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      Fishermen - Astoria, OR

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100 Meters
1.10Steven Wentworth11.34cApr 21Astoria/Seaside
2.10Kyle McMullen12.04cApr 14Tillamook vs. Astoria
9Andres Lopez12.04cApr 7Astoria/Rainier
4.11Micah Schauermann12.14cApr 28Astoria vs Banks
5.10Nick Alfonse12.44cApr 14Tillamook vs. Astoria
6.9Adam Keating12.84cMay 3Astoria
7.9Ryan Fritsch12.94cApr 28Astoria vs Banks
12Mike Rieck12.94cApr 7Astoria/Rainier
9.11Andrew Ellsberg13.04cMay 3Astoria
200 Meters
1.10Steven Wentworth23.00aApr 23Lower Colombia Invitation..
2.12Frankie Feebus24.24cApr 7Astoria/Rainier
3.9Andres Lopez24.54cApr 21Astoria/Seaside
4.12Mike Rieck24.90aApr 9Banks Invitational
5.10Nick Alfonse25.24cApr 2Cherry Blossom Invitation..
6.11Andrew Ellsberg26.44cMay 3Astoria
7.9Adam Keating26.54cMay 3Astoria
8.10David MacAloney27.14cApr 21Astoria/Seaside
400 Meters
1.10Steven Wentworth52.08aApr 23Lower Colombia Invitation..
2.12Frankie Feebus53.54cMay 3Astoria
3.10Nick Alfonse54.74cApr 7Astoria/Rainier
11Cyrus Heick54.74cApr 2Cherry Blossom Invitation..
5.12Mike Rieck57.44cApr 28Astoria vs Banks
6.10Josimar Macareno57.64cApr 28Astoria vs Banks
7.9Brian Wenner58.84cApr 2Cherry Blossom Invitation..
8.9Dustin Manley59.64cApr 7Astoria/Rainier
9.10David MacAloney61.84cApr 7Astoria/Rainier
800 Meters
1.11Jonnie Dunne2:08.1May 3Astoria
2.11Ian MacDougal2:10.4Apr 28Astoria vs Banks
3.10Josimar Macareno2:11.9Apr 14Tillamook vs. Astoria
4.9Chris Dalton2:17.8May 3Astoria
5.11Peter Springer2:18.7May 3Astoria
6.9Zack Knight2:19.6May 3Astoria
7.9Skyler Butenshon2:23.0Apr 28Astoria vs Banks
8.9Brian Wenner2:28.2Apr 28Astoria vs Banks
9.9Shawn Barrick2:30.9Apr 28Astoria vs Banks
10.9Alex Bonham2:42.81aApr 9Banks Invitational
1500 Meters
1.10Josimar Macareno4:20.5May 3Astoria
2.11Jonnie Dunne4:26.14aApr 30Meet of Champions (Boys)
3.11Ian MacDougal4:29.7May 3Astoria
4.9Shawn Barrick4:50.9May 3Astoria
5.9Skyler Butenshon4:51.1Apr 21Astoria/Seaside
6.9Chris Dalton4:51.3Apr 28Astoria vs Banks
7.11Peter Springer4:58.3Apr 28Astoria vs Banks
8.9Zack Knight5:19.2Apr 14Tillamook vs. Astoria
9.9Alex Bonham5:26.6Apr 7Astoria/Rainier
3000 Meters
1.10Josimar Macareno9:20.6Apr 23Lower Colombia Invitation..
2.11Ian MacDougal9:56.5Apr 23Lower Colombia Invitation..
3.11Jonnie Dunne10:17.5Apr 7Astoria/Rainier
4.9Skyler Butenshon10:27.13aApr 9Banks Invitational
5.9Chris Dalton10:30.1Apr 28Astoria vs Banks
6.9Shawn Barrick10:41.8Apr 28Astoria vs Banks
7.9Alex Bonham12:18.4Apr 28Astoria vs Banks
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.12Bryce Riekkola16.24cApr 21Astoria/Seaside
2.10Kyle McMullen18.34cMay 3Astoria
3.9Justin Roberts18.74cApr 21Astoria/Seaside
4.9Luke McAllister19.74cApr 7Astoria/Rainier
5.9Jonathan Rivera19.94aApr 9Banks Invitational
6.12Joven Rasgo20.14cApr 14Tillamook vs. Astoria
7.9Ryan Fritsch21.04cApr 7Astoria/Rainier
8.9Jonathan Skillman22.64cApr 7Astoria/Rainier
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.12Bryce Riekkola41.94cApr 7Astoria/Rainier
2.11Micah Schauermann42.94cMay 3Astoria
3.9Ryan Fritsch46.84cApr 2Cherry Blossom Invitation..
4.12Adam Murray47.94cApr 2Cherry Blossom Invitation..
5.12Joven Rasgo48.54cApr 14Tillamook vs. Astoria
6.10Tony Robinson49.94cApr 21Astoria/Seaside
7.9Jonathan Rivera50.74cApr 21Astoria/Seaside
8.9Zack Knight51.74cApr 28Astoria vs Banks
9.9Luke McAllister51.94cMar 17Cowapa League Anderson Re..
10.9John Heick53.24cApr 7Astoria/Rainier
4x100 Relay
1.-Relay Team 45.24cApr 28Astoria vs Banks
2.-Frankie Feebus
Mike Rieck
Micah Schauermann
Steven Wentworth
45.94cMar 17Cowapa League Anderson Re..
4x400 Relay
1.-Relay Team 3:31.63aApr 30Meet of Champions (Boys)
2.-Frankie Feebus
Nick Alfonse
Cyrus Heick
Steven Wentworth
3:35.9Mar 17Cowapa League Anderson Re..
Shot Put - 12lb
1.12Cory Hissner49' 10Apr 30Meet of Champions (Boys)
2.12Daniel Olsen45' 5Apr 28Astoria vs Banks
3.10Aaron Coy44' 9.5May 3Astoria
4.9Ben Mattingly37' 3.5May 3Astoria
5.12Dylan McMurtry37' 0Apr 28Astoria vs Banks
6.9Alex Whitaker36' 0May 3Astoria
7.9Chris Meyer35' 7Apr 21Astoria/Seaside
8.9Jonathan Skillman34' 7May 3Astoria
9.9Matt Noack31' 11May 3Astoria
10.9Jonathan Smith31' 2May 3Astoria
11.12Nick Noack30' 6Apr 7Astoria/Rainier
12.9Ricky Welty29' 1.5May 3Astoria
13.9Chris Edwards28' 6May 3Astoria
Discus - 1.6kg
1.12Dylan McMurtry148' 9Apr 21Astoria/Seaside
2.10Aaron Coy120' 5Apr 14Tillamook vs. Astoria
3.11Syd Lane107' 4Apr 9Banks Invitational
4.9Ben Mattingly106' 1Apr 28Astoria vs Banks
5.9Alex Whitaker95' 9Apr 21Astoria/Seaside
6.9Chris Edwards71' 10Mar 17Cowapa League Anderson Re..
7.9Matt Noack69' 2May 3Astoria
Javelin - 800g
1.12Cory Hissner173' 7May 3Astoria
2.10Nathan Stinnett157' 7May 3Astoria
3.12Dylan McMurtry137' 3Apr 21Astoria/Seaside
4.11Syd Lane136' 2Apr 2Cherry Blossom Invitation..
5.10Ben Rude130' 9Apr 28Astoria vs Banks
6.9Tyler Riekkola117' 9Apr 28Astoria vs Banks
7.9Zack Knight102' 11Apr 28Astoria vs Banks
8.9Alex Wilson102' 3Apr 28Astoria vs Banks
9.9Jonathan Skillman97' 5Apr 21Astoria/Seaside
10.9Jonathan Smith92' 2Mar 17Cowapa League Anderson Re..
11.9Ricky Welty67' 10Apr 7Astoria/Rainier
High Jump
1.10Tony Robinson5' 8Apr 9Banks Invitational
9Justin Roberts5' 8Apr 21Astoria/Seaside
11Syd Lane5' 8Apr 14Tillamook vs. Astoria
4.11Micah Schauermann5' 6Mar 17Cowapa League Anderson Re..
5.11Josh Ray5' 4Apr 2Cherry Blossom Invitation..
Pole Vault
1.10Ben Rude10' 6Apr 14Tillamook vs. Astoria
10Scott Chacon10' 6Apr 23Lower Colombia Invitation..
3.12Joven Rasgo10' 0Apr 21Astoria/Seaside
4.12Justin Gauthier9' 6May 3Astoria
5.12Adam Murray9' 0Apr 21Astoria/Seaside
10Matthew Nunnally9' 0Apr 28Astoria vs Banks
Long Jump
1.12Bryce Riekkola20' 1.5Apr 7Astoria/Rainier
2.10Kyle McMullen19' 3May 3Astoria
3.11Micah Schauermann18' 11Apr 2Cherry Blossom Invitation..
4.12Adam Murray16' 3Apr 28Astoria vs Banks
5.9Jonathan Rivera13' 10Apr 28Astoria vs Banks
Triple Jump
1.10Kyle McMullen40' 2Mar 17Cowapa League Anderson Re..
2.11Micah Schauermann38' 7.5Apr 2Cherry Blossom Invitation..
3.12Adam Murray38' 6Apr 21Astoria/Seaside
4.9Justin Roberts35' 2Mar 17Cowapa League Anderson Re..
5.9Kevin Speer32' 2.5Apr 21Astoria/Seaside
6.9Jonathan Rivera28' 5Apr 28Astoria vs Banks


100 Meters
1.9Hilary O'Bryan12.84cApr 21Astoria/Seaside
2.9Sara Cullen14.04cApr 28Astoria vs Banks
3.9Lexi Gouge14.24cApr 14Tillamook vs. Astoria
4.10Janae Poe14.64cApr 2Cherry Blossom Invitation..
200 Meters
1.9Hilary O'Bryan27.10aApr 9Banks Invitational
2.12Shyra Merila27.94cMay 3Astoria
3.11Maia Fastabend28.14cApr 28Astoria vs Banks
4.9Sara Cullen28.74cApr 21Astoria/Seaside
5.10Janae Poe31.64cApr 28Astoria vs Banks
400 Meters
1.12Shyra Merila62.04cMay 3Astoria
2.11Maia Fastabend64.90aApr 9Banks Invitational
3.9Sara Cullen66.34cApr 21Astoria/Seaside
4.9Bridgette Nurding66.84cApr 14Tillamook vs. Astoria
800 Meters
1.9Bridgette Nurding2:32.4Apr 23Lower Colombia Invitation..
2.10Maia Donachy2:34.0May 3Astoria
3.11Katie Choate2:38.48aApr 9Banks Invitational
4.10Abby Chesimet2:48.4Apr 28Astoria vs Banks
5.11Becky Caccavano2:50.7Apr 28Astoria vs Banks
6.9Hannah Alley3:05.7Apr 14Tillamook vs. Astoria
1500 Meters
1.11Katie Choate5:20.6Apr 21Astoria/Seaside
2.9Bridgette Nurding5:21.1Apr 28Astoria vs Banks
3.10Abby Chesimet5:36.9Apr 28Astoria vs Banks
4.10Maia Donachy5:38.88aApr 9Banks Invitational
5.11Becky Caccavano5:47.4Apr 14Tillamook vs. Astoria
6.10Lindsey Prichard5:52.8Apr 7Astoria/Rainier
7.9Hannah Alley6:23.4Apr 21Astoria/Seaside
8.9Emily Cameron6:56.8Apr 28Astoria vs Banks
3000 Meters
1.10Abby Chesimet11:42.5Apr 23Lower Colombia Invitation..
2.10Lindsey Prichard12:49.0Apr 14Tillamook vs. Astoria
3.11Katie Choate13:19.3Apr 7Astoria/Rainier
4.9Hannah Alley14:26.4Apr 11Daily Astorian Invitation..
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.10Janae Poe18.84cMay 3Astoria
2.9Brooke Schauerman19.84cApr 7Astoria/Rainier
3.9Lexi Gouge21.16aApr 9Banks Invitational
4.11Anna Conklin21.94cApr 28Astoria vs Banks
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.11Katrina Sentgeorge51.20aApr 23Lower Colombia Invitation..
2.10Lindsey Prichard58.54cApr 11Daily Astorian Invitation..
3.9Brooke Schauerman58.94cApr 7Astoria/Rainier
4.9Lexi Gouge61.26aApr 9Banks Invitational
5.10Jessi Meyer71.54cApr 7Astoria/Rainier
4x100 Relay
1.-Sara Cullen
Hilary O'Bryan
Britney Haskell
Shyra Merila
53.24cApr 21Astoria/Seaside
2.-Relay Team 53.54cApr 28Astoria vs Banks
4x400 Relay
1.-Relay Team 4:14.4May 3Astoria
Shot Put - 4kg
1.9Jamie Coggins34' 7Apr 28Astoria vs Banks
2.10Wendi Agalzoff34' 4.25Apr 9Banks Invitational
3.11Sara Kelly29' 1Mar 17Cowapa League Anderson Re..
Discus - 1kg
1.9Jamie Coggins116' 5May 3Astoria
2.10Wendi Agalzoff94' 0Mar 17Cowapa League Anderson Re..
3.11Emily Kuske83' 11Apr 28Astoria vs Banks
4.11Sara Kelly73' 11Apr 7Astoria/Rainier
Javelin - 600g
1.11Emily Kuske112' 6Apr 21Astoria/Seaside
2.12Shyra Merila110' 5May 3Astoria
3.11Sara Kelly91' 8Mar 17Cowapa League Anderson Re..
4.11Anna Conklin90' 2Apr 28Astoria vs Banks
High Jump
1.9Hilary O'Bryan5' 0Apr 21Astoria/Seaside
2.12Britney Haskell4' 10Apr 21Astoria/Seaside
3.11Anna Conklin4' 2Apr 28Astoria vs Banks
Pole Vault
1.10Rachel Gascoigne9' 0Apr 9Banks Invitational
2.10Amy Chaloux6' 6Mar 17Cowapa League Anderson Re..
Long Jump
1.11Maia Fastabend15' 11.5Apr 21Astoria/Seaside
2.12Britney Haskell15' 3.5Apr 21Astoria/Seaside
3.11Anna Conklin13' 1Apr 28Astoria vs Banks
4.10Jessi Meyer11' 6.5Apr 28Astoria vs Banks
5.11Sara Kelly11' 3Mar 17Cowapa League Anderson Re..
6.9Brooke Schauerman11' 1Mar 17Cowapa League Anderson Re..
Triple Jump
1.11Maia Fastabend33' 6Apr 7Astoria/Rainier
2.12Britney Haskell31' 5.5Apr 21Astoria/Seaside
3.11Katrina Sentgeorge29' 7.5Apr 28Astoria vs Banks
4.11Anna Conklin27' 7Apr 2Cherry Blossom Invitation..
5.10Jessi Meyer25' 10Apr 28Astoria vs Banks

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