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    Colts - Prineville, OR

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100 Meters
1.8Ty Westcott11.84aMay 13District Track Meet ..
2.7Thomas Burleigh12.64aMay 13District Track Meet ..
3.7EJ Allen13.01aMay 13District Track Meet ..
4.8Erik Haigler13.31aMay 13District Track Meet ..
5.8Anthony Lesch13.32aMay 13District Track Meet ..
6Hunter Brucker13.32aMay 31Middle School Statew..
7.7Dominic Langley13.60aMay 13District Track Meet ..
8.8Zach Rictor13.789aApr 15Crook County Middle ..
9.8Turner Austin14.030aApr 15Crook County Middle ..
10.7Roman Stenbeck14.202aApr 30Crook County Middle ..
11.7Brogyn Miller Sampson14.40cApr 30Crook County Middle ..
12.6Chase Bauman14.66aMay 13District Track Meet ..
13.7Jason Slawter14.748aApr 30Crook County Middle ..
14.8Carson Day14.782aApr 15Crook County Middle ..
15.7Eliab Rice14.865aApr 15Crook County Middle ..
16.7Garrett McMichael14.899aApr 15Crook County Middle ..
17.6Tannon Joyner15.399aApr 15Crook County Middle ..
18.7Bryce Anderson15.463aApr 15Crook County Middle ..
19.8Kyle Merrill15.4777aApr 30Crook County Middle ..
20.6Paul Hendrix15.56aMay 13District Track Meet ..
21.7Caleb Knight15.62aMay 6HIGH DESERT MEET #4
22.6Christian Anderson15.68aMay 6HIGH DESERT MEET #4
23.8Nicholas Camacho15.713aApr 15Crook County Middle ..
24.6Miguel Sanchez15.74cApr 22Culver Middle School..
25.6Brodie Kuiezenga15.775aApr 30Crook County Middle ..
26.7Cody Rasmussen15.94aMay 6HIGH DESERT MEET #4
27.6Eric Logan16.067aApr 15Crook County Middle ..
28.7Lucas Lopez16.300aApr 15Crook County Middle ..
29.7Tyler Humiston16.306aApr 15Crook County Middle ..
30.6Caleb Phay16.50aMay 6HIGH DESERT MEET #4
31.6Keegan Nelson16.546aApr 15Crook County Middle ..
32.6Timothy Meeker20.450aApr 15Crook County Middle ..
200 Meters
1.7Logan Tanner26.90aMay 31Middle School Statew..
2.7Thomas Burleigh27.114aApr 30Crook County Middle ..
3.8Max Wiles27.16aMay 13District Track Meet ..
4.8Devin Bishop27.18aMay 13District Track Meet ..
5.8Austin Rozewski27.26aMay 6HIGH DESERT MEET #4
6.6Hunter Brucker27.80aMay 31Middle School Statew..
7.8Zach Rictor28.781aApr 15Crook County Middle ..
8.7Dominic Langley29.09aMay 31Middle School Statew..
9.7EJ Allen29.43aMay 6HIGH DESERT MEET #4
10.8Turner Austin29.455aApr 30Crook County Middle ..
11.8Erik Haigler29.779aApr 15Crook County Middle ..
12.8Anthony Lesch29.85aMay 6HIGH DESERT MEET #4
13.7Roman Stenbeck30.130aApr 15Crook County Middle ..
14.7Dante Bonanno30.36aMay 6HIGH DESERT MEET #4
15.7Joe Dalton30.531aApr 15Crook County Middle ..
16.7Brogyn Miller Sampson30.784aApr 30Crook County Middle ..
17.7Jacob Kleffner30.848aApr 30Crook County Middle ..
18.7Cade Ostrander31.618aApr 30Crook County Middle ..
19.6Chase Bauman31.69aMay 13District Track Meet ..
20.6Eric Logan33.10aMay 13District Track Meet ..
21.7Noah Chaney33.854aApr 15Crook County Middle ..
22.7Bryce Anderson34.34cApr 22Culver Middle School..
23.8Ken Thomas35.051aApr 15Crook County Middle ..
24.6Kane Warren35.34cApr 22Culver Middle School..
25.6Caleb Phay35.88aMay 6HIGH DESERT MEET #4
26.6Reece Polen40.91aMay 13District Track Meet ..
27.6Timothy Meeker47.173aApr 30Crook County Middle ..
28.7Isaac LoganDNSApr 22Culver Middle School..
7Tristan HatchDNSApr 22Culver Middle School..
400 Meters
1.7Logan Tanner59.68aMay 13District Track Meet ..
2.7Roman Stenbeck61.28aMay 31Middle School Statew..
3.7Joe Dalton65.98aMay 13District Track Meet ..
4.8Thomas Milat69.12aMay 31Middle School Statew..
5.7Bryce Anderson71.76aMay 13District Track Meet ..
6.7Eliab Rice72.38aMay 31Middle School Statew..
7.7Miles Chaney72.89aMay 6HIGH DESERT MEET #4
8.7Noah Chaney75.14aMay 6HIGH DESERT MEET #4
9.6Hunter Brucker75.804aApr 30Crook County Middle ..
10.6Jacob Crumrine77.305aApr 15Crook County Middle ..
11.6Jonas Rice77.37aMay 31Middle School Statew..
12.6Eric Logan78.11aMay 13District Track Meet ..
13.6Paul Hendrix79.875aApr 30Crook County Middle ..
14.7Isaac Logan80.979aApr 30Crook County Middle ..
15.6Carson Chamness82.677aApr 30Crook County Middle ..
16.7Tyler Humiston85.428aApr 30Crook County Middle ..
17.7Colton Schlachter86.54cApr 22Culver Middle School..
18.6Reece Polen1:33.17aMay 6HIGH DESERT MEET #4
800 Meters
1.7Roman Stenbeck2:23.35aMay 13District Track Meet ..
2.8Tyler Lawson2:25.03aMay 31Middle School Statew..
3.8Carson Day2:32.97aMay 31Middle School Statew..
4.7Joe Dalton2:40.61aMay 13District Track Meet ..
5.8Trey Berthold2:42.21aMay 13District Track Meet ..
6.8Luke Flegel2:48.80May 6HIGH DESERT MEET #4
7.6Dylan Sigman2:51.61aMay 13District Track Meet ..
8.6Eric Logan2:57.10Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
9.6Brodie Kuiezenga2:57.30Apr 15Crook County Middle ..
10.6Cade Catterson2:58.30Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
11.7Isaac Hathaway2:59.34aMay 13District Track Meet ..
12.8James Carmack2:59.90Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
13.7Blade Shockey3:08.50Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
14.8Casey Wagner3:09.60Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
6Jordan Graydon3:09.60Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
16.6Carson Chamness3:19.60Apr 22Culver Middle School..
17.6Reece Polen3:24.30Apr 22Culver Middle School..
18.7Trevor RussellDNSApr 22Culver Middle School..
1500 Meters
1.8Tyler Lawson5:15.54aMay 31Middle School Statew..
2.7Roman Stenbeck5:17.15aMay 6HIGH DESERT MEET #4
3.7Noah Chaney5:38.52aMay 31Middle School Statew..
4.7Tristan Hatch5:48.50Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
5.8James Carmack5:51.27aMay 13District Track Meet ..
6.6Tannon Joyner6:00.20Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
7.7Miles Chaney6:03.22aMay 13District Track Meet ..
8.6Dylan Sigman6:09.10aMay 13District Track Meet ..
9.6Cade Catterson6:11.60Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
10.6Brodie Kuiezenga6:30.50Apr 22Culver Middle School..
11.7Isaac Hathaway6:42.52aMay 13District Track Meet ..
12.8Casey WagnerDNSApr 22Culver Middle School..
110m Hurdles - 30"
1.7Jacob Taylor18.55aMay 13District Track Meet ..
2.8Austin Rozewski18.97aMay 6HIGH DESERT MEET #4
3.8Connor Blaylock19.33aMay 6HIGH DESERT MEET #4
4.8Erik Haigler19.92aMay 6HIGH DESERT MEET #4
5.8Adin Stone20.09aMay 13District Track Meet ..
6.7Bryce Anderson20.27aMay 13District Track Meet ..
7.7Jacob Kleffner20.54cApr 22Culver Middle School..
8.8Nicholas Camacho20.88aMay 6HIGH DESERT MEET #4
9.8Turner Austin20.89aMay 6HIGH DESERT MEET #4
10.6Jonas Rice20.97aMay 6HIGH DESERT MEET #4
11.7Miles Chaney21.45aApr 15Crook County Middle ..
12.7Cade Ostrander22.170aApr 30Crook County Middle ..
13.7Blade Shockey22.34aMay 6HIGH DESERT MEET #4
14.6Jacob Crumrine22.63aMay 13District Track Meet ..
15.7Elijah Becker22.92aApr 15Crook County Middle ..
16.7Brogyn Miller Sampson22.967aApr 30Crook County Middle ..
17.6Miguel Sanchez23.47aMay 13District Track Meet ..
18.7Lucas Lopez23.638aApr 30Crook County Middle ..
19.6Caleb Phay24.24aApr 15Crook County Middle ..
20.7Addison Peer24.74cApr 22Culver Middle School..
21.6Christian Anderson24.858aApr 30Crook County Middle ..
22.6Kane Warren28.36aMay 6HIGH DESERT MEET #4
110m Hurdles - 33"
1.7Jacob Taylor19.44aMay 31Middle School Statew..
2.8Austin Rozewski19.58aMay 31Middle School Statew..
3.8Connor Blaylock20.11aMay 31Middle School Statew..
4.8Erik Haigler20.97aMay 31Middle School Statew..
4x100 Relay
1.-Thomas Burleigh
EJ Allen
Jacob Taylor
Ty Westcott
50.05aMay 31Middle School Statew..
2.-Erik Haigler
Max Wiles
Tyler Lawson
Ty Westcott
50.45aMay 13District Track Meet ..
3.-EJ Allen
Thomas Burleigh
Brogyn Miller Sampson
Jacob Taylor
52.54aMay 13District Track Meet ..
4.-Relay Team 52.75aMay 6HIGH DESERT MEET #4
5.-Thomas Burleigh
EJ Allen
Roman Stenbeck
Jacob Taylor
55.14cApr 22Culver Middle School..
6.-Ty Westcott
Carson Day
Max Wiles
Tyler Lawson
56.14cApr 22Culver Middle School..
7.-Chase Bauman
Reece Polen
Christian Anderson
Miguel Sanchez
62.84aMay 13District Track Meet ..
4x200 Relay
1.-Dante Bonanno
Dominic Langley
Logan Tanner
Joe Dalton
2:00.90aMay 13District Track Meet ..
2.-Trey Berthold
Luke Flegel
Thomas Milat
Carson Day
2:01.12aMay 13District Track Meet ..
3.-Relay Team 2:01.80May 6HIGH DESERT MEET #4
4.-Thomas Milat
Trey Berthold
Erik Haigler
Andrew Middleton
2:08.30Apr 22Culver Middle School..
5.-Logan Tanner
Cade Ostrander
EJ Allen
Garrett McMichael
2:09.10Apr 22Culver Middle School..
4x400 Relay
1.-Roman Stenbeck
Logan Tanner
Max Wiles
Joe Dalton
4:14.64aMay 31Middle School Statew..
Shot Put - 8lb
1.7Tyler Humiston40' 1.50May 31Middle School Statew..
2.8Ty Westcott39' 1.00May 31Middle School Statew..
3.7EJ Allen38' 6.25May 31Middle School Statew..
4.7Caleb Parrott34' 10.75May 31Middle School Statew..
5.8Zach Rictor34' 0.50Apr 22Culver Middle School..
6.8Kyle Merrill33' 9.00May 6HIGH DESERT MEET #4
7.7Jacob Taylor33' 4.00May 6HIGH DESERT MEET #4
8.8Luke Flegel31' 11.00Apr 15Crook County Middle ..
9.7Jason Slawter30' 8.00Apr 22Culver Middle School..
10.7Roman Stenbeck29' 6.00Apr 22Culver Middle School..
11.6Hunter Brucker29' 1.50Apr 15Crook County Middle ..
12.8Turner Austin28' 10.00May 6HIGH DESERT MEET #4
13.7Dante Bonanno28' 6.00Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
14.8Andrew Middleton27' 6.50Apr 22Culver Middle School..
15.8Connor Blaylock26' 8.00May 6HIGH DESERT MEET #4
16.6Jordan Graydon26' 4.00Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
17.7Taylor Morgan26' 0.00Apr 15Crook County Middle ..
18.8Anthony Lesch25' 4.25Apr 22Culver Middle School..
19.8Austin Rozewski24' 9.00May 6HIGH DESERT MEET #4
20.6Carson Chamness24' 7.00May 13District Track Meet ..
21.8Adin Stone24' 6.00Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
22.7Caleb Knight24' 3.00Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
23.7Jacob Kleffner23' 6.00Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
24.7Isaac Logan22' 5.00Apr 22Culver Middle School..
25.7Colton Schlachter19' 7.00Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
Discus - 1kg
1.7Tyler Humiston110' 4.00May 31Middle School Statew..
2.8Kyle Merrill86' 8.00Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
3.8Luke Flegel85' 2.50May 6HIGH DESERT MEET #4
4.7Jason Slawter81' 6.00Apr 15Crook County Middle ..
5.7Caleb Parrott78' 4.00May 31Middle School Statew..
6.7Taylor Morgan76' 1.00Apr 15Crook County Middle ..
7.7Bryce Anderson75' 8.00Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
8.7Dante Bonanno75' 0.00Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
9.7Thomas Burleigh73' 0.00Apr 22Culver Middle School..
10.7Caleb Knight63' 3.00Apr 22Culver Middle School..
11.6Carson Chamness61' 8.00Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
12.8Trey Berthold61' 2.00May 13District Track Meet ..
13.6Keegan Nelson52' 5.00Apr 22Culver Middle School..
14.7Jacob Taylor51' 0.00Apr 22Culver Middle School..
15.7Colton Schlachter46' 7.00May 6HIGH DESERT MEET #4
16.7Elijah Becker46' 5.00Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
17.7Jacob Kleffner46' 4.00Apr 22Culver Middle School..
18.7Roman StenbeckDNSApr 22Culver Middle School..
Javelin - 300g TJ
1.7Jason Slawter100' 0.00May 13District Track Meet ..
2.8Connor Blaylock99' 8.00May 13District Track Meet ..
3.7Tyler Humiston98' 6.00May 13District Track Meet ..
4.8Casey Wagner94' 10.00Apr 22Culver Middle School..
5.8Devin Bishop94' 7.00May 13District Track Meet ..
6.7Bryce Anderson84' 4.00May 13District Track Meet ..
7.8Zach Rictor84' 0.00Apr 22Culver Middle School..
8.8Turner Austin74' 6.00Apr 22Culver Middle School..
9.6Paul Hendrix73' 3.00May 13District Track Meet ..
10.8Anthony Lesch67' 10.00Apr 22Culver Middle School..
11.6Keegan Nelson63' 9.00Apr 22Culver Middle School..
12.7Isaac Logan60' 4.00Apr 22Culver Middle School..
13.8Kyle Merrill59' 0.00Apr 22Culver Middle School..
14.7Colton Schlachter57' 8.00Apr 22Culver Middle School..
7Caleb Parrott57' 8.00Apr 22Culver Middle School..
16.6Tannon Joyner56' 3.00Apr 22Culver Middle School..
17.7Blade Shockey56' 0.00Apr 22Culver Middle School..
18.6Caleb Phay55' 6.00May 13District Track Meet ..
19.7Taylor Morgan53' 4.00Apr 22Culver Middle School..
20.8Nicholas CamachoDNSApr 22Culver Middle School..
6Christian AndersonDNSApr 22Culver Middle School..
7Addison PeerDNSApr 22Culver Middle School..
Javelin - 500g TJ
1.7Tyler Humiston107' 6.00Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
2.8Casey Wagner105' 5.00May 31Middle School Statew..
3.8Connor Blaylock102' 8.00Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
4.7Jason Slawter102' 3.00May 31Middle School Statew..
5.8Devin Bishop84' 9.00Apr 15Crook County Middle ..
6.8Turner Austin82' 3.00Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
7.8Adin Stone80' 9.00Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
8.7Bryce Anderson79' 5.00Apr 15Crook County Middle ..
9.6Paul Hendrix75' 7.00Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
10.7Caleb Knight71' 9.00Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
11.8Ty Westcott71' 8.00Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
12.7Noah Chaney70' 5.00Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
13.8Anthony Lesch70' 0.00Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
14.7Brogyn Miller Sampson67' 8.00Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
15.7Taylor Morgan65' 2.00Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
16.8Kyle Merrill61' 10.00Apr 15Crook County Middle ..
17.7Caleb Parrott60' 2.00Apr 15Crook County Middle ..
18.7Colton Schlachter59' 7.00Apr 15Crook County Middle ..
19.8Nicholas Camacho58' 1.00Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
20.7Garrett McMichael57' 4.00Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
21.6Keegan Nelson56' 2.00Apr 15Crook County Middle ..
22.8Ken Thomas55' 3.00Apr 15Crook County Middle ..
23.7Isaac Logan54' 11.00Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
24.8Zach Rictor52' 10.00Apr 15Crook County Middle ..
25.6Tannon Joyner52' 6.00Apr 15Crook County Middle ..
26.7Addison Peer51' 10.00Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
27.7Blade Shockey50' 4.00Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
28.7Elijah Becker49' 6.00Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
29.6Christian Anderson47' 4.00Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
High Jump
1.8Ty Westcott5' 0.00Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
2.7Roman Stenbeck4' 11.00Apr 15Crook County Middle ..
3.8Thomas Milat4' 8.00May 13District Track Meet ..
7Thomas Burleigh4' 8.00Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
5.8Anthony Lesch4' 6.00Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
8Devin Bishop4' 6.00Apr 15Crook County Middle ..
8Max Wiles4' 6.00May 6HIGH DESERT MEET #4
8Andrew Middleton4' 6.00Apr 22Culver Middle School..
9.7Eliab Rice4' 4.00May 6HIGH DESERT MEET #4
7Dominic Langley4' 4.00Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
6Jonas Rice4' 4.00Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
12.7Bryce Anderson4' 2.00Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
8Carson Day4' 2.00May 6HIGH DESERT MEET #4
7Cody Rasmussen4' 2.00May 6HIGH DESERT MEET #4
15.8Turner Austin4' 0.00Apr 22Culver Middle School..
6Carson Chamness4' 0.00May 13District Track Meet ..
17.7Tristan Hatch3' 8.00Apr 22Culver Middle School..
18.8James CarmackDNSApr 22Culver Middle School..
7Elijah BeckerNHApr 22Culver Middle School..
8Casey WagnerNHApr 22Culver Middle School..
8Ken ThomasNHApr 22Culver Middle School..
7Trevor RussellDNSApr 22Culver Middle School..
6Jordan GraydonNHApr 22Culver Middle School..
6Reece PolenNHApr 22Culver Middle School..
6Miguel SanchezDNSApr 22Culver Middle School..
6Kane WarrenDNSApr 22Culver Middle School..
8Trey BertholdNHApr 22Culver Middle School..
Pole Vault
1.8Devin Bishop9' 6.00May 13District Track Meet ..
2.7Noah Chaney8' 9.00Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
3.6Jonas Rice8' 6.00May 31Middle School Statew..
4.6Jacob Crumrine7' 6.00May 6HIGH DESERT MEET #4
7Eliab Rice7' 6.00Apr 22Culver Middle School..
6.8Nicholas Camacho7' 0.00Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
7.6Dylan Sigman6' 6.00May 13District Track Meet ..
8.7Isaac Hathaway6' 0.00Apr 15Crook County Middle ..
7Elijah Becker6' 0.00Apr 15Crook County Middle ..
10.8Casey WagnerNHApr 22Culver Middle School..
8James CarmackNHApr 22Culver Middle School..
7Cody RasmussenNHApr 22Culver Middle School..
8Ken ThomasDNSApr 22Culver Middle School..
6Kane WarrenDNSApr 22Culver Middle School..
6Caleb PhayNHApr 22Culver Middle School..
6Paul HendrixDNSApr 22Culver Middle School..
Long Jump
1.8Tyler Lawson15' 6.00Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
2.8Devin Bishop15' 5.50Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
3.8Connor Blaylock15' 0.00Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
4.8Nicholas Camacho14' 0.50Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
5.8Max Wiles13' 11.00Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
6.7Logan Tanner13' 3.00Apr 15Crook County Middle ..
7Miles Chaney13' 3.00Apr 15Crook County Middle ..
8.6Jacob Crumrine13' 2.00Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
9.6Chase Bauman13' 0.50Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
10.6Brodie Kuiezenga12' 11.00Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
8Adin Stone12' 11.00Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
12.6Tannon Joyner12' 9.00Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
13.8Ken Thomas12' 8.00Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
14.7Garrett McMichael12' 6.50Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
15.8Carson Day12' 6.00Apr 15Crook County Middle ..
16.8Trey Berthold12' 5.00Apr 15Crook County Middle ..
17.6Jonas Rice12' 4.00May 13District Track Meet ..
7Addison Peer12' 4.00Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
19.7Tristan Hatch12' 3.00Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
20.7Bryce Anderson12' 2.00Apr 15Crook County Middle ..
21.7Noah Chaney12' 0.50Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
22.7Cade Ostrander11' 10.00Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
23.6Jordan Graydon11' 7.25Apr 15Crook County Middle ..
24.7Lucas Lopez11' 5.50Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
25.6Dylan Sigman11' 5.00Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
26.6Caleb Phay11' 3.00Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
27.6Miguel Sanchez11' 0.00Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
7Eliab Rice11' 0.00Apr 15Crook County Middle ..
29.6Kane Warren10' 8.50Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
30.7Blade Shockey10' 6.00Apr 15Crook County Middle ..
31.6Christian Anderson10' 4.50Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
32.7Joe Dalton10' 3.00Apr 22Culver Middle School..
33.6Cade Catterson10' 2.00Apr 15Crook County Middle ..
8Andrew Middleton10' 2.00Apr 22Culver Middle School..
35.6Reece Polen9' 10.00Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
36.6Eric Logan9' 4.00Apr 15Crook County Middle ..
37.6Timothy Meeker8' 6.00Apr 15Crook County Middle ..
38.6Paul Hendrix8' 5.00Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
39.7Brogyn Miller SampsonDNSApr 22Culver Middle School..
7Trevor RussellDNSApr 22Culver Middle School..
6Keegan NelsonDNSApr 22Culver Middle School..
8James CarmackDNSApr 22Culver Middle School..


100 Meters
1.8Abby Dalton13.77aMay 13District Track Meet ..
2.6Esther Brewer14.06aMay 13District Track Meet ..
3.8Shelby Carlson14.14cMay 6HIGH DESERT MEET #4
4.8Cassidy Dill14.33aMay 13District Track Meet ..
5.6Miranda Irwin14.502aApr 30Crook County Middle ..
6.7Katy Norris14.69aMay 31Middle School Statew..
7.7Gracie Kasberger14.85aMay 13District Track Meet ..
8.7Elyce Shields15.04aMay 13District Track Meet ..
9.7MeKenzie Wells15.37aMay 6HIGH DESERT MEET #4
10.8Natalie Carpenter15.40aMay 6HIGH DESERT MEET #4
11.8Allee Simmons15.456aApr 30Crook County Middle ..
12.8Alyssa Davis15.599aApr 15Crook County Middle ..
13.7Jacie Ames15.84cMay 6HIGH DESERT MEET #4
14.7Lyndee Walker15.866aApr 15Crook County Middle ..
15.7Nicole Mills15.92aMay 6HIGH DESERT MEET #4
16.6Alyson Thomas16.003aApr 15Crook County Middle ..
17.7McKenzie Mode16.14cMay 6HIGH DESERT MEET #4
18.6Rebecca Cooper16.28aMay 13District Track Meet ..
19.8Maddy Murray16.284aApr 15Crook County Middle ..
20.7Raven Boggs16.54cApr 22Culver Middle School..
21.7Marissa Sanchez16.71aMay 6HIGH DESERT MEET #4
22.7Hannah Mansur16.824aApr 15Crook County Middle ..
23.7Ashlyn Hacker16.84cApr 22Culver Middle School..
24.8Destiny Flock16.843aApr 30Crook County Middle ..
25.6Kenna Woodward16.885aApr 30Crook County Middle ..
26.6Abby Carmack16.93aMay 6HIGH DESERT MEET #4
27.6Natalie Dill17.067aApr 30Crook County Middle ..
28.6Dekota Berthold17.260aApr 30Crook County Middle ..
29.7Kailey Mundt17.34cMay 6HIGH DESERT MEET #4
30.8Vanessa Younger17.528aApr 15Crook County Middle ..
31.7Tiyanna Anderson20.416aApr 15Crook County Middle ..
32.6Riley Glover20.797aApr 30Crook County Middle ..
33.8Chantrece Worthington22.04cApr 22Culver Middle School..
34.7Kya StaffordDNSApr 22Culver Middle School..
7Katie SelfDNSApr 22Culver Middle School..
200 Meters
1.8Abby Dalton29.14aMay 31Middle School Statew..
2.6Miranda Irwin29.76aMay 13District Track Meet ..
3.7Katy Norris30.00aMay 6HIGH DESERT MEET #4
4.7Kya Stafford30.03aMay 13District Track Meet ..
5.6Esther Brewer30.44aMay 13District Track Meet ..
6.8Allee Simmons31.32aMay 13District Track Meet ..
7.8Madison Kussman31.357aApr 15Crook County Middle ..
8.7Elyce Shields31.43aMay 6HIGH DESERT MEET #4
9.8Natalie Carpenter31.82aMay 13District Track Meet ..
10.8Shelby Carlson32.156aApr 30Crook County Middle ..
11.7Jacie Ames32.50aMay 6HIGH DESERT MEET #4
12.6Anna Woodward32.95aMay 13District Track Meet ..
13.6Rylee Troutman32.967aApr 15Crook County Middle ..
14.7Gracie Kasberger33.01aMay 6HIGH DESERT MEET #4
15.7Rebecca Reed33.15aMay 31Middle School Statew..
16.7Marissa Sanchez34.23aMay 31Middle School Statew..
17.6Katie Middleton34.345aApr 30Crook County Middle ..
18.6Natalie Dill35.14cApr 22Culver Middle School..
19.6Trenaty Iveans35.208aApr 15Crook County Middle ..
20.6Kenna Woodward35.77aMay 6HIGH DESERT MEET #4
21.6Brenda Lopez35.813aApr 30Crook County Middle ..
22.6Abby Carmack36.04aMay 6HIGH DESERT MEET #4
23.7Kailey Mundt36.34cMay 6HIGH DESERT MEET #4
24.7Hannah Mansur36.38aMay 6HIGH DESERT MEET #4
25.6Dekota Berthold36.855aApr 30Crook County Middle ..
26.8Vanessa Younger38.965aApr 15Crook County Middle ..
27.7Ashlyn Hacker39.85aMay 6HIGH DESERT MEET #4
28.7Katie Self41.563aApr 15Crook County Middle ..
29.8Chantrece Worthington48.685aApr 30Crook County Middle ..
30.6Gala SmithDNSApr 22Culver Middle School..
400 Meters
1.7Josie Graydon71.40aMay 13District Track Meet ..
2.6Rylee Troutman72.57aMay 13District Track Meet ..
3.6Alyson Thomas75.01aMay 13District Track Meet ..
4.6Jenae Mapes75.060aApr 30Crook County Middle ..
5.8Natalie Carpenter75.24aMay 6HIGH DESERT MEET #4
6.8Audrey Cooper77.62aMay 6HIGH DESERT MEET #4
7.7McKenzie Mode77.65aMay 13District Track Meet ..
8.7Faith Wagner78.40aMay 31Middle School Statew..
9.8Sarah Connolly79.47aMay 13District Track Meet ..
10.6Jaymie Patana79.798aApr 30Crook County Middle ..
11.6Brenda Lopez86.014aApr 15Crook County Middle ..
12.6Lily Cooper1:31.354aApr 30Crook County Middle ..
13.6Tegan Nelson1:32.822aApr 15Crook County Middle ..
14.8Madison KussmanDNSApr 22Culver Middle School..
6Katie MiddletonDNSApr 22Culver Middle School..
800 Meters
1.7Josie Graydon2:52.12aMay 13District Track Meet ..
2.6Alyson Thomas2:54.00Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
3.7Emma Hehn2:59.80aMay 31Middle School Statew..
4.7Hazel Hoffman3:02.30aMay 31Middle School Statew..
5.6Jaymie Patana3:04.12aMay 13District Track Meet ..
6.8Sarah Connolly3:08.00Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
7.6Jiselle Gish3:17.88aMay 13District Track Meet ..
8.6Brenda Lopez3:25.20Apr 15Crook County Middle ..
9.7Olivia Cooper3:33.10May 6HIGH DESERT MEET #4
10.7McKenzie Mode3:34.80Apr 15Crook County Middle ..
11.6Katie MiddletonDNSApr 22Culver Middle School..
1500 Meters
1.7Hazel Hoffman6:19.34aMay 31Middle School Statew..
2.7Olivia Cooper7:26.93aMay 13District Track Meet ..
3.7Anna Williamson7:28.48aMay 31Middle School Statew..
4.6Alyson Thomas7:39.10Apr 15Crook County Middle ..
5.8Madison KussmanDNSApr 22Culver Middle School..
100m Hurdles - 30"
1.8Shelby Carlson19.30aMay 31Middle School Statew..
2.6Miranda Irwin19.73aMay 13District Track Meet ..
3.8Jewelisa Toledo19.90aMay 31Middle School Statew..
4.7Emma Hehn20.46aMay 31Middle School Statew..
5.6Jaymie Patana21.14aMay 13District Track Meet ..
6.7Lyndee Walker21.41aMay 13District Track Meet ..
7.6Anna Woodward21.80aMay 13District Track Meet ..
8.6Esther Brewer21.98aMay 6HIGH DESERT MEET #4
9.6Jenae Mapes22.04cApr 22Culver Middle School..
10.7Raven Boggs22.667aApr 30Crook County Middle ..
11.8Michelle Stonebraker22.72aMay 6HIGH DESERT MEET #4
12.7McKenzie Mode23.07aMay 6HIGH DESERT MEET #4
13.8Jessica Romero23.19aMay 6HIGH DESERT MEET #4
14.7Kailey Mundt24.76aMay 6HIGH DESERT MEET #4
15.6Natalie Dill25.442aApr 15Crook County Middle ..
16.7Katie Self26.77aMay 6HIGH DESERT MEET #4
17.6Jiselle Gish26.805aApr 30Crook County Middle ..
18.7Hazel Hoffman28.165aApr 30Crook County Middle ..
19.7Ashlyn Hacker30.502aApr 15Crook County Middle ..
20.8Alysa Ballenger33.84cApr 22Culver Middle School..
21.6Abby CarmackDNSApr 22Culver Middle School..
6Dekota BertholdDNSApr 22Culver Middle School..
7Olivia CooperDNSApr 22Culver Middle School..
4x100 Relay
1.-Miranda Irwin
Abby Dalton
Shelby Carlson
Esther Brewer
56.61aMay 31Middle School Statew..
2.-Relay Team 57.56aMay 6HIGH DESERT MEET #4
3.-Shelby Carlson
Allee Simmons
Cassidy Dill
Abby Dalton
58.51aMay 13District Track Meet ..
4.-Esther Brewer
Jaymie Patana
Rylee Troutman
Miranda Irwin
59.70aMay 13District Track Meet ..
5.-Cassidy Dill
Allee Simmons
Abby Dalton
Destiny Flock
59.74cApr 22Culver Middle School..
6.-Gracie Kasberger
MeKenzie Wells
Lyndee Walker
Elyce Shields
59.93aMay 13District Track Meet ..
7.-Elyce Shields
Lyndee Walker
Gracie Kasberger
MeKenzie Wells
61.54cApr 22Culver Middle School..
4x200 Relay
1.-Katie Middleton
Brenda Lopez
Abby Carmack
Alayna Denney
2:26.10Apr 22Culver Middle School..
-Relay Team 2:26.10Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
3.-Hazel Hoffman
Nicole Mills
Rebecca Reed
Marissa Sanchez
2:26.57aMay 13District Track Meet ..
4x400 Relay
1.-Relay Team 5:30.23aMay 31Middle School Statew..
Shot Put - 6lb
1.7Kya Stafford21' 10.00May 13District Track Meet ..
8Alyssa Davis21' 10.00May 13District Track Meet ..
3.8Audrey Cooper21' 2.00May 13District Track Meet ..
4.8Chantrece Worthington19' 0.00May 13District Track Meet ..
5.6Riley Glover18' 9.00May 13District Track Meet ..
6.7Marissa Sanchez17' 3.00May 13District Track Meet ..
7.7Katie Self14' 9.00May 13District Track Meet ..
8.6Rebecca Cooper12' 5.00May 13District Track Meet ..
9.6Katie MiddletonDNSMay 13District Track Meet ..
Shot Put - 8lb
1.7MeKenzie Wells27' 9.00Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
2.8Alyssa Davis23' 7.00May 6HIGH DESERT MEET #4
3.7Kya Stafford23' 4.50May 31Middle School Statew..
4.8Audrey Cooper22' 6.00May 31Middle School Statew..
5.7Marissa Sanchez20' 5.50May 31Middle School Statew..
6.8Chantrece Worthington19' 6.00Apr 15Crook County Middle ..
7.8Natalie Carpenter19' 5.00Apr 15Crook County Middle ..
8.7Tiyanna Anderson19' 0.50Apr 22Culver Middle School..
9.6Katie Middleton18' 4.00Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
8Vanessa Younger18' 4.00Apr 15Crook County Middle ..
11.6Riley Glover18' 3.00Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
12.6Rylee Troutman18' 2.75Apr 22Culver Middle School..
13.8Rachel Schlichting18' 0.00Apr 15Crook County Middle ..
14.7Elyce Shields17' 9.00May 6HIGH DESERT MEET #4
15.7Katie Self16' 3.50Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
16.6Tegan Nelson13' 8.25Apr 22Culver Middle School..
17.6Brenda Lopez13' 5.00Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
18.6Rebecca Cooper12' 0.00Apr 15Crook County Middle ..
Discus - 1kg
1.8Alyssa Davis75' 5.00May 13District Track Meet ..
2.8Rachel Schlichting59' 4.00May 6HIGH DESERT MEET #4
3.7Elyce Shields56' 8.00May 31Middle School Statew..
4.8Chantrece Worthington48' 4.00May 13District Track Meet ..
5.8Vanessa Younger42' 10.00Apr 22Culver Middle School..
6.7Tiyanna Anderson41' 2.00Apr 22Culver Middle School..
7.6Riley Glover40' 11.00Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
8.8Michelle Stonebraker40' 5.50Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
9.7Marissa Sanchez39' 6.00May 31Middle School Statew..
10.8Maddy Murray38' 5.00Apr 15Crook County Middle ..
11.6Lily Cooper38' 3.00May 13District Track Meet ..
12.8Alysa Ballenger35' 0.00Apr 22Culver Middle School..
13.6Tegan Nelson34' 5.00May 6HIGH DESERT MEET #4
14.8Jewelisa ToledoDNSApr 22Culver Middle School..
7Nicole MillsDNSApr 22Culver Middle School..
Javelin - 300g TJ
1.6Rylee Troutman65' 2.00May 13District Track Meet ..
2.7Josie Graydon64' 6.00May 13District Track Meet ..
3.7Nicole Mills63' 0.00May 13District Track Meet ..
4.6Anna Woodward62' 0.00May 13District Track Meet ..
5.8Abby Dalton59' 2.00Apr 22Culver Middle School..
6.6Alayna Denney51' 8.00May 13District Track Meet ..
7.8Chantrece Worthington47' 10.00May 13District Track Meet ..
8.8Michelle Stonebraker47' 3.00May 13District Track Meet ..
9.7Olivia Cooper43' 11.00May 13District Track Meet ..
10.8Audrey Cooper41' 10.00May 13District Track Meet ..
11.7Anna Williamson41' 2.00Apr 22Culver Middle School..
12.7McKenzie Mode34' 8.00Apr 22Culver Middle School..
13.8Jessica RomeroDNSApr 22Culver Middle School..
6Kenna WoodwardDNSApr 22Culver Middle School..
7Tiyanna AndersonDNSApr 22Culver Middle School..
8Rachel SchlichtingDNSApr 22Culver Middle School..
Javelin - 500g TJ
1.7Nicole Mills73' 0.00May 31Middle School Statew..
2.6Rylee Troutman70' 2.00May 31Middle School Statew..
3.7Josie Graydon62' 2.00May 31Middle School Statew..
4.8Audrey Cooper59' 9.00May 31Middle School Statew..
5.6Anna Woodward58' 4.00Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
6.6Alayna Denney48' 10.00Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
7.7Olivia Cooper46' 5.00Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
8.8Chantrece Worthington44' 8.00Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
9.7Anna Williamson42' 5.00Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
10.7Tiyanna Anderson41' 3.00Apr 15Crook County Middle ..
11.8Michelle Stonebraker37' 6.00Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
12.8Rachel Schlichting36' 11.00Apr 15Crook County Middle ..
13.8Jessica Romero35' 5.00Apr 15Crook County Middle ..
High Jump
1.8Cassidy Dill4' 6.00Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
2.7Emma Hehn4' 2.00Apr 15Crook County Middle ..
6Rylee Troutman4' 2.00Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
4.6Trenaty Iveans4' 0.00Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
6Natalie Dill4' 0.00Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
7McKenzie Mode4' 0.00May 13District Track Meet ..
7.8Jewelisa Toledo3' 10.00May 6HIGH DESERT MEET #4
6Anna Woodward3' 10.00Apr 22Culver Middle School..
6Jaymie Patana3' 10.00Apr 15Crook County Middle ..
10.6Kenna Woodward3' 8.00Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
8Allee Simmons3' 8.00May 6HIGH DESERT MEET #4
7Josie Graydon3' 8.00May 6HIGH DESERT MEET #4
7Katy Norris3' 8.00Apr 15Crook County Middle ..
14.7Anna Williamson3' 6.00May 6HIGH DESERT MEET #4
8Sarah Connolly3' 6.00Apr 22Culver Middle School..
7Marissa Sanchez3' 6.00Apr 22Culver Middle School..
8Audrey Cooper3' 6.00Apr 22Culver Middle School..
18.8Destiny Flock3' 4.00Apr 22Culver Middle School..
19.6Riley GloverNHApr 22Culver Middle School..
7Katie SelfNHApr 22Culver Middle School..
7Ashlyn HackerNHApr 22Culver Middle School..
8Madison KussmanDNSApr 22Culver Middle School..
7Rebecca ReedNHApr 22Culver Middle School..
7Nicole MillsDNSApr 22Culver Middle School..
6Gala SmithDNSApr 22Culver Middle School..
6Lily CooperDNSApr 22Culver Middle School..
Pole Vault
1.8Abby Dalton7' 6.00Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
2.7Rebecca Reed7' 0.00May 13District Track Meet ..
3.7Faith Wagner6' 6.00May 13District Track Meet ..
4.6Alayna Denney5' 6.00May 13District Track Meet ..
7Hazel Hoffman5' 6.00Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
6.6Miranda Irwin5' 5.00May 6HIGH DESERT MEET #4
7.7McKenzie ModeNHApr 22Culver Middle School..
8Michelle StonebrakerDNSApr 22Culver Middle School..
7Katie SelfNHApr 22Culver Middle School..
8Alysa BallengerDNSApr 22Culver Middle School..
Long Jump
1.6Miranda Irwin13' 0.00Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
2.8Shelby Carlson12' 5.00Apr 15Crook County Middle ..
3.8Abby Dalton12' 3.00Apr 15Crook County Middle ..
4.6Esther Brewer12' 2.00May 31Middle School Statew..
5.7Gracie Kasberger12' 1.25May 13District Track Meet ..
6.8Maddy Murray12' 1.00May 13District Track Meet ..
7.6Trenaty Iveans12' 0.00Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
8.7Emma Hehn11' 6.50Apr 15Crook County Middle ..
9.8Allee Simmons11' 6.25May 13District Track Meet ..
10.6Kenna Woodward11' 6.00Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
11.7Jacie Ames11' 2.00Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
12.7Kya Stafford11' 1.00Apr 15Crook County Middle ..
13.7McKenzie Mode11' 0.00Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
14.8Jewelisa Toledo10' 8.50May 6HIGH DESERT MEET #4
15.6Alayna Denney10' 6.00Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
6Jenae Mapes10' 6.00Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
17.6Rylee Troutman10' 5.00May 31Middle School Statew..
18.7Faith Wagner10' 4.00Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
19.6Rebecca Cooper9' 11.00Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
20.7Raven Boggs9' 9.50Apr 22Culver Middle School..
21.7MeKenzie Wells9' 8.00Apr 22Culver Middle School..
22.6Lily Cooper9' 7.00Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
6Jiselle Gish9' 7.00Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
24.8Alysa Ballenger9' 6.00Apr 22Culver Middle School..
25.7Lyndee Walker9' 3.00May 6HIGH DESERT MEET #4
26.6Natalie Dill9' 2.50Apr 15Crook County Middle ..
27.8Michelle Stonebraker9' 0.00Apr 15Crook County Middle ..
6Abby Carmack9' 0.00Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
29.7Kailey Mundt8' 9.00May 6HIGH DESERT MEET #4
30.7Olivia Cooper8' 7.50May 6HIGH DESERT MEET #4
31.6Tegan Nelson8' 7.00Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
6Dekota Berthold8' 7.00Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
33.7Hannah Mansur8' 3.00May 6HIGH DESERT MEET #4
34.7Ashlyn Hacker8' 1.50May 6HIGH DESERT MEET #4
35.8Jessica Romero7' 10.00Apr 15Crook County Middle ..
36.6Alyson Thomas7' 8.00Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
37.7Hazel Hoffman7' 3.00Apr 22Culver Middle School..
38.8Destiny Flock5' 9.00Apr 30Crook County Middle ..
39.6Gala SmithDNSApr 22Culver Middle School..
  * = Denotes a recent improvement
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