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Linus Pauling MS

    Pride - Corvallis, OR

Event Records

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100 Meters
1.8Hunter Mattson12.14cApr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
2.8Alex Anglemier12.44cApr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
3.8Lance Peterson12.84cApr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
4.8Jake Kreager12.94cMay 3Tri-County @ Philomath (C..
5.8Johnny Rodriguez13.16aMay 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
6.8Allen Tan13.24cApr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
7.8Quincy Johnson13.34cApr 5Tri-County @ Mark Twain (..
8.8Saul Contreras-Arredondo13.84cApr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
6Griffin Nickerson13.84cMay 3Tri-County @ Philomath (C..
10.7Nash Bauder14.07aMay 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
11.7Thomas Upper14.24cApr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
12.8Jose Lopez -Espinoza14.34cApr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
13.6Eugene Davis14.54cApr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
7Payton Lommers14.54cApr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
15.7Brandon Cruz14.74cMay 3Tri-County @ Philomath (C..
16.7Carlos Ramos14.84cApr 17Tri-County @ Sweet Home (..
17.6Dylan Heppell14.94cApr 5Tri-County @ Mark Twain (..
18.8Cole Hansen15.04cApr 11Tri-County @ Cascade (Lin..
8Brian Ixtlahuac15.04cApr 17Tri-County @ Sweet Home (..
7Braedon Moore-Price15.04cApr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
21.7Andrew Kurapov15.05aMay 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
22.7Eli Yoder15.09aMay 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
23.7Zach Johnson15.14cApr 5Tri-County @ Mark Twain (..
24.7Robert Daley15.34cApr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
25.7Zachary Webb15.54cApr 17Tri-County @ Sweet Home (..
7Julio Refugio15.54cApr 5Tri-County @ Mark Twain (..
27.6Ben Templeton15.74cApr 5Tri-County @ Mark Twain (..
28.7Ryan Frederickson16.04cApr 5Tri-County @ Mark Twain (..
29.7Allie Padman16.14cMay 3Tri-County @ Philomath (C..
30.6Adilet Tursynbay17.04cApr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
31.7Corbin Mumford17.14cApr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
32.6Tanner Campbell18.24cApr 11Tri-County @ Cascade (Lin..
200 Meters
1.8Hunter Mattson24.94aMay 24Mid-Valley Meet of Champi..
2.8Alex Anglemier26.14cMay 3Tri-County @ Philomath (C..
3.8Johnny Rodriguez27.20aMay 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
4.8Kainoa McFadden28.24cApr 11Tri-County @ Cascade (Lin..
5.8Saul Contreras-Arredondo28.82aMay 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
6.6Griffin Nickerson28.94cApr 11Tri-County @ Cascade (Lin..
7.7Nash Bauder29.04cApr 11Tri-County @ Cascade (Lin..
8.8Jose Lopez -Espinoza29.44cApr 11Tri-County @ Cascade (Lin..
9.6Dylan Heppell29.74cApr 11Tri-County @ Cascade (Lin..
10.7Carlos Ramos30.14cApr 17Tri-County @ Sweet Home (..
11.7Payton Lommers30.44cApr 17Tri-County @ Sweet Home (..
12.7Zach Johnson32.14cApr 5Tri-County @ Mark Twain (..
13.7Andrew Kurapov32.24cApr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
7Julio Refugio32.24cApr 17Tri-County @ Sweet Home (..
15.7Ryan Frederickson33.47aMay 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
16.6Adilet Tursynbay36.21aMay 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
17.6Duncan Freeman38.34cMay 3Tri-County @ Philomath (C..
400 Meters
1.8Nick Uebel59.14cApr 11Tri-County @ Cascade (Lin..
2.8Jose Lopez -Espinoza64.04cMay 3Tri-County @ Philomath (C..
3.8Gavin Bomber65.94cApr 17Tri-County @ Sweet Home (..
4.6Parker Wright68.14cApr 17Tri-County @ Sweet Home (..
5.7Braedon Moore-Price68.34cApr 11Tri-County @ Cascade (Lin..
6.6Dylan Heppell68.84cApr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
7.7Zachary Webb71.03aMay 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
8.6Ben Templeton74.14cMay 3Tri-County @ Philomath (C..
9.7Ward Nelson75.04cApr 5Tri-County @ Mark Twain (..
10.6Ian Vickstrom80.04cApr 17Tri-County @ Sweet Home (..
11.6Duncan Freeman80.14cApr 11Tri-County @ Cascade (Lin..
12.6Robbie Ower80.24cMay 3Tri-County @ Philomath (C..
13.8Marshall Mabee83.14cApr 11Tri-County @ Cascade (Lin..
14.8Joe Kim87.14cApr 17Tri-County @ Sweet Home (..
15.6Nicholas Shank89.32aMay 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
16.6Chad Crook89.95aMay 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
17.6Paul LimDNSMay 3Tri-County @ Philomath (C..
6Eugene DavisNTApr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
400 Meters - Relay Split
1.8Jake Kreager58.00May 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
2.8Nick Uebel60.50May 24Mid-Valley Meet of Champi..
3.8Jose Lopez -Espinoza63.30May 24Mid-Valley Meet of Champi..
4.8Kainoa McFadden64.80May 24Mid-Valley Meet of Champi..
5.8Gavin Bomber66.00May 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
6.7Jackson Tegan70.00Apr 11Tri-County @ Cascade (Lin..
6Dylan Heppell70.00May 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
8.8Daniel Neuffer71.00Apr 17Tri-County @ Sweet Home (..
6Parker Wright71.00Apr 11Tri-County @ Cascade (Lin..
10.6Ben Templeton75.00Apr 17Tri-County @ Sweet Home (..
11.6Eugene Davis76.00Apr 17Tri-County @ Sweet Home (..
12.6Ian Vickstrom79.00Apr 17Tri-County @ Sweet Home (..
800 Meters
1.8Nick Uebel2:13.80May 3Tri-County @ Philomath (C..
2.8Gavin Bomber2:22.34aMay 24Mid-Valley Meet of Champi..
3.7Jackson Tegan2:39.60May 3Tri-County @ Philomath (C..
4.6Parker Wright2:43.20Apr 17Tri-County @ Sweet Home (..
5.8Jesse Marley2:43.55aMay 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
6.6Robbie Ower2:45.10aMay 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
7.6Ben Templeton2:47.10aMay 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
8.6Parker Hamel2:48.80Apr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
9.7Case Regan2:55.00Apr 11Tri-County @ Cascade (Lin..
10.6Harrison Marshall3:01.60Apr 11Tri-County @ Cascade (Lin..
11.7Joe Hall3:02.80Apr 5Tri-County @ Mark Twain (..
12.6Ian Vickstrom3:03.10Apr 5Tri-County @ Mark Twain (..
13.8Joe Kim3:07.74aMay 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
14.8Zachary Lee3:09.88aMay 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
15.6Paul Lim3:10.20Apr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
16.6Duncan Freeman3:21.90Apr 5Tri-County @ Mark Twain (..
17.6Chad Crook3:24.80May 3Tri-County @ Philomath (C..
18.6Tevan Chinsangaram3:29.10Apr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
19.8Hunter Hale3:39.70Apr 5Tri-County @ Mark Twain (..
20.6Nicholas Shank3:43.20Apr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
1500 Meters
1.8Nick Uebel4:33.09aMay 24Mid-Valley Meet of Champi..
2.8Gavin Bomber4:44.49aMay 24Mid-Valley Meet of Champi..
3.6Parker Wright5:05.71aMay 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
4.7Jackson Tegan5:09.65aMay 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
5.8Jesse Marley5:26.01aMay 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
6.8Jake Kreager5:28.90Apr 5Tri-County @ Mark Twain (..
7.8Jose Lopez -Espinoza5:29.00Apr 5Tri-County @ Mark Twain (..
8.8Marshall Mabee5:30.90Apr 5Tri-County @ Mark Twain (..
9.6Ben Templeton5:38.40May 3Tri-County @ Philomath (C..
10.6Parker Hamel5:41.60Apr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
11.6Robbie Ower5:42.80May 3Tri-County @ Philomath (C..
12.7Zach Johnson5:43.00Apr 17Tri-County @ Sweet Home (..
13.7Case Regan5:47.90Apr 5Tri-County @ Mark Twain (..
14.6Ian Vickstrom5:49.20Apr 17Tri-County @ Sweet Home (..
15.7Ryan Frederickson5:53.00May 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
16.6Evan Howe5:54.30Apr 17Tri-County @ Sweet Home (..
17.7Payton Lommers5:56.70May 3Tri-County @ Philomath (C..
18.6Paul Lim6:00.20May 3Tri-County @ Philomath (C..
19.8Joe Kim6:02.40May 3Tri-County @ Philomath (C..
20.6Adilet Tursynbay6:23.70Apr 17Tri-County @ Sweet Home (..
21.6Harrison Marshall6:27.04aMay 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
22.6Tevan Chinsangaram6:33.00May 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
3000 Meters
1.8Gavin Bomber10:43.30Apr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
2.8Jesse Marley11:44.60May 3Tri-County @ Philomath (C..
3.8Jose Lopez -Espinoza12:23.50May 3Tri-County @ Philomath (C..
4.7Jackson Tegan12:42.30Apr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
5.7Zach Johnson13:05.20Apr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
6.7Ryan Frederickson13:05.40Apr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
7.6Ian Vickstrom14:18.70Apr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
8.6Tevan Chinsangaram14:21.10May 3Tri-County @ Philomath (C..
9.7Case ReganSCRApr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
8Joe KimSCRApr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
100m Hurdles - 30"
1.8Kainoa McFadden16.94cApr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
2.8Quincy Johnson17.33aMay 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
3.8Daniel Neuffer17.34cApr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
4.7Zach Johnson18.46aMay 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
5.7Payton Lommers19.24cApr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
6.7Drew Dody21.44cApr 11Tri-County @ Cascade (Lin..
7.7Allie Padman21.90aMay 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
8.6Eugene Davis22.04cApr 5Tri-County @ Mark Twain (..
9.6Adilet Tursynbay23.01aMay 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
10.8Marshall Mabee23.21aMay 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
11.6Tanner Campbell24.54cApr 17Tri-County @ Sweet Home (..
4x100 Relay
1.-Johnny Rodriguez
Allen Tan
Lance Peterson
Hunter Mattson
48.50aMay 24Mid-Valley Meet of Champi..
2.-Alex Anglemier
Jake Kreager
Hunter Mattson
Lance Peterson
49.06aMay 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
3.-Alex Anglemier
Lance Peterson
Hunter Mattson
Allen Tan
49.74cMay 3Tri-County @ Philomath (C..
4.-Alex Anglemier
Hunter Mattson
Allen Tan
Lance Peterson
50.14cApr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
5.-Allen Tan
Alex Anglemier
Hunter Mattson
Lance Peterson
50.74cApr 17Tri-County @ Sweet Home (..
6.-Alex Anglemier
Lance Peterson
Allen Tan
Nick Uebel
51.54cApr 11Tri-County @ Cascade (Lin..
7.-Nick Uebel
Alex Anglemier
Allen Tan
Lance Peterson
52.14cApr 5Tri-County @ Mark Twain (..
8.-Saul Contreras-Arredondo
Johnny Rodriguez
Jose Lopez -Espinoza
Jake Kreager
52.74cMay 3Tri-County @ Philomath (C..
9.-Saul Contreras-Arredondo
Jose Lopez -Espinoza
Johnny Rodriguez
Allen Tan
52.78aMay 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
-Relay Team 52.78aMay 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
11.-Nash Bauder
Kainoa McFadden
Saul Contreras-Arredondo
Jose Lopez -Espinoza
54.24cApr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
12.-Robert Daley
Eli Yoder
Brandon Cruz
Nash Bauder
56.16aMay 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
13.-Nash Bauder
Payton Lommers
Andrew Kurapov
Robert Daley
56.34cMay 3Tri-County @ Philomath (C..
14.-Eugene Davis
Griffin Nickerson
Dylan Heppell
Ben Templeton
57.22aMay 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
15.-Ben Templeton
Eugene Davis
Dylan Heppell
Griffin Nickerson
57.54cMay 3Tri-County @ Philomath (C..
16.-Dylan Heppell
Griffin Nickerson
Ben Templeton
Eugene Davis
58.54cApr 17Tri-County @ Sweet Home (..
17.-Eugene Davis
Dylan Heppell
Griffin Nickerson
Ben Templeton
58.74cApr 11Tri-County @ Cascade (Lin..
18.-Nash Bauder
Andrew Kurapov
Julio Refugio
Thomas Upper
59.04cApr 11Tri-County @ Cascade (Lin..
19.-Robert Daley
Braedon Moore-Price
Jackson Tegan
Thomas Upper
59.34cApr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
20.-Tanner Campbell
Tevan Chinsangaram
Paul Lim
Adilet Tursynbay
70.14cApr 11Tri-County @ Cascade (Lin..
21.-Thomas Upper
Julio Refugio
Robert Daley
Braedon Moore-Price
NTApr 17Tri-County @ Sweet Home (..
4x400 Relay
1.-Jose Lopez -Espinoza
Kainoa McFadden
Gavin Bomber
Nick Uebel
4:14.90aMay 24Mid-Valley Meet of Champi..
2.-Kainoa McFadden
Jake Kreager
Gavin Bomber
Nick Uebel
4:15.10May 3Tri-County @ Philomath (C..
3.-Kainoa McFadden
Jose Lopez -Espinoza
Jake Kreager
Nick Uebel
4:15.66aMay 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
4.-Gavin Bomber
Daniel Neuffer
Nick Uebel
Jake Kreager
4:20.20Apr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
5.-Daniel Neuffer
Gavin Bomber
Jake Kreager
Nick Uebel
4:21.60Apr 17Tri-County @ Sweet Home (..
6.-Dylan Heppell
Daniel Neuffer
Jackson Tegan
Gavin Bomber
4:40.44aMay 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
7.-Daniel Neuffer
Parker Wright
Jackson Tegan
Gavin Bomber
4:41.70Apr 11Tri-County @ Cascade (Lin..
8.-Ben Templeton
Dylan Heppell
Eugene Davis
Ian Vickstrom
5:05.40Apr 17Tri-County @ Sweet Home (..
Shot Put - 8lb
1.8Gabriel Castaneda41' 3.00May 24Mid-Valley Meet of Champi..
2.8Lance Peterson35' 7.00May 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
3.8Jake Kreager33' 4.00May 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
4.8Allen Tan30' 3.00May 3Tri-County @ Philomath (C..
5.8Kainoa McFadden26' 6.00Apr 11Tri-County @ Cascade (Lin..
6.8Bryce Outland25' 8.00Apr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
7.7Laurin Suchaneck24' 4.50May 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
8.7Nick Rolen24' 4.00Apr 17Tri-County @ Sweet Home (..
9.7Ward Nelson23' 3.00May 3Tri-County @ Philomath (C..
10.7Reve Cook21' 7.00May 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
11.7Jacob Strittholt21' 5.00Apr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
12.8Ghaith Shan20' 9.00May 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
13.6Joel Carrillo20' 1.00Apr 17Tri-County @ Sweet Home (..
14.6Hadi Shan19' 10.00Apr 5Tri-County @ Mark Twain (..
15.7Sam Navarro19' 0.00Apr 5Tri-County @ Mark Twain (..
16.7Glenn Petersen18' 3.00Apr 11Tri-County @ Cascade (Lin..
17.6Alex Szeto16' 3.00Apr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
18.6Chad Crook14' 3.00Apr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
19.6Nicholas Shank14' 1.00Apr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
20.7Eli YoderNDApr 17Tri-County @ Sweet Home (..
Discus - 1kg
1.8Gabriel Castaneda103' 0.00Apr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
2.8Bryce Outland80' 11.00Apr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
3.8Lance Peterson79' 3.00Apr 11Tri-County @ Cascade (Lin..
4.8Hunter Mattson79' 0.00Apr 11Tri-County @ Cascade (Lin..
5.7Nick Rolen63' 10.00May 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
6.7Reve Cook63' 6.00May 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
7.7Ward Nelson62' 0.00May 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
8.8Jake Kreager61' 0.00Apr 11Tri-County @ Cascade (Lin..
9.7Jacob Strittholt59' 3.00Apr 17Tri-County @ Sweet Home (..
10.7Laurin Suchaneck55' 3.00Apr 5Tri-County @ Mark Twain (..
11.6Chad Crook51' 6.00May 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
12.6Nicholas Shank50' 2.00Apr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
13.6Hadi Shan48' 9.00Apr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
14.7Sam Navarro47' 5.00Apr 5Tri-County @ Mark Twain (..
15.7Glenn Petersen44' 4.00Apr 11Tri-County @ Cascade (Lin..
8Ghaith Shan44' 4.00May 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
17.6Joel Carrillo43' 10.00Apr 17Tri-County @ Sweet Home (..
18.6Alex Szeto39' 10.00Apr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
19.7Eli YoderNDApr 17Tri-County @ Sweet Home (..
High Jump
1.8Bill Evans4' 10.00Apr 5Tri-County @ Mark Twain (..
2.6Parker Wright4' 4.00May 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
3.7Brandon Cruz3' 10.00Apr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
7Corbin Mumford3' 10.00Apr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
8Zachary Lee3' 10.00Apr 17Tri-County @ Sweet Home (..
6.6Tanner Campbell3' 8.00Apr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
7.6Alex Szeto3' 6.00Apr 5Tri-County @ Mark Twain (..
6Hadi Shan3' 6.00Apr 17Tri-County @ Sweet Home (..
9.7Joe HallNHApr 5Tri-County @ Mark Twain (..
8Joe KimNHMay 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
Long Jump
1.8Alex Anglemier17' 6.75May 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
2.8Allen Tan15' 10.50Apr 17Tri-County @ Sweet Home (..
3.8Kainoa McFadden14' 10.25Apr 11Tri-County @ Cascade (Lin..
4.8Bill Evans14' 7.00Apr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
5.6Griffin Nickerson14' 4.00May 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
6.8Saul Contreras-Arredondo14' 2.50Apr 17Tri-County @ Sweet Home (..
7.7Robert Daley12' 9.50May 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
8.7Brandon Cruz12' 8.00Apr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
9.7Ward Nelson12' 4.00Apr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
10.7Joe Hall11' 5.00Apr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
11.7Drew Dody11' 3.00Apr 5Tri-County @ Mark Twain (..
12.7Nick Rolen11' 2.25May 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
13.8Cole Hansen10' 9.50Apr 11Tri-County @ Cascade (Lin..
14.7Sam Navarro10' 5.00Apr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
7Carson Lengwin10' 5.00Apr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
16.7Zachary Webb10' 0.00Apr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
17.6Hadi Shan9' 8.50Apr 11Tri-County @ Cascade (Lin..
18.8Ghaith Shan9' 7.00May 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
19.6Harrison Marshall9' 5.00Apr 5Tri-County @ Mark Twain (..
20.6Tanner Campbell9' 3.00Apr 11Tri-County @ Cascade (Lin..
21.7Allie Padman9' 1.00Apr 17Tri-County @ Sweet Home (..


50 Meter Dash - Wheelchair
1.7Sydney Mattson70.64cApr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
100 Meters
1.8Keely Marvin14.24cApr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
2.6Aja Bumpus14.29aMay 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
3.7Isabel Scholz14.54cMay 3Tri-County @ Philomath (C..
4.6Kinsey Freeman14.94cMay 3Tri-County @ Philomath (C..
6Brittney Potts14.94cApr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
6.6Sydney Montesi15.04cMay 3Tri-County @ Philomath (C..
8Brinn Rich15.04cMay 3Tri-County @ Philomath (C..
8.8Maria Ingersoll15.07aMay 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
9.7Grace Corbin15.10aMay 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
10.8Abigail Shaw15.17aMay 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
11.7Adina Rutherford15.29aMay 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
12.6Maggie Hunter-Newell15.34cApr 17Tri-County @ Sweet Home (..
13.6Amelia Garza15.52aMay 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
14.8Casey Houpert15.54cApr 17Tri-County @ Sweet Home (..
15.8Nyisha Hendricks15.64cApr 11Tri-County @ Cascade (Lin..
6Ellie Harding15.64cApr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
17.6Marisa Anglemier15.74cApr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
18.8Gabriela Garza15.84cApr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
19.7Malia Allen15.95aMay 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
20.7Danielle Bowlby16.14cApr 5Tri-County @ Mark Twain (..
21.7Rachel Conner16.22aMay 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
22.7Kate Rhoades16.24cApr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
23.8Anika Holland16.34cApr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
24.6Gretchen Hale16.44cApr 5Tri-County @ Mark Twain (..
25.8Adriana Monroy16.54cApr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
26.7Sophia Garner16.64cApr 11Tri-County @ Cascade (Lin..
8Malia Becker16.64cApr 17Tri-County @ Sweet Home (..
28.8Andrea Mitev16.74cApr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
29.6Emily LeFevre16.76aMay 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
30.7Colleen Corrigan16.89aMay 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
31.7Cassady Surfleet16.94cApr 5Tri-County @ Mark Twain (..
32.6Lydia Barker17.04cApr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
33.6Ruby Anderson17.13aMay 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
34.8Maya Armour17.14cApr 5Tri-County @ Mark Twain (..
35.8Lyn Carson17.24cApr 17Tri-County @ Sweet Home (..
36.7Greta Miedema17.34cApr 11Tri-County @ Cascade (Lin..
37.7Mary Panfil17.44cApr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
38.6Chloe Carnagey17.54cMay 3Tri-County @ Philomath (C..
39.8Syrah Starnes17.64cApr 17Tri-County @ Sweet Home (..
40.7Bonnie Bribiesca17.84cApr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
41.6Brianna Brady18.64cApr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
42.6Caleigh Paup20.04cApr 11Tri-County @ Cascade (Lin..
43.7Andrea GarverNTApr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
200 Meters
1.8Clea Poklemba29.37aMay 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
2.7Alexandria Vallancey-Martinson29.84cApr 11Tri-County @ Cascade (Lin..
3.8Abigail Pittman29.94cApr 11Tri-County @ Cascade (Lin..
4.6Aja Bumpus30.44aMay 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
5.8Emma Spakoski30.54cApr 17Tri-County @ Sweet Home (..
6.7Katie Cihak31.04cApr 17Tri-County @ Sweet Home (..
7.8Libby Smith31.40aMay 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
8.8Katey Simmons31.74cApr 11Tri-County @ Cascade (Lin..
9.8Abigail Shaw32.34cApr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
10.8Maria Ingersoll32.44cApr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
11.7Grace Corbin32.66aMay 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
12.6Marisa Anglemier32.71aMay 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
13.6Ellie Harding33.01aMay 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
14.8Brinn Rich33.34cApr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
15.6Brittney Potts33.41aMay 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
16.7Malia Allen33.44cApr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
17.8Casey Houpert33.84cApr 11Tri-County @ Cascade (Lin..
18.7Andrea Garver34.05aMay 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
19.7Zeah Frederick34.14cApr 11Tri-County @ Cascade (Lin..
20.8Malia Becker34.64cApr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
21.6Emily LeFevre34.77aMay 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
22.7Greta Miedema34.84cApr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
23.8Andrea Mitev35.04cApr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
24.7Rachel Conner35.14cApr 17Tri-County @ Sweet Home (..
7Kate Rhoades35.14cMay 3Tri-County @ Philomath (C..
26.8Nyisha Hendricks35.34cApr 5Tri-County @ Mark Twain (..
8Helen Eldred35.34cMay 3Tri-County @ Philomath (C..
28.8Joann Moomaw35.84cApr 5Tri-County @ Mark Twain (..
29.7Colleen Corrigan35.94cApr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
30.8Anika Holland36.54cApr 17Tri-County @ Sweet Home (..
31.6Joanna Bacho37.34cApr 11Tri-County @ Cascade (Lin..
32.7Mary Panfil37.84cApr 17Tri-County @ Sweet Home (..
400 Meters
1.8Clea Poklemba63.16aMay 24Mid-Valley Meet of Champi..
2.8Abigail Pittman67.74cApr 17Tri-County @ Sweet Home (..
3.7Katie Cihak69.38aMay 24Mid-Valley Meet of Champi..
4.6Joanna Bacho79.32aMay 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
5.7Andrea Garver79.94aMay 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
6.8Joann Moomaw81.94cApr 17Tri-County @ Sweet Home (..
7.8Nyisha Hendricks86.10aMay 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
8.8Malia BeckerNTApr 17Tri-County @ Sweet Home (..
400 Meters - Relay Split
1.8Clea Poklemba65.30May 24Mid-Valley Meet of Champi..
2.7Alexandria Vallancey-Martinson69.00May 3Tri-County @ Philomath (C..
7Haley Wilson69.00May 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
4.8Abigail Pittman69.50May 24Mid-Valley Meet of Champi..
5.8Maria Ingersoll70.00Apr 17Tri-County @ Sweet Home (..
6.8Katey Simmons71.00May 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
7.7Katie Cihak72.00Apr 17Tri-County @ Sweet Home (..
8.7Christina Hollon73.00May 3Tri-County @ Philomath (C..
8Libby Smith73.00May 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
10.8Keely Marvin74.00May 3Tri-County @ Philomath (C..
11.6Ellie Harding76.00May 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
6Evelia Zapien Ramos76.00Apr 11Tri-County @ Cascade (Lin..
13.8Casey Houpert79.00Apr 11Tri-County @ Cascade (Lin..
14.6Joanna Bomber85.00Apr 11Tri-County @ Cascade (Lin..
6Brittney Potts85.00May 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
16.6Maya Stock86.00Apr 11Tri-County @ Cascade (Lin..
17.6Isabel Queisser1:32.00Apr 11Tri-County @ Cascade (Lin..
800 Meters
1.7Haley Wilson2:37.34aMay 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
2.7Christina Hollon2:45.00Apr 11Tri-County @ Cascade (Lin..
3.7Olivia Helback2:47.40May 3Tri-County @ Philomath (C..
4.8Emma Spakoski2:52.60May 3Tri-County @ Philomath (C..
5.7Sophia Garner2:58.41aMay 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
6.8Malia Becker2:59.80May 3Tri-County @ Philomath (C..
7.6Ellie Harding3:01.00Apr 11Tri-County @ Cascade (Lin..
6Joanna Bomber3:01.00aMay 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
9.8Samara Olvera3:07.30Apr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
10.8Casey Houpert3:10.00Apr 11Tri-County @ Cascade (Lin..
11.8Maya Armour3:10.90Apr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
12.8Hannah Harding3:11.70Apr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
13.6Maggie Hunter-Newell3:13.20Apr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
14.6Joanna Bacho3:15.00Apr 11Tri-County @ Cascade (Lin..
15.6Maya Stock3:17.00Apr 11Tri-County @ Cascade (Lin..
16.6Evelia Zapien Ramos3:18.90Apr 5Tri-County @ Mark Twain (..
17.8Helen Eldred3:27.40Apr 5Tri-County @ Mark Twain (..
18.8Libby SmithDNSMay 3Tri-County @ Philomath (C..
1500 Meters
1.7Christina Hollon5:28.50May 3Tri-County @ Philomath (C..
2.6Evelia Zapien Ramos5:44.10May 3Tri-County @ Philomath (C..
3.6Joanna Bomber6:12.25aMay 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
4.6Maya Stock6:28.10May 3Tri-County @ Philomath (C..
5.6Isabel Queisser7:15.00Apr 11Tri-County @ Cascade (Lin..
3000 Meters
1.7Christina Hollon12:20.30aMay 24Mid-Valley Meet of Champi..
2.6Evelia Zapien Ramos14:18.90Apr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
3.6Maya Stock14:23.20May 3Tri-County @ Philomath (C..
4.8Samara Olvera16:38.90Apr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
100m Hurdles - 30"
1.8Katey Simmons18.22aMay 24Mid-Valley Meet of Champi..
2.8Maria Ingersoll18.32aMay 24Mid-Valley Meet of Champi..
3.8Abigail Shaw18.36aMay 24Mid-Valley Meet of Champi..
6Kinsey Freeman18.36aMay 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
5.7Ellery Lewis18.84cMay 3Tri-County @ Philomath (C..
6.7Isabel Scholz19.89aMay 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
7.7Natalie LaFevre20.07aMay 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
8.8Nyisha Hendricks20.44cMay 3Tri-County @ Philomath (C..
9.6Ellie Harding20.63aMay 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
10.6Maggie Hunter-Newell20.73aMay 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
11.6Brittney Potts20.94cApr 11Tri-County @ Cascade (Lin..
12.8Andrea Mitev22.34cMay 3Tri-County @ Philomath (C..
6Gretchen Hale22.34cApr 17Tri-County @ Sweet Home (..
14.7Adina Rutherford22.37aMay 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
15.7Andrea Garver22.74cApr 11Tri-County @ Cascade (Lin..
16.6Chloe Carnagey23.30aMay 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
17.6Ruby Anderson23.44cMay 3Tri-County @ Philomath (C..
18.6Amelia Garza24.24cApr 5Tri-County @ Mark Twain (..
19.6Alina Gabriel24.27aMay 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
20.6Meghan Kelley24.74cApr 11Tri-County @ Cascade (Lin..
21.7Mary Panfil25.04cApr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
22.8Anika Holland27.24cApr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
23.8Gabriela Garza30.24cApr 5Tri-County @ Mark Twain (..
24.7Greta Miedema36.24cApr 5Tri-County @ Mark Twain (..
25.6Caleigh PaupNTApr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
6Marisa AnglemierDQMay 3Tri-County @ Philomath (C..
4x100 Relay
1.-Alexandria Vallancey-Martinson
Clea Poklemba
Abigail Pittman
Keely Marvin
55.30aMay 24Mid-Valley Meet of Champi..
2.-Alexandria Vallancey-Martinson
Keely Marvin
Aja Bumpus
Clea Poklemba
56.20aMay 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
3.-Brinn Rich
Katie Cihak
Kinsey Freeman
Maria Ingersoll
57.47aMay 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
4.-Gabriela Garza
Adriana Monroy
Haley Wilson
Keely Marvin
58.34cApr 11Tri-County @ Cascade (Lin..
5.-Relay Team 58.94cMay 3Tri-County @ Philomath (C..
6.-Maria Ingersoll
Clea Poklemba
Brinn Rich
Libby Smith
59.04cApr 11Tri-County @ Cascade (Lin..
-Katie Cihak
Grace Corbin
Colleen Corrigan
Christina Hollon
59.04cApr 11Tri-County @ Cascade (Lin..
8.-Katie Cihak
Natalie LaFevre
Isabel Scholz
Alexandria Vallancey-Martinson
59.14cApr 17Tri-County @ Sweet Home (..
9.-Maria Ingersoll
Brinn Rich
Clea Poklemba
Libby Smith
59.74cApr 17Tri-County @ Sweet Home (..
10.-Kinsey Freeman
Ellie Harding
Maggie Hunter-Newell
Brittney Potts
60.34cMay 3Tri-County @ Philomath (C..
11.-Brittney Potts
Maggie Hunter-Newell
Sydney Montesi
Ellie Harding
60.92aMay 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
12.-Kinsey Freeman
Ellie Harding
Marisa Anglemier
Brittney Potts
60.94cApr 17Tri-County @ Sweet Home (..
13.-Sophia Garner
Isabel Scholz
Alexandria Vallancey-Martinson
Natalie LaFevre
61.14cMay 3Tri-County @ Philomath (C..
14.-Kinsey Freeman
Maggie Hunter-Newell
Ellie Harding
Brittney Potts
61.44cApr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
15.-Maria Ingersoll
Libby Smith
Clea Poklemba
Brinn Rich
62.84cApr 5Tri-County @ Mark Twain (..
16.-Gabriela Garza
Keely Marvin
Casey Houpert
Samara Olvera
63.14cApr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
17.-Grace Corbin
Colleen Corrigan
Danielle Bowlby
Katie Cihak
63.74cApr 5Tri-County @ Mark Twain (..
18.-Danielle Bowlby
Zeah Frederick
Grace Corbin
Colleen Corrigan
66.14cApr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
19.-Kate Rhoades
Rachel Conner
Zeah Frederick
Malia Allen
66.94cApr 17Tri-County @ Sweet Home (..
20.-Caleigh Paup
Emily LeFevre
Gretchen Hale
Amelia Garza
67.64cApr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
21.-Marisa Anglemier
Gretchen Hale
Sydney Montesi
Caleigh Paup
68.04cApr 11Tri-County @ Cascade (Lin..
22.-Ruby Anderson
Amelia Garza
Caleigh Paup
Annie Lanker
68.61aMay 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
23.-Samara Olvera
Keely Marvin
Andrea Garver
Gabriela Garza
DQApr 17Tri-County @ Sweet Home (..
-Malia Allen
Rachel Conner
Zeah Frederick
Kate Rhoades
DQApr 11Tri-County @ Cascade (Lin..
4x400 Relay
1.-Haley Wilson
Alexandria Vallancey-Martinson
Abigail Pittman
Clea Poklemba
4:33.32aMay 24Mid-Valley Meet of Champi..
2.-Haley Wilson
Alexandria Vallancey-Martinson
Maria Ingersoll
Clea Poklemba
4:40.40aMay 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
3.-Alexandria Vallancey-Martinson
Christina Hollon
Haley Wilson
Abigail Pittman
4:47.20May 3Tri-County @ Philomath (C..
4.-Abigail Pittman
Katie Cihak
Christina Hollon
Haley Wilson
4:48.50Apr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
5.-Abigail Pittman
Christina Hollon
Haley Wilson
Katie Cihak
4:50.20Apr 17Tri-County @ Sweet Home (..
6.-Katey Simmons
Libby Smith
Clea Poklemba
Maria Ingersoll
4:50.80Apr 17Tri-County @ Sweet Home (..
7.-Keely Marvin
Katey Simmons
Maria Ingersoll
Clea Poklemba
4:52.40May 3Tri-County @ Philomath (C..
8.-Maria Ingersoll
Clea Poklemba
Katey Simmons
Libby Smith
4:53.80Apr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
9.-Katey Simmons
Libby Smith
Casey Houpert
Clea Poklemba
5:01.10Apr 11Tri-County @ Cascade (Lin..
10.-Katey Simmons
Libby Smith
Ellie Harding
Brittney Potts
5:05.81aMay 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
11.-Joanna Bomber
Maya Stock
Isabel Queisser
Evelia Zapien Ramos
5:38.80Apr 11Tri-County @ Cascade (Lin..
12.-Joanna Bacho
Maya Stock
Joanna Bomber
Evelia Zapien Ramos
5:40.40Apr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
Shot Put - 6lb
1.8Hannah Harding26' 9.00May 3Tri-County @ Philomath (C..
2.8Adriana Monroy23' 9.00May 3Tri-County @ Philomath (C..
3.7Alexandria Vallancey-Martinson23' 4.00Apr 11Tri-County @ Cascade (Lin..
4.6Annie Lanker20' 11.00Apr 17Tri-County @ Sweet Home (..
5.8Syrah Starnes20' 1.50May 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
6.7Olivia Helback19' 10.00Apr 17Tri-County @ Sweet Home (..
7.7Natalie LaFevre19' 7.00Apr 17Tri-County @ Sweet Home (..
8.6Ellie Harding17' 8.00Apr 5Tri-County @ Mark Twain (..
9.7Ruthann Braunworth17' 2.00May 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
10.8Maya Armour15' 10.00May 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
11.6Caleigh Paup14' 6.00May 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
Discus - 1kg
1.8Hannah Harding72' 10.00Apr 11Tri-County @ Cascade (Lin..
2.7Alexandria Vallancey-Martinson63' 3.00May 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
3.7Ruthann Braunworth50' 9.00Apr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
4.6Annie Lanker49' 0.00May 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
5.8Syrah Starnes46' 8.00May 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
6.6Marisa Anglemier38' 0.00Apr 5Tri-County @ Mark Twain (..
7.6Caleigh Paup35' 3.00May 3Tri-County @ Philomath (C..
8.8Maya Armour34' 5.00May 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
9.8Abigail ShawNDMay 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
High Jump
1.6Brielle Gumm4' 2.00Apr 11Tri-County @ Cascade (Lin..
2.7Andrea Garver4' 0.00Apr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
6Evelia Zapien Ramos4' 0.00Apr 11Tri-County @ Cascade (Lin..
6Brittney Potts4' 0.00May 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
5.7Cassady Surfleet3' 10.00Apr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
6.6Marisa Anglemier3' 6.00May 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
7.6Ruby Anderson3' 4.00Apr 17Tri-County @ Sweet Home (..
7Ruthann Braunworth3' 4.00Apr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
6Isabel Queisser3' 4.00Apr 17Tri-County @ Sweet Home (..
10.7Greta MiedemaNHApr 17Tri-County @ Sweet Home (..
6Brianna BradyNHApr 17Tri-County @ Sweet Home (..
6Meghan KelleyNHMay 3Tri-County @ Philomath (C..
Long Jump
1.8Abigail Pittman14' 3.00Apr 11Tri-County @ Cascade (Lin..
2.7Cassady Surfleet12' 7.00Apr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
8Brinn Rich12' 7.00Apr 11Tri-County @ Cascade (Lin..
4.7Haley Wilson12' 4.00Apr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
5.6Sydney Montesi11' 9.00Apr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
6.8Maya Armour11' 5.50Apr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
8Adriana Monroy11' 5.50Apr 11Tri-County @ Cascade (Lin..
8.7Danielle Bowlby11' 5.00May 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
9.7Colleen Corrigan11' 0.00May 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
10.6Joanna Bacho10' 11.50Apr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
11.7Grace Corbin10' 10.00Apr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
12.7Zeah Frederick10' 8.00May 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
13.7Ellery Lewis10' 6.00Apr 11Tri-County @ Cascade (Lin..
14.7Adina Rutherford10' 5.00Apr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
7Olivia Helback10' 5.00Apr 5Tri-County @ Mark Twain (..
16.8Joann Moomaw10' 4.00Apr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
17.7Kate Rhoades9' 10.50Apr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
18.7Malia Allen9' 9.00Apr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
19.6Ellie Harding9' 7.00Apr 11Tri-County @ Cascade (Lin..
6Meghan Kelley9' 7.00Apr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
21.6Lydia Barker9' 6.00Apr 11Tri-County @ Cascade (Lin..
22.7Bonnie Bribiesca9' 4.00Apr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
6Emily LeFevre9' 4.00Apr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
24.7Greta Miedema9' 1.00May 8Tri-County @ Lebanon (C. ..
25.8Anika Holland9' 0.00Apr 17Tri-County @ Sweet Home (..
26.8Lyn Carson8' 11.00Apr 11Tri-County @ Cascade (Lin..
27.6Isabel Queisser8' 9.00Apr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
28.7Mary Panfil7' 5.50Apr 25Linus Pauling Track & Fie..
29.6Brianna Brady6' 5.00Apr 11Tri-County @ Cascade (Lin..

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