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100 Meters
1.SrBrian Seniuk11.40aApr 18Warrior Relays
2.SoNathan Harwell11.59aMar 7UNF Spring Break Open
3.FrMark Van Alstyne11.68aApr 4Ted Haydon Invite
4.FrArthur Weborg11.82aMar 7UNF Spring Break Open
5.FrSteven Toll12.10aApr 4Ted Haydon Invite
6.SrKyle Rate12.18aMar 7UNF Spring Break Open
7.FrTom Monteverde12.40aApr 25Marquette Twilight
8.JrRyan Baird12.60aApr 25Marquette Twilight
9.FrBrian Nguyen12.94aMar 7UNF Spring Break Open
200 Meters
1.SrBrian Seniuk22.59aApr 4Ted Haydon Invite
2.SoNathan Harwell23.08aMar 7UNF Spring Break Open
3.FrMark Van Alstyne23.21aApr 18Warrior Relays
4.FrSteven Toll24.41aApr 18Warrior Relays
5.SrKyle Rate24.59awMar 7UNF Spring Break Open
6.SrRobert Coehoorn24.89awMar 7UNF Spring Break Open
7.JrChris Reichard26.21aApr 18Warrior Relays
8.SoAndy DonaldsDNSMar 7UNF Spring Break Open
FrBrian NguyenDNSMar 7UNF Spring Break Open
400 Meters
1.SrBrian Seniuk49.73aMay 15Gregory Invitational
2.FrMark Van Alstyne50.85aApr 18Warrior Relays
3.SrBenjamin Bichler52.25aMar 7UNF Spring Break Open
4.SoAlex Raver52.72aApr 4Ted Haydon Invite
5.SrRobert Coehoorn52.74aApr 4Ted Haydon Invite
6.SrDominic Maio53.45aApr 4Ted Haydon Invite
7.SoNathan Harwell53.49aApr 4Ted Haydon Invite
8.FrTom Monteverde53.77aMar 7UNF Spring Break Open
9.FrArthur Weborg53.92aApr 18Warrior Relays
10.JrChris Reichard58.36aApr 18Warrior Relays
11.SoSteven Doocy60.67aMar 7UNF Spring Break Open
12.FrSteven TollSCRApr 25Marquette Twilight
800 Meters
1.SrBenjamin Bichler2:03.15aMar 7UNF Spring Break Open
2.SrBrian Seniuk2:10.18aApr 18Warrior Relays
3.FrMatt Coursey2:11.93aApr 18Warrior Relays
4.SrRobert Coehoorn2:12.62aMar 7UNF Spring Break Open
5.FrSteven Toll2:12.90aMar 7UNF Spring Break Open
6.SoKeenan Unangst2:13.92aApr 18Warrior Relays
7.FrMichael Olk2:17.94aApr 18Warrior Relays
8.SrDominic MaioDNSMar 7UNF Spring Break Open
1500 Meters
1.SrDominic Maio3:52.08aMay 15Gregory Invitational
2.FrMatt Coursey4:28.73aMar 7UNF Spring Break Open
3.SoCameron Rate4:39.73aApr 25Marquette Twilight
4.FrMichael Olk4:46.32aApr 4Ted Haydon Invite
5.SrBenjamin BichlerDNSMar 7UNF Spring Break Open
1 Mile
1.SoKeenan Unangst4:51.93aApr 18Warrior Relays
2.FrJoe Kolavo4:57.08aApr 18Warrior Relays
3.SoMatthew Jungers5:03.12aApr 18Warrior Relays
5000 Meters
1.SrTim Carlson16:38.59aApr 25Marquette Twilight
2.SoMatthew Jungers16:40.45aApr 4Ted Haydon Invite
3.FrJoe Kolavo16:59.67aApr 4Ted Haydon Invite
4.SrRobert Kester17:40.44aMar 7UNF Spring Break Open
5.FrMichael OlkDNSMar 7UNF Spring Break Open
SoCameron RateDNSMar 7UNF Spring Break Open
FrMatt CourseyDNFApr 25Marquette Twilight
10,000 Meters
1.SrTim Carlson34:27.06aMar 7UNF Spring Break Open
110m Hurdles - 42"
1.SoKevin Diederich15.93aApr 4Ted Haydon Invite
2.SoEric Hein16.75aApr 18Warrior Relays
3.FrTyler Hoeffner17.41aApr 18Warrior Relays
4.FrTyler Larson18.29aMar 7UNF Spring Break Open
5.FrTom Monteverde18.36aMar 7UNF Spring Break Open
6.SrRobert Coehoorn18.89aApr 18Warrior Relays
7.FrTim Lang20.42aApr 25Marquette Twilight
400m Hurdles - 36"
1.SrRobert Coehoorn58.67aMay 15Gregory Invitational
2.SoEric Hein60.31aApr 18Warrior Relays
3.FrTom Monteverde60.99aApr 18Warrior Relays
4.SoAlex Raver61.15aApr 25Marquette Twilight
5.FrTim Lang61.91aApr 25Marquette Twilight
6.FrTyler Hoeffner62.83aMar 7UNF Spring Break Open
7.FrTyler Larson64.21aMar 7UNF Spring Break Open
8.FrJoe Klimowicz67.24aApr 18Warrior Relays
9.SoSteven Doocy67.58aMar 7UNF Spring Break Open
10.FrArthur WeborgDNSMar 7UNF Spring Break Open
3k Steeplechase
1.JrZachary Lutz9:55.39aMay 15Gregory Invitational
2.SoKeenan Unangst10:35.57aApr 4Ted Haydon Invite
3.SrRobert Coehoorn11:47.46aApr 18Warrior Relays
4x100 Relay
1.-Nate Harwell
Mark Van Alstyne
Kyle Rate
Brian Seniuk
44.12aApr 18Warrior Relays
2.-Relay Team 44.49aApr 4Ted Haydon Invite
3.-Nate Harwell
Kevin Diederich
Brian Seniuk
Kyle Rate
44.51aMar 7UNF Spring Break Open
4x100 Relay - Throwers
1.-Relay Team 51.50aApr 18Warrior Relays
4x400 Relay
1.-Relay Team 3:27.46aApr 4Ted Haydon Invite
2.-Mark Van Alstyne
Ben Bichler
Dominic Maio
Brian Seniuk
3:29.89aMar 7UNF Spring Break Open
3.-Tom Monteverde
Steven Doocy
Joe Klimowicz
Eric Hein
3:49.76aApr 18Warrior Relays
SMR 100-100-200-400m
1.-Kyle Rate
Steve Toll
Nate Harwell
Alex Raver
1:37.05aApr 18Warrior Relays
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.-Matt Jungers
Michael Olk
Joe Kolavo
Matt Coursey
11:38.43aApr 18Warrior Relays
Shot Put - 16lb
1.SrKyle Heyrman13.18m Apr 18Warrior Relays
2.SoBrent Verhyen12.98m Apr 18Warrior Relays
3.JrMike Zeeck12.76m Mar 7UNF Spring Break Open
4.SoBrad Bacon12.22m Apr 18Warrior Relays
5.SoMichael Jasperson11.81m Apr 25Marquette Twilight
6.SoKevin Diederich11.79m Apr 25Marquette Twilight
7.SrJean-Yves Schneider11.65m Apr 4Ted Haydon Invite
8.FrArthur Weborg10.21m Apr 18Warrior Relays
9.FrGhislain Schneider10.04m Apr 18Warrior Relays
10.FrZach Tranchida9.40m Apr 18Warrior Relays
11.JrRyan Baird8.93m Apr 18Warrior Relays
Discus - 2kg
1.SoBrent Verhyen38.54m Apr 18Warrior Relays
2.SrKyle Heyrman37.86m Apr 18Warrior Relays
3.SoKevin Diederich37.28m Apr 18Warrior Relays
4.SoMichael Jasperson32.49m Apr 18Warrior Relays
5.SoBrad Bacon32.04m Apr 4Ted Haydon Invite
6.FrArthur Weborg31.42m Apr 18Warrior Relays
7.SrJean-Yves Schneider28.20m Apr 18Warrior Relays
8.JrRyan Baird26.64m Apr 4Ted Haydon Invite
9.FrGhislain Schneider24.97m Apr 18Warrior Relays
10.FrZach Tranchida23.57m Apr 18Warrior Relays
11.JrMike ZeeckFOULMar 7UNF Spring Break Open
Javelin - 800g
1.SoKevin Diederich44.89m Apr 18Warrior Relays
2.SrKyle Heyrman43.92m Mar 7UNF Spring Break Open
3.FrTyler Larson40.68m Apr 18Warrior Relays
4.FrZach Tranchida38.35m Apr 4Ted Haydon Invite
5.FrArthur Weborg37.90m Apr 4Ted Haydon Invite
6.SoBrent Verhyen36.65m Mar 7UNF Spring Break Open
7.SoMichael Jasperson34.21m Apr 25Marquette Twilight
8.SrJean-Yves Schneider33.79m Apr 18Warrior Relays
9.SoNathan Harwell33.50m Mar 7UNF Spring Break Open
10.SoBrad Bacon31.47m Apr 4Ted Haydon Invite
11.FrGhislain Schneider31.33m Apr 18Warrior Relays
12.JrMike Zeeck31.17m Apr 4Ted Haydon Invite
13.JrRyan Baird30.16m Apr 4Ted Haydon Invite
14.SoEric Doubet27.64m Mar 7UNF Spring Break Open
High Jump
1.FrJoe Klimowicz1.73m Apr 25Marquette Twilight
SrKyle Rate1.73m Apr 25Marquette Twilight
3.SoAlex Raver1.72m Apr 4Ted Haydon Invite
4.FrTyler Larson1.62m Apr 4Ted Haydon Invite
SoKevin Diederich1.62m Apr 4Ted Haydon Invite
6.SoAndy Donalds1.62m Apr 18Warrior Relays
Pole Vault
1.FrTodd Krupa4.25m Apr 4Ted Haydon Invite
2.JrRyan Baird3.35m Apr 18Warrior Relays
3.SoEric Doubet3.05m Apr 18Warrior Relays
Long Jump
1.FrArthur Weborg6.54m Mar 7UNF Spring Break Open
2.SoKevin Diederich6.45m Apr 18Warrior Relays
3.SoNathan Harwell5.97m Mar 7UNF Spring Break Open
4.FrCynerick Osinaike5.93m Mar 7UNF Spring Break Open
5.SoAndy DonaldsDNSMar 7UNF Spring Break Open
Triple Jump
1.FrCynerick Osinaike13.09m Mar 7UNF Spring Break Open
2.FrArthur Weborg12.89m Mar 7UNF Spring Break Open
3.SrKyle Rate12.30m Mar 7UNF Spring Break Open
4.FrMark Van Alstyne12.11m Mar 7UNF Spring Break Open
Hammer - 16lb
1.SoMichael Jasperson45.76m Apr 18Warrior Relays
2.SoBrent Verhyen44.25m Apr 18Warrior Relays
3.SrKyle Heyrman42.09m Apr 18Warrior Relays
4.SrJean-Yves Schneider36.18m Apr 18Warrior Relays
5.JrMike Zeeck35.43m Mar 7UNF Spring Break Open
6.FrZach Tranchida31.92m Apr 4Ted Haydon Invite
7.FrGhislain Schneider27.82m Apr 18Warrior Relays
8.SoBrad Bacon27.14m Apr 18Warrior Relays


100 Meters
1.FrEmily Dieringer13.88aApr 4Ted Haydon Invite
2.SoLeigh Ann Pochowski14.06aApr 18Warrior Relays
3.FrBrittney Haupert15.17awMar 7UNF Spring Break Open
200 Meters
1.FrEmily Dieringer28.24aApr 18Warrior Relays
2.SoLeigh Ann Pochowski28.96aApr 18Warrior Relays
3.FrBrittney Haupert31.24aApr 18Warrior Relays
4.FrHannah Holcomb31.97aMar 7UNF Spring Break Open
5.FrTanzania Sewell33.61aMar 7UNF Spring Break Open
400 Meters
1.SrHeather DeLany64.05aMar 7UNF Spring Break Open
2.JrMartina Fialova66.01aMar 7UNF Spring Break Open
3.FrHannah Holcomb72.79aMar 7UNF Spring Break Open
4.FrTanzania Sewell74.85aMar 7UNF Spring Break Open
800 Meters
1.SrHeather DeLany2:27.20aApr 25Marquette Twilight
2.JrMartina Fialova2:32.58aApr 18Warrior Relays
3.FrCarol Cayo2:36.48aMar 7UNF Spring Break Open
1500 Meters
1.JrMartina Fialova5:22.63aApr 4Ted Haydon Invite
2.FrAmanda Heller5:23.25aMar 7UNF Spring Break Open
1 Mile
1.FrAmanda Heller5:56.70aApr 18Warrior Relays
5000 Meters
1.FrAmanda Heller20:58.26aMar 7UNF Spring Break Open
2.SoEmily Schmeling21:55.63aApr 4Ted Haydon Invite
10,000 Meters
1.FrAmanda Heller41:43.77aMay 15Gregory Invitational
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.FrEmily Dieringer17.00aApr 25Marquette Twilight
2.FrCarol Cayo18.67aApr 18Warrior Relays
3.FrHannah Holcomb20.59aApr 18Warrior Relays
400m Hurdles - 30"
1.FrCarol Cayo73.75aApr 18Warrior Relays
2.FrHannah Holcomb80.31aApr 18Warrior Relays
3k Steeplechase
1.FrAmanda Heller12:56.11aApr 25Marquette Twilight
2.SoEmily Schmeling13:54.17aApr 18Warrior Relays
4x100 Relay
1.-Marquerite Wellstein
Leigh Ann Pochowski
Emily Dieringer
Brittney Haupert
55.12aApr 25Marquette Twilight
2.-Relay Team 56.18aMar 7UNF Spring Break Open
4x400 Relay
1.-Relay Team 4:26.01aMar 7UNF Spring Break Open
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.-Krista Bavlnka
Emily Schmeling
Martina Fialova
Amanda Heller
14:02.67aApr 18Warrior Relays
Shot Put - 4kg
1.FrMarquerite Wellstein9.79m Apr 18Warrior Relays
2.FrKrista Bavlnka8.26m Mar 7UNF Spring Break Open
Discus - 1kg
1.FrMarquerite Wellstein35.23m Apr 4Ted Haydon Invite
2.FrKrista Bavlnka26.87m Mar 7UNF Spring Break Open
Javelin - 600g
1.FrMarquerite Wellstein27.31m Apr 4Ted Haydon Invite
2.FrKrista Bavlnka18.09m Apr 18Warrior Relays
High Jump
1.SrHeather DeLany1.51m Apr 18Warrior Relays
2.FrHannah Holcomb1.36m Apr 18Warrior Relays
FrMarquerite Wellstein1.36m Apr 18Warrior Relays
4.FrCarol Cayo1.35m Apr 4Ted Haydon Invite
Pole Vault
1.FrEmily Dieringer2.45m Apr 4Ted Haydon Invite
2.FrBrittney HaupertNHMar 7UNF Spring Break Open
Long Jump
1.FrCarol CayoDNSMar 7UNF Spring Break Open
Triple Jump
1.FrTanzania SewellDNSMar 7UNF Spring Break Open
Hammer - 4kg
1.FrKrista Bavlnka30.63m Apr 18Warrior Relays
2.FrMarquerite Wellstein29.02m Apr 18Warrior Relays

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