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      Crusaders - Salem, OR

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100 Meters
1.8Dawson Patton12.94cApr 15Tri-River/CIL @ Regi..
2.5James Williamson13.64cApr 9Tri-River/CIL @ SAC
3.7*Azlan Saunders14.24cApr 24Tri-River/CIL @ SAC
4.7Jayden Crew14.84cApr 9Tri-River/CIL @ SAC
5.8Clayton Dallwig Black15.14cApr 15Tri-River/CIL @ Regi..
6.5Terren Crew16.24cApr 15Tri-River/CIL @ Regi..
7.7Trevor Wells16.54cApr 15Tri-River/CIL @ Regi..
8.7Kaden Sullenger16.64cApr 15Tri-River/CIL @ Regi..
9.6Justin Johnson16.74cApr 9Tri-River/CIL @ SAC
200 Meters
1.7Jadon Mansur29.34cApr 9Tri-River/CIL @ SAC
2.7Azlan Saunders29.44cApr 15Tri-River/CIL @ Regi..
3.8Clayton Dallwig Black32.04cApr 15Tri-River/CIL @ Regi..
4.8*Elijah Barth32.54cApr 24Tri-River/CIL @ SAC
5.6Austyn Shelton33.14cApr 9Tri-River/CIL @ SAC
6.7Wyatt Rusher34.84cApr 15Tri-River/CIL @ Regi..
7.6Justin Johnson35.04cApr 15Tri-River/CIL @ Regi..
8.5Terren Crew36.34cApr 15Tri-River/CIL @ Regi..
9.7Nathan Witters37.14cApr 9Tri-River/CIL @ SAC
10.5David Huggins37.44cApr 15Tri-River/CIL @ Regi..
400 Meters
1.7Jadon Mansur62.64cApr 15Tri-River/CIL @ Regi..
2.8*Dawson Patton65.04cApr 24Tri-River/CIL @ SAC
3.7*Jayden Crew68.34cApr 24Tri-River/CIL @ SAC
4.8*JT Williamson69.04cApr 24Tri-River/CIL @ SAC
5.8Clayton Dallwig Black74.14cApr 9Tri-River/CIL @ SAC
6.5David Huggins82.14cApr 9Tri-River/CIL @ SAC
7.5James Williamson85.14cApr 9Tri-River/CIL @ SAC
7Trevor Wells85.14cApr 9Tri-River/CIL @ SAC
100m Hurdles - 30"
1.8JT Williamson17.62cApr 9Tri-River/CIL @ SAC
2.7Azlan Saunders18.64cApr 9Tri-River/CIL @ SAC
3.5Chase Brown20.94cApr 9Tri-River/CIL @ SAC
4.6*Austyn Shelton21.04cApr 24Tri-River/CIL @ SAC
4x100 Relay
1.JT Williamson
Jadon Mansur
Jayden Crew
Elijah Barth
53.84cApr 15Tri-River/CIL @ Regi..
2.*Relay Team 54.54cApr 24Tri-River/CIL @ SAC
3.Kaden Sullenger
Trevor Wells
Cabe Nieth
Azlan Saunders
64.44cApr 15Tri-River/CIL @ Regi..
4.Chase Brown
Terren Crew
Justin Johnson
James Williamson
67.94cApr 15Tri-River/CIL @ Regi..
4x400 Relay
1.Jadon Mansur
Azlan Saunders
JT Williamson
Elijah Barth
4:26.20Apr 15Tri-River/CIL @ Regi..
2.*Relay Team 4:39.60Apr 24Tri-River/CIL @ SAC
3.Jayden Crew
Cabe Nieth
Kaden Sullenger
Nathan Witters
5:09.60Apr 15Tri-River/CIL @ Regi..
Shot Put - 6lb
1.6*Justin Johnson24' 4.00Apr 24Tri-River/CIL @ SAC
2.6*Austyn Shelton23' 6.00Apr 24Tri-River/CIL @ SAC
Shot Put - 8lb
1.8*Josh McMyne36' 5.00Apr 24Tri-River/CIL @ SAC
2.7Mason Strunk31' 2.00Apr 15Tri-River/CIL @ Regi..
3.8Dameck Stubbs30' 0.00Apr 15Tri-River/CIL @ Regi..
4.8Derek Shuster26' 6.50Apr 9Tri-River/CIL @ SAC
5.6Justin Johnson21' 11.50Apr 9Tri-River/CIL @ SAC
6.6Austyn Shelton21' 9.00Apr 15Tri-River/CIL @ Regi..
7.7*Nathan Witters19' 6.00Apr 24Tri-River/CIL @ SAC
Discus - 1kg
1.7Mason Strunk86' 6.00Apr 9Tri-River/CIL @ SAC
2.8*Josh McMyne86' 0.00Apr 24Tri-River/CIL @ SAC
3.6Austyn Shelton56' 6.50Apr 9Tri-River/CIL @ SAC
4.8*Derek Shuster49' 11.00Apr 24Tri-River/CIL @ SAC
5.8*Dameck Stubbs47' 8.00Apr 24Tri-River/CIL @ SAC
6.7*Wyatt Rusher39' 5.00Apr 24Tri-River/CIL @ SAC
Discus - 1.6kg
1.7Mason Strunk95' 11.00Apr 15Tri-River/CIL @ Regi..
2.8Josh McMyne88' 6.00Apr 15Tri-River/CIL @ Regi..
3.8Dameck Stubbs54' 5.00Apr 15Tri-River/CIL @ Regi..
4.8Derek Shuster54' 2.00Apr 15Tri-River/CIL @ Regi..
Javelin - 300g TJ
1.7Cabe Nieth118' 5.00Apr 15Tri-River/CIL @ Regi..
2.7Trevor Wells91' 4.00Apr 9Tri-River/CIL @ SAC
3.7Kaden Sullenger75' 0.00Apr 15Tri-River/CIL @ Regi..
4.8Dameck Stubbs69' 1.00Apr 15Tri-River/CIL @ Regi..
5.7Nathan Witters62' 5.00Apr 15Tri-River/CIL @ Regi..
Javelin - 400g TJ
1.7*Cabe Nieth108' 0.00Apr 24Tri-River/CIL @ SAC
2.7*Trevor Wells89' 5.00Apr 24Tri-River/CIL @ SAC
3.7*Kaden Sullenger77' 6.00Apr 24Tri-River/CIL @ SAC
4.7*Jayden Crew75' 9.00Apr 24Tri-River/CIL @ SAC
5.8*Dameck Stubbs70' 6.00Apr 24Tri-River/CIL @ SAC
6.7*Nathan Witters43' 2.00Apr 24Tri-River/CIL @ SAC
High Jump
1.5Chase Brown4' 1.00Apr 15Tri-River/CIL @ Regi..
2.5*David Huggins0'0"Apr 24Tri-River/CIL @ SAC
Long Jump
1.8*Dawson Patton17' 11.00Apr 24Tri-River/CIL @ SAC
2.7*Jadon Mansur14' 6.50Apr 24Tri-River/CIL @ SAC
3.8*Elijah Barth13' 2.00Apr 24Tri-River/CIL @ SAC
4.7Wyatt Rusher10' 7.00Apr 9Tri-River/CIL @ SAC
5.5*James Williamson10' 6.00Apr 24Tri-River/CIL @ SAC


100 Meters
1.8Chloe Campbell14.84cApr 15Tri-River/CIL @ Regi..
2.5Dylainee Carmony14.94cApr 15Tri-River/CIL @ Regi..
3.8Jolinn Daviscourt15.14cApr 9Tri-River/CIL @ SAC
4.6Peyton Donaldson15.54cApr 15Tri-River/CIL @ Regi..
5.6*Kelsey Mueller16.74cApr 24Tri-River/CIL @ SAC
6.5*Kaitie Bauldree17.84cApr 24Tri-River/CIL @ SAC
7.6Londyn Goodman18.24cApr 9Tri-River/CIL @ SAC
8.7Brittany King20.24cApr 9Tri-River/CIL @ SAC
200 Meters
1.7Yaira Garcia32.94cApr 9Tri-River/CIL @ SAC
2.5Dylainee Carmony33.14cApr 9Tri-River/CIL @ SAC
3.6*Kelsey Mueller35.54cApr 24Tri-River/CIL @ SAC
4.7Brittany King36.74cApr 15Tri-River/CIL @ Regi..
5.6Londyn Goodman39.64cApr 9Tri-River/CIL @ SAC
400 Meters
1.7*Yaira Garcia76.54cApr 24Tri-River/CIL @ SAC
2.7Brittany King81.04cApr 15Tri-River/CIL @ Regi..
3.6Peyton Donaldson84.14cApr 9Tri-River/CIL @ SAC
4.6Kelsey Mueller87.94cApr 9Tri-River/CIL @ SAC
800 Meters
1.7Chloe Baker3:11.80Apr 9Tri-River/CIL @ SAC
2.5Emily Kroeker3:29.90Apr 15Tri-River/CIL @ Regi..
1500 Meters
1.8Grace Brown6:08.60Apr 15Tri-River/CIL @ Regi..
2.7Chloe Baker6:25.20Apr 15Tri-River/CIL @ Regi..
3.5*Emily Kroeker7:19.30Apr 24Tri-River/CIL @ SAC
100m Hurdles - 30"
1.8Grace Brown20.54cApr 9Tri-River/CIL @ SAC
2.6Peyton Donaldson21.14cApr 15Tri-River/CIL @ Regi..
3.5*Kaitie Bauldree24.74cApr 24Tri-River/CIL @ SAC
4x100 Relay
1.Jolinn Daviscourt
Chloe Campbell
Grace Brown
Yaira Garcia
61.34cApr 15Tri-River/CIL @ Regi..
2.Relay Team 61.74cApr 9Tri-River/CIL @ SAC
3.Kaitie Bauldree
Peyton Donaldson
Emily Kroeker
Kelsey Mueller
73.04cApr 15Tri-River/CIL @ Regi..
4x400 Relay
1.Yaira Garcia
Chloe Baker
Chloe Campbell
Brittany King
5:09.50Apr 15Tri-River/CIL @ Regi..
Shot Put - 6lb
1.6*Londyn Goodman27' 6.00Apr 24Tri-River/CIL @ SAC
2.7*Kylynn Reid20' 8.00Apr 24Tri-River/CIL @ SAC
Discus - 1kg
1.7Kylynn Reid62' 8.00Apr 9Tri-River/CIL @ SAC
2.6*Londyn Goodman39' 0.00Apr 24Tri-River/CIL @ SAC
Javelin - 300g TJ
1.7Kylynn Reid57' 7.00Apr 9Tri-River/CIL @ SAC
Javelin - 400g TJ
1.7*Kylynn Reid58' 3.00Apr 24Tri-River/CIL @ SAC
High Jump
1.8Grace Brown4' 4.00Apr 9Tri-River/CIL @ SAC
2.5Dylainee Carmony3' 10.00Apr 9Tri-River/CIL @ SAC
Long Jump
1.8Jolinn Daviscourt12' 5.50Apr 15Tri-River/CIL @ Regi..
2.8Chloe Campbell11' 9.00Apr 15Tri-River/CIL @ Regi..
3.5Dylainee Carmony10' 8.00Apr 15Tri-River/CIL @ Regi..
4.7*Chloe Baker10' 7.50Apr 24Tri-River/CIL @ SAC
5.7Yaira Garcia10' 0.00Apr 15Tri-River/CIL @ Regi..
  * = Denotes a recent improvement
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