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Linus Pauling MS

    Pride - Corvallis, OR

Event Records

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100 Meters
1.8Nolan Hansen12.34cApr 23Phlmth, Sntm Chrstn, Swt ..
2.8Alex Brown12.54cMay 31Middle School State Meet
3.8Justin Osborn12.54cMay 31Middle School State Meet
4.8Blair Cavanaugh12.84cMay 8Cheldelin Cougar Track Me..
5.8Charles Dearing13.24cMay 8Cheldelin Cougar Track Me..
7Parker Waid13.24cMay 1Raider Challenge--Jr. Hig..
7.8Steven Cespedes13.34cMay 8Cheldelin Cougar Track Me..
8.8Dallas Reeder13.64cMay 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
8Robin Bonine13.64cMay 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
10.8Jonathan Shaw14.04cMay 8Cheldelin Cougar Track Me..
11.7Joel Dodson14.24cMay 1Raider Challenge--Jr. Hig..
12.7Justin Whitton14.44cApr 17LPMS Intrasquad
7Chris Alexander14.44cMay 1Raider Challenge--Jr. Hig..
14.6Nathan Shaw14.54cApr 17LPMS Intrasquad
15.6Luke Cassady14.74cMay 8Cheldelin Cougar Track Me..
16.8Devin Bridge14.84cMay 8Cheldelin Cougar Track Me..
17.6Alan Osborn15.24cMay 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
18.6Jimmy Spiegelberg15.34cMay 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
8Aaron Bruntlett15.34cMay 8Cheldelin Cougar Track Me..
20.6Sebastian Frei15.54cMay 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
21.6Hayden Bialek15.64cMay 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
22.7Grant Trevathan16.24cApr 24Spartan Challenge
23.6Ryan Pomeroy16.34cMay 1Raider Challenge--Jr. Hig..
24.6Adam Niemet16.54cMay 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
25.6Zack Wilson17.44cMay 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
6Necole Lee17.44cMay 1Raider Challenge--Jr. Hig..
27.6Erik Bourque17.54cMay 8Cheldelin Cougar Track Me..
28.6Steven Ervin19.54cMay 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
200 Meters
1.8Justin Osborn25.64cMay 31Middle School State Meet
2.8Blair Cavanaugh26.94cMay 31Middle School State Meet
3.8Dallas Reeder28.14cApr 17LPMS Intrasquad
4.8Brandon Penn28.34cMay 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
5.7Taz Thenell29.44cApr 17LPMS Intrasquad
6.8Alexander Mitev29.54cMay 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
8Jonathan Shaw29.54cMay 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
8.7Justin Whitton29.94cApr 17LPMS Intrasquad
9.7Parker Waid30.04cMay 8Cheldelin Cougar Track Me..
10.7Tyler Murphy31.14cMay 8Cheldelin Cougar Track Me..
11.8Aaron Bruntlett32.44cApr 17LPMS Intrasquad
12.6Alan Osborn32.54cApr 17LPMS Intrasquad
13.6Sebastian Frei33.44cApr 24Spartan Challenge
14.6Nathan Shaw33.64cMay 1Raider Challenge--Jr. Hig..
15.6Zack Wilson38.64cMay 8Cheldelin Cougar Track Me..
16.6Hayden Bialek39.44cMay 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
400 Meters
1.8Brandon Penn57.24cMay 31Middle School State Meet
2.8Charles Dearing60.84cMay 1Raider Challenge--Jr. Hig..
3.8Justin Osborn63.44cApr 24Spartan Challenge
4.7Taz Thenell66.74cApr 24Spartan Challenge
5.8Alexander Mitev66.94cApr 17LPMS Intrasquad
6.7Tyler Murphy68.44cMay 1Raider Challenge--Jr. Hig..
7.6Keene Corbin84.24cApr 24Spartan Challenge
8.6Zack Wilson84.54cApr 24Spartan Challenge
9.6Necole Lee85.44cMay 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
800 Meters
1.8Joey Spiegelberg2:22.8May 31Middle School State Meet
2.8Nicholas Ingalls2:30.2May 8Cheldelin Cougar Track Me..
3.7Tyler Murphy2:48.4Apr 17LPMS Intrasquad
4.6Jimmy Spiegelberg2:50.0May 1Raider Challenge--Jr. Hig..
5.7Keet "JJ" Dailey3:01.1Apr 24Spartan Challenge
6.6Nathan Shaw3:05.9Apr 17LPMS Intrasquad
1500 Meters
1.8Joey Spiegelberg4:43.1May 31Middle School State Meet
2.8Nicholas Ingalls5:09.9Apr 24Spartan Challenge
3.7Quentin Albright5:31.0May 1Raider Challenge--Jr. Hig..
4.7Keet "JJ" Dailey5:47.5May 8Cheldelin Cougar Track Me..
5.6Jimmy Spiegelberg5:53.0May 8Cheldelin Cougar Track Me..
6.6Braxton Griffith6:02.0May 1Raider Challenge--Jr. Hig..
7.6Keene Corbin6:19.2May 8Cheldelin Cougar Track Me..
100m Hurdles - 30"
1.8Robin Bonine17.54cMay 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
2.8Charles Dearing18.44cApr 24Spartan Challenge
3.7Justin Whitton18.94cApr 17LPMS Intrasquad
4.8Nolan Hansen19.74cApr 17LPMS Intrasquad
5.7Chris Alexander19.84cMay 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
6.6Braxton Griffith20.34cMay 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
7.7Grant Trevathan20.44cMay 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
8.8Devin Bridge20.54cApr 24Spartan Challenge
4x100 Relay
1.-Blair Cavanaugh
Alex Brown
Nolan Hansen
Justin Osborn
48.14cMay 31Middle School State Meet
2.-Blair Cavanaugh
Joey Spiegelberg
Alex Brown
Nolan Hansen
49.94cMay 1Raider Challenge--Jr. Hig..
3.-Blair Cavanaugh
Parker Waid
Alex Brown
Nolan Hansen
51.84cMay 8Cheldelin Cougar Track Me..
4.-Dallas Reeder
Parker Waid
Steven Cespedes
Blair Cavanaugh
53.14cApr 17LPMS Intrasquad
5.-Alexander Mitev
Jonathan Shaw
Brandon Penn
Justin Osborn
53.84cMay 8Cheldelin Cougar Track Me..
6.-Charles Dearing
Alan Osborn
Devin Bridge
Nolan Hansen
54.34cApr 17LPMS Intrasquad
7.-Joel Dodson
Taz Thenell
Tyler Murphy
Steven Cespedes
54.54cMay 8Cheldelin Cougar Track Me..
8.-Taz Thenell
Joel Dodson
Tyler Murphy
Parker Waid
55.24cMay 1Raider Challenge--Jr. Hig..
9.-Alexander Mitev
Jonathan Shaw
Charles Dearing
Devin Bridge
55.94cMay 1Raider Challenge--Jr. Hig..
10.-Jonathan Shaw
Justin Whitton
Nathan Shaw
Alexander Mitev
59.04cApr 17LPMS Intrasquad
11.-Hayden Bialek
Sabastian Frei
Jimmy Spiegelberg
Alan Osborn
64.64cApr 17LPMS Intrasquad
12.-Hayden Bialek
Sabastian Frei
Nathan Shaw
Alan Osborn
64.84cMay 8Cheldelin Cougar Track Me..
13.-Jimmy Spiegelberg
Sabastian Frei
Nathan Shaw
Alan Osborn
65.14cMay 1Raider Challenge--Jr. Hig..
4x400 Relay
1.-Brandon Penn
Joey Spiegelberg
Justin Osborn
Nicholas Ingalls
4:07.7May 31Middle School State Meet
2.-Charles Dearing
Alexander Mitev
Brandon Penn
Justin Osborn
4:19.1Apr 24Spartan Challenge
3.-Charles Dearing
Brandon Penn
Justin Osborn
Alexander Mitev
4:23.3May 8Cheldelin Cougar Track Me..
4.-Brandon Penn
Alexander Mitev
Justin Osborn
Joey Spiegelberg
4:31.3May 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
5.-Relay Team 5:09.3Apr 24Spartan Challenge
Shot Put - 8lb
1.8Alex Brown34' 8May 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
2.7Logan Hubert30' 7May 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
3.7Alexander Kolodziej26' 9May 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
4.7Jackson Brenner-Smith25' 6May 1Raider Challenge--Jr. Hig..
5.7Brian Hollis24' 11May 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
6.7Ryan Wood20' 2Apr 17LPMS Intrasquad
7.6Sam Dailey18' 6May 8Cheldelin Cougar Track Me..
Softball Throw
1.7Joel Dodson164' 2May 1Raider Challenge--Jr. Hig..
2.7Cole Barnett133' 0May 8Cheldelin Cougar Track Me..
3.7Keet "JJ" Dailey128' 0May 8Cheldelin Cougar Track Me..
4.7Ryan Wood122' 10May 1Raider Challenge--Jr. Hig..
5.7Alexander Kolodziej94' 8Apr 17LPMS Intrasquad
6.7Logan Hubert93' 4Apr 17LPMS Intrasquad
7.7Brian Hollis91' 0May 8Cheldelin Cougar Track Me..
8.6Nathan Shaw84' 4May 1Raider Challenge--Jr. Hig..
9.6Matt Johnson73' 8Apr 17LPMS Intrasquad
10.6Sam Dailey61' 4Apr 17LPMS Intrasquad
Discus - 1kg
1.8Jacob Malaska100' 0Apr 23Phlmth, Sntm Chrstn, Swt ..
2.8Alex Brown95' 3May 8Cheldelin Cougar Track Me..
3.7Patrick Demaree88' 5Apr 17LPMS Intrasquad
4.8Atef Chaudhury83' 4May 1Raider Challenge--Jr. Hig..
5.8Quincy Levien74' 2Apr 23Phlmth, Sntm Chrstn, Swt ..
6.8Trevor Wurster63' 6Apr 24Spartan Challenge
7.6Sam Dailey58' 8Apr 17LPMS Intrasquad
High Jump
1.8Nolan Hansen5' 3Apr 17LPMS Intrasquad
2.8Steven Cespedes5' 2May 31Middle School State Meet
3.8Robin Bonine5' 0Apr 17LPMS Intrasquad
4.8Atef Chaudhury4' 6May 1Raider Challenge--Jr. Hig..
8Jacob Malaska4' 6May 8Cheldelin Cougar Track Me..
7Joel Dodson4' 6May 1Raider Challenge--Jr. Hig..
7Cole Barnett4' 6May 8Cheldelin Cougar Track Me..
8.8Quincy Levien4' 4May 1Raider Challenge--Jr. Hig..
9.6Necole Lee4' 1May 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
10.6Dakota Johnson4' 0May 1Raider Challenge--Jr. Hig..
6Levi Cooper4' 0Apr 17LPMS Intrasquad
12.6Braxton Griffith3' 10May 1Raider Challenge--Jr. Hig..
6Ryan Pomeroy3' 10May 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
14.6Zack Wilson3' 8May 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
6Erik Bourque3' 8May 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
8Trevor Wurster3' 8May 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
17.7Brian Hollis3' 6May 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
Long Jump
1.8Nolan Hansen18' 0.5May 31Middle School State Meet
2.8Jonathan Shaw15' 7May 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
3.8Alexander Mitev14' 2May 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
4.7Taz Thenell14' 1Apr 24Spartan Challenge
5.8Alex Brown13' 11Apr 17LPMS Intrasquad
6.7Joel Dodson12' 7Apr 24Spartan Challenge
7Nathan Drahn12' 7May 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
8.7Quentin Albright12' 6May 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
9.7Parker Waid12' 3Apr 17LPMS Intrasquad
10.7Logan Hubert12' 1Apr 24Spartan Challenge
11.7Cole Barnett11' 11May 1Raider Challenge--Jr. Hig..
12.6Ryan Pomeroy11' 10Apr 24Spartan Challenge
13.6Luke Cassady11' 6May 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
14.7Jackson Brenner-Smith11' 0May 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
15.6Nathan Shaw10' 9May 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
16.6Levi Cooper10' 3Apr 17LPMS Intrasquad
17.6Dakota Johnson10' 2Apr 24Spartan Challenge
18.6Erik Bourque9' 6May 8Cheldelin Cougar Track Me..
19.6Steven Ervin8' 8May 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
20.6Josh Peck4' 9May 1Raider Challenge--Jr. Hig..


100 Meters
1.8Megan King13.34cMay 8Cheldelin Cougar Track Me..
2.7Jaclyn Zalesky13.94cMay 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
3.7Tela Caul14.14cMay 8Cheldelin Cougar Track Me..
4.7Deseree Brown14.24cMay 1Raider Challenge--Jr. Hig..
5.8Maile Wu14.64cApr 23Phlmth, Sntm Chrstn, Swt ..
6.8Erin McCown14.74cMay 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
6Maya Van Londen14.74cMay 1Raider Challenge--Jr. Hig..
8.8Nicole Witzke14.94cMay 1Raider Challenge--Jr. Hig..
9.7Sarah Eckert15.04cMay 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
10.7Kirstie Ferguson15.04cApr 24Spartan Challenge
11.8Kellyn Nelson15.14cMay 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
7Malika Waschmann15.14cApr 17LPMS Intrasquad
13.6Grace Spaulding15.24cMay 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
8Zoe Frost15.24cMay 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
15.6Kendall Dalton15.34cMay 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
7Kiana Rust15.34cMay 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
7Tessa Gourley15.34cApr 17LPMS Intrasquad
18.7Kaylene Rust15.44cMay 1Raider Challenge--Jr. Hig..
6Ashley Ulriksen15.44cMay 1Raider Challenge--Jr. Hig..
20.6Daphnie Dupray15.64cMay 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
6Sarah Cox15.64cMay 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
22.6Rachel Regan15.74cMay 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
23.7Lindsay Taylor15.94cMay 1Raider Challenge--Jr. Hig..
24.7Nichole Altheide16.04cMay 1Raider Challenge--Jr. Hig..
8Sarah Fields16.04cApr 24Spartan Challenge
26.6Dorris Nitson16.24cMay 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
27.7Brittni Rugrebregt16.34cMay 1Raider Challenge--Jr. Hig..
8Rose Baunach16.34cMay 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
29.8Marie LeRoux16.54cMay 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
6Mersedes Engle16.54cApr 17LPMS Intrasquad
31.6Tayler Walker16.84cMay 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
32.6Brooke Crump17.04cApr 24Spartan Challenge
33.6Tessa Jelten17.14cMay 8Cheldelin Cougar Track Me..
6Jenica Neuffer17.14cMay 1Raider Challenge--Jr. Hig..
35.6Lindsay Fleck17.54cMay 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
36.6Yvonne Lopez-Swing17.74cMay 1Raider Challenge--Jr. Hig..
37.6Cariah Bauer17.84cApr 24Spartan Challenge
38.6Claire Bynum18.14cMay 1Raider Challenge--Jr. Hig..
39.6Clare Briggs18.24cMay 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
40.6Cynthia Cruz-Sanchez18.54cApr 17LPMS Intrasquad
200 Meters
1.8Megan King26.94cMay 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
2.7Tela Caul29.14cMay 31Middle School State Meet
3.7Jaclyn Zalesky29.64cMay 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
4.7Tessa Gourley29.84cMay 1Raider Challenge--Jr. Hig..
5.7Kira Sussman30.24cMay 31Middle School State Meet
6.7Malika Waschmann30.34cApr 24Spartan Challenge
7.8Maile Wu31.44cApr 24Spartan Challenge
8.8Kellyn Nelson31.84cMay 8Cheldelin Cougar Track Me..
9.8Erin McCown32.24cMay 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
10.7Adrienne Vallancey-Martinson32.84cMay 1Raider Challenge--Jr. Hig..
11.6Mersedes Engle33.44cMay 1Raider Challenge--Jr. Hig..
12.6Grace Spaulding33.54cMay 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
13.6Rachel Regan35.74cApr 24Spartan Challenge
14.7Patricia Proch39.84cApr 17LPMS Intrasquad
400 Meters
1.7Malika Waschmann67.74cApr 24Spartan Challenge
2.7Tessa Gourley69.34cMay 31Middle School State Meet
3.7Kira Sussman71.64cMay 31Middle School State Meet
4.6Lindsay Fleck1:44.14cMay 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
5.6Claire Bynum1:50.14cMay 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
800 Meters
1.8Brigid Behrens2:32.6May 31Middle School State Meet
2.8Chloe Donegan2:44.2May 31Middle School State Meet
3.7Patricia Proch3:13.0May 1Raider Challenge--Jr. Hig..
1500 Meters
1.8Brigid Behrens5:04.9May 8Cheldelin Cougar Track Me..
2.8Chloe Donegan5:32.5May 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
3.8Isabel Goñi-McAteer5:37.7May 8Cheldelin Cougar Track Me..
4.6Emily Klammer6:21.7May 8Cheldelin Cougar Track Me..
3000 Meters
1.8Isabel Goñi-McAteer12:54.5May 8Cheldelin Cougar Track Me..
100m Hurdles - 30"
1.7Malika Waschmann18.14cMay 31Middle School State Meet
2.7Jaclyn Zalesky18.74cMay 8Cheldelin Cougar Track Me..
7Tela Caul18.74cMay 8Cheldelin Cougar Track Me..
4.6Maya Van Londen19.74cMay 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
5.6Kendall Dalton19.84cMay 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
6.7Deseree Brown20.34cMay 1Raider Challenge--Jr. Hig..
7.7Mariah Anders20.44cMay 8Cheldelin Cougar Track Me..
8.6Ashley Ulriksen20.54cMay 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
7Kiana Rust20.54cApr 24Spartan Challenge
8Maile Wu20.54cMay 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
11.6Rachel Regan20.64cMay 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
12.7Tiana Duncan20.64cMay 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
13.6Dorris Nitson21.24cMay 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
6Jenica Neuffer21.24cMay 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
15.7Kirstie Ferguson21.54cApr 17LPMS Intrasquad
16.7Nichole Altheide22.04cMay 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
17.7Hailey Staiger22.14cApr 24Spartan Challenge
18.7Hanna Zarnegin22.34cMay 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
19.6Megan Zachariasen22.64cMay 8Cheldelin Cougar Track Me..
20.7Sarah Eckert22.94cApr 17LPMS Intrasquad
21.7Adrienne Vallancey-Martinson23.04cApr 17LPMS Intrasquad
22.6Mersedes Engle23.14cMay 1Raider Challenge--Jr. Hig..
23.6Grace Spaulding24.14cApr 24Spartan Challenge
24.7Lindsay Taylor25.34cMay 8Cheldelin Cougar Track Me..
25.6Cynthia Cruz-Sanchez28.94cApr 17LPMS Intrasquad
26.7Jessica Bonine33.04cApr 17LPMS Intrasquad
4x100 Relay
1.-Jaclyn Zalesky
Megan King
Tela Caul
Tessa Gourley
53.54cMay 31Middle School State Meet
2.-Jaclyn Zalesky
Tela Caul
Tessa Gourley
Megan King
54.84cMay 1Raider Challenge--Jr. Hig..
3.-Nicole Witzke
Rose Baunach
Kellyn Nelson
Maile Wu
59.24cMay 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
4.-Kira Sussman
Maile Wu
Kellyn Nelson
Nicole Witzke
59.64cApr 17LPMS Intrasquad
5.-Rose Baunach
Zoe Frost
Nicole Witzke
Maile Wu
60.44cMay 8Cheldelin Cougar Track Me..
6.-Zoe Frost
Rose Baunach
Maile Wu
Nicole Witzke
61.14cMay 1Raider Challenge--Jr. Hig..
7.-Sarah Eckert
Kirstie Ferguson
Hailey Staiger
Mariah Anders
61.94cMay 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
8.-Sarah Eckert
Abby Schroff
Hailey Staiger
Mariah Anders
62.24cMay 1Raider Challenge--Jr. Hig..
9.-Deseree Brown
Kiana Rust
Kaylene Rust
Lindsay Taylor
62.64cMay 8Cheldelin Cougar Track Me..
10.-Lindsay Taylor
Deseree Brown
Kiana Rust
Kaylene Rust
62.74cMay 1Raider Challenge--Jr. Hig..
11.-Lindsay Taylor
Deseree Brown
Kaylene Rust
Kiana Rust
64.14cApr 17LPMS Intrasquad
12.-Mariah Anders
Abby Schroff
Hailey Staiger
Sarah Eckert
64.64cMay 8Cheldelin Cougar Track Me..
13.-Mariah Anders
Sarah Eckert
Abby Schroff
Hailey Staiger
64.84cApr 17LPMS Intrasquad
14.-Tessa Jelten
Jenica Neuffer
Maya Van Londen
Calli Layton
66.14cMay 8Cheldelin Cougar Track Me..
15.-Grace Spaulding
Tessa Jelten
Jenica Neuffer
Maya Van Londen
67.14cMay 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
16.-Sarah Cox
Doris Nitson
Cynthia Cruz-Sanchez
Jenica Neuffer
68.54cApr 17LPMS Intrasquad
17.-Tessa Jelten
Calli Layton
Jenica Neuffer
Doris Nitson
73.14cMay 1Raider Challenge--Jr. Hig..
4x400 Relay
1.-Brigid Behrens
Chloe Donegan
Megan King
Malika Waschmann
4:31.7May 31Middle School State Meet
2.-Brigid Behrens
Chloe Donegan
Maile Wu
Megan King
4:39.7May 1Raider Challenge--Jr. Hig..
3.-Maile Wu
Brigid Behrens
Chloe Donegan
Megan King
4:47.4May 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
4.-Maile Wu
Chloe Donegan
Megan King
Brigid Behrens
4:48.5May 8Cheldelin Cougar Track Me..
5.-Jaclyn Zalesky
Kira Sussman
Tessa Gourley
Malika Waschmann
4:55.3Apr 24Spartan Challenge
6.-Kira Sussman
Jaclyn Zalesky
Malika Waschmann
Tessa Gourley
5:10.0May 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
7.-Relay Team 5:10.2Apr 24Spartan Challenge
Shot Put - 8lb
1.8Taylor Derrick28' 5May 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
2.8Heidi Schy25' 9Apr 17LPMS Intrasquad
3.6Annie Waldrop24' 3May 1Raider Challenge--Jr. Hig..
4.6Katie Emmons22' 3May 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
5.6Kelsey Bemoll20' 9May 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
6.6Michaela Brown20' 8May 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
7.8Ashllie Mulrooney18' 3Apr 17LPMS Intrasquad
8.7Natasha Bogdanovic16' 10May 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
9.6Miranda Acree16' 5May 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
Softball Throw
1.8Zoe Frost138' 2May 1Raider Challenge--Jr. Hig..
2.8Taylor Derrick136' 0May 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
3.6Katie Emmons116' 0May 8Cheldelin Cougar Track Me..
4.7Abigail Schroff108' 9May 1Raider Challenge--Jr. Hig..
5.6Daphnie Dupray107' 0May 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
6.8Sarah Fields105' 5Apr 24Spartan Challenge
7.6Kelsey Bemoll98' 10Apr 24Spartan Challenge
8.6Annie Waldrop97' 0May 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
9.6Michaela Brown95' 0May 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
10.8Heidi Schy93' 2Apr 17LPMS Intrasquad
11.6Sarah Cox90' 6May 8Cheldelin Cougar Track Me..
12.7Nichole Altheide82' 0May 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
13.6Yvonne Lopez-Swing80' 0May 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
14.6Lindsay Fleck73' 0May 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
15.6Claire Bynum71' 6May 8Cheldelin Cougar Track Me..
16.8Ashllie Mulrooney65' 8Apr 17LPMS Intrasquad
17.6Cariah Bauer65' 6May 8Cheldelin Cougar Track Me..
18.6Miranda Acree58' 1Apr 24Spartan Challenge
19.7Natasha Bogdanovic57' 10May 1Raider Challenge--Jr. Hig..
20.6Calli Layton55' 0May 8Cheldelin Cougar Track Me..
21.6Tapanga Windom54' 0May 8Cheldelin Cougar Track Me..
22.6Rachel Ponstein33' 0May 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
Discus - 1kg
1.8Taylor Derrick58' 6.5May 1Raider Challenge--Jr. Hig..
2.6Katie Emmons45' 8May 1Raider Challenge--Jr. Hig..
3.6Kelsey Bemoll36' 8May 8Cheldelin Cougar Track Me..
High Jump
1.7Adrienne Vallancey-Martinson4' 8May 31Middle School State Meet
2.6Maya Van Londen4' 3May 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
3.7Malika Waschmann4' 2Apr 17LPMS Intrasquad
4.8Zoe Meehan4' 1May 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
5.6Brooke Crump3' 10May 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
6Annie Waldrop3' 10Apr 17LPMS Intrasquad
7.6Lliabeth Ortiz3' 8May 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
8.6Tayler Walker3' 6Apr 24Spartan Challenge
6Michaela Brown3' 6May 1Raider Challenge--Jr. Hig..
6Clare Briggs3' 6May 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
7Natasha Bogdanovic3' 6Apr 24Spartan Challenge
7Jeny Marquez3' 6May 1Raider Challenge--Jr. Hig..
Long Jump
1.7Kaylene Rust13' 5May 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
2.6Maya Van Londen12' 7May 8Cheldelin Cougar Track Me..
8Zoe Frost12' 7May 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
4.7Tiana Duncan11' 11May 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
5.8Marie LeRoux11' 9May 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
6.8Nicole Witzke11' 7May 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
7Brittni Rugrebregt11' 7May 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
8.8Maile Wu11' 6.5May 1Raider Challenge--Jr. Hig..
7Mariah Anders11' 6.5May 1Raider Challenge--Jr. Hig..
10.6Daphnie Dupray11' 4May 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
11.8Rose Baunach10' 11May 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
12.7Sarah Evans10' 8May 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
13.6Emily Klammer10' 6Apr 17LPMS Intrasquad
14.8Zoe Meehan10' 5.5May 1Raider Challenge--Jr. Hig..
15.6Tessa Jelten10' 3May 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
7Jeny Marquez10' 3May 8Cheldelin Cougar Track Me..
17.7Nichole Altheide10' 2Apr 17LPMS Intrasquad
18.6Lliabeth Ortiz9' 6May 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
19.7Patricia Proch9' 4Apr 17LPMS Intrasquad
20.6Yvonne Lopez-Swing9' 2Apr 17LPMS Intrasquad
21.7Aleydi Lopez9' 1May 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
22.7Jessica Bonine7' 11May 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
23.8Danielle Elliot7' 9May 8Cheldelin Cougar Track Me..
6Calli Layton7' 9May 1Raider Challenge--Jr. Hig..
25.6Carol Moreno7' 1May 15Linus Pauling Corvallis C..
26.7Natasha Bogdanovic6' 4Apr 17LPMS Intrasquad
27.6Kara Smartt5' 7Apr 17LPMS Intrasquad

* = Recent improvement

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