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    Pirates - Coos Bay, OR

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100 Meters
1.12Shane Truman11.39aMay 9Midwestern League Distric..
2.12Andrew Simpson11.83aApr 10Marshfield vs. Churchill
3.10Levi Meline11.84cApr 25Marshfield @ North Eugene
4.12Zach Meline12.04cApr 25Marshfield @ North Eugene
5.10Caleb Kruse12.12aApr 10Marshfield vs. Churchill
6.9Bo Cutting12.24cApr 18Willamette vs. Marshfield
7.9Brandon Hatley12.34cMay 4Midwestern League JV Dist..
8.12Benjamin Kruse12.41aApr 10Marshfield vs. Churchill
9.11Justin Kirk12.54cApr 18Willamette vs. Marshfield
10.11Greg Eckes12.74cApr 18Willamette vs. Marshfield
11.10Jordan Shepherd12.84cMar 21Thurston vs. Marshfield
12.9Sean Hood13.02aApr 20Bob Newland Track Classic..
13.11Zach Gallagher13.07aApr 10Marshfield vs. Churchill
14.9Talo Silver13.14aApr 10Marshfield vs. Churchill
15.12Warren Lyons13.24aApr 10Marshfield vs. Churchill
200 Meters
1.12Zach Meline23.36aMay 9Midwestern League Distric..
2.12Shane Truman23.54cApr 25Marshfield @ North Eugene
3.10Levi Meline24.24cApr 25Marshfield @ North Eugene
4.10Jordan Shepherd25.04cMar 21Thurston vs. Marshfield
5.12Benjamin Kruse25.05aApr 10Marshfield vs. Churchill
6.9Sean Hood26.04cApr 25Marshfield @ North Eugene
7.9Brandon Hatley26.43aMay 1Marshfield vs. Springfiel..
9Thomas Gayewski26.43aApr 20Bob Newland Track Classic..
9.11Zach Gallagher27.24cApr 25Marshfield @ North Eugene
10.10Caleb KruseDQApr 10Marshfield vs. Churchill
400 Meters
1.12Zach Meline51.37aMay 11Midwestern League Distric..
2.11Jared Bassett55.44cApr 25Marshfield @ North Eugene
3.10Caleb Kruse56.84cApr 18Willamette vs. Marshfield
4.9Callen Cooper57.73aMay 1Marshfield vs. Springfiel..
5.9Thomas Gayewski58.64cApr 25Marshfield @ North Eugene
400 Meters - Relay Split
1.12Zach Meline51.6Apr 13Jim Robinson Twilight Mee..
2.12Andrew Simpson53.0May 195A State Championships
3.11Jared Bassett53.5Apr 21Prefontaine Coast Invitat..
4.12Shane Truman53.7Apr 13Jim Robinson Twilight Mee..
5.10Caleb Kruse54.2Apr 10Marshfield vs. Churchill
6.11John Rymer55.6May 1Marshfield vs. Springfiel..
7.9Callen Cooper57.2Apr 13Jim Robinson Twilight Mee..
8.12Bo Flora57.8May 1Marshfield vs. Springfiel..
9.9Thomas Gayewski58.5May 4Midwestern League JV Dist..
10.11Chris Welch61.1May 4Midwestern League JV Dist..
11.9Andrew Davidson61.9May 4Midwestern League JV Dist..
12.9Nelson Moore64.1Apr 7North Bend Frosh-Soph Inv..
13.11Christopher Wise67.0Mar 21Thurston vs. Marshfield
800 Meters
1.11Jared Bassett2:02.0Apr 18Willamette vs. Marshfield
2.9Callen Cooper2:09.65aApr 21Prefontaine Coast Invitat..
3.9Nelson Moore2:14.00aApr 20Bob Newland Track Classic..
4.12Bo Flora2:17.0Apr 18Willamette vs. Marshfield
5.11Chris Welch2:22.3May 4Midwestern League JV Dist..
6.9Andrew Davidson2:24.4Mar 21Thurston vs. Marshfield
7.9Steve Ellefson2:28.9Apr 25Marshfield @ North Eugene
1500 Meters
1.11Jared Bassett4:03.02aMay 195A State Championships
2.12Bo Flora4:32.70aMay 1Marshfield vs. Springfiel..
3.9Andrew Davidson4:41.2May 4Midwestern League JV Dist..
4.11Chris Welch4:48.23aApr 13Jim Robinson Twilight Mee..
5.9Dustin Reis4:52.57aMay 1Marshfield vs. Springfiel..
6.9Steve Ellefson4:56.43aMay 1Marshfield vs. Springfiel..
7.9Mike Dihel5:13.8Apr 25Marshfield @ North Eugene
1 Mile
1.11Jared Bassett4:32.12aApr 21Prefontaine Coast Invitat..
2.12Bo Flora4:56.19aApr 21Prefontaine Coast Invitat..
3.9Steve Ellefson5:31.30aApr 20Bob Newland Track Classic..
3000 Meters
1.11Jared Bassett8:45.98aMay 195A State Championships
2.12Bo Flora9:51.70aApr 699th Coos County Track Me..
3.9Dustin Reis10:38.9May 4Midwestern League JV Dist..
4.9Andrew Davidson10:47.50aApr 20Bob Newland Track Classic..
5.9Steve Ellefson11:12.52aApr 10Marshfield vs. Churchill
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.10Caleb Kruse15.44awMay 195A State Championships
2.12Benjamin Kruse15.89aMay 11Midwestern League Distric..
3.12Andrew Simpson16.03aMay 11Midwestern League Distric..
4.11John Rymer17.84cApr 18Willamette vs. Marshfield
11Christopher Wise17.84cApr 18Willamette vs. Marshfield
6.10Jordan Shepherd20.20aMay 1Marshfield vs. Springfiel..
300m Hurdles - 33"
1.10Caleb KruseNTApr 7North Bend Frosh-Soph Inv..
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.12Benjamin Kruse42.17aMay 11Midwestern League Distric..
2.10Caleb Kruse42.86aApr 13Jim Robinson Twilight Mee..
3.11John Rymer45.54cApr 25Marshfield @ North Eugene
4.11Christopher Wise48.04cMay 4Midwestern League JV Dist..
5.10Jordan Shepherd48.14cApr 18Willamette vs. Marshfield
4x100 Relay
1.-Shane Truman
Benjamin Kruse
Levi Meline
Andrew Simpson
44.53aMay 11Midwestern League Distric..
2.-Shane Truman
Benjamin Kruse
Andrew Simpson
Levi Meline
44.73aApr 28Grants Pass Rotary Invita..
3.-Shane Truman
Andrew Simpson
Benjamin Kruse
Levi Meline
44.97aApr 699th Coos County Track Me..
4.-Relay Team 45.04aApr 13Jim Robinson Twilight Mee..
5.-Shane Truman
Levi Meline
Andrew Simpson
Benjamin Kruse
45.13aApr 13Jim Robinson Twilight Mee..
6.-Andrew Simpson
Zach Meline
Shane Truman
Levi Meline
45.34cApr 18Willamette vs. Marshfield
7.-Levi Meline
Shane Truman
Andrew Simpson
Benjamin Kruse
45.37aApr 21Prefontaine Coast Invitat..
8.-Andrew Simpson
Benjamin Kruse
Levi Meline
Shane Truman
45.43aApr 10Marshfield vs. Churchill
9.-Shane Truman
Benjamin Kruse
Justin Kirk
Andrew Simpson
45.84cMar 21Thurston vs. Marshfield
10.-Benjamin Kruse
Shane Truman
Bo Cutting
Levi Meline
45.96aMay 1Marshfield vs. Springfiel..
11.-Bo Cutting
Talo Silver
Sean Hood
Levi Meline
48.32aApr 7North Bend Frosh-Soph Inv..
12.-Brandon Hatley
Talo Silver
Sean Hood
Jordan Shepherd
49.04cMay 4Midwestern League JV Dist..
13.-Warren Lyons
Brandon Hatley
Sean Hood
Nelson Moore
DQApr 10Marshfield vs. Churchill
4x400 Relay
1.-Shane Truman
Andrew Simpson
Jared Bassett
Zach Meline
3:32.88aMay 195A State Championships
2.-Relay Team 3:35.00aApr 21Prefontaine Coast Invitat..
3.-Caleb Kruse
Jared Bassett
Zach Meline
Shane Truman
3:35.59aApr 10Marshfield vs. Churchill
4.-Shane Truman
Jared Bassett
Zach Meline
Andrew Simpson
3:36.5Apr 25Marshfield @ North Eugene
5.-Shane Truman
Caleb Kruse
Zach Meline
Andrew Simpson
3:40.43aApr 699th Coos County Track Me..
6.-Jared Bassett
Zach Meline
Caleb Kruse
Andrew Simpson
3:40.7Apr 18Willamette vs. Marshfield
7.-Shane Truman
Caleb Kruse
Andrew Simpson
Zach Meline
3:43.2Mar 21Thurston vs. Marshfield
8.-Zach Meline
Callen Cooper
John Rymer
Caleb Kruse
3:43.68aMay 1Marshfield vs. Springfiel..
9.-Callen Cooper
Chris Welch
Thomas Gayewski
Andrew Davidson
4:00.2May 4Midwestern League JV Dist..
10.-Christopher Wise
Brett Jensen
Thomas Gayewski
Callen Cooper
4:17.3Mar 21Thurston vs. Marshfield
11.-Brandon Hatley
Greg Eckes
Talo Silver
Justin Kirk
4:21.7Mar 21Thurston vs. Marshfield
Shot Put - 12lb
1.12Tyler West47' 3Apr 10Marshfield vs. Churchill
2.9Bo Cutting41' 6.75Apr 25Marshfield @ North Eugene
3.12Warren Lyons40' 10May 1Marshfield vs. Springfiel..
4.12Aaron Draper39' 7Apr 25Marshfield @ North Eugene
5.10Jordan Shepherd39' 0.5May 4Midwestern League JV Dist..
6.9Chris Cordova38' 1.25Apr 25Marshfield @ North Eugene
7.10Cody Gibson37' 7Apr 25Marshfield @ North Eugene
8.11Will Fuller37' 1.5May 4Midwestern League JV Dist..
9.9Brandon Wideman36' 9Apr 18Willamette vs. Marshfield
10.11Tristan Smith36' 8May 4Midwestern League JV Dist..
11.10Jordan Chaplin36' 5May 1Marshfield vs. Springfiel..
12.12Tyler Mulkey33' 3Apr 10Marshfield vs. Churchill
13.9Cody Shipp32' 9Apr 18Willamette vs. Marshfield
14.11Kris Muse32' 6May 1Marshfield vs. Springfiel..
Discus - 1.6kg
1.12Tyler West142' 1Apr 13Jim Robinson Twilight Mee..
2.11Kris Muse128' 8Apr 10Marshfield vs. Churchill
3.12Aaron Draper125' 8May 1Marshfield vs. Springfiel..
4.10Jordan Chaplin122' 5Apr 25Marshfield @ North Eugene
5.10Cody Gibson111' 7Apr 25Marshfield @ North Eugene
6.11Tristan Smith105' 8Apr 25Marshfield @ North Eugene
7.12Tyler Mulkey102' 7Apr 10Marshfield vs. Churchill
8.9Chris Cordova89' 11May 4Midwestern League JV Dist..
9.9Cody Shipp75' 0May 1Marshfield vs. Springfiel..
10.9Brandon Wideman70' 7May 4Midwestern League JV Dist..
11.11Will MesserleNDApr 25Marshfield @ North Eugene
Javelin - 800g
1.11Will Messerle175' 8May 11Midwestern League Distric..
2.9Bo Cutting156' 3May 11Midwestern League Distric..
3.12Aaron Draper153' 0Apr 25Marshfield @ North Eugene
4.10Cody Gibson139' 9May 4Midwestern League JV Dist..
5.12Tyler West127' 0Mar 21Thurston vs. Marshfield
6.10Jordan Shepherd126' 7May 4Midwestern League JV Dist..
7.10Jordan Chaplin114' 11May 4Midwestern League JV Dist..
8.9Dustin Reis104' 11Apr 7North Bend Frosh-Soph Inv..
9.12Warren Lyons93' 4Apr 25Marshfield @ North Eugene
10.9Brett West92' 0Apr 18Willamette vs. Marshfield
11.9Brandon Hatley74' 11Mar 21Thurston vs. Marshfield
12.9Brandon Wideman56' 3Apr 7North Bend Frosh-Soph Inv..
High Jump
1.10Levi Meline6' 3Apr 28Grants Pass Rotary Invita..
2.12Zach Meline5' 10Mar 21Thurston vs. Marshfield
3.11Christopher Wise5' 6May 1Marshfield vs. Springfiel..
4.9Nelson Moore5' 0Mar 21Thurston vs. Marshfield
5.9Brandon Hatley4' 6Apr 10Marshfield vs. Churchill
Pole Vault
1.12Andrew Simpson15' 4May 195A State Championships
2.11Greg Eckes15' 2May 9Midwestern League Distric..
3.11Justin Kirk14' 1May 9Midwestern League Distric..
4.9Talo Silver11' 0Apr 28Grants Pass Rotary Invita..
Long Jump
1.12Shane Truman20' 9May 9Midwestern League Distric..
2.12Benjamin Kruse18' 7.5Apr 699th Coos County Track Me..
3.11Justin Kirk17' 7Apr 25Marshfield @ North Eugene
4.11Christopher Wise16' 7May 1Marshfield vs. Springfiel..
5.9Sean Hood16' 6.5Mar 21Thurston vs. Marshfield
6.11Zach Gallagher16' 6May 4Midwestern League JV Dist..
7.9Brandon Hatley16' 5Apr 20Bob Newland Track Classic..
8.12Warren Lyons13' 5.5Apr 18Willamette vs. Marshfield
Triple Jump
1.10Caleb Kruse44' 6.5Apr 699th Coos County Track Me..
2.11John Rymer40' 9.5May 11Midwestern League Distric..
3.12Zach Meline37' 6.5Mar 21Thurston vs. Marshfield
4.12Benjamin Kruse37' 4Mar 21Thurston vs. Marshfield
5.9Sean Hood34' 10.25May 4Midwestern League JV Dist..


100 Meters
1.10MaKenzie Scott13.45aMay 11Midwestern League Distric..
2.9Kelsie Hahn13.72aApr 699th Coos County Track Me..
3.12Stephanie Villain14.04aApr 28Grants Pass Rotary Invita..
4.10Shelby Paulson14.24cApr 25Marshfield @ North Eugene
5.12Amber Wiley14.37aMay 1Marshfield vs. Springfiel..
6.10Anna Pocza14.54cMay 4Midwestern League JV Dist..
200 Meters
1.11Alison Worthen26.29aMay 1Marshfield vs. Springfiel..
2.10Brenna Vickrey27.67aMay 9Midwestern League Distric..
3.10Shelby Paulson28.54cApr 25Marshfield @ North Eugene
4.12Stephanie Villain28.66aMay 9Midwestern League Distric..
5.9Kelsie Hahn30.04cMar 21Thurston vs. Marshfield
6.10Anna Pocza30.44cMay 4Midwestern League JV Dist..
7.9Courtney Callaway31.94cMay 4Midwestern League JV Dist..
400 Meters
1.11Alison Worthen57.92aApr 13Jim Robinson Twilight Mee..
2.10Shelby Paulson62.37aApr 28Grants Pass Rotary Invita..
3.10Brenna Vickrey64.64cApr 25Marshfield @ North Eugene
4.10MaKenzie Scott67.27aApr 10Marshfield vs. Churchill
5.11Amber Reis67.79aMay 1Marshfield vs. Springfiel..
6.9Courtney Callaway71.94cMay 4Midwestern League JV Dist..
400 Meters - Relay Split
1.11Alison Worthen57.8Apr 10Marshfield vs. Churchill
2.10Shelby Paulson62.1Apr 28Grants Pass Rotary Invita..
3.10Brenna Vickrey64.5May 195A State Championships
4.10MaKenzie Scott65.0May 195A State Championships
5.11Amber Reis65.8Apr 28Grants Pass Rotary Invita..
6.9Tori Scott69.3Apr 7North Bend Frosh-Soph Inv..
7.9Jana Sadler72.5Apr 7North Bend Frosh-Soph Inv..
8.10Moriah Roberge77.0Mar 21Thurston vs. Marshfield
9.9Courtney Callaway78.0Mar 21Thurston vs. Marshfield
10.12Amber Wiley86.0Mar 21Thurston vs. Marshfield
800 Meters
1.11Alison Worthen2:22.6Apr 25Marshfield @ North Eugene
2.11Amber Reis2:30.39aApr 28Grants Pass Rotary Invita..
3.10Shelby Paulson2:35.07aApr 699th Coos County Track Me..
4.10Brenna Vickrey2:45.30aApr 10Marshfield vs. Churchill
5.11Rachael Rogers2:46.22aMay 1Marshfield vs. Springfiel..
6.11Sarah Cooney2:52.0Apr 18Willamette vs. Marshfield
7.9Sonia Garcia3:03.9May 4Midwestern League JV Dist..
1500 Meters
1.9Jana Sadler5:13.16aMay 1Marshfield vs. Springfiel..
2.11Amber Reis5:25.0Apr 18Willamette vs. Marshfield
3.9Tori Scott5:28.66aMay 11Midwestern League Distric..
4.11Sarah Cooney5:53.11aApr 10Marshfield vs. Churchill
1 Mile
1.9Tori Scott6:05.42aApr 21Prefontaine Coast Invitat..
2.11Rachael Rogers6:26.99aApr 21Prefontaine Coast Invitat..
3000 Meters
1.9Jana Sadler11:17.70aMay 195A State Championships
2.9Tori Scott12:15.9Apr 25Marshfield @ North Eugene
3.11Sarah Cooney12:35.2Mar 21Thurston vs. Marshfield
100m Hurdles - 30"
1.10Sarah Woods16.76aApr 7North Bend Frosh-Soph Inv..
2.10MaKenzie Scott16.92aApr 7North Bend Frosh-Soph Inv..
3.10Moriah Roberge17.36aApr 28Grants Pass Rotary Invita..
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.10MaKenzie Scott16.54aMay 11Midwestern League Distric..
2.10Moriah Roberge16.82aMay 11Midwestern League Distric..
3.12Amber Wiley18.65aApr 10Marshfield vs. Churchill
4.9Tori Scott19.19aApr 10Marshfield vs. Churchill
5.10Sarah Woods19.64aMay 1Marshfield vs. Springfiel..
6.10Jenna Welsh24.27aMay 1Marshfield vs. Springfiel..
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.11Alison Worthen45.09aMay 195A State Championships
2.10MaKenzie Scott48.33aMay 1Marshfield vs. Springfiel..
3.9Tori Scott54.78aMay 9Midwestern League Distric..
4.10Sarah Woods55.04cApr 18Willamette vs. Marshfield
4x100 Relay
1.-Brenna Vickrey
Shelby Paulson
Moriah Roberge
MaKenzie Scott
52.40aMay 11Midwestern League Distric..
2.-Moriah Roberge
Brenna Vickrey
MaKenzie Scott
Kelsie Hahn
53.42aMay 1Marshfield vs. Springfiel..
3.-Kelsie Hahn
Stephanie Villain
MaKenzie Scott
Brenna Vickrey
53.44cApr 25Marshfield @ North Eugene
4.-Kelsie Hahn
MaKenzie Scott
Stephanie Villain
Brenna Vickrey
53.54aApr 21Prefontaine Coast Invitat..
5.-MaKenzie Scott
Stephanie Villain
Kelsie Hahn
Alison Worthen
54.27aApr 10Marshfield vs. Churchill
6.-Relay Team 54.38aApr 7North Bend Frosh-Soph Inv..
7.-Brenna Vickrey
MaKenzie Scott
Stephanie Villain
Kelsie Hahn
55.14cApr 18Willamette vs. Marshfield
8.-Kelsie Hahn
Stephanie Villain
Tori Scott
MaKenzie Scott
55.24cMar 21Thurston vs. Marshfield
4x400 Relay
1.-Brenna Vickrey
MaKenzie Scott
Shelby Paulson
Alison Worthen
4:10.80aMay 195A State Championships
2.-Shelby Paulson
Brenna Vickrey
Amber Reis
Alison Worthen
4:11.49aApr 28Grants Pass Rotary Invita..
3.-Shelby Paulson
Brenna Vickrey
Alison Worthen
Amber Reis
4:14.4Apr 25Marshfield @ North Eugene
4.-Relay Team 4:16.43aMay 11Midwestern League Distric..
5.-Alison Worthen
Amber Reis
Brenna Vickrey
Shelby Paulson
4:17.11aMay 1Marshfield vs. Springfiel..
6.-Brenna Vickrey
Alison Worthen
Amber Reis
Shelby Paulson
4:22.5Apr 18Willamette vs. Marshfield
7.-Shelby Paulson
Amber Reis
Tori Scott
Brenna Vickrey
4:40.9Mar 21Thurston vs. Marshfield
Shot Put - 4kg
1.12Tamara Beardsley33' 11Apr 699th Coos County Track Me..
2.9Hannah Francis32' 4.25Apr 28Grants Pass Rotary Invita..
3.11Alison Worthen31' 2May 1Marshfield vs. Springfiel..
4.10Jenna Welsh29' 8Apr 25Marshfield @ North Eugene
5.12Amber Wiley29' 0Apr 699th Coos County Track Me..
6.11Nicolle Londo24' 6Apr 10Marshfield vs. Churchill
Discus - 1kg
1.12Tamara Beardsley114' 11May 9Midwestern League Distric..
2.9Hannah Francis105' 7Apr 25Marshfield @ North Eugene
3.10Jenna Welsh89' 10Apr 25Marshfield @ North Eugene
Javelin - 600g
1.10Jenna Welsh125' 5May 11Midwestern League Distric..
2.10Moriah Roberge123' 0May 11Midwestern League Distric..
3.9Hannah Francis108' 6May 1Marshfield vs. Springfiel..
4.12Tamara Beardsley76' 2Apr 18Willamette vs. Marshfield
5.11Nicolle Londo60' 2Mar 21Thurston vs. Marshfield
High Jump
1.11Alison Worthen5' 6May 11Midwestern League Distric..
2.10Brenna Vickrey4' 8Mar 21Thurston vs. Marshfield
3.10Jenna Welsh4' 6Apr 18Willamette vs. Marshfield
Pole Vault
1.12Amber Wiley11' 9May 9Midwestern League Distric..
10Moriah Roberge11' 9May 195A State Championships
3.9Kelsie Hahn7' 6May 1Marshfield vs. Springfiel..
4.9Jackie Lay6' 0Apr 7North Bend Frosh-Soph Inv..
Long Jump
1.10Shelby Paulson14' 11.75Apr 25Marshfield @ North Eugene
2.12Stephanie Villain14' 11.5May 9Midwestern League Distric..
3.10Moriah Roberge14' 6Apr 18Willamette vs. Marshfield
4.10Anna Pocza13' 11.5Apr 699th Coos County Track Me..
5.9Kelsie Hahn13' 1Mar 21Thurston vs. Marshfield
Triple Jump
1.11Alison Worthen35' 5.5Apr 699th Coos County Track Me..
2.10Shelby Paulson31' 2Apr 699th Coos County Track Me..

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