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    Eagles - Hugoton, KS

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100 Meters
1.10Jack Stalcup11.54cApr 17Glenn Cunningham Rel..
2.9Mitchell Hamlin11.64cApr 17Glenn Cunningham Rel..
3.11Wade Heger11.74cApr 17Glenn Cunningham Rel..
4.10Oscar Rubio12.24cApr 16Ron Reed Invitationa..
5.9*Jalen Rosales12.42aApr 21Scott City 79th Annu..
6.10Ben Cabrera12.44cApr 16Ron Reed Invitationa..
7.11Miguel Rubio12.84cApr 2Max Hiebert Inv. Tra..
8.10Rene Fraire13.14cApr 7Stanton Co
9.11Noel Camacho15.34cApr 16Ron Reed Invitationa..
200 Meters
1.10*Jack Stalcup23.70aApr 21Scott City 79th Annu..
2.11Wade Heger24.14cApr 2Max Hiebert Inv. Tra..
3.9Jalen Rosales25.34cApr 16Ron Reed Invitationa..
4.10Oscar Rubio26.24cApr 7Stanton Co
5.9*Armando Martinez26.60aApr 24Holcomb Invitational
6.10Ben Cabrera26.64cApr 16Ron Reed Invitationa..
7.10Rene Fraire26.74cApr 7Stanton Co
8.9Azarael Rodriguez27.84cApr 2Max Hiebert Inv. Tra..
400 Meters
1.9*Mitchell Hamlin52.87aApr 21Scott City 79th Annu..
2.10Pedro Ordonez53.44cApr 17Glenn Cunningham Rel..
3.10Jack Stalcup56.24cApr 17Glenn Cunningham Rel..
4.10Tony Kinser56.94cApr 2Max Hiebert Inv. Tra..
5.9Armando Martinez58.94cApr 16Ron Reed Invitationa..
6.9Adan Vera1:30.14cApr 7Stanton Co
800 Meters
1.11*Issac Castro2:02.14aApr 21Scott City 79th Annu..
2.9*Jahziel Garcia2:10.43aApr 21Scott City 79th Annu..
3.9*Jahaziel Garcia2:12.30aApr 24Holcomb Invitational
4.11*Edgar Avalos2:14.87aApr 24Holcomb Invitational
5.12Edgar Villa2:18.50Apr 2Max Hiebert Inv. Tra..
6.11*Zack Littell2:19.22aApr 24Holcomb Invitational
7.12*Chance Ghumm2:20.71aApr 21Scott City 79th Annu..
8.9Ivan Villa2:26.50Apr 2Max Hiebert Inv. Tra..
9.9Abraham Garcia2:31.00Apr 2Max Hiebert Inv. Tra..
10.9Adan Vera2:39.80Apr 2Max Hiebert Inv. Tra..
11.10Ian Pomeroy2:50.20Apr 7Stanton Co
12.9Gerardo Rojas3:05.90Apr 7Stanton Co
1600 Meters
1.11Issac Castro4:43.70Apr 17Glenn Cunningham Rel..
2.11*Reed Rome4:52.71aApr 24Holcomb Invitational
3.9*Ivan Villa5:14.41aApr 24Holcomb Invitational
4.12*Chance Ghumm5:14.77aApr 21Scott City 79th Annu..
5.11Zack Littell5:21.40Apr 2Max Hiebert Inv. Tra..
6.12*Edgar Villa5:27.91aApr 24Holcomb Invitational
7.9Abraham Garcia5:37.90Apr 2Max Hiebert Inv. Tra..
8.10Ian Pomeroy5:55.20Apr 2Max Hiebert Inv. Tra..
9.9Gerardo Rojas6:11.20Apr 2Max Hiebert Inv. Tra..
10.9Adan Vera6:16.60Apr 7Stanton Co
3200 Meters
1.11Issac Castro10:20.40Apr 17Glenn Cunningham Rel..
2.10Miguel Martinez10:40.60Apr 17Glenn Cunningham Rel..
3.11Reed Rome10:43.00Apr 17Glenn Cunningham Rel..
4.12Chance Ghumm11:25.50Apr 2Max Hiebert Inv. Tra..
5.9Abraham Garcia11:28.50Apr 7Stanton Co
6.9Ivan Villa11:38.30Apr 7Stanton Co
7.11*Zack Littell11:39.21aApr 21Scott City 79th Annu..
8.9Eric Perry12:13.50Apr 16Ron Reed Invitationa..
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.9Armando Martinez19.54cApr 16Ron Reed Invitationa..
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.12Brad Hemann41.34cApr 2Max Hiebert Inv. Tra..
4x100 Relay
1.Jack Stalcup
Mitchell Hamlin
Miguel Rubio
Wade Heger
44.64cApr 17Glenn Cunningham Rel..
2.*Jack Stalcup
Mitchell Hamlin
Brad Hemann
Wade Heger
44.82aApr 24Holcomb Invitational
3.Jalen Rosales
Noel Camacho
Oscar Rubio
Ben Cabrera
48.74cApr 16Ron Reed Invitationa..
4.Oscar Rubio
Ben Cabrera
Angel Quezada
Rene Fraire
50.44cApr 7Stanton Co
4x400 Relay
1.Relay Team 3:32.40Apr 17Glenn Cunningham Rel..
2.*Pedro Ordonez
Mitchell Hamlin
Issac Castro
Brad Hemann
3:34.83aApr 21Scott City 79th Annu..
3.*Pedro Ordonez
Mitchell Hamlin
Wade Heger
Brad Hemann
3:37.84aApr 24Holcomb Invitational
4.Brad Hemann
Pedro Ordonez
Mitchell Hamlin
Armando Martinez
3:38.70Apr 2Max Hiebert Inv. Tra..
5.Armando Martinez
Azarael Rodriguez
Edgar Avalos
Ivan Villa
4:09.80Apr 16Ron Reed Invitationa..
6.Oscar Rubio
Azarael Rodriguez
Colton Swinney
Angel Quezada
4:10.60Apr 7Stanton Co
4x800 Relay
1.*Reed Rome
Jahaziel Garcia
Miguel Martinez
Issac Castro
8:35.85aApr 24Holcomb Invitational
2.Issac Castro
Jahziel Garcia
Reed Rome
Miguel Martinez
8:52.80Apr 2Max Hiebert Inv. Tra..
3.*Issac Castro
Jahziel Garcia
Miguel Martinez
Reed Rome
8:55.87aApr 21Scott City 79th Annu..
4.Reed Rome
Jahziel Garcia
Edgar Villa
Miguel Martinez
9:00.90Apr 17Glenn Cunningham Rel..
5.Ivan Villa
Abraham Garcia
Eric Perry
Adan Vera
9:43.10Apr 7Stanton Co
6.Edgar Avalos
Abraham Garcia
Eric Perry
Ivan Villa
9:52.10Apr 16Ron Reed Invitationa..
Shot Put - 12lb
1.10Alfredo Luna39' 2.50Apr 2Max Hiebert Inv. Tra..
2.9*Rodrigo Sanchez31' 6.75Apr 24Holcomb Invitational
3.9Angel Quezada31' 5.00Apr 2Max Hiebert Inv. Tra..
4.11Maverick Nelson31' 0.00Apr 2Max Hiebert Inv. Tra..
Discus - 1.6kg
1.9*Rodrigo Sanchez96' 2.00Apr 24Holcomb Invitational
2.9*Angel Quezada96' 1.00Apr 24Holcomb Invitational
3.11Maverick NelsonNDApr 7Stanton Co
Javelin - 800g
1.12Kellen Watkins149' 3.00Apr 16Ron Reed Invitationa..
2.10Alfredo Luna117' 3.00Apr 2Max Hiebert Inv. Tra..
3.9Angel Quezada101' 6.00Apr 17Glenn Cunningham Rel..
4.11Maverick Nelson94' 11.00Apr 2Max Hiebert Inv. Tra..
5.9Rodrigo Sanchez89' 4.00Apr 17Glenn Cunningham Rel..
6.11Noel Camacho68' 2.00Apr 16Ron Reed Invitationa..
High Jump
1.10Tony Kinser6' 6.00Apr 17Glenn Cunningham Rel..
Pole Vault
1.12*Edgar Villa9' 6.00Apr 24Holcomb Invitational
2.9Azarael Rodriguez9' 0.00Apr 16Ron Reed Invitationa..
Long Jump
1.9Mitchell Hamlin20' 2.00Apr 2Max Hiebert Inv. Tra..
2.11Wade Heger19' 0.50Apr 2Max Hiebert Inv. Tra..
3.9Ivan Villa17' 6.00Apr 7Stanton Co
4.11Jose Salas17' 5.50Apr 2Max Hiebert Inv. Tra..
5.9Colton Swinney17' 0.50Apr 2Max Hiebert Inv. Tra..
6.9Jalen Rosales16' 5.50Apr 2Max Hiebert Inv. Tra..
Triple Jump
1.11*Jose Salas36' 0.50Apr 21Scott City 79th Annu..
2.9*Colton Swinney33' 9.50Apr 24Holcomb Invitational


100 Meters
1.9Skyelynn Munoz14.04cApr 17Glenn Cunningham Rel..
2.9Madison Shuck14.44cApr 17Glenn Cunningham Rel..
3.11Marissa Shuck14.54cApr 17Glenn Cunningham Rel..
10Ismerai Guzman14.54cApr 16Ron Reed Invitationa..
5.9Claire Lewis14.84cApr 16Ron Reed Invitationa..
6.10Hannah Rodriguez15.44cApr 7Stanton Co
7.9Tucker Bryan16.24cApr 7Stanton Co
200 Meters
1.9*Madison Shuck30.40aApr 21Scott City 79th Annu..
2.9*Skyelynn Munoz31.02aApr 21Scott City 79th Annu..
3.10Hannah Rodriguez31.04cApr 16Ron Reed Invitationa..
4.11Marissa Shuck31.24cApr 2Max Hiebert Inv. Tra..
5.10Ismerai Guzman31.64cApr 2Max Hiebert Inv. Tra..
6.9Claire Lewis32.34cApr 7Stanton Co
7.9Caitlin Lewis33.54cApr 7Stanton Co
8.9Tucker Bryan34.84cApr 7Stanton Co
400 Meters
1.9*Dallie Hoskinson64.23aApr 21Scott City 79th Annu..
2.12*Katie Weaver65.71aApr 21Scott City 79th Annu..
3.9Madison Shuck71.94cApr 17Glenn Cunningham Rel..
4.9Skyelynn Munoz73.74cApr 17Glenn Cunningham Rel..
5.10Hannah Rodriguez77.04cApr 2Max Hiebert Inv. Tra..
6.9*Caitlin LewisDNSApr 24Holcomb Invitational
12Ana PenaNTApr 17Glenn Cunningham Rel..
800 Meters
1.12*Katie Weaver2:43.47aApr 21Scott City 79th Annu..
2.11Sarah Johnson2:45.60Apr 2Max Hiebert Inv. Tra..
3.12Jackie Garcia2:47.50Apr 17Glenn Cunningham Rel..
4.11Mariana ShuckNTApr 17Glenn Cunningham Rel..
1600 Meters
1.11*Sarah Johnson6:00.69aApr 24Holcomb Invitational
2.11Maria Martinez6:22.40Apr 17Glenn Cunningham Rel..
3.12*Jackie Garcia6:33.68aApr 24Holcomb Invitational
4.11*Mariana Shuck6:39.75aApr 21Scott City 79th Annu..
3200 Meters
1.10Katy Heger13:13.70Apr 17Glenn Cunningham Rel..
2.11*Sarah Johnson13:27.35aApr 24Holcomb Invitational
3.11Maria Martinez13:33.60Apr 17Glenn Cunningham Rel..
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.9Caitlin Lewis20.44cApr 16Ron Reed Invitationa..
4x100 Relay
1.Madison Shuck
Estefani Armendariz
Keely Hittle
Dallie Hoskinson
54.04cApr 17Glenn Cunningham Rel..
2.*Madison Shuck
Skyelynn Munoz
Keely Hittle
Dallie Hoskinson
55.00aApr 21Scott City 79th Annu..
3.*Estefani Armendariz
Claire Lewis
Caitlin Lewis
Dallie Hoskinson
56.46aApr 24Holcomb Invitational
4.Caitlin Lewis
Claire Lewis
Hannah Rodriguez
Ismerai Guzman
59.24cApr 7Stanton Co
5.Ismerai Guzman
Claire Lewis
Tucker Bryan
Caitlin Lewis
60.04cApr 16Ron Reed Invitationa..
6.Skyelynn Munoz
Estefani Armendariz
Madison Shuck
Keely Hittle
DQApr 2Max Hiebert Inv. Tra..
4x400 Relay
1.*Katie Weaver
Jackie Garcia
Claire Lewis
Caitlin Lewis
4:52.64aApr 24Holcomb Invitational
2.Skyelynn Munoz
Ana Pena
Hannah Rodriguez
Madison Shuck
4:53.80Apr 2Max Hiebert Inv. Tra..
3.Caitlin Lewis
Claire Lewis
Hannah Rodriguez
Ismerai Guzman
4:59.00Apr 7Stanton Co
4.Ismerai Guzman
Hannah Rodriguez
Caitlin Lewis
Claire Lewis
5:11.90Apr 16Ron Reed Invitationa..
5.*Ana Pena
Skyelynn Munoz
Madison Shuck
Katie Weaver
SCRApr 21Scott City 79th Annu..
4x800 Relay
1.Relay Team 11:07.00Apr 2Max Hiebert Inv. Tra..
Shot Put - 4kg
1.10Anna Trotter34' 7.00Apr 16Ron Reed Invitationa..
2.11Carly Hittle24' 10.00Apr 16Ron Reed Invitationa..
3.11*Ricki Rickers20' 11.00Apr 24Holcomb Invitational
Discus - 1kg
1.10Anna Trotter79' 7.00Apr 16Ron Reed Invitationa..
2.11*Carly Hittle67' 1.00Apr 21Scott City 79th Annu..
3.11Ricki Rickers53' 11.00Apr 7Stanton Co
Javelin - 600g
1.12Taylor Fiss123' 2.00Apr 16Ron Reed Invitationa..
2.11*Keely Hittle86' 5.00Apr 24Holcomb Invitational
3.9Tucker Bryan75' 9.00Apr 16Ron Reed Invitationa..
4.11Ricki Rickers63' 9.00Apr 7Stanton Co
5.10Hannah Rodriguez62' 2.00Apr 16Ron Reed Invitationa..
Long Jump
1.9Dallie Hoskinson16' 4.00Apr 17Glenn Cunningham Rel..
2.12Estefani Armendariz14' 4.50Apr 17Glenn Cunningham Rel..
3.12*Ana Pena13' 5.50Apr 24Holcomb Invitational
4.11Keely Hittle12' 0.00Apr 2Max Hiebert Inv. Tra..
Triple Jump
1.12*Ana Pena30' 4.50Apr 24Holcomb Invitational
  * = Denotes a recent improvement
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