangular
13.-Michael Vang2:50.30aMay 13Conference #3 - Tria..
14.10Isaiah Davis3:18.17aMay 9JV Triangular
1600 Meters
1.10Samuel Nofziger4:35.44aMay 29Section 4AA Champion..
2.11Jacob Borchers5:05.95aMay 29Section 4AA Champion..
3.11Peyton Floyd5:09.83aMay 13Conference #3 - Tria..
4.12Josh Hemelgarn5:28.45aMay 9JV Triangular
5.11Carson Smelik5:44.53aMay 62AAA True Team Secti..
6.-Patrick Lupelow5:45.10aMay 13Conference #3 - Tria..
7.9Jeff Munter6:00.38aMay 13Conference #3 - Tria..
8.-Mohamed Hersi6:06.83aMay 9JV Triangular
9.-Johnathan Ridgeman6:38.49aMay 9JV Triangular
3200 Meters
1.10Samuel Nofziger10:03.20aMay 27Section 4AA Champion..
2.11Jacob Borchers11:15.84aMay 27Section 4AA Champion..
3.11Carson Smelik11:39.39aMay 13Conference #3 - Tria..
4.-Mohamed Hersi14:20.66aMay 13Conference #3 - Tria..
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.10Hunter Pogatchnik19.02aMay 20Classic Suburban Con..
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.12Tristen Hassan45.48aMay 20Classic Suburban Con..
2.10Hunter Pogatchnik47.20aMay 62AAA True Team Secti..
3.10Henry Huynh49.16aMay 9JV Triangular
4.10Luc Asuncion49.83aMay 20Classic Suburban Con..
5.-Aba MogesNTMay 9JV Triangular
4x100 Relay
1.-Elijah McGeehan
James Prell
Waheed Momoh
Anthony Brown
43.42aMay 29Section 4AA Champion..
2.-Elijah McGeehan
Buddy Prell
Waheed Momoh
Anthony Brown
43.90aMay 22Classic Suburban Con..
3.-Relay Team 44.70aMay 62AAA True Team Secti..
4x200 Relay
1.-James Prell
Jesse Daly
Waheed Momoh
Elijah McGeehan
1:34.48aMay 29Section 4AA Champion..
2.-Buddy Prell
Jesse Daly
Waheed Momoh
Elijah McGeehan
1:34.64aMay 22Classic Suburban Con..
3.-Relay Team 1:35.24aMay 62AAA True Team Secti..
4x400 Relay
1.-Samuel Nofziger
Seth Nolby
Riese Bushinski
Josh Hemelgarn
3:36.49aMay 29Section 4AA Champion..
2.-Samuel Nofziger
Seth Nolby
Isaiah Davis
Riese Bushinski
3:42.04aMay 22Classic Suburban Con..
3.-Relay Team 3:44.10aMay 13Conference #3 - Tria..
4x800 Relay
1.-Relay Team 9:21.84aMay 13Conference #3 - Tria..
2.-Ben Meeder
Ben Minder
Dominic McGinn
Myles Taylor
9:40.40aMay 22Classic Suburban Con..
SMR 100-100-200-400m
1.-Relay Team 1:41.41aApr 22Classic Suburban Con..
SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8]
1.-Relay Team 3:59.47aApr 22Classic Suburban Con..
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.-Relay Team 12:25.59aApr 22Classic Suburban Con..
Shot Put - 12lb
1.12Elijah McGeehan44' 11.00May 20Classic Suburban Con..
2.11Justin Pray37' 0.00May 27Section 4AA Champion..
3.10Joshua Lizakowski36' 6.00May 62AAA True Team Secti..
4.9Haden Kolberg27' 9.00May 27Section 4AA Champion..
Discus - 1.6kg
1.11Justin Pray110' 9.00May 29Section 4AA Champion..
2.10Joshua Lizakowski104' 7.00May 9JV Triangular
3.9Haden Kolberg76' 3.00May 22Classic Suburban Con..
4.-Shawn Arvin71' 1.00May 9JV Triangular
5.8Mason Schuette64' 9.00May 29Section 4AA Champion..
6.-Elijah White60' 6.00May 9JV Triangular
7.-Taylor O'Donnell58' 8.00May 9JV Triangular
8.-Anthony Yannarelly51' 3.00May 9JV Triangular
9.-Michael Vang48' 5.00May 9JV Triangular
High Jump
1.10Chase FleischauerNHMay 22Classic Suburban Con..
Pole Vault
1.12Josh Hemelgarn12' 6.00May 62AAA True Team Secti..
2.12Garrett Johnson8' 0.00May 62AAA True Team Secti..
Long Jump
1.10Chase Fleischauer20' 5.00May 22Classic Suburban Con..
2.12Elijah McGeehan19' 7.00May 13Conference #3 - Tria..
3.10Michael Friberg18' 4.50May 9JV Triangular
4.10Isaiah Davis17' 9.00May 29Section 4AA Champion..
5.-Christopher Graves17' 6.00May 13Conference #3 - Tria..
Triple Jump
1.10Chase Fleischauer42' 1.00May 27Section 4AA Champion..
2.10Michael Friberg36' 10.00May 62AAA True Team Secti..
3.10Isaiah Davis36' 4.75May 20Classic Suburban Con..
4.-Christopher Graves32' 5.25May 13Conference #3 - Tria..


100 Meters
1.10Diamond Kennedy13.05aMay 22Classic Suburban Con..
2.11Kieshauna Triplett13.36aMay 62AAA True Team Secti..
3.11Aurora Holmes13.62aMay 62AAA True Team Secti..
4.10Nico Warren14.20aMay 13Conference #3 - Tria..
5.11Ruth Ezeagwula14.33aMay 9JV Triangular
6.11Kendra Billinger14.39aMay 9JV Triangular
9Kensley Appolan14.39aMay 15CSC Girls JV Champio..
8.7Rukayat Oluwa14.40aMay 9JV Triangular
9.10Xeenyia Vang14.56aMay 13Conference #3 - Tria..
10.12Kendra Lindner14.61aMay 9JV Triangular
11.11Arieana Brown14.76aMay 13Conference #3 - Tria..
12.9Mobolaji Banjo14.83aApr 10North Tartan
13.11Sumrall Jamier14.89aApr 10North Tartan
14.9Morgan Floyd14.95aMay 15CSC Girls JV Champio..
15.10Alexis Hayes15.11aMay 9JV Triangular
16.10Gracia Perez15.16aMay 15CSC Girls JV Champio..
17.9Jessica Meyer15.44cApr 15Park Quad Co-ed
18.9Sarah LaVick15.53aApr 10North Tartan
19.11Culizahna Ulmer15.57aMay 15CSC Girls JV Champio..
20.12Jessica Bowes15.64cApr 15Park Quad Co-ed
21.10Rachel Gydesen15.66aApr 10North Tartan
22.11Carly Boyle16.05aMay 9JV Triangular
23.10Tabatha Ato16.34cApr 15Park Quad Co-ed
24.10Tijuana Pittman16.37aApr 10North Tartan
25.10Katelyn Koch16.65aMay 13Conference #3 - Tria..
26.10Mariah Gilman16.75aMay 15CSC Girls JV Champio..
27.11Eustacia Ikeri16.78aMay 13Conference #3 - Tria..
28.10Olivia Brodie17.29aMay 9JV Triangular
29.11Staci Ikeri17.30aMay 15CSC Girls JV Champio..
30.10Janalee Flores17.31aMay 15CSC Girls JV Champio..
31.9Veronica Eggers17.48aApr 10North Tartan
32.11Amanda Koran17.77aApr 10North Tartan
33.10Jasleen Flores18.48aMay 9JV Triangular
34.10Lisa Nguyen18.94cApr 15Park Quad Co-ed
200 Meters
1.12Michelle Johnson26.98aMay 20Classic Suburban Con..
2.10Diamond Kennedy27.72aMay 27Section 4AA Champion..
3.11Kieshauna Triplett28.02aMay 62AAA True Team Secti..
4.10Emma Patet28.56aMay 20Classic Suburban Con..
5.10Amanda Ramin29.20aMay 27Section 4AA Champion..
6.11Kendra Billinger29.55aApr 10North Tartan
7.11Ruth Ezeagwula30.05aMay 13Conference #3 - Tria..
8.9Paige Cater30.14cApr 15Park Quad Co-ed
9.11Sumrall Jamier30.64aMay 62AAA True Team Secti..
10.11Arieana Brown30.66aMay 13Conference #3 - Tria..
11.10Alexis Hayes30.74cApr 15Park Quad Co-ed
12.11Staci Ikeri30.99aMay 15CSC Girls JV Champio..
13.10Mackenzie Riley31.34aApr 10North Tartan
14.12Mikayla Boyer31.41aApr 10North Tartan
15.9Kensley Appolan31.46aApr 10North Tartan
16.9Morgan Floyd31.53aMay 15CSC Girls JV Champio..
17.10Rachel Gydesen32.99aMay 15CSC Girls JV Champio..
18.12Kendra Durst33.04cApr 15Park Quad Co-ed
19.9Mobolaji Banjo33.14aApr 10North Tartan
20.9Sarah LaVick33.38aApr 10North Tartan
21.11Culizahna Ulmer34.18aMay 15CSC Girls JV Champio..
22.9Veronica Eggers35.53aApr 10North Tartan
23.10Tijuana Pittman35.59aApr 10North Tartan
24.10Tabatha Ato35.83aApr 10North Tartan
25.10Mariah Gilman36.23aMay 15CSC Girls JV Champio..
26.11Eustacia Ikeri36.24cApr 15Park Quad Co-ed
27.10Janalee Flores36.84aMay 15CSC Girls JV Champio..
28.10Katelyn Koch36.92aApr 10North Tartan
29.11Amanda Koran39.74cApr 15Park Quad Co-ed
30.10Lisa Nguyen40.24cApr 15Park Quad Co-ed
31.10Jasleen Flores43.14cApr 15Park Quad Co-ed
32.10Mona MyersDNFMay 9JV Triangular
11Madalyn SweenDNSMay 15CSC Girls JV Champio..
10Xeenyia VangDNSMay 15CSC Girls JV Champio..
400 Meters
1.12Michelle Johnson61.36aMay 22Classic Suburban Con..
2.9Paige Cater63.39aMay 62AAA True Team Secti..
3.9Jessica Meyer69.11aApr 10North Tartan
4.10Mona Myers69.67aMay 15CSC Girls JV Champio..
5.10Emma Patet70.32aMay 62AAA True Team Secti..
6.11Shawna Anderson71.63aMay 27Section 4AA Champion..
7.7Rukayat Oluwa72.52aApr 10North Tartan
8.10Peyton Sorensen73.31aMay 13Conference #3 - Tria..
9.11Arieana Brown76.14cApr 15Park Quad Co-ed
10.10Alexis Hayes76.64aMay 13Conference #3 - Tria..
11.10Tabatha Ato86.74cApr 15Park Quad Co-ed
12.10Hani Abukar1:44.49aMay 13Conference #3 - Tria..
13.11Eustacia IkeriDNSMay 15CSC Girls JV Champio..
800 Meters
1.9Paige Cater2:19.55aMay 29Section 4AA Champion..
2.10Erika Nolby2:22.09aMay 22Classic Suburban Con..
3.10Mackenzie Riley2:38.17aMay 27Section 4AA Champion..
4.10Peyton Sorensen2:51.06aMay 27Section 4AA Champion..
5.9Cecelia Boyle2:51.52aMay 9JV Triangular
6.10Mona Myers3:02.95aMay 9JV Triangular
1600 Meters
1.12Shaelyn Sorensen4:56.52aMay 29Section 4AA Champion..
2.10Erika Nolby5:21.00aApr 11Dawn Hurni Invite
3.9Paige Cater5:36.49aMay 13Conference #3 - Tria..
4.10Carolyn Barrera5:59.68aMay 22Classic Suburban Con..
5.10Mackenzie Riley6:02.62aMay 62AAA True Team Secti..
6.10Mona Myers6:44.80aMay 9JV Triangular
3200 Meters
1.12Shaelyn Sorensen10:30.45aJun 7MN State A and AA Fi..
2.10Erika Nolby11:17.55aApr 25Hamline Elite Meet
3.10Carolyn Barrera13:34.52aMay 62AAA True Team Secti..
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.9Cecelia Boyle17.26aMay 20Classic Suburban Con..
2.9Kensley Appolan21.92aMay 62AAA True Team Secti..
3.9Mobolaji Banjo22.76aMay 13Conference #3 - Tria..
4.9Sarah LaVick23.78aMay 9JV Triangular
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.9Cecelia Boyle52.15aMay 20Classic Suburban Con..
2.10Olivia Brodie54.36aMay 62AAA True Team Secti..
3.9Sarah LaVick56.73aMay 27Section 4AA Champion..
4.9Kensley Appolan61.45aMay 62AAA True Team Secti..
5.9Mobolaji Banjo72.23aMay 62AAA True Team Secti..
6.10Katelyn Koch78.39aMay 9JV Triangular
4x100 Relay
1.-Aurora Holmes
Kieshauna Triplett
Nico Warren
Diamond Kennedy
52.09aMay 29Section 4AA Champion..
2.-Aurora Holmes
Kendra Billinger
Kieshauna Triplett
Diamond Kennedy
53.36aApr 11Dawn Hurni Invite
3.-Relay Team 54.15aMay 13Conference #3 - Tria..
4.-Morgan Floyd
Kensley Appolan
Mobolaji Banjo
Gracia Perez
61.72aMay 15CSC Girls JV Champio..
4x200 Relay
1.-Ruth Ezeagwula
Mikayla Boyer
Amanda Ramin
Arieana Brown
1:53.90aMay 29Section 4AA Champion..
2.-Emma Patet
Ruth Ezeagwula
Mikayla Boyer
Amanda Ramin
1:55.20aMay 22Classic Suburban Con..
3.-Relay Team 1:56.85aApr 10North Tartan
4.-Xeenyia Vang
Jessica Meyer
Sarah LaVick
Alexis Hayes
2:21.13aMay 15CSC Girls JV Champio..
4x400 Relay
1.-Michelle Johnson
Shaelyn Sorensen
Paige Cater
Erika Nolby
4:15.25aMay 22Classic Suburban Con..
2.-Michelle Johnson
Erika Nolby
Mackenzie Riley
Shaelyn Sorensen
4:26.97aApr 11Dawn Hurni Invite
3.-Michelle Johnson
Mackenzie Riley
Paige Cater
Carly Boyle
4:29.29aApr 10North Tartan
4.-Shaelyn Sorensen
Mackenzie Riley
Carolyn Barrera
Carly Boyle
4:33.25aMay 29Section 4AA Champion..
5.-Relay Team 4:35.48aMay 13Conference #3 - Tria..
6.-Alexis Hayes
Mona Myers
Rukayat Oluwa
Peyton Sorensen
4:56.93aMay 15CSC Girls JV Champio..
4x800 Relay
1.-Erika Nolby
Paige Cater
Mackenzie Riley
Shaelyn Sorensen
9:42.88aMay 22Classic Suburban Con..
2.-Relay Team 9:56.84aMay 62AAA True Team Secti..
3.-Carolyn Barrera
Shaelyn Sorensen
Paige Cater
Erika Nolby
10:43.97aApr 10North Tartan
4.-Paige Cater
Mackenzie Riley
Peyton Sorensen
Carolyn Barrera
10:48.11aMay 29Section 4AA Champion..
5.-Paige Cater
Carolyn Barrera
Mona Myers
Mackenzie Riley
11:12.5aApr 11Dawn Hurni Invite
Shot Put - 4kg
1.10Wernecke Macayla26' 7.00May 22Classic Suburban Con..
2.12Jessica Bowes22' 6.00May 29Section 4AA Champion..
3.10Tabatha Ato21' 8.00May 22Classic Suburban Con..
Discus - 1kg
1.10Wernecke Macayla77' 1.00Apr 10North Tartan
2.12Jessica Bowes63' 2.00May 62AAA True Team Secti..
3.10Tabatha Ato56' 2.00May 27Section 4AA Champion..
4.11Eustacia Ikeri40' 5.00Apr 15Park Quad Co-ed
5.11Madalyn Sween36' 7.00May 9JV Triangular
High Jump
1.11Carly Boyle5' 1.00May 20Classic Suburban Con..
2.11Shawna Anderson4' 8.00May 20Classic Suburban Con..
3.10Katelyn Koch4' 2.00Apr 15Park Quad Co-ed
4.9Sarah LaVickNHMay 13Conference #3 - Tria..
Pole Vault
1.12Michelle Johnson9' 6.00May 62AAA True Team Secti..
2.9Cecelia Boyle9' 1.00May 29Section 4AA Champion..
3.12Mikayla Boyer8' 0.00May 62AAA True Team Secti..
12Kendra Lindner8' 0.00May 62AAA True Team Secti..
5.9Jessica Meyer6' 6.00May 15CSC Girls JV Champio..
6.10Peyton SorensenDNSMay 15CSC Girls JV Champio..
Long Jump
1.11Arieana Brown14' 10.50May 27Section 4AA Champion..
2.10Emma Patet14' 10.00May 62AAA True Team Secti..
3.11Sumrall Jamier14' 6.50May 27Section 4AA Champion..
4.11Ruth Ezeagwula13' 10.50May 13Conference #3 - Tria..
5.11Staci Ikeri11' 4.00Apr 10North Tartan
6.10Mona Myers10' 10.00Apr 15Park Quad Co-ed
7.11Eustacia Ikeri10' 3.00May 9JV Triangular
8.7Rukayat Oluwa10' 1.00Apr 15Park Quad Co-ed
9.10Hani Abukar7' 7.25May 9JV Triangular
Triple Jump
1.11Carly Boyle32' 0.00May 62AAA True Team Secti..
2.9Jessica Meyer29' 3.50May 29Section 4AA Champion..
3.11Kendra Billinger26' 6.00May 62AAA True Team Secti..
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