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Crook County MS

    Colts - Prineville, OR

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100 Meters
1.8Thomas Burleigh12.44cMay 30 Middle School Statewide ..
6Zachary Guthrie12.44cMay 30 Middle School Statewide ..
3.8EJ Allen12.64cMay 30 Middle School Statewide ..
4.7Hunter Brucker12.74cApr 23Obsidian
5.8Brogyn Miller Sampson12.94cMay 30 Middle School Statewide ..
6.8Garrett Bond13.368aApr 28Crook County Meet
7.8Joe Dalton13.556aApr 28Crook County Meet
8.7Tanner Gibb13.64cMay 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
9.8Jacob Kleffner13.695aApr 28Crook County Meet
10.8Dante Bonanno13.762aApr 28Crook County Meet
11.6Hogan Smith13.94cMay 12Central Oregon Mid-Major ..
8Eliab Rice13.94cApr 23Obsidian
13.6Alden Day14.34cMay 12Central Oregon Mid-Major ..
14.8Allen Sotelo14.74cMay 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
15.7Chase Bauman14.84cMay 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
16.8AUSTIN DAY15.190aApr 28Crook County Meet
17.7Keaton Brown15.24cMay 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
18.7Tannon Joyner15.34cApr 14La Pine Middle School
19.7Caleb Phay15.365aApr 28Crook County Meet
20.7Eric Logan15.44cMay 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
21.8Jessee Gore15.64cMay 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
22.6Jesse Hance15.665aApr 28Crook County Meet
23.6Nikolai Wiles15.670aApr 28Crook County Meet
24.6Jeremy McCullough16.14cMay 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
25.6Deaghan Lundquist16.44cMay 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
26.7Christian Vierra-Goff16.700aApr 28Crook County Meet
27.6Dallen Nixon16.84cApr 23Obsidian
28.6Conner Rash17.04cApr 14La Pine Middle School
29.7Malaki Wetzel17.94cApr 14La Pine Middle School
30.6Hayden Benson18.401aApr 28Crook County Meet
31.8Jason SlawterSCRApr 14La Pine Middle School
6Ian MansurSCRApr 14La Pine Middle School
6Coby CastileSCRApr 14La Pine Middle School
6Conner VaughanSCRApr 14La Pine Middle School
8Victor LopezSCRApr 14La Pine Middle School
200 Meters
1.8Logan Tanner25.14cMay 30 Middle School Statewide ..
2.6Zachary Guthrie25.44cMay 30 Middle School Statewide ..
3.8Joe Dalton26.94cMay 30 Middle School Statewide ..
4.8Brogyn Miller Sampson27.04cMay 30 Middle School Statewide ..
5.7Hunter Brucker27.34cApr 23Obsidian
6.6Joseph Stenbeck27.84cMay 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
7.8Jason Slawter28.04cApr 23Obsidian
8.7Tanner Gibb28.14cApr 23Obsidian
9.8Noah Chaney28.24cApr 23Obsidian
10.8EJ Allen28.44cMay 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
11.8Dante Bonanno29.04cMay 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
12.8Miles Chaney29.14cMay 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
13.7Kane Warren29.44cApr 23Obsidian
14.8Garrett Bond29.94cApr 23Obsidian
15.7Tannon Joyner30.44cApr 23Obsidian
16.7Chase Bauman30.601aApr 28Crook County Meet
17.8Bryce Anderson30.64cMay 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
18.8Cade Ostrander31.055aApr 28Crook County Meet
19.7Keaton Brown31.24cMay 30 Middle School Statewide ..
20.7Jacob Crumrine31.64cMay 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
21.6Hunter Tichenor32.279aApr 28Crook County Meet
22.6Hogan Smith32.34cApr 14La Pine Middle School
6Deaghan Lundquist32.34cApr 14La Pine Middle School
24.8Jessee Gore32.794aApr 28Crook County Meet
25.6Alden Day32.955aApr 28Crook County Meet
26.7Eric Logan33.74cMay 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
27.7Caleb Phay33.94cMay 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
28.8Isaac Logan34.058aApr 28Crook County Meet
29.6Dallen Nixon35.14cApr 14La Pine Middle School
6Nikolai Wiles35.14cApr 14La Pine Middle School
31.6Jeremy McCullough35.549aApr 28Crook County Meet
32.7Christian Vierra-Goff36.74cApr 14La Pine Middle School
33.6Conner Rash36.817aApr 28Crook County Meet
34.6Jesse Hance37.44cMay 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
35.6Ian Mansur38.04cApr 23Obsidian
36.8Jacob StandleySCRApr 23Obsidian
8Jacob KleffnerNTApr 14La Pine Middle School
400 Meters
1.8Logan Tanner55.92aMay 21Oregon Middle School Meet..
2.8Roman Stenbeck61.74cApr 23Obsidian
3.8Joe Dalton62.64cMay 30 Middle School Statewide ..
4.7Hunter Brucker65.14cApr 14La Pine Middle School
5.7Keaton Brown67.34cMay 30 Middle School Statewide ..
6.7Hunter Uzeta68.64cApr 23Obsidian
7.8Cade Ostrander70.24cApr 23Obsidian
8.7Cade Catterson70.94cMay 12Central Oregon Mid-Major ..
9.8Bryce Anderson71.14cMay 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
10.6Xavier Layne72.64cMay 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
11.6Hunter Tichenor73.24cApr 23Obsidian
12.7Jacob Crumrine73.34cMay 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
13.7Eric Logan73.54cApr 23Obsidian
14.6Craig Puckett73.64cApr 23Obsidian
15.8Elijah Becker73.94cApr 14La Pine Middle School
16.8Tyler Humiston74.64cApr 23Obsidian
17.6Alec Carne74.74cApr 23Obsidian
18.8Isaac Logan75.54cApr 14La Pine Middle School
19.8Colton Schlachter75.74cApr 14La Pine Middle School
20.6Nikolai Wiles75.94cMay 12Central Oregon Mid-Major ..
21.7Christian Vierra-Goff79.44cMay 12Central Oregon Mid-Major ..
22.8Jacob Standley80.34cMay 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
23.6Conner Vaughan82.24cApr 14La Pine Middle School
24.7Malaki Wetzel83.794aApr 28Crook County Meet
25.6Casey Hewitt84.24cApr 14La Pine Middle School
26.6Conner Rash85.44cApr 23Obsidian
27.6Joseph Stenbeck1:31.04cApr 23Obsidian
28.7Travis BondSCRApr 14La Pine Middle School
7Kane WarrenSCRApr 23Obsidian
8Noah ChaneySCRApr 14La Pine Middle School
800 Meters
1.8Roman Stenbeck2:17.20May 30 Middle School Statewide ..
2.8Allen Sotelo2:26.30May 30 Middle School Statewide ..
3.7Travis Bond2:35.70May 12Central Oregon Mid-Major ..
4.8Garrett Bond2:41.80May 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
5.8Tristan Hatch2:42.70Apr 28Crook County Meet
6.6Alec Carne2:43.10May 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
7.7Cade Catterson2:44.20May 12Central Oregon Mid-Major ..
8.6Cayden Lowenbach2:49.60Apr 14La Pine Middle School
9.6Alexander Rodriguez2:54.00Apr 23Obsidian
10.6Hunter Tichenor2:55.10Apr 14La Pine Middle School
11.6Nikolai Wiles2:56.10Apr 23Obsidian
12.7Christian Vierra-Goff2:58.60May 12Central Oregon Mid-Major ..
13.8Hunter Benson2:59.50Apr 23Obsidian
14.8Elijah Becker3:01.70May 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
15.6Casey Hewitt3:02.80Apr 14La Pine Middle School
16.8Isaac Hathaway3:05.10May 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
17.8Jacob Standley3:10.30Apr 14La Pine Middle School
18.6Joseph Stenbeck3:19.20Apr 28Crook County Meet
19.7Keaton BrownSCRApr 14La Pine Middle School
7Zach MaurasSCRApr 14La Pine Middle School
1500 Meters
1.8Allen Sotelo4:56.00May 30 Middle School Statewide ..
2.8Noah Chaney5:03.70May 30 Middle School Statewide ..
3.8Roman Stenbeck5:06.70Apr 23Obsidian
4.7Travis Bond5:11.10May 30 Middle School Statewide ..
5.6Alec Carne5:24.40Apr 28Crook County Meet
6.8Garrett Bond5:35.40May 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
7.8Miles Chaney5:37.10May 12Central Oregon Mid-Major ..
8.8Tristan Hatch5:43.50Apr 28Crook County Meet
9.6Xavier Layne5:47.90Apr 23Obsidian
10.6Cayden Lowenbach5:51.30Apr 23Obsidian
11.6Alexander Rodriguez5:59.10Apr 23Obsidian
12.8Isaac Hathaway6:25.30Apr 28Crook County Meet
13.7Christian Vierra-Goff6:32.50Apr 23Obsidian
14.8Elijah Becker6:46.70Apr 28Crook County Meet
15.8Elijah VanSambeek7:28.20Apr 28Crook County Meet
16.7Cade CattersonSCRApr 14La Pine Middle School
7Zach MaurasSCRApr 14La Pine Middle School
100m Hurdles - 30"
1.7Jonas Rice18.324aApr 28Crook County Meet
2.7Jacob Crumrine18.34cMay 12Central Oregon Mid-Major ..
3.6Jesse Hance20.845aApr 28Crook County Meet
4.6Casey Hewitt21.04cMay 12Central Oregon Mid-Major ..
5.7Miguel Sanchez21.64cApr 23Obsidian
6.6Craig Puckett21.84cMay 12Central Oregon Mid-Major ..
7.6Joseph Stenbeck22.44cMay 12Central Oregon Mid-Major ..
8.6Xavier Layne22.64cApr 14La Pine Middle School
9.6Cayden Lowenbach23.147aApr 28Crook County Meet
10.6Alec CarneSCRApr 14La Pine Middle School
7Kane WarrenSCRApr 14La Pine Middle School
6Ian MansurSCRApr 23Obsidian
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.8Garrett Bond17.84cMay 12Central Oregon Mid-Major ..
2.8Bryce Anderson18.14cApr 14La Pine Middle School
3.8Miles Chaney18.444aApr 28Crook County Meet
4.8Elijah Becker21.247aApr 28Crook County Meet
5.8Cade Ostrander21.54cApr 14La Pine Middle School
6.8Allen Sotelo21.680aApr 28Crook County Meet
110m Hurdles - 30"
1.8Eliab Rice18.34cMay 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
2.7Jacob Crumrine19.24cMay 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
3.7Miguel Sanchez20.94cMay 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
4.6Jesse Hance21.34cMay 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
5.6Xavier Layne22.44cMay 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
6.6Joseph Stenbeck22.84cMay 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
110m Hurdles - 33"
1.8Bryce Anderson18.44cMay 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
2.8Garrett Bond18.54cMay 30 Middle School Statewide ..
3.7Jonas Rice19.64cMay 30 Middle School Statewide ..
4.7Jacob Crumrine19.74cMay 30 Middle School Statewide ..
5.8Miles Chaney19.84cMay 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
6.8Elijah Becker21.84cMay 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
7.8Allen Sotelo22.14cMay 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
4x100 Relay
1.-Brogyn Miller Sampson
Eliab Rice
EJ Allen
Thomas Burleigh
49.84cMay 30 Middle School Statewide ..
2.-Relay Team 50.54cMay 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
3.-Thomas Burleigh
EJ Allen
Jacob Kleffner
Brogyn Miller Sampson
51.04cMay 12Central Oregon Mid-Major ..
4.-Thomas Burleigh
EJ Allen
Tannon Joyner
Eric Logan
54.84cApr 23Obsidian
5.-Tanner Gibb
Keaton Brown
Chase Bauman
Hunter Brucker
55.94cApr 23Obsidian
6.-Brogyn Miller Sampson
Jacob Kleffner
EJ Allen
Roman Stenbeck
56.04cApr 14La Pine Middle School
7.-Brogyn Miller Sampson
Elijah Becker
Roman Stenbeck
Jacob Kleffner
56.34cApr 23Obsidian
8.-Keaton Brown
Tanner Gibb
Chase Bauman
Tannon Joyner
56.94cMay 12Central Oregon Mid-Major ..
9.-Caleb Phay
Chase Bauman
Tanner Gibb
Malaki Wetzel
57.84cApr 14La Pine Middle School
10.-Hogan Smith
Nikolai Wiles
Alden Day
Zachary Guthrie
58.24cMay 12Central Oregon Mid-Major ..
11.-Hogan Smith
Zachary Guthrie
Joseph Stenbeck
Alec Carne
58.74cApr 23Obsidian
4x200 Relay
1.-Noah Chaney
Logan Tanner
Joe Dalton
Dante Bonanno
1:50.20May 12Central Oregon Mid-Major ..
2.-Relay Team 1:54.70Apr 28Crook County Meet
3.-Dante Bonanno
Miles Chaney
Joe Dalton
Logan Tanner
1:54.80Apr 23Obsidian
4.-Joe Dalton
Miles Chaney
Dante Bonanno
Logan Tanner
1:58.10Apr 14La Pine Middle School
5.-Miguel Sanchez
Jonas Rice
Jacob Crumrine
Hunter Brucker
2:05.50Apr 14La Pine Middle School
6.-Jonas Rice
Miguel Sanchez
Caleb Phay
Jacob Crumrine
2:06.90May 12Central Oregon Mid-Major ..
7.-Hunter Brucker
Jonas Rice
Caleb Phay
Miguel Sanchez
2:14.50Apr 23Obsidian
8.-Jesse Hance
Craig Puckett
Dallen Nixon
Conner Vaughan
2:21.40Apr 23Obsidian
9.-Deaghan Lundquist
Craig Puckett
Zachary Guthrie
Conner Rash
2:22.30May 12Central Oregon Mid-Major ..
10.-Jesse Hance
Conner Vaughan
Dallen Nixon
Craig Puckett
2:26.70Apr 14La Pine Middle School
4x400 Relay
1.-Joe Dalton
Jason Slawter
Roman Stenbeck
Logan Tanner
3:59.70May 30 Middle School Statewide ..
Shot Put - 8lb
1.8Tyler Humiston45' 6.00Apr 23Obsidian
2.8EJ Allen42' 8.00May 30 Middle School Statewide ..
8Caleb Parrott42' 8.00May 30 Middle School Statewide ..
4.8Jason Slawter36' 9.00Apr 14La Pine Middle School
5.8Taylor Morgan32' 1.00Apr 23Obsidian
6.8Victor Lopez31' 7.75May 30 Middle School Statewide ..
7.7Zach Mauras29' 4.00May 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
8.8Colton Schlachter29' 0.00Apr 23Obsidian
9.8Jacob Kleffner26' 6.00Apr 28Crook County Meet
8Caleb Knight26' 6.00Apr 28Crook County Meet
11.7Max Jacobsen25' 4.00May 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
12.7Miguel Sanchez25' 0.00May 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
13.6Hunter Tichenor22' 5.00Apr 14La Pine Middle School
14.7Hunter Uzeta21' 5.00Apr 23Obsidian
15.6Deaghan Lundquist20' 5.00May 12Central Oregon Mid-Major ..
16.7Christian Vierra-Goff20' 4.00Apr 23Obsidian
17.7Malaki Wetzel16' 7.50Apr 28Crook County Meet
18.6Coby Castile15' 4.00Apr 14La Pine Middle School
19.7Marshall MyhreSCRApr 14La Pine Middle School
Discus - 1kg
1.8Tyler Humiston123' 5.00May 12Central Oregon Mid-Major ..
2.8Caleb Parrott98' 9.00May 30 Middle School Statewide ..
3.8Taylor Morgan94' 11.00Apr 23Obsidian
4.8Jason Slawter93' 6.00Apr 23Obsidian
5.8Victor Lopez84' 2.00Apr 23Obsidian
6.8Dante Bonanno84' 0.00Apr 23Obsidian
7.8Noah Chaney76' 10.00Apr 23Obsidian
8.8Miles Chaney76' 6.00Apr 23Obsidian
9.8Caleb Knight65' 1.00May 30 Middle School Statewide ..
10.7Max Jacobsen64' 0.00May 12Central Oregon Mid-Major ..
11.7Hunter Uzeta59' 10.00Apr 23Obsidian
12.7Zach Mauras58' 5.00May 12Central Oregon Mid-Major ..
13.8Colton Schlachter58' 0.00Apr 23Obsidian
14.8Jacob Kleffner57' 11.00Apr 14La Pine Middle School
15.6Jeremy McCullough51' 2.00Apr 23Obsidian
16.6Conner Rash49' 8.00May 12Central Oregon Mid-Major ..
17.6Hayden Benson25' 3.00Apr 23Obsidian
18.6Coby CastileSCRApr 23Obsidian
6Hunter TichenorSCRApr 14La Pine Middle School
7Marshall MyhreSCRApr 14La Pine Middle School
7Miguel SanchezSCRMay 12Central Oregon Mid-Major ..
Discus - 1.6kg
1.8Tyler Humiston105' 2.00Apr 28Crook County Meet
2.8Jason Slawter90' 6.00May 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
3.8Taylor Morgan87' 6.50May 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
4.8Victor Lopez86' 0.50Apr 28Crook County Meet
5.8Noah Chaney85' 4.50Apr 28Crook County Meet
6.8Miles Chaney84' 10.00Apr 28Crook County Meet
7.8Dante Bonanno84' 4.00Apr 28Crook County Meet
8.8Caleb Parrott84' 1.00May 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
9.8Jacob Kleffner78' 2.50May 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
10.6Hunter Tichenor75' 11.50Apr 28Crook County Meet
11.7Max Jacobsen70' 1.00Apr 28Crook County Meet
12.8Caleb Knight66' 11.50Apr 28Crook County Meet
13.7Miguel Sanchez66' 7.00May 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
14.7Hunter Uzeta59' 6.50Apr 28Crook County Meet
15.8Colton Schlachter56' 6.00May 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
16.7Zach Mauras55' 8.00May 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
17.6Jeremy McCullough50' 0.00Apr 28Crook County Meet
18.6Conner Rash49' 10.00Apr 28Crook County Meet
19.8Elijah Becker49' 0.00May 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
20.8Hunter Benson46' 9.75Apr 28Crook County Meet
Javelin - 500g TJ
1.8Jason Slawter124' 7.00May 30 Middle School Statewide ..
2.8Victor Lopez91' 4.00May 30 Middle School Statewide ..
3.8Noah Chaney90' 7.00Apr 14La Pine Middle School
4.8Tyler Humiston89' 2.00Apr 14La Pine Middle School
5.8Caleb Knight88' 10.00May 30 Middle School Statewide ..
6.8Taylor Morgan82' 1.00May 30 Middle School Statewide ..
7.7Chase Bauman75' 5.00May 12Central Oregon Mid-Major ..
8.7Cade Catterson68' 4.00May 12Central Oregon Mid-Major ..
9.7Miguel Sanchez65' 11.00Apr 14La Pine Middle School
10.7Max Jacobsen64' 1.00May 12Central Oregon Mid-Major ..
11.8Caleb Parrott63' 9.00Apr 14La Pine Middle School
12.6Conner Rash57' 0.00May 12Central Oregon Mid-Major ..
13.6Jeremy McCullough55' 10.00Apr 14La Pine Middle School
14.8Colton Schlachter52' 4.00Apr 14La Pine Middle School
15.7Christian Vierra-Goff51' 10.00Apr 14La Pine Middle School
16.6Coby Castile50' 5.00Apr 14La Pine Middle School
17.7Hunter Uzeta47' 5.00Apr 14La Pine Middle School
18.7Malaki Wetzel41' 3.00Apr 14La Pine Middle School
19.8Elijah VanSambeek39' 6.00Apr 14La Pine Middle School
20.7Marshall MyhreSCRApr 14La Pine Middle School
Javelin - 600g TJ
1.8Jason Slawter111' 3.00Apr 28Crook County Meet
2.8Tyler Humiston105' 2.00Apr 28Crook County Meet
3.8Victor Lopez91' 10.00Apr 28Crook County Meet
4.8Caleb Knight81' 4.00Apr 28Crook County Meet
5.7Chase Bauman78' 11.00Apr 28Crook County Meet
6.8Taylor Morgan77' 1.00Apr 28Crook County Meet
7.8Garrett Bond72' 2.00Apr 28Crook County Meet
8.7Cade Catterson67' 8.00Apr 28Crook County Meet
9.8Colton Schlachter67' 4.00Apr 28Crook County Meet
10.6Jeremy McCullough62' 5.00Apr 28Crook County Meet
11.7Christian Vierra-Goff60' 6.00Apr 28Crook County Meet
12.8Elijah VanSambeek48' 11.00Apr 28Crook County Meet
13.6Conner Rash43' 7.00Apr 28Crook County Meet
High Jump
1.8Roman Stenbeck5' 0.00Apr 14La Pine Middle School
2.7Jonas Rice4' 10.00May 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
3.8Bryce Anderson4' 8.00Apr 28Crook County Meet
4.8Garrett Bond4' 6.00Apr 23Obsidian
8Brogyn Miller Sampson4' 6.00Apr 14La Pine Middle School
6.6Zachary Guthrie4' 4.00Apr 23Obsidian
7.6Craig Puckett4' 2.00Apr 23Obsidian
8Isaac Hathaway4' 2.00Apr 28Crook County Meet
7Miguel Sanchez4' 2.00Apr 23Obsidian
8Tristan Hatch4' 2.00Apr 14La Pine Middle School
11.6Nikolai Wiles4' 0.00Apr 14La Pine Middle School
12.6Alden Day3' 10.00Apr 14La Pine Middle School
6Cayden Lowenbach3' 10.00Apr 14La Pine Middle School
6Alec Carne3' 10.00Apr 23Obsidian
6Casey Hewitt3' 10.00Apr 23Obsidian
7Caleb Phay3' 10.00May 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
17.7Christian Vierra-Goff3' 8.00Apr 14La Pine Middle School
6Deaghan Lundquist3' 8.00Apr 14La Pine Middle School
19.6Hayden BensonSCRApr 14La Pine Middle School
8Jacob StandleyNHApr 14La Pine Middle School
8Jessee GoreNHApr 14La Pine Middle School
6Coby CastileNHApr 23Obsidian
7Kane WarrenSCRApr 14La Pine Middle School
8Hunter BensonNHApr 14La Pine Middle School
8Elijah VanSambeekSCRApr 23Obsidian
6Dallen NixonNHApr 23Obsidian
6Xavier LayneNHApr 14La Pine Middle School
8Tyler HumistonNHApr 23Obsidian
Pole Vault
1.8Noah Chaney11' 6.00May 30 Middle School Statewide ..
2.7Jonas Rice9' 6.00Apr 28Crook County Meet
3.7Jacob Crumrine8' 9.00Apr 28Crook County Meet
4.8Eliab Rice8' 0.00Apr 28Crook County Meet
8Elijah Becker8' 0.00Apr 28Crook County Meet
6.8Bryce Anderson7' 6.00Apr 28Crook County Meet
8Jessee Gore7' 6.00Apr 28Crook County Meet
8.7Caleb Phay6' 6.00Apr 28Crook County Meet
9.6Jesse Hance6' 0.00Apr 28Crook County Meet
10.6Coby CastileSCRApr 23Obsidian
6Conner RashNHApr 14La Pine Middle School
8Jacob StandleyNHApr 14La Pine Middle School
8Tristan HatchSCRApr 23Obsidian
6Craig PuckettNHApr 14La Pine Middle School
6Jeremy McCulloughNHApr 14La Pine Middle School
8Hunter BensonNHApr 14La Pine Middle School
7Kane WarrenSCRApr 14La Pine Middle School
8Isaac LoganNHApr 14La Pine Middle School
8Isaac HathawaySCRApr 14La Pine Middle School
Long Jump
1.8Brogyn Miller Sampson16' 8.50May 30 Middle School Statewide ..
2.8Jason Slawter16' 7.00Apr 28Crook County Meet
3.8Thomas Burleigh16' 0.00Apr 23Obsidian
4.8Eliab Rice15' 2.00May 12Central Oregon Mid-Major ..
5.7Jacob Crumrine15' 1.00May 30 Middle School Statewide ..
6.6Hogan Smith14' 5.00Apr 28Crook County Meet
7.8Jessee Gore14' 4.00Apr 28Crook County Meet
8Logan Tanner14' 4.00Apr 23Obsidian
9.7Tanner Gibb13' 9.50May 12Central Oregon Mid-Major ..
10.8Cade Ostrander13' 7.00Apr 28Crook County Meet
11.7Tannon Joyner13' 5.00Apr 23Obsidian
12.8Victor Lopez13' 3.00Apr 28Crook County Meet
13.8Jacob Standley13' 0.00Apr 23Obsidian
14.7Chase Bauman12' 10.00Apr 28Crook County Meet
15.8Noah Chaney12' 9.00Apr 23Obsidian
16.8Elijah Becker12' 8.00May 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
7Keaton Brown12' 8.00Apr 14La Pine Middle School
18.8Isaac Logan12' 6.50Apr 23Obsidian
19.8Bryce Anderson12' 6.00Apr 14La Pine Middle School
20.7Jonas Rice12' 5.50May 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
21.8Miles Chaney12' 3.75Apr 14La Pine Middle School
22.8Caleb Knight12' 3.00Apr 28Crook County Meet
23.6Nikolai Wiles12' 2.00May 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
24.6Alden Day11' 9.00Apr 28Crook County Meet
25.6Alexander Rodriguez11' 6.00Apr 28Crook County Meet
8Taylor Morgan11' 6.00Apr 23Obsidian
27.8Garrett Bond11' 4.50Apr 14La Pine Middle School
28.7Christian Vierra-Goff11' 4.00Apr 28Crook County Meet
29.6Dallen Nixon10' 10.00Apr 28Crook County Meet
6Ian Mansur10' 10.00Apr 14La Pine Middle School
31.8Hunter Benson10' 9.50Apr 14La Pine Middle School
32.7Travis Bond10' 9.00Apr 23Obsidian
33.7Miguel Sanchez10' 7.75Apr 14La Pine Middle School
34.7Malaki Wetzel10' 4.00Apr 28Crook County Meet
35.6Joseph Stenbeck10' 3.00Apr 28Crook County Meet
36.7Ben Meyer9' 3.00Apr 28Crook County Meet
6Casey Hewitt9' 3.00Apr 14La Pine Middle School
38.6Hayden Benson9' 0.00Apr 28Crook County Meet
39.6Deaghan Lundquist8' 11.00Apr 14La Pine Middle School
40.7Zach Mauras8' 9.00Apr 14La Pine Middle School
41.6Jeremy McCullough8' 8.00May 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
42.8Elijah VanSambeek6' 7.00May 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
43.6Conner VaughanSCRApr 14La Pine Middle School
7Kane WarrenSCRApr 14La Pine Middle School
6Coby CastileSCRApr 14La Pine Middle School
7Max JacobsenSCRApr 23Obsidian


100 Meters
1.7Esther Brewer14.04cApr 14La Pine Middle School
2.6Zoe Guthrie14.24cMay 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
3.7Rylee Troutman14.44cMay 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
4.8Gracie Kasberger14.64cApr 14La Pine Middle School
5.7Jaymie Patana14.885aApr 28Crook County Meet
6.7Brooke Dalton15.299aApr 28Crook County Meet
7.8Jacie Ames15.34cMay 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
8Katy Norris15.34cApr 14La Pine Middle School
9.8Rebecca Reed15.44cMay 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
10.7Maddison Rash15.465aApr 28Crook County Meet
11.8Sahali Whiteside15.470aApr 28Crook County Meet
12.8Lyndee Walker15.54cMay 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
13.6Kelcie Ames15.603aApr 28Crook County Meet
14.7Trenaty Iveans15.604aApr 28Crook County Meet
15.6Maria Knight15.607aApr 28Crook County Meet
16.6Elle Edgerly15.716aApr 28Crook County Meet
17.8Kristie Wiseman15.761aApr 28Crook County Meet
18.6Emma Shields15.84cApr 23Obsidian
19.7Asia Layne15.871aApr 28Crook County Meet
20.7McKenzie McCollum16.04cApr 14La Pine Middle School
21.6Taylor Bottoms16.150aApr 28Crook County Meet
22.6Alena McCabe16.217aApr 28Crook County Meet
23.8Hannah Mansur16.237aApr 28Crook County Meet
24.7Abby Carmack16.338aApr 28Crook County Meet
25.6Chloe Arnold16.825aApr 28Crook County Meet
26.6Chandi Anderson17.24cApr 23Obsidian
27.7Madalyn Guarino19.74cApr 23Obsidian
28.7McKayla ReedSCRApr 14La Pine Middle School
200 Meters
1.7Esther Brewer29.34cMay 30 Middle School Statewide ..
2.8Kya Stafford29.84cApr 23Obsidian
3.8Gracie Kasberger30.94cMay 30 Middle School Statewide ..
4.6Zoe Guthrie32.14cApr 14La Pine Middle School
5.8Katy Norris32.34cApr 14La Pine Middle School
6.8Rebecca Reed33.575aApr 28Crook County Meet
7.8Jacie Ames33.74cApr 23Obsidian
8.7Asia Layne33.94cApr 23Obsidian
9.7McKayla Reed34.04cMay 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
10.7Maddison Rash34.129aApr 28Crook County Meet
11.6Emma Shields34.14cMay 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
8MeKenzie Wells34.14cApr 14La Pine Middle School
13.7Alyson Thomas34.34cMay 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
6Amelia Tanner34.34cMay 30 Middle School Statewide ..
15.6Taylor Bottoms34.54cMay 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
16.8Hannah Mansur34.64cApr 23Obsidian
17.6Alena McCabe34.74cMay 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
18.8Kristie Wiseman35.955aApr 28Crook County Meet
19.7Abby Carmack36.036aApr 28Crook County Meet
20.8Kailey Mundt36.860aApr 28Crook County Meet
21.7McKenzie McCollum37.194aApr 28Crook County Meet
22.7Tegan Nelson38.038aApr 28Crook County Meet
23.7Trenaty Iveans38.972aApr 28Crook County Meet
24.6Abby Chaney41.54cMay 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
25.7Madalyn Guarino42.532aApr 28Crook County Meet
26.6Miranda Taylor45.544aApr 28Crook County Meet
27.7Kenna WoodwardSCRApr 14La Pine Middle School
6Maria KnightSCRApr 14La Pine Middle School
400 Meters
1.8Gracie Kasberger68.093aApr 28Crook County Meet
2.7Rylee Troutman70.64cMay 30 Middle School Statewide ..
3.8Josie Graydon71.04cMay 12Central Oregon Mid-Major ..
4.7Alyson Thomas74.24cMay 12Central Oregon Mid-Major ..
5.7Jenae Mapes74.74cMay 12Central Oregon Mid-Major ..
6.6Amelia Tanner77.24cMay 12Central Oregon Mid-Major ..
7.8Faith Wagner77.54cMay 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
8.8Jacie Ames80.84cMay 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
9.6Kelcie Ames81.007aApr 28Crook County Meet
10.7Maddison Rash82.94cApr 14La Pine Middle School
11.7McKenzie McCollum83.84cApr 23Obsidian
12.7Jiselle Gish84.84cApr 23Obsidian
13.7Asia Layne87.24cMay 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
14.8Hazel Hoffman88.618aApr 28Crook County Meet
15.6Riley Toomey1:30.54cApr 23Obsidian
16.8Kailey Mundt1:32.44cApr 23Obsidian
17.7McKayla Reed1:33.84cApr 23Obsidian
18.7Trenaty Iveans1:41.34cApr 23Obsidian
19.6Abby Chaney1:43.04cApr 23Obsidian
20.6Miranda Taylor1:58.74cApr 23Obsidian
21.8Kya StaffordSCRApr 14La Pine Middle School
800 Meters
1.7Jeanette Carne2:43.00May 12Central Oregon Mid-Major ..
2.8Josie Graydon2:47.20May 12Central Oregon Mid-Major ..
3.8Noel Stringer2:48.80May 12Central Oregon Mid-Major ..
4.8Tansy Clark2:52.80Apr 14La Pine Middle School
5.7Alyson Thomas2:59.00Apr 14La Pine Middle School
6.8Hazel Hoffman3:07.10Apr 14La Pine Middle School
1500 Meters
1.7Jeanette Carne5:44.00May 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
2.8Noel Stringer5:50.90May 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
3.6Kelcie Ames6:07.20May 30 Middle School Statewide ..
4.8Josie Graydon6:31.70Apr 28Crook County Meet
5.6Taylor BottomsSCRApr 14La Pine Middle School
100m Hurdles - 30"
1.6Zoe Guthrie18.94cMay 30 Middle School Statewide ..
2.8Sahali Whiteside20.64cMay 30 Middle School Statewide ..
3.8Faith Wagner20.84cMay 30 Middle School Statewide ..
4.7Jenae Mapes20.94cMay 12Central Oregon Mid-Major ..
5.7Jaymie Patana21.24cApr 14La Pine Middle School
6.6Kelcie Ames22.314aApr 28Crook County Meet
7.7Brooke Dalton22.418aApr 28Crook County Meet
8.6Emma Shields22.443aApr 28Crook County Meet
9.8Lyndee Walker22.636aApr 28Crook County Meet
10.7Rylee Troutman22.74cApr 23Obsidian
11.7Jiselle Gish23.14cMay 12Central Oregon Mid-Major ..
12.6Maria Knight23.649aApr 28Crook County Meet
13.6Elle Edgerly24.283aApr 28Crook County Meet
14.6Chloe Arnold24.816aApr 28Crook County Meet
15.8Hazel Hoffman25.005aApr 28Crook County Meet
16.8Kailey Mundt26.009aApr 28Crook County Meet
17.7McKayla ReedSCRApr 14La Pine Middle School
6Amelia TannerSCRApr 14La Pine Middle School
6Chandi AndersonSCRApr 14La Pine Middle School
6Miranda TaylorSCRApr 14La Pine Middle School
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.6Zoe Guthrie19.84cMay 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
2.7Jenae Mapes20.94cMay 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
3.8Sahali Whiteside21.74cMay 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
4.7Jiselle Gish22.24cMay 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
5.6Emma Shields22.94cMay 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
8Lyndee Walker22.94cMay 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
8Jacie Ames22.94cMay 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
8.8Faith Wagner23.14cMay 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
6Elle Edgerly23.14cMay 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
10.6Maria Knight23.24cMay 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
11.8Hazel Hoffman24.94cMay 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
12.8Kailey Mundt25.24cMay 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
4x100 Relay
1.-Zoe Guthrie
Jaymie Patana
Rebecca Reed
Esther Brewer
56.64cMay 30 Middle School Statewide ..
2.-Gracie Kasberger
Noel Stringer
Katy Norris
Lyndee Walker
57.84cMay 12Central Oregon Mid-Major ..
3.-Gracie Kasberger
MeKenzie Wells
Kya Stafford
Lyndee Walker
58.24cApr 23Obsidian
4.-McKenzie McCollum
Brooke Dalton
Jaymie Patana
Esther Brewer
58.64cApr 23Obsidian
5.-Relay Team 59.04cMay 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
6.-Esther Brewer
Jenae Mapes
Asia Layne
Maddison Rash
59.64cMay 12Central Oregon Mid-Major ..
7.-Zoe Guthrie
Emma Shields
Taylor Bottoms
Amelia Tanner
62.24cMay 12Central Oregon Mid-Major ..
8.-Chloe Arnold
Zoe Guthrie
Maria Knight
Amelia Tanner
1:31.34cApr 23Obsidian
4x200 Relay
1.-Kenna Woodward
Jaymie Patana
Alyson Thomas
Brooke Dalton
2:13.60May 12Central Oregon Mid-Major ..
2.-Relay Team 2:15.50Apr 28Crook County Meet
3.-Jacie Ames
Noel Stringer
Kailey Mundt
Rebecca Reed
2:18.50May 12Central Oregon Mid-Major ..
4.-Maddison Rash
Brooke Dalton
Jeanette Carne
Kenna Woodward
2:28.10Apr 14La Pine Middle School
5.-Kelcie Ames
Chloe Arnold
Alena McCabe
Amelia Tanner
2:38.60Apr 14La Pine Middle School
6.-Jacie Ames
Noel Stringer
Kailey Mundt
Kya Stafford
2:49.70Apr 14La Pine Middle School
4x400 Relay
1.-Jeanette Carne
Jenae Mapes
Rylee Troutman
Gracie Kasberger
4:59.70May 30 Middle School Statewide ..
Shot Put - 6lb
1.8Hazel Hoffman23' 9.00Apr 28Crook County Meet
2.7Esther Brewer22' 1.00Apr 28Crook County Meet
3.7Tegan Nelson16' 2.00Apr 28Crook County Meet
4.7Rylee Matney10' 7.00Apr 28Crook County Meet
Shot Put - 8lb
1.8MeKenzie Wells30' 6.00May 30 Middle School Statewide ..
2.8Kya Stafford25' 11.50May 12Central Oregon Mid-Major ..
3.7Esther Brewer25' 10.75May 30 Middle School Statewide ..
4.7Kenna Woodward24' 6.50May 12Central Oregon Mid-Major ..
5.8Hazel Hoffman23' 5.50May 30 Middle School Statewide ..
6.8Tansy Clark19' 11.00May 30 Middle School Statewide ..
7.7Asia Layne19' 4.00Apr 23Obsidian
8.7Tegan Nelson17' 3.00May 12Central Oregon Mid-Major ..
9.6Abby Chaney14' 3.00Apr 14La Pine Middle School
10.7Rylee Matney11' 10.00Apr 14La Pine Middle School
Shot Put - 4kg
1.8MeKenzie Wells27' 2.00May 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
2.7Esther Brewer23' 7.00May 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
3.7Kenna Woodward22' 5.00May 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
4.8Hazel Hoffman20' 9.50May 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
5.8Tansy Clark18' 3.00May 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
6.7Tegan Nelson15' 9.00May 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
7.6Abby Chaney14' 11.00May 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
8.7Rylee Matney10' 10.00May 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
Discus - 1kg
1.8MeKenzie Wells81' 0.00May 30 Middle School Statewide ..
2.8Josie Graydon58' 8.00May 12Central Oregon Mid-Major ..
3.7Jaymie Patana58' 7.00May 30 Middle School Statewide ..
4.7Maddison Rash55' 5.00May 12Central Oregon Mid-Major ..
5.8Hazel Hoffman54' 10.00May 12Central Oregon Mid-Major ..
6.6Chandi Anderson52' 10.00May 12Central Oregon Mid-Major ..
7.8Katy Norris51' 8.00May 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
8.8Tansy Clark48' 2.00Apr 28Crook County Meet
9.7McKayla Reed46' 7.00Apr 23Obsidian
10.6Abby Chaney41' 6.00Apr 23Obsidian
11.8Rebecca Reed41' 2.50May 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
12.7Tegan Nelson37' 9.00Apr 28Crook County Meet
13.7Jiselle Gish32' 8.00Apr 14La Pine Middle School
14.6Miranda Taylor29' 1.00Apr 28Crook County Meet
15.6Riley Toomey26' 6.00Apr 23Obsidian
16.7Rylee Matney22' 8.00Apr 23Obsidian
Javelin - 500g TJ
1.7Rylee Troutman93' 9.00May 30 Middle School Statewide ..
2.8Tansy Clark78' 10.00May 12Central Oregon Mid-Major ..
3.8Josie Graydon73' 9.00May 12Central Oregon Mid-Major ..
4.7Jaymie Patana71' 10.00May 12Central Oregon Mid-Major ..
5.7Jenae Mapes67' 4.00May 12Central Oregon Mid-Major ..
6.7Kenna Woodward57' 9.00Apr 14La Pine Middle School
7.7Tegan Nelson44' 8.00Apr 14La Pine Middle School
8.7Asia Layne43' 10.00Apr 14La Pine Middle School
9.7Jiselle Gish32' 6.00Apr 14La Pine Middle School
10.7Madalyn Guarino27' 10.00Apr 14La Pine Middle School
11.6Miranda Taylor25' 8.00Apr 14La Pine Middle School
12.7Rylee Matney20' 3.00Apr 14La Pine Middle School
13.7McKenzie McCollumSCRApr 14La Pine Middle School
8Hazel HoffmanSCRApr 14La Pine Middle School
6Elle EdgerlySCRApr 14La Pine Middle School
Javelin - 600g TJ
1.7Rylee Troutman81' 5.00Apr 28Crook County Meet
2.8Josie Graydon65' 5.00Apr 28Crook County Meet
3.7Jenae Mapes59' 8.00Apr 28Crook County Meet
4.8Tansy Clark56' 4.00Apr 28Crook County Meet
5.7Asia Layne50' 4.00Apr 28Crook County Meet
6.6Miranda Taylor35' 8.00Apr 28Crook County Meet
7.7Madalyn Guarino32' 9.00Apr 28Crook County Meet
8.7Rylee Matney26' 3.00Apr 28Crook County Meet
High Jump
1.7Rylee Troutman4' 4.00May 30 Middle School Statewide ..
2.7Jenae Mapes4' 2.00May 30 Middle School Statewide ..
3.7Kenna Woodward4' 0.00May 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
4.7Brooke Dalton3' 10.00Apr 23Obsidian
7Trenaty Iveans3' 10.00Apr 28Crook County Meet
6.6Emma ShieldsSCRApr 14La Pine Middle School
6Alena McCabeSCRApr 14La Pine Middle School
6Riley ToomeySCRApr 14La Pine Middle School
6Miranda TaylorSCRApr 14La Pine Middle School
Pole Vault
1.8Faith Wagner8' 0.00May 30 Middle School Statewide ..
2.8Rebecca Reed7' 0.00Apr 14La Pine Middle School
3.6Abby Chaney5' 0.00May 30 Middle School Statewide ..
4.6Riley ToomeyNHApr 14La Pine Middle School
6Miranda TaylorSCRApr 14La Pine Middle School
Long Jump
1.8Gracie Kasberger13' 11.00Apr 23Obsidian
2.6Zoe Guthrie13' 3.00May 30 Middle School Statewide ..
3.7McKenzie McCollum11' 7.00Apr 23Obsidian
4.8Hannah Mansur11' 6.00Apr 23Obsidian
7Brooke Dalton11' 6.00May 12Central Oregon Mid-Major ..
6.7Kenna Woodward11' 4.50Apr 28Crook County Meet
7.7Trenaty Iveans11' 2.25May 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
8.7Rylee Troutman11' 1.00May 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
8Faith Wagner11' 1.00Apr 28Crook County Meet
10.7Esther Brewer11' 0.00Apr 14La Pine Middle School
7Jiselle Gish11' 0.00Apr 23Obsidian
12.6Amelia Tanner10' 10.50Apr 28Crook County Meet
13.6Maria Knight10' 9.25May 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
14.8Jacie Ames10' 6.00Apr 28Crook County Meet
15.8Noel Stringer10' 5.00Apr 14La Pine Middle School
16.6Taylor Bottoms10' 3.00May 12Central Oregon Mid-Major ..
17.6Elle Edgerly10' 1.00Apr 23Obsidian
18.7Alyson Thomas10' 0.00Apr 28Crook County Meet
7McKayla Reed10' 0.00Apr 23Obsidian
20.8Kristie Wiseman9' 11.00May 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
21.8Sahali Whiteside9' 9.50May 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
22.6Kelcie Ames9' 8.00Apr 23Obsidian
23.7Abby Carmack9' 7.00Apr 28Crook County Meet
24.6Alena McCabe9' 4.00Apr 28Crook County Meet
25.6Chloe Arnold9' 0.00Apr 28Crook County Meet
26.6Chandi Anderson8' 4.00May 5Cascades Academy/St. Fran..
27.7Madalyn Guarino7' 5.00Apr 28Crook County Meet
28.6Riley Toomey7' 4.00Apr 14La Pine Middle School
29.6Abby Chaney7' 3.00Apr 14La Pine Middle School
30.6Miranda Taylor5' 10.00Apr 14La Pine Middle School
31.8Kailey MundtSCRApr 14La Pine Middle School
8Lyndee WalkerSCRApr 14La Pine Middle School

* = Recent improvement

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