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      Hawks - Rathdrum, ID

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100 Meters
1.12Jason Rose11.51aMar 21Quad City Invite
2.11Joe Peavy11.71aMar 21Quad City Invite
3.10David Moruzzi11.87aMar 21Quad City Invite
4.12Chris Washburn12.68aMar 26Christina Finney Co-..
5.10Owen Dickens13.14aMar 21Quad City Invite
6.9Kaden Davis13.52aMar 26Christina Finney Co-..
200 Meters
1.12Auston Henry23.20aMar 21Quad City Invite
2.12Jeremy Frisk23.71aMar 26Christina Finney Co-..
3.10David Moruzzi24.20aMar 26Christina Finney Co-..
4.10Owen Dickens27.29aMar 21Quad City Invite
400 Meters
1.12Jeremy Frisk53.49aMar 26Christina Finney Co-..
2.12Chris Washburn58.99aMar 21Quad City Invite
3.12Justin Goepel59.40aMar 26Christina Finney Co-..
4.10Owen Dickens64.74aMar 21Quad City Invite
5.10Jacob CrothersNTMar 21Quad City Invite
800 Meters
1.10Cooper Haney2:13.57aMar 26Christina Finney Co-..
2.9Larry Johnson2:18.59aMar 26Christina Finney Co-..
3.12Joey Peters2:20.43aMar 21Quad City Invite
4.11Lucas Langenderfer2:21.58aMar 26Christina Finney Co-..
5.9James Meyer2:39.49aMar 21Quad City Invite
1600 Meters
1.10Cooper Haney4:46.13aMar 26Christina Finney Co-..
2.12Joey Peters5:05.18aMar 26Christina Finney Co-..
3.11Lucas Langenderfer5:31.23aMar 26Christina Finney Co-..
4.9Hank SteeleNTMar 21Quad City Invite
9Jake WhiteheadNTMar 21Quad City Invite
3200 Meters
1.11Lucas LangenderferNTMar 26Christina Finney Co-..
9Hank SteeleDNSMar 21Quad City Invite
9Jake WhiteheadDNSMar 21Quad City Invite
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.11Joe Peavy17.67aMar 21Quad City Invite
2.12Joshua Gardner18.52aMar 21Quad City Invite
3.11Anthony (A.J.) Black19.09aMar 21Quad City Invite
4.9Sage SeeNTMar 21Quad City Invite
9Adeden ThurmanNTMar 26Christina Finney Co-..
9Tristan HathawayNTMar 26Christina Finney Co-..
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.11Joe Peavy48.33aMar 21Quad City Invite
2.12Joshua Gardner48.38aMar 26Christina Finney Co-..
3.11Anthony (A.J.) Black51.75aMar 21Quad City Invite
4.9Sage SeeNTMar 21Quad City Invite
9Tristan HathawayNTMar 26Christina Finney Co-..
9Adeden ThurmanNTMar 26Christina Finney Co-..
4x100 Relay
1.Chris Washburn
Auston Henry
David Moruzzi
Jeremy Frisk
45.53aMar 26Christina Finney Co-..
2.Jason Rose
David Moruzzi
Auston Henry
Jeremy Frisk
45.91aMar 21Quad City Invite
4x200 Relay
1.Bannock Pointer
Auston Henry
David Moruzzi
Jeremy Frisk
1:35.62aMar 26Christina Finney Co-..
2.Chris Washburn
David Moruzzi
Auston Henry
Jeremy Frisk
1:35.87aMar 21Quad City Invite
4x400 Relay
1.Chris Washburn
Jacob Plunkett
Bannock Pointer
Cooper Haney
3:51.53aMar 21Quad City Invite
2.Bannock Pointer
Cooper Haney
Joey Peters
Chris Washburn
3:53.70aMar 26Christina Finney Co-..
4x800 Relay
1.Jacob Plunkett
Justin Dansereau
Joey Peters
Joshua Gardner
9:52.67aMar 21Quad City Invite
2.Joey Peters
Larry Johnson
Lucas Langenderfer
Joshua Gardner
NTMar 26Christina Finney Co-..
Shot Put - 12lb
1.12Kyle Essseltine37' 4.50Mar 21Quad City Invite
2.12Justin Dansereau33' 5.50Mar 21Quad City Invite
3.10Connor Esseltine31' 10.50Mar 26Christina Finney Co-..
Discus - 1.6kg
1.12Justin Dansereau90' 2.00Mar 26Christina Finney Co-..
2.10Connor Esseltine77' 10.00Mar 26Christina Finney Co-..
3.12Kyle Essseltine59' 10.00Mar 21Quad City Invite
High Jump
1.12Auston Henry5' 8.00Mar 21Quad City Invite
2.11Holden Ray5' 6.00Mar 21Quad City Invite
3.11Anthony (A.J.) Black5' 0.00Mar 21Quad City Invite
4.9Kaden DavisDNSMar 21Quad City Invite
Pole Vault
1.12Britt Dickens12' 0.00Mar 26Christina Finney Co-..
2.11Bannock Pointer11' 6.00Mar 26Christina Finney Co-..
3.11Joe Peavy9' 0.00Mar 21Quad City Invite
4.9Joseph Schumacher8' 6.00Mar 21Quad City Invite
Long Jump
1.10Joseph Miller17' 8.50Mar 26Christina Finney Co-..
2.11Bannock Pointer17' 8.00Mar 26Christina Finney Co-..
3.12Britt Dickens17' 4.50Mar 21Quad City Invite
4.12Joshua Gardner12' 10.50Mar 21Quad City Invite
5.9Kaden DavisNDMar 21Quad City Invite
Triple Jump
1.10Joseph Miller35' 8.00Mar 26Christina Finney Co-..
2.12Jacob Plunkett34' 5.50Mar 21Quad City Invite
3.11Holden RayNDMar 21Quad City Invite
11Anthony (A.J.) BlackNDMar 21Quad City Invite
9Kaden DavisNDMar 21Quad City Invite


100 Meters
1.9Jillian Mael13.69aMar 21Quad City Invite
2.10Tauna Kirk13.78aMar 21Quad City Invite
3.12Rachael Herrera13.89aMar 26Christina Finney Co-..
4.10Juia Kaplan13.95aMar 26Christina Finney Co-..
5.10Kayee Hinchee14.72aMar 21Quad City Invite
6.9Jessica Murray15.63aMar 26Christina Finney Co-..
7.10Linzee Olson18.16aMar 21Quad City Invite
200 Meters
1.10Juia Kaplan28.35aMar 26Christina Finney Co-..
2.10Tauna Kirk28.80aMar 21Quad City Invite
3.12Rachael Herrera29.39aMar 26Christina Finney Co-..
4.9Jessica Murray31.14aMar 26Christina Finney Co-..
5.10Kayee Hinchee31.49aMar 21Quad City Invite
6.10Linzee OlsonNTMar 21Quad City Invite
9Shelby LinehanNTMar 21Quad City Invite
400 Meters
1.12Rebecca Russell68.67aMar 26Christina Finney Co-..
2.12Dani Linehan75.63aMar 26Christina Finney Co-..
3.11Constansa Piermattei76.90aMar 21Quad City Invite
4.10Kayee Hinchee77.91aMar 21Quad City Invite
5.9Kylie Harris1:33.69aMar 21Quad City Invite
6.9Lillian FarleyNTMar 21Quad City Invite
800 Meters
1.10Delaney Gorton2:59.24aMar 26Christina Finney Co-..
2.10Kylien Jansen3:02.73aMar 26Christina Finney Co-..
3.12Ayano SakataNTMar 21Quad City Invite
11Sierra MayberryNTMar 26Christina Finney Co-..
9Reegan MyserNTMar 21Quad City Invite
10Natalie GoodmanNTMar 21Quad City Invite
1600 Meters
1.11Sierra Mayberry6:09.68aMar 26Christina Finney Co-..
2.10Delaney Gorton6:19.36aMar 26Christina Finney Co-..
3.12Jordyn Anderson7:07.45aMar 26Christina Finney Co-..
4.9Reegan MyserNTMar 21Quad City Invite
3200 Meters
1.10Delaney GortonNTMar 26Christina Finney Co-..
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.10Tauna Kirk17.03aMar 21Quad City Invite
2.10Chloe Aragon19.50aMar 26Christina Finney Co-..
3.9Candice Ford20.16aMar 21Quad City Invite
4.9Cora Plante21.83aMar 21Quad City Invite
5.10Megan Ferguson24.29aMar 26Christina Finney Co-..
6.9Makenzie EddingerNTMar 21Quad City Invite
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.10Tauna Kirk53.13aMar 21Quad City Invite
2.10Chloe Aragon56.51aMar 26Christina Finney Co-..
3.9Candice Ford63.88aMar 21Quad City Invite
4.9Cora Plante66.38aMar 21Quad City Invite
5.10Megan FergusonNTMar 26Christina Finney Co-..
9Makenzie EddingerNTMar 21Quad City Invite
4x100 Relay
1.Rachael Herrera
Kaidan Kelsey
Juia Kaplan
Tauna Kirk
54.29aMar 26Christina Finney Co-..
2.Whitnee Skalskiy
Candice Ford
Shelby Linehan
Jillian Mael
56.10aMar 21Quad City Invite
4x200 Relay
1.Rachael Herrera
Dani Linehan
Tauna Kirk
Juia Kaplan
1:54.60aMar 26Christina Finney Co-..
2.Whitnee Skalskiy
Candice Ford
Shelby Linehan
Jillian Mael
2:02.13aMar 21Quad City Invite
4x400 Relay
1.Rebecca Russell
Kathleen Olsen
Constansa Piermattei
Maddison Stoddard
4:28.28aMar 26Christina Finney Co-..
2.Maddison Stoddard
Sierra Mayberry
Kylien Jansen
Constansa Piermattei
5:06.87aMar 21Quad City Invite
4x800 Relay
1.Delaney Gorton
Sierra Mayberry
Kylien Jansen
Jordyn Anderson
11:31.00aMar 26Christina Finney Co-..
2.Sierra Mayberry
Kylien Jansen
Constansa Piermattei
Maddison Stoddard
12:02.16aMar 21Quad City Invite
3.Relay Team NTMar 26Christina Finney Co-..
Shot Put - 4kg
1.12Meagan Malloy28' 3.00Mar 21Quad City Invite
2.10Megan Ferguson27' 11.00Mar 26Christina Finney Co-..
3.10Sarah Bond23' 1.00Mar 26Christina Finney Co-..
4.10Katie CreekmoreNDMar 21Quad City Invite
Discus - 1kg
1.12Meagan Malloy96' 3.00Mar 26Christina Finney Co-..
2.10Sarah Bond92' 9.00Mar 26Christina Finney Co-..
3.12Kaidan Kelsey77' 8.00Mar 21Quad City Invite
4.10Katie Creekmore51' 1.00Mar 21Quad City Invite
High Jump
1.12Kaidan Kelsey5' 0.00Mar 21Quad City Invite
2.12Dani Linehan4' 8.00Mar 26Christina Finney Co-..
9Mattisyn Cope4' 8.00Mar 21Quad City Invite
4.11Sarah Ratchen4' 4.00Mar 26Christina Finney Co-..
5.9Shelby LinehanNHMar 21Quad City Invite
Pole Vault
1.12Rebecca Russell8' 6.00Mar 26Christina Finney Co-..
2.12Kathleen Olsen6' 6.00Mar 26Christina Finney Co-..
3.11Maddison Stoddard6' 0.00Mar 26Christina Finney Co-..
Long Jump
1.12Kathleen Olsen15' 9.50Mar 26Christina Finney Co-..
2.12Kaidan Kelsey14' 4.50Mar 26Christina Finney Co-..
3.10Chloe Aragon13' 5.00Mar 26Christina Finney Co-..
4.9Whitnee Skalskiy12' 5.00Mar 21Quad City Invite
5.9Mattisyn Cope11' 6.00Mar 21Quad City Invite
6.11Sarah Ratchen10' 5.00Mar 21Quad City Invite
Triple Jump
1.9Whitnee Skalskiy30' 11.00Mar 21Quad City Invite
2.12Kathleen Olsen29' 10.00Mar 26Christina Finney Co-..
3.11Maddison Stoddard28' 0.00Mar 26Christina Finney Co-..
4.11Sarah Ratchen27' 2.00Mar 26Christina Finney Co-..
5.9Mattisyn CopeNDMar 21Quad City Invite
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