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      Patriots - Henderson, NV

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100 Meters
1.11Arie McQuaig10.84cMar 25Liberty Weekday
2.12Myrioni Khetaguri11.24cMar 25Liberty Weekday
10Damahny Whittle11.24cMar 18Canyon Springs Weekday
4.10Ethan Dedeaux11.34cMar 25Liberty Weekday
5.10Dominique Turner11.44cMar 25Liberty Weekday
6.10David Washington11.74cMar 18Canyon Springs Weekday
7.10Randyn Villanueva11.84cMar 11Las Vegas Weekday
8.11Dejuan Cantaleja11.94cMar 25Liberty Weekday
9.10Dariyen Sample12.04cMar 11Las Vegas Weekday
10.12Joseph Bolden12.05aMar 31Del Sol FAT Meet
11.10Shahzaib Shaikh12.14cApr 8Silverado Weekday
12.11Riley Brown12.24cApr 8Silverado Weekday
13.11Adam Knopow12.34cMar 11Las Vegas Weekday
12Ryan White12.34cApr 8Silverado Weekday
-Isaiah Zavala12.34cApr 8Silverado Weekday
16.11Marcus Escoto12.44cMar 25Liberty Weekday
17.9Bryson Delacruz12.51aApr 25Sunrise Frosh-Soph
18.10Danner Dunston12.54cMar 25Liberty Weekday
10Allen Aquino12.54cMar 25Liberty Weekday
20.9Jalone McGee12.64cMar 25Liberty Weekday
12Justin Stevens12.64cMar 25Liberty Weekday
10Joseph Blumberg12.64cApr 8Silverado Weekday
12Francisco Magana12.64cMar 18Canyon Springs Weekday
24.12Nathan Mapalo12.74cMar 18Canyon Springs Weekday
9Jade Thomson12.74cMar 18Canyon Springs Weekday
26.11Bladimir Guillen12.84cMar 18Canyon Springs Weekday
9Nathan Parsen12.84cMar 25Liberty Weekday
10Hunter Haes12.84cMar 25Liberty Weekday
29.9Desmond Quocho12.94cMar 25Liberty Weekday
11Hunter Roberts12.94cMar 18Canyon Springs Weekday
31.11Alex Wilson13.04cMar 18Canyon Springs Weekday
9Andy Garcia13.04cMar 18Canyon Springs Weekday
33.9Joseph Ramos13.14cMar 25Liberty Weekday
34.10Alejandro Bonilla13.24cMar 25Liberty Weekday
35.9Israel Cruz13.34cMar 18Canyon Springs Weekday
-Bryce Ramos13.34cApr 21Liberty Weekday
11Muhammad Junaid13.34cApr 21Liberty Weekday
38.9Austin Baniaga13.44cMar 18Canyon Springs Weekday
9Salvador Guzman13.44cMar 18Canyon Springs Weekday
11Kanan Shannon13.44cMar 18Canyon Springs Weekday
11Robert Rangel13.44cMar 25Liberty Weekday
42.10Manojkumar Selvakumar13.64cMar 18Canyon Springs Weekday
9Ethan Falkner13.64cMar 25Liberty Weekday
44.9Ivan Lopez13.74cApr 8Silverado Weekday
45.10Jeff Wilhelm13.84cMar 25Liberty Weekday
46.9Rene Rangel13.94cMar 25Liberty Weekday
47.10Conner Murphy14.24cMar 25Liberty Weekday
48.10Elliot Eligio14.34cApr 8Silverado Weekday
49.10Kamron Pitts15.04cMar 25Liberty Weekday
50.9Spencer DwinellNTMar 25Liberty Weekday
9Brandon ZaussNTMar 25Liberty Weekday
10Isaiah ThomasscrMar 25Liberty Weekday
200 Meters
1.11Arie McQuaig23.24cApr 21Liberty Weekday
2.12Myrioni Khetaguri23.44cApr 8Silverado Weekday
3.12Alejandro Camacho23.81aMar 14Liberty Relays
4.10Dariyen Sample23.84cApr 21Liberty Weekday
5.10David Washington23.95aMar 14Liberty Relays
6.10Dominique Turner24.04aMar 31Del Sol FAT Meet
7.11Adam Knopow24.34cMar 25Liberty Weekday
8.12Joseph Bolden24.36aMar 31Del Sol FAT Meet
9.10Randyn Villanueva24.54cApr 21Liberty Weekday
10.11Riley Brown25.14cMar 25Liberty Weekday
10Ethan Dedeaux25.14cApr 21Liberty Weekday
12.10Damahny Whittle25.24cMar 18Canyon Springs Weekday
13.12Ryan White25.34cApr 8Silverado Weekday
14.10Allen Aquino25.54cApr 21Liberty Weekday
10Shahzaib Shaikh25.54cMar 25Liberty Weekday
16.10Joseph Blumberg25.74cMar 18Canyon Springs Weekday
17.9Andy Garcia25.84cApr 21Liberty Weekday
11Trystin Caterine25.84cMar 18Canyon Springs Weekday
19.-Isaiah Zavala26.14cApr 21Liberty Weekday
11Hunter Roberts26.14cApr 8Silverado Weekday
21.12Justin Stevens26.34cMar 18Canyon Springs Weekday
22.9Jalone McGee26.41aApr 25Sunrise Frosh-Soph
23.10Danner Dunston26.44cApr 21Liberty Weekday
24.11Alex Wilson26.54cMar 18Canyon Springs Weekday
11Colton Cox26.54cMar 11Las Vegas Weekday
26.12Nathan Mapalo26.64cApr 21Liberty Weekday
27.10Nicholas Teal26.94cMar 25Liberty Weekday
28.11Muhammad Junaid27.04cApr 8Silverado Weekday
29.10Elliot Eligio27.24cMar 25Liberty Weekday
11Robert Rangel27.24cMar 25Liberty Weekday
31.9Joseph Ramos27.34cMar 25Liberty Weekday
9Austin Baniaga27.34cMar 18Canyon Springs Weekday
33.9Desmond Quocho27.44cApr 8Silverado Weekday
34.9Israel Cruz27.54cMar 25Liberty Weekday
35.11Bladimir Guillen27.64cApr 8Silverado Weekday
36.9Ivan Lopez27.74cMar 25Liberty Weekday
37.9Jade Thomson27.94cMar 18Canyon Springs Weekday
38.10Manojkumar Selvakumar28.14cMar 25Liberty Weekday
39.9Ethan Falkner28.34cApr 8Silverado Weekday
40.9Rene Rangel28.44cApr 8Silverado Weekday
41.10Isaiah Thomas28.64cApr 8Silverado Weekday
-Bryce Ramos28.64cApr 8Silverado Weekday
43.11Kanan Shannon28.74cMar 18Canyon Springs Weekday
44.10Jeff Wilhelm28.84cMar 25Liberty Weekday
45.9Salvador Guzman28.94cApr 21Liberty Weekday
46.9Brandon Zauss29.14cApr 8Silverado Weekday
47.10Conner Murphy29.24cMar 25Liberty Weekday
48.12Francisco Magana29.34cMar 25Liberty Weekday
49.9Jesus Dominguez35.44cMar 18Canyon Springs Weekday
50.9Bryson DelacruzNTApr 21Liberty Weekday
11Marcus EscotoNTMar 25Liberty Weekday
11Carlos GutierrezNTMar 25Liberty Weekday
9Spencer DwinellscrMar 25Liberty Weekday
10Hunter HaesscrMar 25Liberty Weekday
11Dejuan CantalejaNTMar 25Liberty Weekday
400 Meters
1.11Arie McQuaig51.76aMar 21Skyhawk Invitational
2.10David Washington52.17aApr 25Sunrise Frosh-Soph
3.12Alejandro Camacho52.73aMar 31Del Sol FAT Meet
4.12Joseph Bolden55.18aMar 31Del Sol FAT Meet
5.11Adam Knopow55.44cMar 18Canyon Springs Weekday
6.10Dariyen Sample56.37aApr 25Sunrise Frosh-Soph
7.10Randyn Villanueva57.36aApr 25Sunrise Frosh-Soph
8.11Trystin Caterine58.84cMar 11Las Vegas Weekday
9.9Andy Garcia59.38aMar 21Skyhawk Invitational
10.12Francisco Magana59.75aMar 21Skyhawk Invitational
11.9Israel Cruz60.14cMar 11Las Vegas Weekday
12.10Nicholas Teal61.44cMar 25Liberty Weekday
13.12Nathan Mapalo62.04cMar 11Las Vegas Weekday
14.9Joseph Ramos62.74cMar 25Liberty Weekday
15.-Isaiah Zavala63.14cMar 11Las Vegas Weekday
16.10Danner Dunston63.34cMar 18Canyon Springs Weekday
11Robert Rangel63.34cApr 8Silverado Weekday
18.9Austin Baniaga63.74cMar 25Liberty Weekday
19.11Bladimir Guillen63.94cMar 11Las Vegas Weekday
20.11Muhammad Junaid64.34cMar 25Liberty Weekday
21.9Ivan Lopez65.04cApr 8Silverado Weekday
22.9Jalone McGee65.34cMar 18Canyon Springs Weekday
23.11Kanan Shannon66.14cMar 18Canyon Springs Weekday
24.10Allen Aquino67.14cMar 11Las Vegas Weekday
25.9Rene Rangel67.94cMar 18Canyon Springs Weekday
-Bryce Ramos67.94cApr 21Liberty Weekday
27.10Shahzaib Shaikh68.04cMar 18Canyon Springs Weekday
28.9Desmond Quocho68.14cMar 11Las Vegas Weekday
29.10Conner Murphy68.24cApr 8Silverado Weekday
30.10Manojkumar Selvakumar68.54cMar 18Canyon Springs Weekday
31.9Salvador Guzman69.04cMar 18Canyon Springs Weekday
32.10Elliot Eligio69.44cMar 18Canyon Springs Weekday
33.9Nathan Parsen71.14cMar 11Las Vegas Weekday
34.9Brandon Zauss71.94cMar 18Canyon Springs Weekday
35.9Jade Thomson74.74cMar 18Canyon Springs Weekday
36.11Carlos GutierrezscrMar 25Liberty Weekday
9Spencer DwinellscrMar 25Liberty Weekday
800 Meters
1.12Alejandro Camacho2:01.80aMay 2NIAA Southern Div 1 Regio..
2.11Kaiko Perkins2:17.80Mar 25Liberty Weekday
3.11Denilson Torres2:19.76aApr 10Ron Resler Invitational
4.10Eduardo Soto2:20.10Apr 21Liberty Weekday
5.9Michael Espinoza2:21.92aApr 25Sunrise Frosh-Soph
6.11Cole Schneider2:25.90Mar 18Canyon Springs Weekday
7.9Fernando Ayala2:28.70Mar 25Liberty Weekday
8.9Isaiah Hedberg2:31.00Mar 11Las Vegas Weekday
9.10Brandon Fuka2:34.60Mar 18Canyon Springs Weekday
10.11Zane Schneider2:35.30Mar 25Liberty Weekday
11.10Ivan Camacho2:35.68aMar 21Skyhawk Invitational
12.9Austin Cho2:37.70Mar 18Canyon Springs Weekday
10Dominique Guthery2:37.70Mar 25Liberty Weekday
14.10Emery Deines2:41.30Apr 8Silverado Weekday
1600 Meters
1.10Eduardo Soto4:56.96aApr 25Sunrise Frosh-Soph
2.11Kaiko Perkins4:57.30aMar 21Skyhawk Invitational
3.11Denilson Torres5:19.28aMar 21Skyhawk Invitational
4.9Fernando Ayala5:19.29aApr 25Sunrise Frosh-Soph
5.11Cole Schneider5:23.10Apr 21Liberty Weekday
6.11Zane Schneider5:30.40Mar 18Canyon Springs Weekday
7.9Michael Espinoza5:33.30Apr 21Liberty Weekday
8.10Dominique Guthery5:37.40aApr 25Sunrise Frosh-Soph
9.10Emery Deines5:42.00Apr 21Liberty Weekday
10.10Ivan Camacho5:45.90aMar 14Liberty Relays
11.10Walfred Huerta6:02.80Mar 18Canyon Springs Weekday
12.9Isaiah Hedberg6:07.50Apr 21Liberty Weekday
3200 Meters
1.10Eduardo Soto10:47.07aMay 2NIAA Southern Div 1 Regio..
2.11Kaiko Perkins11:00.91aApr 10Ron Resler Invitational
3.11Cole Schneider12:09.40Apr 21Liberty Weekday
4.11Denilson Torres12:17.00Apr 21Liberty Weekday
5.10Walfred Huerta13:16.14aMar 14Liberty Relays
6.9Fernando Ayala13:26.00Apr 21Liberty Weekday
7.9Michael Espinoza13:48.00Apr 21Liberty Weekday
8.9Isaiah Hedberg14:23.20Apr 21Liberty Weekday
9.9Austin Cho14:35.50Apr 21Liberty Weekday
10.10Ivan CamachoNTApr 21Liberty Weekday
110m Hurdles - 33"
1.12Justin Stevens17.44cMar 18Canyon Springs Weekday
2.11Riley Brown19.24cMar 18Canyon Springs Weekday
3.12Ryan White19.84cMar 18Canyon Springs Weekday
4.10Spencer Thornhill20.14cMar 18Canyon Springs Weekday
11Colton Cox20.14cMar 18Canyon Springs Weekday
6.10Robert Hoorn20.64cMar 18Canyon Springs Weekday
7.11Carlos Gutierrez22.44cMar 18Canyon Springs Weekday
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.12Justin Stevens17.07aMay 2NIAA Southern Div 1 Regio..
2.12Ryan White18.24cApr 8Silverado Weekday
3.11Colton Cox18.49aApr 18Del Sol FAT Meet
4.11Riley Brown18.54cMar 25Liberty Weekday
5.12Francisco Magana19.64cApr 21Liberty Weekday
6.10Spencer Thornhill20.04aMar 21Skyhawk Invitational
7.11Carlos Gutierrez21.44cApr 21Liberty Weekday
10Robert Hoorn21.44cApr 8Silverado Weekday
9.10Alejandro Bonilla22.34cMar 11Las Vegas Weekday
10.9Jesus Dominguez24.34cApr 8Silverado Weekday
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.10David Washington40.41aMay 2NIAA Southern Div 1 Regio..
2.11Arie McQuaig44.04cMar 25Liberty Weekday
3.11Riley Brown45.24cMar 25Liberty Weekday
4.12Ryan White45.30aApr 18Del Sol FAT Meet
5.11Colton Cox45.57aMar 31Del Sol FAT Meet
6.12Francisco Magana47.74cMar 25Liberty Weekday
7.12Justin Stevens48.22aMar 14Liberty Relays
8.11Dejuan Cantaleja48.24cApr 8Silverado Weekday
9.10Alejandro Bonilla51.54cMar 25Liberty Weekday
10.10Spencer Thornhill51.64cMar 25Liberty Weekday
11.11Carlos Gutierrez54.04cMar 25Liberty Weekday
12.10Robert Hoorn57.04cMar 11Las Vegas Weekday
13.9Jesus Dominguez62.04cMar 11Las Vegas Weekday
4x100 Relay
1.-Relay Team 44.24cMar 18Canyon Springs Weekday
2.-Dominique Turner
Myrioni Khetaguri
Ethan Dedeaux
Dariyen Sample
44.75aApr 10Ron Resler Invitational
3.-Myrioni Khetaguri
Ethan Dedeaux
Dariyen Sample
Dominique Turner
44.79aMar 14Liberty Relays
4.-David Washington
Damahny Whittle
Dariyen Sample
Dominique Turner
45.56aApr 25Sunrise Frosh-Soph
5.-Marcus Escoto
Myrioni Khetaguri
Allen Aquino
Dariyen Sample
45.68aMar 21Skyhawk Invitational
6.-David Washington
Ethan Dedeaux
Dariyen Sample
Dominique Turner
46.34cApr 21Liberty Weekday
7.-Dominique Turner
Arie McQuaig
Andy Garcia
Marcus Escoto
46.71aMay 2NIAA Southern Div 1 Regio..
8.-Randyn Villanueva
Allen Aquino
Andy Garcia
Jalone McGee
49.84cMar 25Liberty Weekday
4x200 Relay
1.-Dominique Turner
David Washington
Myrioni Khetaguri
Arie McQuaig
1:31.77aMay 2NIAA Southern Div 1 Regio..
2.-Ethan Dedeaux
David Washington
Arie McQuaig
Myrioni Khetaguri
1:32.37aApr 10Ron Resler Invitational
3.-Myrioni Khetaguri
Ethan Dedeaux
Arie McQuaig
David Washington
1:32.67aMar 14Liberty Relays
4.-Relay Team 1:32.70Mar 18Canyon Springs Weekday
5.-Myrioni Khetaguri
Arie McQuaig
David Washington
Ethan Dedeaux
1:33.40Mar 25Liberty Weekday
6.-Randyn Villanueva
David Washington
Bryson Delacruz
Dominique Turner
1:37.06aApr 25Sunrise Frosh-Soph
7.-Arie McQuaig
David Washington
Dariyen Sample
Dominique Turner
1:40.90Apr 21Liberty Weekday
8.-Randyn Villanueva
Allen Aquino
Andy Garcia
Isaiah Zavala
1:44.90Mar 25Liberty Weekday
9.-Dominique Turner
Adam Knopow
Myrioni Khetaguri
David Washington
DQMar 21Skyhawk Invitational
4x400 Relay
1.-Myrioni Khetaguri
Arie McQuaig
Alejandro Camacho
David Washington
3:33.19aMay 2NIAA Southern Div 1 Regio..
2.-Adam Knopow
Alejandro Camacho
Arie McQuaig
David Washington
3:34.62aMar 14Liberty Relays
3.-Relay Team 3:39.00Apr 8Silverado Weekday
4.-Alejandro Camacho
Andy Garcia
Arie McQuaig
David Washington
3:39.54aMar 21Skyhawk Invitational
5.-Adam Knopow
Arie McQuaig
David Washington
Alejandro Camacho
3:49.40Mar 25Liberty Weekday
6.-Allen Aquino
Andy Garcia
Randyn Villanueva
Jalone McGee
4:01.71aApr 25Sunrise Frosh-Soph
4x800 Relay
1.-Relay Team 9:39.00Mar 11Las Vegas Weekday
2.-Fernando Ayala
Austin Cho
Alejandro Camacho
Zane Schneider
9:44.70Mar 25Liberty Weekday
3.-Denilson Torres
Isaiah Hedberg
Cole Schneider
Fernando Ayala
10:01.11aMar 14Liberty Relays
4.-Eduardo Soto
Dominique Guthery
Fernando Ayala
Michael Espinoza
SCRApr 25Sunrise Frosh-Soph
Shot Put - 12lb
1.12Darrell Kaanaana54' 6.50Mar 14Liberty Relays
2.11Damian Nunez50' 8.00May 16Nevada State Championship..
3.11Nicholas Tapuala47' 4.25Apr 10Ron Resler Invitational
4.11Cyrius Vea46' 7.00Mar 25Liberty Weekday
5.11Alofania Tevaseu42' 10.00Apr 17Arbor View Invitational
6.10Ryan Fewell35' 7.00Mar 6Green Valley Newcomers Me..
7.10Dariyen Sample35' 3.00Apr 8Silverado Weekday
8.10Robert Hoorn35' 1.25Apr 8Silverado Weekday
9.12Jordan Laughlin35' 0.00Apr 8Silverado Weekday
10.10Felix Rivera32' 11.00Apr 25Sunrise Frosh-Soph
11.10William Brewer31' 3.00Apr 8Silverado Weekday
12.12Emmanual Garcia27' 9.00Mar 25Liberty Weekday
Discus - 1.6kg
1.11Cyrius Vea176' 2.00May 2NIAA Southern Div 1 Regio..
2.11Nicholas Tapuala152' 3.00May 2NIAA Southern Div 1 Regio..
3.12Darrell Kaanaana148' 4.00May 2NIAA Southern Div 1 Regio..
4.11Damian Nunez139' 10.00Apr 10Ron Resler Invitational
5.10Ryan Fewell109' 8.00Apr 10Ron Resler Invitational
6.11Alofania Tevaseu108' 3.00Apr 21Liberty Weekday
7.12Jordan Laughlin95' 3.00Apr 21Liberty Weekday
8.10Robert Hoorn91' 6.00Mar 25Liberty Weekday
9.10Felix Rivera77' 2.00Apr 21Liberty Weekday
10.10William Brewer76' 8.00Apr 8Silverado Weekday
11.12Emmanual Garcia68' 5.00Mar 6Green Valley Newcomers Me..
High Jump
1.12John Watkins6' 6.00Apr 8Silverado Weekday
2.10Damahny Whittle5' 8.00Mar 11Las Vegas Weekday
3.11Trystin Caterine5' 6.00Mar 21Skyhawk Invitational
4.11Dejuan Cantaleja5' 2.00Mar 11Las Vegas Weekday
5.10Alejandro BonillaNHMar 25Liberty Weekday
Pole Vault
1.11Devon Ecklund14' 1.00Apr 21Liberty Weekday
2.10Joseph Blumberg11' 6.00May 2NIAA Southern Div 1 Regio..
3.10Dominique Turner11' 0.00Apr 25Sunrise Frosh-Soph
4.11Marcus Escoto10' 6.00Mar 21Skyhawk Invitational
5.11Alex Wilson10' 0.00Apr 21Liberty Weekday
6.10Hunter Haes9' 6.00Apr 25Sunrise Frosh-Soph
7.10Brandon Fuka8' 6.00Apr 8Silverado Weekday
8.9Ethan Falkner8' 0.00Apr 21Liberty Weekday
11Adam Knopow8' 0.00Mar 18Canyon Springs Weekday
10.10Jeff Wilhelm7' 6.00Apr 8Silverado Weekday
11.10Kamron Pitts6' 0.00Apr 8Silverado Weekday
12.9Jesus DominguezNHMar 25Liberty Weekday
Long Jump
1.12John Watkins22' 3.25May 2NIAA Southern Div 1 Regio..
2.10Dominique Turner20' 2.00Apr 21Liberty Weekday
3.12Myrioni Khetaguri18' 9.00Mar 11Las Vegas Weekday
4.12Francisco Magana18' 8.00Apr 10Ron Resler Invitational
5.11Dejuan Cantaleja18' 4.00Apr 10Ron Resler Invitational
6.10Damahny Whittle18' 0.50Mar 21Skyhawk Invitational
7.10Isaiah Thomas18' 0.00Apr 25Sunrise Frosh-Soph
8.10Nicholas Teal17' 1.50Apr 21Liberty Weekday
9.11Marcus Escoto16' 7.50Mar 25Liberty Weekday
10.9Nathan Parsen14' 3.00Apr 21Liberty Weekday
11.10Ethan DedeauxscrMar 25Liberty Weekday
Triple Jump
1.12John Watkins43' 9.00Apr 18Mt. SAC Relays (Day 2)
2.11Dejuan Cantaleja38' 3.25Mar 25Liberty Weekday
3.12Myrioni Khetaguri36' 9.00Mar 11Las Vegas Weekday
4.10Isaiah Thomas36' 2.00Apr 25Sunrise Frosh-Soph
5.10Nicholas Teal35' 10.50Apr 21Liberty Weekday
6.9Nathan Parsen29' 2.00Apr 21Liberty Weekday


100 Meters
1.10Gifty Nkansah12.41aMay 2NIAA Southern Div 1 Regio..
2.11Meghan Coggins12.74aMar 14Liberty Relays
3.10Alize Rogers13.54cApr 8Silverado Weekday
4.11Chambrea Hogan13.64cApr 8Silverado Weekday
5.12Shelcy Sales13.68aMar 31Del Sol FAT Meet
6.10Marissa Warren13.84cApr 8Silverado Weekday
7.12Sam Horcasitas13.94cMar 25Liberty Weekday
8.10Morgan Meatovich14.04cApr 8Silverado Weekday
9.11Unique Thompson14.14cMar 25Liberty Weekday
10.10Tasheona Coleman14.18aApr 25Sunrise Frosh-Soph
11.9Josephine Camacho14.24cApr 8Silverado Weekday
12.10Megan Quandt14.34cApr 8Silverado Weekday
10Giovanna Maisano14.34cMar 11Las Vegas Weekday
9Johniece Williams14.34cMar 25Liberty Weekday
15.9Brianah Palomata14.54cMar 25Liberty Weekday
9Symone Lewis14.54cApr 8Silverado Weekday
17.9Clarissa Parker14.64cMar 25Liberty Weekday
11Briana Walker14.64cApr 8Silverado Weekday
19.10Parker Burk14.74cMar 25Liberty Weekday
9Maria jimena Dominguez14.74cMar 25Liberty Weekday
10Alyssa Martindale14.74cApr 8Silverado Weekday
9Ayla Babakitis14.74cApr 8Silverado Weekday
23.10Kayla Croom14.94cApr 21Liberty Weekday
24.10Jaianna Sendrall15.04cMar 25Liberty Weekday
25.9Grace Mayes15.34cMar 25Liberty Weekday
9Xenos Reagans15.34cMar 25Liberty Weekday
27.9Angelina Maisano15.44cMar 25Liberty Weekday
28.10Jessica Elsee15.54cMar 25Liberty Weekday
29.9Andrea Colin15.74cMar 11Las Vegas Weekday
30.9Alea Avila16.04cMar 25Liberty Weekday
9Shua Vang16.04cMar 25Liberty Weekday
10Zephaniah Sione16.04cApr 8Silverado Weekday
33.10Alyssa Gardea16.84cMar 25Liberty Weekday
34.12Cindy Avila17.24cMar 11Las Vegas Weekday
35.9Victoria Green18.44cApr 8Silverado Weekday
36.12Ashley Rose Lagance19.64cApr 8Silverado Weekday
37.10Allana Sovereign22.74cApr 8Silverado Weekday
38.9Shelly Cruz33.14cApr 8Silverado Weekday
39.9Jazmin PerezscrMar 25Liberty Weekday
9Deone StoopscrMar 25Liberty Weekday
10Nicole HorcasitasscrMar 25Liberty Weekday
9Nadeyah MasonscrMar 25Liberty Weekday
200 Meters
1.10Gifty Nkansah25.78awMay 2NIAA Southern Div 1 Regio..
2.11Meghan Coggins26.44cApr 8Silverado Weekday
3.12Shelcy Sales27.34cApr 8Silverado Weekday
4.11Chambrea Hogan27.51aMay 2NIAA Southern Div 1 Regio..
5.10Marissa Warren27.74cApr 8Silverado Weekday
6.12Devon Jones27.84cMar 18Canyon Springs Weekday
7.10Alize Rogers28.34cApr 8Silverado Weekday
8.10Giovanna Maisano28.64cApr 8Silverado Weekday
9.10Morgan Meatovich28.94cApr 21Liberty Weekday
10.10Sydney Groom29.24cMar 18Canyon Springs Weekday
11.10Tasheona Coleman29.62aApr 25Sunrise Frosh-Soph
12.11Unique Thompson29.64cMar 11Las Vegas Weekday
13.9Josephine Camacho29.84cApr 8Silverado Weekday
14.12Sam Horcasitas29.94cMar 18Canyon Springs Weekday
15.12Cindy Avila30.24cMar 11Las Vegas Weekday
12Ashley Rose Lagance30.24cMar 18Canyon Springs Weekday
9Clarissa Parker30.24cMar 25Liberty Weekday
18.10Parker Burk30.34cMar 18Canyon Springs Weekday
19.9Johniece Williams30.54cMar 18Canyon Springs Weekday
20.10Megan Quandt30.74cMar 25Liberty Weekday
21.9Brianah Palomata30.84cMar 25Liberty Weekday
22.10Kayla Croom31.24cApr 21Liberty Weekday
23.9Angelina Maisano31.54cMar 18Canyon Springs Weekday
24.9Symone Lewis31.69aMar 31Del Sol FAT Meet
25.10Jaianna Sendrall31.74cMar 25Liberty Weekday
26.9Maria jimena Dominguez31.84cMar 25Liberty Weekday
11Briana Walker31.84cMar 18Canyon Springs Weekday
28.10Cameron Kyle31.94cMar 18Canyon Springs Weekday
29.9Xenos Reagans32.24cMar 25Liberty Weekday
30.9Grace Mayes32.54cMar 25Liberty Weekday
31.9Nadeyah Mason32.94cMar 25Liberty Weekday
10Zephaniah Sione32.94cMar 25Liberty Weekday
10Jessica Elsee32.94cApr 21Liberty Weekday
34.9Andrea Colin33.04cMar 25Liberty Weekday
35.9Shua Vang34.84cMar 25Liberty Weekday
36.10Alyssa Gardea36.74cMar 25Liberty Weekday
37.9Victoria Green41.74cMar 18Canyon Springs Weekday
38.9Shelly Cruz49.64cApr 8Silverado Weekday
39.9Gabby CarsonNTApr 21Liberty Weekday
9Jazmin PerezscrMar 25Liberty Weekday
10Allana SovereignscrMar 25Liberty Weekday
10Alyssa MartindalescrMar 25Liberty Weekday
9Elisa GonzalezscrMar 25Liberty Weekday
400 Meters
1.10Sydney Groom58.79aMay 16Nevada State Championship..
2.10Marissa Warren60.74cApr 8Silverado Weekday
3.12Devon Jones63.80aMay 2NIAA Southern Div 1 Regio..
4.10Giovanna Maisano66.10aApr 10Ron Resler Invitational
5.11Dasia Jones67.14cMar 11Las Vegas Weekday
6.10Parker Burk67.84aApr 25Sunrise Frosh-Soph
7.11Chambrea Hogan69.21aMar 21Skyhawk Invitational
8.9Brianah Palomata70.24cApr 8Silverado Weekday
9.9Johniece Williams72.44cMar 25Liberty Weekday
10.10Alyssa Gardea86.94cApr 21Liberty Weekday
11.10Megan QuandtNTApr 21Liberty Weekday
9Elisa GonzalezscrMar 25Liberty Weekday
800 Meters
1.10Sydney Groom2:28.16aMay 2NIAA Southern Div 1 Regio..
2.10Skyler Free2:38.87aMar 21Skyhawk Invitational
3.12Liz Casis2:49.13aMar 14Liberty Relays
4.10Kelea Reed2:51.70Mar 25Liberty Weekday
5.9Ilani Oliveira2:56.10aApr 25Sunrise Frosh-Soph
6.11Dasia Jones2:57.21aApr 10Ron Resler Invitational
7.11Cherylann Garcia3:08.40Apr 21Liberty Weekday
8.11Enya Licairac3:15.80Mar 11Las Vegas Weekday
9.12Marisol Juarez3:16.50Mar 18Canyon Springs Weekday
10.10Jovi Rose Pasay3:22.20Mar 25Liberty Weekday
11.10Emily Jung3:24.50Apr 21Liberty Weekday
12.12Arantxa Guillen3:38.60Apr 21Liberty Weekday
13.11Amanda Rotzinger3:40.10Mar 25Liberty Weekday
14.11Maaike Parajes3:43.20Apr 21Liberty Weekday
15.9Elisa GonzalezNTApr 21Liberty Weekday
1600 Meters
1.10Skyler Free5:20.75aMay 16Nevada State Championship..
2.10Kelea Reed6:15.00Mar 25Liberty Weekday
3.12Liz Casis6:15.40aApr 10Ron Resler Invitational
4.10Cheryl Monaco6:19.60Mar 25Liberty Weekday
5.9Ilani Oliveira6:36.24aApr 25Sunrise Frosh-Soph
6.11Dasia Jones6:53.13aMar 14Liberty Relays
7.10Jovi Rose Pasay6:57.90Mar 25Liberty Weekday
8.11Cherylann Garcia7:08.60Apr 21Liberty Weekday
9.10Emily Jung7:24.70Apr 21Liberty Weekday
10.12Marisol Juarez7:26.20Mar 25Liberty Weekday
11.11Savannah Bolin7:51.80Mar 25Liberty Weekday
12.11Amanda Rotzinger7:57.60Mar 25Liberty Weekday
13.12Arantxa Guillen7:58.50Apr 8Silverado Weekday
14.11Maaike Parajes8:13.30Apr 21Liberty Weekday
3200 Meters
1.10Skyler Free12:01.80Apr 8Silverado Weekday
2.10Kelea Reed13:35.00Apr 8Silverado Weekday
3.10Cheryl Monaco13:43.30Mar 25Liberty Weekday
4.12Liz Casis14:42.60Apr 21Liberty Weekday
5.9Ilani Oliveira14:42.70Apr 8Silverado Weekday
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.12Cindy Avila17.14cMar 25Liberty Weekday
2.9Ayla Babakitis18.54awMay 2NIAA Southern Div 1 Regio..
3.12Sam Horcasitas18.63awMay 2NIAA Southern Div 1 Regio..
4.12Ashley Rose Lagance18.84cMar 25Liberty Weekday
5.10Nicole Horcasitas19.37aApr 10Ron Resler Invitational
6.9Symone Lewis19.95aApr 18Del Sol FAT Meet
7.9Shelly Cruz20.44cMar 11Las Vegas Weekday
8.12Azhlee Costa21.04cMar 25Liberty Weekday
9.10Liberty Pangilinan22.04cMar 18Canyon Springs Weekday
10.11Enya Licairac22.14cApr 21Liberty Weekday
11.-Tahirah Staples22.16aApr 18Del Sol FAT Meet
12.9Elisa Gonzalez22.46aMar 14Liberty Relays
13.10Cameron Kyle22.64cMar 18Canyon Springs Weekday
14.10Allana Sovereign22.74cApr 8Silverado Weekday
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.12Cindy Avila51.54cMar 25Liberty Weekday
2.12Shelcy Sales54.35aMar 21Skyhawk Invitational
3.10Nicole Horcasitas55.90aApr 10Ron Resler Invitational
12Sam Horcasitas55.90aApr 10Ron Resler Invitational
5.9Symone Lewis56.08aApr 25Sunrise Frosh-Soph
6.11Enya Licairac57.47aMar 21Skyhawk Invitational
7.12Devon Jones58.34cMar 25Liberty Weekday
8.9Ayla Babakitis58.64cMar 25Liberty Weekday
9.12Ashley Rose Lagance59.71aMar 21Skyhawk Invitational
10.9Elisa Gonzalez64.84cApr 8Silverado Weekday
11.10Allana Sovereign78.00aMar 14Liberty Relays
12.10Liberty PangilinanNTApr 21Liberty Weekday
10Cameron KylescrMar 25Liberty Weekday
4x100 Relay
1.-Chambrea Hogan
Gifty Nkansah
Shelcy Sales
Meghan Coggins
49.37aMay 2NIAA Southern Div 1 Regio..
2.-Chambrea Hogan
Gifty Nkansah
Alize Rogers
Shelcy Sales
50.05aMay 2NIAA Southern Div 1 Regio..
3.-Shelcy Kaitlyn Sales
Meghan Coggins
Alize Rogers
Gifty Nkansah
50.07aMar 28Las Vegas Track Classic
4.-Chambrea Hogan
Gifty Nkansah
Meghan Coggins
Shelcy Kaitlyn Sales
50.26aMay 15Nevada State Championship..
5.-Relay Team 50.74cMar 11Las Vegas Weekday
6.-Shelcy Kaitlyn Sales
Giovanna Maisano
Meghan Coggins
Gifty Nkansah
50.92aMar 14Liberty Relays
7.-Shelcy Kaitlyn Sales
Gifty Nkansah
Meghan Coggins
Alize Rogers
50.94cMar 25Liberty Weekday
8.-Shelcy Kaitlyn Sales
Meghan Coggins
Chambrea Hogan
Gifty Nkansah
51.11aMar 21Skyhawk Invitational
9.-Shelcey Sales
Gifty Nkansah
Meghan Coggins
Chambrea Hogan
51.54cApr 21Liberty Weekday
10.-Giovanna Maisano
Gifty Nkansah
Alize Rogers
Megan Quandt
52.03aApr 25Sunrise Frosh-Soph
11.-Giovanna Maisano
Morgan Meatovich
Alize Rogers
Marissa Warren
53.84cApr 21Liberty Weekday
12.-Giovanna Maisano
Tasheona Coleman
Parker Burk
Megan Quandt
57.24cMar 25Liberty Weekday
13.-Selena Ah-You
Litia Ortquist
Sydney Mohler
Angela Lomeli
73.10aMar 14Liberty Relays
4x200 Relay
1.-Chambrea Hogan
Sydney Groom
Shelcy Sales
Gifty Nkansah
1:45.07aMay 2NIAA Southern Div 1 Regio..
2.-Shelcy Kaitlyn Sales
Sydney Groom
Meghan Coggins
Gifty Nkansah
1:46.92aMar 14Liberty Relays
3.-Relay Team 1:47.00Mar 11Las Vegas Weekday
4.-Chambrea Hogan
Sydney Groom
Shelcy Sales
Meghan Coggins
1:47.14aMay 2NIAA Southern Div 1 Regio..
5.-Shelcey Sales
Gifty Nkansah
Sydney Groom
Meghan Coggins
1:48.01aApr 10Arcadia Invitational (Day..
6.-Sydney Groom
Gifty Nkansah
Alize Rogers
Parker Burk
1:48.78aApr 25Sunrise Frosh-Soph
7.-Chambrea Hogan
Gifty Nkansah
Meghan Coggins
Shelcy Kaitlyn Sales
1:48.88aMar 21Skyhawk Invitational
8.-Shelcy Kaitlyn Sales
Sydney Groom
Gifty Nkansah
Meghan Coggins
1:49.60Mar 25Liberty Weekday
9.-Morgan Meatovich
Tasheona Coleman
Parker Burk
Megan Quandt
1:58.20Mar 25Liberty Weekday
10.-Sydney Groom
Gifty Nkansah
Meghan Coggins
Alize Rogers
2:02.70Apr 21Liberty Weekday
4x400 Relay
1.-Devon Jones
Marissa Warren
Tasheona Coleman
Sydney Groom
4:22.67aMay 2NIAA Southern Div 1 Regio..
2.-Marissa Warren
Megan Quandt
Parker Burk
Sydney Groom
4:25.59aApr 25Sunrise Frosh-Soph
3.-Relay Team 4:26.00Mar 11Las Vegas Weekday
4.-Giovanna Maisano
Marissa Warren
Sydney Groom
Devon Jones
4:27.35aMar 14Liberty Relays
5.-Devon Jones
Giovanna Maisano
Marissa Warren
Shelcy Kaitlyn Sales
4:27.46aMar 21Skyhawk Invitational
6.-Devon Jones
Sydney Groom
Giovanna Maisano
Marissa Warren
4:28.70Mar 25Liberty Weekday
7.-Giovanna Maisano
Chambrea Hogan
Marissa Warren
Devon Jones
SCRApr 10Ron Resler Invitational
4x800 Relay
1.-Relay Team 11:16.00Mar 11Las Vegas Weekday
2.-Kelea Reed
Ilani Oliveira
Dasia Jones
Liz Casis
11:24.50aMay 2NIAA Southern Div 1 Regio..
3.-Dasia Jones
Enya Licairac
Kelea Reed
Cherylann Garcia
12:06.90aMar 14Liberty Relays
4.-Marisol Juarez
Liz Casis
Dasia Jones
Arantxa Guillen
13:24.60Apr 21Liberty Weekday
Shot Put - 4kg
1.11Amy Vaiao33' 5.00May 2NIAA Southern Div 1 Regio..
2.10Litia Ortquist31' 8.50Apr 25Sunrise Frosh-Soph
3.10Serafina Ah-You29' 9.50Apr 25Sunrise Frosh-Soph
4.10Ahysha Kauhi-Choy Foo28' 0.00Apr 25Sunrise Frosh-Soph
5.10Angela Lomeli27' 8.00Apr 8Silverado Weekday
6.9Selena Ah-You27' 3.00May 2NIAA Southern Div 1 Regio..
7.9Adriana Vaiao26' 7.75Apr 21Liberty Weekday
8.9Gabby Carson21' 6.50Mar 25Liberty Weekday
9.10Sydney Mohler19' 7.00Mar 25Liberty Weekday
Discus - 1kg
1.10Litia Ortquist112' 0.00May 2NIAA Southern Div 1 Regio..
2.11Amy Vaiao105' 0.00May 2NIAA Southern Div 1 Regio..
3.9Selena Ah-You85' 5.00Apr 21Liberty Weekday
4.10Serafina Ah-You83' 7.00Apr 8Silverado Weekday
5.10Angela Lomeli82' 0.00Apr 21Liberty Weekday
6.10Ahysha Kauhi-Choy Foo81' 5.00Apr 21Liberty Weekday
7.9Adriana Vaiao77' 5.00Apr 21Liberty Weekday
8.10Sydney Mohler56' 11.00Apr 8Silverado Weekday
9.9Gabby Carson53' 9.00Mar 25Liberty Weekday
10.10Taya Hart46' 5.25Mar 11Las Vegas Weekday
High Jump
1.10Elizabeth Branigan4' 8.00Mar 18Canyon Springs Weekday
10Nicole Horcasitas4' 8.00Mar 18Canyon Springs Weekday
9Clarissa Parker4' 8.00Apr 8Silverado Weekday
9Gabby Carson4' 8.00Apr 8Silverado Weekday
5.12Sam Horcasitas4' 4.00Mar 25Liberty Weekday
6.11Brieanna GarciaNHMar 14Liberty Relays
Pole Vault
1.9Gabby Carson10' 3.00May 2NIAA Southern Div 1 Regio..
2.12Azhlee Costa8' 6.00Apr 17Arbor View Invitational
10Elizabeth Branigan8' 6.00Apr 21Liberty Weekday
4.10Nicole Horcasitas7' 6.00Mar 21Skyhawk Invitational
5.9Xenos Reagans7' 0.00Apr 21Liberty Weekday
6.9Angelina Maisano6' 6.00Apr 21Liberty Weekday
10Jessica Elsee6' 6.00Mar 25Liberty Weekday
8.10Jaianna Sendrall6' 0.00Mar 25Liberty Weekday
12Cindy Avila6' 0.00Mar 25Liberty Weekday
10.9Ilani Oliveira5' 0.00Mar 11Las Vegas Weekday
11.9Ayla BabakitisNHMar 25Liberty Weekday
Long Jump
1.11Unique Thompson15' 1.50Apr 10Ron Resler Invitational
2.9Clarissa Parker14' 0.00Apr 25Sunrise Frosh-Soph
3.12Devon Jones13' 9.50Mar 14Liberty Relays
4.10Alyssa Martindale13' 9.00Apr 25Sunrise Frosh-Soph
5.11Briana Walker13' 5.00Mar 11Las Vegas Weekday
6.9Deone Stoop13' 3.50Apr 8Silverado Weekday
11Brieanna Garcia13' 3.50Mar 14Liberty Relays
8.9Jazmin Perez11' 11.00Apr 8Silverado Weekday
10Kayla Croom11' 11.00Apr 21Liberty Weekday
10.11Dasia Jones11' 10.75Apr 8Silverado Weekday
11.9Nadeyah Mason11' 9.00Mar 11Las Vegas Weekday
12.10Zephaniah Sione11' 7.00Apr 21Liberty Weekday
13.10Sydney Groom10' 5.75Apr 8Silverado Weekday
14.9Alea Avila10' 0.50Apr 8Silverado Weekday
15.12Cindy Avila9' 8.00Mar 11Las Vegas Weekday
16.10Allana SovereignscrMar 25Liberty Weekday
Triple Jump
1.10Alyssa Martindale29' 4.00Apr 21Liberty Weekday
2.11Briana Walker27' 10.00Apr 21Liberty Weekday
3.9Deone Stoop27' 4.00Apr 25Sunrise Frosh-Soph
4.9Clarissa Parker27' 3.00Apr 25Sunrise Frosh-Soph
5.11Brieanna Garcia26' 5.00Mar 14Liberty Relays
6.9Alea AvilascrMar 25Liberty Weekday

* = Recent improvement

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