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100 Meters
1.7Michael Neel12.45aApr 2MS @ CCDS
2.8Matthew Malinowski13.19aApr 2MS @ CCDS
3.8David Williams14.04aApr 2MS @ CCDS
4.8Ryan Pollack14.14cMar 12CCH MS Meet
5.8James Sullivan14.20aApr 2MS @ CCDS
6.7Chibby Ogu14.55aApr 2MS @ CCDS
7.7Duwe Farris14.62aApr 2MS @ CCDS
8.8Ian Russel14.66aMar 26Middle School Meet
9.7Greg Moritz15.84cMar 12CCH MS Meet
10.8Sam Scott15.95aApr 2MS @ CCDS
11.8Matt KostmayerDNFMar 12CCH MS Meet
7Jonas CummingsDNFMar 12CCH MS Meet
200 Meters
1.7Michael Neel25.89aApr 2MS @ CCDS
2.8Nick Braccia27.20aApr 2MS @ CCDS
3.8Matthew Malinowski27.41aApr 2MS @ CCDS
4.8Michael Perez28.04cApr 10Charlotte Christian,..
5.8David Williams28.66aApr 2MS @ CCDS
6.8Connor Ruff29.74cApr 10Charlotte Christian,..
7.8James Sullivan29.84cMar 12CCH MS Meet
8.7Chibby Ogu30.49aApr 2MS @ CCDS
9.8Max Burger30.59aApr 2MS @ CCDS
10.7Duwe Farris31.67aApr 2MS @ CCDS
11.8Matt Kostmayer32.24cApr 10Charlotte Christian,..
12.7Harrison Burg33.74cMar 12CCH MS Meet
13.7Brady Reitz34.62aMar 26Middle School Meet
14.8Sam Scott34.90aApr 2MS @ CCDS
15.7Greg Moritz35.94cMar 12CCH MS Meet
16.7Jonas CummingsDNFMar 12CCH MS Meet
400 Meters
1.8Michael Perez61.64cApr 10Charlotte Christian,..
2.8Connor Ruff63.04cApr 10Charlotte Christian,..
3.8James Sullivan63.28aApr 2MS @ CCDS
4.7Michael Neel63.64cApr 10Charlotte Christian,..
5.7Harrison Burg65.07aMar 26Middle School Meet
6.8Ian Russel65.19aMar 26Middle School Meet
7.7Duwe Farris66.94cApr 10Charlotte Christian,..
8.8Nick Braccia67.00aApr 2MS @ CCDS
9.7Chibby Ogu67.51aApr 2MS @ CCDS
10.8Matthew Shriver67.84aApr 2MS @ CCDS
11.8David Williams68.06aApr 2MS @ CCDS
12.8Max Burger68.71aApr 2MS @ CCDS
13.7Brady Reitz72.14cMar 12CCH MS Meet
14.8Matthew Malinowski73.34cApr 10Charlotte Christian,..
15.8Ryan Essenmacher75.68aApr 2MS @ CCDS
16.7Kevin Siczek76.44cMar 12CCH MS Meet
17.7Jonas Cummings76.64cMar 12CCH MS Meet
18.8Sam Scott85.14cMar 12CCH MS Meet
19.7Greg Moritz86.32aMar 26Middle School Meet
800 Meters
1.8James Sullivan2:32.70Apr 2MS @ CCDS
2.8Ben Razinger2:33.70Apr 2MS @ CCDS
3.8Ian Russel2:41.00Mar 12CCH MS Meet
4.8Michael Perez2:43.57aMar 26Middle School Meet
5.8Connor Ruff2:44.00Mar 12CCH MS Meet
6.7Matthew Sie2:46.35aMar 26Middle School Meet
7.8David Williams2:46.42aMar 26Middle School Meet
8.8Dante McCree2:47.08aMar 26Middle School Meet
9.7Evan Biitig2:47.94aMar 26Middle School Meet
10.7Dalton Bridges2:52.90Apr 2MS @ CCDS
11.8Nick Braccia2:53.00Mar 12CCH MS Meet
12.8Ben Collins2:53.90Apr 10Charlotte Christian,..
13.7Nate Stein2:54.00Mar 12CCH MS Meet
14.7Kevin Siczek2:56.50Apr 2MS @ CCDS
15.8Connor Roche3:01.00Mar 12CCH MS Meet
16.7Harrison Burg3:08.90Apr 2MS @ CCDS
17.8Matt Kostmayer3:12.44aMar 26Middle School Meet
18.7Jonas Cummings3:22.60Apr 10Charlotte Christian,..
1600 Meters
1.8Dante McCree5:37.40Apr 2MS @ CCDS
2.8Michael Perez5:44.10Apr 2MS @ CCDS
3.8Ben Razinger5:49.40Apr 2MS @ CCDS
4.8Ian Russel5:56.77aMar 26Middle School Meet
5.7Nate Stein6:05.60Apr 10Charlotte Christian,..
6.7Evan Biitig6:06.60Apr 10Charlotte Christian,..
7.8Ben Collins6:15.70Apr 2MS @ CCDS
8.7Dalton Bridges6:18.20Apr 2MS @ CCDS
9.7Harrison Burg6:20.00Apr 10Charlotte Christian,..
10.8Ryan Essenmacher6:20.30Apr 10Charlotte Christian,..
11.7Jonas Cummings7:40.94aMar 26Middle School Meet
12.8Connor RocheNTMar 12CCH MS Meet
3200 Meters
1.8Dante McCree12:25.39aMar 26Middle School Meet
2.8Ben Razinger12:44.28aMar 26Middle School Meet
3.7Nate Stein12:58.40Apr 10Charlotte Christian,..
4.7Matthew Sie13:38.43aMar 26Middle School Meet
5.7Liam Shaver13:52.00Apr 10Charlotte Christian,..
6.7Brady Reitz14:20.00Apr 2MS @ CCDS
7.8Ryan EssenmacherDNFMar 12CCH MS Meet
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.8Ben Razinger54.45aApr 2MS @ CCDS
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.8Ben Razinger57.05aMar 26Middle School Meet
4x100 Relay
1.Relay Team DNSMar 26Middle School Meet
Shot Put - 6lb
1.7Luke Langan20' 5.00Apr 10Charlotte Christian,..
Shot Put - 12lb
1.7Luke Langan21' 8.00Mar 26Middle School Meet
Discus - 1kg
1.7Luke Langan63' 3.00Apr 10Charlotte Christian,..
High Jump
1.8Ryan Pollack5' 8.00Apr 10Charlotte Christian,..
2.8Matthew Shriver5' 1.00Mar 26Middle School Meet
Long Jump
1.8Ryan Pollack15' 1.50Apr 2MS @ CCDS
2.8Nick Braccia14' 0.00Apr 2MS @ CCDS
3.8Max Burger13' 10.00Apr 2MS @ CCDS
8Matthew Shriver13' 10.00Mar 26Middle School Meet
5.8Matt Kostmayer12' 7.00Apr 2MS @ CCDS
6.7Harrison BurgDNFMar 12CCH MS Meet


100 Meters
1.8Grace Mathis13.91aApr 2MS @ CCDS
2.8Hannah Lyons14.34cApr 10Charlotte Christian,..
3.7Hailey Gilman14.53aMar 26Middle School Meet
4.7Kennedy Reid14.78aApr 2MS @ CCDS
5.7Breanna Norton14.84cApr 10Charlotte Christian,..
6.7Erin MacDevette15.14cMar 12CCH MS Meet
7.8Kaia Petras15.24cApr 10Charlotte Christian,..
8.7Gabby Stagnone15.80aApr 2MS @ CCDS
9.7Lauren Ayers15.85aApr 2MS @ CCDS
10.7Logan Stuckey16.23aApr 2MS @ CCDS
11.7Kelley Rossitch16.34cMar 12CCH MS Meet
12.7Alexa Gornet16.53aMar 26Middle School Meet
7Bridget Doughety16.53aApr 2MS @ CCDS
14.7Maddy Downey16.94cMar 12CCH MS Meet
15.7Sami Mead17.51aApr 2MS @ CCDS
16.7Maddy Spencer17.74cMar 12CCH MS Meet
17.8Karmen Vizcaino18.64cMar 12CCH MS Meet
18.8Sophia Dennis18.74cApr 10Charlotte Christian,..
200 Meters
1.8Grace Mathis29.63aApr 2MS @ CCDS
2.7Emma Ellis30.34aApr 2MS @ CCDS
3.7Breanna Norton31.94cApr 10Charlotte Christian,..
4.7Erin MacDevette32.22aMar 26Middle School Meet
5.7Sarah Ann Pierce32.61aApr 2MS @ CCDS
6.7Hailey Gilman32.84cApr 10Charlotte Christian,..
7.7Kennedy Reid32.94cApr 10Charlotte Christian,..
8.7Dru Swan33.64cApr 10Charlotte Christian,..
9.7Lauren Ayers34.04cMar 12CCH MS Meet
10.8Kaia Petras34.34cApr 10Charlotte Christian,..
11.7Logan Stuckey34.86aApr 2MS @ CCDS
12.7Alexa Gornet35.03aMar 26Middle School Meet
13.7Gabby Stagnone35.31aMar 26Middle School Meet
14.8Sarah Gilles35.64cMar 12CCH MS Meet
15.7Maddy Spencer36.34cMar 12CCH MS Meet
16.7Bridget Doughety36.56aApr 2MS @ CCDS
17.8Karmen Vizcaino36.88aApr 2MS @ CCDS
18.7Sami Mead39.20aApr 2MS @ CCDS
19.8Sophia Dennis39.94cApr 10Charlotte Christian,..
400 Meters
1.7Emma Ellis71.54cApr 10Charlotte Christian,..
2.7Erin MacDevette72.47aMar 26Middle School Meet
3.7Kelley Rossitch73.02aApr 2MS @ CCDS
4.7Breanna Norton75.14cApr 10Charlotte Christian,..
5.7Sarah Ann Pierce76.14cMar 12CCH MS Meet
8Lillian Childrey76.14cMar 12CCH MS Meet
7.7Kennedy Reid78.24cApr 10Charlotte Christian,..
8.7Alexa Gornet79.16aApr 2MS @ CCDS
9.7Maddy Spencer79.34cApr 10Charlotte Christian,..
10.7Gabby Stagnone80.14cMar 12CCH MS Meet
7Grace Tully80.14cApr 10Charlotte Christian,..
12.7Julia Gennett81.14cMar 12CCH MS Meet
8Sarah Gilles81.14cMar 12CCH MS Meet
14.8Karmen Vizcaino82.94cApr 10Charlotte Christian,..
15.7Logan Stuckey83.14cMar 12CCH MS Meet
16.7Quinlan Ryan83.74cApr 10Charlotte Christian,..
17.7Bridget Doughety85.44cApr 10Charlotte Christian,..
18.7Sami Mead89.14cMar 12CCH MS Meet
19.8Sam Cattafesta1:31.70aMar 26Middle School Meet
20.7Maddy DowneyDNFMar 12CCH MS Meet
800 Meters
1.8Lillian Childrey2:53.50Apr 10Charlotte Christian,..
2.7Sarah Ann Pierce3:02.20Apr 10Charlotte Christian,..
3.7Kelley Rossitch3:02.68aMar 26Middle School Meet
4.7Julia Gennett3:08.40Apr 10Charlotte Christian,..
5.7Grace Tully3:13.00aMar 26Middle School Meet
6.7Quinlan Ryan3:25.70Apr 2MS @ CCDS
7.8Sarah Gilles3:28.00Mar 12CCH MS Meet
8.7Sami Mead3:45.38aMar 26Middle School Meet
9.8Sophia Dennis3:47.70aMar 26Middle School Meet
10.7Maddy DowneyDNFMar 12CCH MS Meet
7Dru SwanDNFMar 12CCH MS Meet
1600 Meters
1.8Lillian Childrey6:28.80Apr 2MS @ CCDS
2.7Dru Swan6:39.00Apr 10Charlotte Christian,..
3.7Sarah Ann Pierce6:40.55aMar 26Middle School Meet
4.7Julia Gennett6:42.80Apr 10Charlotte Christian,..
5.7Grace Tully7:01.00Mar 12CCH MS Meet
6.8Sophia Dennis7:33.50Apr 2MS @ CCDS
7.7Quinlan RyanDNFMar 12CCH MS Meet
3200 Meters
1.8Lillian Childrey14:11.65aMar 26Middle School Meet
100m Hurdles - 30"
1.8Hannah Lyons19.03aApr 2MS @ CCDS
2.7Hailey Gilman20.04cMar 12CCH MS Meet
3.8Sam CattafestaDNFMar 12CCH MS Meet
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.8Hannah Lyons19.45aMar 26Middle School Meet
4x200 Relay
1.Grace Tully
Quinlan Ryan
Sarah Ann Pierce
Erin MacDevette
2:14.40Apr 10Charlotte Christian,..
Shot Put - 6lb
1.8Kaia Petras18' 9.00Apr 10Charlotte Christian,..
High Jump
1.8Grace Mathis4' 8.00Apr 10Charlotte Christian,..
Long Jump
1.8Hannah Lyons12' 10.00Apr 10Charlotte Christian,..
2.8Karmen Vizcaino10' 6.00Mar 26Middle School Meet
3.7Lauren Ayers10' 4.50Apr 10Charlotte Christian,..
4.8Sam Cattafesta8' 8.75Apr 2MS @ CCDS
5.7Logan Stuckey8' 7.00Apr 10Charlotte Christian,..
6.8Sophia Dennis7' 11.00Apr 10Charlotte Christian,..
7.7Kennedy ReidDNFMar 12CCH MS Meet
7Hailey GilmanDNFMar 12CCH MS Meet
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