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100 Meters
1.8*Spencer Fox13.54cApr 22OES Meet
2.7*Ryan Brown13.94cApr 22OES Meet
3.7Noah Wai14.16aApr 16Southwest Christian ..
4.8Cameron Nielsen14.29aApr 16Southwest Christian ..
5.7*Hugh Shanno14.58aApr 2441st Annual Catlin G..
6.7Matthew Hannah15.58aApr 16Southwest Christian ..
7.7Jackson Ray16.64cApr 8OES MCL League Meet
8.7*Ashok Khare16.74cApr 22OES Meet
200 Meters
1.8Spencer Fox27.97aApr 16Southwest Christian ..
2.7*Noah Wai28.64cApr 22OES Meet
3.7Hugh Shanno30.55aApr 16Southwest Christian ..
4.6Charlie Hatcher30.74cApr 8OES MCL League Meet
5.8*Cameron Nielsen31.34cApr 22OES Meet
6.6Evan Hasson31.70aApr 16Southwest Christian ..
7.7*Daniel Elleman33.42aApr 2441st Annual Catlin G..
8.7Ashok Khare34.64cApr 8OES MCL League Meet
9.7*Jackson RayDNSApr 2441st Annual Catlin G..
400 Meters
1.8Cameron Nielsen67.64cApr 8OES MCL League Meet
2.6Evan Hasson71.04cApr 8OES MCL League Meet
3.6Sacha Owen77.44cApr 8OES MCL League Meet
4.7*Teddy Siker88.24cApr 22OES Meet
800 Meters
1.7*Daniel Elleman2:38.60Apr 22OES Meet
2.7*Hugh Shanno2:44.40Apr 22OES Meet
3.6*Evan Hasson2:54.20aApr 2441st Annual Catlin G..
4.8Cameron Nielsen2:57.52aApr 16Southwest Christian ..
5.6Kennin Martin3:09.12aApr 16Southwest Christian ..
6.7Ashok Khare3:11.92aApr 16Southwest Christian ..
1500 Meters
1.7Asa Brown5:26.71aApr 16Southwest Christian ..
2.7Daniel Elleman5:27.40aApr 16Southwest Christian ..
3000 Meters
1.7*Asa Brown12:13.16aApr 2441st Annual Catlin G..
100m Hurdles - 30"
1.7*Ryan Brown18.34cApr 22OES Meet
2.6Charlie Hatcher19.54cApr 8OES MCL League Meet
3.7Matthew Hannah21.84cApr 8OES MCL League Meet
4x100 Relay
1.*Noah Wai
Matthew Hannah
Cameron Nielsen
Hugh Shanno
55.34cApr 22OES Meet
2.Hugh Shanno
Matthew Hannah
Noah Wai
Oliver Ulmer
58.14aApr 16Southwest Christian ..
3.*Oliver Ulmer
Hugh Shanno
Noah Wai
Matthew Hannah
58.56aApr 2441st Annual Catlin G..
4.Daniel Elleman
Oliver Ulmer
Ashok Khare
Hugh Shanno
60.04cApr 8OES MCL League Meet
4x400 Relay
1.Sacha Owen
Evan Hasson
Asa Brown
Hugh Shanno
5:05.57aApr 16Southwest Christian ..
2.Matthew Hannah
Cameron Nielsen
Oliver Ulmer
Asa Brown
5:08.10Apr 8OES MCL League Meet
3.*Asa Brown
Sacha Owen
Matthew Hannah
Hugh Shanno
5:10.70Apr 22OES Meet
Shot Put - 8lb
1.7*Teddy Siker21' 9.00Apr 2441st Annual Catlin G..
2.6*Kennin Martin15' 11.75Apr 22OES Meet
3.7*Ashok Khare14' 8.00Apr 22OES Meet
4.7*Ryan BrownDNSApr 2441st Annual Catlin G..
Discus - 1kg
1.7*Jackson Ray60' 9.00Apr 2441st Annual Catlin G..
2.8*Cameron Nielsen52' 8.00Apr 2441st Annual Catlin G..
3.6*Kennin Martin40' 8.00Apr 2441st Annual Catlin G..
4.7*Teddy Siker39' 2.00Apr 2441st Annual Catlin G..
5.7*Ian BergquamDNSApr 2441st Annual Catlin G..
8*Spencer FoxDNSApr 2441st Annual Catlin G..
Discus - 1.6kg
1.7Jackson Ray66' 1.00Apr 8OES MCL League Meet
2.8*Cameron Nielsen49' 9.00Apr 22OES Meet
3.7*Teddy Siker47' 2.00Apr 22OES Meet
4.6Kennin Martin41' 5.00Apr 16Southwest Christian ..
5.7Ian Bergquam34' 9.00Apr 16Southwest Christian ..
Javelin - 300g TJ
1.7*Jackson Ray85' 5.00Apr 22OES Meet
2.7Asa Brown72' 0.00Apr 16Southwest Christian ..
3.7Ian Bergquam63' 5.00Apr 16Southwest Christian ..
4.7Noah Wai60' 5.00Apr 8OES MCL League Meet
5.7*Oliver Ulmer53' 3.00Apr 22OES Meet
6.7Ashok Khare44' 7.00Apr 16Southwest Christian ..
7.6Sacha Owen41' 11.00Apr 8OES MCL League Meet
8.7Teddy Siker39' 1.00Apr 8OES MCL League Meet
9.6*Kennin MartinDNSApr 2441st Annual Catlin G..
High Jump
1.7Ryan Brown4' 10.00Apr 16Southwest Christian ..
2.6Charlie Hatcher4' 0.00Apr 8OES MCL League Meet
3.7Ian BergquamNHApr 8OES MCL League Meet
7*Noah WaiDNSApr 2441st Annual Catlin G..
Long Jump
1.8Spencer Fox14' 4.00Apr 16Southwest Christian ..
2.7Ryan Brown13' 7.50Apr 16Southwest Christian ..
3.7Matthew Hannah12' 10.00Apr 8OES MCL League Meet
4.7Oliver Ulmer11' 9.25Apr 16Southwest Christian ..
5.6*Charlie Hatcher11' 5.00Apr 2441st Annual Catlin G..
6.6*Sacha Owen10' 7.00Apr 22OES Meet


100 Meters
1.8Noelani Johnson14.51aApr 16Southwest Christian ..
2.8*Sarah Tilghman15.44cApr 22OES Meet
3.8*Katherin Fox15.64cApr 22OES Meet
7Sheilan Ghomghaleh15.64cApr 8OES MCL League Meet
5.8Ella Menashe15.95aApr 16Southwest Christian ..
6.6Becca Perry16.24cApr 8OES MCL League Meet
7.6Natalia Pantuso16.34cApr 8OES MCL League Meet
8.6Nora Bash16.85aApr 16Southwest Christian ..
200 Meters
1.8*Noelani Johnson29.14cApr 22OES Meet
2.8Sarah Tilghman32.13aApr 16Southwest Christian ..
3.7*Maeve Tarbox32.34cApr 22OES Meet
4.6*Nora Bash33.64cApr 22OES Meet
5.6Amrita Jhooty34.00aApr 16Southwest Christian ..
6.6*Madison Bradley35.02aApr 2441st Annual Catlin G..
7.6Ava Duke-Martin39.21aApr 16Southwest Christian ..
400 Meters
1.7Skylar Killian71.44cApr 8OES MCL League Meet
2.8*Rebecca Walters71.74cApr 22OES Meet
3.7*Zoe Strothkamp76.31aApr 2441st Annual Catlin G..
4.6Katie Kress79.27aApr 16Southwest Christian ..
5.6Madison Bradley80.12aApr 16Southwest Christian ..
6.6*Umbre Khan80.84cApr 22OES Meet
7.6Ava Duke-Martin89.34cApr 8OES MCL League Meet
800 Meters
1.7*Zoe Strothkamp2:53.00Apr 22OES Meet
2.7Alexa Bowerfind2:56.90Apr 8OES MCL League Meet
3.7*Maddie Dolich3:04.10Apr 22OES Meet
4.6*Katie Witteman3:28.19aApr 2441st Annual Catlin G..
5.6*Umbre Khan3:34.35aApr 2441st Annual Catlin G..
1500 Meters
1.7*Alexa Bowerfind5:49.64aApr 2441st Annual Catlin G..
2.6*Piper Drebes5:59.30Apr 22OES Meet
100m Hurdles - 30"
1.7*Sheilan Ghomghaleh20.64cApr 22OES Meet
2.7Maeve Tarbox21.62aApr 16Southwest Christian ..
3.6*Becca Perry22.11aApr 2441st Annual Catlin G..
4.6Natalia Pantuso22.22aApr 16Southwest Christian ..
5.6*Katie Witteman22.84cApr 22OES Meet
6.6*Ava Duke-Martin24.24cApr 22OES Meet
4x100 Relay
1.*Ella Menashe
Rebecca Walters
Noelani Johnson
Rebecca Bakken
59.14cApr 22OES Meet
2.Noelani Johnson
Ella Menashe
Rebecca Bakken
Katherin Fox
59.44cApr 8OES MCL League Meet
3.*Kaliea Brown
Mimi Kohnstamm
Olivia McCleod
Eva Harrison
59.67aApr 2441st Annual Catlin G..
4.Rebecca Bakken
Sheilan Ghomghaleh
Gracie Mosscrop
Maeve Tarbox
60.99aApr 16Southwest Christian ..
5.*Maeve Tarbox
Sheilan Ghomghaleh
Gracie Mosscrop
Rebecca Bakken
61.78aApr 2441st Annual Catlin G..
6.*Madison Bradley
Nora Bash
Natalia Pantuso
Ava Duke-Martin
65.78aApr 2441st Annual Catlin G..
4x400 Relay
1.Alexa Bowerfind
Piper Drebes
Zoe Strothkamp
Maddie Dolich
5:16.80Apr 8OES MCL League Meet
2.Alexa Bowerfind
Maddie Dolich
Zoe Strothkamp
Piper Drebes
5:17.15aApr 16Southwest Christian ..
3.*Maddie Dolich
Zoe Strothkamp
Alexa Bowerfind
Piper Drebes
5:26.10Apr 22OES Meet
Shot Put - 6lb
1.8*Katherin Fox28' 11.50Apr 22OES Meet
2.7Gracie Mosscrop22' 2.50Apr 16Southwest Christian ..
3.8*Bridget Mciver21' 2.00Apr 22OES Meet
4.8Audrey Meschter20' 3.00Apr 16Southwest Christian ..
5.6Campbell Ray16' 6.00Apr 8OES MCL League Meet
6.6Madison BradleyDNSApr 16Southwest Christian ..
6Annie WatsonDNSApr 16Southwest Christian ..
Discus - 1kg
1.6*Amrita Jhooty50' 0.00Apr 2441st Annual Catlin G..
2.7*Gracie Mosscrop49' 10.00Apr 2441st Annual Catlin G..
3.6Annie Watson44' 7.00Apr 8OES MCL League Meet
4.8*Sarah Tilghman43' 0.00Apr 2441st Annual Catlin G..
5.8*Audrey MeschterDNSApr 2441st Annual Catlin G..
6*Ava Duke-MartinDNSApr 2441st Annual Catlin G..
Javelin - 300g TJ
1.6Annie Watson58' 4.00Apr 16Southwest Christian ..
2.6*Campbell Ray55' 10.00Apr 2441st Annual Catlin G..
3.7Gracie Mosscrop51' 1.00Apr 16Southwest Christian ..
4.8*Rhea Mehta49' 5.00Apr 2441st Annual Catlin G..
5.6*Ava Duke-MartinDNSApr 2441st Annual Catlin G..
High Jump
1.7Rebecca Bakken4' 5.00Apr 8OES MCL League Meet
8Noelani Johnson4' 5.00Apr 8OES MCL League Meet
8*Christina Boxberger4' 5.00Apr 2441st Annual Catlin G..
4.8Sarah Tilghman4' 2.00Apr 16Southwest Christian ..
5.6*Madison Bradley4' 0.00Apr 22OES Meet
6.8Audrey Meschter3' 10.00Apr 8OES MCL League Meet
7.7Maeve Tarbox3' 9.00Apr 16Southwest Christian ..
6Becca Perry3' 9.00Apr 16Southwest Christian ..
9.7*Maddie DolichDNSApr 2441st Annual Catlin G..
Long Jump
1.8Katherin Fox12' 5.00Apr 16Southwest Christian ..
2.8Christina Boxberger11' 11.00Apr 16Southwest Christian ..
3.8Ella Menashe11' 9.50Apr 16Southwest Christian ..
4.8Noelani Johnson11' 4.75Apr 8OES MCL League Meet
5.7Maeve Tarbox11' 3.75Apr 8OES MCL League Meet
6.7Sheilan Ghomghaleh10' 7.50Apr 16Southwest Christian ..
7.8*Sarah Tilghman10' 6.50Apr 22OES Meet
8.6Madison Bradley10' 5.25Apr 8OES MCL League Meet
9.8Bridget Mciver10' 3.00Apr 16Southwest Christian ..
10.8*Rhea Mehta9' 7.50Apr 2441st Annual Catlin G..
11.6*Umbre Khan9' 6.50Apr 2441st Annual Catlin G..
12.7*Gracie Mosscrop9' 3.00Apr 22OES Meet
13.6*Amrita Jhooty8' 2.00Apr 22OES Meet
  * = Denotes a recent improvement
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