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Knights - San Marcos, CA

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100 Meters
1.11Terrell Burgess11.14cApr 23San Marcos @ Mission Hill..
2.10Tyler Rogers11.28awMay 15Avocado East League Final..
3.9Kyle Philips11.48aMar 19San Marcos @ Orange Glen
4.9Tylee White11.54cApr 16San Pasqual @ San Marcos
5.9Kyle Phillips11.64cApr 9Escondido @ San Marcos
6.9Kyle Schoeppner11.73awMay 7San Marcos @ Del Norte
7.10Raekwon Mosteller11.77awMay 7San Marcos @ Del Norte
8.9Daniel Engebrits12.14cApr 16San Pasqual @ San Marcos
9.9Dylan Check12.31awMay 7San Marcos @ Del Norte
10.10Austin Potter12.75awMay 7San Marcos @ Del Norte
200 Meters
1.11Terrell Burgess22.31awMay 23CIF-SDS Prelims
2.10Tyler Rogers22.81aMay 15Avocado East League Final..
3.9Kyle Schoeppner23.51awMay 7San Marcos @ Del Norte
4.9Tylee White23.64cApr 16San Pasqual @ San Marcos
5.10Raekwon Mosteller24.11awMay 7San Marcos @ Del Norte
6.10Nate Deandrade24.14cApr 23San Marcos @ Mission Hill..
7.10Chris Brown24.60awMay 7San Marcos @ Del Norte
8.9Dylan Check24.94cApr 16San Pasqual @ San Marcos
400 Meters
1.10Nate Deandrade52.44aApr 18Jaguar Invite Afternoon S..
2.10Ethan Schnepp53.54cMay 2Dick Wilkins Frosh-Soph I..
3.-Ethan Cline55.04cApr 16San Pasqual @ San Marcos
4.9Christian Malki55.54cApr 9Escondido @ San Marcos
5.10Myles Adams57.58aMay 7San Marcos @ Del Norte
6.10Alexander Saysanasongkham58.76aMar 26Valley Center/Otay Ranch ..
7.10Austin Potter60.40aMar 19San Marcos @ Orange Glen
8.10Adam HolsingerNTMar 19San Marcos @ Orange Glen
800 Meters
1.10Jake Selstad1:59.60Apr 23San Marcos @ Mission Hill..
2.11Conner Hansen2:09.16aApr 29San Marcos @ SDA
3.10Blake Odom2:11.27aMay 7San Marcos @ Del Norte
4.11Freddy Merino2:12.97aMar 26Valley Center/Otay Ranch ..
5.12Andrew Hill2:14.65aMar 19San Marcos @ Orange Glen
6.12Vince Carpino2:16.78aMay 7San Marcos @ Del Norte
7.9Parker Norris2:19.00Apr 9Escondido @ San Marcos
8.10Nathan Birdsall2:19.77aMar 26Valley Center/Otay Ranch ..
9.9Chongdu Xu2:20.4aApr 29San Marcos @ SDA
10.12Jacob Chapin2:20.82aMay 7San Marcos @ Del Norte
11.11Alex Katson2:22.75aMay 7San Marcos @ Del Norte
12.10Hayden McAdoo2:25.36aMay 7San Marcos @ Del Norte
13.10Christian Larson2:27.94aMar 26Valley Center/Otay Ranch ..
14.10William Schwend2:28.03aMay 7San Marcos @ Del Norte
15.12Kyle Selstad2:29.37aMar 19San Marcos @ Orange Glen
16.9Aidan Chappell2:29.55aMar 19San Marcos @ Orange Glen
17.10Max Barnett2:33.07aApr 29San Marcos @ SDA
18.9Victor Cova2:34.55aMar 19San Marcos @ Orange Glen
19.9Hendrick Pilve2:39.95aApr 29San Marcos @ SDA
20.10Jason Zeis2:41.45aMar 26Valley Center/Otay Ranch ..
21.10Noah Smith2:43.73aMar 26Valley Center/Otay Ranch ..
22.12Sean Burk2:53.32aMar 26Valley Center/Otay Ranch ..
23.10Jose PreciadoNTMar 19San Marcos @ Orange Glen
10Alex MccuneNTMar 19San Marcos @ Orange Glen
10Andrew EckerNTMar 19San Marcos @ Orange Glen
12Luis RodriquezNTMar 19San Marcos @ Orange Glen
1600 Meters
1.10Jake Selstad4:27.28aMay 15Avocado East League Final..
2.12Andrew Hill4:43.00Apr 16San Pasqual @ San Marcos
3.10Nathan Birdsall4:45.62aApr 29San Marcos @ SDA
4.12Vince Carpino4:45.81aApr 29San Marcos @ SDA
5.11Freddy Merino4:48.40aApr 29San Marcos @ SDA
6.11Conner Hansen4:50.24aMay 7San Marcos @ Del Norte
7.10Blake Odom4:51.00Apr 23San Marcos @ Mission Hill..
8.9Parker Norris4:54.52aMay 2Dick Wilkins Frosh-Soph I..
9.12Jacob Chapin4:55.56aMar 19San Marcos @ Orange Glen
10.12Kyle Selstad5:00.04aMay 7San Marcos @ Del Norte
11.9Aidan Chappell5:04.85aMay 7San Marcos @ Del Norte
12.11Alex Katson5:08.38aApr 29San Marcos @ SDA
13.10Christian Larson5:10.36aMay 7San Marcos @ Del Norte
14.10Hayden McAdoo5:12.49aMay 7San Marcos @ Del Norte
15.9Paul Hatala5:18.12aMar 26Valley Center/Otay Ranch ..
16.9Hendrick Pilve5:23.55aApr 29San Marcos @ SDA
17.9Chongdu Xu5:29.88aMay 7San Marcos @ Del Norte
18.10William Schwend5:29.93aMar 19San Marcos @ Orange Glen
19.9Victor Cova5:31.12aMay 7San Marcos @ Del Norte
20.10Noah Smith5:37.86aMay 7San Marcos @ Del Norte
21.10Alex Mccune5:46.17aMar 26Valley Center/Otay Ranch ..
22.10Max Barnett5:47.81aMar 19San Marcos @ Orange Glen
23.12Sean Burk5:48.50aMay 7San Marcos @ Del Norte
24.10Jason Zeis5:48.73aMay 7San Marcos @ Del Norte
25.10Andrew Ecker5:56.98aMar 26Valley Center/Otay Ranch ..
26.10Jose Preciado6:04.47aMar 19San Marcos @ Orange Glen
27.11Sergiy ChemodanovNTMar 19San Marcos @ Orange Glen
3200 Meters
1.10Jake Selstad10:02.53aApr 18Jaguar Invite Afternoon S..
2.12Vince Carpino10:11.05aApr 18Jaguar Invite Afternoon S..
3.12Andrew Hill10:19.50Apr 23San Marcos @ Mission Hill..
4.10Blake Odom10:21.97aMay 15Avocado East League Final..
5.10Nathan Birdsall10:48.30Apr 23San Marcos @ Mission Hill..
6.9Aidan Chappell11:25.96aApr 29San Marcos @ SDA
7.9Hendrick Pilve11:32.09aMar 26Valley Center/Otay Ranch ..
8.9Paul Hatala11:36.00Apr 16San Pasqual @ San Marcos
9.10Hayden McAdoo11:46.47aMay 7San Marcos @ Del Norte
10.9Victor Cova12:13.16aMay 7San Marcos @ Del Norte
11.10Noah Smith12:18.27aMay 7San Marcos @ Del Norte
12.11Freddy MerinoNTMar 19San Marcos @ Orange Glen
11Alex KatsonNTMar 19San Marcos @ Orange Glen
10Alex MccuneNTMar 19San Marcos @ Orange Glen
10Max BarnettNTMar 19San Marcos @ Orange Glen
10Andrew EckerNTMar 19San Marcos @ Orange Glen
10Christian LarsonNTMar 19San Marcos @ Orange Glen
9Parker NorrisNTMar 19San Marcos @ Orange Glen
10Jason ZeisNTMar 19San Marcos @ Orange Glen
12Jacob ChapinNTMar 19San Marcos @ Orange Glen
12Kyle SelstadNTMar 19San Marcos @ Orange Glen
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.12Semaj Wren15.97aMar 26Valley Center/Otay Ranch ..
2.9Ben Smith18.14cApr 23San Marcos @ Mission Hill..
3.10Parker Mitchell18.15awMay 15Avocado East League Final..
4.9John Ross18.98awMay 7San Marcos @ Del Norte
5.9Keegan Seawald19.18awMay 7San Marcos @ Del Norte
6.9Anthony Muller19.24cApr 23San Marcos @ Mission Hill..
7.12John Sweeten19.90aMar 26Valley Center/Otay Ranch ..
8.9Michael Allard20.05aApr 29San Marcos @ SDA
9.11Ethan LoganNTMar 19San Marcos @ Orange Glen
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.12Semaj Wren41.78aMar 26Valley Center/Otay Ranch ..
2.12John Sweeten44.62aMar 26Valley Center/Otay Ranch ..
3.9Ben Smith45.64cApr 16San Pasqual @ San Marcos
4.9Anthony Muller46.50aMay 7San Marcos @ Del Norte
5.10Parker Mitchell46.54cApr 16San Pasqual @ San Marcos
6.9Michael Allard46.74cApr 16San Pasqual @ San Marcos
7.9John Ross48.24cApr 23San Marcos @ Mission Hill..
8.9Keegan Seawald49.09aMay 7San Marcos @ Del Norte
4x100 Relay
1.-Semaj Wren
Terrell Burgess
Tyler Rogers
Tylee White
43.64cApr 23San Marcos @ Mission Hill..
2.-Terrell Burgess
Tyler Rogers
Tylee White
Kyle Phillips
43.81aMar 26Valley Center/Otay Ranch ..
3.-Relay Team 43.88aMay 23CIF-SDS Prelims
4.-Terrell Burgess
Tyler Rogers
Kyle Phillips
Tylee White
44.13aMar 19San Marcos @ Orange Glen
5.-Terrell Burgess
Kyle Phillips
Tyler Rogers
Tylee White
44.44cApr 9Escondido @ San Marcos
6.-Semaj Wren
Terrell Burgess
Nate Deandrade
Tyler Rogers
44.56aMay 7San Marcos @ Del Norte
7.-Tylee White
Nate Deandrade
Terrell Burgess
Semaj Wren
44.64aApr 29San Marcos @ SDA
8.-Will Kenney
Terrell Burgess
Nate Deandrade
Tylee White
44.94cApr 16San Pasqual @ San Marcos
9.-Raekwon Mosteller
Daniel Engebrits
Austin Potter
Kyle Schoeppner
46.34cApr 9Escondido @ San Marcos
10.-Kyle Schoeppner
Raekwon Mosteller
Daniel Engebrits
Dylan Check
46.59aMar 26Valley Center/Otay Ranch ..
11.-Raekwon Mosteller
Dylan Check
Kyle Schoeppner
Austin Potter
47.32aApr 29San Marcos @ SDA
12.-Daniel Engebrits
Raekwon Mosteller
Austin Potter
Dylan Check
47.34cApr 16San Pasqual @ San Marcos
13.-Austin Potter
Kyle Schoeppner
Dylan Check
Raekwon Mosteller
47.35aMay 7San Marcos @ Del Norte
14.-Dylan Check
Daniel Engebrits
Raekwon Mosteller
Kyle Schoeppner
NTMar 19San Marcos @ Orange Glen
4x400 Relay
1.-Jake Selstad
Terrell Burgess
Ethan Schnepp
Nate Deandrade
3:31.00Apr 16San Pasqual @ San Marcos
2.-Kyle Philips
Ethan Schnepp
Jake Selstad
Nate Deandrade
3:32.62aMar 26Valley Center/Otay Ranch ..
3.-Jake Selstad
Ethan Schnepp
Terrell Burgess
Nate Deandrade
3:32.90Apr 9Escondido @ San Marcos
4.-Will Kenney
Jake Selstad
Nate Deandrade
Conner Hansen
3:41.58aApr 29San Marcos @ SDA
5.-Christian Malki
Kyle Philips
Terrell Burgess
Jake Selstad
3:41.69aMar 19San Marcos @ Orange Glen
6.-Ethan Cline
Austin Potter
Alexander Saysanasongkham
Christian Malki
3:55.00Apr 16San Pasqual @ San Marcos
7.-Ethan Cline
Myles Adams
Alexander Saysanasongkham
Christian Malki
3:57.35aMay 7San Marcos @ Del Norte
8.-Kyle Schoeppner
Austin Potter
Christian Malki
Alexander Saysanasongkham
3:57.64aMar 26Valley Center/Otay Ranch ..
9.-Ethan Cline
Alexander Saysanasongkham
Christian Malki
Kyle Schoeppner
4:00.16aApr 29San Marcos @ SDA
10.-Ethan Cline
Alexander Saysanasongkham
Christian Malki
Austin Potter
4:08.00Apr 23San Marcos @ Mission Hill..
11.-Alexander Saysanasongkham
Austin Potter
Ethan Schnepp
Kyle Schoeppner
NTMar 19San Marcos @ Orange Glen
Shot Put - 12lb
1.11Jeremiah Castrellon40' 9.00Apr 16San Pasqual @ San Marcos
2.12Jake Anson37' 1.00May 15Avocado East League Final..
3.12Cody Meyer36' 8.00Mar 26Valley Center/Otay Ranch ..
4.10Liam Amodeo36' 3.00Mar 26Valley Center/Otay Ranch ..
5.-Dylan Palmer34' 8.00Mar 19San Marcos @ Orange Glen
6.9Sergio Chavez34' 6.00Apr 9Escondido @ San Marcos
7.9Andrew Meyer32' 7.50May 7San Marcos @ Del Norte
8.11Robert Martinez28' 10.00Mar 26Valley Center/Otay Ranch ..
9.-Tommy Banuelos27' 4.50Apr 29San Marcos @ SDA
10.-Troy Ryder24' 8.00Mar 19San Marcos @ Orange Glen
11.9Richard Lowe20' 10.00Mar 19San Marcos @ Orange Glen
Discus - 1.6kg
1.11Jeremiah Castrellon117' 2.00Apr 23San Marcos @ Mission Hill..
2.12Jake Anson114' 2.00May 7San Marcos @ Del Norte
3.12Cody Meyer94' 1.00Mar 26Valley Center/Otay Ranch ..
4.11Robert Martinez90' 11.00Mar 26Valley Center/Otay Ranch ..
5.10Liam Amodeo89' 9.00Apr 29San Marcos @ SDA
6.9Andrew Meyer86' 9.00May 7San Marcos @ Del Norte
7.9Sergio Chavez81' 1.00May 7San Marcos @ Del Norte
8.-Dylan Palmer80' 5.00Mar 19San Marcos @ Orange Glen
9.9Richard Lowe43' 3.00Mar 19San Marcos @ Orange Glen
High Jump
1.9Josh Bornes6' 3.00May 30CIF-SDS Finals
2.11Will Kenney6' 2.00Mar 26Valley Center/Otay Ranch ..
3.11Sergiy Chemodanov5' 6.00Mar 26Valley Center/Otay Ranch ..
4.9Riley O'neil5' 2.00Mar 26Valley Center/Otay Ranch ..
5.10Steven Hunt4' 10.00Mar 19San Marcos @ Orange Glen
11Alex Katson4' 10.00Apr 23San Marcos @ Mission Hill..
7.11Brian Ngyugen4' 8.00Mar 26Valley Center/Otay Ranch ..
11Brian Nguyen4' 8.00Apr 9Escondido @ San Marcos
9.11Ethan LoganNHMar 19San Marcos @ Orange Glen
Pole Vault
1.10Ryan Maloney11' 0.00Mar 26Valley Center/Otay Ranch ..
11Chris Fernando11' 0.00Apr 16San Pasqual @ San Marcos
3.10Andrew Whiting10' 9.00Apr 23San Marcos @ Mission Hill..
4.9Alex Lopez8' 6.00Mar 26Valley Center/Otay Ranch ..
9Riley O'neil8' 6.00May 7San Marcos @ Del Norte
6.-Troy RyderDNSMay 7San Marcos @ Del Norte
10Steven HuntNHMar 19San Marcos @ Orange Glen
9Duncan BerryNHMar 19San Marcos @ Orange Glen
Long Jump
1.11Terrell Burgess21' 3.50Apr 18Jaguar Invite Afternoon S..
2.9Kyle Phillips20' 7.25Mar 26Valley Center/Otay Ranch ..
3.11Will Kenney20' 4.50Mar 19San Marcos @ Orange Glen
4.10Tyler Rogers19' 3.50May 15Avocado East League Final..
5.10Drew Morgan18' 10.50Apr 9Escondido @ San Marcos
6.9John Ross18' 3.50Apr 16San Pasqual @ San Marcos
7.9Josh Bornes18' 0.00Mar 19San Marcos @ Orange Glen
8.11Vincent Domenici17' 9.00Mar 26Valley Center/Otay Ranch ..
9.10Bryson Bolin17' 6.50Mar 19San Marcos @ Orange Glen
10.11Calvin Goodson17' 4.00Apr 29San Marcos @ SDA
11.12Kevin Maserang16' 1.00Mar 26Valley Center/Otay Ranch ..
Triple Jump
1.11Terrell Burgess42' 11.50Mar 26Valley Center/Otay Ranch ..
2.11Will Kenney41' 9.00Mar 19San Marcos @ Orange Glen
3.9Josh Bornes41' 5.50May 2Dick Wilkins Frosh-Soph I..
4.11Vincent Domenici36' 10.75Mar 26Valley Center/Otay Ranch ..
5.10Bryson Bolin36' 4.50Apr 23San Marcos @ Mission Hill..
6.11Calvin Goodson36' 1.25May 15Avocado East League Final..
7.11Mikol Flamino33' 7.00Apr 16San Pasqual @ San Marcos
8.12Kevin Maserang30' 6.50Mar 26Valley Center/Otay Ranch ..
9.10Drew MorganNDMar 19San Marcos @ Orange Glen


100 Meters
1.11Raye Boyd13.16aApr 29San Marcos @ SDA
2.9Miranda Goodson13.24cApr 16San Pasqual @ San Marcos
3.12Somer Myers13.28awMay 15Avocado East League Final..
4.9Carli Nosler13.29awMay 15Avocado East League Final..
5.9Savanna Rosengreen13.44cApr 9Escondido @ San Marcos
6.10Kaitlin Slater13.74cApr 16San Pasqual @ San Marcos
7.10Kiersten Carrine13.84cApr 16San Pasqual @ San Marcos
8.9Erin Barry13.93aMar 19San Marcos @ Orange Glen
9.9Madison GallagherNTMar 19San Marcos @ Orange Glen
200 Meters
1.9Miranda Goodson26.80awMay 2Dick Wilkins Frosh-Soph I..
2.11Raye Boyd27.02aApr 29San Marcos @ SDA
3.11Grecia Huerta27.30awMay 15Avocado East League Final..
4.12Somer Myers27.45awMay 15Avocado East League Final..
5.9Savanna Rosengreen28.01aMar 26Valley Center/Otay Ranch ..
6.9Erin Barry28.04cApr 16San Pasqual @ San Marcos
7.9Ritu Shah28.77aMar 19San Marcos @ Orange Glen
8.10Kiersten Carrine29.64cApr 23San Marcos @ Mission Hill..
9.10Megan Slama30.94cApr 23San Marcos @ Mission Hill..
10.10Janeta Khachatrian31.09awMay 7San Marcos @ Del Norte
400 Meters
1.9Zoie Valencia62.04cApr 16San Pasqual @ San Marcos
2.9Ritu Shah62.85aMar 19San Marcos @ Orange Glen
3.9Kailei Gallup63.88aApr 18Jaguar Invite Afternoon S..
4.9Erin Barry64.84cApr 23San Marcos @ Mission Hill..
5.11Sierra Miller65.08aMay 15Avocado East League Final..
6.11Grecia Huerta65.84cApr 9Escondido @ San Marcos
7.9Celine Truong69.24cApr 23San Marcos @ Mission Hill..
8.9Alissa Shaw69.67aMay 7San Marcos @ Del Norte
9.9Leighla Buckner69.74cApr 23San Marcos @ Mission Hill..
10.10Janeta Khachatrian78.51aMar 19San Marcos @ Orange Glen
800 Meters
1.10Paige Carter2:19.80aMay 7San Marcos @ Del Norte
2.9Zoie Valencia2:23.00aMay 2Dick Wilkins Frosh-Soph I..
3.9Kailei Gallup2:26.62aMay 23CIF-SDS Prelims
4.9Cassidy Von Musser2:31.27aApr 29San Marcos @ SDA
5.10Emily Woodhouse2:32.59aMay 7San Marcos @ Del Norte
6.11Amy Keith2:33.27aMay 7San Marcos @ Del Norte
7.12Ellen Prickett2:33.59aApr 29San Marcos @ SDA
8.10Stephanie Jimenez2:34.21aMar 26Valley Center/Otay Ranch ..
9.9Morgan Challan2:37.00Apr 9Escondido @ San Marcos
10.11Sierra Miller2:38.00Apr 16San Pasqual @ San Marcos
11.12Mikayla Mesker2:40.46aApr 29San Marcos @ SDA
12.11Linh Tran2:50.31aMar 19San Marcos @ Orange Glen
13.10Melanie Kascoutas3:04.81aMar 26Valley Center/Otay Ranch ..
14.9Allyson Steffan3:06.89aMar 19San Marcos @ Orange Glen
15.10Macey WinterNTMar 19San Marcos @ Orange Glen
11Amber SimesNTMar 19San Marcos @ Orange Glen
11Sadiya HussainiNTMar 19San Marcos @ Orange Glen
10Bridget SmithNTMar 19San Marcos @ Orange Glen
1600 Meters
1.10Paige Carter5:07.78aMay 15Avocado East League Final..
2.9Morgan Challan5:21.00Apr 23San Marcos @ Mission Hill..
3.9Cassidy Von Musser5:21.99aMay 15Avocado East League Final..
4.11Amy Keith5:28.36aMay 23CIF-SDS Prelims
5.12Ellen Prickett5:28.75aMay 7San Marcos @ Del Norte
6.9Zoie Valencia5:32.10Apr 9Escondido @ San Marcos
7.10Stephanie Jimenez5:41.37aMar 19San Marcos @ Orange Glen
8.10Emily Woodhouse5:45.00Apr 23San Marcos @ Mission Hill..
9.9Kailei Gallup5:51.00Apr 16San Pasqual @ San Marcos
10.12Mikayla Mesker5:57.10aMay 7San Marcos @ Del Norte
11.10Macey Winter6:17.00Apr 23San Marcos @ Mission Hill..
12.9McKenna Copeland6:22.53aMay 7San Marcos @ Del Norte
13.11Sadiya Hussaini6:23.00Apr 23San Marcos @ Mission Hill..
14.10Bridget Smith6:23.87aMar 19San Marcos @ Orange Glen
15.11Linh Tran6:24.26aMar 19San Marcos @ Orange Glen
16.9Allyson Steffan6:30.28aMar 19San Marcos @ Orange Glen
17.10Melanie Kascoutas6:32.69aMar 19San Marcos @ Orange Glen
18.11Amber SimesNTMar 19San Marcos @ Orange Glen
3200 Meters
1.10Paige Carter11:21.22aMay 2Dick Wilkins Frosh-Soph I..
2.12Ellen Prickett11:34.00Apr 16San Pasqual @ San Marcos
3.9Cassidy Von Musser11:39.70aApr 18Jaguar Invite Afternoon S..
4.11Amy Keith11:47.32aMay 15Avocado East League Final..
5.9Morgan Challan12:05.00Apr 23San Marcos @ Mission Hill..
6.12Mikayla MeskerNTMar 19San Marcos @ Orange Glen
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.12Deyanira Lopez16.37awMay 15Avocado East League Final..
2.10Elana Fernandez17.56aMar 26Valley Center/Otay Ranch ..
3.10Kaitlin Slater18.24cApr 23San Marcos @ Mission Hill..
4.9Madison Gallagher18.54cApr 16San Pasqual @ San Marcos
5.10Jada Parker19.21awMay 7San Marcos @ Del Norte
6.9Quinn Leggett19.34cApr 23San Marcos @ Mission Hill..
7.9Sarah Young19.84cApr 9Escondido @ San Marcos
8.9Jailen Fudge20.74awMay 7San Marcos @ Del Norte
9.9Caroline McGinnis21.24cApr 23San Marcos @ Mission Hill..
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.12Deyanira Lopez48.36aMay 15Avocado East League Final..
2.9Madison Gallagher51.38aMar 26Valley Center/Otay Ranch ..
3.10Elana Fernandez51.59aMay 15Avocado East League Final..
4.9Quinn Leggett53.04cApr 16San Pasqual @ San Marcos
5.9Jailen Fudge53.82aMay 7San Marcos @ Del Norte
6.9Sarah Young53.84cApr 23San Marcos @ Mission Hill..
7.10Jada Parker54.38aMay 7San Marcos @ Del Norte
8.9Caroline McGinnis58.72aMay 7San Marcos @ Del Norte
4x100 Relay
1.-Miranda Goodson
Savanna Rosengreen
Somer Myers
Grecia Huerta
51.24cApr 9Escondido @ San Marcos
-Miranda Goodson
Grecia Huerta
Savanna Rosengreen
Somer Myers
51.24cApr 16San Pasqual @ San Marcos
3.-Erin Barry
Miranda Goodson
Savanna Rosengreen
Raye Boyd
51.58aMay 7San Marcos @ Del Norte
4.-Raye Boyd
Miranda Goodson
Somer Myers
Savanna Rosengreen
51.64cApr 23San Marcos @ Mission Hill..
5.-Savanna Rosengreen
Raye Boyd
Somer Myers
Erin Barry
51.78aApr 29San Marcos @ SDA
6.-Raye Boyd
Miranda Goodson
Savanna Rosengreen
Somer Myers
51.89aMay 15Avocado East League Final..
7.-Miranda Goodson
Savanna Rosengreen
Ritu Shah
Kaitlin Slater
51.98aMar 19San Marcos @ Orange Glen
8.-Kaitlin Slater
Carli Nosler
Kiersten Carrine
Erin Barry
52.80aMar 26Valley Center/Otay Ranch ..
9.-Erin Barry
Kiersten Carrine
Kaitlin Slater
Carli Nosler
53.04cApr 23San Marcos @ Mission Hill..
10.-Kaitlin Slater
Kiersten Carrine
Carli Nosler
Erin Barry
53.44cApr 9Escondido @ San Marcos
11.-Leighla Buckner
Kiersten Carrine
Carli Nosler
Kaitlin Slater
54.66aApr 29San Marcos @ SDA
12.-Kaitlin Slater
Leighla Buckner
Kiersten Carrine
Carli Nosler
55.46aMay 7San Marcos @ Del Norte
13.-Kiersten Carrine
Erin Barry
Madison Gallagher
Carli Nosler
56.06aMar 19San Marcos @ Orange Glen
14.-Erin Barry
Kaitlin Slater
Kiersten Carrine
Carli Nosler
56.84cApr 16San Pasqual @ San Marcos
15.-Raye Boyd
Ritu Shah
Miranda Goodson
Savanna Rosengreen
DQMar 26Valley Center/Otay Ranch ..
4x400 Relay
1.-Raye Boyd
Ritu Shah
Zoie Valencia
Kailei Gallup
4:12.04aMar 26Valley Center/Otay Ranch ..
2.-Morgan Challan
Kailei Gallup
Zoie Valencia
Paige Carter
4:12.60aApr 18Jaguar Invite Afternoon S..
3.-Zoie Valencia
Paige Carter
Kailei Gallup
Erin Barry
4:20.34aApr 29San Marcos @ SDA
4.-Ritu Shah
Erin Barry
Kailei Gallup
Zoie Valencia
4:20.80aMay 7San Marcos @ Del Norte
5.-Kaitlin Slater
Zoie Valencia
Morgan Challan
Paige Carter
4:21.16aMar 19San Marcos @ Orange Glen
6.-Leighla Buckner
Jiennah Crayton
Kaitlin Slater
Celine Truong
4:48.39aApr 29San Marcos @ SDA
7.-Leighla Buckner
Jiennah Crayton
Kaitlin Slater
Alissa Bombardier
4:50.00Apr 16San Pasqual @ San Marcos
8.-Kaitlin Slater
Alissa Shaw
Celine Truong
Jiennah Crayton
4:52.23aMay 7San Marcos @ Del Norte
9.-Celine Truong
Alissa Bombardier
Leighla Buckner
Jiennah Crayton
NTMar 19San Marcos @ Orange Glen
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.-Paige Carter
Zoie Valencia
Cassidy Von Musser
Morgan Challan
12:57.61aMar 28Mt. Carmel/ASICS Track In..
2.-Paige Carter
Morgan Challan
Zoie Valencia
Cassidy Von Musser
13:04.08aMay 2Dick Wilkins Frosh-Soph I..
3.-Ellen Prickett
Amy Keith
Cassidy Von Musser
Kailei Gallup
13:17.50aApr 18Jaguar Invite Afternoon S..
Shot Put - 4kg
1.11Kaydence Drummond37' 3.00Mar 19San Marcos @ Orange Glen
2.11Precious Niumata29' 10.00Mar 26Valley Center/Otay Ranch ..
3.-Stephnie Atherton28' 7.00May 15Avocado East League Final..
4.11Grace Hanselman26' 8.00Mar 26Valley Center/Otay Ranch ..
5.9McKenna Copeland25' 8.00May 7San Marcos @ Del Norte
6.10Francessca Coombs24' 3.00May 7San Marcos @ Del Norte
7.9Isabel Abelardo24' 0.50Apr 16San Pasqual @ San Marcos
8.10Diana Olalde21' 5.50Apr 29San Marcos @ SDA
9.10Valeria Solache18' 5.00May 7San Marcos @ Del Norte
Discus - 1kg
1.11Kaydence Drummond139' 6.00May 30CIF-SDS Finals
2.-Stephnie Atherton97' 4.00Apr 23San Marcos @ Mission Hill..
3.12Stephanie Atherton85' 0.00May 23CIF-SDS Prelims
4.11Precious Niumata81' 11.00Apr 23San Marcos @ Mission Hill..
5.9McKenna Copeland69' 5.00May 7San Marcos @ Del Norte
6.10Francessca Coombs67' 10.00Apr 23San Marcos @ Mission Hill..
7.9Isabel Abelardo67' 1.00May 7San Marcos @ Del Norte
8.11Grace Hanselman58' 11.00Mar 26Valley Center/Otay Ranch ..
9.10Diana Olalde51' 6.00Apr 29San Marcos @ SDA
10.10Valeria Solache50' 3.00Apr 29San Marcos @ SDA
11.9Michelle GarciaNDMar 19San Marcos @ Orange Glen
High Jump
1.10Chloe Seipt4' 6.00Apr 9Escondido @ San Marcos
2.9Quinn Leggett4' 4.00Apr 23San Marcos @ Mission Hill..
9Kailei Gallup4' 4.00Mar 26Valley Center/Otay Ranch ..
4.9Sarah Tew4' 0.00Apr 9Escondido @ San Marcos
Pole Vault
1.10Kyra Hendrickson7' 0.00Apr 16San Pasqual @ San Marcos
2.11Erica Luancing6' 6.00May 7San Marcos @ Del Norte
3.10Erika Mondragon6' 3.00Apr 23San Marcos @ Mission Hill..
4.11Emily Osthimer6' 0.00Apr 16San Pasqual @ San Marcos
9Brianna Romero6' 0.00Apr 9Escondido @ San Marcos
Long Jump
1.12Deyanira Lopez16' 6.00Apr 9Escondido @ San Marcos
2.10Chloe Seipt15' 0.25Mar 26Valley Center/Otay Ranch ..
3.9Kearsten Booker14' 8.00Apr 23San Marcos @ Mission Hill..
4.9Sarah Tew14' 7.00Apr 16San Pasqual @ San Marcos
5.9Kelsey Bess14' 4.50Apr 23San Marcos @ Mission Hill..
6.9Ashley Meeks14' 4.00Apr 16San Pasqual @ San Marcos
7.10Melissa Atherton13' 4.50Apr 16San Pasqual @ San Marcos
8.9Laura HendersonDNSMar 28Mt. Carmel/ASICS Track In..
10Carolyn WeismanDNSMar 28Mt. Carmel/ASICS Track In..
Triple Jump
1.12Deyanira Lopez33' 2.50Apr 9Escondido @ San Marcos
2.9Kearsten Booker32' 9.00May 2Dick Wilkins Frosh-Soph I..
3.10Chloe Seipt31' 7.50Apr 9Escondido @ San Marcos
4.9Kelsey Bess29' 8.00May 2Dick Wilkins Frosh-Soph I..
5.9Sarah Tew29' 7.50Apr 29San Marcos @ SDA
6.9Ashley Meeks27' 0.00Apr 9Escondido @ San Marcos

* = Recent improvement

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