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    Frogs - Washington, DC

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100 Meters
1.12Anthony Ware11.19aMay 9ISL / MAC Championsh..
2.11Austin Holmes11.54cApr 5Potomac Invitational
3.11Zach Popkin11.84cApr 5Potomac Invitational
4.12Jalen Barnes11.94cApr 23SFS HOME MEET 2
5.12Drake Goddard12.05awMay 3General Philip Drape..
6.10Tan Bui12.24cApr 23SFS HOME MEET 2
11Nick Williams12.24cApr 23SFS HOME MEET 2
8.9David Holman12.74cMay 5ISL/MAC B Championsh..
9.11Charles Dawson13.94cApr 2SFS HOME MEET 1
10.10Costas Tsitsiragos14.24aMar 14SSSAS Early Bird
11.9Luka Garza16.15aMar 14SSSAS Early Bird
200 Meters
1.11Austin Holmes22.90aMay 21DCSAA State Track/Fi..
2.12Drake Goddard25.13aMay 9ISL / MAC Championsh..
3.11Alex Peltier25.23aApr 19McNamara Mustangs In..
12Jalen Barnes25.23aMar 14SSSAS Early Bird
5.11Nick Williams25.44cApr 23SFS HOME MEET 2
6.11Zach Popkin25.84cApr 5Potomac Invitational
7.10Costas Tsitsiragos26.94cMay 5ISL/MAC B Championsh..
8.11Charles Dawson27.04cMay 5ISL/MAC B Championsh..
9.12Anthony Ware27.48aMay 9ISL / MAC Championsh..
10.9David Holman28.14cMay 5ISL/MAC B Championsh..
400 Meters
1.11Austin Holmes49.46aMay 9ISL / MAC Championsh..
2.12Maurice Hicks51.62aMay 9ISL / MAC Championsh..
3.11Alex Peltier54.93aMar 14SSSAS Early Bird
4.10Costas Tsitsiragos56.04cApr 2SFS HOME MEET 1
5.11Zach Popkin57.09aMar 14SSSAS Early Bird
6.11Nick Williams58.64cApr 5Potomac Invitational
800 Meters
1.12Maurice Hicks2:02.43aMay 21DCSAA State Track/Fi..
2.11Chris Comas2:13.27aMay 3General Philip Drape..
3.10Evo Pavosevich2:14.78aMar 14SSSAS Early Bird
4.12Josh Olick-Gibson2:23.83aMar 14SSSAS Early Bird
1600 Meters
1.10Evo Pavosevich4:40.10aMay 3General Philip Drape..
2.12Josh Olick-Gibson5:02.09aMay 3General Philip Drape..
3.11Chris Comas5:05.00Apr 23SFS HOME MEET 2
4.11Ian Carter5:23.57aMar 14SSSAS Early Bird
5.9Luka Garza6:06.00Apr 23SFS HOME MEET 2
6.9Andrew D'Angelo6:18.12aMar 14SSSAS Early Bird
1 Mile
1.9Luka Garza5:56.22aMay 3General Philip Drape..
3200 Meters
1.11Ian Carter10:29.10Apr 5Potomac Invitational
2.10Evo Pavosevich10:47.00Apr 2SFS HOME MEET 1
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.12Jalen Barnes18.20aMay 9ISL / MAC Championsh..
2.12Jared Baly21.84aMay 9ISL / MAC Championsh..
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.11Austin Holmes42.26aMay 9ISL / MAC Championsh..
2.11Alex Peltier42.34aMay 9ISL / MAC Championsh..
3.12Jared Baly52.99aMay 9ISL / MAC Championsh..
4x100 Relay
1.-Relay Team 45.08aMar 14SSSAS Early Bird
2.-Zach Popkin
Jalen Barnes
Anthony Ware
Drake Goddard
45.89aMay 9ISL / MAC Championsh..
3.-Charles Dawson
Costas Tsitsiragos
Tan Bui
David Holman
49.64cMay 5ISL/MAC B Championsh..
4x400 Relay
1.-Zach Popkin
Cameron Ford
Austin Holmes
Nick Williams
3:36.59aMay 9ISL / MAC Championsh..
2.-Relay Team 3:40.30aMar 14SSSAS Early Bird
3.-Maurice Hicks
Zach Popkin
Alex Peltier
Austin Holmes
3:49.20Apr 5Potomac Invitational
4x800 Relay
1.-Maurice Hicks
Evo Pavosevich
Chris Comas
Josh Olick-Gibson
8:37.98aMay 9ISL / MAC Championsh..
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.-Relay Team 11:51.89aApr 19McNamara Mustangs In..
Shot Put - 12lb
1.12Jeremy Zeitler41' 7.50May 9ISL / MAC Championsh..
2.11Alex Peltier40' 0.50May 9ISL / MAC Championsh..
3.11Ciaran Herlihy35' 0.75May 9ISL / MAC Championsh..
4.12Jalen Barnes30' 3.00Apr 23SFS HOME MEET 2
5.9Luka Garza29' 1.00Apr 19McNamara Mustangs In..
6.11Ian Carter27' 7.50Apr 2SFS HOME MEET 1
7.11Charles Dawson26' 7.00Mar 14SSSAS Early Bird
Discus - 1.6kg
1.11Alex Peltier117' 2.00May 21DCSAA State Track/Fi..
2.12Jeremy Zeitler100' 0.00May 9ISL / MAC Championsh..
3.9Luka Garza77' 3.00May 5ISL/MAC B Championsh..
4.11Charles Dawson72' 0.00Mar 14SSSAS Early Bird
High Jump
1.12Jalen Barnes5' 10.00Apr 19McNamara Mustangs In..
2.11Nick Williams5' 6.00Apr 19McNamara Mustangs In..
3.10Cameron Ford5' 0.00Apr 23SFS HOME MEET 2
4.9David Holman4' 6.00Apr 5Potomac Invitational
Long Jump
1.12Anthony Ware21' 7.50May 9ISL / MAC Championsh..
2.12Jalen Barnes18' 7.00Apr 23SFS HOME MEET 2
3.11Zach Popkin18' 5.50May 9ISL / MAC Championsh..
4.11Nick Williams17' 6.50Apr 5Potomac Invitational
5.10Tan Bui17' 0.00Mar 14SSSAS Early Bird
6.10Costas Tsitsiragos14' 9.50May 5ISL/MAC B Championsh..
7.9David Holman13' 11.00May 5ISL/MAC B Championsh..
Triple Jump
1.12Maurice Hicks42' 9.00May 9ISL / MAC Championsh..
2.10Cameron Ford38' 9.00May 9ISL / MAC Championsh..
3.10Tan Bui34' 5.00Apr 23SFS HOME MEET 2
4.11Alex Peltier34' 0.00Apr 23SFS HOME MEET 2


100 Meters
1.12Molly Minnig13.38aMay 3General Philip Drape..
2.10Michelle Nguyen13.83aMay 3General Philip Drape..
3.9Lulu Knowles13.84aMay 9ISL / MAC Championsh..
4.10Amita Thomas14.54cApr 23SFS HOME MEET 2
5.11Abby Keyes14.64cApr 2SFS HOME MEET 1
6.11Alex Johnson15.24cApr 5Potomac Invitational
7.9Vi Bui15.84cMay 5ISL/MAC B Championsh..
8.11Nia Streater15.94cApr 2SFS HOME MEET 1
9.11Belecia Bullock16.44cApr 23SFS HOME MEET 2
200 Meters
1.12Molly Minnig28.58aMay 3General Philip Drape..
2.10Michelle Nguyen28.71aMay 9ISL / MAC Championsh..
3.10Ariel Austin30.14cApr 5Potomac Invitational
4.11Abby Keyes30.18aMay 9ISL / MAC Championsh..
5.11Carolyn Greenburg30.34cApr 5Potomac Invitational
6.10Amita Thomas31.94cApr 2SFS HOME MEET 1
7.9Vi Bui32.24cApr 23SFS HOME MEET 2
8.10Priya Mani34.04aMar 14SSSAS Early Bird
9.12Kammie Murphy38.14aMar 14SSSAS Early Bird
400 Meters
1.12Hannah Green67.84cApr 2SFS HOME MEET 1
2.11Carolyn Greenburg68.50aMay 9ISL / MAC Championsh..
3.11Abby Keyes69.76aMay 9ISL / MAC Championsh..
4.9Lulu Knowles74.60aMar 14SSSAS Early Bird
5.9Vi Bui78.05aMar 14SSSAS Early Bird
800 Meters
1.9Charlotte Waldman2:53.87aMar 14SSSAS Early Bird
2.11Michelle Sader3:13.00Apr 5Potomac Invitational
3.10Sammy Abikoff3:23.60Apr 5Potomac Invitational
1600 Meters
1.9Charlotte Waldman5:52.61aMay 21DCSAA State Track/Fi..
2.10Sammy Abikoff7:34.42aMar 14SSSAS Early Bird
3.11Isabel Gensler8:12.30Apr 2SFS HOME MEET 1
1 Mile
1.9Charlotte Waldman6:02.24aMay 3General Philip Drape..
3200 Meters
1.9Charlotte Waldman12:29.24aMay 3General Philip Drape..
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.12Hannah Green18.48aMay 9ISL / MAC Championsh..
2.10Ariel Austin20.73aMar 14SSSAS Early Bird
3.11Dinah Gordon21.42aMar 14SSSAS Early Bird
4.12Gaby Mclish21.94cApr 5Potomac Invitational
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.12Hannah Green51.73aMay 9ISL / MAC Championsh..
2.11Dinah Gordon54.02aMay 3General Philip Drape..
3.10Ariel Austin58.57aMar 14SSSAS Early Bird
4.12Gaby Mclish68.04cApr 5Potomac Invitational
4x100 Relay
1.-Lulu Knowles
Michelle Nguyen
Molly Minnig
Dinah Gordon
53.89aMay 9ISL / MAC Championsh..
2.-Relay Team 54.49aMay 3General Philip Drape..
3.-Dinah Gordon
Abby Keyes
Gaby Mclish
Michelle Nguyen
57.44cApr 5Potomac Invitational
4x400 Relay
1.-Abby Keyes
Carolyn Greenburg
Lulu Knowles
Hannah Green
4:37.17aMay 9ISL / MAC Championsh..
2.-Relay Team 4:41.69aMar 14SSSAS Early Bird
3.-Carolyn Greenburg
Abby Keyes
Michelle Nguyen
Lulu Knowles
4:58.90Apr 5Potomac Invitational
Shot Put - 4kg
1.10Ariel Austin22' 8.00May 9ISL / MAC Championsh..
2.9Lulu Knowles20' 8.00Apr 23SFS HOME MEET 2
3.10Priya Mani20' 5.00Apr 2SFS HOME MEET 1
11Nia Streater20' 5.00Apr 2SFS HOME MEET 1
5.11Belecia Bullock19' 10.00Apr 23SFS HOME MEET 2
6.11Michelle Sader16' 4.00Apr 2SFS HOME MEET 1
Discus - 1kg
1.11Abby Keyes63' 5.00May 9ISL / MAC Championsh..
2.11Nia Streater50' 1.00May 5ISL/MAC B Championsh..
3.9Lulu Knowles47' 8.00Apr 5Potomac Invitational
High Jump
1.10Amita Thomas4' 8.00Apr 19McNamara Mustangs In..
2.9Lulu Knowles4' 4.00May 9ISL / MAC Championsh..
3.10Priya ManiNHMar 14SSSAS Early Bird
Long Jump
1.10Michelle Nguyen14' 10.00May 3General Philip Drape..
2.10Amita Thomas14' 7.00May 21DCSAA State Track/Fi..
3.11Alex Johnson13' 9.00Apr 2SFS HOME MEET 1
4.10Sammy Abikoff11' 1.50Apr 2SFS HOME MEET 1
5.9Vi Bui11' 1.00Apr 23SFS HOME MEET 2
6.10Priya Mani9' 10.00Apr 2SFS HOME MEET 1
Triple Jump
1.9Lulu Knowles30' 8.50May 9ISL / MAC Championsh..
2.11Dinah Gordon29' 3.25Apr 2SFS HOME MEET 1
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