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100 Meters
1.10Vinnie Flores11.30aApr 28Central Vs Southwest
2.10Adolfo Limon11.74cMay 6IVL JV Invite
3.10Logan Garcia12.08aApr 28Central Vs Southwest
4.11Evan Din12.11aApr 28Central Vs Southwest
11Saul Ruiz12.11aApr 28Central Vs Southwest
6.11Adrian Carasco12.20aApr 28Central Vs Southwest
7.10Lawrence Arreola12.32aApr 28Central Vs Southwest
8.11Abraham Islas12.34aApr 28Central Vs Southwest
9.11Austin Ortiz12.39aMay 5Calexico Vs Central
10.12Mario Madueno12.78aMay 10IVL Prelims
11.10Roberto Martinez12.94aMay 5Calexico Vs Central
12.12Sergio Vasquez13.31aApr 7Imperial vs Central
13.-Antonio Rubio13.33aApr 28Central Vs Southwest
14.11Daniel Gonzalez13.39aApr 28Central Vs Southwest
15.12Jeffrey Kosciusko13.43aApr 7Imperial vs Central
16.9Christian Felix13.48aApr 28Central Vs Southwest
17.9Haider Awan13.92aMar 5Tiger Relays
18.10John Martin14.80aApr 7Imperial vs Central
19.10Justin Meza15.24aApr 7Imperial vs Central
20.10Carlos Rodriguez12:53.00aMar 24Central Vs Palo Verde
200 Meters
1.11Angel Espinosa23.27aApr 28Central Vs Southwest
2.10Vinnie Flores23.42aMay 12IVL Finals
3.10Carlos Ruiz24.67aApr 28Central Vs Southwest
4.11Saul Ruiz24.84aApr 28Central Vs Southwest
5.10Logan Garcia25.16aApr 28Central Vs Southwest
6.10Adolfo Limon25.36aApr 28Central Vs Southwest
7.10Derek Guzman25.44aApr 28Central Vs Southwest
12Mario Madueno25.44cApr 21Brawley Vs Central
9.11Adrian Carasco25.45aApr 28Central Vs Southwest
10.11Abraham Islas25.92aApr 28Central Vs Southwest
11.10Lawrence Arreola26.14aApr 28Central Vs Southwest
12.10Roberto Martinez26.24cMar 9Gila Ridge/Cibola/Central..
13.11Adrian Cibrian26.64aApr 28Central Vs Southwest
14.11Evan Din27.14cApr 14Holtville VS Central
15.12Jeffrey Kosciusko27.18aApr 7Imperial vs Central
16.12Sergio Vasquez27.64aApr 7Imperial vs Central
17.9Micah Mc Quitty28.24cApr 21Brawley Vs Central
18.10Carlos Rodriguez27:27.00aMar 24Central Vs Palo Verde
300 Meters
1.11Angel Espinosa37.18aApr 2313TH ANNUAL PHAIR CO./MUS..
400 Meters
1.11Angel Espinosa53.14cApr 21Brawley Vs Central
2.12Mario Madueno53.98aMay 10IVL Prelims
3.10Vinnie Flores54.22aApr 16Jaguar Invite Morning Ses..
4.12Saad Awan56.90aApr 7Imperial vs Central
5.10Carlos Ruiz57.20aMar 5Tiger Relays
6.10Derek Guzman57.93aMay 5Calexico Vs Central
7.11Adrian Cibrian58.62aApr 7Imperial vs Central
8.11Abraham Islas61.47aMar 24Central Vs Palo Verde
9.10Hector Rubio61.94cMar 9Gila Ridge/Cibola/Central..
10.10Roberto Martinez63.87aMar 5Tiger Relays
11.9Haider Awan64.84cApr 21Brawley Vs Central
12.9Micah Mc Quitty65.24cApr 21Brawley Vs Central
13.-Paulo Flores54:40.00aMar 24Central Vs Palo Verde
800 Meters
1.12Michael Garcia2:04.62aMay 12IVL Finals
2.12Michael Negrete2:06.84aApr 28Central Vs Southwest
3.9Micah Mc Quitty2:10.00aMar 24Central Vs Palo Verde
4.10Adrian Atondo2:10.12aMay 12IVL Finals
5.9Jose Munoz2:16.33aMay 5Calexico Vs Central
6.11Angel Espinosa2:16.90Apr 14Holtville VS Central
7.12William Ayon2:19.55aApr 28Central Vs Southwest
8.9Steven Marquez2:21.50aMar 24Central Vs Palo Verde
9.11Henry Villasenor2:23.00aMar 24Central Vs Palo Verde
10.9Kevin Valdez2:45.04aMay 5Calexico Vs Central
11.10Caleb Ezure2:46.50Apr 21Brawley Vs Central
1500 Meters
1.12Michael Garcia4:22.67aApr 2313TH ANNUAL PHAIR CO./MUS..
1600 Meters
1.12Michael Garcia4:37.33aMay 12IVL Finals
2.12Michael Negrete4:38.38aMay 12IVL Finals
3.9Jose Munoz4:54.40aMay 12IVL Finals
4.9Steven Marquez5:02.00aMar 24Central Vs Palo Verde
5.10Sebastian Tello5:11.00aMar 24Central Vs Palo Verde
6.10Adrian Atondo5:17.40Apr 21Brawley Vs Central
7.11Henry Villasenor5:23.00aMar 24Central Vs Palo Verde
8.10Santiago Huerta5:27.00aMar 24Central Vs Palo Verde
9.12William Ayon5:36.57aApr 28Central Vs Southwest
10.9Kevin Valdez6:06.61aMay 5Calexico Vs Central
11.10Caleb Ezure6:26.26aMay 5Calexico Vs Central
3200 Meters
1.9Jose Munoz11:02.90aMay 10IVL Prelims
2.12Michael Negrete11:14.73aApr 7Imperial vs Central
3.10Sebastian Tello11:31.00aMar 24Central Vs Palo Verde
4.9Steven Marquez12:05.63aApr 7Imperial vs Central
5.10Santiago Huerta12:16.00aMar 24Central Vs Palo Verde
6.10Caleb Ezure14:48.32aApr 7Imperial vs Central
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.12Steve Gonzalez15.96aMay 12IVL Finals
2.11Austin Ortiz16.77aMay 10IVL Prelims
3.12Jacob Reed17.20aApr 28Central Vs Southwest
4.10Hector Rubio17.32aApr 16Jaguar Invite Morning Ses..
5.12Steven Gonzalez17.74cMar 9Gila Ridge/Cibola/Central..
6.12Jakob Reed17.76aMar 5Tiger Relays
7.9Haider Awan21.01aApr 7Imperial vs Central
8.10Carlos Rodriguez21.79aMar 12Desert Classic Relays
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.11Austin Ortiz42.59aMay 21CIF San Diego Section Pre..
2.12Steve Gonzalez44.19aMay 10IVL Prelims
3.12Steven Gonzalez46.64cMar 9Gila Ridge/Cibola/Central..
4.10Hector Rubio47.43aApr 28Central Vs Southwest
5.10Carlos Rodriguez49.34cApr 14Holtville VS Central
6.10Adrian Atondo49.54cApr 14Holtville VS Central
4x100 Relay
1.-Angel Espinosa
Austin Ortiz
Vinnie Flores
David Lawson
46.07aApr 7Imperial vs Central
2.-Relay Team 46.40aApr 28Central Vs Southwest
3.Carlos Ruiz
David Lawson
Angel Espinosa
Vinnie Flores
46.43aApr 16Jaguar Invite Morning Ses..
4.Jacob Reed
Austin Ortiz
Angel Espinosa
Saul Ruiz
49.21aMay 12IVL Finals
4x200 Relay
1.Lawrence Arreola
Adrian Carasco
Adrian Atondo
Vinnie Flores
1:41.20aApr 2313TH ANNUAL PHAIR CO./MUS..
2.-Relay Team 1:46.90aMar 12Desert Classic Relays
4x400 Relay
1.Mario Madueno
Austin Ortiz
Angel Espinosa
Vinnie Flores
3:33.91aMay 12IVL Finals
2.-Relay Team 3:36.00aMay 5Calexico Vs Central
3.Vinnie Flores
Angel Espinosa
Mario Madueno
Adrian Atondo
3:44.69aApr 16Jaguar Invite Morning Ses..
4.Angel Espinosa
Vinnie Flores
Mario Madueno
Austin Ortiz
3:47.64aApr 2313TH ANNUAL PHAIR CO./MUS..
5.-Haider Awan
Jeffrey Koscinsko
John Martin
Austin Ortiz
4:04.59aMar 5Tiger Relays
4x800 Relay
1.-Relay Team 8:58.44aMar 12Desert Classic Relays
2.-Will Ayon
Michael Garcia
Michael Negrete
Henry Villasenor
9:13.44aMar 5Tiger Relays
SMR 100-100-200-400m
1.Adrian Cibrian
Evan Din
Caleb Ezure
Christian Felix
2:00.47aApr 2313TH ANNUAL PHAIR CO./MUS..
2.-Relay Team 12:25.43aApr 2313TH ANNUAL PHAIR CO./MUS..
SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8]
1.-Relay Team 4:02.56aMar 12Desert Classic Relays
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.-Relay Team 11:59.06aMar 12Desert Classic Relays
2.Angel Espinosa
Jose Munoz
Sebastian Tello
William Ayon
12:27.19aApr 16Jaguar Invite Morning Ses..
3.-Santiago Huerta
Jeffrey Koscinsko
Steven Marquez
Sebastian Tello
13:13.95aMar 5Tiger Relays
4x110 Shuttle Hurdles - 39"
1.-Relay Team 70.15aApr 2313TH ANNUAL PHAIR CO./MUS..
Shot Put - 12lb
1.12Juan Chavran44' 0.00May 5Calexico Vs Central
2.12Juan Chavarin40' 9.00Mar 12Desert Classic Relays
3.12Steve Gonzalez39' 0.50May 10IVL Prelims
4.10Angel Rico36' 5.00Apr 21Brawley Vs Central
5.10Ildefonso Ornelas35' 10.00Apr 21Brawley Vs Central
6.12Kevin Galvan35' 5.00Apr 7Imperial vs Central
7.10Jose Montes34' 11.00May 5Calexico Vs Central
8.10Roberto Martinez34' 9.00Apr 21Brawley Vs Central
9.11Ernesto Aguirre34' 4.00May 5Calexico Vs Central
10.11Justin Velasquez32' 11.00May 5Calexico Vs Central
11.10Robert Yarnall32' 5.00May 5Calexico Vs Central
12.10Davian Rodriguez31' 10.00Apr 21Brawley Vs Central
13.12Carlos Christopher31' 8.00Apr 7Imperial vs Central
14.11Adrian Cibrian30' 9.00Mar 12Desert Classic Relays
15.9Allan Castro29' 11.00May 5Calexico Vs Central
16.10Harisher Pummay28' 10.00Apr 21Brawley Vs Central
17.11Hector Estrada26' 9.00Apr 21Brawley Vs Central
18.11Adrian Gonzales24' 8.00Apr 14Holtville VS Central
Discus - 1.6kg
1.10Angel Rico113' 10.00Apr 2313TH ANNUAL PHAIR CO./MUS..
2.12Kevin Galvan110' 1.00May 10IVL Prelims
3.10Harisher Pummay97' 8.00May 10IVL Prelims
4.11Ernesto Aguirre97' 0.00Apr 7Imperial vs Central
5.10Ildefonso Ornelas96' 9.00Apr 16Jaguar Invite Morning Ses..
6.9Duncan Lillegard91' 8.00Apr 28Central Vs Southwest
7.12Juan Chavran88' 7.00Apr 14Holtville VS Central
8.10Davian Rodriguez87' 6.00Apr 28Central Vs Southwest
9.10Jose Montes81' 10.00Apr 28Central Vs Southwest
10.11Hector Estrada81' 0.00Apr 21Brawley Vs Central
11.10Luis Ceyla80' 8.00Apr 21Brawley Vs Central
12.10Ruben Lopez80' 6.00Mar 5Tiger Relays
13.9Allan Castro77' 5.00Apr 21Brawley Vs Central
14.11Daniel Gonzalez72' 6.00Apr 28Central Vs Southwest
15.10Hector Sandoval72' 0.00Apr 28Central Vs Southwest
16.9Christian Felix68' 0.00Apr 7Imperial vs Central
17.11Adrian Cibrian51' 6.00Mar 5Tiger Relays
High Jump
1.12Saadi Awan6' 2.00Mar 26ASICS/Mt. Carmel Track In..
12Saad Awan6' 2.00Apr 2313TH ANNUAL PHAIR CO./MUS..
3.9Steven Marquez5' 11.00May 10IVL Prelims
4.10Carlos Ruiz5' 8.00Apr 7Imperial vs Central
5.10Hector Rubio5' 5.00May 10IVL Prelims
6.9Haider Awan5' 2.00Apr 21Brawley Vs Central
Long Jump
1.12Saad Awan20' 9.00Apr 28Central Vs Southwest
2.10Carlos Ruiz20' 3.00Apr 28Central Vs Southwest
3.9Haider Awan18' 0.00Mar 9Gila Ridge/Cibola/Central..
4.11Evan Din17' 3.00Apr 28Central Vs Southwest
5.10Adolfo Limon16' 5.00Apr 28Central Vs Southwest
6.9Micah Mc Quitty16' 0.00Mar 9Gila Ridge/Cibola/Central..
7.11Adrian Cibrian14' 7.50Apr 14Holtville VS Central
8.12Sergio Vasquez14' 5.00Apr 7Imperial vs Central
9.11Adrian Gonzales13' 9.00May 5Calexico Vs Central
10.12Fabian Ramos13' 7.50Apr 7Imperial vs Central
11.11Daniel Gonzalez13' 6.25Apr 2313TH ANNUAL PHAIR CO./MUS..
12.-Arthur Caloca12' 11.00Mar 12Desert Classic Relays
10Julian Fenley12' 11.00Mar 5Tiger Relays
14.10Justin Meza12' 5.00May 5Calexico Vs Central
Triple Jump
1.12Saad Awan44' 3.00Apr 28Central Vs Southwest
2.10Carlos Ruiz39' 9.00May 5Calexico Vs Central
3.9Haider Awan38' 1.00Mar 5Tiger Relays
4.11Evan Din35' 7.50Mar 24Central Vs Palo Verde


100 Meters
1.12Alyssa Valdez12.60aMar 12Desert Classic Relays
2.12Karina Soto13.17aApr 28Central Vs Southwest
3.10Arely Pacheco13.80aMar 12Desert Classic Relays
4.10Amanda Favela14.04cApr 14Holtville VS Central
5.12Audrey Rhodes14.34cApr 14Holtville VS Central
6.11Bailey Rabe14.47aMay 5Calexico Vs Central
7.9Savannah Ruvalacaba15.04cApr 21Brawley Vs Central
8.11Emmy Cruz15.09aApr 7Imperial vs Central
9.10Andrea Cardenas15.12aMay 5Calexico Vs Central
10.10Amya Alcaraz15.64aApr 28Central Vs Southwest
11.9Gladys Lipscomb15.74cApr 14Holtville VS Central
12.10Denise Lopez16.15aApr 28Central Vs Southwest
13.9Zion Velez16.64cApr 21Brawley Vs Central
14.12Vanessa Maldanado16.92aApr 7Imperial vs Central
15.9Alexis De La Rosa17.26aApr 7Imperial vs Central
16.-Mariel Jimenez17.32aMar 12Desert Classic Relays
17.10Joselyn Quevedo17.63aApr 7Imperial vs Central
18.9Heidi Rabe17.81aMar 12Desert Classic Relays
19.12Brittany Bravo15:07.00aMar 24Central Vs Palo Verde
100 Meters - Relay Split
1.12Alyssa Valdez13.55aMar 12Desert Classic Relays
200 Meters
1.12Alyssa Valdez27.13aApr 28Central Vs Southwest
2.11Karen Ortiz27.18aMay 12IVL Finals
3.12Karina Soto27.84aApr 16Jaguar Invite Morning Ses..
4.10Amanda Favela30.11aApr 28Central Vs Southwest
5.10Arely Pacheco30.56aApr 7Imperial vs Central
6.10Andrea Cardenas30.91aApr 28Central Vs Southwest
7.11Michelle Hunt31.21aApr 7Imperial vs Central
8.12Brittany Bravo31.34cApr 14Holtville VS Central
9.9Savannah Ruvalacaba31.94cApr 21Brawley Vs Central
10.9Gladys Lipscomb32.02aApr 28Central Vs Southwest
11.12Marina Ruiz32.54cMar 9Gila Ridge/Cibola/Central..
12.11Bailey Rabe33.11aApr 28Central Vs Southwest
13.10Amya Alcaraz34.15aApr 28Central Vs Southwest
14.10Denise Lopez34.95aMay 5Calexico Vs Central
300 Meters
1.12Alyssa Valdez43.99aApr 2313TH ANNUAL PHAIR CO./MUS..
400 Meters
1.11Karen Ortiz59.58aMay 12IVL Finals
2.12Alyssa Valdez61.17aMay 12IVL Finals
3.10Arely Pacheco65.14cMar 9Gila Ridge/Cibola/Central..
4.11Brianna Gonzalez67.44cApr 21Brawley Vs Central
5.11Michelle Hunt72.45aApr 7Imperial vs Central
6.10Bryanna Ruiz73.44cMar 9Gila Ridge/Cibola/Central..
7.12Brittany Bravo75.66aApr 7Imperial vs Central
8.11Bailey Rabe80.82aApr 28Central Vs Southwest
800 Meters
1.11Christina Marquez2:33.76aMay 12IVL Finals
2.11Melany Lopez2:42.54aMay 12IVL Finals
3.9Melissa Sanchez2:46.40Mar 9Gila Ridge/Cibola/Central..
4.11Michelle Hunt2:47.94aMay 12IVL Finals
5.10Analy Valie2:50.76aMar 24Central Vs Palo Verde
6.11Lindsay White3:02.00Mar 9Gila Ridge/Cibola/Central..
7.9Heidi Rabe3:32.68aApr 7Imperial vs Central
1600 Meters
1.11Christina Marquez5:56.00aMar 24Central Vs Palo Verde
2.11Melany Lopez6:13.10aMay 12IVL Finals
3.9Melissa Sanchez6:16.36aMay 12IVL Finals
4.10Denise Lopez6:40.00Mar 9Gila Ridge/Cibola/Central..
5.9Esmeralda Garcia6:53.00aMar 24Central Vs Palo Verde
6.10Melenie Padilla7:00.62aMay 5Calexico Vs Central
7.10Raquel Perez7:30.48aApr 28Central Vs Southwest
8.9Heidi Rabe7:42.72aApr 28Central Vs Southwest
9.11Bailey Rabe7:52.00May 6IVL JV Invite
3200 Meters
1.11Christina Marquez13:43.55aApr 7Imperial vs Central
2.9Melissa Sanchez13:49.10aApr 28Central Vs Southwest
3.11Melany Lopez14:32.63aApr 7Imperial vs Central
4.9Esmeralda Garcia15:06.82aApr 7Imperial vs Central
5.10Melenie Padilla15:56.90Apr 21Brawley Vs Central
6.10Brenda Pedroza16:46.00Mar 9Gila Ridge/Cibola/Central..
7.10Raquel Perez17:17.00Apr 14Holtville VS Central
8.10Alexa Pacheco19:57.17aMar 5Tiger Relays
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.10Arely Pacheco19.25aMay 5Calexico Vs Central
2.11Lindsay White20.40aMay 5Calexico Vs Central
3.11Ariana Valenzuela20.46aApr 28Central Vs Southwest
4.12Mykala Charney21.58aMay 5Calexico Vs Central
5.10Leslie De La Fuente21.85aMay 5Calexico Vs Central
6.10Bryanna Ruiz22.24cApr 21Brawley Vs Central
7.12Andie Atondo26.55aMar 5Tiger Relays
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.10Arely Pacheco49.04aMay 12IVL Finals
2.11Lindsay White54.36aMay 10IVL Prelims
3.11Ariana Valenzuela57.24cMar 9Gila Ridge/Cibola/Central..
4.10Bryanna Ruiz58.34cApr 21Brawley Vs Central
5.12Andie Atondo60.47aApr 7Imperial vs Central
6.10Leslie De La Fuente64.14cApr 21Brawley Vs Central
7.12Mykala Charney64.82aMar 5Tiger Relays
4x100 Relay
1.Arley Pacheco
Karen Ortiz
Karina Soto
Alyssa Valdez
51.55aMay 12IVL Finals
2.Relay Team 52.34cApr 21Brawley Vs Central
3.Karen Ortiz
Arely Pacheco
Karina Soto
Alyssa Valdez
52.84aApr 16Jaguar Invite Morning Ses..
4.-Karina Soto
Karen Ortiz
Arley Pacheco
Alyssa Valdez
53.49aApr 7Imperial vs Central
5.-Karen Ortiz
Arley Pacheco
Alyssa Valdez
Karina Soto
54.10aMar 24Central Vs Palo Verde
6.-Amanda Favela
Michelle Hunt
Marina Ruiz
Alyssa Valdez
54.48aMar 5Tiger Relays
7.Karen Ortiz
Arely Pacheco
Arley Pacheco
Alyssa Valdez
59.17aApr 2313TH ANNUAL PHAIR CO./MUS..
8.-Bailey Rabe
Amya Alcaraz
Savanah Cervantes-Valez
Vanessa Maldanado
63.99aApr 7Imperial vs Central
9.-Bailey Rabe
Bryanna Ruiz
Allison Tanori
Anissa Tapia
64.35aMar 5Tiger Relays
4x200 Relay
1.Relay Team 2:22.08aMar 12Desert Classic Relays
4x400 Relay
1.Relay Team 3:41.00Apr 14Holtville VS Central
2.Brianna Gonzalez
Karen Ortiz
Arley Pacheco
Alyssa Valdez
4:10.79aMay 12IVL Finals
3.Karen Ortiz
Brianna Gonzalez
Christina Marquez
Alyssa Valdez
4:18.05aMay 28CIF San Diego Section Fin..
4.Christina Marquez
Karen Ortiz
Arely Pacheco
Alyssa Valdez
4:25.24aApr 16Jaguar Invite Morning Ses..
5.-Arley Pacheco
Karen Ortiz
Brianna Gonzalez
Alyssa Valdez
4:35.29aApr 7Imperial vs Central
6.-Victoria DesFougeres
Melany Lopez
Christina Marquez
Alyssa Valdez
4:41.19aMar 5Tiger Relays
4x800 Relay
1.Relay Team 11:14.66aMar 12Desert Classic Relays
2.-Melany Lopez
Christina Marquez
Alexa Pacheco
Lindsay White
11:47.55aMar 5Tiger Relays
SMR 100-100-200-400m
1.Alexis De La Rosa
Amanda Favela
Brandee Galloway
Esmeralda Garcia
2:15.61aApr 2313TH ANNUAL PHAIR CO./MUS..
Alexis De La Rosa
Amanda Favela
Brandee Galloway
Esmeralda Garcia
SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8]
1.Relay Team 5:07.62aMar 12Desert Classic Relays
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.Melissa Sanchez
Brianna Gonzalez
Lindsay White
Esmeralda Garcia
14:59.84aApr 16Jaguar Invite Morning Ses..
2.Relay Team 15:08.54aMar 12Desert Classic Relays
3.-Melany Lopez
Christina Marquez
Alyssa Valdez
Lindsay White
16:35.76aMar 5Tiger Relays
4x100 Shuttle Hurdles - 33"
1.Relay Team 89.76aApr 2313TH ANNUAL PHAIR CO./MUS..
Shot Put - 4kg
1.10Danielle Griffth26' 11.00May 5Calexico Vs Central
2.12Andie Atondo25' 0.00Apr 21Brawley Vs Central
3.10Zenia Medina23' 6.50Apr 14Holtville VS Central
4.11Tori Hunt22' 10.50Apr 16Jaguar Invite Morning Ses..
5.9Arianna Pedroza21' 5.75Mar 5Tiger Relays
6.10Savanah Cervantes-Valez21' 4.00May 5Calexico Vs Central
7.12Destiny Rogers20' 7.50Apr 28Central Vs Southwest
8.10Raquel Perez20' 6.00May 5Calexico Vs Central
9.11Scarlett Diaz20' 4.00Apr 14Holtville VS Central
Discus - 1kg
1.9Arianna Pedroza72' 10.00Apr 7Imperial vs Central
2.11Tori Hunt71' 10.00Apr 7Imperial vs Central
3.10Savanah Cervantes-Valez69' 9.00Apr 28Central Vs Southwest
4.12Destiny Rogers67' 9.00Mar 5Tiger Relays
5.12Kameron Garcia65' 11.00Apr 7Imperial vs Central
6.12Andie Atondo65' 2.00Apr 21Brawley Vs Central
7.12Audrey Rhodes63' 0.00Apr 14Holtville VS Central
8.11Regina Guerrero61' 10.00Mar 5Tiger Relays
9.10Danielle Griffth48' 11.00Apr 21Brawley Vs Central
10.11Scarlett Diaz48' 9.00Apr 14Holtville VS Central
11.10Zenia Medina47' 2.00Mar 24Central Vs Palo Verde
12.12Vanessa Maldanado45' 11.00Apr 7Imperial vs Central
13.10Denise Lopez45' 9.00May 5Calexico Vs Central
14.9Melissa Sanchez43' 4.00Apr 2313TH ANNUAL PHAIR CO./MUS..
15.10Joselyn Quevedo34' 11.00Apr 21Brawley Vs Central
High Jump
1.11Christina Marquez4' 10.00Mar 24Central Vs Palo Verde
2.10Analy Valie4' 6.00Mar 9Gila Ridge/Cibola/Central..
3.11Lindsay White4' 4.00May 10IVL Prelims
4.12Mykala Charney4' 2.00Mar 9Gila Ridge/Cibola/Central..
5.11Michelle Hunt4' 0.00Apr 2313TH ANNUAL PHAIR CO./MUS..
Long Jump
1.11Christina Marquez14' 8.00Apr 28Central Vs Southwest
11Michelle Hunt14' 8.00Apr 28Central Vs Southwest
3.10Brenda Pedroza13' 11.00Apr 28Central Vs Southwest
4.11Brianna Gonzalez13' 10.00Apr 28Central Vs Southwest
5.10Andrea Cardenas13' 2.00Apr 28Central Vs Southwest
6.9Gladys Lipscomb12' 4.50Mar 24Central Vs Palo Verde
7.10Alexa Pacheco12' 1.00May 5Calexico Vs Central
8.11Natalia Arvizu11' 10.00May 5Calexico Vs Central
9.10Bryanna Ruiz10' 11.00Apr 7Imperial vs Central
10.12Mykala Charney9' 5.00Apr 7Imperial vs Central
Triple Jump
1.11Natalia Arvizu28' 0.00Mar 24Central Vs Palo Verde
2.10Brenda Pedroza27' 9.00Apr 28Central Vs Southwest
3.9Gladys Lipscomb25' 10.00Apr 14Holtville VS Central
4.11Lindsay White24' 8.00May 5Calexico Vs Central
5.10Andrea Cardenas22' 8.00Apr 2313TH ANNUAL PHAIR CO./MUS..

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