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Mustangs - Apopka, FL

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100 Meters
1.10Khory Henry11.21aMar 25Sanford-Seminole Invite a..
2.11Emanuel Brinson11.37aMar 5Lake Brantley Classic
3.10Jason Charles11.58aApr 19FHSAA 4A District 3
4.9John Dieujuste11.77aMar 9Lake Brantley Development..
5.9Solomon Edgerian11.80aApr 19FHSAA 4A District 3
11Jarquez Hughley11.80aFeb 20Lake Brantley Open
7.-Jerard Wesley11.92aMar 9Lake Brantley Development..
8.10Jaylin Brown12.03aMar 9Lake Brantley Development..
9.10Ladarriu Williams12.13aFeb 27Lake Brantley Invitationa..
200 Meters
1.10Ladarriu Williams23.02aMar 12Hawks on the Hill Invitat..
2.10Dwight Lawrence23.30aMar 12Hawks on the Hill Invitat..
3.10Khory Henry23.57aMar 12Hawks on the Hill Invitat..
4.11Emanuel Brinson23.73aApr 6Metro Conference Champion..
5.11Aaron Howard23.84aMar 5Lake Brantley Classic
6.10Jason Charles24.05aMar 2Metro Fresh/Soph Champion..
7.9Solomon Edgerian24.11aApr 19FHSAA 4A District 3
8.9John Dieujuste25.52aMar 12Hawks on the Hill Invitat..
400 Meters
1.12Kamron Woodbury54.28aApr 6Metro Conference Champion..
2.9Artise Lewis54.60aMar 2Metro Fresh/Soph Champion..
3.11Aaron Howard54.87aApr 6Metro Conference Champion..
4.12Rodryk Hill55.30aMar 5Lake Brantley Classic
5.11Sean Kinsey55.47aApr 6Metro Conference Champion..
6.10Ladarriu Williams57.20aFeb 20Lake Brantley Open
7.9Elijah Jackson58.18aMar 9Lake Brantley Development..
8.11Cardell Evans58.95aApr 19FHSAA 4A District 3
9.9Terrance Jones58.97aMar 9Lake Brantley Development..
10.11Christopher Felder59.46aMar 12Hawks on the Hill Invitat..
11.9Billy Preston61.68aMar 2Metro Fresh/Soph Champion..
12.10Tyrese Gilmore62.32aMar 2Metro Fresh/Soph Champion..
13.9Jeffrey Telson64.04aMar 9Lake Brantley Development..
14.10Jason Charles66.20aMar 5Lake Brantley Classic
800 Meters
1.9Artise Lewis2:02.68aFeb 27Lake Brantley Invitationa..
2.12Kamron Woodbury2:04.38aFeb 27Lake Brantley Invitationa..
3.11Kobe Desue2:08.40aMar 5Lake Brantley Classic
4.11Delvon Wright2:12.60aFeb 27Lake Brantley Invitationa..
5.9Elijah Jackson2:13.50aMar 5Lake Brantley Classic
6.12Rodryk Hill2:16.31aApr 19FHSAA 4A District 3
7.9Andrew Owens2:21.77aMar 12Hawks on the Hill Invitat..
8.9Jeffrey Telson2:31.05aMar 2Metro Fresh/Soph Champion..
1600 Meters
1.9Artise Lewis4:40.38aApr 19FHSAA 4A District 3
2.12Kamron Woodbury4:47.47aApr 19FHSAA 4A District 3
3.9Matthew Bergschneider5:06.46aMar 5Lake Brantley Classic
4.9Elijah Jackson5:27.28aFeb 27Lake Brantley Invitationa..
5.11Gerardo Rico5:29.54aFeb 20Lake Brantley Open
6.11Kobe Desue5:33.46aMar 9Lake Brantley Development..
7.9Terrance Jones5:35.67aMar 12Hawks on the Hill Invitat..
8.9Andrew Owens5:38.37aFeb 27Lake Brantley Invitationa..
9.9Romel Nauth5:55.11aMar 9Lake Brantley Development..
10.9Jeffrey Telson5:59.71aApr 6Metro Conference Champion..
3200 Meters
1.9Matthew Bergschneider10:42.09aApr 19FHSAA 4A District 3
2.12Kamron Woodbury11:03.10aMar 5Lake Brantley Classic
3.9Elijah Jackson11:22.48aApr 6Metro Conference Champion..
4.9Terrance Jones12:43.22aApr 19FHSAA 4A District 3
5.9Jeffrey Telson12:45.86aApr 19FHSAA 4A District 3
6.9Romel Nauth13:13.16aMar 2Metro Fresh/Soph Champion..
7.11Gerardo Rico13:47.43aFeb 20Lake Brantley Open
8.9Andrew Owens13:50.31aFeb 27Lake Brantley Invitationa..
9.10Guerlins Francois14:19.85aMar 2Metro Fresh/Soph Champion..
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.10Sean Costan16.76aApr 19FHSAA 4A District 3
2.9Brandon Hill17.13aApr 6Metro Conference Champion..
3.10Tyrese Gilmore18.39aMar 12Hawks on the Hill Invitat..
4.12Rodryk Hill19.26aMar 25Sanford-Seminole Invite a..
5.9Noah Mckell19.39aMar 2Metro Fresh/Soph Champion..
6.-Jaden Jackson20.89aMar 9Lake Brantley Development..
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.12Rodryk Hill44.63aFeb 27Lake Brantley Invitationa..
2.9Brandon Hill45.55aApr 6Metro Conference Champion..
3.10Sean Costan46.37aMar 2Metro Fresh/Soph Champion..
4.9Noah Mckell46.88aApr 6Metro Conference Champion..
4x100 Relay
1.Relay Team 43.98aApr 6Metro Conference Champion..
2.Khory Henry
Bakhari Goodson
Dwight Lawrence
Emanuel Brinson
44.20aMar 12Hawks on the Hill Invitat..
3.Bakhari Goodson
Jason Charles
Ladarriu Williams
Emanuel Brinson
45.58aApr 19FHSAA 4A District 3
4x400 Relay
1.Artise Lewis
Bakhari Goodson
Kamron Woodbury
Emanuel Brinson
3:31.29aMar 12Hawks on the Hill Invitat..
2.Relay Team 3:35.77aFeb 27Lake Brantley Invitationa..
3.Artise Lewis
Ladarriu Williams
Kamron Woodbury
Emanuel Brinson
3:38.36aApr 19FHSAA 4A District 3
4x800 Relay
1.Kamron Woodbury
Artise Lewis
Matthew Bergschneider
Elijah Jackson
8:17.98aApr 26FHSAA 4A Region 1
2.Relay Team 8:45.23aFeb 20Lake Brantley Open
3.Artise Lewis
Kamron Woodbury
Kobe Desue
Matthew Bergschneider
9:57.10aMar 12Hawks on the Hill Invitat..
Shot Put - 12lb
1.12Avery Eady43' 10.00Apr 19FHSAA 4A District 3
2.9Zyire Willett37' 5.00Apr 6Metro Conference Champion..
3.9Rian Davis36' 6.00Feb 20Lake Brantley Open
4.9Tyler Davis34' 5.00Apr 6Metro Conference Champion..
5.9Solomon Edgerian34' 3.00Feb 27Lake Brantley Invitationa..
Discus - 1.6kg
1.9Zyire Willett107' 4.00Apr 19FHSAA 4A District 3
2.9Rian Davis97' 5.00Apr 19FHSAA 4A District 3
3.9Tyler Davis83' 3.00Apr 6Metro Conference Champion..
4.9Solomon Edgerian67' 3.00Mar 5Lake Brantley Classic
High Jump
1.10Jaylin Brown5' 10.00Mar 2Metro Fresh/Soph Champion..
2.11Paul Reed5' 8.00Mar 5Lake Brantley Classic
10Sean Costan5' 8.00Mar 12Hawks on the Hill Invitat..
4.10Dwight Lawrence5' 6.00Mar 12Hawks on the Hill Invitat..
11Darion Holloway5' 6.00Mar 5Lake Brantley Classic
6.11Christopher Felder5' 4.00Apr 19FHSAA 4A District 3
7.12Phelderson Pierre5' 2.00Feb 20Lake Brantley Open
8.9Brandon Hill5' 0.00Mar 2Metro Fresh/Soph Champion..
9.11Cardell EvansNHApr 6Metro Conference Champion..
12Rodryk HillNHApr 19FHSAA 4A District 3
Long Jump
1.12Bakhari Goodson21' 9.00Apr 19FHSAA 4A District 3
2.11Emanuel Brinson20' 3.00Mar 5Lake Brantley Classic
3.11Christopher Felder19' 5.50Apr 19FHSAA 4A District 3
4.11Aaron Howard19' 0.00Apr 19FHSAA 4A District 3
5.10Jason Charles18' 6.00Mar 5Lake Brantley Classic
6.11Sean Kinsey18' 4.00Mar 5Lake Brantley Classic
7.11Jarquez Hughley18' 2.00Feb 20Lake Brantley Open
8.10Ladarriu Williams17' 9.00Feb 27Lake Brantley Invitationa..
9.9John Dieujuste17' 3.00Mar 12Hawks on the Hill Invitat..
10.10Sean Costan16' 6.00Mar 9Lake Brantley Development..
11.9Billy Preston16' 5.00Mar 2Metro Fresh/Soph Champion..
12.10Khory Henry16' 3.00Mar 5Lake Brantley Classic
13.9Marquis Clerveaus16' 1.00Mar 2Metro Fresh/Soph Champion..
14.12Phelderson Pierre15' 8.00Feb 20Lake Brantley Open
15.-Jerard Wesley14' 9.00Mar 9Lake Brantley Development..
16.10Jaylin Brown11' 4.50Mar 2Metro Fresh/Soph Champion..
Triple Jump
1.12Bakhari Goodson42' 7.00Apr 19FHSAA 4A District 3
2.11Christopher Felder41' 0.50Apr 6Metro Conference Champion..
3.12Leighton McCarthy38' 9.00Feb 20Lake Brantley Open
4.9Noah Mckell35' 5.00Mar 2Metro Fresh/Soph Champion..
5.10Dwight Lawrence35' 0.00Mar 2Metro Fresh/Soph Champion..
6.12Rodryk HillNDFeb 27Lake Brantley Invitationa..
10Jason CharlesFOULApr 6Metro Conference Champion..


100 Meters
1.9Derionah Abner12.72aMar 2Metro Fresh/Soph Champion..
2.10Kalil Henderson12.89aApr 19FHSAA 4A District 3
3.11Dasia Fisher12.97aMar 12Hawks on the Hill Invitat..
4.11Nakeria Henderson13.03aFeb 20Lake Brantley Open
5.10Azaria Davis13.29awMar 25Sanford-Seminole Invite a..
6.9Laniyah Payne13.56aApr 19FHSAA 4A District 3
7.10Ja'nya Dawson13.67aFeb 27Lake Brantley Invitationa..
8.9Mariah Williams13.93aApr 19FHSAA 4A District 3
200 Meters
1.9Derionah Abner26.57aMar 12Hawks on the Hill Invitat..
2.10Sabrina Sclater26.59aMar 12Hawks on the Hill Invitat..
3.10Azaria Davis27.41aApr 19FHSAA 4A District 3
4.10Kalil Henderson27.83aMar 12Hawks on the Hill Invitat..
5.11Dasia Fisher28.01aMar 5Lake Brantley Classic
6.12Ashunti Seagram28.19aApr 6Metro Conference Champion..
7.9Mariah Williams28.34aMar 12Hawks on the Hill Invitat..
8.11Nakeria Henderson28.98aMar 5Lake Brantley Classic
9.9Laniyah Payne29.57aMar 2Metro Fresh/Soph Champion..
10.9Amari Davis31.78aFeb 20Lake Brantley Open
400 Meters
1.12Ashunti Seagram61.33aMar 5Lake Brantley Classic
2.10Sabrina Sclater62.96aMar 5Lake Brantley Classic
3.9Mariah Williams66.70aMar 5Lake Brantley Classic
4.11Brightney Francois67.10aMar 9Lake Brantley Development..
5.9Jade Young68.49aMar 9Lake Brantley Development..
6.10Cassandra Duvra69.42aMar 9Lake Brantley Development..
7.-Aguilari Carilus72.77aMar 12Hawks on the Hill Invitat..
8.9Laniyah Payne77.96aFeb 20Lake Brantley Open
800 Meters
1.12Breyanna Gurksnis2:47.05aMar 12Hawks on the Hill Invitat..
2.10Shelly Sclater2:50.40aMar 5Lake Brantley Classic
3.11Brightney Francois2:53.83aApr 19FHSAA 4A District 3
4.9Shekinah Harmon3:05.00aMar 12Hawks on the Hill Invitat..
1600 Meters
1.12Breyanna Gurksnis6:32.02aFeb 27Lake Brantley Invitationa..
2.10Shelly Sclater6:54.62aMar 12Hawks on the Hill Invitat..
3.9Shekinah Harmon7:34.11aApr 6Metro Conference Champion..
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.10Trinity Carmouche17.57aMar 25Sanford-Seminole Invite a..
2.10Allayah Franco20.13aMar 12Hawks on the Hill Invitat..
3.11Maelle Charles21.67aFeb 27Lake Brantley Invitationa..
4.10Ja'nya Dawson21.83aMar 9Lake Brantley Development..
5.9Parris Beauford23.90aMar 5Lake Brantley Classic
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.10Trinity Carmouche51.34aMar 5Lake Brantley Classic
2.10Ja'nya Dawson56.98aApr 6Metro Conference Champion..
3.10Allayah Franco62.79aApr 19FHSAA 4A District 3
4.9Parris Beauford69.48aMar 5Lake Brantley Classic
4x100 Relay
1.Relay Team 50.14aApr 6Metro Conference Champion..
2.Derionah Abner
Dasia Fisher
Ashunti Seagram
Kalil Henderson
50.86aMar 12Hawks on the Hill Invitat..
3.Ja'nya Dawson
Laniyah Payne
Sabrina Sclater
Azaria Davis
53.17aMar 12Hawks on the Hill Invitat..
4.Derionah Abner
Azaria Davis
Dasia Fisher
Kalil Henderson
DQApr 19FHSAA 4A District 3
4x400 Relay
1.Relay Team 4:09.20aApr 6Metro Conference Champion..
2.Derionah Abner
Dasia Fisher
Sabrina Sclater
Ashunti Seagram
4:13.96aApr 19FHSAA 4A District 3
3.Dasia Fisher
Sabrina Sclater
Ashunti Seagram
Brightney Francois
4:15.91aMar 12Hawks on the Hill Invitat..
4.Trinity Carmouche
Azaria Davis
Mariah Williams
Ja'nya Dawson
4:34.75aMar 12Hawks on the Hill Invitat..
4x800 Relay
1.Relay Team 11:39.75aFeb 20Lake Brantley Open
2.Brightney Francois
Breyanna Gurksnis
Shelly Sclater
Jade Young
DNFApr 19FHSAA 4A District 3
Shot Put - 4kg
1.9Derionah Abner32' 10.00Apr 19FHSAA 4A District 3
2.10Tatiana Barton31' 6.00Mar 25Sanford-Seminole Invite a..
3.12Gabriel Spragg26' 4.00Mar 12Hawks on the Hill Invitat..
4.9Eboni Manning25' 9.50Mar 2Metro Fresh/Soph Champion..
Discus - 1kg
1.12Gabriel Spragg82' 3.00Apr 6Metro Conference Champion..
2.10Tatiana Barton70' 1.00Apr 6Metro Conference Champion..
3.9Eboni Manning67' 1.00Feb 27Lake Brantley Invitationa..
High Jump
1.9Laniyah Payne4' 6.00Feb 20Lake Brantley Open
10Azaria Davis4' 6.00Apr 19FHSAA 4A District 3
3.9Amari Davis4' 4.00Mar 9Lake Brantley Development..
10Yura Reed4' 4.00Mar 9Lake Brantley Development..
5.10Trinity CarmoucheNHMar 9Lake Brantley Development..
10Ja'nya DawsonNHMar 5Lake Brantley Classic
Long Jump
1.11Dasia Fisher16' 8.50Apr 6Metro Conference Champion..
2.10Azaria Davis15' 7.75Apr 19FHSAA 4A District 3
3.9Mariah Williams14' 9.75Apr 19FHSAA 4A District 3
4.12Ashunti Seagram14' 9.00Feb 20Lake Brantley Open
5.11Nakeria Henderson14' 8.00Feb 20Lake Brantley Open
6.9Laniyah Payne14' 5.75Apr 19FHSAA 4A District 3
7.10Ja'nya Dawson13' 1.00Mar 25Sanford-Seminole Invite a..
10Yura Reed13' 1.00Mar 9Lake Brantley Development..
9.10Kalil Henderson12' 1.75Mar 25Sanford-Seminole Invite a..
10.9Amari Davis11' 3.50Mar 2Metro Fresh/Soph Champion..
11.10Trinity Carmouche8' 3.00Mar 9Lake Brantley Development..
Triple Jump
1.12Ashunti Seagram33' 7.00Apr 19FHSAA 4A District 3
2.10Ja'nya Dawson32' 2.00Apr 6Metro Conference Champion..
3.10Trinity Carmouche30' 3.00Mar 9Lake Brantley Development..
4.9Parris BeaufordNDMar 12Hawks on the Hill Invitat..

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