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100 Meters
1.12Ben Field11.69aMay 162A-1 District Meet D..
2.11Max Zinda12.01aMay 8NWL Meet (Vernonia)
3.11Wyatt Jones11.99May 1NWL at Nestucca
4.12Colton Mayberry12.32aMay 8NWL Meet (Vernonia)
5.9Mason Mogck12.53aMay 8NWL Meet (Vernonia)
6.9Seth McFarlane13.19Apr 10NWL League Meet
7.9Jack Nichols14.05Apr 10NWL League Meet
200 Meters
1.12Ben Field23.90Apr 24NWL at Neah-Kah-Nie
2.11Max Zinda25.29aApr 17NWL Meet (Riverdale/..
3.12Colton Mayberry25.34aMay 172A-1 District Meet D..
4.11Wyatt Jones25.36aMay 162A-1 District Meet D..
5.9Mason Mogck25.75aMay 162A-1 District Meet D..
6.9Seth McFarlane27.57Apr 10NWL League Meet
400 Meters
1.12Ben Field51.94aMay 172A-1 District Meet D..
2.11Max Zinda55.55May 1NWL at Nestucca
3.12Colton Mayberry59.37May 1NWL at Nestucca
4.12Adrian Lurie1:00.24aMay 8NWL Meet (Vernonia)
5.11Wyatt Jones1:00.58May 1NWL at Nestucca
6.9Mason Mogck1:01.28Apr 10NWL League Meet
7.9Seth McFarlane1:03.49May 1NWL at Nestucca
8.9Jack Nichols1:07.70aMay 8NWL Meet (Vernonia)
800 Meters
1.12Conor Scanlon2:10.51aMay 172A-1 District Meet D..
2.11Guy Eroh2:11.41Apr 10NWL League Meet
3.11Garen Marter2:15.81Apr 10NWL League Meet
4.11Andre Leger2:23.04aMay 172A-1 District Meet D..
5.9Jack Nichols2:37.00Apr 10NWL League Meet
6.9Diego Quintos2:48.49aMay 8NWL Meet (Vernonia)
1500 Meters
1.11Guy Eroh4:28.59Apr 10NWL League Meet
2.11Garen Marter4:34.05aMay 172A-1 District Meet D..
3.11Andre Leger4:46.11aMay 172A-1 District Meet D..
4.10Brian Gentry4:58.78May 1NWL at Nestucca
5.11Spencer Singer5:16.47aMay 8NWL Meet (Vernonia)
6.9Diego Quintos5:24.40May 1NWL at Nestucca
7.10Harrison Lee5:29.37Apr 24NWL at Neah-Kah-Nie
8.12Sean Corrigan5:39.33aMay 172A-1 District Meet D..
3000 Meters
1.11Guy Eroh9:29.94aMay 23OSAA 2A State Champi..
2.11Garen Marter9:43.66aMay 162A-1 District Meet D..
3.10Brian Gentry10:20.94aMay 162A-1 District Meet D..
4.11Andre Leger10:37.81May 1NWL at Nestucca
5.11Spencer Singer11:28.84Apr 10NWL League Meet
6.10Harrison Lee12:10.14Apr 24NWL at Neah-Kah-Nie
7.12Sean Corrigan12:37.10aMay 8NWL Meet (Vernonia)
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.9Mitchell Dignan19.57Apr 10NWL League Meet
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.9Mitchell Dignan50.54Apr 10NWL League Meet
2.11Wyatt Jones52.95Apr 10NWL League Meet
4x100 Relay
1.-Max Zinda
Colton Mayberry
Wyatt Jones
Ben Field
46.16aMay 8NWL Meet (Vernonia)
2.-Wyatt Jones
Colton Mayberry
Ben Field
Chase Fettig
46.74aApr 17NWL Meet (Riverdale/..
4x400 Relay
1.-Wyatt Jones
Max Zinda
Garen Marter
Ben Field
3:38.90aMay 172A-1 District Meet D..
2.-Max Zinda
Conor Scanlon
Chase Fettig
Ben Field
3:46.25May 1NWL at Nestucca
3.-Max Zinda
Colton Mayberry
Wyatt Jones
Ben Field
3:48.82aMay 8NWL Meet (Vernonia)
4.-Mason Mogck
Conor Scanlon
Max Zinda
Ben Field
3:52.90aApr 17NWL Meet (Riverdale/..
5.-Mason Mogck
Guy Eroh
Garen Marter
Chase Fettig
3:57.32Apr 10NWL League Meet
6.-Relay Team 4:32.41May 1NWL at Nestucca
Shot Put - 12lb
1.12Oscar Tzintzun34-05.25May 1NWL at Nestucca
2.12Nick Chuang33-07.00May 162A-1 District Meet D..
3.12Zack Sherman31-07.00May 1NWL at Nestucca
Discus - 1.6kg
1.12Mark Lindquist85-05May 1NWL at Nestucca
2.12Nick Chuang81' 2"Apr 24NWL at Neah-Kah-Nie
3.12Zack Sherman78-08May 1NWL at Nestucca
4.12Oscar Tzintzun67-05May 8NWL Meet (Vernonia)
Javelin - 800g
1.12Chase Fettig137-00May 172A-1 District Meet D..
2.12Mark Lindquist97-01May 172A-1 District Meet D..
3.9Mitchell Dignan92-10May 1NWL at Nestucca
4.12Nick Chuang91-10May 172A-1 District Meet D..
5.12Zack Sherman82-04May 1NWL at Nestucca
6.11Max Zinda76-09May 8NWL Meet (Vernonia)
High Jump
1.12Greg Carlson5-06.00May 172A-1 District Meet D..
12Chase Fettig5-06.00May 1NWL at Nestucca
Pole Vault
1.12Greg Carlson8-06.00May 1NWL at Nestucca
2.9Mitchell Dignan8-00.00May 1NWL at Nestucca
3.9Seth McFarlane7-06.00May 172A-1 District Meet D..
Long Jump
1.9Mason Mogck18'2.5"Apr 10NWL League Meet
2.12Chase Fettig17'6Apr 10NWL League Meet
3.12Greg Carlson16-10.00May 162A-1 District Meet D..
4.11Max Zinda16-03.50May 1NWL at Nestucca
5.12Adrian Lurie16-02.25May 1NWL at Nestucca
6.12Colton Mayberry15-05.50Apr 17NWL Meet (Riverdale/..
7.12Oscar Tzintzun14-07.00May 8NWL Meet (Vernonia)
8.10Harrison Lee9'7.5"Apr 24NWL at Neah-Kah-Nie
Triple Jump
1.12Chase Fettig36'2"Apr 10NWL League Meet


100 Meters
1.10Annie Rose Salisbury14.34May 1NWL at Nestucca
2.12Meianna Oeser14.94aMay 162A-1 District Meet D..
3.9Ava Fechner15.18aApr 17NWL Meet (Riverdale/..
200 Meters
1.10Annie Rose Salisbury30.18May 1NWL at Nestucca
2.12Meianna Oeser31.27Apr 10NWL League Meet
3.11Talia Sherman31.62aMay 162A-1 District Meet D..
4.9Ava Fechner31.50Apr 10NWL League Meet
5.10Cindy Abrams33.14aApr 17NWL Meet (Riverdale/..
400 Meters
1.10Alexandra Scott1:05.15aMay 172A-1 District Meet D..
2.10Cindy Abrams1:10.57aMay 172A-1 District Meet D..
3.11Talia Sherman1:11.80aMay 162A-1 District Meet D..
4.9Ava Fechner1:12.96May 1NWL at Nestucca
5.12Meianna Oeser1:13.86aApr 17NWL Meet (Riverdale/..
6.9Lilih Abrams1:17.76aMay 8NWL Meet (Vernonia)
800 Meters
1.10Alexandra Scott2:33.31aMay 23OSAA 2A State Champi..
2.10Cindy Abrams2:43.27aMay 172A-1 District Meet D..
3.9Nikki Kostur2:56.55aMay 172A-1 District Meet D..
4.9Lilih Abrams2:57.02aApr 17NWL Meet (Riverdale/..
1500 Meters
1.9Lilih Abrams5:29.90aMay 172A-1 District Meet D..
2.9Nikki Kostur6:16.45aMay 172A-1 District Meet D..
3000 Meters
1.9Lilih Abrams11:41.49aMay 162A-1 District Meet D..
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.9Ava Fechner20.96aMay 172A-1 District Meet D..
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.10Alexandra Scott53.47aMay 23OSAA 2A State Champi..
2.9Ava Fechner59.94aMay 172A-1 District Meet D..
4x100 Relay
1.-Meianna Oeser
Alexandra Scott
Annie Rose Salisbury
Ava Fechner
56.13aApr 17NWL Meet (Riverdale/..
2.-Annie Rose Salisbury
Cindy Abrams
Alexandra Scott
Ava Fechner
not recordedApr 24NWL at Neah-Kah-Nie
4x400 Relay
1.-Meianna Oeser
Ava Fechner
Cindy Abrams
Alexandra Scott
4:42.64aMay 172A-1 District Meet D..
2.-Meianna Oeser
Ava Fechner
Nikki Kostur
Alexandra Scott
4:53.58Apr 10NWL League Meet
3.-Meianna Oeser
Ava Fechner
Talia Sherman
Alexandra Scott
4:54.79aApr 17NWL Meet (Riverdale/..
4.-Cindy Abrams
Ava Fechner
Katherine Pelz
Alexandra Scott
4:59.20Apr 24NWL at Neah-Kah-Nie
Shot Put - 4kg
1.10Katherine Pelz31-05.25May 1NWL at Nestucca
Discus - 1kg
1.10Katherine Pelz125-10May 23OSAA 2A State Champi..
Javelin - 600g
1.10Katherine Pelz83-01May 1NWL at Nestucca
High Jump
1.10Katherine Pelz4-02.00May 162A-1 District Meet D..
Pole Vault
1.12Meianna Oeser6-06.00May 1NWL at Nestucca
2.10Alexandra ScottNHApr 17NWL Meet (Riverdale/..
10Cindy AbramsNHMay 172A-1 District Meet D..
Long Jump
1.12Meianna Oeser13'1Apr 10NWL League Meet
2.10Annie Rose Salisbury12-09.75May 162A-1 District Meet D..
3.9Nikki Kostur12-04.75May 162A-1 District Meet D..
4.11Talia Sherman10-09.00May 8NWL Meet (Vernonia)
Triple Jump
1.10Katherine Pelz29-09.75May 172A-1 District Meet D..
2.10Annie Rose Salisbury27-11.50May 172A-1 District Meet D..
3.11Talia Sherman23-10.25May 172A-1 District Meet D..
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