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100 Meters
1.11Fredy Gonalez11.38aApr 10Buhl Rotary Invitati..
2.9Clay Miller11.78aMay 7District IV Meet
3.10Jahmal Ismail11.84cMay 7District IV Meet
4.12Carlos Cervantes12.07aApr 10Buhl Rotary Invitati..
5.12Daniel Thibault12.44cApr 24Burley Invite
6.11Dalton Sutton12.64cMay 7District IV Meet
7.10Abram Hernandez12.74cApr 24Burley Invite
8.12Diego Recillas13.14cApr 24Burley Invite
9.11Jaime Valdez13.44aApr 3Angie Wyatt Invitati..
10.12Eduardo VegaNTMay 7District IV Meet
200 Meters
1.10Jahmal Ismail23.70aApr 10Buhl Rotary Invitati..
2.12Parker Scherer25.16aApr 10Buhl Rotary Invitati..
3.11Dalton Sutton25.34cMay 7District IV Meet
4.11Jaime Valdez26.66aApr 10Buhl Rotary Invitati..
5.12Julio Jara27.85aApr 3Angie Wyatt Invitati..
6.12Diego Recillas28.34cMay 7District IV Meet
400 Meters
1.11Jonathan Shobe53.64cMay 7District IV Meet
2.10Javier Nolasco55.84cApr 24Burley Invite
3.12Julio Jara57.34cMay 7District IV Meet
4.12Parker Scherer59.14cApr 24Burley Invite
5.11Sergio Gonzalez60.11aApr 10Buhl Rotary Invitati..
6.12Diego Recillas62.34cMay 7District IV Meet
7.12Carlos CervantesNTApr 3Angie Wyatt Invitati..
800 Meters
1.12Erik Nordquist2:03.45aMay 16IHSAA 4A State Champ..
2.10Javier Nolasco2:14.52aMay 7District IV Meet
3.9Kimball LloydNTMay 7District IV Meet
10Justin JonesNTMay 7District IV Meet
10Alex BahenaNTMay 7District IV Meet
9Nathan NordquistNTApr 10Buhl Rotary Invitati..
1600 Meters
1.12Erik Nordquist4:27.37aMay 16IHSAA 4A State Champ..
2.9Nathan Nordquist4:50.83aMay 7District IV Meet
3.10Alex BahenaNTMay 7District IV Meet
10Justin JonesNTMay 7District IV Meet
3200 Meters
1.12Erik Nordquist9:55.23aMay 16IHSAA 4A State Champ..
2.9Nathan Nordquist10:37.80May 7District IV Meet
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.11Haziel Ledezma15.24cMay 7District IV Meet
2.12Skyler Rienstra16.34cMay 7District IV Meet
3.12Levi Lindley18.24cMay 7District IV Meet
4.9Alejandro Luna28.54cMay 7District IV Meet
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.11Haziel Ledezma40.05aMay 7District IV Meet
2.12Zach Argyle42.57aMay 7District IV Meet
3.10Joe Bailey46.78aApr 10Buhl Rotary Invitati..
4.12Levi Lindley48.62aApr 3Angie Wyatt Invitati..
5.12Eric Luna51.14cApr 24Burley Invite
6.9Alejandro Luna51.54cMay 7District IV Meet
4x100 Relay
1.-Jahmal Ismail
Clay Miller
Eduardo Vega
Jonathan Shobe
45.95aMay 7District IV Meet
2.-Jahmal Ismail
Winston Sanchez
Fredy Gonalez
Eduardo Vega
46.44aApr 3Angie Wyatt Invitati..
3.-Relay Team 46.74cApr 24Burley Invite
4.-Jonathan Shobe
Damon Zamora
Fredy Gonalez
Clay Miller
47.63aApr 10Buhl Rotary Invitati..
4x200 Relay
1.-Relay Team 1:35.60Apr 24Burley Invite
2.-Jahmal Ismail
Clay Miller
Parker Scherer
Eduardo Vega
1:35.97aMay 7District IV Meet
3.-Fredy Gonalez
Damon Zamora
Carlos Cervantes
Clay Miller
1:38.11aApr 10Buhl Rotary Invitati..
4.-Jahmal Ismail
Winston Sanchez
Jonathan Shobe
Eduardo Vega
1:38.77aApr 3Angie Wyatt Invitati..
4x400 Relay
1.-Haziel Ledezma
Jonathan Shobe
Brayden White
Erik Nordquist
3:33.26aMay 7District IV Meet
2.-Relay Team 3:39.87aMay 16IHSAA 4A State Champ..
3.-Haziel Ledezma
Julio Jara
Brayden White
Jonathan Shobe
3:50.26aApr 10Buhl Rotary Invitati..
4.-Winston Sanchez
Haziel Ledezma
Jonathan Shobe
Brayden White
3:51.76aApr 3Angie Wyatt Invitati..
SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8]
1.-Byron Bailey
Javier Nolasco
Eduardo Vega
Jonathan Shobe
3:56.10May 7District IV Meet
2.-Jonathan Shobe
Javier Nolasco
Jahmal Ismail
Clay Miller
4:00.08aApr 10Buhl Rotary Invitati..
3.-Relay Team 4:00.80Apr 24Burley Invite
4.-Fredy Gonalez
Eduardo Vega
Carlos Cervantes
Javier Nolasco
4:04.39aApr 3Angie Wyatt Invitati..
Shot Put - 12lb
1.12Daniel Thibault45' 0.00May 7District IV Meet
2.12Mark Reyes40' 2.00Apr 3Angie Wyatt Invitati..
3.12Eric Luna38' 0.00May 7District IV Meet
4.12Damon Zamora35' 0.00May 7District IV Meet
5.12Levi Lindley30' 10.50Apr 24Burley Invite
6.11Riley StumpNDApr 3Angie Wyatt Invitati..
12Angel ZavalaNDMay 7District IV Meet
9Andy SevillanoNDMay 7District IV Meet
Discus - 1.6kg
1.12Daniel Thibault134' 9.00May 7District IV Meet
2.12Eric Luna126' 3.00May 7District IV Meet
3.12Damon Zamora121' 3.00May 7District IV Meet
4.12Levi Lindley110' 10.00Apr 10Buhl Rotary Invitati..
5.11Stephan Carlson89' 7.00Apr 3Angie Wyatt Invitati..
6.9Alejandro Luna86' 4.00May 7District IV Meet
7.9Andy SevillanoNDMay 7District IV Meet
12Angel ZavalaNDMay 7District IV Meet
12Mark ReyesNDApr 10Buhl Rotary Invitati..
11Riley StumpNDMay 7District IV Meet
High Jump
1.12Skyler Rienstra6' 0.00Apr 24Burley Invite
2.11Michael Raiger5' 10.00Apr 24Burley Invite
Pole Vault
1.12Colton Anderson13' 6.00Apr 24Burley Invite
12Brayden White13' 6.00May 7District IV Meet
3.11Jordan Traughber11' 0.00May 7District IV Meet
4.11Brett Burnham10' 6.00Apr 3Angie Wyatt Invitati..
5.9Byron BaileyNHMay 7District IV Meet
Long Jump
1.12Zach Argyle19' 0.00Apr 24Burley Invite
2.12Daniel Thibault18' 10.50May 7District IV Meet
3.10Abram Hernandez17' 2.00Apr 24Burley Invite
4.11Jonathan Shobe17' 1.50Apr 3Angie Wyatt Invitati..
5.12Parker Scherer17' 0.00May 7District IV Meet
6.10Dallin Peters14' 3.00May 7District IV Meet
7.10Diego CasillasNDMay 7District IV Meet
10Jose MaciasNDMay 7District IV Meet
9Clay MillerNDMay 7District IV Meet
12Colton AndersonNDApr 3Angie Wyatt Invitati..
Triple Jump
1.11Haziel Ledezma41' 0.00Apr 24Burley Invite
2.10Abram Hernandez39' 0.00May 7District IV Meet
3.11Jaime Valdez35' 2.50Apr 24Burley Invite
4.12Brayden White34' 1.75Apr 3Angie Wyatt Invitati..
5.10Dallin Peters30' 11.00May 7District IV Meet
6.12Daniel ThibaultNDApr 10Buhl Rotary Invitati..


100 Meters
1.10Andreah Gonzalez13.84cMay 7District IV Meet
2.12Kaity Harness14.16aApr 10Buhl Rotary Invitati..
3.9Alana Alexander14.24cMay 7District IV Meet
4.10Megan Deadmond14.88aApr 10Buhl Rotary Invitati..
5.11Johana Garcia15.75aApr 10Buhl Rotary Invitati..
6.9Erica Reynoso15.80aApr 3Angie Wyatt Invitati..
7.10Kyla WalkerNTApr 3Angie Wyatt Invitati..
12Madeline BrownNTMay 7District IV Meet
200 Meters
1.12Kayla Green28.54cMay 7District IV Meet
2.12Jessica Praegitzer29.14cMay 7District IV Meet
3.10Andreah Gonzalez29.24aApr 10Buhl Rotary Invitati..
4.9Alana Alexander29.64cMay 7District IV Meet
5.11Johana Garcia33.14cMay 7District IV Meet
6.11Tiffany FullmerNTApr 3Angie Wyatt Invitati..
10Kyla WalkerNTApr 3Angie Wyatt Invitati..
10Megan DeadmondNTApr 10Buhl Rotary Invitati..
400 Meters
1.9Kaela McClure61.72aMay 7District IV Meet
2.9Rachel Leavitt64.79aApr 3Angie Wyatt Invitati..
3.12Kayla Green67.25aApr 10Buhl Rotary Invitati..
4.10Jenna McCully71.14cApr 24Burley Invite
5.12Jessica Praegitzer76.44cMay 7District IV Meet
6.11Karlee OrtegaNTMay 7District IV Meet
800 Meters
1.9Rachel Leavitt2:25.96aMay 16IHSAA 4A State Champ..
2.10Jessica Brown2:32.06aMay 16IHSAA 4A State Champ..
3.11Tanisha Hiatt2:36.59aMay 7District IV Meet
4.12Madison Cook2:54.74aApr 3Angie Wyatt Invitati..
5.10Kathryn CraigNTMay 7District IV Meet
1600 Meters
1.11Tanisha Hiatt5:52.83aApr 25Skyview Invitational
2.10Kathryn Craig5:53.48aMay 7District IV Meet
3.10Abigail CraigNTMay 7District IV Meet
9Maggie BridgesNTMay 7District IV Meet
12Kayla GreenNTMay 7District IV Meet
9Kaela McClureNTApr 3Angie Wyatt Invitati..
12Madison CookNTApr 3Angie Wyatt Invitati..
12Tonja RechenmacherDQApr 25Skyview Invitational
3200 Meters
1.11Tanisha Hiatt12:41.80Apr 24Burley Invite
2.10Kathryn Craig12:55.60May 7District IV Meet
3.10Abigail Craig13:23.10May 7District IV Meet
4.9Maggie BridgesNTMay 7District IV Meet
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.10Emily Palmer17.24cMay 7District IV Meet
2.10Maryssa Harper19.90aApr 10Buhl Rotary Invitati..
3.9Mayra Jara20.64cMay 7District IV Meet
4.12Kaity Harness20.87aApr 3Angie Wyatt Invitati..
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.10Emily Palmer48.53aMay 7District IV Meet
2.9Mayra Jara56.34cMay 7District IV Meet
3.9Rosely Ledesma62.24cMay 7District IV Meet
4.10Maryssa HarperNTApr 3Angie Wyatt Invitati..
4x100 Relay
1.-Madeline Brown
Kayla Green
Kaity Harness
Kaela McClure
52.06aMay 7District IV Meet
2.-Relay Team 54.44cApr 24Burley Invite
3.-Gabby Borrayo
Andreah Gonzalez
Shayla Graham
Megan Deadmond
56.98aApr 10Buhl Rotary Invitati..
4.-Kaity Harness
Shayla Graham
Andreah Gonzalez
Kaela McClure
56.99aApr 3Angie Wyatt Invitati..
5.-Gaby Cervantes
Andreah Gonzalez
Megan Deadmond
Tiffany Fullmer
60.55aApr 25Skyview Invitational
4x200 Relay
1.-Rachel Leavitt
Gaby Cervantes
Madeline Brown
Andreah Gonzalez
1:54.79aMay 7District IV Meet
2.-Gabby Borrayo
Kayla Green
Andreah Gonzalez
Kaela McClure
1:55.87aApr 3Angie Wyatt Invitati..
3.-Gabby Borrayo
Tiffany Fullmer
Andreah Gonzalez
Jenna McCully
2:04.10aApr 10Buhl Rotary Invitati..
4.-Karlee Ortega
Tiffany Fullmer
Gaby Cervantes
Gabby Borrayo
2:05.15aApr 25Skyview Invitational
4x400 Relay
1.-Relay Team 4:12.25aMay 16IHSAA 4A State Champ..
2.-Kaela McClure
Rachel Leavitt
Emily Palmer
Jessica Brown
4:14.61aMay 7District IV Meet
3.-Kayla Green
Rachel Leavitt
Emily Palmer
Jessica Brown
4:27.99aApr 10Buhl Rotary Invitati..
4.-Jessica Brown
Emily Palmer
Rachel Leavitt
Kayla Green
4:29.46aApr 3Angie Wyatt Invitati..
5.-Jessica Brown
Tanisha Hiatt
Karlee Ortega
Madison Cook
SCRApr 25Skyview Invitational
SMR 100-100-200-400m
1.-Rachel Leavitt
Kaela McClure
Madeline Brown
Kaity Harness
1:58.80May 7District IV Meet
2.-Jessica Brown
Kayla Green
Kaity Harness
Rachel Leavitt
2:01.42aApr 10Buhl Rotary Invitati..
3.-Jessica Brown
Kaity Harness
Kayla Green
Emily Palmer
2:02.06aApr 25Skyview Invitational
4.-Megan Deadmond
Rosely Ledesma
Shayla Graham
Karlee Ortega
2:12.91aApr 3Angie Wyatt Invitati..
Shot Put - 4kg
1.12Jessalynn Garnett35' 8.25May 7District IV Meet
2.11Stormi Reynolds35' 5.75May 7District IV Meet
3.12Taylor Hill32' 3.00May 7District IV Meet
4.10Charmane Davis30' 11.50Apr 10Buhl Rotary Invitati..
5.10Jessenia Montes29' 6.75May 7District IV Meet
6.11Shelby Fitzgerald26' 4.00May 7District IV Meet
7.10Mckenzie Dowton26' 3.00May 7District IV Meet
8.11Jamie Orozco25' 9.25May 7District IV Meet
9.12Vanessa Fontes25' 5.50May 7District IV Meet
10.10Kaden Darner25' 4.75Apr 25Skyview Invitational
11.9Emily Garnett25' 1.50May 7District IV Meet
12.9Megan Bright24' 11.00May 7District IV Meet
13.10MacKenzie JerkeNDMay 7District IV Meet
10Taylor LauitsenNDMay 7District IV Meet
Discus - 1kg
1.12Jessalynn Garnett105' 7.00May 7District IV Meet
2.12Taylor Hill97' 5.00Apr 3Angie Wyatt Invitati..
3.10Jessenia Montes92' 4.00Apr 3Angie Wyatt Invitati..
4.10Mckenzie Dowton85' 0.00May 7District IV Meet
5.11Stormi Reynolds83' 1.00May 7District IV Meet
6.12Vanessa Fontes79' 4.00May 7District IV Meet
7.9Emily Garnett75' 0.00May 7District IV Meet
8.11Shelby Fitzgerald73' 9.00May 7District IV Meet
9.9Megan Bright68' 4.00May 7District IV Meet
10.10Charmane Davis63' 11.00May 7District IV Meet
11.10Kaden Darner62' 0.00May 7District IV Meet
12.10Taylor LauitsenNDMay 7District IV Meet
11Jamie OrozcoNDMay 7District IV Meet
High Jump
1.12Kaity Harness4' 10.00May 7District IV Meet
2.10Maryssa Harper4' 8.00Apr 24Burley Invite
3.9Erica ReynosoNHApr 3Angie Wyatt Invitati..
11Eva HormannNHApr 3Angie Wyatt Invitati..
Pole Vault
1.11Gabby Borrayo10' 6.00May 7District IV Meet
2.12Shayla Graham9' 6.00Apr 24Burley Invite
3.12Jessalynn Garnett7' 6.00May 7District IV Meet
4.9Emily GarnettNHMay 7District IV Meet
10Megan DeadmondNHApr 3Angie Wyatt Invitati..
Long Jump
1.12Kayla Green14' 5.50Apr 10Buhl Rotary Invitati..
2.11Gabby Borrayo14' 3.00May 7District IV Meet
3.10Gaby Cervantes13' 10.00May 7District IV Meet
4.11Ruth Lozano13' 7.00May 7District IV Meet
11Tiffany Fullmer13' 7.00Apr 24Burley Invite
6.11Eva Hormann13' 6.00May 7District IV Meet
7.11Tiffany Jones13' 1.00May 7District IV Meet
8.10Andreah Gonzalez13' 0.50Apr 24Burley Invite
9.9Lynsey Jackson12' 5.50Apr 3Angie Wyatt Invitati..
10.12Janette Vasquez12' 3.50Apr 3Angie Wyatt Invitati..
11.9Rosely Ledesma12' 0.50May 7District IV Meet
10Kyla Walker12' 0.50May 7District IV Meet
13.10Megan DeadmondNDMay 7District IV Meet
12Shayla GrahamNDApr 10Buhl Rotary Invitati..
10Emily PalmerNDApr 10Buhl Rotary Invitati..
Triple Jump
1.12Kayla Green31' 5.50May 7District IV Meet
2.12Kaity Harness30' 9.50May 7District IV Meet
3.10Jessica Brown30' 6.50May 7District IV Meet
4.10Gaby Cervantes29' 10.75May 7District IV Meet
5.10Jenna McCully28' 10.00May 7District IV Meet
6.11Nykell Gambles27' 10.00May 7District IV Meet
7.9Rosely Ledesma23' 8.75May 7District IV Meet
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