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Radiers - Milwaukee, WI

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100 Meters
1.FrJordan Werner10.81awMay 1Wisconsin Private Co..
2.JrNathan Harwell11.48awMay 1Wisconsin Private Co..
3.FrChris Neja11.76aMay 8NAC Outdoor Champion..
4.SoArthur Weborg11.78aMay 8NAC Outdoor Champion..
SoCaleb Hahn11.78awMay 1Wisconsin Private Co..
6.SoTom Monteverde11.79aMay 1Wisconsin Private Co..
7.SrRyan Baird12.62aMar 27Rhodes Invite
8.FrJerome Robertson12.79aMay 8NAC Outdoor Champion..
200 Meters
1.FrJordan Werner21.64awMay 1Wisconsin Private Co..
2.FrChris Neja22.61aMay 1Wisconsin Private Co..
3.JrNathan Harwell23.26awMay 1Wisconsin Private Co..
4.SoArthur Weborg24.40aMar 27Rhodes Invite
5.JrAndy Donalds24.49aMay 1Wisconsin Private Co..
6.FrJeremy Lidtke25.30aMar 27Rhodes Invite
7.SoCaleb Hahn25.53aMay 8NAC Outdoor Champion..
8.SoSteven Toll25.89aMay 8NAC Outdoor Champion..
9.JrAlex Raver26.09aApr 17Warrior Relays
10.SrRyan Baird26.19aMar 27Rhodes Invite
11.FrJerome Robertson27.44aMay 8NAC Outdoor Champion..
400 Meters
1.FrJordan Werner50.66aApr 17Warrior Relays
2.SoMark Van Alstyne52.58aApr 17Warrior Relays
3.SoTom Monteverde53.40aMar 27Rhodes Invite
4.FrChris Neja53.47aMar 27Rhodes Invite
5.FrAlex Schroeder53.52aMay 1Wisconsin Private Co..
6.SoSteven Toll57.24aMay 1Wisconsin Private Co..
7.FrJeremy Lidtke58.28aMay 1Wisconsin Private Co..
8.SoJoe Klimowicz58.72aMay 8NAC Outdoor Champion..
800 Meters
1.SoMark Van Alstyne2:00.53aMay 8NAC Outdoor Champion..
2.FrAlex Schroeder2:00.63aMay 19Warhawk Twilight Las..
3.FrBen Peterson2:04.71aMay 1Wisconsin Private Co..
4.SrZachary Lutz2:05.15aMay 1Wisconsin Private Co..
5.SoJoe Klimowicz2:16.08aMar 27Rhodes Invite
6.SrChris Reichard2:17.37aMay 1Wisconsin Private Co..
7.FrTaylor Hawley2:17.46aApr 17Warrior Relays
8.FrJeremy Lidtke2:18.96aMay 8NAC Outdoor Champion..
1500 Meters
1.FrAlex Schroeder4:13.97aMar 27Rhodes Invite
2.FrBen Peterson4:15.38aApr 24Marquette Twilight
3.JrMatthew Jungers4:33.67aMay 1Wisconsin Private Co..
4.SrChris Reichard4:40.05aMay 8NAC Outdoor Champion..
5.JrMark Koznar4:40.53aMay 8NAC Outdoor Champion..
6.SoMichael Olk4:44.32aMar 27Rhodes Invite
7.FrTaylor Hawley4:52.10aMar 27Rhodes Invite
1 Mile
1.JrMark Koznar5:08.48aApr 17Warrior Relays
5000 Meters
1.SrZachary Lutz15:24.54aApr 24Marquette Twilight
2.FrBen Peterson16:23.10aMar 27Rhodes Invite
3.JrMatthew Jungers16:50.22aMay 8NAC Outdoor Champion..
4.SoMichael Olk17:20.46aMay 8NAC Outdoor Champion..
5.FrAlex Schroeder17:29.73aApr 17Warrior Relays
6.FrJake Schneider17:34.72aMay 1Wisconsin Private Co..
7.FrTaylor Hawley18:42.12aMay 1Wisconsin Private Co..
10,000 Meters
1.JrMatthew Jungers34:18.40May 8NAC Outdoor Champion..
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.JrEric Hein16.84cwMay 1Wisconsin Private Co..
110m Hurdles - 42"
1.JrKevin Diederich15.44aMar 27Rhodes Invite
2.JrEric Hein16.20awMay 1Wisconsin Private Co..
3.SoTim Lang16.86aMay 8NAC Outdoor Champion..
400m Hurdles - 36"
1.FrJames Franke57.45aMay 1Wisconsin Private Co..
2.SoTim Lang61.71aMar 27Rhodes Invite
3.JrEric Hein61.96aMay 8NAC Outdoor Champion..
4.SoTom Monteverde62.38aMay 1Wisconsin Private Co..
3k Steeplechase
1.SrZachary Lutz9:21.22aMay 14Dr. Keeler Invitatio..
2.JrKeenan Unangst10:23.52aMar 27Rhodes Invite
3.FrJake Schneider11:11.71aMay 8NAC Outdoor Champion..
4x100 Relay
1.-Jordan Werner
Nate Harwell
Arthur Weborg
Mark Van Alstyne
43.15aMay 8NAC Outdoor Champion..
2.-Relay Team 43.54aMar 27Rhodes Invite
4x400 Relay
1.-Jordan Werner
James Franke
Chris Neja
Mark Van Alstyne
3:22.77aMay 8NAC Outdoor Champion..
2.-Relay Team 3:27.55aMar 27Rhodes Invite
3.-Jordan Werner
Chris Neja
James Franke
Mark Van Alstyne
3:28.69aApr 17Warrior Relays
4x800 Relay
1.-Relay Team 8:55.78aMar 27Rhodes Invite
SMR 100-100-200-400m
1.-Relay Team 1:41.85aApr 17Warrior Relays
Shot Put - 16lb
1.JrBrent Verhyen13.30m May 8NAC Outdoor Champion..
2.JrKevin Diederich12.88m May 8NAC Outdoor Champion..
3.FrPatrick DuBois12.50m Mar 27Rhodes Invite
4.JrMichael Jasperson12.12m Mar 27Rhodes Invite
Discus - 2kg
1.JrKevin Diederich42.61m May 8NAC Outdoor Champion..
2.JrBrent Verhyen42.23m May 8NAC Outdoor Champion..
3.FrPatrick DuBois36.69m Mar 27Rhodes Invite
4.JrMichael Jasperson35.84m May 19Warhawk Twilight Las..
Javelin - 800g
1.JrKevin Diederich51.00m May 19Warhawk Twilight Las..
2.JrBrent Verhyen37.18m May 8NAC Outdoor Champion..
3.SoTom Monteverde34.44m May 8NAC Outdoor Champion..
4.FrPatrick DuBois33.27m Apr 17Warrior Relays
5.FrJames Franke31.88m Apr 17Warrior Relays
6.JrMichael Jasperson31.55m Apr 17Warrior Relays
High Jump
1.SoJoe Klimowicz1.82m Apr 17Warrior Relays
2.JrAlex Raver1.77m Apr 17Warrior Relays
3.JrAndy Donalds1.55m May 1Wisconsin Private Co..
Pole Vault
1.SoTodd Krupa4.40m May 8NAC Outdoor Champion..
2.FrMatthew Weber3.80m May 1Wisconsin Private Co..
3.JrEric Doubet3.50m May 8NAC Outdoor Champion..
4.SrRyan Baird2.90m May 8NAC Outdoor Champion..
Long Jump
1.SoArthur Weborg6.97m May 8NAC Outdoor Champion..
2.JrKevin Diederich6.51m Apr 17Warrior Relays
3.JrNathan Harwell6.05m Apr 17Warrior Relays
4.JrAndy Donalds5.74m May 1Wisconsin Private Co..
Triple Jump
1.SoArthur Weborg13.74m May 8NAC Outdoor Champion..
2.JrAlex Raver12.76m May 8NAC Outdoor Champion..
Hammer - 12lb
1.JrMichael Jasperson49.43m May 1Wisconsin Private Co..
2.JrBrent Verhyen44.80m May 8NAC Outdoor Champion..
3.FrPatrick DuBois40.37m May 8NAC Outdoor Champion..


100 Meters
1.SoEmily Dieringer13.59awMay 1Wisconsin Private Co..
200 Meters
1.SoEmily Dieringer26.15awMay 1Wisconsin Private Co..
400 Meters
1.FrAnete Zagare66.11aMar 27Rhodes Invite
800 Meters
1.FrAnete Zagare2:35.95aMay 1Wisconsin Private Co..
2.SoAmanda Heller2:41.50aMay 1Wisconsin Private Co..
3.SoTanzania Sewell2:45.65aMay 8NAC Outdoor Champion..
1 Mile
1.SoTanzania Sewell6:19.69aApr 17Warrior Relays
5000 Meters
1.SoAmanda Heller19:30.48aMay 8NAC Outdoor Champion..
2.FrKatelyn Herrmann20:40.50aMay 8NAC Outdoor Champion..
10,000 Meters
1.SoAmanda Heller39:46.40aMay 21Gregory Invitational
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.SoEmily Dieringer15.80aMay 1Wisconsin Private Co..
2.SoCarol Cayo18.28awMay 1Wisconsin Private Co..
3.FrKarly Nehls18.53awMay 1Wisconsin Private Co..
4.FrLeah Puceh18.71aMay 8NAC Outdoor Champion..
400m Hurdles - 30"
1.SoCarol Cayo74.68aApr 17Warrior Relays
3k Steeplechase
1.FrKatelyn Herrmann12:15.41aMay 21Gregory Invitational
2.SoAmanda Heller12:19.47aMay 8NAC Outdoor Champion..
3.FrAnete Zagare12:53.33aMar 27Rhodes Invite
4x100 Relay
1.-Emily Dieringer
Marquerite Wellstein
Leah Puceh
Kelly Costello
53.93aMay 8NAC Outdoor Champion..
2.-Relay Team 55.13aMar 27Rhodes Invite
4x400 Relay
1.-Carol Cayo
Karly Nehls
Tanzania Sewell
Emily Dieringer
4:40.65aMay 8NAC Outdoor Champion..
2.-Relay Team 4:44.32aMay 1Wisconsin Private Co..
Shot Put - 4kg
1.SrKelly Costello10.29m Mar 27Rhodes Invite
2.SoMarquerite Wellstein9.72m Mar 27Rhodes Invite
3.SoKrista Bavlnka7.94m May 1Wisconsin Private Co..
4.FrLauren Backhaus7.33m Apr 17Warrior Relays
Discus - 1kg
1.SoMarquerite Wellstein35.45m Mar 27Rhodes Invite
2.SrKelly Costello28.88m May 8NAC Outdoor Champion..
3.FrLauren Backhaus21.61m Apr 17Warrior Relays
4.SoKrista BavlnkaNDMay 8NAC Outdoor Champion..
Javelin - 600g
1.SoMarquerite Wellstein31.24m Apr 17Warrior Relays
2.SrKelly Costello23.33m May 1Wisconsin Private Co..
3.SoKrista Bavlnka19.40m May 1Wisconsin Private Co..
4.FrLauren Backhaus15.40m May 8NAC Outdoor Champion..
High Jump
1.FrKarly Nehls1.40m May 1Wisconsin Private Co..
2.FrKathleen Keough1.35m Apr 17Warrior Relays
SoCarol Cayo1.35m Apr 17Warrior Relays
4.FrLeah PucehNHApr 17Warrior Relays
Pole Vault
1.SoEmily Dieringer3.05m May 8NAC Outdoor Champion..
2.FrKathleen Keough2.50m May 8NAC Outdoor Champion..
Long Jump
1.SoCarol Cayo4.45m Apr 17Warrior Relays
2.FrKarly Nehls4.44m May 8NAC Outdoor Champion..
3.FrLeah PucehNDMay 8NAC Outdoor Champion..
Triple Jump
1.FrKarly Nehls10.04m May 1Wisconsin Private Co..
Hammer - 4kg
1.SoKrista Bavlnka33.33m Apr 17Warrior Relays
2.FrLauren Backhaus23.45m May 8NAC Outdoor Champion..
3.SoMarquerite WellsteinSCRApr 17Warrior Relays
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