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60 Meter Dash
1.8Colin McKay7.58aMay 22Sedgwick JH v Curtis..
2.8Jae'Anthony Foster7.60aApr 24CKJH v Curtis JH
3.8Izaah Williams7.86aMay 22Sedgwick JH v Curtis..
4.8Taj Moffett7.93aMay 22Sedgwick JH v Curtis..
5.8Tien Tang8.54cMay 6Curtis @ Fairview
6.8Zachery Kemper9.31aApr 24CKJH v Curtis JH
100 Meters
1.8Izaiah Fields11.53aMay 8Ridgetop @ Curtis
2.8Sabian Bryant12.10aMay 1Curtis JH vs Marcus ..
3.8Colin McKay12.18aMay 1Curtis JH vs Marcus ..
4.8Dayton Thomas12.44aMay 28Olympic League Jr. H..
5.8Izaah Williams12.53aMay 1Curtis JH vs Marcus ..
6.8Taj Moffett12.61aMay 1Curtis JH vs Marcus ..
7.8Levi Mack12.84cMay 20Curtis at Cedar Heig..
8.8Jae'Anthony Foster13.31aApr 24CKJH v Curtis JH
9.8Tien Tang13.34cMay 8Ridgetop @ Curtis
10.8Javez Spencer13.54cMay 20Curtis at Cedar Heig..
11.8Zachery Kemper14.11aApr 24CKJH v Curtis JH
12.8James Budd15.94cMay 8Ridgetop @ Curtis
200 Meters
1.8Izaiah Fields24.49aMay 8Ridgetop @ Curtis
2.8Dayton Thomas25.09aMay 22Sedgwick JH v Curtis..
3.8Levi Mack26.04aMay 22Sedgwick JH v Curtis..
4.8Jae'Anthony Foster26.13aMay 28Olympic League Jr. H..
5.8Terrell Banks26.14aMay 1Curtis JH vs Marcus ..
6.8Izaah Williams27.37aApr 24CKJH v Curtis JH
7.8Javez Spencer28.04cMay 20Curtis at Cedar Heig..
400 Meters
1.8Izaiah Fields55.45aMay 8Ridgetop @ Curtis
2.8Sabian Bryant56.97aMay 1Curtis JH vs Marcus ..
3.8Terrell Banks57.91aMay 28Olympic League Jr. H..
4.8Jerimiah Amundson60.28aMay 28Olympic League Jr. H..
5.8Devante Williams-Byrd60.80aApr 24CKJH v Curtis JH
6.8Carson Gregg61.09aMay 22Sedgwick JH v Curtis..
7.8Edward Yvarra63.73aMay 1Curtis JH vs Marcus ..
8.8Keoni Dilay64.54cMay 6Curtis @ Fairview
800 Meters
1.8Devante Williams-Byrd2:14.8aMay 22Sedgwick JH v Curtis..
2.8Dolan Jackson2:27.00May 6Curtis @ Fairview
3.8Gavin Torem2:29a.0May 22Sedgwick JH v Curtis..
4.8David Torem2:36.94aMay 1Curtis JH vs Marcus ..
5.8Zachery Kemper2:44.39aMay 1Curtis JH vs Marcus ..
6.8Keoni Dilay2:46a.0May 1Curtis JH vs Marcus ..
7.8Brody Sodon2:50.00May 20Curtis at Cedar Heig..
1600 Meters
1.8Dolan Jackson5:19.7aMay 22Sedgwick JH v Curtis..
2.8Gavin Torem5:22a.0May 22Sedgwick JH v Curtis..
3.8Ketner Fields5:28.57aMay 8Ridgetop @ Curtis
4.8David Torem5:46.03aMay 8Ridgetop @ Curtis
5.8Brody Sodon6:04.00May 20Curtis at Cedar Heig..
6.8Jake Lockner6:04.74aMay 8Ridgetop @ Curtis
7.8Dennis Keith6:08.00May 20Curtis at Cedar Heig..
8.8Keoni Dilay6:18a.0Apr 24CKJH v Curtis JH
9.8Lucas Engle6:49.00May 20Curtis at Cedar Heig..
10.8Avier Doss7:01.00May 20Curtis at Cedar Heig..
75m Hurdles - 36"
1.8Matthew Dickinson13.42aMay 22Sedgwick JH v Curtis..
2.8Keoni Dilay13.52aMay 28Olympic League Jr. H..
3.8Edward Yvarra13.64aMay 22Sedgwick JH v Curtis..
4.8Levi Mack14.00aApr 24CKJH v Curtis JH
5.8Caleb Betteridge14.30aMay 1Curtis JH vs Marcus ..
6.8Avier Doss15.54cMay 20Curtis at Cedar Heig..
7.8Zachery Kemper16.40aApr 24CKJH v Curtis JH
200m Hurdles - 30"
1.8Edward Yvarra30.84aMay 22Sedgwick JH v Curtis..
2.8Keoni Dilay31.17aMay 22Sedgwick JH v Curtis..
3.8Matthew Dickinson31.87aMay 22Sedgwick JH v Curtis..
4.8Caleb Betteridge31.94cMay 20Curtis at Cedar Heig..
5.8Christian Betteridge32.34aMay 8Ridgetop @ Curtis
6.8Zachery Kemper35.25aApr 24CKJH v Curtis JH
7.8Avier Doss36.74aMay 8Ridgetop @ Curtis
4x100 Relay
1.-Colin McKay
Sabian Bryant
Dayton Thomas
Taj Moffett
48.04aMay 22Sedgwick JH v Curtis..
2.-Colin McKay
Dayton Thomas
Levi Mack
Sabian Bryant
48.38aApr 24CKJH v Curtis JH
3.-Colin McKay
Sabian Bryant
Iziah Williams
Taj Moffett
48.94cMay 20Curtis at Cedar Heig..
4x200 Relay
1.-Devante Williams-Byrd
Terrell Banks
Levi Mack
Iziah Williams
1:44.10May 20Curtis at Cedar Heig..
2.-Terrell Banks
Levi Mack
Izaah Williams
Devante Williams-Byrd
1:45.39aMay 28Olympic League Jr. H..
3.-Devante Williams-Byrd
Levi Mack
Terrell Banks
Izaah Williams
1:45.52aMay 8Ridgetop @ Curtis
4.-Iziah Williams
Terrell Banks
Devante Williams-Byrd
Taj Moffett
1:46.81aApr 24CKJH v Curtis JH
5.-Iziah Williams
Terrell Banks
Devante Williams-Byrd
Levi Mack
1:47.12aMay 1Curtis JH vs Marcus ..
4x400 Relay
1.-Jerimiah Amundson
Terrell Banks
Carson Gregg
Devante Williams-Byrd
3:58.06aMay 28Olympic League Jr. H..
2.-Devante Williams-Byrd
Terrell Banks
Jerimiah Amundson
Carson Gregg
4:04.45aMay 22Sedgwick JH v Curtis..
3.-David Torem
Carson Gregg
Jerimiah Amundson
Devante Williams-Byrd
4:14.01aMay 1Curtis JH vs Marcus ..
4.-Terrell Banks
Carson Gregg
Jerimiah Amundson
Chris Meza
4:15.00May 6Curtis @ Fairview
Shot Put - 8lb
1.8Dayton Thomas39' 2.00May 22Sedgwick JH v Curtis..
2.8Fletcher Brooks32' 3.00May 22Sedgwick JH v Curtis..
3.8Joshua Green30' 1.00May 1Curtis JH vs Marcus ..
4.8Devin McCrady28' 0.00May 1Curtis JH vs Marcus ..
5.8Zachery Kemper25' 10.50May 20Curtis at Cedar Heig..
Discus - 1kg
1.8Jase Paulsen125' 4.00May 22Sedgwick JH v Curtis..
2.8Levi Mack104' 6.00May 20Curtis at Cedar Heig..
3.8Dayton Thomas100' 6.00May 20Curtis at Cedar Heig..
4.8Joshua Green93' 0.00May 22Sedgwick JH v Curtis..
5.8Fletcher Brooks88' 8.00May 6Curtis @ Fairview
6.8Harrison Conway-Newton79' 10.00May 20Curtis at Cedar Heig..
7.8Ketner Fields76' 1.00May 1Curtis JH vs Marcus ..
Javelin - 600g
1.8Jase Paulsen104' 0.00May 20Curtis at Cedar Heig..
2.8Caleb Betteridge90' 5.00May 20Curtis at Cedar Heig..
3.8Christian Betteridge77' 9.00May 6Curtis @ Fairview
4.8Zachery Kemper68' 10.00May 1Curtis JH vs Marcus ..
5.8Devin McCrady59' 0.00Apr 24CKJH v Curtis JH
6.8Fletcher Brooks45' 8.00May 8Ridgetop @ Curtis
High Jump
1.8Terrell Banks5' 2.00May 1Curtis JH vs Marcus ..
8Jae'Anthony Foster5' 2.00Apr 24CKJH v Curtis JH
8Jerimiah Amundson5' 2.00May 22Sedgwick JH v Curtis..
8Jase Paulsen5' 2.00May 22Sedgwick JH v Curtis..
5.8Devante Williams-Byrd4' 10.00Apr 24CKJH v Curtis JH
6.8Keoni Dilay4' 8.00Apr 24CKJH v Curtis JH
Long Jump
1.8Izaiah Fields19' 2.00May 8Ridgetop @ Curtis
2.8Taj Moffett18' 9.00May 22Sedgwick JH v Curtis..
3.8Colin McKay16' 7.00May 22Sedgwick JH v Curtis..
4.8Carson Gregg16' 6.25May 22Sedgwick JH v Curtis..
5.8Jase Paulsen14' 0.50Apr 24CKJH v Curtis JH
6.8Keoni Dilay12' 7.00Apr 24CKJH v Curtis JH


60 Meter Dash
1.8Jenna Bouyer8.42aMay 1Curtis JH vs Marcus ..
2.8Keisha Hicks-Amaral8.54cMay 20Curtis at Cedar Heig..
3.8Kiley Buck8.63aMay 22Sedgwick JH v Curtis..
4.8Alaijah Williams8.70aMay 22Sedgwick JH v Curtis..
5.8Susan Hurdelbrink9.14cMay 6Curtis @ Fairview
8SeMeria Portillo9.14aMay 1Curtis JH vs Marcus ..
7.8Alicia Bills9.34aMay 1Curtis JH vs Marcus ..
8Alicia Billis9.34cMay 6Curtis @ Fairview
8Dolly Lampson-Stixrud9.34cMay 20Curtis at Cedar Heig..
10.8Lene Jensen9.54cMay 22Sedgwick JH v Curtis..
11.8Lujayn Ismaiel9.70aMay 1Curtis JH vs Marcus ..
12.8Wyntur Anderson10.04cMay 22Sedgwick JH v Curtis..
13.8Brieanna Trailor10.54cMay 20Curtis at Cedar Heig..
100 Meters
1.8Jenna Bouyer13.57aMay 22Sedgwick JH v Curtis..
2.8Alaijah Williams13.69aMay 22Sedgwick JH v Curtis..
3.8Kiley Buck13.99aMay 1Curtis JH vs Marcus ..
4.8Susan Hurdelbrink14.11aMay 1Curtis JH vs Marcus ..
5.8Keisha Hicks-Amaral14.22aMay 22Sedgwick JH v Curtis..
6.8Jayda Currin14.24cMay 20Curtis at Cedar Heig..
7.8Elyssa Riddley14.34cMay 6Curtis @ Fairview
8SeMeria Portillo14.34cMay 22Sedgwick JH v Curtis..
9.8Dolly Lampson-Stixrud14.44cMay 22Sedgwick JH v Curtis..
10.8Christina Le15.14cMay 22Sedgwick JH v Curtis..
11.8Alexis Ellis15.40aMay 1Curtis JH vs Marcus ..
12.8Lene Jensen15.74cMay 6Curtis @ Fairview
13.8Lujayn Ismaiel16.06aMay 1Curtis JH vs Marcus ..
14.8Wyntur Anderson16.24cMay 22Sedgwick JH v Curtis..
200 Meters
1.8Alexis Ellis27.70aMay 28Olympic League Jr. H..
2.8Alaijah Williams28.57aMay 22Sedgwick JH v Curtis..
3.8Jenna Bouyer29.09aApr 24CKJH v Curtis JH
4.8Jayda Currin29.10aMay 28Olympic League Jr. H..
5.8Charissa Bacon29.23aMay 22Sedgwick JH v Curtis..
6.8Susan Hurdelbrink29.39aMay 8Ridgetop @ Curtis
7.8Elyssa Riddley30.58aMay 1Curtis JH vs Marcus ..
8.8Ellie Carr30.78aApr 24CKJH v Curtis JH
9.8Alexia Sioda30.92aMay 28Olympic League Jr. H..
10.8Christina Le32.14cMay 22Sedgwick JH v Curtis..
11.8Wyntur Anderson34.54cMay 8Ridgetop @ Curtis
12.8Alanis Smith35.69aApr 24CKJH v Curtis JH
400 Meters
1.8Charissa Bacon63.00aMay 22Sedgwick JH v Curtis..
2.8Alexis Ellis63.05aMay 8Ridgetop @ Curtis
3.8Jayda Currin63.50aMay 22Sedgwick JH v Curtis..
4.8Alexia Sioda66.70aMay 22Sedgwick JH v Curtis..
5.8Emily Barrett73.14cMay 6Curtis @ Fairview
6.8SeMeria Portillo78.64cMay 6Curtis @ Fairview
800 Meters
1.8Mackenzie Richards2:35.70May 22Sedgwick JH v Curtis..
2.8Hailee Larson2:39.00May 22Sedgwick JH v Curtis..
3.8Claire Vigoren2:40.00May 22Sedgwick JH v Curtis..
4.8Alexia Sioda2:44.16aMay 28Olympic League Jr. H..
5.8Katie VanZonneveld2:44.54aMay 1Curtis JH vs Marcus ..
6.8Emily Barrett2:52.00May 6Curtis @ Fairview
7.8Sydney Reilly-Treat2:54.00aMay 8Ridgetop @ Curtis
8.8Kiana Doyle3:01.80aMay 8Ridgetop @ Curtis
9.8Lujayn Ismaiel3:18.80May 20Curtis at Cedar Heig..
1600 Meters
1.8Hailee Larson5:52.00May 6Curtis @ Fairview
2.8Mackenzie Richards5:55.00May 6Curtis @ Fairview
3.8Emily Barrett6:09.00aMay 8Ridgetop @ Curtis
4.8Claire Vigoren6:10.62aMay 28Olympic League Jr. H..
5.8Sydney Reilly-Treat6:16.00aMay 8Ridgetop @ Curtis
6.8Alanis Smith6:51.24aApr 24CKJH v Curtis JH
75m Hurdles - 33"
1.8Megan Cady13.38aMay 28Olympic League Jr. H..
2.8Ellie Carr13.42aMay 22Sedgwick JH v Curtis..
3.8Dolly Lampson-Stixrud14.31aMay 8Ridgetop @ Curtis
4.8Alicia Bills14.76aMay 28Olympic League Jr. H..
5.8Christina Le14.84cMay 22Sedgwick JH v Curtis..
6.8Emma Burney15.04cApr 24CKJH v Curtis JH
7.8Erin Dobson15.24cMay 20Curtis at Cedar Heig..
8.8Rachel Godfrey15.34cMay 22Sedgwick JH v Curtis..
9.8Alecia Bills15.94cApr 24CKJH v Curtis JH
10.8Alicia Billis16.04cMay 6Curtis @ Fairview
200m Hurdles - 30"
1.8Ellie Carr32.26aMay 22Sedgwick JH v Curtis..
2.8Megan Cady33.78aMay 22Sedgwick JH v Curtis..
3.8Alicia Bills34.41aMay 22Sedgwick JH v Curtis..
4.8Dolly Lampson-Stixrud35.13aMay 28Olympic League Jr. H..
5.8Charissa Bacon36.39aApr 24CKJH v Curtis JH
6.8Rachel Godfrey37.04cMay 6Curtis @ Fairview
7.8Erin Dobson37.94cMay 22Sedgwick JH v Curtis..
8.8Emma Burney38.11aApr 24CKJH v Curtis JH
9.8Olivia Ward39.54cApr 24CKJH v Curtis JH
10.8Kiana Doyle42.85aApr 24CKJH v Curtis JH
4x100 Relay
1.-Mackenzie Richards
Susan Hurdelbrink
Kiley Buck
Jenna Bouyer
51.24cMay 20Curtis at Cedar Heig..
2.-Relay Team 55.54aMay 1Curtis JH vs Marcus ..
3.-Alaijah Williams
Elyssa Riddley
SeMeria Portillo
Alicia Billis
56.98aMay 22Sedgwick JH v Curtis..
4x200 Relay
1.-Alexis Ellis
Susan Hurdelbrink
Kiley Buck
Jenna Bouyer
1:54a.0May 22Sedgwick JH v Curtis..
2.-Jenna Bouyer
Kiley Buck
Alexis Ellis
Susan Hurdelbrink
1:55.00May 6Curtis @ Fairview
3.-Relay Team 1:57.55aMay 1Curtis JH vs Marcus ..
4x400 Relay
1.-Alexis Ellis
Jayda Currin
Mackenzie Richards
Charissa Bacon
4:26.2aMay 22Sedgwick JH v Curtis..
2.-Mackenzie Richards
Susan Hurdelbrink
Kiley Buck
Jenna Bouyer
4:34.00May 6Curtis @ Fairview
3.-Alexis Ellis
Alexia Sioda
Charissa Bacon
Mackenzie Richards
4:34.08aMay 8Ridgetop @ Curtis
4.-Alexis Ellis
Jayda Currin
Charissa Bacon
Mackenzie Richards
4:37.40May 20Curtis at Cedar Heig..
5.-Relay Team 4:38.64aMay 1Curtis JH vs Marcus ..
6.-Charissa Bacon
Jayda Currin
Alexis Ellis
Mackenzie Richards
4:40.30aApr 24CKJH v Curtis JH
Shot Put - 6lb
1.8Keyana Hartman32' 11.50May 20Curtis at Cedar Heig..
2.8Katie Yorke32' 7.00May 20Curtis at Cedar Heig..
3.8Josephine Duefrane28' 9.00May 28Olympic League Jr. H..
4.8Shelbylynn Drake24' 1.00May 20Curtis at Cedar Heig..
5.8Georgia Langrell22' 7.00May 8Ridgetop @ Curtis
6.8Annalisa Karlinsey22' 1.50May 20Curtis at Cedar Heig..
Shot Put - 4kg
1.10Alice Harness33' 10.00May 22Sedgwick JH v Curtis..
2.8Keyana Hartman28' 10.00May 1Curtis JH vs Marcus ..
3.8Josephine Duefrane27' 3.00May 1Curtis JH vs Marcus ..
4.8Shelbylynn Drake26' 0.00May 22Sedgwick JH v Curtis..
5.8Katie Yorke25' 11.00May 1Curtis JH vs Marcus ..
6.8Annalisa Karlinsey22' 1.00May 22Sedgwick JH v Curtis..
Discus - 1kg
1.8Keyana Hartman104' 9.00May 22Sedgwick JH v Curtis..
2.8Shelbylynn Drake58' 2.00May 8Ridgetop @ Curtis
3.8Georgia Langrell54' 10.00May 8Ridgetop @ Curtis
4.8Josephine Duefrane54' 2.00May 20Curtis at Cedar Heig..
5.8Annalisa Karlinsey47' 5.00May 22Sedgwick JH v Curtis..
Javelin - 300g TJ
1.8Dolly Lampson-Stixrud75' 7.00May 1Curtis JH vs Marcus ..
Javelin - 600g
1.8Dolly Lampson-Stixrud74' 2.00May 20Curtis at Cedar Heig..
2.8Keyana Hartman69' 10.00May 8Ridgetop @ Curtis
3.8SeMeria Portillo56' 1.20Apr 24CKJH v Curtis JH
4.8Katie Yorke55' 1.32Apr 24CKJH v Curtis JH
5.8Josephine Duefrane54' 4.00May 22Sedgwick JH v Curtis..
6.8Shelbylynn Drake51' 8.00May 22Sedgwick JH v Curtis..
7.8Annalisa Karlinsey50' 7.00May 20Curtis at Cedar Heig..
8.8Kiana Doyle45' 0.00May 8Ridgetop @ Curtis
High Jump
1.8Alexis Ellis4' 8.00May 22Sedgwick JH v Curtis..
8Megan Cady4' 8.00May 22Sedgwick JH v Curtis..
3.8SeMeria Portillo4' 4.00May 8Ridgetop @ Curtis
8Ellie Carr4' 4.00May 6Curtis @ Fairview
5.8Katie Yorke4' 0.00Apr 24CKJH v Curtis JH
Long Jump
1.8Megan Cady14' 8.00May 22Sedgwick JH v Curtis..
2.8Ellie Carr14' 7.50May 22Sedgwick JH v Curtis..
3.8Jenna Bouyer14' 3.00May 22Sedgwick JH v Curtis..
4.8Mackenzie Richards13' 8.00May 22Sedgwick JH v Curtis..
5.8Jayda Currin13' 6.25May 22Sedgwick JH v Curtis..
6.8Olivia Ward13' 4.00May 8Ridgetop @ Curtis
7.8Hailee Larson11' 7.00Apr 24CKJH v Curtis JH
8.8Katie VanZonneveld11' 3.00May 22Sedgwick JH v Curtis..
9.8Brieanna Trailor10' 11.00May 22Sedgwick JH v Curtis..
10.8Terle Bourland9' 0.00May 20Curtis at Cedar Heig..
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