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100 Meters
1.8Michael Neel12.14cApr 1PDS MS Meet
2.8Matthew Greenwald12.74cApr 22Weddington Middle School ..
3.8Daniel Miechkowski13.24cApr 22Weddington Middle School ..
4.8Clayton Colley13.34cApr 27GCMSAA Championships
5.8Tucker Brown13.64cApr 22Weddington Middle School ..
6.8Mason McBride13.94cMar 9Charlotte Country Day MS ..
7.8Billy Hambrook14.14cMar 9Charlotte Country Day MS ..
8.8Chance Baughman14.24cMar 9Charlotte Country Day MS ..
9.8Duwe Farris15.24cMar 9Charlotte Country Day MS ..
10.7Spencer Slaton15.44cMar 9Charlotte Country Day MS ..
11.7Andrew Beckert15.64cApr 22Weddington Middle School ..
200 Meters
1.8Michael Neel25.24cApr 27GCMSAA Championships
2.8Clayton Colley26.14cApr 22Weddington Middle School ..
3.8Mason McBride27.64cApr 1PDS MS Meet
4.8Chance Baughman28.64cMar 9Charlotte Country Day MS ..
5.8Nathan Boswell28.94cApr 1PDS MS Meet
6.8Joe DiCristo30.74cMar 9Charlotte Country Day MS ..
7.7Jonathan Kostmayer31.44cApr 1PDS MS Meet
8.7Spencer Slaton31.74cMar 25Cannon MS v PD, Covenant ..
9.8Jean-Paul Simpson32.84cMar 9Charlotte Country Day MS ..
400 Meters
1.8Evan Biitig55.14cApr 22Weddington Middle School ..
2.8Michael Neel61.24cApr 27GCMSAA Championships
3.8Nathan Boswell62.14cApr 1PDS MS Meet
4.8Brady Reitz68.64cMar 9Charlotte Country Day MS ..
5.7Matthew Peine75.94cMar 25Cannon MS v PD, Covenant ..
6.8Moritz Reckord78.24cMar 9Charlotte Country Day MS ..
800 Meters
1.8Evan Biitig2:33.40Mar 25Cannon MS v PD, Covenant ..
2.8Will Griggs2:36.50Apr 27GCMSAA Championships
3.7Steven Sobus2:36.90Mar 25Cannon MS v PD, Covenant ..
4.8Joe DiCristo2:40.70Apr 27GCMSAA Championships
5.8Jackson Dreier2:50.00Apr 22Weddington Middle School ..
6.8Jean-Paul Simpson2:56.40Mar 9Charlotte Country Day MS ..
7.8Nathan Boswell2:58.50Mar 9Charlotte Country Day MS ..
8.8Brady Reitz3:03.30Mar 25Cannon MS v PD, Covenant ..
9.7Matthew Peine3:04.50Apr 27GCMSAA Championships
10.7Brian Steiglitz3:05.30Apr 27GCMSAA Championships
11.7Anthony Ciano3:32.40Mar 25Cannon MS v PD, Covenant ..
1600 Meters
1.8Nate Stein5:42.00Apr 22Weddington Middle School ..
2.7Brian Steiglitz5:46.70Mar 9Charlotte Country Day MS ..
3.8Joe DiCristo5:46.80Mar 9Charlotte Country Day MS ..
4.8Will Griggs5:53.60Mar 9Charlotte Country Day MS ..
5.7Steven Sobus5:55.40Mar 25Cannon MS v PD, Covenant ..
6.8Jackson Dreier6:12.60Apr 27GCMSAA Championships
7.7Matthew Peine6:18.40Mar 9Charlotte Country Day MS ..
3000 Meters
1.8Danny Charlonis11:36.10Apr 22Weddington Middle School ..
2.7Brian Steiglitz14:34.30Apr 22Weddington Middle School ..
3200 Meters
1.8Nate Stein12:20.40Apr 27GCMSAA Championships
2.8Danny Charlonis12:31.60Apr 17Cannon MS v Charlotte Lat..
3.8Evan Biitig13:25.70Mar 9Charlotte Country Day MS ..
4.7Brian Steiglitz14:42.50Mar 25Cannon MS v PD, Covenant ..
5.8Jackson Dreier14:54.10Mar 9Charlotte Country Day MS ..
110m Hurdles - 30"
1.8Danny Charlonis19.44cApr 27GCMSAA Championships
2.8Stone Fossum22.24cApr 1PDS MS Meet
3.8Moritz Reckord22.34cApr 27GCMSAA Championships
4.7Andrew Beckert23.24cApr 27GCMSAA Championships
5.8Jean-Paul Simpson23.94cMar 25Cannon MS v PD, Covenant ..
110m Hurdles - 33"
1.8Danny Charlonis19.54cApr 17Cannon MS v Charlotte Lat..
2.8Stone Fossum22.24cApr 17Cannon MS v Charlotte Lat..
3.8Moritz Reckord22.64cApr 17Cannon MS v Charlotte Lat..
4.7Andrew Beckert23.54cApr 22Weddington Middle School ..
5.8Jean-Paul Simpson23.64cMar 9Charlotte Country Day MS ..
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.8Matthew Greenwald49.34cApr 27GCMSAA Championships
2.8Nathan Boswell51.54cApr 1PDS MS Meet
3.8Mason McBride53.04cApr 17Cannon MS v Charlotte Lat..
4x100 Relay
1.-Michael Neel
Clayton Colley
Daniel Miechkowski
Matthew Greenwald
50.64cApr 27GCMSAA Championships
2.-Matthew Greenwald
Michael Neel
Clayton Colley
Daniel Miechkowski
50.84cApr 22Weddington Middle School ..
3.-Clayton Colley
Michael Neel
Daniel Miechkowski
Matthew Greenwald
50.94cApr 17Cannon MS v Charlotte Lat..
4.-Chance Baughman
Daniel Miechkowski
Matthew Greenwald
Michael Neel
52.44cMar 25Cannon MS v PD, Covenant ..
5.-Matthew Greenwald
Michael Neel
Chance Baughman
Daniel Miechkowski
53.24cMar 9Charlotte Country Day MS ..
4x200 Relay
1.-Matthew Peine
Steven Sobus
Jonathan Kostmayer
Brian Steiglitz
2:09.00Apr 1PDS MS Meet
2.-Brian Steiglitz
Jonathan Kostmayer
Steven Sobus
Matthew Peine
2:11.00Apr 22Weddington Middle School ..
3.-Brian Steiglitz
Andrew Beckert
Jonathan Kostmayer
Steven Sobus
2:14.10Apr 17Cannon MS v Charlotte Lat..
4x400 Relay
1.-Brian Steiglitz
Jonathan Kostmayer
Steven Sobus
Matthew Peine
5:24.30Mar 25Cannon MS v PD, Covenant ..
Shot Put - 6lb
1.8Billy Hambrook29' 0.00Mar 25Cannon MS v PD, Covenant ..
2.8Tucker Brown28' 7.00Apr 1PDS MS Meet
3.8Gino Martinelli28' 1.00Mar 9Charlotte Country Day MS ..
4.8Danny Charlonis26' 5.00Apr 27GCMSAA Championships
5.8Jean-Paul Simpson21' 3.50Mar 25Cannon MS v PD, Covenant ..
6.7Anthony Ciano14' 9.00Apr 27GCMSAA Championships
Shot Put - 8lb
1.8Tucker Brown27' 1.00Apr 22Weddington Middle School ..
2.8Gino Martinelli25' 3.00Apr 22Weddington Middle School ..
3.7Anthony Ciano12' 10.00Apr 22Weddington Middle School ..
Discus - 1kg
1.8Danny Charlonis94' 0.00Apr 27GCMSAA Championships
2.8Tucker Brown86' 1.00Apr 1PDS MS Meet
3.8Gino Martinelli72' 1.00Mar 25Cannon MS v PD, Covenant ..
4.8Billy Hambrook69' 0.00Mar 25Cannon MS v PD, Covenant ..
5.7Anthony Ciano40' 6.00Apr 27GCMSAA Championships
6.8Jean-Paul Simpson36' 10.00Mar 25Cannon MS v PD, Covenant ..
High Jump
1.8Matthew Greenwald5' 2.00Apr 27GCMSAA Championships
2.8Daniel Miechkowski4' 10.00Mar 25Cannon MS v PD, Covenant ..
8Mason McBride4' 10.00Apr 17Cannon MS v Charlotte Lat..
4.8Will Griggs4' 8.00Apr 27GCMSAA Championships
5.8Clayton Colley4' 6.00Mar 9Charlotte Country Day MS ..
6.8Joe DiCristo4' 0.00Mar 9Charlotte Country Day MS ..
7Andrew Beckert4' 0.00Apr 1PDS MS Meet
Long Jump
1.8Mason McBride14' 5.50Mar 25Cannon MS v PD, Covenant ..
2.8Brady Reitz13' 6.00Apr 27GCMSAA Championships
3.8Stone Fossum12' 10.00Apr 1PDS MS Meet
4.8Moritz Reckord12' 7.00Apr 1PDS MS Meet
5.7Jonathan Kostmayer12' 3.00Apr 1PDS MS Meet
6.8Tucker Brown12' 2.75Mar 9Charlotte Country Day MS ..
Triple Jump
1.8Moritz Reckord27' 2.50Mar 25Cannon MS v PD, Covenant ..
2.8Stone Fossum27' 0.00Apr 27GCMSAA Championships


100 Meters
1.8Kennedy Reid13.54cApr 22Weddington Middle School ..
2.7Juliet Miechkowski14.54cApr 22Weddington Middle School ..
3.8Emma Kuhn14.74cApr 22Weddington Middle School ..
4.7Emma Collins15.54cApr 1PDS MS Meet
8Lauren Ayers15.54cApr 1PDS MS Meet
6.7Abby Parks15.64cApr 1PDS MS Meet
7.8Sophia Briner16.04cApr 17Cannon MS v Charlotte Lat..
8.8Morgan Routh16.34cApr 22Weddington Middle School ..
9.8Bridget Doughety16.74cApr 27GCMSAA Championships
200 Meters
1.8Kennedy Reid28.64cApr 22Weddington Middle School ..
2.8Erin MacDevette29.04cApr 1PDS MS Meet
3.8Emma Ellis29.74cApr 1PDS MS Meet
4.7Juliet Miechkowski31.04cApr 27GCMSAA Championships
5.8Emma Kuhn31.84cApr 22Weddington Middle School ..
6.7Alina Stout32.04cMar 9Charlotte Country Day MS ..
7Emma Collins32.04cApr 1PDS MS Meet
8.8Bridget Doughety34.24cApr 27GCMSAA Championships
9.7Abby Parks34.94cMar 9Charlotte Country Day MS ..
10.8Lauren AyersNTApr 1PDS MS Meet
400 Meters
1.8Erin MacDevette63.74cApr 27GCMSAA Championships
2.8Emma Ellis64.34cApr 27GCMSAA Championships
3.8Kennedy Reid66.54cApr 27GCMSAA Championships
4.7Alina Stout67.14cApr 27GCMSAA Championships
5.8Grace Tully74.94cApr 1PDS MS Meet
6.8Maddy Spencer75.34cApr 1PDS MS Meet
7.7Dylan McDonnell77.34cMar 25Cannon MS v PD, Covenant ..
800 Meters
1.7Alina Stout2:33.00Apr 22Weddington Middle School ..
2.7Faith Little2:50.00Apr 22Weddington Middle School ..
3.8Rhea Desai2:54.00Apr 22Weddington Middle School ..
4.7Meghan Little2:56.00Apr 22Weddington Middle School ..
5.8Grace Tully3:00.00Apr 22Weddington Middle School ..
6.8Julia Gennett3:00.50Apr 27GCMSAA Championships
7.8Maddy Spencer3:01.00Apr 22Weddington Middle School ..
1600 Meters
1.7Meghan Little6:16.20Apr 27GCMSAA Championships
2.8Rhea Desai6:25.30Apr 1PDS MS Meet
3.8Julia Gennett6:39.80Apr 1PDS MS Meet
4.7Juliet Miechkowski7:16.30Mar 9Charlotte Country Day MS ..
5.7Faith Little8:19.40Mar 9Charlotte Country Day MS ..
3000 Meters
1.7Meghan Little12:57.30Apr 22Weddington Middle School ..
3200 Meters
1.7Meghan Little14:21.20Apr 17Cannon MS v Charlotte Lat..
100m Hurdles - 30"
1.7Dylan McDonnell20.34cApr 1PDS MS Meet
2.7Katie Leland20.94cApr 27GCMSAA Championships
3.7Tierney Petras21.14cApr 1PDS MS Meet
4.8Morgan Routh22.54cApr 22Weddington Middle School ..
5.8Sophia Briner23.84cApr 17Cannon MS v Charlotte Lat..
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.7Dylan McDonnell60.64cApr 17Cannon MS v Charlotte Lat..
2.7Tierney Petras60.94cApr 22Weddington Middle School ..
4x100 Relay
1.-Dylan McDonnell
Emma Collins
Katie Leland
Abby Parks
62.84cApr 17Cannon MS v Charlotte Lat..
2.-Katie Leland
Emma Collins
Abby Parks
Faith Little
66.64cApr 22Weddington Middle School ..
3.-Juliet Miechkowski
Kate Mulkey
Katie Leland
Dylan McDonnell
66.74cMar 25Cannon MS v PD, Covenant ..
4.-Tierney Petras
Maya Llewellyn
Abby Parks
Faith Little
69.64cApr 27GCMSAA Championships
4x200 Relay
1.-Grace Tully
Dylan McDonnell
Emma Kuhn
Juliet Miechkowski
2:10.40Apr 27GCMSAA Championships
2.-Grace Tully
Dylan McDonnell
Faith Little
Juliet Miechkowski
2:19.90Apr 17Cannon MS v Charlotte Lat..
3.-Grace Tully
Maya Llewellyn
Juliet Miechkowski
Faith Little
2:22.00Apr 1PDS MS Meet
4.-Grace Tully
Faith Little
Maya Llewellyn
Juliet Miechkowski
2:23.80Mar 9Charlotte Country Day MS ..
5.-Maya Llewellyn
Grace Tully
Juliet Miechkowski
Faith Little
2:25.20Apr 22Weddington Middle School ..
4x400 Relay
1.-Emma Ellis
Rhea Desai
Erin MacDevette
Meghan Little
5:02.00Apr 27GCMSAA Championships
Shot Put - 6lb
1.7Emma Collins24' 4.00Apr 22Weddington Middle School ..
2.7Abby Parks19' 2.50Mar 9Charlotte Country Day MS ..
Discus - 1kg
1.7Abby Parks55' 2.00Apr 22Weddington Middle School ..
2.7Emma Collins37' 8.00Apr 27GCMSAA Championships
High Jump
1.8Emma Kuhn4' 8.00Apr 22Weddington Middle School ..
2.7Tierney Petras4' 6.00Apr 1PDS MS Meet
3.7Kate Mulkey4' 3.00Mar 25Cannon MS v PD, Covenant ..
4.7Maya Llewellyn3' 10.00Apr 1PDS MS Meet
5.7Emma Collins3' 3.00Mar 25Cannon MS v PD, Covenant ..
Long Jump
1.7Tierney Petras12' 7.50Apr 22Weddington Middle School ..
2.7Alina Stout12' 4.00Apr 27GCMSAA Championships
3.7Katie Leland11' 10.00Apr 17Cannon MS v Charlotte Lat..
4.8Sophia Briner11' 2.50Apr 1PDS MS Meet
5.8Morgan Routh10' 8.75Apr 1PDS MS Meet
6.7Kate Mulkey10' 7.00Apr 27GCMSAA Championships
7.8Emma Kuhn10' 6.00Apr 1PDS MS Meet
8.8Lauren Ayers10' 4.00Apr 17Cannon MS v Charlotte Lat..
9.7Maya Llewellyn8' 7.00Apr 1PDS MS Meet
Triple Jump
1.7Kate Mulkey23' 4.50Apr 27GCMSAA Championships

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