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    Eagles - Tarpon Springs, FL

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100 Meters
1.11Kyle Fearrington11.30aMar 21USF Steinbrenner Invitata..
2.10Bryce Miller11.48aFeb 27Mitchell Track Invitation..
3.12Fredric Frierson11.74aFeb 27Mitchell Track Invitation..
4.11Anthony Larosa12.41aFeb 27Mitchell Track Invitation..
5.9LaVaughn McNary12.76aFeb 27Mitchell Track Invitation..
6.10Xavier Jackson12.99aFeb 18Early Bird Eagle Invitati..
200 Meters
1.11Kyle Fearrington22.17awMar 26PCAC
2.12Fredric Frierson23.15aMar 21USF Steinbrenner Invitata..
3.12Justin Strnad24.01aFeb 27Mitchell Track Invitation..
4.12Alex Schultz24.17aApr 16FHSAA 4A District 8
5.10John Hakim24.46aFeb 18Early Bird Eagle Invitati..
6.9Joshua Bowers24.75aFeb 27Mitchell Track Invitation..
7.11Neilon Joslyn26.20aFeb 18Early Bird Eagle Invitati..
400 Meters
1.11Kyle Fearrington51.82aMar 26PCAC
2.10Rohan Kohli54.07aMar 26PCAC
3.12Johnny Holley54.32aApr 16FHSAA 4A District 8
4.10John Hakim54.50aApr 16FHSAA 4A District 8
5.9Joshua Bowers54.56aApr 16FHSAA 4A District 8
6.10Bobby Goldinak59.14aFeb 27Mitchell Track Invitation..
7.10Justin Grawcock59.59aFeb 18Early Bird Eagle Invitati..
8.10Leland Johansen59.95aFeb 27Mitchell Track Invitation..
800 Meters
1.9James Hasell2:02.84aMar 21USF Steinbrenner Invitata..
2.12Daniel Monistere2:06.02aMar 13Ed Wells Invitational
3.10Griffin Harris2:07.90aMar 26PCAC
4.10Rohan Kohli2:11.70aFeb 27Mitchell Track Invitation..
1600 Meters
1.10Griffin Harris4:40.34aApr 22FHSAA 4A Region 2
2.9James Hasell4:52.73aFeb 27Mitchell Track Invitation..
3.11Evan Cody4:58.79aApr 16FHSAA 4A District 8
4.11Ryan Muchard5:06.72aMar 13Ed Wells Invitational
5.12Shaun Reid5:06.76aFeb 18Early Bird Eagle Invitati..
6.12John Dieffenthaller5:12.33aMar 13Ed Wells Invitational
3200 Meters
1.12Shaun Reid10:27.60aApr 16FHSAA 4A District 8
2.11Caleb Lewis10:37.70aMar 21USF Steinbrenner Invitata..
3.11Ryan Muchard11:32.19aFeb 18Early Bird Eagle Invitati..
4.10Alec Westaway11:53.84aMar 13Ed Wells Invitational
5.9Luke Siegel12:46.28aApr 16FHSAA 4A District 8
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.12Chigozi Atavwigho14.40aApr 22FHSAA 4A Region 2
2.12Chigozie Atavwigho14.56awMar 26PCAC
3.12Justin Strnad16.86awMar 26PCAC
4.9Joshua Bowers17.04awApr 16FHSAA 4A District 8
5.10Trey Putzel17.76awMar 26PCAC
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.12Chigozi Atavwigho37.92aMay 2FHSAA 4A State Championsh..
2.12Chigozie Atavwigho38.69aMar 13Ed Wells Invitational
3.12Justin Strnad42.78aApr 16FHSAA 4A District 8
4.9Joshua Bowers46.92aFeb 18Early Bird Eagle Invitati..
4x100 Relay
1.-Fredric Frierson
Chigozie Atavwigho
Bryce Miller
Kyle Fearrington
42.42aApr 22FHSAA 4A Region 2
2.-Relay Team 42.53aApr 22FHSAA 4A Region 2
4x400 Relay
1.-Griffin Harris
Rohan Kohli
Joshua Bowers
Justin Strnad
3:35.74aApr 22FHSAA 4A Region 2
2.-Relay Team 3:38.08aMar 21USF Steinbrenner Invitata..
4x800 Relay
1.-Griffin Harris
Rohan Kohli
Shaun Reid
Daniel Monistere
8:24.59aApr 22FHSAA 4A Region 2
2.-Relay Team 8:31.21aMar 13Ed Wells Invitational
Shot Put - 12lb
1.11Jake Hansen44' 2.50Apr 16FHSAA 4A District 8
2.12Marshall Kozma43' 6.50Apr 16FHSAA 4A District 8
3.12Wade Dewitt43' 1.50Mar 26PCAC
4.10Spencer Schmuckie40' 8.50Apr 16FHSAA 4A District 8
5.11Julian Santos39' 10.50Apr 16FHSAA 4A District 8
6.11Jacob Holdsworth34' 1.00Feb 18Early Bird Eagle Invitati..
7.11Clay Cartwright33' 1.00Feb 18Early Bird Eagle Invitati..
8.11Gabe Holmes32' 8.00Feb 27Mitchell Track Invitation..
9.11Logan Moleni28' 3.00Feb 27Mitchell Track Invitation..
Discus - 1.6kg
1.12Marshall Kozma132' 0.00Mar 13Ed Wells Invitational
2.11Jake Hansen104' 3.00Feb 18Early Bird Eagle Invitati..
3.11Jacob Holdsworth100' 3.00Apr 16FHSAA 4A District 8
4.10Cullen Stryjewski98' 6.00Apr 16FHSAA 4A District 8
5.10Josh Fletcher93' 7.00Apr 16FHSAA 4A District 8
6.11James Mullin91' 8.00Feb 27Mitchell Track Invitation..
7.11Josh Glisson91' 2.00Feb 18Early Bird Eagle Invitati..
8.11Gabe Perez71' 9.00Feb 27Mitchell Track Invitation..
High Jump
1.11Christopher Watrous5' 10.00Mar 13Ed Wells Invitational
2.12Trevor Schnell5' 2.00Feb 18Early Bird Eagle Invitati..
3.12Gino PucciniSCRMar 13Ed Wells Invitational
Pole Vault
1.9Kyle Kozlowski8' 0.00Apr 16FHSAA 4A District 8
2.11Caleb LewisSCRMar 26PCAC
Long Jump
1.10Bryce Miller20' 3.50Mar 13Ed Wells Invitational
2.12Fredric Frierson18' 9.50Mar 13Ed Wells Invitational
3.9Joshua Bowers18' 7.25Feb 27Mitchell Track Invitation..
Triple Jump
1.12Chigozi Atavwigho43' 8.50Apr 16FHSAA 4A District 8
2.12Justin Strnad43' 5.00Mar 21USF Steinbrenner Invitata..
3.12Chigozie Atavwigho42' 7.25Feb 27Mitchell Track Invitation..
4.10Bryce Miller41' 5.00Apr 16FHSAA 4A District 8
5.9Joshua Bowers38' 3.00Feb 27Mitchell Track Invitation..
6.11Neilon Joslyn31' 5.00Feb 18Early Bird Eagle Invitati..
7.12Fredric FriersonSCRMar 26PCAC


100 Meters
1.11Cieanna Nichols12.12awMar 26PCAC
2.11Cienna Nichols12.67aFeb 27Mitchell Track Invitation..
3.12Halle Kozlowski13.31awApr 16FHSAA 4A District 8
4.10Jasmin Carter13.43aMar 13Ed Wells Invitational
5.10Jacquelin Vincent13.44aApr 16FHSAA 4A District 8
6.10Ciera Walker13.74awApr 16FHSAA 4A District 8
200 Meters
1.11Cieanna Nichols25.21aMar 13Ed Wells Invitational
2.11Cienna Nichols26.44aFeb 27Mitchell Track Invitation..
3.12Halle Kozlowski27.08awMar 26PCAC
4.10Jasmin Carter27.54aApr 16FHSAA 4A District 8
5.10Jacquelin Vincent28.07aApr 16FHSAA 4A District 8
6.12Sydney Klein28.16aMar 13Ed Wells Invitational
7.10Ciera Walker29.17aFeb 18Early Bird Eagle Invitati..
400 Meters
1.11Cieanna Nichols60.29aMar 13Ed Wells Invitational
2.12Lacey Kozlowski62.62aApr 16FHSAA 4A District 8
3.12Sydney Klein62.65aApr 16FHSAA 4A District 8
4.11Megan Clary65.31aMar 26PCAC
5.11Hannah Flynn74.90aFeb 27Mitchell Track Invitation..
800 Meters
1.10Jennifer Lima2:20.43aMar 21USF Steinbrenner Invitata..
2.12Erica Lersch2:25.52aMar 26PCAC
3.12Margaret Woodward2:26.26aMar 21USF Steinbrenner Invitata..
4.12Sabrina Siegel2:28.09aMar 26PCAC
5.10Hallie Rocco2:47.47aFeb 27Mitchell Track Invitation..
1600 Meters
1.12Erica Lersch5:22.30aApr 22FHSAA 4A Region 2
2.10Jennifer Lima5:28.27aMar 13Ed Wells Invitational
3.12Sabrina Siegel5:29.64aApr 16FHSAA 4A District 8
4.11Julia Siegel5:40.41aFeb 18Early Bird Eagle Invitati..
5.11Wednesday Terry5:51.32aFeb 18Early Bird Eagle Invitati..
6.10Hallie Rocco6:08.39aApr 16FHSAA 4A District 8
3200 Meters
1.11Julia Siegel12:06.54aMar 21USF Steinbrenner Invitata..
2.12Erica Lersch12:14.78aFeb 27Mitchell Track Invitation..
3.11Wednesday Terry12:26.48aFeb 18Early Bird Eagle Invitati..
4.12Sabrina Siegel13:11.08aFeb 18Early Bird Eagle Invitati..
5.11Jordan McClutchy14:09.33aFeb 27Mitchell Track Invitation..
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.10Alivia Abraham15.56aApr 16FHSAA 4A District 8
2.10Kaitlyn Kirby15.92awMar 13Ed Wells Invitational
3.11Morgan Palasti18.08aApr 16FHSAA 4A District 8
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.10Kaitlyn Kirby48.65aMar 13Ed Wells Invitational
2.10Alivia Abraham48.81aMar 26PCAC
3.11Morgan Palasti54.85aApr 16FHSAA 4A District 8
4.10Jacquelin Vincent66.18aFeb 27Mitchell Track Invitation..
4x100 Relay
1.-Cieanna Nichols
Alivia Abraham
Jasmin Carter
Halle Kozlowski
50.87aApr 16FHSAA 4A District 8
2.-Relay Team 51.22aMar 26PCAC
4x400 Relay
1.-Jennifer Lima
Erica Lersch
Sydney Klein
Lacey Kozlowski
4:07.02aApr 22FHSAA 4A Region 2
2.-Relay Team 4:13.05aMar 26PCAC
4x800 Relay
1.-Wednesday Terry
Sabrina Siegel
Erica Lersch
Jennifer Lima
9:36.05aApr 22FHSAA 4A Region 2
2.-Relay Team 9:38.78aMar 21USF Steinbrenner Invitata..
3.-Sabrina Siegel
Erica Lersch
Jennifer Lima
Wednesday Terry
9:57.92aMay 2FHSAA 4A State Championsh..
Discus - 1kg
1.12Margaret Woodward79' 4.00Feb 27Mitchell Track Invitation..
High Jump
1.10Kaitlyn Kirby5' 4.00Mar 26PCAC
Long Jump
1.11Cieanna Nichols17' 9.50Apr 16FHSAA 4A District 8
2.10Alivia Abraham16' 7.00Mar 13Ed Wells Invitational
3.11Cienna Nichols16' 5.25Feb 27Mitchell Track Invitation..
4.10Ciera Walker16' 3.00Apr 16FHSAA 4A District 8
5.11Emily Cady11' 3.00Feb 18Early Bird Eagle Invitati..
Triple Jump
1.10Kaitlyn Kirby35' 6.00Mar 26PCAC
2.10Ciera Walker32' 1.00Apr 16FHSAA 4A District 8
3.10Jasmin Carter30' 7.00Apr 16FHSAA 4A District 8
4.12Halle Kozlowski29' 7.00Feb 18Early Bird Eagle Invitati..
5.12Lacey Kozlowski29' 5.50Feb 18Early Bird Eagle Invitati..

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