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    Indians - Molalla, OR

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100 Meters
1.12Clayton Herman11.62aMay 3Molalla/Sisters/North Mar..
2.12Steven Dailey11.70aMay 14Capital Conf. District Me..
3.12Levi Hopkins11.91aApr 26Molalla/Cascade/Sweet Hom..
4.10Rusty Grim12.10aApr 26Molalla/Cascade/Sweet Hom..
5.10Hallister Stephenson12.23aMay 3Molalla/Sisters/North Mar..
6.9Isiah Morales12.40aApr 26Molalla/Cascade/Sweet Hom..
7.10Jonathan Bushek12.51aMay 3Molalla/Sisters/North Mar..
8.11Dean Pederson12.56aMay 3Molalla/Sisters/North Mar..
9.10Isaac Kirkpatrick12.65aMay 3Molalla/Sisters/North Mar..
10.12Dylan Webb12.84cApr 12Molalla/Stayton Dual
11.10Kenny Early13.04cApr 12Molalla/Stayton Dual
12.9Jay Hernandez13.22aMay 3Molalla/Sisters/North Mar..
13.9Joshua Haqq13.49aMay 3Molalla/Sisters/North Mar..
14.11Roberto Arellano18.84cMar 15YC, Molalla, Valley Catho..
15.12Luther Kraxberger20.54cMar 15YC, Molalla, Valley Catho..
200 Meters
1.12Steven Dailey23.74aMay 14Capital Conf. District Me..
2.10Hallister Stephenson24.70aApr 30XO Invite
3.11Kenton Aldritt24.74cApr 26Molalla/Cascade/Sweet Hom..
4.12Levi Hopkins24.77aMay 14Capital Conf. District Me..
5.10Kenny Early25.03aMay 3Molalla/Sisters/North Mar..
6.12Dylan Webb25.44cApr 16Willamette Falls Invitati..
7.9Isiah Morales26.76aMay 6Stayton Twilight
8.9John McKinney28.98aApr 26Molalla/Cascade/Sweet Hom..
400 Meters
1.12Ricky Fischer51.46aMay 14Capital Conf. District Me..
2.10Marshall Roses51.70aMay 14Capital Conf. District Me..
3.11Kenton Aldritt54.77aMay 14Capital Conf. District Me..
4.12Rolando Malondo57.14cApr 12Molalla/Stayton Dual
5.10Hallister Stephenson58.64cApr 16Willamette Falls Invitati..
6.9Joshua Haqq61.91aMay 3Molalla/Sisters/North Mar..
7.10Jess Smith63.88aMay 3Molalla/Sisters/North Mar..
8.9John McKinney64.99aMay 3Molalla/Sisters/North Mar..
800 Meters
1.12Ricky Fischer1:58.16aApr 16Willamette Falls Invitati..
2.11Jarrett Ziemer2:00.1Apr 26Molalla/Cascade/Sweet Hom..
3.10Marshall Roses2:07.15aMay 14Capital Conf. District Me..
4.12Rolando Malondo2:13.5Apr 16Willamette Falls Invitati..
5.12Jason Calloway2:14.52aMay 14Capital Conf. District Me..
6.12Ethan Boss2:22.54aMay 6Stayton Twilight
7.12Geoff Harboard2:27.27aMay 6Stayton Twilight
8.9Kyle Meling2:47.1Apr 12Molalla/Stayton Dual
1500 Meters
1.11Jarrett Ziemer4:07.27aMay 21OSAA 3A State Championshi..
2.9James Ferris4:30.8aMay 3Molalla/Sisters/North Mar..
3.12Jason Calloway4:37.0May 14Capital Conf. District Me..
4.12Ethan Boss4:45.1Apr 6Molalla vs. Sherwood
5.10Michael Ferrick5:06.0Apr 16Willamette Falls Invitati..
6.9Kyle Meling5:22.7Mar 15YC, Molalla, Valley Catho..
7.10Chad Davis5:27.7Mar 15YC, Molalla, Valley Catho..
8.10Jess Smith5:28.2Mar 15YC, Molalla, Valley Catho..
1 Mile
1.12Ethan Boss5:12.8Apr 30XO Invite
3000 Meters
1.11Jarrett Ziemer9:07.29aApr 30XO Invite
2.9James Ferris10:05.0Apr 30XO Invite
3.12Ethan Boss10:24.61aApr 16Willamette Falls Invitati..
4.10Michael Ferrick10:54.0May 6Stayton Twilight
5.9Kyle Meling11:21.8Apr 6Molalla vs. Sherwood
6.10Jess Smith12:37.5Apr 12Molalla/Stayton Dual
100m Hurdles - 39"
1.12Clayton Herman16.14cApr 19Cascade/N. Marion/Mollala
2.11Dean Pederson18.54cMar 15YC, Molalla, Valley Catho..
3.12Luther Kraxberger19.14cMar 15YC, Molalla, Valley Catho..
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.12Clayton Herman15.02aMay 21OSAA 3A State Championshi..
2.11Roberto Arellano17.34cApr 12Molalla/Stayton Dual
3.11Dean Pederson17.65aMay 6Stayton Twilight
4.12Luther Kraxberger17.96aApr 26Molalla/Cascade/Sweet Hom..
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.12Clayton Herman42.14cApr 12Molalla/Stayton Dual
2.11Dean Pederson43.67aMay 14Capital Conf. District Me..
3.12Luther Kraxberger44.95aMar 15YC, Molalla, Valley Catho..
4.11Roberto Arellano44.99aMay 6Stayton Twilight
5.10Isaac Kirkpatrick51.10aApr 26Molalla/Cascade/Sweet Hom..
4x100 Relay
1.-Relay Team 44.89aMay 6Stayton Twilight
4x200 Relay
1.-Relay Team 1:38.6Apr 9Elmira Relays
4x400 Relay
1.-Steven Dailey
Ricky Fischer
Jarrett Ziemer
Marshall Roses
3:27.60aMay 21OSAA 3A State Championshi..
2.-Relay Team 3:30.95aApr 30XO Invite
4x800 Relay
1.-Relay Team 9:38.5Apr 9Elmira Relays
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.-Relay Team 10:56.5Apr 9Elmira Relays
Shot Put - 12lb
1.10Jake Barker49' 11May 6Stayton Twilight
2.10John Berokoff37' 4.5May 3Molalla/Sisters/North Mar..
3.10Drew Hansen36' 1.5May 3Molalla/Sisters/North Mar..
4.9Austin Baker32' 6.5Apr 26Molalla/Cascade/Sweet Hom..
5.9Nathan Brush29' 6Apr 12Molalla/Stayton Dual
6.9Dustyn Anderson29' 2May 3Molalla/Sisters/North Mar..
Discus - 1.6kg
1.10Jake Barker143' 7May 14Capital Conf. District Me..
2.12Ryan Wurdinger119' 9Mar 15YC, Molalla, Valley Catho..
3.10Hallister Stephenson114' 0Apr 26Molalla/Cascade/Sweet Hom..
4.10Rusty Grim107' 5Mar 15YC, Molalla, Valley Catho..
5.10John Berokoff96' 7May 3Molalla/Sisters/North Mar..
6.9Austin Baker95' 8May 3Molalla/Sisters/North Mar..
Javelin - 800g
1.10Jonathan Bushek151' 11May 14Capital Conf. District Me..
2.10John Berokoff145' 1May 14Capital Conf. District Me..
3.12Luther Kraxberger136' 1May 6Stayton Twilight
4.11Dean Pederson116' 6May 3Molalla/Sisters/North Mar..
5.9Dustyn Anderson113' 8Apr 12Molalla/Stayton Dual
6.9Jay Hernandez104' 5May 3Molalla/Sisters/North Mar..
7.9Nathan Brush100' 1Apr 12Molalla/Stayton Dual
8.9T.J. Jenck93' 1May 3Molalla/Sisters/North Mar..
9.10Hallister Stephenson91' 10May 3Molalla/Sisters/North Mar..
10.10Kenny Early87' 1Apr 9Elmira Relays
11.10Travis McCance86' 10Apr 12Molalla/Stayton Dual
High Jump
1.11Kenton Aldritt5' 8May 6Stayton Twilight
2.11Brian Rickman5' 6Apr 12Molalla/Stayton Dual
3.9Tarrance Glynn5' 2.40Apr 6Molalla vs. Sherwood
4.12Levi Hopkins5' 0Apr 9Elmira Relays
Pole Vault
1.10Jonathan Bushek12' 6Apr 9Elmira Relays
2.10Kenny Early12' 0May 14Capital Conf. District Me..
3.10Rusty Grim9' 6Apr 9Elmira Relays
Long Jump
1.12Levi Hopkins18' 3.60Apr 6Molalla vs. Sherwood
2.10Isaac Kirkpatrick18' 0May 3Molalla/Sisters/North Mar..
3.10Rusty Grim17' 8.5Apr 12Molalla/Stayton Dual
4.9Isiah Morales17' 5May 6Stayton Twilight
5.10Jonathan Bushek17' 4Mar 15YC, Molalla, Valley Catho..
6.9Tarrance Glynn16' 7Apr 12Molalla/Stayton Dual
7.9Joshua Haqq16' 5May 3Molalla/Sisters/North Mar..
8.12Lucas Adams13' 2May 3Molalla/Sisters/North Mar..
Triple Jump
1.11Kenton Aldritt38' 5May 14Capital Conf. District Me..
2.12Dylan Webb37' 10Apr 26Molalla/Cascade/Sweet Hom..
3.9Isiah Morales36' 6May 3Molalla/Sisters/North Mar..
4.9Tarrance Glynn33' 9Apr 12Molalla/Stayton Dual
5.12Luther Kraxberger31' 9Apr 9Elmira Relays
6.11Brian Rickman29' 9Apr 9Elmira Relays


100 Meters
1.9Heidi Friesen12:13.14cApr 16Willamette Falls Invitati..
2.12Becky Horace12.80aApr 26Molalla/Cascade/Sweet Hom..
3.10Monique Mumm13.10aApr 26Molalla/Cascade/Sweet Hom..
4.9Katie Olson13.80aApr 26Molalla/Cascade/Sweet Hom..
5.9Devan Walsh13.90aApr 26Molalla/Cascade/Sweet Hom..
6.9Erica Filipetti13.95aApr 30XO Invite
7.9Amanda Bicket14.61aApr 16Willamette Falls Invitati..
8.9Stevie Fletcher15.00aApr 26Molalla/Cascade/Sweet Hom..
9.9Rayne Aho15.36aMay 6Stayton Twilight
200 Meters
1.12Becky Horace25.70aApr 26Molalla/Cascade/Sweet Hom..
2.10Monique Mumm27.73aMay 14Capital Conf. District Me..
3.9Erica Filipetti27.80aMay 14Capital Conf. District Me..
4.9Katie Olson28.89aMay 3Molalla/Sisters/North Mar..
5.9Devan Walsh29.80aApr 26Molalla/Cascade/Sweet Hom..
6.11Ramey Klumm37.02aMay 3Molalla/Sisters/North Mar..
400 Meters
1.12Becky Horace56.60aMay 21OSAA 3A State Championshi..
2.9Angelynp Salyer63.03aApr 26Molalla/Cascade/Sweet Hom..
3.9Erica Filipetti63.36aMay 6Stayton Twilight
4.9Katie Olson63.92aMay 6Stayton Twilight
5.9Amy Harboard71.84cMar 15YC, Molalla, Valley Catho..
6.12Debru Shali83.50aApr 26Molalla/Cascade/Sweet Hom..
800 Meters
1.12Becky Horace2:26.8Apr 6Molalla vs. Sherwood
2.9Angelynp Salyer2:31.0Mar 15YC, Molalla, Valley Catho..
3.10Sarah Stuebe2:38.78aMay 6Stayton Twilight
4.12Katie Stiglbauer2:45.47aMay 3Molalla/Sisters/North Mar..
5.9Holly Schaefer2:49.7aApr 26Molalla/Cascade/Sweet Hom..
6.9Heidi Friesen2:52.1Apr 12Molalla/Stayton Dual
7.9Katie Olson2:52.4Apr 16Willamette Falls Invitati..
8.9Amy Harboard2:52.68aApr 16Willamette Falls Invitati..
1500 Meters
1.9Angelynp Salyer5:07.84aMay 14Capital Conf. District Me..
2.10Sarah Stuebe5:17.06aApr 30XO Invite
3.12Katie Stiglbauer5:39.6aMay 3Molalla/Sisters/North Mar..
4.9Heidi Friesen5:42.1Apr 12Molalla/Stayton Dual
5.9Holly Schaefer5:45.27aMay 6Stayton Twilight
3000 Meters
1.9Angelynp Salyer11:36.78aApr 30XO Invite
2.12Katie Stiglbauer12:01.33aApr 30XO Invite
3.10Sarah Stuebe12:08.7Apr 16Willamette Falls Invitati..
4.9Heidi Friesen12:13.0Apr 16Willamette Falls Invitati..
5.9Holly Schaefer13:06.1Apr 12Molalla/Stayton Dual
6.11Brandy Faulhaber14:54.0Apr 6Molalla vs. Sherwood
7.12Lori Hobart16:42.0Apr 26Molalla/Cascade/Sweet Hom..
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.9Lisa Reed17.82aMay 14Capital Conf. District Me..
2.9Stevie Fletcher19.00aApr 26Molalla/Cascade/Sweet Hom..
3.9Korbyn Stewart19.20aApr 26Molalla/Cascade/Sweet Hom..
4.9Amanda Bicket20.99aApr 16Willamette Falls Invitati..
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.9Lisa Reed52.82aMay 6Stayton Twilight
2.9Korbyn Stewart54.98aApr 26Molalla/Cascade/Sweet Hom..
3.9Amanda Bicket59.24cMar 15YC, Molalla, Valley Catho..
4x100 Relay
1.-Relay Team 51.00aMay 14Capital Conf. District Me..
2.-Monique Mumm
Katie Olson
Erica Filipetti
Becky Horace
51.46aMay 21OSAA 3A State Championshi..
4x200 Relay
1.-Relay Team 1:53.2Apr 9Elmira Relays
4x400 Relay
1.-Monique Mumm
Angelyn Salyer
Erica Filipetti
Becky Horace
4:01.83aMay 21OSAA 3A State Championshi..
2.-Relay Team 4:02.6aMay 14Capital Conf. District Me..
4x800 Relay
1.-Relay Team 11:14.1Apr 9Elmira Relays
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.-Relay Team 14:19.0Apr 9Elmira Relays
Shot Put - 4kg
1.12Lori Hobart33' 2.40Apr 6Molalla vs. Sherwood
2.11Katelyn Sanders26' 3.5Apr 26Molalla/Cascade/Sweet Hom..
3.11Brandy Faulhaber25' 11.5Apr 26Molalla/Cascade/Sweet Hom..
4.9Rayne Aho21' 3Apr 26Molalla/Cascade/Sweet Hom..
5.9Amy Harboard21' 0Apr 12Molalla/Stayton Dual
6.10Taunya Stiglbauer16' 8Apr 12Molalla/Stayton Dual
Discus - 1kg
1.11Brandy Faulhaber99' 11May 14Capital Conf. District Me..
2.11Valerie Brush83' 3May 3Molalla/Sisters/North Mar..
3.11Katelyn Sanders72' 1Apr 26Molalla/Cascade/Sweet Hom..
4.9Amy Harboard36' 8Apr 12Molalla/Stayton Dual
5.10Taunya Stiglbauer27' 6Apr 12Molalla/Stayton Dual
Javelin - 600g
1.11Valerie Brush99' 11May 6Stayton Twilight
2.9Rayne Aho82' 1May 3Molalla/Sisters/North Mar..
3.9Amy Harboard68' 5Apr 26Molalla/Cascade/Sweet Hom..
4.11Katelyn Sanders67' 7May 3Molalla/Sisters/North Mar..
5.9Rachel Temple65' 7Apr 26Molalla/Cascade/Sweet Hom..
6.11Brandy Faulhaber55' 1Apr 12Molalla/Stayton Dual
7.10Taunya Stiglbauer46' 6Apr 26Molalla/Cascade/Sweet Hom..
High Jump
1.12Becky Horace5' 0Apr 6Molalla vs. Sherwood
2.10Monique Mumm4' 6Apr 12Molalla/Stayton Dual
9Erica Filipetti4' 6Apr 16Willamette Falls Invitati..
Long Jump
1.9Rayne Aho13' 3May 3Molalla/Sisters/North Mar..
2.9Lisa Reed12' 10Apr 12Molalla/Stayton Dual
3.9Stevie Fletcher12' 8Apr 12Molalla/Stayton Dual
4.9Devan Walsh11' 10Mar 15YC, Molalla, Valley Catho..
Triple Jump
1.9Rayne Aho27' 11May 3Molalla/Sisters/North Mar..
2.9Stevie Fletcher25' 5Apr 12Molalla/Stayton Dual

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