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100 Meters
1.10Dallas Branch11.16aMay 8Bay League Finals
2.12Micah Welch11.20aMay 8Bay League Finals
3.9Brian Djarbri11.66aApr 23Redondo Union vs Palos Ve..
4.10Ryan Armalian11.69aMar 14Redondo Nike Invitational..
5.10Jaden Allen11.81aMay 5Bay League Prelims and Fi..
6.10Sage Stresser11.83aApr 23Redondo Union vs Palos Ve..
7.11Nygel Probherbs11.97aFeb 28Corona Relays
8.9Connor Gore12.91aMar 7Bishop Amat Relays
200 Meters
1.10Dallas Branch22.42aMay 8Bay League Finals
2.11Jerone Jackson22.79aMay 8Bay League Finals
3.12Micah Welch23.19aMay 5Bay League Prelims and Fi..
4.10Jaden Allen23.78aMay 5Bay League Prelims and Fi..
5.11Jose Fowler23.97aApr 23Redondo Union vs Palos Ve..
6.9Nicholas Prohaska24.24aMay 8Bay League Finals
7.10Sage Stresser24.52aMay 5Bay League Prelims and Fi..
8.9Connor Gore26.02aMay 5Bay League Prelims and Fi..
400 Meters
1.11Jerone Jackson50.17aMay 16CIF-SS Division 1 Prelims
2.12Sergio Rodriguez51.77aApr 23Redondo Union vs Palos Ve..
3.12Kristopher Patterson51.98aApr 18South Bay Championships (..
4.9Nicholas Prohaska52.88aMay 8Bay League Finals
5.11James Page55.19aMar 14Redondo Nike Invitational..
6.9Connor Gore55.96aMay 8Bay League Finals
7.11Elijah Tallman59.20aApr 23Redondo Union vs Palos Ve..
8.9August Hatherley59.41aMar 14Redondo Nike Invitational..
9.9Nathan Ladabouche61.33aApr 23Redondo Union vs Palos Ve..
800 Meters
1.12Sergio Rodriguez1:53.43aMay 29CIF-SS Masters Meet
2.10Ethan Comeaux1:55.49aApr 31st Annual UCLA Legends I..
3.11Ryan Wadhams1:56.55aMay 16CIF-SS Division 1 Prelims
4.11Nick Elias1:59.88aApr 31st Annual UCLA Legends I..
5.12Mitchell Winn2:01.61aMar 28Distance Meet of Champion..
6.12Zachary Rounds2:07.37aMar 28Distance Meet of Champion..
7.9Brian Adler2:08.29aMar 28Distance Meet of Champion..
8.12Jonathan Douglas2:09.37aMar 28Distance Meet of Champion..
9.11Cole Baird2:09.38aMar 28Distance Meet of Champion..
10.11James Page2:10.02aMay 5Bay League Prelims and Fi..
11.9Farooq Tariq2:10.98aMay 8Bay League Finals
12.10Etienne Doidic2:11.64aMar 28Distance Meet of Champion..
13.12Joshua Alther2:12.00aMar 28Distance Meet of Champion..
14.12Peter Meyerson2:12.24aMar 28Distance Meet of Champion..
15.10David Munoz2:12.28aApr 17South Bay Championships (..
16.11Elijah Tallman2:16.49aMar 28Distance Meet of Champion..
17.10Javon Campbell2:17.68aMar 28Distance Meet of Champion..
10Thomas Ramirez2:17.68aMar 28Distance Meet of Champion..
19.10Aiden Bell2:21.35aApr 23Redondo Union vs Palos Ve..
20.9Dylan Baird2:23.10aMar 28Distance Meet of Champion..
21.9Cade Erickson2:23.37aMar 28Distance Meet of Champion..
22.11Michael Malgeri2:23.47aMar 28Distance Meet of Champion..
23.9Gustav Grutzik2:23.55aMay 5Bay League Prelims and Fi..
24.11Ruben Padilla2:24.49aMar 28Distance Meet of Champion..
25.9Maxwell Grollman2:25.54aMar 28Distance Meet of Champion..
26.9Ryan Corman2:27.09aMar 28Distance Meet of Champion..
27.9Jacob Alther2:27.75aMay 5Bay League Prelims and Fi..
28.12Daniel Medrano2:27.80aMar 28Distance Meet of Champion..
29.9Anthony Bass2:31.38aMar 28Distance Meet of Champion..
30.9Peter Jacobson2:37.16aApr 23Redondo Union vs Palos Ve..
31.9Benjamin Cheng2:38.40aMar 28Distance Meet of Champion..
32.9Marcelo Enriquez2:54.16aMar 28Distance Meet of Champion..
1600 Meters
1.10Ethan Comeaux4:12.77aMay 23CIF-SS Division 1 Finals
2.12Carlos Suarez4:22.66aApr 17Mt. SAC Relays (Day 1)
3.12Luke Stevens4:28.15aApr 18South Bay Championships (..
4.11Nick Elias4:33.39aApr 23Redondo Union vs Palos Ve..
5.11Ryan Wadhams4:39.98aMar 28Distance Meet of Champion..
6.11Harrison Fox4:40.54aApr 18South Bay Championships (..
7.11Andrew Zavala4:40.67aApr 18South Bay Championships (..
8.12Jonathan Douglas4:45.33aApr 18South Bay Championships (..
9.12Peter Meyerson4:45.60aApr 18South Bay Championships (..
10.11Cole Baird4:47.51aApr 18South Bay Championships (..
11.12Zachary Rounds4:49.59aMar 28Distance Meet of Champion..
12.12Joshua Alther4:50.22aMar 28Distance Meet of Champion..
13.12Mitchell Winn4:54.66aMar 28Distance Meet of Champion..
14.9Brian Adler4:56.76aMar 28Distance Meet of Champion..
15.10Thomas Ramirez4:59.74aMar 14Redondo Nike Invitational..
16.12Joseph Blakely5:00.03aMar 28Distance Meet of Champion..
17.10David Munoz5:01.06aMar 28Distance Meet of Champion..
18.9Cade Erickson5:07.92aMay 5Bay League Prelims and Fi..
19.9Maxwell Grollman5:11.88aMay 5Bay League Prelims and Fi..
20.10Aiden Bell5:16.25aMay 5Bay League Prelims and Fi..
21.11Michael Malgeri5:16.58aMar 28Distance Meet of Champion..
22.9Farooq Tariq5:18.96aMar 28Distance Meet of Champion..
23.9Ryan Corman5:20.48aMay 5Bay League Prelims and Fi..
24.11Ruben Padilla5:22.4aMar 28Distance Meet of Champion..
25.11Elijah Tallman5:24.47aMar 28Distance Meet of Champion..
26.9Dylan Baird5:25.02aApr 23Redondo Union vs Palos Ve..
27.12Daniel Medrano5:26.37aMar 28Distance Meet of Champion..
28.9Anthony Bass5:31.79aApr 23Redondo Union vs Palos Ve..
29.9Jacob Alther5:42.58aMar 28Distance Meet of Champion..
30.10Javon Campbell5:44.89aMar 28Distance Meet of Champion..
31.9Peter Jacobson5:47.43aMar 28Distance Meet of Champion..
32.9Benjamin Cheng5:52.70aMar 28Distance Meet of Champion..
33.9Marcelo Enriquez6:56.37aMay 5Bay League Prelims and Fi..
1 Mile
1.10Ethan Comeaux4:15.79aMar 28Distance Meet of Champion..
2.12Carlos Suarez4:22.50aApr 31st Annual UCLA Legends I..
3200 Meters
1.12Carlos Suarez9:13.45aApr 11Arcadia Invitational (Day..
2.12Luke Stevens9:52.27aMar 13Redondo Nike Invitational..
3.11Harrison Fox10:01.39aMay 8Bay League Finals
4.12Jonathan Douglas10:01.70aMay 8Bay League Finals
5.12Peter Meyerson10:28.57aMar 13Redondo Nike Invitational..
6.11Andrew Zavala10:48.84aMar 28Distance Meet of Champion..
7.12Joseph Blakely10:57.11aMar 28Distance Meet of Champion..
8.9Maxwell Grollman11:08.96aApr 17South Bay Championships (..
9.9Anthony Bass11:28.78aMay 5Bay League Prelims and Fi..
10.11Michael Malgeri11:28.90aMar 13Redondo Nike Invitational..
11.9Peter Jacobson12:44.79aApr 17South Bay Championships (..
12.9Dylan Baird12:45.47aMar 13Redondo Nike Invitational..
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.11Sean Sudduth15.83aMay 5Bay League Prelims and Fi..
2.11Mathew Langford16.86aMar 28Mustang Relays
3.11Elijah Williams19.41aApr 23Redondo Union vs Palos Ve..
4.9Nathan Ladabouche20.49aMar 28Mustang Relays
5.11Nygel Probherbs20.93awFeb 28Corona Relays
6.9Nicholas Prohaska21.80aFeb 28Corona Relays
7.9Brian Djarbri22.04awApr 17South Bay Championships (..
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.11Sean Sudduth41.80aMay 8Bay League Finals
2.11Nygel Probherbs43.01aMar 14Redondo Nike Invitational..
3.11Drew DeCurtis45.07aApr 18South Bay Championships (..
4.10Etienne Doidic47.24aApr 23Redondo Union vs Palos Ve..
9Brian Djarbri47.24aMar 28Mustang Relays
6.9Nathan Ladabouche51.43aApr 17South Bay Championships (..
7.11Elijah WilliamsDQApr 23Redondo Union vs Palos Ve..
11Mathew LangfordDNFMar 28Mustang Relays
4x100 Relay
1.-Micah Welch
Jaden Allen
Jerone Jackson
Dallas Branch
42.97aMay 16CIF-SS Division 1 Prelims
2.-Jerone Jackson
Micah Welch
Ryan Armalin
Dallas Branch
43.65aApr 41st Annual UCLA Legends I..
3.-Relay Team 43.86aMar 14Redondo Nike Invitational..
4.-Nicholas Prohaska
Brian Djarbri
Connor Gore
Sage Stresser
46.40aMay 8Bay League Finals
4x200 Relay
1.-Relay Team 1:34.21aMar 7Bishop Amat Relays
4x400 Relay
1.-Relay Team 3:19.35aMay 23CIF-SS Division 1 Finals
2.-Sergio Rodriguez
Jerone Jackson
Ethan Comeaux
Sean Sudduth
3:21.16aMay 16CIF-SS Division 1 Prelims
3.-Jerone Jackson
Ethan Comeaux
Sean Sudduth
Sergio Rodriguez
3:29.95aApr 11Arcadia Invitational (Day..
4.-Connor Gore
David Munoz
Farooq Tariq
Nicholas Prohaska
3:45.64aMay 8Bay League Finals
4x800 Relay
1.-Ryan Wadhams
Nick Elias
Ethan Comeaux
Sergio Rodriguez
7:50.58aApr 10Arcadia Invitational (Day..
2.-Relay Team 7:59.15aMar 13Redondo Nike Invitational..
4x1600 Relay
1.-Relay Team 18:08.24aMar 7Bishop Amat Relays
SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8]
1.-Relay Team 3:54.87aMar 7Bishop Amat Relays
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.-Sergio Rodriguez
Jerone Jackson
Ryan Wadhams
Ethan Comeaux
10:08.16aApr 11Arcadia Invitational (Day..
2.-Relay Team 10:23.92aMar 13Redondo Nike Invitational..
Shot Put - 10lb
1.10Henry Bakaly33' 1.75Mar 7Bishop Amat Relays
Shot Put - 12lb
1.11Christopher Odanaka46' 3.00Mar 28Mustang Relays
2.11Russell Bhare41' 1.50May 8Bay League Finals
3.10Henry Bakaly37' 9.00May 5Bay League Prelims and Fi..
4.12Micah Welch34' 2.00Apr 23Redondo Union vs Palos Ve..
5.11Maximilian Grieser32' 4.00May 8Bay League Finals
6.11Richard Fritz32' 2.00May 8Bay League Finals
Discus - 1.6kg
1.11Christopher Odanaka134' 1.00Mar 7Bishop Amat Relays
2.11Russell Bhare101' 10.00May 8Bay League Finals
3.11Richard Fritz98' 7.00May 8Bay League Finals
4.11Maximilian Grieser70' 3.00May 8Bay League Finals
5.10Henry Bakaly61' 4.00May 5Bay League Prelims and Fi..
High Jump
1.11Jose Fowler6' 0.00May 16CIF-SS Division 1 Prelims
2.12Kristopher Patterson5' 9.00May 8Bay League Finals
3.11Drew DeCurtis5' 6.00Mar 28Mustang Relays
Pole Vault
1.10Tate Curran15' 0.00Mar 28Mustang Relays
2.11Elijah Williams12' 9.00May 8Bay League Finals
10Etienne Doidic12' 9.00May 8Bay League Finals
4.11Drew DeCurtisNHFeb 28Corona Relays
Long Jump
1.10Dallas Branch21' 5.00May 8Bay League Finals
2.11Jose Fowler20' 2.00May 8Bay League Finals
3.10Jaden Allen20' 1.50Mar 28Mustang Relays
4.11James Page17' 5.00Apr 23Redondo Union vs Palos Ve..
5.9Nicholas ProhaskaNDMar 14Redondo Nike Invitational..
Triple Jump
1.11Jose Fowler40' 4.00Apr 23Redondo Union vs Palos Ve..
2.10Jaden Allen36' 5.00May 8Bay League Finals


100 Meters
1.12Anastasia Chiodo12.24aMay 8Bay League Finals
2.10Kennedy Williams12.53aMay 8Bay League Finals
3.12Kristen Hamlin12.56aMar 14Redondo Nike Invitational..
4.9Sage Espy12.82awApr 23Redondo Union vs Palos Ve..
5.9Indica Showell13.02awApr 23Redondo Union vs Palos Ve..
6.10Brittany Baker13.07aMay 8Bay League Finals
7.10Pierson Wodzynski13.18awMar 14Redondo Nike Invitational..
8.9Kayla Ideozu13.19awApr 17South Bay Championships (..
9.9Akaylah Hill13.28aApr 23Redondo Union vs Palos Ve..
10.9Emma Lyon13.65awApr 17South Bay Championships (..
11.9Trinity Kirkland13.83aApr 23Redondo Union vs Palos Ve..
12.9Melia McKinley14.11aApr 23Redondo Union vs Palos Ve..
13.9Amari Thompson14.25awApr 17South Bay Championships (..
200 Meters
1.12Anastasia Chiodo24.87aMay 8Bay League Finals
2.12Zuri Henderson25.30aMay 5Bay League Prelims and Fi..
3.12Kennedy Hardemion25.95aMay 5Bay League Prelims and Fi..
4.10Kennedy Williams26.23aMay 5Bay League Prelims and Fi..
5.9Kayla Ideozu27.62aMay 8Bay League Finals
6.9Indica Showell28.19aApr 23Redondo Union vs Palos Ve..
7.9Emma Lyon28.93aApr 23Redondo Union vs Palos Ve..
8.9Melia McKinley29.62awApr 23Redondo Union vs Palos Ve..
9.9Trinity Kirkland29.88aMay 5Bay League Prelims and Fi..
10.9Amari Thompson29.99awApr 23Redondo Union vs Palos Ve..
400 Meters
1.12Zuri Henderson55.95aMay 29CIF-SS Masters Meet
2.12Kennedy Hardemion59.01aMay 8Bay League Finals
3.12Anevay Hiehle60.15aApr 23Redondo Union vs Palos Ve..
4.12Amber Gore62.03aApr 23Redondo Union vs Palos Ve..
5.9Emma Lyon62.50aMay 8Bay League Finals
6.10Aaqilah Wright64.64aMay 8Bay League Finals
7.9Lena Yost68.17aApr 17South Bay Championships (..
8.9Sage Espy71.37aMar 14Redondo Nike Invitational..
9.9Trinity Raiford74.73aApr 17South Bay Championships (..
800 Meters
1.10Trinity Leonard2:16.78aMar 28Distance Meet of Champion..
2.12Breya Wynne2:17.15aMar 28Distance Meet of Champion..
3.12Anevay Hiehle2:18.19aMay 8Bay League Finals
4.12Amber Gore2:20.54aMay 8Bay League Finals
5.12Zuri Henderson2:25.25aApr 23Redondo Union vs Palos Ve..
6.11Nicole Beaudoin2:25.86aMar 28Distance Meet of Champion..
7.10Peyton Bell2:27.69aMar 28Distance Meet of Champion..
8.9Dana Focardi2:30.12aMay 8Bay League Finals
9.9Isabel Ramirez2:33.00aMar 28Distance Meet of Champion..
10.10Jeanette Echavarria-Herrera2:33.08aMar 28Distance Meet of Champion..
11.10Ashley Humphrey2:36.09aMar 14Redondo Nike Invitational..
12.10Kyanie Lopez2:36.92aMay 8Bay League Finals
13.9Nicole Tchounga2:37.69aMar 28Distance Meet of Champion..
14.9Teja Skalko2:37.71aMay 8Bay League Finals
15.10Danica Monsanto2:41.20aMar 28Distance Meet of Champion..
16.11Samantha Will2:42.81aMar 28Distance Meet of Champion..
17.10Elyssa Gilbert2:44.20aMar 14Redondo Nike Invitational..
18.10Shelby Oyape2:44.50aMar 14Redondo Nike Invitational..
19.12Kennedy Hardemion2:44.73aMar 14Redondo Nike Invitational..
20.10Catalina Ruple2:45.36aApr 17South Bay Championships (..
21.11Erika Veloz2:45.87aMar 28Distance Meet of Champion..
22.9Kayla Hiken2:48.01aMar 28Distance Meet of Champion..
23.9Riley Ledermann2:50.89aMar 28Distance Meet of Champion..
24.9Hannah Meyerson2:51.64aMar 28Distance Meet of Champion..
25.11Katelin Hampton2:52.43aApr 23Redondo Union vs Palos Ve..
26.9Kahana Connoy2:52.94aMar 28Distance Meet of Champion..
27.9Kiya Ferguson3:01.19aMar 28Distance Meet of Champion..
28.9Trinity Raiford3:10.65aApr 23Redondo Union vs Palos Ve..
1600 Meters
1.12Nicole Pederson5:03.33aMay 8Bay League Finals
2.11Taylor Beaudoin5:03.39aMar 28Distance Meet of Champion..
3.12Thalia Silva5:13.78aApr 18South Bay Championships (..
4.11Nicole Beaudoin5:18.51aMar 28Distance Meet of Champion..
5.10Jeanette Echavarria-Herrera5:22.34aMay 8Bay League Finals
6.9Isabel Ramirez5:31.47aMay 8Bay League Finals
7.10Peyton Bell5:33.92aApr 17South Bay Championships (..
8.9Nicole Tchounga5:39.50aMay 8Bay League Finals
9.9Dana Focardi5:45.90aMar 28Distance Meet of Champion..
10.11Sara Bilotta5:47.15aMay 5Bay League Prelims and Fi..
11.11Erika Veloz5:54.21aMar 28Distance Meet of Champion..
12.9Kahana Connoy6:01.03aApr 17South Bay Championships (..
13.9Riley Ledermann6:06.84aApr 17South Bay Championships (..
14.10Aaqilah Wright6:09.68aMar 28Distance Meet of Champion..
15.10Catalina Ruple6:10.92aMar 28Distance Meet of Champion..
16.9Kayla Hiken6:14.33aApr 23Redondo Union vs Palos Ve..
17.9Teja Skalko6:14.92aApr 17South Bay Championships (..
18.9Hannah Meyerson6:19.38aMay 5Bay League Prelims and Fi..
19.10Kyanie Lopez6:26.55aMar 28Distance Meet of Champion..
20.10Danica Monsanto6:28.85aMar 28Distance Meet of Champion..
21.11Samantha Will6:29.24aMar 28Distance Meet of Champion..
22.9Kiya Ferguson6:46.98aMar 28Distance Meet of Champion..
23.10Shelby Oyape6:47.07aMar 28Distance Meet of Champion..
24.9Trinity Raiford7:19.09aMay 5Bay League Prelims and Fi..
25.12Sabrina ZavalaSCRMay 5Bay League Prelims and Fi..
1 Mile
1.11Taylor Beaudoin5:07.38aApr 31st Annual UCLA Legends I..
2.12Nicole Pederson5:09.97aApr 31st Annual UCLA Legends I..
3200 Meters
1.12Thalia Silva11:08.70aMay 8Bay League Finals
2.12Nicole Pederson11:14.94aMar 13Redondo Nike Invitational..
3.11Taylor Beaudoin11:20.72aMay 8Bay League Finals
4.11Nicole Beaudoin11:25.86aApr 10Arcadia Invitational (Day..
5.10Jeanette Echavarria-Herrera11:56.95aMay 5Bay League Prelims and Fi..
6.9Isabel Ramirez12:02.54aMay 5Bay League Prelims and Fi..
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.12Kristen Hamlin14.87aApr 41st Annual UCLA Legends I..
2.11Tairyn Montgomery16.06aApr 23Redondo Union vs Palos Ve..
3.11Kristen Quinn16.38aMar 28Mustang Relays
4.9Sage Espy17.38aMay 8Bay League Finals
5.10Brittany Baker17.78aMay 8Bay League Finals
6.12Sarina Ferlazzo19.48aApr 23Redondo Union vs Palos Ve..
7.10Emilie Chaumillon20.83aMar 28Mustang Relays
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.12Kristen Hamlin45.97aMay 8Bay League Finals
2.10Pierson Wodzynski47.03aMay 16CIF-SS Division 1 Prelims
3.9Sage Espy50.40aMay 8Bay League Finals
4.12Sarina Ferlazzo51.69aMay 8Bay League Finals
5.10Brittany Baker51.98aMay 8Bay League Finals
6.10Emilie Chaumillon53.17aMar 28Mustang Relays
7.9Akaylah Hill59.10aMar 14Redondo Nike Invitational..
8.11Kristen QuinnSCRMay 5Bay League Prelims and Fi..
4x100 Relay
1.-Tairyn Montgomery
Kristen Hamlin
Kennedy Williams
Anastasia Chiodo
47.67aMay 8Bay League Finals
2.-Relay Team 47.69aMay 23CIF-SS Division 1 Finals
3.-Kennedy Hardemion
Kristen Hamlin
Tairyn Montgomery
Anastasia Chiodo
48.38aApr 41st Annual UCLA Legends I..
4.-Brittany Baker
Kayla Ideozu
Indica Showell
Sage Espy
51.00aMay 8Bay League Finals
4x200 Relay
1.-Zuri Henderson
Kennedy Hardemion
Kennedy Williams
Anastasia Chiodo
1:43.31aApr 10Arcadia Invitational (Day..
2.-Relay Team 1:44.54aMar 28Mustang Relays
4x400 Relay
1.-Relay Team 3:49.20aMay 23CIF-SS Division 1 Finals
2.-Kennedy Hardemion
Kristen Hamlin
Trinity Leonard
Zuri Henderson
3:49.61aJun 6California State Champion..
3.-Kennedy Hardemion
Trinity Leonard
Kristen Hamlin
Zuri Henderson
3:49.68aJun 5California State Champion..
4.-Trinity Leonard
Pierson Wodzynski
Kristen Hamlin
Zuri Henderson
3:54.61aMay 16CIF-SS Division 1 Prelims
5.-Dana Focardi
Emma Lyon
Teja Skalko
Aaqilah Wright
DQMay 8Bay League Finals
4x800 Relay
1.-Zuri Henderson
Amber Gore
Breya Wynne
Trinity Leonard
9:13.68aApr 10Arcadia Invitational (Day..
2.-Relay Team 9:23.65aApr 10Arcadia Invitational (Day..
4x1600 Relay
1.-Relay Team 22:12.44aApr 10Arcadia Invitational (Day..
SMR 100-100-200-400m
1.-Kristen Hamlin
Kennedy Williams
Anastasia Chiodo
Zuri Henderson
1:46.14aApr 10Arcadia Invitational (Day..
2.-Relay Team 1:49.48aMar 7Bishop Amat Relays
SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8]
1.-Relay Team 4:30.10aFeb 28Corona Relays
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.-Nicole Pederson
Zuri Henderson
Trinity Leonard
Taylor Beaudoin
12:01.30aApr 11Arcadia Invitational (Day..
2.-Relay Team 12:37.95aFeb 28Corona Relays
Shot Put - 4kg
1.11Tairyn Montgomery40' 2.00May 16CIF-SS Division 1 Prelims
2.12Ashley Wells35' 9.75Apr 31st Annual UCLA Legends I..
3.11Katelin Hampton30' 6.50Apr 23Redondo Union vs Palos Ve..
4.11Taryn-Rose Gregorio30' 2.00May 8Bay League Finals
5.11Danielle Lindquist27' 6.50Mar 28Mustang Relays
6.11Xia Threadgill23' 1.00Apr 18South Bay Championships (..
Discus - 1kg
1.12Ashley Wells121' 9.00May 8Bay League Finals
2.11Taryn-Rose Gregorio105' 2.00May 8Bay League Finals
3.11Danielle Lindquist94' 6.00Mar 7Bishop Amat Relays
4.11Katelin Hampton88' 11.00Mar 7Bishop Amat Relays
5.11Xia Threadgill69' 4.00Apr 18South Bay Championships (..
High Jump
1.12Sarina Ferlazzo4' 8.00Mar 28Mustang Relays
2.10Kaitlin Heri4' 7.00Apr 23Redondo Union vs Palos Ve..
3.11Kristen QuinnNHMar 14Redondo Nike Invitational..
Pole Vault
1.10Kaitlin Heri12' 2.00Jun 5California State Champion..
2.11Kristen Quinn9' 6.00Feb 28Corona Relays
Long Jump
1.11Tairyn Montgomery18' 1.75May 8Bay League Finals
2.9Akaylah Hill16' 8.25Mar 28Mustang Relays
3.11Kristen Quinn15' 8.25Apr 23Redondo Union vs Palos Ve..
4.12Tasleem Suttles15' 2.25May 8Bay League Finals
5.9Emma Lyon14' 7.50May 5Bay League Prelims and Fi..
6.10Emilie Chaumillon13' 7.75Mar 14Redondo Nike Invitational..
7.12Sarina Ferlazzo12' 10.75Mar 7Bishop Amat Relays
8.9Sage Espy11' 10.00Mar 7Bishop Amat Relays
Triple Jump
1.9Akaylah Hill38' 2.50May 16CIF-SS Division 1 Prelims
2.11Kristen Quinn33' 2.50Mar 28Mustang Relays
3.12Tasleem Suttles32' 0.75Apr 23Redondo Union vs Palos Ve..

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