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Liberty - Bakersfield HS

      Patriots - Bakersfield, CA

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100 Meters
1.12Jake Oliver11.26aMar 26SWYL League Meet #2
2.9Drew Valencia11.54aMar 26SWYL League Meet #2
3.10*George Demestihas11.71aApr 16SWYL League Meet #3
4.10Grant Bice11.72aMar 26SWYL League Meet #2
5.10Daniel Garcia11.84cFeb 25Frontier, Shafter, L..
6.10*Austin DiPietro12.03aApr 16SWYL League Meet #3
7.10Brendan Reyes12.16aMar 26SWYL League Meet #2
8.9Ethan Jacobs12.21aMar 19SWYL League Meet #1
9.9Earl Fourdyce12.44cFeb 25Frontier, Shafter, L..
10.9*Jason Brooks12.54aApr 16SWYL League Meet #3
11.9Vincent Tran12.62aMar 27Frontier Frosh-Soph ..
12.10Mark Nobleza12.74cFeb 25Frontier, Shafter, L..
13.11Justine Abella13.15aMar 26SWYL League Meet #2
14.9Trevor Barnes13.22aMar 19SWYL League Meet #1
15.11Jacob Garcia13.24cFeb 25Frontier, Shafter, L..
200 Meters
1.11Dennis Hicks23.17aMar 26SWYL League Meet #2
2.10George Demestihas23.54cFeb 25Frontier, Shafter, L..
3.9Drew Valencia24.04cFeb 25Frontier, Shafter, L..
4.11Jacob Garcia24.33aMar 19SWYL League Meet #1
5.9Ethan Jacobs24.64cFeb 25Frontier, Shafter, L..
6.10Austin DiPietro24.66aMar 26SWYL League Meet #2
7.10Brendan Reyes25.05aMar 19SWYL League Meet #1
8.9Earl Fourdyce25.24cFeb 25Frontier, Shafter, L..
9.10Andrew Nunez25.48aMar 19SWYL League Meet #1
10.11Ivan Padilla25.67aMar 19SWYL League Meet #1
11.9Jason Brooks25.82aMar 19SWYL League Meet #1
12.9Adam Teasdale25.92aMar 26SWYL League Meet #2
13.11Ariel Gonzalez27.42aMar 26SWYL League Meet #2
14.9Issac Rodriguez27.55aMar 19SWYL League Meet #1
15.10Grant BiceNTMar 26SWYL League Meet #2
400 Meters
1.11Dennis Hicks51.72aMar 26SWYL League Meet #2
2.11Jacob Garcia53.55aMar 21Rafer Johnson Invita..
3.9Drew Valencia53.91aMar 19SWYL League Meet #1
4.10George Demestihas54.64aMar 21Rafer Johnson Invita..
5.11Ivan Padilla56.74aMar 26SWYL League Meet #2
6.10*Andrew Nunez57.41aApr 16SWYL League Meet #3
7.9Adam Teasdale58.31aMar 19SWYL League Meet #1
8.11Trevor Brendlin59.07aMar 19SWYL League Meet #1
9.9*Jason Brooks59.43aApr 16SWYL League Meet #3
10.9Issac Rodriguez64.07aMar 19SWYL League Meet #1
11.11Ariel Gonzalez64.24cFeb 25Frontier, Shafter, L..
400 Meters - Relay Split
1.12Anthony Mariscal49.60Mar 26SWYL League Meet #2
2.11Dennis Hicks50.90Mar 13Kern Invitational
3.12*Alex Galland51.60Apr 16SWYL League Meet #3
4.10*Grant Bice51.80Apr 16SWYL League Meet #3
5.9Drew Valencia52.70Mar 19SWYL League Meet #1
6.11Jacob Garcia53.00Mar 26SWYL League Meet #2
7.10George Demestihas54.20Mar 13Kern Invitational
8.12Hayden Hill54.50Feb 27Liberty Time Trials ..
9.9*Ethan Jacobs55.40Apr 16SWYL League Meet #3
10.9Earl Fourdyce55.50Mar 26SWYL League Meet #2
11.11Nick Goetjen56.00Mar 13Kern Invitational
12.11Cole Simpson56.10Mar 13Kern Invitational
13.10*Brendan Reyes56.60Apr 16SWYL League Meet #3
14.10Jackson Carroll56.70Feb 25Frontier, Shafter, L..
15.10Andrew Nunez56.80Mar 27Frontier Frosh-Soph ..
10Jacob Kohr56.80Mar 27Frontier Frosh-Soph ..
17.10Alexander Cottrell57.10Mar 6East Bakersfield Rel..
18.10Mark Nobleza57.40Feb 25Frontier, Shafter, L..
19.9Eddie Estevez57.60Mar 26SWYL League Meet #2
20.10Cayden Beaty57.90Mar 28Easter Relays
21.11Ivan Padilla58.40Mar 6East Bakersfield Rel..
22.9Jason Brooks58.70Mar 27Frontier Frosh-Soph ..
23.9Jewell Hicks59.90Feb 25Frontier, Shafter, L..
24.11Nestor Vargas63.70Feb 25Frontier, Shafter, L..
800 Meters
1.12Hayden Hill2:04.03aMar 21Rafer Johnson Invita..
2.11Miguel Morales2:09.00Feb 25Frontier, Shafter, L..
3.10Alexander Cottrell2:09.58aMar 21Rafer Johnson Invita..
4.11Cole Simpson2:11.24aMar 13Kern Invitational
5.10*Robert Sagasta2:12.15aApr 16SWYL League Meet #3
6.9*Eddie Estevez2:12.45aApr 16SWYL League Meet #3
7.9Kentton Ivie2:17.99aMar 26SWYL League Meet #2
8.10*Cayden Beaty2:19.12aApr 16SWYL League Meet #3
9.10*Jacob Kohr2:20.78aApr 16SWYL League Meet #3
10.11Trevor Brendlin2:21.47aMar 19SWYL League Meet #1
11.11Liam Palmgren2:22.29aMar 19SWYL League Meet #1
12.9Eric Van Lenten2:23.83aMar 19SWYL League Meet #1
13.11Nestor Vargas2:29.10Feb 25Frontier, Shafter, L..
800 Meters - Relay Split
1.12Hayden Hill2:03.50Mar 28Easter Relays
2.10Alexander Cottrell2:07.20Mar 28Easter Relays
3.11Miguel Morales2:08.10Mar 6East Bakersfield Rel..
4.10Robert Sagasta2:09.30Mar 28Easter Relays
5.9Eddie Estevez2:10.60Mar 28Easter Relays
6.10Richard Garcia2:11.40Mar 6East Bakersfield Rel..
7.10Cayden Beaty2:15.00Mar 28Easter Relays
8.10Jacob Kohr2:18.80Mar 28Easter Relays
9.11Liam Palmgren2:20.10Mar 28Easter Relays
10.10Bret Laurendine2:20.80Mar 28Easter Relays
11.11Nestor Vargas2:26.50Mar 28Easter Relays
1200 Meters - Relay Split
1.11Miguel Morales3:20.20Mar 28Easter Relays
2.10Alexander Cottrell3:34.50Mar 28Easter Relays
3.10Robert Sagasta3:36.40Mar 6East Bakersfield Rel..
4.11Nestor Vargas3:54.20Mar 6East Bakersfield Rel..
1600 Meters
1.11*Miguel Morales4:31.35aApr 18West Coast Relays
2.12Hayden Hill4:32.06aMar 26SWYL League Meet #2
3.10Richard Garcia4:34.88aMar 13Kern Invitational
4.10Robert Sagasta4:50.20aMar 19SWYL League Meet #1
5.10Alexander Cottrell4:52.32aMar 19SWYL League Meet #1
6.9*Eric Van Lenten4:57.01aApr 16SWYL League Meet #3
7.11Liam Palmgren5:01.84aMar 19SWYL League Meet #1
8.11Cole Simpson5:02.29aMar 19SWYL League Meet #1
9.10*Bret Laurendine5:03.64aApr 16SWYL League Meet #3
10.10Cayden Beaty5:07.14aMar 27Frontier Frosh-Soph ..
11.10*Jacob Kohr5:13.96aApr 16SWYL League Meet #3
12.11Nestor Vargas5:22.02aMar 19SWYL League Meet #1
13.9Austin Scott5:30.21aMar 19SWYL League Meet #1
14.11Roger Nunez5:31.02aMar 26SWYL League Meet #2
15.11Dillon Douglas5:48.56aMar 26SWYL League Meet #2
1600 Meters - Relay Split
1.11Miguel Morales4:39.40Mar 6East Bakersfield Rel..
2.10Daniel Garcia4:40.70Mar 28Easter Relays
3.10Richard Garcia4:43.30Mar 6East Bakersfield Rel..
4.10Robert Sagasta4:49.70Mar 28Easter Relays
3200 Meters
1.10Richard Garcia9:48.30aMar 13Kern Invitational
2.11Miguel Morales9:49.35aMar 19SWYL League Meet #1
3.12Hayden Hill9:50.66aMar 26SWYL League Meet #2
4.10Robert Sagasta10:18.91aMar 19SWYL League Meet #1
5.9Eric Van Lenten11:03.15aMar 26SWYL League Meet #2
6.10Alexander Cottrell11:04.48aFeb 27Liberty Time Trials ..
7.10Bret Laurendine11:05.57aMar 26SWYL League Meet #2
8.11Liam Palmgren11:13.99aMar 26SWYL League Meet #2
9.9Austin Scott11:31.11aMar 19SWYL League Meet #1
10.11Nestor Vargas11:33.71aMar 26SWYL League Meet #2
11.11Roger Nunez12:05.66aMar 26SWYL League Meet #2
12.11Dillon Douglas12:39.21aMar 26SWYL League Meet #2
13.10Jacob KohrNTMar 26SWYL League Meet #2
11Cole SimpsonNTMar 26SWYL League Meet #2
10Cayden BeatyNTMar 26SWYL League Meet #2
110m Hurdles - 36"
1.12*Alex Galland15.84aApr 18West Coast Relays
2.10Jackson Carroll15.91aMar 6East Bakersfield Rel..
3.9*Jewell Hicks17.01aApr 16SWYL League Meet #3
4.10Mark Nobleza18.31aMar 26SWYL League Meet #2
5.9*Earl Fourdyce18.98aApr 16SWYL League Meet #3
6.9Christopher Bell20.41aMar 27Frontier Frosh-Soph ..
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.12Alex Galland15.41aMar 26SWYL League Meet #2
2.10Jackson Carroll16.41aMar 26SWYL League Meet #2
3.9Jewell Hicks17.54aMar 19SWYL League Meet #1
4.11Nick Goetjen18.15aMar 13Kern Invitational
5.10Mark Nobleza18.40aMar 19SWYL League Meet #1
6.9Earl Fourdyce19.08aMar 19SWYL League Meet #1
300m Hurdles - 33"
1.9*Jewell Hicks44.18aApr 16SWYL League Meet #3
2.9Earl Fourdyce44.46aMar 26SWYL League Meet #2
3.10Mark Nobleza44.62aMar 27Frontier Frosh-Soph ..
4.9Ethan Jacobs46.47aMar 26SWYL League Meet #2
5.9Christopher Bell49.32aMar 26SWYL League Meet #2
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.12Alex Galland40.45aMar 19SWYL League Meet #1
2.10Jackson Carroll43.22aMar 26SWYL League Meet #2
3.11Nick Goetjen44.51aMar 13Kern Invitational
4.9Earl Fourdyce44.67aMar 19SWYL League Meet #1
5.9Drew Valencia44.82aMar 26SWYL League Meet #2
6.9Jewell Hicks45.07aMar 19SWYL League Meet #1
7.10Mark Nobleza45.25aMar 19SWYL League Meet #1
4x100 Relay
1.Anthony Mariscal
Quincy Jountti
Braxton Prince
Dennis Hicks
43.86aMar 13Kern Invitational
2.Anthony Mariscal
Drew Valencia
Braxton Prince
George Demestihas
43.99aMar 19SWYL League Meet #1
3.Jake Oliver
Grant Bice
Drew Valencia
Anthony Mariscal
44.02aMar 26SWYL League Meet #2
4.*Jake Oliver
Anthony Mariscal
Grant Bice
Dennis Hicks
44.12aApr 18West Coast Relays
5.Anthony Mariscal
Jake Oliver
George Demestihas
Drew Valencia
44.26aMar 21Rafer Johnson Invita..
6.Braxton Prince
Anthony Mariscal
Quincy Jountti
George Demestihas
44.44cFeb 25Frontier, Shafter, L..
7.Relay Team 44.55aMar 28Easter Relays
8.George Demestihas
Austin DiPietro
Ethan Jacobs
Drew Valencia
45.97aMar 13Kern Invitational
9.Braxton Prince
Dennis Hicks
Anthony Mariscal
Quincy Jountti
DQMar 6East Bakersfield Rel..
4x200 Relay
1.Dennis Hicks
Drew Valencia
Alex Galland
Anthony Mariscal
1:31.82aMar 21Rafer Johnson Invita..
2.Relay Team 1:32.84aMar 28Easter Relays
3.Alex Galland
Braxton Prince
Anthony Mariscal
Quincy Jountti
1:35.30aMar 6East Bakersfield Rel..
4.Earl Fourdyce
Jason Brooks
Adam Teasdale
Brennen Caldwell
1:41.56aMar 27Frontier Frosh-Soph ..
4x400 Relay
1.*Anthony Mariscal
Grant Bice
Dennis Hicks
Drew Valencia
3:27.23aApr 18West Coast Relays
2.Anthony Mariscal
Alex Galland
Drew Valencia
Dennis Hicks
3:28.82aMar 21Rafer Johnson Invita..
3.Anthony Mariscal
Jacob Garcia
Alex Galland
Drew Valencia
3:30.16aMar 26SWYL League Meet #2
4.Alex Galland
Anthony Mariscal
Hayden Hill
George Demestihas
3:30.97aMar 19SWYL League Meet #1
5.Alex Galland
Jacob Garcia
Anthony Mariscal
Dennis Hicks
3:31.59aMar 6East Bakersfield Rel..
6.Anthony Mariscal
Alex Galland
Dennis Hicks
Jacob Garcia
3:32.20aMar 13Kern Invitational
7.Alex Galland
Hayden Hill
Anthony Mariscal
George Demestihas
3:35.60Feb 25Frontier, Shafter, L..
8.Relay Team 3:37.35aFeb 27Liberty Time Trials ..
9.George Demestihas
Jackson Carroll
Cole Simpson
Nick Goetjen
3:40.98aMar 13Kern Invitational
10.Eddie Estevez
Adam Teasdale
Alexander Cottrell
Andrew Nunez
3:49.24aMar 26SWYL League Meet #2
11.Andrew Nunez
Jacob Kohr
Brendan Reyes
Adam Teasdale
3:50.06aMar 27Frontier Frosh-Soph ..
12.Alexander Cottrell
Andrew Nunez
Earl Fourdyce
Mark Nobleza
3:51.82aMar 19SWYL League Meet #1
4x800 Relay
1.Relay Team 8:42.39aMar 28Easter Relays
2.Miguel Morales
Liam Palmgren
Nestor Vargas
Bret Laurendine
9:20.15aMar 6East Bakersfield Rel..
3.Eric Van Lenten
Jacob Kohr
Cayden Beaty
Austin Scott
NTMar 27Frontier Frosh-Soph ..
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.Relay Team 10:58.23aMar 28Easter Relays
Shot Put - 10lb
1.10*Corbin Chronister42' 10.50Apr 18West Coast Relays
2.11Gerardo Martinez37' 10.00Feb 25Frontier, Shafter, L..
3.10Nathan Cunicelli34' 4.00Mar 26SWYL League Meet #2
4.9Sean Anderson28' 4.00Mar 26SWYL League Meet #2
5.9Reed Kritch27' 1.00Mar 26SWYL League Meet #2
Shot Put - 12lb
1.10Corbin Chronister45' 10.50Mar 28Easter Relays
2.12Ruben Guerra43' 8.00Mar 26SWYL League Meet #2
3.11Gerardo Martinez38' 4.00Mar 26SWYL League Meet #2
4.11Kal Young35' 3.00Mar 19SWYL League Meet #1
5.12Carlos Acala34' 2.00Mar 19SWYL League Meet #1
6.11Blake Jacobs33' 11.00Mar 19SWYL League Meet #1
7.12Willie Wood33' 6.00Feb 25Frontier, Shafter, L..
8.11Elias Solis32' 6.00Mar 26SWYL League Meet #2
9.10Nathan Cunicelli32' 3.00Mar 19SWYL League Meet #1
10.11David Solis30' 11.00Mar 19SWYL League Meet #1
11.9Reed Kritch29' 7.00Mar 19SWYL League Meet #1
12.9Sean Anderson28' 1.00Mar 19SWYL League Meet #1
Discus - 1.6kg
1.10Corbin Chronister144' 8.00Mar 13Kern Invitational
2.12Ruben Guerra136' 5.00Mar 26SWYL League Meet #2
3.12Willie Wood118' 4.00Mar 26SWYL League Meet #2
4.12Carlos Acala103' 5.00Mar 19SWYL League Meet #1
5.11Gerardo Martinez99' 7.00Mar 26SWYL League Meet #2
6.11Sean Mccollum98' 10.00Mar 19SWYL League Meet #1
7.11Elias Solis98' 8.00Mar 26SWYL League Meet #2
8.11Kal Young94' 11.00Feb 25Frontier, Shafter, L..
9.11Blake Jacobs87' 0.00Feb 25Frontier, Shafter, L..
10.11David Solis81' 9.00Mar 19SWYL League Meet #1
11.10Nathan Cunicelli72' 0.00Mar 19SWYL League Meet #1
12.9Reed Kritch70' 3.50Mar 26SWYL League Meet #2
13.9Sean Anderson67' 11.00Mar 19SWYL League Meet #1
High Jump
1.10Jackson Carroll6' 4.00Mar 19SWYL League Meet #1
2.9Alex Honea5' 10.00Mar 19SWYL League Meet #1
3.9Kentton Ivie4' 10.00Mar 26SWYL League Meet #2
4.9Garrett Johnson4' 6.00Mar 19SWYL League Meet #1
Pole Vault
1.12Dallin Christensen13' 0.00Mar 6East Bakersfield Rel..
2.9Kentton Ivie9' 0.00Mar 27Frontier Frosh-Soph ..
3.9Alex Honea8' 6.00Mar 19SWYL League Meet #1
4.9Garrett Johnson7' 0.00Mar 27Frontier Frosh-Soph ..
5.9Josh Stickles5' 6.00Mar 27Frontier Frosh-Soph ..
Long Jump
1.11Dennis Hicks21' 8.00Mar 26SWYL League Meet #2
2.11Braxton Prince20' 6.00Mar 13Kern Invitational
3.11Quincy Jountti20' 0.50Mar 6East Bakersfield Rel..
4.12Anthony Mariscal19' 11.50Mar 28Easter Relays
5.9Jewell Hicks19' 4.25Mar 28Easter Relays
6.9Alex Honea16' 11.00Feb 25Frontier, Shafter, L..
7.9Vincent Tran15' 8.00Mar 27Frontier Frosh-Soph ..
8.9Josh Stickles15' 7.00Mar 26SWYL League Meet #2
9.9Garrett Johnson15' 6.00Mar 26SWYL League Meet #2
10.11Justine Abella15' 3.00Mar 26SWYL League Meet #2
11.9Trevor Barnes13' 10.00Mar 19SWYL League Meet #1
Triple Jump
1.11Dennis Hicks45' 10.25Apr 11Arcadia Invitational..
2.11*Quincy Jountti43' 3.50Apr 18West Coast Relays
3.11Braxton Prince42' 9.00Mar 19SWYL League Meet #1
4.9Jewell Hicks38' 5.50Mar 28Easter Relays
5.9Alex Honea37' 2.00Mar 26SWYL League Meet #2
6.9Garrett Johnson35' 4.00Mar 19SWYL League Meet #1
7.9Josh Stickles32' 8.00Mar 26SWYL League Meet #2
8.9Vincent Tran32' 1.00wMar 26SWYL League Meet #2


100 Meters
1.12Morganne Hill12.37aMar 26SWYL League Meet #2
2.11*Jazmin Green12.67aApr 18West Coast Relays
3.9*Hailey Russell13.50aApr 16SWYL League Meet #3
4.10*Sarai Singh14.09aApr 16SWYL League Meet #3
5.9Kayci Holt14.26aMar 26SWYL League Meet #2
6.9Olivia Luethi14.30aMar 19SWYL League Meet #1
7.10*Sarah Montes14.48aApr 16SWYL League Meet #3
8.9Gabriella Garcia14.59awMar 26SWYL League Meet #2
9.9Karsyn Greenwood14.67aMar 26SWYL League Meet #2
10.11Devine Herrerra14.96aMar 19SWYL League Meet #1
11.10Maggie Diaz15.02aMar 26SWYL League Meet #2
12.9Daksha Baker15.11aMar 27Frontier Frosh-Soph ..
13.9Chelsea Benevidez15.16aMar 27Frontier Frosh-Soph ..
14.11*Madeline Duran15.19aApr 16SWYL League Meet #3
9*Christina Ly15.19aApr 16SWYL League Meet #3
16.10Aubree Prendez15.28aMar 19SWYL League Meet #1
17.9Mackenzie Sawyer15.44aMar 26SWYL League Meet #2
18.10*Jillian Johnson15.96aApr 16SWYL League Meet #3
200 Meters
1.12Morganne Hill25.40aMar 26SWYL League Meet #2
2.9Shelby Rogers27.25aMar 21Rafer Johnson Invita..
3.11Jazmin Green27.37aMar 26SWYL League Meet #2
4.12Alli Pyle27.73aMar 26SWYL League Meet #2
5.11Ty Wallace27.74cFeb 25Frontier, Shafter, L..
6.9Bryanna Bartlett27.76aMar 13Kern Invitational
7.9Hailey Russell28.73aMar 26SWYL League Meet #2
8.10Sidney Fadden29.78aMar 19SWYL League Meet #1
9.9Olivia Luethi29.81aMar 19SWYL League Meet #1
10.10Julia Pinal30.04aMar 19SWYL League Meet #1
11.10Kaylee Lozano30.28aMar 26SWYL League Meet #2
12.10Sarai Singh30.41aMar 26SWYL League Meet #2
9Gabriella Garcia30.41aMar 26SWYL League Meet #2
14.9Karsyn Greenwood30.87aMar 19SWYL League Meet #1
15.10Aubree Prendez31.10aMar 26SWYL League Meet #2
16.9Faith Herrera31.54cFeb 25Frontier, Shafter, L..
11Madeline Duran31.54aMar 19SWYL League Meet #1
18.9Daksha Baker31.55aMar 26SWYL League Meet #2
19.11Devine Herrerra31.65aMar 19SWYL League Meet #1
20.9*Christina Ly31.72aApr 16SWYL League Meet #3
21.10Maggie Diaz31.92aMar 26SWYL League Meet #2
22.9Mackenzie Sawyer32.68aMar 26SWYL League Meet #2
23.9Chelsea Benevidez33.17aMar 26SWYL League Meet #2
24.10Anuoluwa AyeniNTMar 26SWYL League Meet #2
400 Meters
1.12Morganne Hill58.84cFeb 25Frontier, Shafter, L..
2.9Bryanna Bartlett61.08aMar 19SWYL League Meet #1
3.9Shelby Rogers61.60aMar 19SWYL League Meet #1
4.12Alli Pyle61.63aMar 26SWYL League Meet #2
5.11*Alexa Hill61.78aApr 18West Coast Relays
6.10Julia Pinal68.42aMar 19SWYL League Meet #1
7.10*Rachel Wheeler68.46aApr 16SWYL League Meet #3
8.10Sidney Fadden68.50aMar 21Rafer Johnson Invita..
9.10*Kaylee Lozano70.77aApr 16SWYL League Meet #3
10.10Sarai Singh70.88aMar 27Frontier Frosh-Soph ..
11.9Faith Herrera73.18aMar 27Frontier Frosh-Soph ..
12.9Sydina Cabello75.04aMar 26SWYL League Meet #2
13.10Maggie Diaz75.44aMar 27Frontier Frosh-Soph ..
400 Meters - Relay Split
1.12Morganne Hill56.90Mar 28Easter Relays
2.12*Alli Pyle59.60Apr 16SWYL League Meet #3
3.11Ty Wallace60.40Mar 28Easter Relays
4.9Shelby Rogers60.50Mar 21Rafer Johnson Invita..
11Alexa Hill60.50Mar 19SWYL League Meet #1
6.9Riley Slayton61.70Mar 19SWYL League Meet #1
7.9Bryanna Bartlett62.30Mar 13Kern Invitational
8.10Cagnei Duncan64.80Feb 27Liberty Time Trials ..
9.12Jocelyn Macias66.30Feb 27Liberty Time Trials ..
10.10Ivory Garza67.10Mar 28Easter Relays
11.10Rachel Wheeler67.90Mar 28Easter Relays
12.10Sidney Fadden68.00Mar 19SWYL League Meet #1
13.10Julia Pinal68.80Mar 28Easter Relays
14.9Karsyn Greenwood69.30Mar 28Easter Relays
15.10Kaylee Lozano71.00Mar 19SWYL League Meet #1
16.11Mercedes Mendez71.20Feb 27Liberty Time Trials ..
17.9Kayci Holt72.90Mar 27Frontier Frosh-Soph ..
18.9Faith Herrera73.30Mar 27Frontier Frosh-Soph ..
19.9Jazlyn Corral73.50Mar 27Frontier Frosh-Soph ..
800 Meters
1.10Cagnei Duncan2:23.79aMar 21Rafer Johnson Invita..
2.9Riley Slayton2:27.16aMar 26SWYL League Meet #2
3.12Jocelyn Macias2:31.11aMar 21Rafer Johnson Invita..
4.10Ivory Garza2:40.99aMar 26SWYL League Meet #2
5.11Mercedes Mendez2:44.69aMar 19SWYL League Meet #1
6.10*Julia Pinal2:55.78aApr 16SWYL League Meet #3
7.9*Sydina Cabello2:58.25aApr 16SWYL League Meet #3
8.10*Kaylee Lozano2:58.26aApr 16SWYL League Meet #3
9.9*Brooke Monsevais3:20.47aApr 16SWYL League Meet #3
10.9Bryanna BartlettDNFMar 21Rafer Johnson Invita..
800 Meters - Relay Split
1.10Cagnei Duncan2:21.60Apr 10Arcadia Invitational..
2.9Riley Slayton2:27.20Mar 28Easter Relays
3.12Jocelyn Macias2:33.00Mar 28Easter Relays
4.9Piercynn Fidler2:36.30Mar 28Easter Relays
5.10Ivory Garza2:43.90Mar 6East Bakersfield Rel..
1200 Meters - Relay Split
1.12Jocelyn Macias4:04.90Mar 6East Bakersfield Rel..
1600 Meters
1.10*Cagnei Duncan5:09.63aApr 18West Coast Relays
2.12Jocelyn Macias5:36.74aMar 13Kern Invitational
3.10Ivory Garza5:51.31aMar 13Kern Invitational
4.9*Piercynn Fidler5:55.84aApr 16SWYL League Meet #3
5.11Mercedes Mendez6:06.36aMar 26SWYL League Meet #2
6.11Karnbir Siddhu6:31.18aMar 26SWYL League Meet #2
7.10Anais Ward6:48.10Feb 25Frontier, Shafter, L..
8.9Brooke Monsevais6:59.49aMar 19SWYL League Meet #1
9.9Sydina CabelloNTMar 27Frontier Frosh-Soph ..
1600 Meters - Relay Split
1.10Cagnei Duncan5:23.60Mar 28Easter Relays
3200 Meters
1.10Cagnei Duncan11:26.42aMar 13Kern Invitational
2.12Jocelyn Macias12:32.89aMar 19SWYL League Meet #1
3.9Piercynn Fidler12:52.84aMar 13Kern Invitational
4.11Mercedes Mendez13:16.98aMar 19SWYL League Meet #1
5.11Karnbir Siddhu14:10.72aMar 26SWYL League Meet #2
6.10Anais WardNTMar 26SWYL League Meet #2
100m Hurdles - 30"
1.9Riley Slayton17.94cFeb 25Frontier, Shafter, L..
2.9Kayci Holt19.76aMar 26SWYL League Meet #2
3.9Mikayla Tillett20.54cFeb 25Frontier, Shafter, L..
4.9Karsyn Greenwood20.72aMar 26SWYL League Meet #2
5.9Jazlyn Corral20.94cFeb 25Frontier, Shafter, L..
6.9Rayen Cabello21.24cFeb 25Frontier, Shafter, L..
7.9Malinda Delatorre21.78aMar 26SWYL League Meet #2
8.9Samantha Delatorre22.14cFeb 25Frontier, Shafter, L..
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.12Morganne Hill13.99aApr 11Arcadia Invitational..
2.9Riley Slayton17.36aMar 13Kern Invitational
3.9Alexis Love17.77aMar 19SWYL League Meet #1
4.9Mikayla Tillett18.99aMar 6East Bakersfield Rel..
5.9Kayci Holt19.99aMar 19SWYL League Meet #1
6.9*Rayen Cabello20.89aApr 16SWYL League Meet #3
7.9*Jazlyn Corral21.00aApr 16SWYL League Meet #3
8.9Karsyn Greenwood21.62aMar 19SWYL League Meet #1
9.9*Samantha Delatorre22.23aApr 16SWYL League Meet #3
10.9Malinda Delatorre22.82aMar 19SWYL League Meet #1
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.12Morganne Hill42.23aApr 11Arcadia Invitational..
2.9Riley Slayton47.76aMar 13Kern Invitational
3.9Mikayla Tillett52.23aMar 26SWYL League Meet #2
4.9Jazlyn Corral58.08aMar 27Frontier Frosh-Soph ..
5.9*Rayen Cabello58.41aApr 16SWYL League Meet #3
6.9*Malinda Delatorre60.96aApr 16SWYL League Meet #3
7.9*Karsyn Greenwood62.30aApr 16SWYL League Meet #3
8.9Samantha Delatorre62.46aMar 26SWYL League Meet #2
4x100 Relay
1.Jasemine Green
Ty Wallace
Anuoluwa Ayeni
Morganne Hill
50.06aMar 13Kern Invitational
2.*Jazmin Green
Morganne Hill
Ty Wallace
Riley Slayton
50.11aApr 18West Coast Relays
3.Morganne Hill
Riley Slayton
Jasemine Green
Ty Wallace
50.40aMar 19SWYL League Meet #1
4.Jasemine Green
Ty Wallace
Morganne Hill
Bryanna Bartlett
50.56aMar 6East Bakersfield Rel..
5.Jasemine Green
Ty Wallace
Anuoluwa Ayeni
Shelby Rogers
50.95aMar 26SWYL League Meet #2
6.Shelby Rogers
Jasemine Green
Ty Wallace
Riley Slayton
51.26aMar 21Rafer Johnson Invita..
7.Relay Team 51.65aFeb 27Liberty Time Trials ..
8.Jazmin Green
Ty Wallace
Hailey Russell
Morganne Hill
51.91aApr 11Arcadia Invitational..
9.Riley Slayton
Bryanna Bartlett
Mikayla Tillett
Shelby Rogers
53.41aMar 13Kern Invitational
10.Morganne Hill
Jasemine Green
Ty Wallace
Anuoluwa Ayeni
1:48.38aMar 6East Bakersfield Rel..
4x200 Relay
1.Relay Team 1:45.30aMar 28Easter Relays
2.Jazmin Green
Alexa Hill
Morganne Hill
Ty Wallace
1:45.55aApr 10Arcadia Invitational..
3.Morganne Hill
Ty Wallace
Shelby Rogers
Jasemine Green
1:46.25aMar 21Rafer Johnson Invita..
4.Mikayla Tillett
Kayci Holt
Gabriella Garcia
Jazlyn Corral
2:02.02aMar 27Frontier Frosh-Soph ..
4x400 Relay
1.Relay Team 3:59.19aMar 28Easter Relays
2.Morganne Hill
Alexa Hill
Alli Pyle
Shelby Rogers
4:00.50aMar 21Rafer Johnson Invita..
3.Ty Wallace
Alexa Hill
Morganne Hill
Alli Pyle
4:00.51aMar 26SWYL League Meet #2
4.Alexa Hill
Ty Wallace
Shelby Rogers
Morganne Hill
4:04.38aApr 11Arcadia Invitational..
5.-Alexa Hill
Ty Wallace
Anuoluwa Ayeni
Morganne Hill
4:05.08aMar 13Kern Invitational
6.Alexa Hill
Riley Slayton
Ty Wallace
Alli Pyle
4:05.77aMar 19SWYL League Meet #1
7.Morganne Hill
Alexa Hill
Ty Wallace
Riley Slayton
4:08.56aFeb 27Liberty Time Trials ..
8.Alexa Hill
Ty Wallace
Riley Slayton
Morganne Hill
4:09.80Feb 25Frontier, Shafter, L..
9.Ty Wallace
Alexa Hill
Morganne Hill
Riley Slayton
4:10.16aMar 6East Bakersfield Rel..
10.Bryanna Bartlett
Shelby Rogers
Riley Slayton
Alli Pyle
4:12.44aMar 13Kern Invitational
11.*Alexa Hill
Morganne Hill
Alli Pyle
Ty Wallace
4:25.60aApr 18West Coast Relays
12.Sidney Fadden
Rachel Wheeler
Julia Pinal
Kaylee Lozano
4:41.60aMar 26SWYL League Meet #2
13.Julia Pinal
Kaylee Lozano
Mikayla Tillett
Sidney Fadden
4:50.79aFeb 27Liberty Time Trials ..
14.Faith Herrera
Jazlyn Corral
Karsyn Greenwood
Kayci Holt
4:54.05aMar 27Frontier Frosh-Soph ..
4x800 Relay
1.Relay Team 10:03.59aMar 28Easter Relays
2.Jocelyn Macias
Cagnei Duncan
Ivory Garza
Piercynn Fidler
10:20.42aMar 6East Bakersfield Rel..
3.Anais Ward
Sydina Cabello
Jasmine Sepulveda
Brooke Monsevais
11:43.63aMar 27Frontier Frosh-Soph ..
SMR 100-100-200-400m
1.Relay Team 1:52.64aMar 28Easter Relays
SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8]
1.Riley Slayton
Alexa Hill
Alli Pyle
Cagnei Duncan
4:18.04aApr 10Arcadia Invitational..
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.Relay Team 13:18.19aMar 28Easter Relays
Shot Put - 4kg
1.10Alicia Viveros38' 1.00Feb 25Frontier, Shafter, L..
2.11Nikki Wood31' 5.00Mar 19SWYL League Meet #1
3.10Dominique Fair31' 1.50Mar 13Kern Invitational
4.10Baylee Reed26' 7.00Mar 19SWYL League Meet #1
5.11Paulina Ackerman24' 8.00Mar 19SWYL League Meet #1
6.9Katrina Rubio24' 1.00Mar 26SWYL League Meet #2
Discus - 1kg
1.10Alicia Viveros143' 8.00Mar 19SWYL League Meet #1
2.10Dominique Fair107' 4.00Mar 13Kern Invitational
3.11Nikki Wood102' 1.00Feb 25Frontier, Shafter, L..
4.9Katrina Rubio85' 1.00Mar 26SWYL League Meet #2
5.10Baylee Reed72' 6.00Mar 19SWYL League Meet #1
6.11Paulina Ackerman63' 6.00Feb 25Frontier, Shafter, L..
High Jump
1.9Alexis Love4' 10.00Mar 13Kern Invitational
2.9Rachel Hampton4' 8.00Mar 19SWYL League Meet #1
3.10Mallorie Mcdowell4' 6.00Mar 26SWYL League Meet #2
Pole Vault
1.11Kayla Cross9' 0.00Mar 13Kern Invitational
2.11Sarah Labib8' 9.00Mar 21Rafer Johnson Invita..
3.12Jordan Joke7' 6.00Mar 26SWYL League Meet #2
Long Jump
1.11Ty Wallace15' 11.50Mar 19SWYL League Meet #1
2.11Jazmin Green15' 3.00Feb 25Frontier, Shafter, L..
3.11Alexa Hill15' 2.00Mar 19SWYL League Meet #1
4.9Rachel Hampton13' 11.00wMar 26SWYL League Meet #2
5.9Daksha Baker13' 1.50wMar 27Frontier Frosh-Soph ..
6.10Sarai Singh12' 4.00Mar 26SWYL League Meet #2
7.10Jillian Johnson11' 10.00Mar 19SWYL League Meet #1
8.10Rachel Wheeler10' 4.00Mar 19SWYL League Meet #1
9.9Chelsea Benevidez10' 3.00wMar 26SWYL League Meet #2
Triple Jump
1.11Ty Wallace35' 0.00Mar 28Easter Relays
2.9*Alexis Love32' 11.50Apr 18West Coast Relays
3.11Alexa Hill32' 10.50wMar 26SWYL League Meet #2
  * = Denotes a recent improvement
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