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100 Meters
1.8Xavier Lopez12.94cMay 1Henkle, Hockinson, Kalama
2.8Colby Tucker13.04cMay 1Henkle, Hockinson, Kalama
3.7Elijah Haynes13.64cMay 1Henkle, Hockinson, Kalama
4.8Logan Jones13.84cMay 1Henkle, Hockinson, Kalama
5.7Caleb Jones13.94cMay 1Henkle, Hockinson, Kalama
6.7Jonah Lucente14.04cMay 1Henkle, Hockinson, Kalama
7.7Tucker Halbert14.24cMay 18Canyon Creek, Hockinson, ..
8.8Darrius Chaffin14.34cMay 18Canyon Creek, Hockinson, ..
9.8Randall Keithly14.44aMay 4LCMA Castle Rock
10.8Hayden Amren14.54cMay 1Henkle, Hockinson, Kalama
11.8Owen Terhorst14.64cMay 1Henkle, Hockinson, Kalama
12.8Ethan Hoggatt14.74cMay 1Henkle, Hockinson, Kalama
8Noah Wakeman14.74cMay 1Henkle, Hockinson, Kalama
14.8Drake Bowers15.14cMay 13Kalama/View Ridge/Woodlan..
15.8JJ Davidson15.24cMay 13Kalama/View Ridge/Woodlan..
16.7John Hause15.34cMay 13Kalama/View Ridge/Woodlan..
17.7Max Thelen15.54cMay 1Henkle, Hockinson, Kalama
200 Meters
1.8Logan Jones27.64cMay 13Kalama/View Ridge/Woodlan..
2.8Xavier Lopez27.74cMay 13Kalama/View Ridge/Woodlan..
3.7Jonah Lucente27.90aMay 4LCMA Castle Rock
4.7Elijah Haynes28.64cMay 1Henkle, Hockinson, Kalama
5.7Tucker Halbert30.54cMay 1Henkle, Hockinson, Kalama
6.8Hayden Amren31.04cMay 1Henkle, Hockinson, Kalama
8Owen Terhorst31.04cMay 18Canyon Creek, Hockinson, ..
8.8JJ Davidson31.64cMay 18Canyon Creek, Hockinson, ..
9.8Noah Wakeman31.72aMay 4LCMA Castle Rock
10.8Ian KisamoreNTMay 4LCMA Castle Rock
400 Meters
1.8Logan Jones61.94cMay 18Canyon Creek, Hockinson, ..
2.8Xavier Lopez64.93aMay 4LCMA Castle Rock
3.7Caleb Jones65.64cMay 1Henkle, Hockinson, Kalama
4.7Elijah Haynes65.74cMay 18Canyon Creek, Hockinson, ..
7Jonah Lucente65.74cMay 13Kalama/View Ridge/Woodlan..
6.7Dylan Holgerson77.54cMay 13Kalama/View Ridge/Woodlan..
7.8Ian KisamoreNTMay 4LCMA Castle Rock
800 Meters
1.7Elijah Haynes2:43.60May 11Woodland, Castle Rock, La..
2.7Dylan Holgerson3:08.90May 1Henkle, Hockinson, Kalama
3.7Dominick Brooks3:09.32aMay 4LCMA Castle Rock
4.8Drake Bowers3:21.60May 1Henkle, Hockinson, Kalama
1600 Meters
1.8Isaac Lozier5:55.50May 11Woodland, Castle Rock, La..
2.8Owen TerhorstNTMay 4LCMA Castle Rock
100m Hurdles - 30"
1.8Alex Harmon18.64cMay 1Henkle, Hockinson, Kalama
2.8Ian Kisamore19.74cMay 1Henkle, Hockinson, Kalama
3.8Isaac Lozier19.84cMay 1Henkle, Hockinson, Kalama
4.8Cody Sweet20.54cMay 1Henkle, Hockinson, Kalama
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.8Alex Harmon19.24cMay 13Kalama/View Ridge/Woodlan..
2.8Ian Kisamore20.44cMay 18Canyon Creek, Hockinson, ..
3.8Isaac Lozier21.04cMay 11Woodland, Castle Rock, La..
4.8Cody Sweet21.74cMay 18Canyon Creek, Hockinson, ..
100m Hurdles - 39"
1.8Alex Harmon19.94aMay 4LCMA Castle Rock
2.8Isaac Lozier20.86aMay 4LCMA Castle Rock
3.8Cody Sweet22.35aMay 4LCMA Castle Rock
4x100 Relay
1.-Relay Team 54.44cMay 13Kalama/View Ridge/Woodlan..
2.-Isaac Lozier
Colby Tucker
Logan Jones
Xavier Lopez
54.64cMay 18Canyon Creek, Hockinson, ..
3.-Logan Jones
Xavier Lopez
Colby Tucker
Randall Keithly
54.81aMay 4LCMA Castle Rock
4.-Colby Tucker
Randall Keithly
Logan Jones
Xavier Lopez
55.04cMay 1Henkle, Hockinson, Kalama
5.-Jonah Lucente
Chase Staup
Alex Roberts
Caleb Jones
58.74cMay 1Henkle, Hockinson, Kalama
6.-Alex Roberts
Caleb Jones
Jonah Lucente
Chase Staup
60.28aMay 4LCMA Castle Rock
7.-Logan Jones
Xavier Lopez
Isaac Lozier
Colby Tucker
NTMay 11Woodland, Castle Rock, La..
-Jonah Lucente
Jacob Robertson
Chase Staup
Caleb Jones
SCRMay 18Canyon Creek, Hockinson, ..
4x200 Relay
1.-Relay Team 1:58.50May 13Kalama/View Ridge/Woodlan..
2.-Owen Terhorst
Drake Bowers
Ian Kisamore
Cody Sweet
2:00.00May 18Canyon Creek, Hockinson, ..
3.-Owen Terhorst
Ian Kisamore
Arthur Olinger
Cody Sweet
2:01.30May 11Woodland, Castle Rock, La..
4.-Owen Terhorst
Ian Kisamore
Isaac Lozier
Cody Sweet
2:01.80May 1Henkle, Hockinson, Kalama
5.-Ian Kisamore
Isaac Lozier
Cody Sweet
Owen Terhorst
2:02.09aMay 4LCMA Castle Rock
4x400 Relay
1.-Relay Team 1:58.50May 13Kalama/View Ridge/Woodlan..
Shot Put - 4kg
1.8Quentin Crews38' 2.00May 1Henkle, Hockinson, Kalama
2.8Abe Bah30' 2.00May 18Canyon Creek, Hockinson, ..
3.8Ian Kisamore29' 9.00May 4LCMA Castle Rock
4.8Alex Harmon27' 8.00May 1Henkle, Hockinson, Kalama
5.8Noah Wakeman25' 3.50May 1Henkle, Hockinson, Kalama
6.7Dylan Rogers24' 6.00May 1Henkle, Hockinson, Kalama
7.8Cody Sweet23' 1.00May 4LCMA Castle Rock
Discus - 1kg
1.8Quentin Crews102' 3.50May 13Kalama/View Ridge/Woodlan..
2.8Abe Bah91' 4.00May 13Kalama/View Ridge/Woodlan..
3.8Alex Harmon84' 0.00May 18Canyon Creek, Hockinson, ..
4.8Ian Kisamore75' 1.00May 13Kalama/View Ridge/Woodlan..
5.8Cody Sweet67' 7.00May 13Kalama/View Ridge/Woodlan..
6.8Noah Wakeman64' 10.00May 13Kalama/View Ridge/Woodlan..
7.8Isaac Lozier63' 6.00May 4LCMA Castle Rock
8.8Trevor Diefel61' 6.00May 4LCMA Castle Rock
9.8Mason Rogers60' 7.00May 1Henkle, Hockinson, Kalama
10.8Darrius Chaffin48' 6.00May 18Canyon Creek, Hockinson, ..
11.7Marshall Herbelin42' 1.00May 18Canyon Creek, Hockinson, ..
12.7Karsten Winther36' 6.00May 11Woodland, Castle Rock, La..
13.8Randall KeithlyNDMay 11Woodland, Castle Rock, La..
8Drake BowersSCRMay 11Woodland, Castle Rock, La..
Javelin - 300g TJ
1.8Xavier Lopez163' 1.00May 18Canyon Creek, Hockinson, ..
2.8Colby Tucker129' 5.00May 18Canyon Creek, Hockinson, ..
3.8Quentin Crews124' 10.00May 4LCMA Castle Rock
4.7Jacob Robertson114' 1.00May 1Henkle, Hockinson, Kalama
5.8Mason Rogers112' 8.00May 1Henkle, Hockinson, Kalama
6.7Tucker Halbert109' 5.00May 4LCMA Castle Rock
7.8Abe Bah101' 5.00May 1Henkle, Hockinson, Kalama
8.7Dylan Holgerson100' 10.00May 18Canyon Creek, Hockinson, ..
9.7Chase Staup99' 0.00May 4LCMA Castle Rock
10.8Hayden Amren94' 8.00May 1Henkle, Hockinson, Kalama
11.8Drake Bowers89' 3.00May 1Henkle, Hockinson, Kalama
12.7Max Thelen88' 9.00May 1Henkle, Hockinson, Kalama
13.8Trevor Diefel86' 5.00May 1Henkle, Hockinson, Kalama
14.8Logan Jones86' 0.00May 13Kalama/View Ridge/Woodlan..
15.7John Hause84' 3.00May 11Woodland, Castle Rock, La..
16.7Dylan Rogers69' 8.00May 1Henkle, Hockinson, Kalama
17.8Darrius Chaffin68' 9.00May 11Woodland, Castle Rock, La..
18.7Dominick Brooks66' 9.00May 18Canyon Creek, Hockinson, ..
19.8JJ Davidson66' 7.00May 18Canyon Creek, Hockinson, ..
20.7Marshall Herbelin63' 2.00May 4LCMA Castle Rock
21.7Karsten Winther41' 5.00May 13Kalama/View Ridge/Woodlan..
22.8Randall KeithlyNDMay 4LCMA Castle Rock
8Noah WakemanNDMay 4LCMA Castle Rock
8Ian KisamoreNDMay 4LCMA Castle Rock
High Jump
1.7Jacob Robertson4' 6.00May 1Henkle, Hockinson, Kalama
2.7Caleb Jones4' 2.00May 11Woodland, Castle Rock, La..
3.7Max Thelen4' 0.00May 13Kalama/View Ridge/Woodlan..
7Dylan Holgerson4' 0.00May 1Henkle, Hockinson, Kalama
5.7John HauseNHMay 1Henkle, Hockinson, Kalama
8Drake BowersNHMay 4LCMA Castle Rock
8Trevor DiefelNHMay 4LCMA Castle Rock
8Mason RogersNHMay 4LCMA Castle Rock
8Randall KeithlyNHMay 11Woodland, Castle Rock, La..
Pole Vault
1.8Hayden Amren8' 0.00May 11Woodland, Castle Rock, La..
7Tucker Halbert8' 0.00May 1Henkle, Hockinson, Kalama
3.7John Hause7' 0.00May 18Canyon Creek, Hockinson, ..
4.7Max Thelen6' 6.00May 11Woodland, Castle Rock, La..
5.7Dominick Brooks6' 0.00May 11Woodland, Castle Rock, La..
6.8Ethan Hoggatt5' 6.00May 18Canyon Creek, Hockinson, ..
7.7Dylan Holgerson5' 0.00May 1Henkle, Hockinson, Kalama
Long Jump
1.8Colby Tucker14' 11.00May 4LCMA Castle Rock
2.7Tucker Halbert14' 5.50May 1Henkle, Hockinson, Kalama
3.7Elijah Haynes14' 1.00May 18Canyon Creek, Hockinson, ..
4.7Caleb Jones13' 9.00May 4LCMA Castle Rock
5.8Owen Terhorst13' 5.00May 1Henkle, Hockinson, Kalama
6.8Drake Bowers13' 4.00May 18Canyon Creek, Hockinson, ..
7.8Randall Keithly13' 0.00May 4LCMA Castle Rock
7Jonah Lucente13' 0.00May 4LCMA Castle Rock
9.7Jacob Robertson12' 8.00May 18Canyon Creek, Hockinson, ..
10.8Ethan Hoggatt12' 3.00May 18Canyon Creek, Hockinson, ..
11.8JJ Davidson11' 2.00May 1Henkle, Hockinson, Kalama
12.8Darrius Chaffin11' 1.00May 11Woodland, Castle Rock, La..
13.7Chase Staup10' 10.50May 18Canyon Creek, Hockinson, ..
14.7Karsten Winther8' 10.00May 13Kalama/View Ridge/Woodlan..
15.7Marshall Herbelin8' 5.00May 1Henkle, Hockinson, Kalama
16.7Dylan RogersNDMay 4LCMA Castle Rock


100 Meters
1.8Kapio Wetmore14.14cMay 11Woodland, Castle Rock, La..
2.8Taylor Tabor14.54cMay 18Canyon Creek, Hockinson, ..
3.7Amanda Killinen14.64cMay 11Woodland, Castle Rock, La..
4.8Taylor Lavigne14.68aMay 4LCMA Castle Rock
5.8Jenna Burnell14.94cMay 1Henkle, Hockinson, Kalama
6.8Bailey Leffler15.24cMay 13Kalama/View Ridge/Woodlan..
7.8Sophia Polson-Toteff15.54cMay 18Canyon Creek, Hockinson, ..
8Mariam Dubosz15.54cMay 13Kalama/View Ridge/Woodlan..
9.8Cierra Rader15.84cMay 11Woodland, Castle Rock, La..
10.8Alicia Tinoco16.34cMay 1Henkle, Hockinson, Kalama
11.8Madeline Norton16.44cMay 1Henkle, Hockinson, Kalama
12.7Aspen Smith16.74cMay 1Henkle, Hockinson, Kalama
200 Meters
1.7Amanda Killinen31.44cMay 18Canyon Creek, Hockinson, ..
2.8Bailey Leffler32.04cMay 18Canyon Creek, Hockinson, ..
3.8Mariam Dubosz34.44cMay 13Kalama/View Ridge/Woodlan..
4.8Taylor TaborNTMay 4LCMA Castle Rock
400 Meters
1.8Chloe Gould69.64cMay 1Henkle, Hockinson, Kalama
2.8Nicole SettlesNTMay 18Canyon Creek, Hockinson, ..
800 Meters
1.8Matti Olson2:55.70May 13Kalama/View Ridge/Woodlan..
2.8Nicole Settles3:06.40May 1Henkle, Hockinson, Kalama
1600 Meters
1.8Taylor Tabor6:25.20May 13Kalama/View Ridge/Woodlan..
100m Hurdles - 27"
1.8Cierra Rader18.34cMay 1Henkle, Hockinson, Kalama
2.8Bailey Leffler19.64cMay 1Henkle, Hockinson, Kalama
8Matti Olson19.64cMay 1Henkle, Hockinson, Kalama
4.8Sophia Polson-Toteff21.54cMay 1Henkle, Hockinson, Kalama
8Mariam Dubosz21.54cMay 1Henkle, Hockinson, Kalama
100m Hurdles - 30"
1.8Cierra Rader18.34cMay 11Woodland, Castle Rock, La..
2.8Bailey Leffler20.34cMay 13Kalama/View Ridge/Woodlan..
3.8Matti Olson20.64cMay 11Woodland, Castle Rock, La..
4.8Sophia Polson-Toteff21.43aMay 4LCMA Castle Rock
5.8Mariam Dubosz22.93aMay 4LCMA Castle Rock
6.7Aspen Smith28.34cMay 18Canyon Creek, Hockinson, ..
7.7Tessie PritchardNTMay 11Woodland, Castle Rock, La..
4x100 Relay
1.-Chloe Gould
Matti Olson
Jenna Burnell
Taylor Lavigne
58.84cMay 1Henkle, Hockinson, Kalama
2.-Relay Team 59.04cMay 13Kalama/View Ridge/Woodlan..
3.-Taylor Lavigne
Chloe Gould
Matti Olson
Jenna Burnell
59.54cMay 11Woodland, Castle Rock, La..
4.-Kapio Wetmore
Taylor Lavigne
Jenna Burnell
Taylor Tabor
62.54cMay 18Canyon Creek, Hockinson, ..
4x200 Relay
1.-Matti Olson
Nicole Settles
Mariam Dubosz
Sophia Polson-Toteff
2:19.40May 18Canyon Creek, Hockinson, ..
Shot Put - 6lb
1.7Tessie Pritchard16' 4.50May 13Kalama/View Ridge/Woodlan..
Shot Put - 4kg
1.8Matti Olson21' 10.00May 18Canyon Creek, Hockinson, ..
2.8Carlie Gamble21' 0.00May 4LCMA Castle Rock
3.7Tessie Pritchard17' 7.00May 11Woodland, Castle Rock, La..
Discus - 1kg
1.7Tessie Pritchard55' 0.00May 18Canyon Creek, Hockinson, ..
2.8Mariam Dubosz54' 6.00May 13Kalama/View Ridge/Woodlan..
3.7Gracie Stemkoski37' 2.00May 4LCMA Castle Rock
4.8Sophia Polson-Toteff31' 10.00May 13Kalama/View Ridge/Woodlan..
Javelin - 300g TJ
1.8Chloe Gould89' 4.00May 1Henkle, Hockinson, Kalama
2.8Bailey Leffler77' 6.00May 1Henkle, Hockinson, Kalama
3.8Jenna Burnell72' 5.00May 4LCMA Castle Rock
4.7Gracie Stemkoski66' 9.00May 18Canyon Creek, Hockinson, ..
5.8Carlie Gamble65' 4.00May 1Henkle, Hockinson, Kalama
6.8Madeline Norton62' 0.00May 18Canyon Creek, Hockinson, ..
7.7Tessie Pritchard55' 11.00May 18Canyon Creek, Hockinson, ..
8.8Nicole Settles55' 1.00May 13Kalama/View Ridge/Woodlan..
9.8Matti Olson54' 5.00May 11Woodland, Castle Rock, La..
10.8Alicia Tinoco53' 9.00May 18Canyon Creek, Hockinson, ..
11.8Sophia Polson-Toteff46' 3.00May 1Henkle, Hockinson, Kalama
High Jump
1.8Kapio Wetmore4' 7.00May 1Henkle, Hockinson, Kalama
2.8Chloe Gould4' 4.00May 13Kalama/View Ridge/Woodlan..
Long Jump
1.8Taylor Tabor14' 4.00May 18Canyon Creek, Hockinson, ..
2.8Cierra Rader14' 0.50May 1Henkle, Hockinson, Kalama
3.8Taylor Lavigne13' 0.00May 4LCMA Castle Rock
7Amanda Killinen13' 0.00May 18Canyon Creek, Hockinson, ..
5.8Kapio Wetmore12' 7.00May 1Henkle, Hockinson, Kalama
6.8Jenna Burnell12' 2.00May 13Kalama/View Ridge/Woodlan..
7.8Matti Olson11' 11.00May 4LCMA Castle Rock
8.8Nicole Settles11' 6.00May 11Woodland, Castle Rock, La..
9.8Madeline Norton11' 3.50May 1Henkle, Hockinson, Kalama
10.8Alicia Tinoco10' 3.00May 4LCMA Castle Rock
11.8Carlie Gamble9' 10.00May 11Woodland, Castle Rock, La..
12.7Aspen Smith9' 3.50May 18Canyon Creek, Hockinson, ..
13.7Gracie Stemkoski7' 9.00May 18Canyon Creek, Hockinson, ..
14.7Tessie Pritchard6' 11.50May 1Henkle, Hockinson, Kalama

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