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100 Meters
1.8Wilson McLean13.24cApr 14Salem Academy
2.6Jayden Crew14.04cApr 30TRJC Meet @ Salem Ac..
3.6Luke Miller14.54cApr 30TRJC Meet @ Salem Ac..
4.6Dallas Beam16.34cApr 30TRJC Meet @ Salem Ac..
5.6Trevor Wells16.44cApr 9Mill City (4 Teams)
6.6Kaden Sullenger16.94cApr 14Salem Academy
200 Meters
1.8Wilson McLean26.78aMay 13TRJC Districts
2.6Cole Hardy32.34cApr 9Mill City (4 Teams)
3.6Dallas BeamDNSApr 14Salem Academy
400 Meters
1.8Wilson McLean58.58aMay 23Oregon Middle School..
2.8Marcus Kreger60.51aMay 13TRJC Districts
3.8Matthew Nettland72.94cApr 9Mill City (4 Teams)
4.6Kaden Sullenger80.35aMay 13TRJC Districts
5.6Trevor Wells82.62aMay 13TRJC Districts
800 Meters
1.7Micah Jenkins2:47.30Apr 30TRJC Meet @ Salem Ac..
2.8Matthew NettlandDNSApr 14Salem Academy
1500 Meters
1.8Gage Hazelton5:53.34aMay 8WVC, Jefferson, Sale..
2.8Matthew Nettland6:39.12aMay 8WVC, Jefferson, Sale..
3.7Darren Johnson7:09.10Apr 23Mt. Angel, Abiqua, S..
4.7Micah JenkinsDNSApr 14Salem Academy
100m Hurdles - 30"
1.8Wilson McLean15.54cApr 30TRJC Meet @ Salem Ac..
2.8Marcus Kreger16.44cApr 30TRJC Meet @ Salem Ac..
3.6Jayden Crew19.14cApr 30TRJC Meet @ Salem Ac..
4.8Gage Hazelton19.61aMay 8WVC, Jefferson, Sale..
5.7Micah Jenkins22.14cApr 14Salem Academy
4x100 Relay
1.-Relay Team 63.14cApr 14Salem Academy
2.-Cole Hardy
Kaden Sullenger
Luke Miller
Jayden Crew
63.31aMay 13TRJC Districts
3.-Dallas Beam
Trevor Wells
Cabe Nieth
Kaden Sullenger
63.94cApr 9Mill City (4 Teams)
4.-Trevor Wells
Cole Hardy
Jayden Crew
Cabe Nieth
64.79aMay 8WVC, Jefferson, Sale..
4x400 Relay
1.-Wilson McLean
Gage Hazelton
Micah Jenkins
Marcus Kreger
4:33.44aMay 8WVC, Jefferson, Sale..
2.-Wilson McLean
Micah Jenkins
Marcus Kreger
Matthew Nettland
4:44.60Apr 9Mill City (4 Teams)
3.-Micah Jenkins
Wilson McLean
Matthew Nettland
Marcus Kreger
4:49.00Apr 23Mt. Angel, Abiqua, S..
4.-Relay Team 5:00.60Apr 30TRJC Meet @ Salem Ac..
5.-Micah Jenkins
Marcus Kreger
Matthew Nettland
Gage Hazelton
5:01.96aMay 13TRJC Districts
6.-Micah Jenkins
Matthew Nettland
Marcus Kreger
Wilson McLean
5:04.20Apr 14Salem Academy
Shot Put - 8lb
1.8Dylan Strubel38' 7.00Apr 30TRJC Meet @ Salem Ac..
2.8Blake Dobson35' 3.50Apr 9Mill City (4 Teams)
3.7Josh McMyne28' 6.00Apr 14Salem Academy
4.7Dameck Stubbs25' 10.00Apr 14Salem Academy
5.6Luke Miller23' 7.00May 8WVC, Jefferson, Sale..
6.7Darren Johnson20' 0.00May 8WVC, Jefferson, Sale..
7.7Eli Orso19' 6.00Apr 9Mill City (4 Teams)
8.8Joshua Howard15' 0.00Apr 9Mill City (4 Teams)
9.6Cabe NiethSCRApr 14Salem Academy
Discus - 1kg
1.8Blake Dobson117' 8.00Apr 14Salem Academy
2.8Wyatt Chaffey98' 0.00Apr 30TRJC Meet @ Salem Ac..
3.7Josh McMyne73' 4.00Apr 30TRJC Meet @ Salem Ac..
4.7Darren Johnson46' 6.00Apr 14Salem Academy
5.8Joshua Howard46' 0.00May 8WVC, Jefferson, Sale..
6.7Dameck Stubbs44' 7.00May 8WVC, Jefferson, Sale..
7.7Eli Orso43' 7.00May 8WVC, Jefferson, Sale..
Javelin - 300g TJ
1.6Cabe Nieth117' 0.00May 13TRJC Districts
2.7Micah Jenkins91' 8.00Apr 30TRJC Meet @ Salem Ac..
3.8Wyatt Chaffey88' 7.00Apr 23Mt. Angel, Abiqua, S..
4.8Blake Dobson87' 7.00Apr 30TRJC Meet @ Salem Ac..
5.6Trevor Wells83' 6.00Apr 14Salem Academy
6.8Joshua Howard80' 0.00Apr 14Salem Academy
7.8Dylan Strubel77' 11.00Apr 9Mill City (4 Teams)
8.6Cole Hardy70' 0.00Apr 14Salem Academy
9.6Dallas Beam69' 10.00May 13TRJC Districts
10.6Jayden Crew64' 5.00Apr 9Mill City (4 Teams)
11.6Kaden Sullenger63' 3.06May 8WVC, Jefferson, Sale..
12.7Dameck Stubbs63' 3.00Apr 23Mt. Angel, Abiqua, S..
13.7Josh McMyne62' 6.00Apr 14Salem Academy
14.7Eli Orso49' 11.00Apr 14Salem Academy
15.7Darren Johnson44' 11.00Apr 14Salem Academy
High Jump
1.8Marcus Kreger5' 4.00May 13TRJC Districts
2.8Wilson McLean5' 2.00Apr 30TRJC Meet @ Salem Ac..
3.6Cole Hardy4' 3.00May 8WVC, Jefferson, Sale..
4.6Luke Miller4' 2.00May 8WVC, Jefferson, Sale..
8Matthew Nettland4' 2.00Apr 23Mt. Angel, Abiqua, S..
6.8Gage Hazelton4' 0.00Apr 9Mill City (4 Teams)
7.6Cabe Nieth3' 10.00Apr 14Salem Academy
7Clayton Dallwig Black3' 10.00Apr 14Salem Academy
9.6Dallas Beam3' 6.00Apr 14Salem Academy
Long Jump
1.8Wilson McLean14' 6.00Apr 14Salem Academy
2.6Cole Hardy13' 7.00May 8WVC, Jefferson, Sale..
3.6Luke Miller13' 2.50Apr 30TRJC Meet @ Salem Ac..
4.6Jayden Crew13' 2.00May 8WVC, Jefferson, Sale..
5.7Micah Jenkins11' 7.00Apr 9Mill City (4 Teams)
6.6Dallas Beam9' 0.00Apr 30TRJC Meet @ Salem Ac..
7.7Clayton Dallwig Black8' 2.50Apr 9Mill City (4 Teams)
8.7Darren Johnson6' 11.00Apr 14Salem Academy
9.8Joshua HowardNDApr 23Mt. Angel, Abiqua, S..
6Trevor WellsDQApr 9Mill City (4 Teams)
6Kaden SullengerSCRApr 14Salem Academy
8Matthew NettlandSCRApr 14Salem Academy


100 Meters
1.6Victoria Garcia14.54cApr 30TRJC Meet @ Salem Ac..
2.8Tylee Cloyd14.74cApr 30TRJC Meet @ Salem Ac..
3.8Bethany Bibler15.24cApr 30TRJC Meet @ Salem Ac..
4.8Shayla Kellum15.74cApr 9Mill City (4 Teams)
5.6Julia Flores15.94cApr 30TRJC Meet @ Salem Ac..
6.7Sarah Steffen16.14cApr 30TRJC Meet @ Salem Ac..
7.6Brittany King17.24cApr 30TRJC Meet @ Salem Ac..
8.8Deanna O'NeillSCRApr 14Salem Academy
200 Meters
1.8Shayla Kellum32.44cApr 9Mill City (4 Teams)
2.6Yaira Garcia33.04cApr 9Mill City (4 Teams)
3.6Julia Flores33.96aMay 13TRJC Districts
4.8Kara Standridge34.44cApr 14Salem Academy
5.6Victoria Garcia36.44cApr 14Salem Academy
6.8Deanna O'NeillDNSApr 14Salem Academy
400 Meters
1.8Sydney Brown69.34cApr 14Salem Academy
2.8Aimee Smith74.26aMay 13TRJC Districts
3.6Yaira Garcia77.04cApr 23Mt. Angel, Abiqua, S..
4.8Bethany Bibler80.41aMay 8WVC, Jefferson, Sale..
5.6Victoria Garcia85.34cApr 30TRJC Meet @ Salem Ac..
6.7Sarah Steffen87.09aMay 8WVC, Jefferson, Sale..
7.8Shayla KellumNTApr 23Mt. Angel, Abiqua, S..
7Eulena BanzerDNSApr 14Salem Academy
800 Meters
1.8Sydney Brown2:30.18aMay 13TRJC Districts
2.8Hallie Baker2:54.80Apr 30TRJC Meet @ Salem Ac..
3.7Eulena Banzer3:00.70Apr 30TRJC Meet @ Salem Ac..
4.6Chloe Baker3:09.62aMay 8WVC, Jefferson, Sale..
5.8Elissa Gasbarro3:47.90Apr 30TRJC Meet @ Salem Ac..
1500 Meters
1.8Hallie Baker5:36.20Apr 30TRJC Meet @ Salem Ac..
2.7Eulena Banzer6:07.40Apr 14Salem Academy
3.7Grace Brown6:15.56aMay 13TRJC Districts
100m Hurdles - 30"
1.8Sydney Brown17.94cApr 30TRJC Meet @ Salem Ac..
2.7Grace Brown19.34cApr 30TRJC Meet @ Salem Ac..
3.6Victoria Garcia22.71aMay 8WVC, Jefferson, Sale..
4.7Madelyn HurstNTApr 23Mt. Angel, Abiqua, S..
4x100 Relay
1.-Relay Team 61.14cApr 30TRJC Meet @ Salem Ac..
2.-Bethany Bibler
Grace Brown
Tylee Cloyd
Sarah Steffen
62.80aMay 13TRJC Districts
3.-Sarah Steffen
Tylee Cloyd
Yaira Garcia
Chloe Baker
63.24cApr 9Mill City (4 Teams)
4.-Julia Flores
Brittany King
Victoria Garcia
Chloe Baker
64.51aMay 13TRJC Districts
5.-Sarah Steffen
Bethany Bibler
Tylee Cloyd
Shayla Kellum
64.54cApr 23Mt. Angel, Abiqua, S..
6.-Julia Flores
Brittany King
Chloe Baker
Yaira Garcia
66.94cApr 23Mt. Angel, Abiqua, S..
7.-Tylee Cloyd
Bethany Bibler
Sarah Steffen
Grace Brown
DQApr 14Salem Academy
4x400 Relay
1.-Aimee Smith
Sydney Brown
Bethany Bibler
Hallie Baker
4:46.45aMay 8WVC, Jefferson, Sale..
2.-Sydney Brown
Bethany Bibler
Hallie Baker
Aimee Smith
4:48.16aMay 13TRJC Districts
3.-Aimee Smith
Hallie Baker
Bethany Bibler
Sydney Brown
4:49.60aMay 23Oregon Middle School..
4.-Sydney Brown
Aimee Smith
Bethany Bibler
Hallie Baker
5:10.00Apr 14Salem Academy
5.-Chloe Baker
Sydney Brown
Aimee Smith
Hallie Baker
5:11.90Apr 9Mill City (4 Teams)
6.-Relay Team 5:13.40Apr 30TRJC Meet @ Salem Ac..
7.-Bethany Bibler
Hallie Baker
Aimee Smith
Sydney Brown
5:20.50Apr 23Mt. Angel, Abiqua, S..
8.-Julia Flores
Chloe Baker
Victoria Garcia
Yaira Garcia
5:24.19aMay 13TRJC Districts
9.-Julia Flores
Brittany King
Victoria Garcia
Yaira Garcia
5:41.90aMay 8WVC, Jefferson, Sale..
Shot Put - 6lb
1.8Aimee Smith32' 9.00Apr 14Salem Academy
2.8Elissa Gasbarro24' 0.00Apr 30TRJC Meet @ Salem Ac..
3.7Madelyn Hurst21' 11.00Apr 14Salem Academy
4.8Deanna O'Neill19' 6.00Apr 14Salem Academy
5.6Marie Neuschwander18' 1.50Apr 14Salem Academy
Discus - 1kg
1.6Marie Neuschwander47' 11.00Apr 9Mill City (4 Teams)
Javelin - 300g TJ
1.8Aimee Smith89' 5.00May 23Oregon Middle School..
2.7Eulena Banzer64' 0.00Apr 30TRJC Meet @ Salem Ac..
3.8Tylee Cloyd62' 7.57May 8WVC, Jefferson, Sale..
4.7Madelyn Hurst49' 9.00Apr 14Salem Academy
5.8Elissa Gasbarro44' 10.00Apr 30TRJC Meet @ Salem Ac..
6.6Marie Neuschwander44' 1.00Apr 9Mill City (4 Teams)
7.8Deanna O'Neill34' 8.00Apr 14Salem Academy
8.8Kara StandridgeNDApr 23Mt. Angel, Abiqua, S..
6Chloe BakerSCRApr 14Salem Academy
High Jump
1.8Kara Standridge4' 9.00May 13TRJC Districts
2.8Shayla Kellum4' 2.00Apr 30TRJC Meet @ Salem Ac..
3.7Grace Brown4' 0.00Apr 14Salem Academy
Long Jump
1.8Sydney Brown14' 0.00May 8WVC, Jefferson, Sale..
2.7Grace Brown11' 10.50Apr 9Mill City (4 Teams)
3.8Shayla Kellum9' 6.00Apr 30TRJC Meet @ Salem Ac..
4.8Deanna O'Neill7' 2.00Apr 14Salem Academy
5.8Kara StandridgeSCRApr 14Salem Academy
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