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      Senators - Portland, OR

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100 Meters
1.10Brandon Taylor11.14cMar 18Jefferson and Lincoln @ M..
2.11Kyle Abalan11.34cMar 18Jefferson and Lincoln @ M..
3.12Nick Spaulding11.94cMar 18Jefferson and Lincoln @ M..
4.12Stefano Boni12.82aMay 146A-1 PIL District Meet - ..
5.9Asher Dukes12.84cApr 8Madison, FHS @ Roosevelt
6.9Ty Rodriguez-Deitas13.24cMar 18Jefferson and Lincoln @ M..
7.12Han NguyenDNSApr 15Cleveland & Roosevelt @ M..
200 Meters
1.10Brandon Taylor22.99aMay 146A-1 PIL District Meet - ..
2.11Kyle Abalan23.64aMay 146A-1 PIL District Meet - ..
3.11Boone Giffin24.89aMay 146A-1 PIL District Meet - ..
4.11Tyler Moore25.24cApr 8Madison, FHS @ Roosevelt
5.9Asher Dukes25.74cApr 8Madison, FHS @ Roosevelt
6.12Stefano Boni26.00aApr 29Madison @ Grant
7.9Jake Lukens26.30aApr 29Madison @ Grant
8.12Elliot Fagerstad26.74cApr 8Madison, FHS @ Roosevelt
9.9Ty Rodriguez-Deitas27.56aApr 15Cleveland & Roosevelt @ M..
400 Meters
1.11Tyler Moore53.00aMay 146A-1 PIL District Meet - ..
2.12Kumassi Luckett54.98aApr 11Lower Columbia Invitation..
3.10Lashaun Emile55.34cMar 18Jefferson and Lincoln @ M..
4.11Boone Giffin55.54cMar 18Jefferson and Lincoln @ M..
5.12Elliot Fagerstad58.76aMay 146A-1 PIL District Meet - ..
6.9Jake Lukens58.81aApr 29Madison @ Grant
7.11Isaiah CoxDNSApr 15Cleveland & Roosevelt @ M..
800 Meters
1.10Lashaun Emile2:12.05aApr 29Madison @ Grant
2.12Danny Prieske2:21.00Apr 8Madison, FHS @ Roosevelt
3.10Brian Mulch2:23.09aMay 146A-1 PIL District Meet - ..
4.10Saul Menses-Zurita2:26.24aMay 5PIL JV/Frosh District Pre..
5.11Rio Koford2:33.48aApr 23PIL JV/Frosh Classic
10David Montalvo2:33.48aApr 29Madison @ Grant
7.10Jackie Vu2:35.07aApr 15Cleveland & Roosevelt @ M..
8.9Emory Jenkins2:42.00Mar 18Jefferson and Lincoln @ M..
9.11Danny Chen2:57.00Apr 8Madison, FHS @ Roosevelt
10.11Trystan Stephens3:01.30Mar 18Jefferson and Lincoln @ M..
11.11Lorenzo PizanaDNSApr 15Cleveland & Roosevelt @ M..
1500 Meters
1.10Dallas Poitra4:38.46aApr 25Portland Christian Invita..
2.11Vincent Ngo4:43.40Mar 18Jefferson and Lincoln @ M..
3.11Viela Guay4:55.90aApr 29Madison @ Grant
4.10Brian Mulch4:58.40Apr 8Madison, FHS @ Roosevelt
5.10Saul Menses-Zurita5:16.15aApr 4Franzke Invitational
6.9Emory Jenkins5:31.45aMay 7PIL JV/Frosh District Fin..
7.11Rio Koford5:37.70aApr 23PIL JV/Frosh Classic
8.10Jackie Vu5:47.00aMay 5PIL JV/Frosh District Pre..
9.11Jarod Morrow6:10.17aApr 15Cleveland & Roosevelt @ M..
10.9Carson Cude6:11.90Mar 18Jefferson and Lincoln @ M..
11.11Danny Chen6:20.35aApr 15Cleveland & Roosevelt @ M..
12.11Trystan Stephens6:56.20Mar 18Jefferson and Lincoln @ M..
13.10David MontalvoDNSApr 29Madison @ Grant
3000 Meters
1.10Dallas Poitra9:53.65aMay 146A-1 PIL District Meet - ..
2.11Viela Guay10:59.52aApr 15Cleveland & Roosevelt @ M..
3.9Emory Jenkins12:45.54aMay 5PIL JV/Frosh District Pre..
4.10Jackie Vu13:04.90Mar 18Jefferson and Lincoln @ M..
5.9Carson Cude13:26.70Mar 18Jefferson and Lincoln @ M..
6.11Jarod Morrow13:38.98aApr 4Franzke Invitational
7.11Danny Chen13:52.26aApr 23PIL JV/Frosh Classic
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.12Han Nguyen16.94cMay 6Madison and Wilson @ Bens..
2.12Jeff Morris17.69aApr 11Lower Columbia Invitation..
3.11Jack Caldwell18.74cMar 18Jefferson and Lincoln @ M..
4.10Matt Kelly18.78aMay 5PIL JV/Frosh District Pre..
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.12Jeff Morris42.24cMay 6Madison and Wilson @ Bens..
2.12Han Nguyen43.84cMay 6Madison and Wilson @ Bens..
3.11Jack Caldwell52.24cMar 18Jefferson and Lincoln @ M..
4.10Matt Kelly52.45aApr 29Madison @ Grant
5.11Boone GiffinDNSApr 4Franzke Invitational
4x100 Relay
1.-Kyle Abalan
Boone Giffin
Isaiah Cox
Tyler Moore
44.59aMay 146A-1 PIL District Meet - ..
2.-Nick Spaulding
Isaiah Cox
Kyle Abalan
Brandon Taylor
44.84cMay 6Madison and Wilson @ Bens..
3.-Boone Giffin
Tyler Moore
Lashaun Emile
Kumassi Luckett
44.98aApr 4Franzke Invitational
4.-Nick Spaulding
Han Nguyen
Boone Giffin
Isaiah Cox
45.23aApr 29Madison @ Grant
5.-Boone Giffin
Han Nguyen
Brandon Taylor
Nick Spaulding
45.47aApr 25Portland Christian Invita..
6.-Kyle Abalan
Lashaun Emile
Boone Giffin
Kumassi Luckett
45.84cMar 18Jefferson and Lincoln @ M..
7.-Relay Team 46.34cApr 8Madison, FHS @ Roosevelt
8.-Kyle Abalan
Tyler Moore
Brandon Taylor
Kumassi Luckett
46.57aApr 11Lower Columbia Invitation..
9.-Isaiah Cox
Han Nguyen
Kyle Abalan
Brandon Taylor
50.93aApr 15Cleveland & Roosevelt @ M..
10.-Ty Rodriguez-Deitas
Asher Dukes
Jake Lukens
Matt Kelly
51.21aMay 7PIL JV/Frosh District Fin..
11.-Asher Dukes
Matt Kelly
Jake Lukens
Ty Rodriguez-Deitas
51.89aApr 23PIL JV/Frosh Classic
4x400 Relay
1.-Lashaun Emile
Brandon Taylor
Jeff Morris
Kyle Abalan
3:35.65aMay 146A-1 PIL District Meet - ..
2.-Kyle Abalan
Isaiah Cox
Tyler Moore
Boone Giffin
3:37.80May 6Madison and Wilson @ Bens..
3.-Brandon Taylor
Isaiah Cox
Boone Giffin
Lashaun Emile
3:39.60Apr 29Madison @ Grant
4.-Elliot Fagerstad
Boone Giffin
Kumassi Luckett
Lashaun Emile
3:41.70Mar 18Jefferson and Lincoln @ M..
5.-Isaiah Cox
Boone Giffin
Kyle Abalan
Jeff Morris
3:45.92aApr 4Franzke Invitational
6.-Relay Team 3:51.90Apr 29Madison @ Grant
7.-Tyler Moore
Jake Lukens
Stefano Boni
Brandon Taylor
3:56.16aApr 15Cleveland & Roosevelt @ M..
8.-Asher Dukes
Jake Lukens
Saul Menses-Zurita
David Montalvo
4:01.64aMay 7PIL JV/Frosh District Fin..
9.-Boone Giffin
Ty Rodriguez-Deitas
Jake Lukens
Asher Dukes
4:02.94aApr 23PIL JV/Frosh Classic
4x800 Relay
1.-Relay Team 9:40.10Apr 1PIL Relays
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.-Relay Team 12:34.30Apr 1PIL Relays
2.-Viela Guay
Saul Menses-Zurita
Lashaun Emile
Brian Mulch
12:57.04aApr 11Lower Columbia Invitation..
4x110 Shuttle Hurdles - 39"
1.-Relay Team 54.40Apr 1PIL Relays
Shot Put - 4kg
1.9Gabe Garcia28' 4.50May 7PIL JV/Frosh District Fin..
Shot Put - 12lb
1.12Sam Guy43' 9.00May 6Madison and Wilson @ Bens..
2.10Abdi Hassan43' 1.50May 146A-1 PIL District Meet - ..
3.12Royce Hayson35' 1.50May 146A-1 PIL District Meet - ..
4.12Dominic Adams34' 4.00Apr 29Madison @ Grant
5.11Jonah Siekman33' 7.50Apr 15Cleveland & Roosevelt @ M..
6.12Danny Prieske31' 10.00Apr 15Cleveland & Roosevelt @ M..
7.9Gabe Garcia29' 0.50Apr 15Cleveland & Roosevelt @ M..
8.11Jarod Morrow27' 1.50Mar 18Jefferson and Lincoln @ M..
Discus - 1.6kg
1.12Sam Guy135' 8.00Apr 4Franzke Invitational
2.12Marquis Bowles111' 9.00Apr 25Portland Christian Invita..
3.10Abdi Hassan99' 4.00May 6Madison and Wilson @ Bens..
4.12Royce Hayson90' 0.00Apr 29Madison @ Grant
5.12Dominic Adams81' 0.00Apr 29Madison @ Grant
6.11Jonah Siekman71' 11.00Apr 23PIL JV/Frosh Classic
7.9Gabe Garcia59' 3.00Mar 18Jefferson and Lincoln @ M..
Javelin - 800g
1.12Sam Guy165' 5.00Apr 1PIL Relays
2.12Marquis Bowles134' 2.00Apr 15Cleveland & Roosevelt @ M..
3.10Abdi Hassan133' 6.00Apr 29Madison @ Grant
4.12Dominic Adams125' 0.00Mar 18Jefferson and Lincoln @ M..
5.12Royce Hayson121' 4.00May 146A-1 PIL District Meet - ..
6.12Nick Spaulding114' 1.00Apr 4Franzke Invitational
7.11Jonah Siekman102' 3.00Apr 23PIL JV/Frosh Classic
8.11Rio Koford79' 10.00Apr 23PIL JV/Frosh Classic
9.11Jarod Morrow77' 9.00Mar 18Jefferson and Lincoln @ M..
10.9Gabe Garcia64' 4.00May 7PIL JV/Frosh District Fin..
11.12Danny PrieskeNDMar 18Jefferson and Lincoln @ M..
High Jump
1.11Isaiah Cox5' 10.00Apr 15Cleveland & Roosevelt @ M..
2.12Nick Spaulding5' 8.00Apr 4Franzke Invitational
3.11Tyler Moore5' 1.00Apr 8Madison, FHS @ Roosevelt
4.12Marquis Bowles5' 0.00Mar 18Jefferson and Lincoln @ M..
Pole Vault
1.12Oscar Ermita10' 6.00Apr 15Cleveland & Roosevelt @ M..
2.11Jonah Siekman9' 6.00Apr 23PIL JV/Frosh Classic
Long Jump
1.12Kumassi Luckett20' 8.75Apr 11Lower Columbia Invitation..
2.12Nick Spaulding19' 7.50Apr 15Cleveland & Roosevelt @ M..
3.10Lashaun Emile18' 7.00Apr 8Madison, FHS @ Roosevelt
4.11Isaiah Cox17' 7.50Apr 29Madison @ Grant
5.10Matt Kelly17' 0.50Mar 18Jefferson and Lincoln @ M..
6.9Ty Rodriguez-Deitas16' 3.00Mar 18Jefferson and Lincoln @ M..
7.12Oscar Ermita16' 0.00Mar 18Jefferson and Lincoln @ M..
8.12Elliot Fagerstad13' 8.75Mar 18Jefferson and Lincoln @ M..
Triple Jump
1.11Isaiah Cox40' 4.50May 146A-1 PIL District Meet - ..
2.12Nick Spaulding40' 2.00Apr 29Madison @ Grant
3.12Oscar Ermita35' 11.75Mar 18Jefferson and Lincoln @ M..
4.10Matt Kelly33' 8.00Apr 4Franzke Invitational
5.9Ty Rodriguez-Deitas32' 10.00Apr 29Madison @ Grant


100 Meters
1.11Annie Huynh12.54cMay 6Madison and Wilson @ Bens..
2.12Tori Wilkerson13.21aApr 4Franzke Invitational
3.9Alyssa Faulk14.34cMar 18Jefferson and Lincoln @ M..
4.11Sydne Scott14.94cApr 8Madison, FHS @ Roosevelt
5.9Piper Himelfarb15.66aMay 5PIL JV/Frosh District Pre..
6.9Mai Chau16.28aMay 5PIL JV/Frosh District Pre..
200 Meters
1.12Tori Wilkerson27.09aMay 146A-1 PIL District Meet - ..
2.11Archer Williamson28.08aMay 146A-1 PIL District Meet - ..
3.9Alyssa Faulk29.34cMar 18Jefferson and Lincoln @ M..
4.12Halimat Adjibade31.68aApr 29Madison @ Grant
5.11Sydne Scott31.92aApr 15Cleveland & Roosevelt @ M..
6.10Helen Rust32.09aMay 5PIL JV/Frosh District Pre..
7.9Mai Chau32.90aApr 29Madison @ Grant
8.9Piper Himelfarb33.63aApr 23PIL JV/Frosh Classic
9.12Tamara ThompsonNTApr 4Franzke Invitational
400 Meters
1.11Archer Williamson66.55aApr 4Franzke Invitational
2.11Kinidi Chimienti-Poydras67.64cMay 146A-1 PIL District Meet - ..
3.9Alyssa Faulk68.35aApr 15Cleveland & Roosevelt @ M..
4.12Tamara Thompson68.44cMar 18Jefferson and Lincoln @ M..
5.10Helen Rust70.65aMay 5PIL JV/Frosh District Pre..
6.12Halimat Adjibade72.22aApr 15Cleveland & Roosevelt @ M..
800 Meters
1.12Mary Holland2:34.45aApr 4Franzke Invitational
2.10Helen Rust2:56.11aApr 25Portland Christian Invita..
3.12Halimat Adjibade2:56.79aApr 11Lower Columbia Invitation..
4.10Alicia Tran2:58.03aMay 5PIL JV/Frosh District Pre..
5.10Natasha Huynh3:05.20Mar 18Jefferson and Lincoln @ M..
6.9Alice Holland3:06.00Apr 8Madison, FHS @ Roosevelt
7.10Emily Swanson3:17.50Mar 18Jefferson and Lincoln @ M..
8.10Simona Neumann3:20.51aMay 5PIL JV/Frosh District Pre..
9.11Madeline Robert3:22.18aMay 5PIL JV/Frosh District Pre..
1500 Meters
1.12Mary Holland5:29.69aApr 29Madison @ Grant
2.10Naima Gandzadi5:41.61aMay 146A-1 PIL District Meet - ..
3.9Alice Holland6:09.14aApr 29Madison @ Grant
4.10Alicia Tran6:21.68aMay 7PIL JV/Frosh District Fin..
5.10Natasha Huynh6:26.43aApr 4Franzke Invitational
6.12Amber Shackelford6:26.60Mar 18Jefferson and Lincoln @ M..
7.12Halimat Adjibade6:39.88aApr 4Franzke Invitational
8.10Emily Swanson6:40.30Mar 18Jefferson and Lincoln @ M..
9.11Madeline Robert6:43.54aApr 15Cleveland & Roosevelt @ M..
10.10Simona NeumannNTMar 18Jefferson and Lincoln @ M..
3000 Meters
1.12Mary Holland12:29.00Apr 8Madison, FHS @ Roosevelt
2.10Naima Gandzadi12:31.48aMay 146A-1 PIL District Meet - ..
3.9Alice Holland13:15.56aMay 5PIL JV/Frosh District Pre..
4.12Amber Shackelford13:47.20aApr 25Portland Christian Invita..
5.10Alicia Tran15:08.83aApr 4Franzke Invitational
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.9Alyssa Faulk17.53aMay 146A-1 PIL District Meet - ..
2.10Vanessa Valle17.56aMay 146A-1 PIL District Meet - ..
3.11Kinidi Chimienti-Poydras21.74aApr 4Franzke Invitational
4.11Madeline Robert22.74cMar 18Jefferson and Lincoln @ M..
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.9Alyssa Faulk49.47aMay 146A-1 PIL District Meet - ..
2.10Vanessa Valle51.24cMay 6Madison and Wilson @ Bens..
3.11Kinidi Chimienti-Poydras53.47aMay 146A-1 PIL District Meet - ..
4.11Madeline Robert69.56aApr 15Cleveland & Roosevelt @ M..
5.10Simona NeumannDNFMar 18Jefferson and Lincoln @ M..
4x100 Relay
1.-Archer Williamson
Tori Wilkerson
Kinidi Chimienti-Poydras
Annie Huynh
52.64cMay 146A-1 PIL District Meet - ..
2.-Tori Wilkerson
Kinidi Chimienti-Poydras
Archer Williamson
Annie Huynh
53.24aApr 4Franzke Invitational
-Relay Team 53.24cApr 8Madison, FHS @ Roosevelt
4.-Tori Wilkerson
Annie Huynh
Archer Williamson
Kinidi Chimienti-Poydras
53.34cMar 18Jefferson and Lincoln @ M..
5.-Archer Williamson
Kinidi Chimienti-Poydras
Annie Huynh
Vanessa Valle
54.04cMay 6Madison and Wilson @ Bens..
6.-Kinidi Chimienti-Poydras
Archer Williamson
Vanessa Valle
Tori Wilkerson
55.03aApr 11Lower Columbia Invitation..
7.-Kinidi Chimienti-Poydras
Archer Williamson
Alyssa Faulk
Vanessa Valle
55.38aApr 25Portland Christian Invita..
8.-Archer Williamson
Kinidi Chimienti-Poydras
Vanessa Valle
Alyssa Faulk
58.73aApr 29Madison @ Grant
9.-Helen Rust
Mai Chau
Piper Himelfarb
Sydne Scott
59.03aMay 7PIL JV/Frosh District Fin..
10.-Alyssa Faulk
Mai Chau
Piper Himelfarb
Sydne Scott
59.68aApr 23PIL JV/Frosh Classic
11.-Annie Huynh
Kinidi Chimienti-Poydras
Archer Williamson
Tori Wilkerson
60.30aApr 15Cleveland & Roosevelt @ M..
4x200 Relay
1.-Relay Team 2:00.90Apr 1PIL Relays
4x400 Relay
1.-Tamara Thompson
Archer Williamson
Kinidi Chimienti-Poydras
Mary Holland
4:24.78aApr 4Franzke Invitational
2.-Alyssa Faulk
Vanessa Valle
Helen Rust
Kinidi Chimienti-Poydras
4:29.15aApr 29Madison @ Grant
3.-Relay Team 4:32.40Apr 1PIL Relays
4.-Kinidi Chimienti-Poydras
Tamara Thompson
Tori Wilkerson
Archer Williamson
4:34.06aMay 146A-1 PIL District Meet - ..
5.-Alyssa Faulk
Mary Holland
Archer Williamson
Kinidi Chimienti-Poydras
4:37.05aApr 25Portland Christian Invita..
6.-Archer Williamson
Kinidi Chimienti-Poydras
Mary Holland
Tori Wilkerson
4:37.20May 6Madison and Wilson @ Bens..
7.-Kinidi Chimienti-Poydras
Mary Holland
Archer Williamson
Tamara Thompson
4:38.30Mar 18Jefferson and Lincoln @ M..
8.-Piper Himelfarb
Helen Rust
Mai Chau
Mele Kavapalu
5:01.50aMay 7PIL JV/Frosh District Fin..
9.-Alice Holland
Helen Rust
Piper Himelfarb
Alyssa Faulk
5:05.85aApr 23PIL JV/Frosh Classic
10.-Sydne Scott
Tamara Thompson
Tori Wilkerson
Archer Williamson
5:08.10aApr 15Cleveland & Roosevelt @ M..
11.-Tamara Thompson
Tori Wilkerson
Alyssa Faulk
Archer Williamson
NTApr 11Lower Columbia Invitation..
SMR 100-100-200-400m
1.-Relay Team 2:06.70Apr 1PIL Relays
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.-Halimat Adjibade
Helen Rust
Mary Holland
Alice Holland
16:31.65aApr 11Lower Columbia Invitation..
Shot Put - 4kg
1.12Leslie Carrasco32' 8.25Apr 4Franzke Invitational
2.11Zoey Trask31' 6.00Apr 25Portland Christian Invita..
3.11Katya Cruz26' 5.00Apr 8Madison, FHS @ Roosevelt
4.10Bonnie Huynh26' 3.00May 7PIL JV/Frosh District Fin..
5.9Kelvine kABALA25' 9.00Apr 15Cleveland & Roosevelt @ M..
6.11Swan Poetzsch24' 5.00May 6Madison and Wilson @ Bens..
7.12Cindy Huang24' 2.00Apr 15Cleveland & Roosevelt @ M..
8.11Irina Bautista23' 10.00Apr 29Madison @ Grant
9.9Miriam Nguyen23' 6.50May 7PIL JV/Frosh District Fin..
10.12Janie Do21' 7.00Apr 15Cleveland & Roosevelt @ M..
11.11Daesianique Carter20' 11.00Apr 29Madison @ Grant
12.11Ruby Vise20' 3.00Apr 29Madison @ Grant
13.10Alicia Tran19' 9.00Mar 18Jefferson and Lincoln @ M..
11India Tufa19' 9.00May 7PIL JV/Frosh District Fin..
15.11Hanan Yassin18' 9.00May 7PIL JV/Frosh District Fin..
16.12Luam Yohannes9' 9.00Mar 18Jefferson and Lincoln @ M..
Discus - 1kg
1.12Leslie Carrasco100' 10.00Apr 29Madison @ Grant
2.11Zoey Trask88' 1.00May 146A-1 PIL District Meet - ..
3.11Irina Bautista75' 2.00May 5PIL JV/Frosh District Pre..
4.10Bonnie Huynh74' 2.00May 6Madison and Wilson @ Bens..
5.11Katya Cruz73' 0.00May 5PIL JV/Frosh District Pre..
6.11Julie Lu69' 0.00Apr 29Madison @ Grant
7.12Janie Do64' 10.50Apr 8Madison, FHS @ Roosevelt
8.11Swan Poetzsch62' 10.00Apr 29Madison @ Grant
9.9Miriam Nguyen60' 8.50Apr 8Madison, FHS @ Roosevelt
10.11Hanan Yassin56' 10.00Apr 8Madison, FHS @ Roosevelt
11.12Cindy Huang52' 1.00Mar 18Jefferson and Lincoln @ M..
12.10Alicia Tran49' 1.00Apr 29Madison @ Grant
13.11India Tufa44' 10.50Apr 8Madison, FHS @ Roosevelt
14.11Daesianique Carter32' 3.00Apr 29Madison @ Grant
15.12Luam Yohannes20' 1.00May 6Madison and Wilson @ Bens..
Javelin - 600g
1.12Leslie Carrasco96' 6.00May 146A-1 PIL District Meet - ..
2.9Kelvine kABALA88' 9.00Apr 29Madison @ Grant
3.11Sydne Scott80' 7.00May 6Madison and Wilson @ Bens..
4.11Katya Cruz77' 10.00May 7PIL JV/Frosh District Fin..
5.11Swan Poetzsch76' 2.00May 6Madison and Wilson @ Bens..
6.11Julie Lu66' 9.00Apr 29Madison @ Grant
7.10Mele Kavapalu64' 1.00Apr 15Cleveland & Roosevelt @ M..
8.9Miriam Nguyen56' 1.00Apr 15Cleveland & Roosevelt @ M..
9.11India Tufa54' 10.00May 7PIL JV/Frosh District Fin..
10.11Irina Bautista54' 7.00Apr 29Madison @ Grant
11.11Ruby Vise51' 9.00Apr 15Cleveland & Roosevelt @ M..
12.11Hanan Yassin49' 11.00Apr 8Madison, FHS @ Roosevelt
13.11Daesianique Carter47' 8.00Apr 29Madison @ Grant
14.12Cindy Huang42' 0.00Mar 18Jefferson and Lincoln @ M..
15.12Luam Yohannes14' 3.00Mar 18Jefferson and Lincoln @ M..
High Jump
1.12Tori Wilkerson5' 2.00Apr 1PIL Relays
2.12Tamara Thompson4' 10.00May 6Madison and Wilson @ Bens..
3.11Kinidi Chimienti-Poydras4' 0.00Apr 1PIL Relays
Pole Vault
1.12Cindy Huang9' 6.00Apr 25Portland Christian Invita..
2.11Ruby Vise7' 0.00Apr 15Cleveland & Roosevelt @ M..
Long Jump
1.11Annie Huynh15' 9.00Mar 18Jefferson and Lincoln @ M..
2.11Zoey Trask15' 1.00Apr 4Franzke Invitational
3.12Tamara Thompson14' 8.50Mar 18Jefferson and Lincoln @ M..
4.10Bonnie Huynh12' 6.00Apr 8Madison, FHS @ Roosevelt
5.10Mele Kavapalu12' 1.50May 7PIL JV/Frosh District Fin..
6.11Julie Lu11' 7.00Apr 29Madison @ Grant
7.9Miriam Nguyen10' 11.00Apr 29Madison @ Grant
Triple Jump
1.11Annie Huynh34' 0.00Mar 18Jefferson and Lincoln @ M..
2.11Zoey Trask33' 11.00Mar 18Jefferson and Lincoln @ M..
3.10Mele Kavapalu27' 9.50Apr 29Madison @ Grant

* = Recent improvement

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