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100 Meters
1.7Logan Lowder12.94cApr 30SOMSAC Small Schools
2.7Peter Bradley13.34cMay 14SOMSAC Small School ..
3.8Nick Bastendorff13.64cApr 30SOMSAC Small Schools
4.6Drew Caldwell14.54cMay 6SOMSAC Ruch Meet
5.6Jacob Chenoweth15.44cMay 6SOMSAC Ruch Meet
6.6Ian Gwaltney15.84cMay 6SOMSAC Ruch Meet
200 Meters
1.8Blake Beck27.99aMay 31Middle School Statew..
2.8Nick Bastendorff28.57aMay 31Middle School Statew..
3.8Cade Weaver28.79aMay 31Middle School Statew..
4.7Peter Bradley28.84cMay 6SOMSAC Ruch Meet
5.7Austin Sease31.44cApr 30SOMSAC Small Schools
6.7Kiel Sankey32.60aMay 31Middle School Statew..
7.6Garrett Snellings32.74cMay 7SOMSAC 6th Grade Dis..
8.6Spencer Copple33.14cMay 6SOMSAC Ruch Meet
9.6Seth Hall36.44cApr 30SOMSAC Small Schools
400 Meters
1.8Blake Beck65.34cApr 23SOMSAC Small Schools..
2.8Cade Weaver66.64cApr 23SOMSAC Small Schools..
3.7Cameron Savage68.14cApr 23SOMSAC Small Schools..
4.6Drew Caldwell69.84cApr 30SOMSAC Small Schools
5.6Spencer Copple70.04cMay 14SOMSAC Small School ..
6.6Garrett Snellings73.74cMay 14SOMSAC Small School ..
7.6Jacob Chenoweth74.64cMay 7SOMSAC 6th Grade Dis..
8.7Gabe Nelson75.19aMay 31Middle School Statew..
800 Meters
1.6Ian Gwaltney2:44.00May 7SOMSAC 6th Grade Dis..
2.6Craig Johnson2:44.60Apr 30SOMSAC Small Schools
3.6JC Herring2:46.50May 7SOMSAC 6th Grade Dis..
4.6Garrett Snellings2:49.90May 14SOMSAC Small School ..
5.6Spencer Copple2:50.39aMay 31Middle School Statew..
6.7Austin Sease2:54.65aMay 31Middle School Statew..
7.6Cole Weaver2:59.30Apr 23SOMSAC Small Schools..
1500 Meters
1.6Ian Gwaltney5:22.20May 7SOMSAC 6th Grade Dis..
2.6JC Herring5:38.56aMay 31Middle School Statew..
3.7Gabe Nelson5:40.00May 14SOMSAC Small School ..
4.6Craig Johnson5:44.63aMay 31Middle School Statew..
5.6Cole Weaver5:51.36aMay 31Middle School Statew..
6.8Cade Weaver5:58.60Apr 11SOMSAC SmallSchools ..
3000 Meters
1.6Craig Johnson11:26.10Apr 23SOMSAC Small Schools..
2.6JC Herring11:29.70Apr 23SOMSAC Small Schools..
100m Hurdles - 30"
1.6Craig Johnson15.34cApr 11SOMSAC SmallSchools ..
2.8Blake Beck15.94cMay 6SOMSAC Ruch Meet
3.7Kiel Sankey18.84cApr 30SOMSAC Small Schools
4.6Cole Weaver19.74cMay 14SOMSAC Small School ..
5.7Gabe Nelson20.74cApr 30SOMSAC Small Schools
6.6Trisstan Chenoweth21.14cMay 14SOMSAC Small School ..
110m Hurdles - 33"
1.8Blake Beck17.93aMay 31Middle School Statew..
2.7Kiel Sankey21.46aMay 31Middle School Statew..
3.6Cole Weaver22.52aMay 31Middle School Statew..
4.6Craig Johnson23.66aMay 31Middle School Statew..
200m Hurdles - 30"
1.8Blake Beck31.14cMay 6SOMSAC Ruch Meet
2.7Kiel Sankey36.74cApr 30SOMSAC Small Schools
4x100 Relay
1.-Nick Bastendorff
Logan Lowder
Cade Weaver
Blake Beck
53.35aMay 31Middle School Statew..
2.-Peter Bradley
Spencer Copple
Garrett Snellings
Kiel Sankey
60.26aMay 31Middle School Statew..
3.-Kiel Sankey
Jacob Chenoweth
Garrett Snellings
Cole Weaver
62.74cMay 14SOMSAC Small School ..
4.-Relay Team 63.14cMay 6SOMSAC Ruch Meet
5.-Garrett Snellings
Cole Weaver
Spencer Copple
Jacob Chenoweth
63.74cMay 7SOMSAC 6th Grade Dis..
6.-Kiel Sankey
JC Herring
Garrett Snellings
Cole Weaver
64.14cApr 23SOMSAC Small Schools..
7.-Kiel Sankey
JC Herring
Jacob Chenoweth
Cole Weaver
66.14cApr 11SOMSAC SmallSchools ..
8.-Kiel Sankey
Garrett Snellings
Jacob Chenoweth
Cole Weaver
SCRApr 16SOMSAC Small Schools..
4x400 Relay
1.-Drew Caldwell
Ian Gwaltney
JC Herring
Craig Johnson
5:03.50May 7SOMSAC 6th Grade Dis..
2.-JC Herring
Gabe Nelson
Austin Sease
Craig Johnson
5:13.48aMay 31Middle School Statew..
SMR 100-100-200-400m
1.-Nick Bastendorff
Logan Lowder
Cade Weaver
Blake Beck
1:55.40May 14SOMSAC Small School ..
2.-Relay Team 2:03.20May 6SOMSAC Ruch Meet
3.-Peter Bradley
Ian Gwaltney
Austin Sease
Craig Johnson
2:13.90Apr 11SOMSAC SmallSchools ..
4.-Peter Bradley
Kiel Sankey
Craig Johnson
JC Herring
SCRApr 16SOMSAC Small Schools..
Shot Put - 8lb
1.6Seth Hall30' 10.00May 31Middle School Statew..
2.7Cameron Savage29' 2.00May 31Middle School Statew..
3.8Vincent Rivera27' 10.00Apr 11SOMSAC SmallSchools ..
4.6Joel Blanco27' 3.00May 14SOMSAC Small School ..
5.7Matthew Madsen24' 10.00May 6SOMSAC Ruch Meet
6.6Trisstan Chenoweth24' 2.00May 14SOMSAC Small School ..
7.8Camiren Torrey22' 6.75Apr 30SOMSAC Small Schools
8.7Carson Anderson20' 6.00May 14SOMSAC Small School ..
9.6Josh Carson17' 2.00May 7SOMSAC 6th Grade Dis..
10.7Sebastienne Haines14' 7.00Apr 23SOMSAC Small Schools..
Discus - 1kg
1.7Matthew Madsen87' 7.00May 6SOMSAC Ruch Meet
2.6Seth Hall79' 8.00May 31Middle School Statew..
3.6Joel Blanco73' 3.50Apr 30SOMSAC Small Schools
4.8Vincent Rivera72' 4.00Apr 30SOMSAC Small Schools
5.8Camiren Torrey71' 4.00Apr 11SOMSAC SmallSchools ..
6.7Cameron Savage68' 9.00Apr 23SOMSAC Small Schools..
7.8Jason Petsche67' 6.00May 31Middle School Statew..
8.6Trisstan Chenoweth55' 3.50Apr 30SOMSAC Small Schools
9.7Carson Anderson43' 2.00Apr 23SOMSAC Small Schools..
10.7Sebastienne Haines37' 6.00May 6SOMSAC Ruch Meet
11.6Josh Carson33' 4.00May 6SOMSAC Ruch Meet
Javelin - 300g TJ
1.8Cade Weaver123' 2.00Apr 30SOMSAC Small Schools
2.8Jason Petsche106' 3.00May 14SOMSAC Small School ..
3.8Camiren Torrey98' 10.00Apr 30SOMSAC Small Schools
4.8Garrett Hanson70' 4.00May 6SOMSAC Ruch Meet
5.7Matthew Madsen69' 9.00May 6SOMSAC Ruch Meet
6.7Carson Anderson55' 4.00May 14SOMSAC Small School ..
7.6Josh Carson47' 8.00May 6SOMSAC Ruch Meet
Javelin - 500g TJ
1.8Cade Weaver101' 11.00May 31Middle School Statew..
2.8Jason Petsche81' 11.00May 31Middle School Statew..
3.8Garrett Hanson52' 11.00May 31Middle School Statew..
High Jump
1.8Cade Weaver5' 2.00Apr 30SOMSAC Small Schools
2.8Blake Beck4' 11.00Apr 11SOMSAC SmallSchools ..
3.7Logan Lowder4' 8.00Apr 11SOMSAC SmallSchools ..
8Garrett Hanson4' 8.00Apr 11SOMSAC SmallSchools ..
5.6Craig Johnson4' 6.00May 14SOMSAC Small School ..
Long Jump
1.8Nick Bastendorff15' 9.00May 14SOMSAC Small School ..
2.7Logan Lowder14' 9.00Apr 11SOMSAC SmallSchools ..
3.6Spencer Copple14' 8.00May 6SOMSAC Ruch Meet
4.7Peter Bradley13' 3.00May 14SOMSAC Small School ..
5.7Austin Sease13' 1.00May 14SOMSAC Small School ..
6.6Cole Weaver12' 2.00Apr 11SOMSAC SmallSchools ..
7.7Kiel Sankey11' 8.00May 6SOMSAC Ruch Meet
8.8Garrett Hanson11' 6.50Apr 11SOMSAC SmallSchools ..
9.6Drew Caldwell11' 4.50May 7SOMSAC 6th Grade Dis..
10.6Ian Gwaltney11' 2.00May 7SOMSAC 6th Grade Dis..
11.6JC Herring10' 11.00May 31Middle School Statew..
12.6Garrett Snellings10' 4.00May 7SOMSAC 6th Grade Dis..
7Gabe Nelson10' 4.00Apr 23SOMSAC Small Schools..
14.6Jacob Chenoweth9' 10.00Apr 23SOMSAC Small Schools..
15.6Seth Hall9' 8.00Apr 23SOMSAC Small Schools..
16.7Sebastienne Haines7' 4.50Apr 11SOMSAC SmallSchools ..
Triple Jump
1.6JC Herring27' 1.00Apr 11SOMSAC SmallSchools ..
2.6Cole Weaver26' 0.50Apr 30SOMSAC Small Schools
3.8Garrett Hanson25' 9.00May 6SOMSAC Ruch Meet
4.7Kiel Sankey25' 0.00May 14SOMSAC Small School ..
5.6Garrett SnellingsSCRApr 16SOMSAC Small Schools..


100 Meters
1.8Kylie Caldwell14.34cMay 6SOMSAC Ruch Meet
2.7Jessica Gillentine15.42aMay 31Middle School Statew..
3.7Emma Horner15.44cApr 30SOMSAC Small Schools
4.7Emme Herring15.64cApr 30SOMSAC Small Schools
5.8Emily Thomason15.80aMay 31Middle School Statew..
6.8Kendra West15.84cApr 30SOMSAC Small Schools
7.7Harlie Latham16.01aMay 31Middle School Statew..
8.7Parker Pons16.04cMay 6SOMSAC Ruch Meet
9.6Elyssa Allen16.44cMay 7SOMSAC 6th Grade Dis..
10.6Haley Brown17.04cMay 6SOMSAC Ruch Meet
11.6Stephanie Woods19.44cMay 7SOMSAC 6th Grade Dis..
200 Meters
1.8Skyelir Reed30.94cApr 30SOMSAC Small Schools
2.7Emma Horner31.74cMay 6SOMSAC Ruch Meet
3.7Parker Pons32.31aMay 31Middle School Statew..
4.6Elyssa Allen33.60aMay 31Middle School Statew..
5.8Gabbi Hamarr33.74cMay 6SOMSAC Ruch Meet
6.6Laura Dillard37.38aMay 31Middle School Statew..
7.6Haley Brown37.44cMay 7SOMSAC 6th Grade Dis..
8.6Stephanie Woods40.54cMay 7SOMSAC 6th Grade Dis..
400 Meters
1.8Kylie Caldwell69.60aMay 31Middle School Statew..
2.7Parker Pons73.40aMay 31Middle School Statew..
3.8Skyelir Reed73.84cApr 11SOMSAC SmallSchools ..
4.8Gabbi Hamarr76.34aMay 31Middle School Statew..
5.6Elyssa Allen77.33aMay 31Middle School Statew..
6.7Harlie Latham79.14cMay 6SOMSAC Ruch Meet
7.7Summer Barnick81.44cMay 14SOMSAC Small School ..
8.6Stephanie Woods89.34cApr 30SOMSAC Small Schools
9.6Laura Dillard89.79aMay 31Middle School Statew..
10.7Holly Godwin1:55.84cMay 6SOMSAC Ruch Meet
800 Meters
1.7Elezebeth Allen2:40.70May 14SOMSAC Small School ..
2.6Chloe Spalding2:43.57aMay 31Middle School Statew..
3.8Halyn Gwaltney2:57.20Apr 11SOMSAC SmallSchools ..
4.7Harlie Latham2:58.43aMay 31Middle School Statew..
5.7Summer Barnick3:04.94aMay 31Middle School Statew..
6.6Laura DillardSCRApr 16SOMSAC Small Schools..
1500 Meters
1.7Elezebeth Allen5:17.20May 6SOMSAC Ruch Meet
2.6Alexis McAllister6:36.40Apr 11SOMSAC SmallSchools ..
3.6Haley Brown6:57.30Apr 23SOMSAC Small Schools..
3000 Meters
1.8Halyn Gwaltney12:31.30May 6SOMSAC Ruch Meet
100m Hurdles - 30"
1.7Jessica Gillentine20.44aMay 31Middle School Statew..
8Miranda Gomez20.44cMay 14SOMSAC Small School ..
3.6Chloe Spalding20.71aMay 31Middle School Statew..
4.8Gabbi Hamarr22.14cApr 30SOMSAC Small Schools
5.7Summer Barnick23.44cMay 6SOMSAC Ruch Meet
4x100 Relay
1.-Jessica Gillentine
Skyelir Reed
Emma Horner
Elyssa Allen
61.14cApr 11SOMSAC SmallSchools ..
2.-Jessica Gillentine
Elyssa Allen
Harlie Latham
Gabbi Hamarr
61.74cMay 14SOMSAC Small School ..
3.-Jessica Gillentine
Elyssa Allen
Gabbi Hamarr
Skyelir Reed
62.54cApr 23SOMSAC Small Schools..
4.-Jessica Gillentine
Elyssa Allen
Miranda Gomez
Emma Horner
64.06aMay 31Middle School Statew..
5.-Relay Team 64.14cMay 6SOMSAC Ruch Meet
6.-Summer Barnick
Laura Dillard
Parker Pons
Harlie Latham
66.11aMay 31Middle School Statew..
7.-Elyssa Allen
Laura Dillard
Haley Brown
Chloe Spalding
66.14cMay 7SOMSAC 6th Grade Dis..
8.-Jessica Gillentine
Skyelir Reed
Parker Pons
Elyssa Allen
SCRApr 16SOMSAC Small Schools..
4x400 Relay
1.-Chloe Spalding
Gabbi Hamarr
Elezebeth Allen
Kylie Caldwell
5:03.44aMay 31Middle School Statew..
SMR 100-100-200-400m
1.-Emma Horner
Miranda Gomez
Elezebeth Allen
Kylie Caldwell
2:13.70May 14SOMSAC Small School ..
2.-Summer Barnick
Chloe Spalding
Parker Pons
Halyn Gwaltney
2:20.90Apr 11SOMSAC SmallSchools ..
3.-Relay Team 2:21.70May 6SOMSAC Ruch Meet
4.-Emma Horner
Gabbi Hamarr
Halyn Gwaltney
Kylie Caldwell
SCRApr 16SOMSAC Small Schools..
-Summer Barnick
Kendra West
Miranda Gomez
Elezebeth Allen
SCRApr 16SOMSAC Small Schools..
Shot Put - 6lb
1.8Miranda Gomez25' 1.00May 14SOMSAC Small School ..
2.8Ashlee Wilson24' 2.00May 14SOMSAC Small School ..
3.7Holly Godwin22' 10.00May 14SOMSAC Small School ..
4.8Kendra West21' 5.00May 14SOMSAC Small School ..
5.7Skylynn Copley21' 4.00May 14SOMSAC Small School ..
6.7Emme Herring18' 1.00Apr 11SOMSAC SmallSchools ..
7.6Laura Dillard15' 11.00May 6SOMSAC Ruch Meet
Shot Put - 8lb
1.8Ashlee Wilson20' 10.25May 31Middle School Statew..
2.8Miranda Gomez19' 8.00May 31Middle School Statew..
Discus - 1kg
1.8Sydnee Martin51' 3.00May 14SOMSAC Small School ..
2.7Holly Godwin50' 1.00May 6SOMSAC Ruch Meet
3.7Skylynn Copley47' 7.00Apr 30SOMSAC Small Schools
4.6Alexis McAllister44' 10.00May 6SOMSAC Ruch Meet
5.8Emily Thomason37' 3.00Apr 11SOMSAC SmallSchools ..
6.6Laura Dillard34' 4.00May 31Middle School Statew..
Javelin - 300g TJ
1.7Harlie Latham86' 2.00May 14SOMSAC Small School ..
2.7Parker Pons66' 3.00May 14SOMSAC Small School ..
3.7Emma Horner62' 0.00Apr 30SOMSAC Small Schools
4.7Elezebeth Allen55' 8.00Apr 30SOMSAC Small Schools
5.8Ashlee Wilson50' 9.50Apr 30SOMSAC Small Schools
6.8Emily Thomason49' 10.00Apr 23SOMSAC Small Schools..
7.7Emme Herring41' 8.00May 6SOMSAC Ruch Meet
Javelin - 500g TJ
1.7Harlie Latham61' 7.00May 31Middle School Statew..
2.7Elezebeth Allen58' 7.00May 31Middle School Statew..
3.8Emily Thomason46' 4.00May 31Middle School Statew..
4.7Emma HornerNDMay 31Middle School Statew..
7Parker PonsNDMay 31Middle School Statew..
High Jump
1.8Kylie Caldwell4' 2.00Apr 23SOMSAC Small Schools..
6Chloe Spalding4' 2.00May 31Middle School Statew..
Long Jump
1.8Skyelir Reed12' 7.00Apr 11SOMSAC SmallSchools ..
2.8Emily Thomason11' 10.50Apr 30SOMSAC Small Schools
3.7Jessica Gillentine11' 5.00Apr 23SOMSAC Small Schools..
8Miranda Gomez11' 5.00May 31Middle School Statew..
5.8Gabbi Hamarr11' 0.00May 31Middle School Statew..
6.6Elyssa Allen10' 7.50Apr 11SOMSAC SmallSchools ..
7.8Sydnee Martin10' 6.75Apr 11SOMSAC SmallSchools ..
8.8Kendra West10' 6.00Apr 23SOMSAC Small Schools..
8Ashlee Wilson10' 6.00Apr 23SOMSAC Small Schools..
10.6Haley Brown9' 2.00Apr 23SOMSAC Small Schools..
11.6Alexis McAllister9' 0.00Apr 23SOMSAC Small Schools..
12.7Harlie Latham8' 8.00May 6SOMSAC Ruch Meet
13.8Halyn Gwaltney8' 7.00Apr 11SOMSAC SmallSchools ..
14.7Summer Barnick8' 1.00Apr 23SOMSAC Small Schools..
15.6Stephanie Woods7' 1.00May 6SOMSAC Ruch Meet
Triple Jump
1.7Jessica Gillentine25' 8.00Apr 30SOMSAC Small Schools
2.8Sydnee Martin21' 11.00May 14SOMSAC Small School ..
3.7Parker Pons20' 0.00May 14SOMSAC Small School ..
4.6Haley Brown19' 1.00Apr 11SOMSAC SmallSchools ..
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