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Parma Western HS

    Panthers - Parma, MI

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60 Meter Dash
1.12Sam Ellis7.27aMar 262015 Charger Preview - Di..
2.11Austin Marks7.86aMar 262015 Charger Preview - Di..
3.12Eli ReedDNSMar 262015 Charger Preview - Di..
11Bradley GaussDNSMar 262015 Charger Preview - Di..
100 Meters
1.12Sam Ellis11.40aMay 26Selby Classic
2.11Andru Maynard11.83aMay 12Coldwater Vs. Parma-Weste..
3.10Eathan Patrick11.84cApr 14I-8 Parma-Western @ Harpe..
4.11Magnus Radala11.95aApr 24Ralph Rice Invite - Parma..
5.12Divonte Neal12.26aApr 28I-8 Pennfield @ Parma Wes..
6.11Bradley Gauss12.29aApr 17Marshall Sportsfest Invit..
7.11Austin Marks12.31aApr 28I-8 Pennfield @ Parma Wes..
8.11Andrew Urbaniak12.50aApr 17Marshall Sportsfest Invit..
9.10Brandon McDonald12.52aApr 17Marshall Sportsfest Invit..
10.10Sahij Singh13.19aMay 12Coldwater Vs. Parma-Weste..
11.9Sam Raines13.30aApr 9I-8 tri-meet (NW/LC/Weste..
12.9Chase Blakemore13.31aApr 28I-8 Pennfield @ Parma Wes..
13.11Cameron Odegard13.58aMay 12Coldwater Vs. Parma-Weste..
14.9Jackson Davenport13.66aApr 28I-8 Pennfield @ Parma Wes..
15.9Kyle Gillette13.79aApr 28I-8 Pennfield @ Parma Wes..
16.11Ryan Fiala13.90aMay 12Coldwater Vs. Parma-Weste..
17.9Killion Soper14.52aApr 28I-8 Pennfield @ Parma Wes..
18.9Tyler Blume15.56aMay 12Coldwater Vs. Parma-Weste..
19.9Ricky HullettNTMay 12Coldwater Vs. Parma-Weste..
11Nathan NeubeckerNTMay 12Coldwater Vs. Parma-Weste..
200 Meters
1.11Magnus Radala24.04cApr 14I-8 Parma-Western @ Harpe..
2.10Eathan Patrick24.20aApr 28I-8 Pennfield @ Parma Wes..
3.12Divonte Neal24.58aMay 15MHSAA LP Regional 12-2 @ ..
4.10Brandon McDonald25.35aMay 15MHSAA LP Regional 12-2 @ ..
5.12Timothy Mayotte25.54cApr 9I-8 tri-meet (NW/LC/Weste..
6.11Austin Marks25.64aApr 17Marshall Sportsfest Invit..
7.12Kodi Marsh26.46aMay 12Coldwater Vs. Parma-Weste..
8.10Lucas Schempf26.54cApr 9I-8 tri-meet (NW/LC/Weste..
9.11Noah Devine26.56aMar 262015 Charger Preview - Di..
10.10Sahij Singh27.06aMay 12Coldwater Vs. Parma-Weste..
11.10Nate Buckholz27.63aMay 12Coldwater Vs. Parma-Weste..
12.11Nathan Neubecker28.73aMay 12Coldwater Vs. Parma-Weste..
13.11Spencer Aldrich28.75aMay 12Coldwater Vs. Parma-Weste..
14.10Charlie Davenport29.73aMay 12Coldwater Vs. Parma-Weste..
15.9Chase Blakemore29.76aMay 12Coldwater Vs. Parma-Weste..
16.11Micah OttoliniNTApr 28I-8 Pennfield @ Parma Wes..
9Alex InosencioNTApr 28I-8 Pennfield @ Parma Wes..
11Cameron OdegardNTApr 28I-8 Pennfield @ Parma Wes..
11Josiah OttoliniNTApr 28I-8 Pennfield @ Parma Wes..
400 Meters
1.11Josiah Ottolini52.12aApr 28I-8 Pennfield @ Parma Wes..
2.10Eathan Patrick53.25aMay 135th Annual Stockbridge I..
3.12Timothy Mayotte53.53aMay 135th Annual Stockbridge I..
4.11Chase Veydt54.94cApr 14I-8 Parma-Western @ Harpe..
5.12Sam Ellis55.27aMay 12Coldwater Vs. Parma-Weste..
6.10Lake Buseth55.89aApr 28I-8 Pennfield @ Parma Wes..
7.10Lucas Schempf56.84cApr 9I-8 tri-meet (NW/LC/Weste..
8.10Caleb Whiting58.99aApr 24Ralph Rice Invite - Parma..
9.11Micah Ottolini60.04cApr 9I-8 tri-meet (NW/LC/Weste..
10.10Tyler Robertson60.14cApr 9I-8 tri-meet (NW/LC/Weste..
11.11Michael Burns60.36aApr 24Ralph Rice Invite - Parma..
12.11Cameron Odegard61.08aMay 12Coldwater Vs. Parma-Weste..
13.12Bastian Schaffauer63.57aMay 12Coldwater Vs. Parma-Weste..
14.11Spencer Aldrich64.43aMar 262015 Charger Preview - Di..
15.11Nathan Neubecker64.44cApr 14I-8 Parma-Western @ Harpe..
16.10Charlie Davenport67.23aMar 262015 Charger Preview - Di..
17.11Jacob InosencioNTApr 28I-8 Pennfield @ Parma Wes..
800 Meters
1.11Josiah Ottolini1:55.43aMay 30MHSAA LP Division 2 Final..
2.11Jacob Inosencio2:04.00aApr 28I-8 Pennfield @ Parma Wes..
3.10Lake Buseth2:08.28aMay 12Coldwater Vs. Parma-Weste..
4.11Ben Marshall2:09.00aApr 28I-8 Pennfield @ Parma Wes..
5.10Caleb Whiting2:11.00aApr 28I-8 Pennfield @ Parma Wes..
6.10Lucas Schempf2:12.00aApr 28I-8 Pennfield @ Parma Wes..
7.11Michael Burns2:23.88aMay 19I-8 League Championship
8.11Noah Parsons2:33.30Apr 9I-8 tri-meet (NW/LC/Weste..
9.9Quinn Killian2:37.53aMay 12Coldwater Vs. Parma-Weste..
10.11Jacob LadwigNTApr 9I-8 tri-meet (NW/LC/Weste..
9Noah BertramNTApr 28I-8 Pennfield @ Parma Wes..
1600 Meters
1.11Josiah Ottolini4:24.80aApr 17Marshall Sportsfest Invit..
2.10Lake Buseth4:29.80May 135th Annual Stockbridge I..
3.11Jacob Inosencio4:38.89aMay 12Coldwater Vs. Parma-Weste..
4.10Tyler Robertson4:49.33aMay 12Coldwater Vs. Parma-Weste..
5.11Ben Marshall5:22.30Apr 9I-8 tri-meet (NW/LC/Weste..
6.11Zachary Veneziano5:22.69aApr 24Ralph Rice Invite - Parma..
7.10Trey Palmer5:30.00aApr 28I-8 Pennfield @ Parma Wes..
8.11Michael Burns5:31.00aApr 28I-8 Pennfield @ Parma Wes..
9.12Justin Madden5:49.10Apr 9I-8 tri-meet (NW/LC/Weste..
10.11Johnathan Williams5:55.00aApr 28I-8 Pennfield @ Parma Wes..
11.10David Bayliss6:17.70Apr 9I-8 tri-meet (NW/LC/Weste..
12.9Quinn Killian6:19.90Apr 9I-8 tri-meet (NW/LC/Weste..
13.9Noah Bertram6:20.00aApr 28I-8 Pennfield @ Parma Wes..
14.11Noah ParsonsNTMay 12Coldwater Vs. Parma-Weste..
3200 Meters
1.11Jacob Inosencio9:41.81aMay 30MHSAA LP Division 2 Final..
2.11Josiah Ottolini9:44.93aApr 24Ralph Rice Invite - Parma..
3.10Lake Buseth9:57.20May 135th Annual Stockbridge I..
4.10Tyler Robertson10:40.26aMay 26Selby Classic
5.11Zachary Veneziano10:46.26aMay 19I-8 League Championship
6.12Justin MaddenNTMay 12Coldwater Vs. Parma-Weste..
10Lucas SchempfNTMay 12Coldwater Vs. Parma-Weste..
60m Hurdles - 39"
1.12Eli Reed9.69aMar 262015 Charger Preview - Di..
2.11Austin Burkhart11.72aMar 262015 Charger Preview - Di..
3.12Kodi Marsh12.22aMar 262015 Charger Preview - Di..
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.12Eli Reed17.09aMay 26Selby Classic
2.10Luke Raczkowski18.49aMay 26Selby Classic
3.11Micah Ottolini19.67aMay 12Coldwater Vs. Parma-Weste..
4.12Kodi Marsh20.30aMay 12Coldwater Vs. Parma-Weste..
12Christain Lawhorn20.30aApr 24Ralph Rice Invite - Parma..
6.11Austin Burkhart20.79aApr 28I-8 Pennfield @ Parma Wes..
7.12Reed Baker21.82aMay 12Coldwater Vs. Parma-Weste..
8.9Alex InosencioNTMay 12Coldwater Vs. Parma-Weste..
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.12Eli Reed42.25aApr 28I-8 Pennfield @ Parma Wes..
2.10Luke Raczkowski44.13aMay 15MHSAA LP Regional 12-2 @ ..
3.11Micah Ottolini48.04cMay 12Coldwater Vs. Parma-Weste..
4.12Kodi Marsh48.31aMay 19I-8 League Championship
5.12Christain Lawhorn51.44cApr 14I-8 Parma-Western @ Harpe..
6.12Reed Baker51.64cApr 14I-8 Parma-Western @ Harpe..
7.9Tyler Blume52.44cApr 14I-8 Parma-Western @ Harpe..
8.9Alex Inosencio56.04cMay 12Coldwater Vs. Parma-Weste..
9.11Austin Burkhart56.34cApr 9I-8 tri-meet (NW/LC/Weste..
10.10Trey PalmerNTApr 28I-8 Pennfield @ Parma Wes..
4x100 Relay
1.-Relay Team 45.42aMay 30MHSAA LP Division 2 Final..
2.-Austin Marks
Sam Ellis
Andru Maynard
Magnus Radala
46.40aMay 19I-8 League Championship
3.-Magnus Radala
Andru Maynard
Bradley Gauss
Luke Raczkowski
46.98aApr 17Marshall Sportsfest Invit..
4.-Austin Marks
Luke Raczkowski
Andru Maynard
Magnus Radala
47.28aApr 24Ralph Rice Invite - Parma..
5.-Eli Reed
Magnus Radala
Austin Marks
Luke Raczkowski
NTApr 9I-8 tri-meet (NW/LC/Weste..
4x200 Relay
1.-Magnus Radala
Andru Maynard
Austin Marks
Eathan Patrick
1:39.62aApr 17Marshall Sportsfest Invit..
2.-Andru Maynard
Austin Marks
Divonte Neal
Eathan Patrick
1:39.81aMay 15MHSAA LP Regional 12-2 @ ..
3.-Relay Team 1:40.00aMay 12Coldwater Vs. Parma-Weste..
4.-Austin Marks
Brandon McDonald
Andru Maynard
Bradley Gauss
1:43.20Apr 14I-8 Parma-Western @ Harpe..
5.-Bradley Gauss
Austin Marks
Andru Maynard
Magnus Radala
DNFApr 24Ralph Rice Invite - Parma..
-Austin Marks
Magnus Radala
Andru Maynard
Eathan Patrick
NTMay 135th Annual Stockbridge I..
4x400 Relay
1.-Relay Team 3:38.80May 135th Annual Stockbridge I..
2.-Timothy Mayotte
Eathan Patrick
Eli Reed
Josiah Ottolini
3:40.90Apr 14I-8 Parma-Western @ Harpe..
3.-Eathan Patrick
Caleb Whiting
Josiah Ottolini
Sam Ellis
3:46.30aMar 262015 Charger Preview - Di..
4x800 Relay
1.-Relay Team 8:38.57aMay 19I-8 League Championship
2.-Lucas Schempf
Lake Buseth
Jacob Inosencio
Josiah Ottolini
9:08.80Apr 14I-8 Parma-Western @ Harpe..
3.-Lucas Schempf
Tyler Robertson
Ben Marshall
Zachary Veneziano
9:15.23aApr 24Ralph Rice Invite - Parma..
4.-Jacob Inosencio
Josiah Ottolini
Lake Buseth
Lucas Schempf
9:57.35aApr 17Marshall Sportsfest Invit..
SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8]
1.-Luke Raczkowski
Caleb Whiting
Eathan Patrick
Magnus Radala
4:09.78aMar 262015 Charger Preview - Di..
Shot Put - 12lb
1.12Sam Ellis43' 2.00Apr 24Ralph Rice Invite - Parma..
2.11Cade Shushok39' 9.00Apr 9I-8 tri-meet (NW/LC/Weste..
3.12Connor Early37' 0.50May 15MHSAA LP Regional 12-2 @ ..
4.11Chris Ham35' 8.50May 15MHSAA LP Regional 12-2 @ ..
5.12Paul Foor34' 0.00Apr 28I-8 Pennfield @ Parma Wes..
6.11Jacob Peterson33' 0.00Apr 9I-8 tri-meet (NW/LC/Weste..
7.11Ben Coleman31' 11.00Apr 28I-8 Pennfield @ Parma Wes..
8.9Ricky Hullett31' 7.25May 12Coldwater Vs. Parma-Weste..
9.9Killion Soper31' 3.00Apr 28I-8 Pennfield @ Parma Wes..
10.11Harmeet Singh29' 6.00Apr 28I-8 Pennfield @ Parma Wes..
11.11Chris Schmall28' 8.75May 12Coldwater Vs. Parma-Weste..
12.9Raymond Cole26' 0.00Apr 14I-8 Parma-Western @ Harpe..
13.9Kyle Gillette24' 2.00Apr 28I-8 Pennfield @ Parma Wes..
14.10Jathen VanFleet23' 4.75May 12Coldwater Vs. Parma-Weste..
15.11Adam Bartholomew19' 4.00May 12Coldwater Vs. Parma-Weste..
Discus - 1.6kg
1.11Cade Shushok117' 9.00Apr 9I-8 tri-meet (NW/LC/Weste..
2.11Jacob Peterson114' 6.00May 135th Annual Stockbridge I..
3.11Chris Ham109' 3.50Apr 14I-8 Parma-Western @ Harpe..
4.12Paul Foor102' 4.00Apr 9I-8 tri-meet (NW/LC/Weste..
5.12Connor Early96' 1.00May 12Coldwater Vs. Parma-Weste..
6.11Ben Coleman95' 1.00Apr 28I-8 Pennfield @ Parma Wes..
7.9Ricky Hullett79' 10.00May 12Coldwater Vs. Parma-Weste..
8.11Harmeet Singh79' 8.00Apr 9I-8 tri-meet (NW/LC/Weste..
9.11Chris Schmall77' 4.00May 12Coldwater Vs. Parma-Weste..
10.9Raymond Cole76' 5.00Apr 28I-8 Pennfield @ Parma Wes..
11.9Kyle Gillette74' 10.00Apr 28I-8 Pennfield @ Parma Wes..
12.10Jathen VanFleet60' 11.00Apr 14I-8 Parma-Western @ Harpe..
13.9Killion Soper50' 4.00May 12Coldwater Vs. Parma-Weste..
14.11Adam Bartholomew42' 7.00Apr 9I-8 tri-meet (NW/LC/Weste..
High Jump
1.11Spencer Aldrich5' 11.00Apr 24Ralph Rice Invite - Parma..
2.12Timothy Mayotte5' 6.00Apr 14I-8 Parma-Western @ Harpe..
11Noah Devine5' 6.00Apr 17Marshall Sportsfest Invit..
4.11Jacob Ladwig5' 4.00Apr 9I-8 tri-meet (NW/LC/Weste..
5.12Divonte Neal5' 2.00Apr 9I-8 tri-meet (NW/LC/Weste..
9Sam Raines5' 2.00Apr 14I-8 Parma-Western @ Harpe..
Pole Vault
1.11Chase Veydt13' 0.00May 135th Annual Stockbridge I..
2.11Andrew Urbaniak12' 6.30May 15MHSAA LP Regional 12-2 @ ..
3.11Bradley Gauss12' 6.00May 26Selby Classic
4.11Andru Maynard11' 6.00May 12Coldwater Vs. Parma-Weste..
5.9Alex Inosencio8' 6.00Apr 9I-8 tri-meet (NW/LC/Weste..
6.10Charlie DavenportNHApr 28I-8 Pennfield @ Parma Wes..
Long Jump
1.11Noah Devine19' 10.76May 15MHSAA LP Regional 12-2 @ ..
2.11Andru Maynard19' 3.00May 19I-8 League Championship
3.12Timothy Mayotte18' 9.50Apr 9I-8 tri-meet (NW/LC/Weste..
4.11Chase Veydt16' 11.75May 12Coldwater Vs. Parma-Weste..
5.9Sam Raines16' 7.00Apr 24Ralph Rice Invite - Parma..
6.9Chase Blakemore16' 2.00Apr 9I-8 tri-meet (NW/LC/Weste..
7.10Brandon McDonald15' 9.00Mar 262015 Charger Preview - Di..
8.10Nate Buckholz15' 4.00Apr 28I-8 Pennfield @ Parma Wes..
9.9Kyle Gillette15' 3.50May 12Coldwater Vs. Parma-Weste..
10.11Austin Burkhart15' 1.00Apr 9I-8 tri-meet (NW/LC/Weste..
11.9Jackson Davenport13' 6.50May 12Coldwater Vs. Parma-Weste..
12.9Ricky Hullett13' 5.50Apr 28I-8 Pennfield @ Parma Wes..
13.11Ryan Fiala13' 5.00Apr 9I-8 tri-meet (NW/LC/Weste..
14.9Raymond Cole12' 8.50Apr 9I-8 tri-meet (NW/LC/Weste..
15.12Kodi MarshNDApr 28I-8 Pennfield @ Parma Wes..


100 Meters
1.11Michaela Campbell13.86aApr 28I-8 Pennfield @ Parma Wes..
2.10Emily Chalfant13.94aApr 28I-8 Pennfield @ Parma Wes..
3.12Marie Blain14.24aMay 12Coldwater Vs. Parma-Weste..
4.11Laura Holton14.63aApr 28I-8 Pennfield @ Parma Wes..
5.12Niki Bradford14.96aMay 135th Annual Stockbridge I..
6.9Hayley Mellon15.21aMay 12Coldwater Vs. Parma-Weste..
7.10Stephanie Wilson15.41aApr 28I-8 Pennfield @ Parma Wes..
8.9Essence Cross15.60aApr 9I-8 tri-meet (NW/LC/Weste..
9.11Gabriell Morin15.67aMay 19I-8 League Championship
10.11Adrienne Tittler15.94aMay 19I-8 League Championship
200 Meters
1.11Michaela Campbell28.78aApr 28I-8 Pennfield @ Parma Wes..
2.10Emily Chalfant29.82aApr 17Marshall Sportsfest Invit..
3.11Morgann Swartz30.43aMay 12Coldwater Vs. Parma-Weste..
4.12Marie Blain30.54cApr 9I-8 tri-meet (NW/LC/Weste..
5.12Niki Bradford31.28aMay 135th Annual Stockbridge I..
6.9Hayley Mellon32.70aMay 12Coldwater Vs. Parma-Weste..
7.11Adrienne Tittler33.93aApr 24Ralph Rice Invite - Parma..
8.10Stephanie Wilson34.04aMay 12Coldwater Vs. Parma-Weste..
9.9Essence Cross37.94aMay 12Coldwater Vs. Parma-Weste..
400 Meters
1.11Laura Holton66.53aMay 135th Annual Stockbridge I..
2.10Madison Natschke67.37aApr 24Ralph Rice Invite - Parma..
3.12Niki Bradford72.32aApr 17Marshall Sportsfest Invit..
4.11Morgann Swartz74.18aApr 28I-8 Pennfield @ Parma Wes..
5.12Marlene Fueller74.74cApr 9I-8 tri-meet (NW/LC/Weste..
6.9Hayley Mellon75.48aApr 17Marshall Sportsfest Invit..
7.12Katie Collier80.24cApr 9I-8 tri-meet (NW/LC/Weste..
8.11Adrienne Tittler82.33aMay 12Coldwater Vs. Parma-Weste..
9.11Gabriell Morin83.36aApr 24Ralph Rice Invite - Parma..
10.10Stephanie Wilson87.47aMay 12Coldwater Vs. Parma-Weste..
800 Meters
1.12Megan Skinner2:31.10May 135th Annual Stockbridge I..
2.11Makenzie Vogt2:41.00aApr 28I-8 Pennfield @ Parma Wes..
3.10Madison Natschke2:44.36aApr 17Marshall Sportsfest Invit..
4.9Sophie DeBacker2:57.32aApr 24Ralph Rice Invite - Parma..
5.12Antoinette Martin3:02.00aApr 28I-8 Pennfield @ Parma Wes..
1600 Meters
1.12Megan Skinner5:27.70May 135th Annual Stockbridge I..
2.11Makenzie Vogt5:57.00aApr 28I-8 Pennfield @ Parma Wes..
3.12Kimmy Berry6:27.00aApr 28I-8 Pennfield @ Parma Wes..
4.9Sophie DeBacker6:28.84aApr 17Marshall Sportsfest Invit..
5.12Antoinette Martin6:38.82aMay 12Coldwater Vs. Parma-Weste..
3200 Meters
1.12Kimmy Berry12:57.37aMay 15MHSAA LP Regional 12-2 @ ..
2.12Megan Skinner13:39.00aApr 28I-8 Pennfield @ Parma Wes..
3.9Sophie DeBacker13:44.01aMay 19I-8 League Championship
4.11Makenzie Vogt13:52.80Apr 9I-8 tri-meet (NW/LC/Weste..
5.12Antoinette Martin15:44.68aApr 17Marshall Sportsfest Invit..
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.11Madison Parker16.52aMay 15MHSAA LP Regional 12-2 @ ..
2.10Noel Nagy17.04aApr 28I-8 Pennfield @ Parma Wes..
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.11Madison Parker50.40aMay 26Selby Classic
2.12Marie Blain51.55aApr 28I-8 Pennfield @ Parma Wes..
3.10Noel Nagy52.05aApr 17Marshall Sportsfest Invit..
4x100 Relay
1.-Michaela Campbell
Morgann Swartz
Marie Blain
Emily Chalfant
54.20aMay 15MHSAA LP Regional 12-2 @ ..
2.-Morgann Swartz
Michaela Campbell
Marie Blain
Emily Chalfant
54.81aMay 135th Annual Stockbridge I..
3.-Madison Parker
Morgann Swartz
Laura Holton
Emily Chalfant
54.92aApr 17Marshall Sportsfest Invit..
4.-Laura Holton
Morgann Swartz
Marie Blain
Emily Chalfant
55.53aApr 24Ralph Rice Invite - Parma..
5.-Madison Parker
Laura Holton
Emily Chalfant
Marie Blain
55.76aApr 28I-8 Pennfield @ Parma Wes..
6.-Relay Team 56.06aMay 19I-8 League Championship
7.-Morgann Swartz
Emily Chalfant
Niki Bradford
Marie Blain
57.04cApr 9I-8 tri-meet (NW/LC/Weste..
4x200 Relay
1.-Emily Chalfant
Marie Blain
Morgann Swartz
Michaela Campbell
1:55.79aMay 135th Annual Stockbridge I..
2.-Morgann Swartz
Marie Blain
Madison Natschke
Michaela Campbell
1:56.38aApr 28I-8 Pennfield @ Parma Wes..
3.-Emily Chalfant
Morgann Swartz
Marie Blain
Michaela Campbell
1:57.37aMay 15MHSAA LP Regional 12-2 @ ..
4.-Laura Holton
Morgann Swartz
Madison Natschke
Michaela Campbell
1:58.05aApr 17Marshall Sportsfest Invit..
5.-Emily Chalfant
Niki Bradford
Morgann Swartz
Marie Blain
2:01.15aMay 19I-8 League Championship
6.-Relay Team 2:02.0aApr 9I-8 tri-meet (NW/LC/Weste..
7.-Emily Chalfant
Marie Blain
Madison Natschke
Morgann Swartz
2:04.04aApr 24Ralph Rice Invite - Parma..
4x400 Relay
1.-Madison Parker
Madison Natschke
Noel Nagy
Laura Holton
4:25.36aMay 15MHSAA LP Regional 12-2 @ ..
2.-Noel Nagy
Madison Parker
Madison Natschke
Laura Holton
4:28.96aApr 17Marshall Sportsfest Invit..
3.-Relay Team 4:30.38aMay 26Selby Classic
4.-Noel Nagy
Madison Natschke
Madison Parker
Laura Holton
4:33.46aApr 24Ralph Rice Invite - Parma..
5.-Noel Nagy
Marie Blain
Madison Natschke
Laura Holton
4:42.69aApr 28I-8 Pennfield @ Parma Wes..
4x800 Relay
1.-Makenzie Vogt
Laura Holton
Noel Nagy
Madison Natschke
10:39.83aMay 15MHSAA LP Regional 12-2 @ ..
2.-Relay Team 10:49.04aMay 26Selby Classic
3.-Makenzie Vogt
Antoinette Martin
Sophie DeBacker
Kimmy Berry
11:30.00aApr 24Ralph Rice Invite - Parma..
4.-Makenzie Vogt
Kimmy Berry
Sophie DeBacker
Madison Natschke
11:32.00aApr 17Marshall Sportsfest Invit..
5.-Noel Nagy
Laura Holton
Madison Natschke
Makenzie Vogt
11:46.40May 12Coldwater Vs. Parma-Weste..
6.-Antoinette Martin
Makenzie Vogt
Sophie DeBacker
Kimmy Berry
12:52.00aApr 28I-8 Pennfield @ Parma Wes..
Shot Put - 4kg
1.11Zoe Cooper28' 5.00Apr 24Ralph Rice Invite - Parma..
2.9Caylie Gutekunst26' 4.00May 12Coldwater Vs. Parma-Weste..
3.12Mariah Monroe23' 11.00May 12Coldwater Vs. Parma-Weste..
4.9Dakota Rouse21' 4.00Apr 9I-8 tri-meet (NW/LC/Weste..
5.9Kurston Tschaburn20' 1.50May 12Coldwater Vs. Parma-Weste..
6.9Matee Nowicki19' 10.00Apr 9I-8 tri-meet (NW/LC/Weste..
7.10Hannah Smith16' 7.50May 12Coldwater Vs. Parma-Weste..
8.9Alex Greenway16' 6.01May 12Coldwater Vs. Parma-Weste..
9.9Kelsie Cassidy16' 6.00May 12Coldwater Vs. Parma-Weste..
Discus - 1kg
1.9Caylie Gutekunst87' 2.00May 15MHSAA LP Regional 12-2 @ ..
2.11Zoe Cooper77' 2.00Apr 17Marshall Sportsfest Invit..
3.12Mariah Monroe63' 1.00Apr 24Ralph Rice Invite - Parma..
4.9Dakota Rouse61' 3.00Apr 28I-8 Pennfield @ Parma Wes..
5.9Matee Nowicki60' 10.00May 12Coldwater Vs. Parma-Weste..
6.12Marie Blain55' 10.00Apr 9I-8 tri-meet (NW/LC/Weste..
7.9Kurston Tschaburn52' 3.00Apr 9I-8 tri-meet (NW/LC/Weste..
8.9Kelsie Cassidy47' 11.00May 12Coldwater Vs. Parma-Weste..
9.10Hannah Smith42' 1.00Apr 9I-8 tri-meet (NW/LC/Weste..
10.9Alex Greenway38' 7.00May 12Coldwater Vs. Parma-Weste..
High Jump
1.11Morgann Swartz5' 1.00Apr 24Ralph Rice Invite - Parma..
2.12Marlene Fueller4' 9.00Apr 24Ralph Rice Invite - Parma..
3.10Noel Nagy4' 8.00Apr 17Marshall Sportsfest Invit..
Pole Vault
1.11Karen Carroll9' 0.00May 19I-8 League Championship
2.9Hayley Mellon7' 6.00May 19I-8 League Championship
3.11Alisha McCormick7' 0.00Apr 28I-8 Pennfield @ Parma Wes..
4.11Gabriell MorinNHMay 12Coldwater Vs. Parma-Weste..
Long Jump
1.11Michaela Campbell15' 6.50May 15MHSAA LP Regional 12-2 @ ..
2.12Marlene Fueller14' 2.00Apr 9I-8 tri-meet (NW/LC/Weste..
3.11Morgann Swartz13' 8.00Apr 17Marshall Sportsfest Invit..
4.11Gabriell Morin13' 0.50May 19I-8 League Championship
5.12Niki Bradford13' 0.05Apr 9I-8 tri-meet (NW/LC/Weste..
6.9Sophie DeBacker12' 2.00Apr 9I-8 tri-meet (NW/LC/Weste..
7.9Essence CrossNDApr 9I-8 tri-meet (NW/LC/Weste..

* = Recent improvement

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