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Redlands East Valley HS Free

Wildcats - Redlands, CA

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100 Meters
1.12Jaiquan Session11.01awMay 14CIF-SS Division 2 Prelims
2.12Jonathan Clark11.36aMar 3Riverside Poly vs Rubidou..
3.11Nicholas Harper11.47aApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
4.11Corey Dalkins11.57aFeb 27Palm Springs Relays
5.10Billy Bowens11.73aMar 3Riverside Poly vs Rubidou..
6.11Duwan Turner11.74aMar 19Beaumont Invitational
7.10Randolf Reed12.19aMar 3Riverside Poly vs Rubidou..
8.9Andrew Taylor12.21aMar 3Riverside Poly vs Rubidou..
9.10Andrew Cherry12.33aApr 21Citrus Valley vs. REV
10.10Arthur Mann12.35aFeb 27Palm Springs Relays
11.9Isaiah Holliness12.46aMar 3Riverside Poly vs Rubidou..
12.9Jaelan Livingston12.56aApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
13.9. Castaneda13.62aApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
14.9. GrayDNSApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
10J GustafsonDNSApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
200 Meters
1.10Billy Bowens22.86awApr 1Trabuco Hills Invitationa..
2.12Jaiquan Session23.20aApr 21Citrus Valley vs. REV
3.11Jaelan Phillips23.81aMar 3Riverside Poly vs Rubidou..
4.10Arthur Mann23.96aMar 3Riverside Poly vs Rubidou..
5.9Andrew Taylor24.17aApr 21Citrus Valley vs. REV
6.11Duwan Turner24.82aMar 3Riverside Poly vs Rubidou..
7.11Corey Dalkins25.08aMar 19Beaumont Invitational
8.10Andrew Cherry25.22aApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
9.9Jaelan Livingston25.32aApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
10.9Isaiah Holliness25.62aMar 3Riverside Poly vs Rubidou..
11.10Randolf Reed26.02aApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
12.9. Castaneda31.68aApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
13.9A GawDNSApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
9. GrayDNSApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
9Mathew RiggioDNSApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
400 Meters
1.11Mason Gaw50.72aMar 19Beaumont Invitational
2.10Elias Opsahl52.50aApr 21Citrus Valley vs. REV
3.10Kenny Roberts53.59aMar 19Beaumont Invitational
4.12Davis Dusick54.11aMar 3Riverside Poly vs Rubidou..
5.12Jacob Jex56.77aApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
6.9. Cabrera56.85aApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
7.9A Gaw57.32aApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
8.11Emmanuel Monroy57.64aApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
9.9Ben Gonzalez60.45aApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
10.9Jaelan Livingston60.64aMar 19Beaumont Invitational
11.10Devin Pearson65.37aMar 3Riverside Poly vs Rubidou..
12.9Johnny MoraDNSApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
800 Meters
1.10Elias Opsahl1:55.19aMay 21CIF-SS Division 2 Finals
2.11Mason Gaw2:01.53aApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
3.12Cody Nelson2:06.88aMar 3Riverside Poly vs Rubidou..
4.12Zafir Abou-Zamzam2:08.83aMar 3Riverside Poly vs Rubidou..
5.9Zane Blum2:09.34aApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
6.9Jaelan Livingston2:14.13aMar 19Beaumont Invitational
7.12Davis Dusick2:15.02aApr 21Citrus Valley vs. REV
8.11Chase Bernardy2:19.55aApr 21Citrus Valley vs. REV
9.12Ryan Lau2:21.91aApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
10.9Ben Gonzalez2:25.42aMar 3Riverside Poly vs Rubidou..
11.10. Gutknecht2:29.02aApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
12.9. Pearson2:31.46aApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
13.9. Saunders2:34.97aApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
14.9. Olson2:35.61aApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
15.9Johnny Mora2:39.34aMar 3Riverside Poly vs Rubidou..
16.10Andrew LaraKane2:39.61aApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
17.9. Charumantanon2:48.31aApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
18.9. Orellana3:11.93aApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
1600 Meters
1.10*Elias Opsahl4:12.14aMay 27CIF-SS Masters Meet
2.9Jacob Dooley4:40.63aApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
3.12Zafir Abou-Zamzam4:43.40aApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
4.9Matthew Barnett5:02.34aApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
5.11Chase Bernardy5:05.39aApr 21Citrus Valley vs. REV
6.12Brennan Bartley5:14.16aApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
7.11Joshua Saldana5:29.30aMar 3Riverside Poly vs Rubidou..
8.10Andrew LaraKane5:44.72aApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
9.12Jonathan Mendoza5:46.21aApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
10.11Marshall Bartley6:01.50aApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
10. Botello6:01.50aApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
12.12Max Harker6:10.48aApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
13.9Ian FinleyDNSApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
3200 Meters
1.9Jacob Dooley10:33.43aApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
2.12Joseph Gastelum10:46.24aApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
3.9Matthew Barnett11:27.20aMar 19Beaumont Invitational
4.9Colin Evans11:56.86aApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.10Clayton Haynes16.09aApr 21Citrus Valley vs. REV
2.12Alexander Morgan16.89aMar 3Riverside Poly vs Rubidou..
3.9Sam Gonzalez17.49aApr 21Citrus Valley vs. REV
4.11Daniel Garcia18.57aMar 19Beaumont Invitational
5.10Nathan Bender18.65aApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
6.9Lee Christain18.76aApr 21Citrus Valley vs. REV
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.10Arthur Mann43.30aApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
2.9Sam Gonzalez44.34aApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
3.9Lee Christain45.12aApr 21Citrus Valley vs. REV
4.10Austin Mills49.43aApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
5.9Daniel Ramos49.49aMar 3Riverside Poly vs Rubidou..
6.11Daniel Garcia49.97aMar 3Riverside Poly vs Rubidou..
7.9. OrabuenaDNSApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
10K SchofieldDNSApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
4x100 Relay
1.Relay Team 43.12aApr 21Citrus Valley vs. REV
2.Andrew Taylor
Corey Dalkins
Aaron House
Arthur Mann
43.20aApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
3.Jaiquan Session
Billy Bowens
Nicholas Harper
Jaelan Phillips
43.38aMay 14CIF-SS Division 2 Prelims
4.Jonathan Clark
Kenny Roberts
Duwan Turner
Jaiquan Session
45.07aMar 19Beaumont Invitational
5.Jonathan Clark
Arthur Mann
Alex Morgan
Jaiquan Session
45.12aFeb 27Palm Springs Relays
6.Jaelan Livingston
Andrew Cherry
Zion Dorres
Randolf Reed
49.46aApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
7.Billy Bowens
Nicholas Harper
Jaelan Phillips
Jaiquan Session
49.54aApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
4x200 Relay
1.Jaiquan Session
Corey Dalkins
Randolf Reed
Arthur Mann
1:44.76aFeb 27Palm Springs Relays
4x400 Relay
1.Mason Gaw
Billy Bowens
Elias Opsahl
Davis Dusick
3:26.83aMay 14CIF-SS Division 2 Prelims
2.Relay Team 3:30.33aMar 3Riverside Poly vs Rubidou..
3.Jaiquan Session
Billy Bowens
Davis Dusick
Mason Gaw
3:38.12aApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
4.Zafir Abou-Zamzam
Jacob Jex
Arthur Mann
Cody Nelson
3:48.03aApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
5.Mason Gaw
Chase Bernardy
Davis Dusick
Elias Opsahl
3:50.46aFeb 27Palm Springs Relays
6.Nathan Bender
Zane Blum
Lee Christain
Austin Mills
4:10.14aApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
7.Ryan Lau
Brennan Bartley
Jonathan Mendoza
Joshua Saldana
4:23.08aApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
4x800 Relay
1.Relay Team 8:53.24aFeb 27Palm Springs Relays
4x1600 Relay
1.Zafir Abou-Zamzam
Brennan Bartley
Jacob Dooley
Joseph Gastelum
20:33.85aFeb 27Palm Springs Relays
SMR 100-100-200-400m
1.Jonathan Clark
Randolf Reed
Kenny Rogers
Jaiquan Session
1:36.73aFeb 27Palm Springs Relays
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.Relay Team 12:06.22aFeb 27Palm Springs Relays
Shot Put - 12lb
1.11Jaelan Phillips50' 1.50Apr 21Citrus Valley vs. REV
2.11Tim Jackson41' 5.50Mar 3Riverside Poly vs Rubidou..
3.11Aaron House41' 3.00Apr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
4.9Mathew Riggio37' 7.50Apr 21Citrus Valley vs. REV
5.11Anthony House34' 8.00Feb 27Palm Springs Relays
6.9Ryan Schulter-Eurich28' 3.25Feb 27Palm Springs Relays
7.12Ryan Lau28' 2.00Mar 19Beaumont Invitational
8.12Nicolas Schwaiger27' 10.00Apr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
9.12Quentin Briceno27' 3.00Feb 27Palm Springs Relays
10.9Addam Gonzalez26' 4.00Apr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
Discus - 1.6kg
1.11Jaelan Phillips115' 8.50Mar 3Riverside Poly vs Rubidou..
2.11Anthony House108' 4.00Apr 21Citrus Valley vs. REV
3.9Mathew Riggio95' 10.50Mar 3Riverside Poly vs Rubidou..
4.11Tim Jackson85' 10.00Apr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
5.12Ryan Lau72' 8.00Mar 19Beaumont Invitational
6.11Aaron House72' 7.50Mar 3Riverside Poly vs Rubidou..
7.9Spencer Swinheart66' 11.00Apr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
8.9Ryan Schulter-Eurich65' 5.00Apr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
9.9Addam Gonzalez64' 5.00Apr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
High Jump
1.9Sam Gonzalez6' 0.00Apr 21Citrus Valley vs. REV
12Alexander Morgan6' 0.00Apr 21Citrus Valley vs. REV
3.11Nicholas Harper5' 6.00Feb 27Palm Springs Relays
4.10Clayton Haynes5' 2.00Apr 21Citrus Valley vs. REV
5.9Lee Christain5' 0.00Mar 3Riverside Poly vs Rubidou..
6.10. Botello4' 10.00Apr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
11Zion Dorres4' 10.00Apr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
8.9Daniel RamosNHMar 3Riverside Poly vs Rubidou..
Long Jump
1.12Alex Morgan18' 4.50Feb 27Palm Springs Relays
2.12Ethan Mullen18' 2.00Mar 19Beaumont Invitational
3.10Brandon Hinal17' 10.75Mar 3Riverside Poly vs Rubidou..
4.11Brandon Heinel17' 10.00Feb 27Palm Springs Relays
5.10Kenny Roberts17' 7.50Apr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
6.12Tyler Syrett17' 3.25Apr 21Citrus Valley vs. REV
7.10Austin Mills17' 3.00Apr 21Citrus Valley vs. REV
8.10J Gustafson16' 3.50Apr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
9.10Randolf Reed15' 8.00Mar 19Beaumont Invitational
10.12Daniel Locey15' 1.75Feb 27Palm Springs Relays
11.9Chase Vasilakis14' 6.00Apr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
12.9N Romero13' 5.50Apr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
13.9. Terbio13' 2.00Apr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
Triple Jump
1.12Alexander Morgan39' 6.00Apr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
2.12Ethan Mullen38' 3.00Apr 21Citrus Valley vs. REV
3.10Brandon Hinal37' 7.00Mar 19Beaumont Invitational
4.10Kenny Roberts36' 10.50Mar 3Riverside Poly vs Rubidou..
5.12Alex Morgan36' 4.50Feb 27Palm Springs Relays
6.11Brandon Heinel35' 6.00Feb 27Palm Springs Relays
7.12Tyler Syrett34' 11.00Apr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
8.12Daniel Locey33' 0.50Feb 27Palm Springs Relays
9.9. Terbio31' 3.50Apr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
10.9Chase Vasilakis30' 1.00Apr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
11.9N Romero25' 0.50Apr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
12.10Austin MillsNDApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
9Andrew TaylorNDApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev


60 Meter Dash
1.10Emerald Bowens7.50aFeb 13California Winter Champio..
100 Meters
1.10Emerald Bowens11.71awMay 21CIF-SS Division 2 Finals
2.10Azariyah Scott11.97awMay 14CIF-SS Division 2 Prelims
3.12Arian Brown12.83aMar 19Beaumont Invitational
4.9Tairah Jackson13.48aApr 21Citrus Valley vs. REV
5.11Madelynn Gray13.57aApr 21Citrus Valley vs. REV
6.9Gabriele Williams14.03aMar 19Beaumont Invitational
7.9Amira Okovodudu14.43aMar 3Riverside Poly vs Rubidou..
8.10Annique Session14.63aMar 19Beaumont Invitational
9.10. BatesDNSApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
10. DetweilerDNSApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
200 Meters
1.10Emerald Bowens24.17awMay 21CIF-SS Division 2 Finals
2.10Azariyah Scott24.98awMay 14CIF-SS Division 2 Prelims
3.12Arian Brown26.25aMar 19Beaumont Invitational
4.11Madelynn Gray27.99aApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
5.9Nekal Pennix-Webb28.90aMar 3Riverside Poly vs Rubidou..
6.9Gabriele Williams29.49aApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
7.9Amira Okovodudu29.69aMar 3Riverside Poly vs Rubidou..
8.10Mariella Palomares32.69aApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
9.10Azura Haze34.04aApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
10.12Mitzi Bobadilla34.60aFeb 27Palm Springs Relays
11.10Annique Session34.61aApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
12.12Casanova Rodriguez35.91aFeb 27Palm Springs Relays
13.10A ErlerDNSApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
400 Meters
1.12Arian Brown58.93aApr 21Citrus Valley vs. REV
2.11Kinzie McBride61.62aApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
3.9Nekal Pennix-Webb62.65aMar 19Beaumont Invitational
4.11Jennifer Gallao67.82aApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
5.10. Biaorski72.08aApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
6.10A Erler75.39aApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
7.10Leslie Garcia76.53aApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
8.11Clayshia HillDNSApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
800 Meters
1.11Samantha Aguilar2:25.54aApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
2.9Ashlyn Allen2:32.87aApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
3.12Alexandria Perez2:33.21aApr 21Citrus Valley vs. REV
4.11Hosanna Betcher2:34.21aApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
5.11Ashlynn Allen2:39.32aMar 3Riverside Poly vs Rubidou..
6.9Erin Robles2:42.58aMar 19Beaumont Invitational
7.11Clayshia Hill2:43.28aApr 21Citrus Valley vs. REV
8.12Janelle Saunders2:47.38aMar 3Riverside Poly vs Rubidou..
9.12Molly Flynn2:49.05aApr 21Citrus Valley vs. REV
10.11Danielle Bohnert2:51.24aApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
11.12Maricella Reyes-Alvarez2:51.71aMar 3Riverside Poly vs Rubidou..
12.10Alvarez Reyes2:54.09aApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
13.12Gabriella Makowski2:55.17aApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
14.9Rosemary Perez2:57.41aMar 3Riverside Poly vs Rubidou..
15.11Jillian Nunez2:59.46aApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
16.12Alexandra Ramos2:59.58aApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
17.10Megan Knox3:10.35aApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
18.11Lea Clark3:23.55aApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
19.10Oriana HenriquezNTApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
10- HerreraNTApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
12Soraya RamosNTApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
1600 Meters
1.11Samantha Aguilar5:04.78aMar 26Azusa Meet of Champions
2.9Erin Robles5:43.52aApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
3.12Alexandria Perez5:43.88aMar 19Beaumont Invitational
4.12Molly Flynn5:55.94aMar 3Riverside Poly vs Rubidou..
5.9Kassandra Villalobos6:04.98aApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
6.11Danielle Bohnert6:32.48aApr 21Citrus Valley vs. REV
7.9Rosemary Perez6:38.22aApr 21Citrus Valley vs. REV
1 Mile
1.11Samantha Aguilar5:11.20aApr 8Arcadia Invitational
3200 Meters
1.11Samantha Aguilar11:39.32aApr 21Citrus Valley vs. REV
2.9Erin Robles12:58.09aApr 21Citrus Valley vs. REV
3.12Alexandria Perez13:22.89aApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
4.9Kassandra Villalobos14:17.86aApr 21Citrus Valley vs. REV
5.12Molly FlynnDNSApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.9Tairah Jackson17.30aApr 21Citrus Valley vs. REV
2.9Amira Okovodudu18.38aApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
3.10Jillian Rickard18.53aApr 21Citrus Valley vs. REV
4.11Breanna Blackey18.56aApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
5.11Jasmyn Gonzalez19.18aApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
6.10Sierrah Jones20.07aApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
7.10Cambrie Hagen20.44aApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
8.10. Medrano Avalos22.61aApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.9Tairah Jackson48.51aApr 21Citrus Valley vs. REV
2.11Sera Parvin51.24aApr 21Citrus Valley vs. REV
3.9Amira Okovodudu51.53aApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
4.9Corryn Nelson51.57aApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
5.11Breanna Blackey54.57aApr 21Citrus Valley vs. REV
6.12Molly Flynn54.72aMar 3Riverside Poly vs Rubidou..
7.11Jasmyn Gonzalez54.75aApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
8.10Sierrah Jones59.75aMar 3Riverside Poly vs Rubidou..
9.10Cambrie Hagen63.76aApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
10.10. Medrano Avalos65.34aApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
4x100 Relay
1.Relay Team 47.95aApr 23Inland Empire Championshi..
2.Azariyah Scott
Madelynn Gray
Arian Brown
Emerald Bowens
48.46aMay 14CIF-SS Division 2 Prelims
3.Azariyah Scott
Tairah Jackson
Arian Brown
Emerald Bowens
48.71aApr 8Arcadia Invitational
4.Azariyah Scott
Arian Brown
Annique Session
Amira Okovodudu
51.27aMar 19Beaumont Invitational
5.Azariyah Scott
Amira Okovodudu
Gabriele Williams
Arian Brown
51.62aFeb 27Palm Springs Relays
6.Cambrie Hagen
Alexandra Ramos
Soraya Ramos
Maricella Reyes-Alvarez
61.28aApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
7.A Erler
Azura Haze
Rosemary Perez
Ally Zweigle
63.03aApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
8.Azariyah Scott
Emerald Bowens
Arian Brown
Madelynn Gray
DQApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
Brooke Kolozsvari
Tristen Draper
Corryn Nelson
Rosemarie Valencia
DNSApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
4x200 Relay
1.Relay Team 2:01.73aFeb 27Palm Springs Relays
4x400 Relay
1.Kinzie McBride
Azariyah Scott
Arian Brown
Nekal Pennix-Webb
4:06.39aMay 14CIF-SS Division 2 Prelims
2.Azariyah Scott
Arian Brown
Tairah Jackson
Kinzie McBride
4:10.72aApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
3.Relay Team 4:19.09aMar 3Riverside Poly vs Rubidou..
4.Sera Parvin
Ashlyn Allen
Hosanna Betcher
Corryn Nelson
4:37.31aApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
5.Clayshia Hill
Molly Flynn
Jennifer Gallao
Alexandra Perez
4:57.73aApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
6.Janelle Saunders
Danielle Bohnert
Jillian Nunez
Rosemary Perez
5:13.41aApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
7.Alexandra Ramos
Cambrie Hagen
Soraya Ramos
Maricella Reyes-Alvarez
5:18.74aApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
8.Megan Knox
Lea Clark
Leslie Garcia
Oriana Henriquez
5:48.92aApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
4x800 Relay
1.Relay Team 10:59.40aFeb 27Palm Springs Relays
4x1600 Relay
1.Erin Robles
Molly Flynn
Samantha Aguilar
Alexandra Perez
25:03.36aFeb 27Palm Springs Relays
SMR 100-100-200-400m
1.Relay Team 2:26.91aFeb 27Palm Springs Relays
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.Relay Team 12:46.52aFeb 27Palm Springs Relays
Shot Put - 4kg
1.10Cassandra Rodriguez25' 11.00Apr 21Citrus Valley vs. REV
2.12Annie Delgado25' 1.00Apr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
3.10Emilie Strenzke24' 7.00Apr 21Citrus Valley vs. REV
4.12Casanova Rodriguez24' 5.50Feb 27Palm Springs Relays
5.10McKenna Williamson24' 3.00Apr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
6.12Jacqualyn Bergquist23' 6.50Apr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
7.11Lindsay Collins22' 9.00Apr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
12Mitzi Bobadilla22' 9.00Apr 21Citrus Valley vs. REV
9.9Taylor Gill22' 3.00Apr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
10.11Nicole Harper21' 5.00Mar 19Beaumont Invitational
11.10Jay Ledesma20' 5.00Apr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
12.10Sydney Gutknecht17' 3.00Apr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
Discus - 1kg
1.12Annie Delgado81' 1.00Apr 21Citrus Valley vs. REV
2.10McKenna Williamson80' 2.50Apr 21Citrus Valley vs. REV
3.12Mitzi Bobadilla73' 5.50Apr 21Citrus Valley vs. REV
4.10Cassandra Rodriguez65' 5.50Mar 19Beaumont Invitational
5.10Emilie Strenzke64' 8.00Apr 21Citrus Valley vs. REV
6.12Casanova Rodriguez60' 11.00Feb 27Palm Springs Relays
7.9Taylor Gill59' 6.00Mar 19Beaumont Invitational
8.11Nicole Harper57' 10.00Mar 19Beaumont Invitational
9.12Jacqualyn Bergquist56' 9.00Apr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
10.11Lindsay Collins55' 3.00Apr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
11.10Jay Ledesma53' 3.00Apr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
12.10Sydney GutknechtApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
11Ashlynn AllenNDApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
High Jump
1.11Nicole Harper4' 4.00Apr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
2.11Madelynn Gray4' 2.00Apr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
11Clayshia Hill4' 2.00Apr 21Citrus Valley vs. REV
9Amira Okovodudu4' 2.00Apr 21Citrus Valley vs. REV
5.12Alexandra Ramos4' 0.00Apr 21Citrus Valley vs. REV
6.10Azura HazeNHFeb 27Palm Springs Relays
Long Jump
1.10Brenna Dolen16' 1.00Apr 21Citrus Valley vs. REV
2.9Amira Okovodudu13' 8.00Mar 19Beaumont Invitational
3.12Brooke Kolozsvari13' 1.50Apr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
4.10Jillian Rickard12' 7.50Apr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
5.10Tristen Draper12' 7.00Apr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
6.12Rosemarie Valencia11' 0.00Feb 27Palm Springs Relays
7.10. DetweilerNDApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
10. RosadoNDApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
11Ally ZweigleNDApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
Triple Jump
1.10Brenna Dolen32' 9.00Apr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
2.12Brooke Kolozsvari30' 1.00Apr 21Citrus Valley vs. REV
3.11Ally ZweigleNDApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev
12Rosemarie ValenciaNDApr 28Yucaipa vs. Rev

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