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100 Meters
1.8Camren Ary12.43aApr 30Mt. View/McMurray@Curtis ..
2.8*Mark Mikryukov12.74cMay 14FAJH/KSS/Curtis
3.8*Tyler Scranton12.84cMay 14FAJH/KSS/Curtis
4.8*Elijah Reyes14.00aMay 26WSMSL Non-qualifier Meet
5.8Nick Dean14.34aApr 21Cedar Heights, Curtis @ M..
200 Meters
1.8Brandon Lee24.50aApr 21Cedar Heights, Curtis @ M..
2.8Camren Ary25.56aApr 30Mt. View/McMurray@Curtis ..
3.8*Slater Strickland26.95aMay 19Kingston @ Curtis
4.8*Tyler Scranton27.04aMay 7John Sedgwick & Mt. View ..
5.8*Peter Nguyen29.13aMay 19Kingston @ Curtis
6.8Ethan Janson30.54aApr 21Cedar Heights, Curtis @ M..
400 Meters
1.8*Reece Wattree58.08aMay 19Kingston @ Curtis
2.8*Zack Paulsen59.44cMay 14FAJH/KSS/Curtis
3.8*Christian Williams62.24cMay 14FAJH/KSS/Curtis
4.8Slater Strickland63.30aApr 30Mt. View/McMurray@Curtis ..
5.8*Brandon Lee64.44cMay 14FAJH/KSS/Curtis
6.8*Brandon Leach65.94cMay 14FAJH/KSS/Curtis
7.8Ethan Janson69.53aApr 21Cedar Heights, Curtis @ M..
800 Meters
1.8*Martin Kong2:22.87aMay 7John Sedgwick & Mt. View ..
2.8*Zack Paulsen2:22.97aMay 7John Sedgwick & Mt. View ..
3.8*Carson Livingston2:25a.0May 19Kingston @ Curtis
4.8*Ewan Steers2:28a.0May 19Kingston @ Curtis
5.8*Reece Wattree2:31.00May 14FAJH/KSS/Curtis
6.8Isaak Caves2:42.9aApr 30Mt. View/McMurray@Curtis ..
7.8Greg Stolte2:48.5aApr 30Mt. View/McMurray@Curtis ..
8.8*Zachery Bush-Nelson2:54a.0May 19Kingston @ Curtis
9.8*William Albert2:54.25aMay 26WSMSL Non-qualifier Meet
10.8*Jack Jones3:02.00May 14FAJH/KSS/Curtis
1600 Meters
1.8*Martin Kong5:23.00May 14FAJH/KSS/Curtis
2.8*Carson Livingston5:24.26aMay 7John Sedgwick & Mt. View ..
3.8*Ewan Steers5:30.10May 14FAJH/KSS/Curtis
4.8*Noah Shirk5:43.20May 14FAJH/KSS/Curtis
5.8*Zachery Bush-Nelson6:18.00May 14FAJH/KSS/Curtis
6.8*Cameron Munro6:30.9aMay 19Kingston @ Curtis
7.8*William Albert6:37.00May 14FAJH/KSS/Curtis
8.8*Jack Jones6:52.77aMay 26WSMSL Non-qualifier Meet
75m Hurdles - 33"
1.8*Javontae Walpool11.94cMay 14FAJH/KSS/Curtis
2.8*Nick Dean12.84cMay 14FAJH/KSS/Curtis
3.8*Elijah Loback13.44cMay 14FAJH/KSS/Curtis
4.8Eric Jackson14.30aApr 21Cedar Heights, Curtis @ M..
5.8*Peter Nguyen14.34cMay 14FAJH/KSS/Curtis
6.8*Garett Roderick17.50aMay 7John Sedgwick & Mt. View ..
200m Hurdles - 30"
1.8*Javontae Walpool29.65aMay 19Kingston @ Curtis
2.8*Nick Dean31.24cMay 14FAJH/KSS/Curtis
3.8*Elijah Loback31.34cMay 14FAJH/KSS/Curtis
4.8*Peter Nguyen33.17aMay 19Kingston @ Curtis
5.8Eric Jackson34.00aApr 30Mt. View/McMurray@Curtis ..
4x100 Relay
1.Jaylen Johnson
Caleb Kamalu
Mark Mikryukov
Camren Ary
49.36aApr 30Mt. View/McMurray@Curtis ..
2.Camren Ary
Caleb Kamalu
Tyler Scranton
Mark Mikryukov
51.17aApr 21Cedar Heights, Curtis @ M..
3.*Relay Team 56.98aMay 26WSMSL Non-qualifier Meet
4x200 Relay
1.*Slater Strickland
Stuart McInturff
Caleb Kamalu
Tyler Scranton
1:44.78aMay 19Kingston @ Curtis
2.*Slater Strickland
Stuart McInturff
Caleb Kamalu
Mark Mikryukov
1:46.75aMay 7John Sedgwick & Mt. View ..
3.Slater Strickland
Caleb Kamalu
Mark Mikryukov
Stuart McInturff
1:48.93aApr 30Mt. View/McMurray@Curtis ..
4.Relay Team DQApr 21Cedar Heights, Curtis @ M..
4x400 Relay
1.*Slater Strickland
Christian Williams
Zack Paulsen
Reece Wattree
4:11.61aMay 19Kingston @ Curtis
2.Christian Williams
Carson Livingston
Zack Paulsen
Brandon Lee
4:16a.0Apr 30Mt. View/McMurray@Curtis ..
3.Zack Paulson
Noah Shirk
Carson Livingston
Marlon Jones
4:26.88aApr 21Cedar Heights, Curtis @ M..
4.*Relay Team 5:13.53aMay 26WSMSL Non-qualifier Meet
Shot Put - 8lb
1.8*Garrett Ballew38' 7.00May 19Kingston @ Curtis
2.8Tupu Lilio35' 8.00Apr 30Mt. View/McMurray@Curtis ..
3.8Luke Purcella35' 1.00Apr 30Mt. View/McMurray@Curtis ..
4.8*Mason Bailey31' 9.00May 19Kingston @ Curtis
Discus - 1kg
1.8*Luke Purcella110' 7.00May 19Kingston @ Curtis
2.8*Tupu Lilio103' 0.00May 19Kingston @ Curtis
3.8Zack Paulsen96' 5.00Apr 30Mt. View/McMurray@Curtis ..
4.8*Brandon Leach95' 3.00May 19Kingston @ Curtis
5.8*Greg Stolte93' 6.00May 26WSMSL Non-qualifier Meet
6.8*Mason Bailey85' 3.00May 19Kingston @ Curtis
7.8*Miles Cooney78' 3.00May 7John Sedgwick & Mt. View ..
8.8*Ethan Janson76' 5.00May 19Kingston @ Curtis
9.8*Garrett Ballew74' 9.00May 19Kingston @ Curtis
10.8Isaak Caves72' 9.00Apr 21Cedar Heights, Curtis @ M..
11.8*Dylan Walsh66' 2.00May 26WSMSL Non-qualifier Meet
Javelin - 600g
1.8*Brandon Leach107' 10.00May 19Kingston @ Curtis
2.8*Tupu Lilio98' 4.00May 19Kingston @ Curtis
3.8*Greg Stolte91' 2.00May 7John Sedgwick & Mt. View ..
4.8Isaak Caves86' 4.00Apr 21Cedar Heights, Curtis @ M..
5.8Dylan Walsh83' 6.00Apr 30Mt. View/McMurray@Curtis ..
6.8*Ethan Janson81' 9.00May 19Kingston @ Curtis
7.8*Miles Cooney75' 7.00May 7John Sedgwick & Mt. View ..
8.8*Garrett Ballew70' 8.00May 7John Sedgwick & Mt. View ..
High Jump
1.8*Zack Paulsen5' 2.00May 14FAJH/KSS/Curtis
2.8*Garrett Ballew5' 1.00May 7John Sedgwick & Mt. View ..
3.8*Luke Purcella4' 10.00May 19Kingston @ Curtis
8*Brandon Lee4' 10.00May 19Kingston @ Curtis
5.8*Greg Stolte4' 6.00May 19Kingston @ Curtis
8Slater Strickland4' 6.00Apr 30Mt. View/McMurray@Curtis ..
7.8*Isaak Caves4' 4.00May 7John Sedgwick & Mt. View ..
8Mason Bailey4' 4.00Apr 21Cedar Heights, Curtis @ M..
9.8*Ethan Janson4' 0.00May 26WSMSL Non-qualifier Meet
Long Jump
1.8Camren Ary20' 0.00Apr 30Mt. View/McMurray@Curtis ..
2.8*Stuart McInturff16' 3.00May 19Kingston @ Curtis
3.8*Javontae Walpool15' 4.00May 7John Sedgwick & Mt. View ..
4.8Peter Nguyen13' 8.00Apr 21Cedar Heights, Curtis @ M..
5.8*Elijah Reyes9' 0.00May 26WSMSL Non-qualifier Meet


100 Meters
1.8*Grace Jackson13.96aMay 19Kingston @ Curtis
2.8Bella Joseph14.22aApr 21Cedar Heights, Curtis @ M..
3.8*Julia Kuharenko14.56aMay 19Kingston @ Curtis
4.8*Taylor Eastwood14.89aMay 26WSMSL Non-qualifier Meet
5.8Visey Rith14.94cApr 30Mt. View/McMurray@Curtis ..
8Olivia Emmanuel14.94cApr 30Mt. View/McMurray@Curtis ..
7.8Teghan Eastwood15.11aApr 21Cedar Heights, Curtis @ M..
8.8*Nicole Yoo15.62aMay 19Kingston @ Curtis
9.8Jenifer Freeman15.74cApr 30Mt. View/McMurray@Curtis ..
200 Meters
1.8*Savannah Tripp29.54aMay 19Kingston @ Curtis
2.8*Julia Kuharenko30.44cMay 14FAJH/KSS/Curtis
3.8Bella Joseph30.67aApr 21Cedar Heights, Curtis @ M..
4.8*Olivia Emmanuel31.34cMay 14FAJH/KSS/Curtis
5.8*Victoria Varela31.50aMay 19Kingston @ Curtis
6.8*Teghan Eastwood32.24cMay 14FAJH/KSS/Curtis
7.8*Regine Cerezo32.34cMay 7John Sedgwick & Mt. View ..
8*Visey Rith32.34cMay 7John Sedgwick & Mt. View ..
9.8*Nicole Yoo32.94cMay 7John Sedgwick & Mt. View ..
400 Meters
1.8*Ellie Reardon68.31aMay 7John Sedgwick & Mt. View ..
2.8Isabella Weaver70.46aApr 30Mt. View/McMurray@Curtis ..
3.8*Teghan Eastwood71.74cMay 14FAJH/KSS/Curtis
4.8*Taylor Eastwood73.35aMay 26WSMSL Non-qualifier Meet
5.8*Victoria Varela74.54aMay 7John Sedgwick & Mt. View ..
6.8Visey Rith78.18aApr 21Cedar Heights, Curtis @ M..
7.8*Libby Nelson80.84aMay 26WSMSL Non-qualifier Meet
8.8*Rees Jacot112.8aMay 19Kingston @ Curtis
9.8*Meagan McEachern113.29aMay 19Kingston @ Curtis
800 Meters
1.8*Grace Collins2:51.95aMay 7John Sedgwick & Mt. View ..
2.8*Isabella Weaver2:53.8aMay 19Kingston @ Curtis
3.8*Teghan Eastwood3:01.80May 14FAJH/KSS/Curtis
4.8*Taylor Eastwood3:06.3aMay 19Kingston @ Curtis
5.8*Regine Cerezo3:12.7aMay 19Kingston @ Curtis
6.8*Juah Chae3:15.00May 7John Sedgwick & Mt. View ..
7.8*Maddy Luke3:28a.0May 19Kingston @ Curtis
8.8*Yehjin Cho3:29.9aMay 19Kingston @ Curtis
1600 Meters
1.8Isabella Weaver6:01.95aApr 30Mt. View/McMurray@Curtis ..
2.8Julia Vasilyev6:28.55aApr 21Cedar Heights, Curtis @ M..
3.8*Juah Chae7:00a.0May 19Kingston @ Curtis
4.8Maddy Luke8:05.25aApr 21Cedar Heights, Curtis @ M..
75m Hurdles - 33"
1.8Michelle Jackson14.11aApr 21Cedar Heights, Curtis @ M..
2.8*Olivia Emmanuel14.40aMay 19Kingston @ Curtis
3.8*Rees Jacot14.94cMay 14FAJH/KSS/Curtis
4.8*Camilia Stagner15.44cMay 14FAJH/KSS/Curtis
5.8Grace Collins18.07aApr 21Cedar Heights, Curtis @ M..
6.8Tyianna BarnettDNFApr 21Cedar Heights, Curtis @ M..
200m Hurdles - 30"
1.8Rees Jacot32.84aApr 30Mt. View/McMurray@Curtis ..
2.8Michelle Jackson33.16aApr 30Mt. View/McMurray@Curtis ..
3.8*Olivia Emmanuel34.06aMay 7John Sedgwick & Mt. View ..
200m Hurdles - 33"
1.8*Olivia Emmanuel34.84cMay 14FAJH/KSS/Curtis
2.8*Rees Jacot35.34cMay 14FAJH/KSS/Curtis
4x100 Relay
1.Ellie Reardon
Logan Halvorson
Rees Jacot
Grace Jackson
54.16aApr 30Mt. View/McMurray@Curtis ..
2.Logan Halvorson
Grace Jackson
Rees Jacot
Ellie Reardon
54.50aApr 21Cedar Heights, Curtis @ M..
3.*Savannah Tripp
Logan Halvorson
Ellie Reardon
Grace Jackson
54.90aMay 19Kingston @ Curtis
4.*Savannah Tripp
Logan Halvorson
Ellie Reardon
Isabella Weaver
54.94cMay 14FAJH/KSS/Curtis
5.*Relay Team 60.74aMay 26WSMSL Non-qualifier Meet
4x200 Relay
1.*Savannah Tripp
Logan Halvorson
Rees Jacot
Grace Jackson
1:58.75aMay 7John Sedgwick & Mt. View ..
2.Logan Halvorson
Ellie Reardon
Grace Jackson
Michelle Jackson
1:59.04aApr 21Cedar Heights, Curtis @ M..
3.*Savannah Tripp
Logan Halvorson
Isabella Weaver
Grace Jackson
1:59.39aMay 19Kingston @ Curtis
4.*Savannah Tripp
Logan Halvorson
Rees Jacot
Taylor Eastwood
2:04.00May 14FAJH/KSS/Curtis
4x400 Relay
1.*Ellie Reardon
Logan Halvorson
Taylor Eastwood
Isabella Weaver
4:39.1aMay 19Kingston @ Curtis
2.*Ellie Reardon
Logan Halvorson
Rees Jacot
Taylor Eastwood
4:42.94aMay 7John Sedgwick & Mt. View ..
3.Ellie Reardon
Logan Halvorson
Taylor Eastwood
Rees Jacot
4:45a.0Apr 30Mt. View/McMurray@Curtis ..
4.Isabella Weaver
Ellie Reardon
Rees Jacot
Logan Halvorson
4:56.46aApr 21Cedar Heights, Curtis @ M..
Shot Put - 6lb
1.8*Jenifer Freeman30' 3.00May 19Kingston @ Curtis
2.8*Noelle Brown29' 9.00May 7John Sedgwick & Mt. View ..
3.8*Julia Kuharenko29' 7.00May 7John Sedgwick & Mt. View ..
4.8*Arden Johnson21' 8.00May 26WSMSL Non-qualifier Meet
5.8Haewon Lee17' 11.00Apr 30Mt. View/McMurray@Curtis ..
6.8*Zoe Long17' 7.50May 26WSMSL Non-qualifier Meet
Discus - 1kg
1.8*Julia Kuharenko78' 5.00May 19Kingston @ Curtis
2.8*Noelle Brown68' 11.00May 7John Sedgwick & Mt. View ..
3.8*Jenifer Freeman64' 0.00May 19Kingston @ Curtis
4.8*Arden Johnson51' 9.00May 26WSMSL Non-qualifier Meet
5.8*Zoe Long45' 2.00May 26WSMSL Non-qualifier Meet
6.8Haewon Lee34' 9.00Apr 30Mt. View/McMurray@Curtis ..
Javelin - 600g
1.8Madison Groves79' 6.00Apr 21Cedar Heights, Curtis @ M..
2.8*Jenifer Freeman70' 4.00May 14FAJH/KSS/Curtis
3.8*Noelle Brown68' 9.00May 7John Sedgwick & Mt. View ..
4.8*Visey Rith56' 10.00May 19Kingston @ Curtis
5.8*Arden Johnson54' 2.00May 26WSMSL Non-qualifier Meet
6.8Zoe Long36' 9.00Apr 30Mt. View/McMurray@Curtis ..
7.8Haewon Lee31' 3.00Apr 30Mt. View/McMurray@Curtis ..
High Jump
1.8Tyianna Barnett4' 6.00Apr 30Mt. View/McMurray@Curtis ..
8*Bella Joseph4' 6.00May 19Kingston @ Curtis
3.8Grace Collins4' 4.00Apr 30Mt. View/McMurray@Curtis ..
8*Isabella Weaver4' 4.00May 14FAJH/KSS/Curtis
5.8Meagan McEachern4' 0.00Apr 21Cedar Heights, Curtis @ M..
Long Jump
1.8Bella Joseph14' 7.00Apr 21Cedar Heights, Curtis @ M..
2.8*Tyianna Barnett13' 6.00May 19Kingston @ Curtis
3.8Olivia Emmanuel13' 5.00Apr 21Cedar Heights, Curtis @ M..
4.8Visey Rith12' 10.00Apr 30Mt. View/McMurray@Curtis ..
5.8Yehjin Cho12' 5.00Apr 21Cedar Heights, Curtis @ M..
6.8Camilia Stagner12' 4.00Apr 21Cedar Heights, Curtis @ M..
7.8*Meagan McEachern12' 3.00May 7John Sedgwick & Mt. View ..
8Madison Groves12' 3.00Apr 21Cedar Heights, Curtis @ M..
9.8Julia Vasilyev12' 1.00Apr 21Cedar Heights, Curtis @ M..
10.8*Victoria Varela12' 0.00May 19Kingston @ Curtis
11.8*Maddy Luke10' 9.00May 7John Sedgwick & Mt. View ..
12.8Juah Chae9' 0.00Apr 21Cedar Heights, Curtis @ M..

* = Recent improvement

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