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Los Osos HS

    Grizzlies - Rancho Cucamonga, CA

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100 Meters
1.12Karl Palmer10.72awMay 23CIF-SS Division I Finals
2.12Lance Brown11.10aApr 11Arcadia Invitational Day ..
3.9Khalen Hudson12.44aMar 14Cougar Classic
4.10Roger CollinsDNSMar 14Cougar Classic
12Osamoje ImoohiDNSMar 28Mt. Carmel/Asics Invitati..
200 Meters
1.12Karl Palmer22.15aMar 14Cougar Classic
2.11Jaylon Mabry22.24cwMar 28Mt. Carmel/Asics Invitati..
3.9Chris Richtie23.69aMar 14Cougar Classic
4.10Paul Pitts24.01aMar 14Cougar Classic
5.12Osamoje Imoohi24.18aMar 14Cougar Classic
6.-Frazier Bryan24.63aMar 14Cougar Classic
7.9Cameron Moss25.53aMar 14Cougar Classic
400 Meters
1.11Jaylon Mabry47.95aMay 16CIF-SS Division I Prelimi..
2.10Torry Payne53.44cMar 28Mt. Carmel/Asics Invitati..
3.12Osamoje Imoohi54.38aMar 14Cougar Classic
4.10Paul Pitts55.09aMar 14Cougar Classic
5.12Devin Gage56.41aMar 14Cougar Classic
6.9Lyle Clark61.69aMar 14Cougar Classic
800 Meters
1.10Bobby Rodriguez2:35.68aMar 14Cougar Classic
2.10Andy Hollist2:38.89aMar 14Cougar Classic
3.9Ben DhamiDNSMar 14Cougar Classic
1600 Meters
1.10Daniel Hawkins04:34.5aMar 28APU Distance Meet of Cham..
2.12Thomas Cottam04:43.2aMar 28APU Distance Meet of Cham..
3.12Joe Lopez04:47.8aMar 28APU Distance Meet of Cham..
4.10Christian Navarro4:48.45aMar 14Cougar Classic
5.-Angelo DiMario05:35.9aMar 28APU Distance Meet of Cham..
6.10Ryan Massie5:45.28aMar 14Cougar Classic
7.9Taylor Friday5:51.52aMar 14Cougar Classic
8.9Ben DhamiDNSMar 14Cougar Classic
3200 Meters
1.10Daniel Hawkins9:53.57aMar 14Cougar Classic
2.10Christian Navarro10:20.96aMar 14Cougar Classic
3.12Joe Lopez10:39.13aMar 14Cougar Classic
4.9Taylor Friday12:34.13aMar 14Cougar Classic
5.10Ryan MassieDNSMar 14Cougar Classic
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.11Demi Adegoke15.25aMay 16CIF-SS Division I Prelimi..
2.12Peter Adeleke16.61aMar 14Cougar Classic
3.12Marlon Gomez19.90aMar 14Cougar Classic
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.12Peter Adeleke42.91aMar 14Cougar Classic
2.11Demi Adegoke45.54aMar 14Cougar Classic
3.12Marlon Gomez47.88aMar 14Cougar Classic
4.10Torry Payne48.66aMar 14Cougar Classic
4x100 Relay
1.-Osamoje Imoohi
Jaylon Mabry
Karl Palmer
Lance Brown
41.78aMay 16CIF-SS Division I Prelimi..
2.-Relay Team 42.24cMar 28Mt. Carmel/Asics Invitati..
4x200 Relay
1.-Osamoje Imoohi
Lance Brown
Jaylon Mabry
Karl Palmer
89.32aApr 11Arcadia Invitational Day ..
4x400 Relay
1.-Relay Team 3:30.70Mar 28Mt. Carmel/Asics Invitati..
Shot Put - 10lb
1.9Austin Evans34' 2Mar 14Cougar Classic
2.9Kyle Merkley26' 3Mar 14Cougar Classic
3.10Austin SealeDNSMar 14Cougar Classic
Shot Put - 12lb
1.11Craig Merkley55' 2.25May 29CIF-SS Masters
2.11Nick Martin43' 11May 16CIF-SS Division I Prelimi..
3.12Anthony Navarez33' 5Mar 14Cougar Classic
4.-Eric Horn30' 2Mar 14Cougar Classic
Discus - 1.6kg
1.11Craig Merkley165' 7May 16CIF-SS Division I Prelimi..
2.11Nick Martin137' 10May 16CIF-SS Division I Prelimi..
3.10Austin Seale91' 0Mar 14Cougar Classic
4.11Tyler Schalappi89' 0Mar 14Cougar Classic
5.9Austin Evans88' 5Mar 14Cougar Classic
6.12Anthony Navarez84' 2Mar 14Cougar Classic
7.9Kyle Merkley72' 5Mar 14Cougar Classic
High Jump
1.12Marlon Gomez5' 2Mar 14Cougar Classic
2.9Lyle Clark4' 10Mar 14Cougar Classic
10Roger Collins4' 10Mar 14Cougar Classic
4.11Edozie OnumonuNHMar 14Cougar Classic
11Edward DobsonNHMar 14Cougar Classic
10Floyd ClarkDNSMar 14Cougar Classic
Pole Vault
1.11Dylan Beavers14' 6May 16CIF-SS Division I Prelimi..
2.12Anthony Cheeks10' 0Mar 14Cougar Classic
Long Jump
1.12Devin Gage20' 3.75Mar 28Mt. Carmel/Asics Invitati..
2.12Dontae Dean20' 2.75Mar 28Mt. Carmel/Asics Invitati..
3.11Demi Adegoke18' 6Mar 14Cougar Classic
4.9Edward Young16' 0Mar 14Cougar Classic
5.9Jeremy McGinty15' 7Mar 14Cougar Classic
6.9Khalen HudsonDNSMar 14Cougar Classic
12Brian FrazierFOULMar 28Mt. Carmel/Asics Invitati..
Triple Jump
1.12Dontae Dean41' 10.50Mar 28Mt. Carmel/Asics Invitati..
2.12Devin Gage41' 4Mar 14Cougar Classic
3.12Brian Frazier40' 0.50Mar 28Mt. Carmel/Asics Invitati..
4.9Jeremy McGinty30' 5Mar 14Cougar Classic


100 Meters
1.11Ashley Franklin12.36aMay 16CIF-SS Division I Prelimi..
2.10Tamara Stewart12.57aMar 14Cougar Classic
3.9Kelly Rhines12.62aMar 14Cougar Classic
4.9Brianna Wilson12.94cMar 28Mt. Carmel/Asics Invitati..
5.12Reyna Ross13.38aMar 14Cougar Classic
200 Meters
1.11Ashley Franklin25.75aMar 14Cougar Classic
2.9Kelly Rhines26.04cMar 28Mt. Carmel/Asics Invitati..
3.11Destiny Davis26.55aMar 14Cougar Classic
4.11Tiara Collins26.74aMar 14Cougar Classic
5.9Brianna Wilson26.96aMar 14Cougar Classic
6.12Reyna Ross27.86aMar 14Cougar Classic
400 Meters
1.11Tiara Collins61.44cMar 28Mt. Carmel/Asics Invitati..
2.10Margaret Wilmot-Francis61.74cMar 28Mt. Carmel/Asics Invitati..
3.9Brianna Wilson61.93aMar 14Cougar Classic
4.11Destiny Davis62.02aMar 14Cougar Classic
5.12Reyna Ross65.27aMar 14Cougar Classic
800 Meters
1.10Margaret Wilmot-Francis2:30.96aMar 14Cougar Classic
2.11Alejandra Lugo02:49.0aMar 28APU Distance Meet of Cham..
3.10Rebecca Roberts2:54.81aMar 14Cougar Classic
4.9Sara Garcia2:59.71aMar 14Cougar Classic
5.10Christiana Rodriguez3:05.33aMar 14Cougar Classic
6.11Victoria McNaneraDNSMar 14Cougar Classic
1600 Meters
1.10Elle Farrar05:37.3aMar 28APU Distance Meet of Cham..
2.12Lexie Bravo5:43.57aMar 14Cougar Classic
3.12Anya Watford05:49.9aMar 28APU Distance Meet of Cham..
4.12Melissa Edwards5:58.62aMar 14Cougar Classic
5.10Janelle Myers06:02.8aMar 28APU Distance Meet of Cham..
6.10Emily Torres6:40.15aMar 14Cougar Classic
7.10Lauren Eubanks07:00.2aMar 28APU Distance Meet of Cham..
8.10Christiana Rodriguez07:11.7aMar 28APU Distance Meet of Cham..
9.11Vannessa Jackson08:03.8aMar 28APU Distance Meet of Cham..
3200 Meters
1.12Lexie Bravo11:54.5aMar 28APU Distance Meet of Cham..
2.-Emily Torrez13:33.3aMar 28APU Distance Meet of Cham..
3.12Melissa EdwardsDNSMar 14Cougar Classic
10Janelle MyersNTMar 14Cougar Classic
10Elle FarrarNTMar 14Cougar Classic
10Emily TorresNTMar 14Cougar Classic
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.12Michelle Anumba15.64cMar 28Mt. Carmel/Asics Invitati..
2.12Amauche Ihenacho15.81aMay 16CIF-SS Division I Prelimi..
3.9Tamia Hason17.76aMar 14Cougar Classic
4.10Jacquelynn Jackson19.74aMar 14Cougar Classic
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.9Tamia Hason48.74aMar 14Cougar Classic
2.10Jacquelynn Jackson49.58aMar 14Cougar Classic
3.12Amauche Ihenacho50.24cMar 28Mt. Carmel/Asics Invitati..
4x100 Relay
1.-Ashley Franklin
Brianna Wilson
Kelly Rhines
Tamia Hason
48.59aMay 16CIF-SS Division I Prelimi..
2.-Relay Team 48.88aApr 11Arcadia Invitational Day ..
3.-Ashley Franklin
Brianna Wilson
Kelly Rhines
Michelle Anumba
DNFApr 11Arcadia Invitational Day ..
4x200 Relay
1.-Ashley Franklin
Kelly Rhines
Tiara Collins
Michelle Anumba
1:42.72aApr 11Arcadia Invitational Day ..
4x400 Relay
1.-Relay Team 3:51.22aMay 29CIF-SS Masters
2.-Kelly Rhines
Destiny Davis
Tamia Hason
Tiara Collins
3:56.65aMay 16CIF-SS Division I Prelimi..
3.-Kelly Rhines
Ashley Franklin
Tamia Hason
Tiara Collins
3:57.05aJun 6CIF State Championships -..
4.-Destiny Davis
Kelly Rhines
Tiara Collins
Tamia Hason
4:00.79aApr 11Arcadia Invitational Day ..
Shot Put - 4kg
1.12Michelle Anumba45' 0.00Mar 28Mt. Carmel/Asics Invitati..
2.10Devin Aubson24' 7Mar 14Cougar Classic
3.10Talia BrumfieldDNSMar 14Cougar Classic
Discus - 1kg
1.12Michelle Anumba109' 11May 16CIF-SS Division I Prelimi..
High Jump
1.10Sheyanne Williams5' 2Mar 14Cougar Classic
2.12Amauche Ihenacho4' 8Mar 14Cougar Classic
3.9Brianna Wilson4' 4Mar 14Cougar Classic
4.10Grace Vitente3' 10Mar 14Cougar Classic
Long Jump
1.12Amauche Ihenacho15' 0.5Mar 14Cougar Classic
2.12Reyna Ross14' 7.5Mar 14Cougar Classic
3.12Joy AdeyemoFOULMar 14Cougar Classic
Triple Jump
1.10Sheyanne Williams28' 1.5Mar 14Cougar Classic
2.12Amauche IhenachoFOULMar 28Mt. Carmel/Asics Invitati..

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