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      Buckaroos - Pendleton, OR

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100 Meters
1.11Soren Wolf11.22aApr 30Heinz Invitational
2.12Trevor Sweet11.54aApr 2331st Annual Kiwanis Invit..
3.12Grayson Hughbanks11.56aApr 30Heinz Invitational
4.12Nolan Bylenga11.58aApr 15Green and Gold Invite
5.11Gabe Walker11.65aApr 15Green and Gold Invite
6.11Colin Rickman11.69aApr 2331st Annual Kiwanis Invit..
7.12Andrew Porter12.02aMar 17Buck Track Classic
8.10Emilio Chavez12.27aApr 8River's Edge
9.11Cade Anderson12.43aMay 6Columbia River Conference..
10.9Patrick Hendren12.50aMar 17Buck Track Classic
11.11Isaac Ukachukwu12.55aMay 6Columbia River Conference..
12.11Grant Kennedy12.60aMar 17Buck Track Classic
13.9Trevor Magers12.61aMar 17Buck Track Classic
14.11Mathew Fowler12.69aMay 6Columbia River Conference..
15.12Patrick Cahill12.81aMar 17Buck Track Classic
16.10Eli Richerson13.08aMay 6Columbia River Conference..
17.10Hunter Baum13.55aMar 17Buck Track Classic
18.10Rylan Headley13.98aApr 15Green and Gold Invite
19.9Alex Primmer14.04aMay 6Columbia River Conference..
20.11Thomas Alberti14.12aMar 17Buck Track Classic
21.12Jayden Magers14.15aMar 17Buck Track Classic
22.9Dustin Henderson14.54aApr 15Green and Gold Invite
23.12Nolan Kennedy14.90aApr 15Green and Gold Invite
24.10Ahmad Nadeem14.96aApr 15Green and Gold Invite
25.9Keyshawn JacksonDNSApr 15Green and Gold Invite
150 Meters
1.12Grayson Hughbanks18.94cApr 222nd Annual Buckaroo Intra..
2.12Dakotah Rimbach20.44cApr 222nd Annual Buckaroo Intra..
200 Meters
1.11Soren Wolf23.04aMay 115A-5 CRC District Champio..
2.12Andrew Porter23.28aMay 125A-5 CRC District Champio..
3.12Grayson Hughbanks24.22aApr 2331st Annual Kiwanis Invit..
4.12Dylan Clemons24.58aApr 15Green and Gold Invite
5.11Cade Anderson25.10aApr 2331st Annual Kiwanis Invit..
6.11Grant Kennedy25.89aApr 15Green and Gold Invite
7.10Emilio Chavez26.03aMay 6Columbia River Conference..
8.11Mathew Fowler26.35aMay 6Columbia River Conference..
9.9Keyshawn Jackson26.91aApr 15Green and Gold Invite
10.9Wiley Redcrane26.93aApr 15Green and Gold Invite
11.11Isaac Ukachukwu27.19aMay 6Columbia River Conference..
12.10Eli Richerson27.30aApr 8River's Edge
13.10Hunter Baum28.17aMay 6Columbia River Conference..
14.12Jayden Magers28.53aApr 8River's Edge
15.9Luke McDonald28.64cMar 17Buck Track Classic
16.10Rylan Headley29.05aMay 6Columbia River Conference..
17.10Ahmad Nadeem30.79aApr 8River's Edge
18.9Trevor MagersDNSMar 17Buck Track Classic
11Colin RickmanDNSMar 17Buck Track Classic
12Nolan KennedyDNSApr 15Green and Gold Invite
400 Meters
1.12Andrew Porter50.23aMay 20OSAA 5A State Championshi..
2.12Nolan Bylenga50.85aApr 30Heinz Invitational
3.11Soren Wolf52.28aApr 9The Willamette Falls Invi..
4.12Dakotah Rimbach54.87aApr 15Green and Gold Invite
5.12Patrick Cahill57.35aApr 15Green and Gold Invite
6.12Grayson Hughbanks57.71aMar 17Buck Track Classic
7.9Wiley Redcrane58.70aMay 115A-5 CRC District Champio..
8.9Luke McDonald59.26aMay 115A-5 CRC District Champio..
9.10Emilio Chavez59.47aMay 6Columbia River Conference..
10.9Keyshawn Jackson62.99aApr 8River's Edge
11.9Michael Brooks63.03aMay 6Columbia River Conference..
12.12Asa Richerson76.07aApr 15Green and Gold Invite
800 Meters
1.12Nolan Bylenga1:55.85aMay 125A-5 CRC District Champio..
2.10Nick Oja-Zdroy2:03.10aMay 125A-5 CRC District Champio..
3.12Garison Alger2:03.30aApr 9The Willamette Falls Invi..
4.12Patrick Cahill2:12.03aMay 125A-5 CRC District Champio..
5.10Justin Easlon2:18.82aMay 6Columbia River Conference..
6.12Asa Richerson2:23.57aMay 6Columbia River Conference..
7.9Alex Rendon2:23.76aApr 1Carnival of Speed
8.11Christopher Newman2:25.60Apr 15Green and Gold Invite
9.9Dustin Henderson2:31.58aApr 30Heinz Invitational
10.9Michael Brooks2:38.80Apr 29Blazing Bucks Intrasquad ..
11.9Alex Primmer2:41.63aApr 8River's Edge
1500 Meters
1.12Nolan Bylenga4:11.34aApr 9The Willamette Falls Invi..
2.12Asa Richerson4:29.14aMay 125A-5 CRC District Champio..
3.10Nick Oja-Zdroy4:34.90Mar 17Buck Track Classic
4.11Thomas Alberti4:44.76aMay 125A-5 CRC District Champio..
5.11Christopher Newman4:45.73aMay 125A-5 CRC District Champio..
6.9Lane Evens4:54.27aMay 6Columbia River Conference..
7.10Martin Gallegos4:59.50Apr 15Green and Gold Invite
8.10Jacob Gau5:06.75aMay 6Columbia River Conference..
9.11Josh Mendoza5:12.30Mar 17Buck Track Classic
10.9Michael Brooks5:25.50Apr 15Green and Gold Invite
11.10Ahmad NadeemDNSApr 8River's Edge
3000 Meters
1.12Nolan Bylenga9:42.73aApr 30Heinz Invitational
2.10Nick Oja-Zdroy10:10.34aApr 1Carnival of Speed
3.9Lane Evens10:40.30Mar 17Buck Track Classic
4.11Christopher Newman10:44.28aMay 6Columbia River Conference..
5.10Martin Gallegos11:16.70Mar 17Buck Track Classic
6.10Shane Miltenberger11:30.71aApr 30Heinz Invitational
7.10Jacob Gau11:36.40Mar 17Buck Track Classic
8.11Josh Mendoza12:18.11aApr 1Carnival of Speed
60m Hurdles - 39"
1.12Garison Alger9.64cApr 222nd Annual Buckaroo Intra..
2.12Patrick Cahill11.54cApr 222nd Annual Buckaroo Intra..
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.12Garison Alger15.90aMay 125A-5 CRC District Champio..
2.12Dakotah Rimbach18.00aMay 125A-5 CRC District Champio..
3.12Patrick Cahill19.43aApr 15Green and Gold Invite
200m Hurdles - 36"
1.12Garison Alger27.54cApr 222nd Annual Buckaroo Intra..
2.12Dakotah Rimbach29.84cApr 222nd Annual Buckaroo Intra..
3.12Grayson Hughbanks30.14cApr 222nd Annual Buckaroo Intra..
4.12Patrick Cahill30.94cApr 222nd Annual Buckaroo Intra..
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.12Garison Alger40.13aMay 20OSAA 5A State Championshi..
2.12Dakotah Rimbach42.70aMay 115A-5 CRC District Champio..
3.12Grayson Hughbanks43.37aMay 115A-5 CRC District Champio..
4.12Patrick Cahill45.88aApr 9The Willamette Falls Invi..
5.9Patrick Hendren50.11aApr 30Heinz Invitational
3k Steeplechase
1.12Patrick Cahill11:51.67aApr 2331st Annual Kiwanis Invit..
2.11Thomas Alberti12:20.44aApr 2331st Annual Kiwanis Invit..
4x100 Relay
1.Soren Wolf
Gabe Walker
Nolan Bylenga
Trevor Sweet
43.48aMay 20OSAA 5A State Championshi..
2.Soren Wolf
Grayson Hughbanks
Colin Rickman
Nolan Bylenga
44.75aApr 16Pasco Invitational
3.Colin Rickman
Nolan Bylenga
Grayson Hughbanks
Soren Wolf
44.84aApr 1Carnival of Speed
4.Nolan Bylenga
Grayson Hughbanks
Colin Rickman
Soren Wolf
44.90aApr 9The Willamette Falls Invi..
5.Nolan Bylenga
Grayson Hughbanks
Trevor Sweet
Soren Wolf
45.09aApr 2331st Annual Kiwanis Invit..
6.Nolan Bylenga
Grayson Hughbanks
Colin Rickman
Trevor Sweet
45.54aMay 125A-5 CRC District Champio..
7.Patrick Cahill
Garison Alger
Dakotah Rimbach
Grayson Hughbanks
47.09aApr 15Green and Gold Invite
8.Relay Team 49.94aApr 8River's Edge
4x400 Relay
1.Soren Wolf
Andrew Porter
Garison Alger
Nolan Bylenga
3:21.63aMay 20OSAA 5A State Championshi..
2.Garison Alger
Nolan Bylenga
Grayson Hughbanks
Andrew Porter
3:23.97aMay 125A-5 CRC District Champio..
3.Andrew Porter
Soren Wolf
Garison Alger
Nolan Bylenga
3:24.91aApr 16Pasco Invitational
4.Garison Alger
Nolan Bylenga
Andrew Porter
Soren Wolf
3:29.58aApr 2331st Annual Kiwanis Invit..
5.Garison Alger
Andrew Porter
Dakotah Rimbach
Soren Wolf
3:31.34aApr 30Heinz Invitational
6.Garison Alger
Nolan Bylenga
Dylan Clemons
Grayson Hughbanks
3:39.90Mar 17Buck Track Classic
7.Relay Team 4:05.65aMay 6Columbia River Conference..
8.Dustin Henderson
Keyshawn Jackson
Jayden Magers
Isaac Ukachukwu
4:10.99aApr 8River's Edge
Shot Put - 12lb
1.12Michael Swanson44' 4.75May 115A-5 CRC District Champio..
2.12Hunter Frazier39' 11.25Apr 2331st Annual Kiwanis Invit..
3.12Cameron Clark36' 0.50Apr 1Carnival of Speed
4.11River Engum33' 4.00Apr 30Heinz Invitational
5.12Timothy O'Hanlon30' 4.00Apr 30Heinz Invitational
6.9Duncan Hughbanks30' 3.50Apr 29Blazing Bucks Intrasquad ..
7.12Alex Chase29' 7.00Apr 29Blazing Bucks Intrasquad ..
8.9Everett Willard29' 3.00Apr 29Blazing Bucks Intrasquad ..
9.9Jakob Soloman28' 4.00Apr 29Blazing Bucks Intrasquad ..
10.10Matt Larsen24' 8.00May 6Columbia River Conference..
11.12Taylor Mcclure23' 4.00Apr 29Blazing Bucks Intrasquad ..
Discus - 1.6kg
1.12Hunter Frazier112' 6.00May 115A-5 CRC District Champio..
2.11River Engum108' 10.00Apr 9The Willamette Falls Invi..
3.12Timothy O'Hanlon97' 9.00May 115A-5 CRC District Champio..
4.9Everett Willard82' 4.00May 6Columbia River Conference..
5.9Jakob Soloman78' 1.00Apr 8River's Edge
6.10Matt Larsen74' 9.00May 6Columbia River Conference..
7.12Alex Chase69' 3.00Apr 29Blazing Bucks Intrasquad ..
8.9Duncan Hughbanks69' 2.00Apr 29Blazing Bucks Intrasquad ..
Javelin - 800g
1.12Dylan Clemons154' 6.00May 125A-5 CRC District Champio..
2.11Grant Kennedy142' 3.00Apr 30Heinz Invitational
3.12Andrew Porter137' 0.00May 125A-5 CRC District Champio..
4.11Cade Anderson122' 4.00May 6Columbia River Conference..
5.12Cameron Clark119' 2.00Apr 1Carnival of Speed
6.9Michael Brooks109' 9.00May 6Columbia River Conference..
7.12Hunter Frazier108' 1.00Apr 15Green and Gold Invite
8.10Shane Miltenberger78' 5.00Apr 15Green and Gold Invite
9.12Timothy O'Hanlon73' 7.00Apr 15Green and Gold Invite
10.9Wiley Redcrane63' 7.00Apr 8River's Edge
High Jump
1.11Jonathan Stuvland6' 0.00Apr 30Heinz Invitational
2.11Gabe Walker5' 10.00May 125A-5 CRC District Champio..
3.11Isaac Ukachukwu5' 4.00Apr 8River's Edge
4.11Mathew Fowler5' 2.00Apr 1Carnival of Speed
5.9Jonathan Swaggart5' 0.00May 6Columbia River Conference..
6.10Trevyn Mikesell4' 11.00Apr 15Green and Gold Invite
7.10Syler Rimbach4' 10.00Apr 29Blazing Bucks Intrasquad ..
8.10Rylan Headley4' 4.00May 6Columbia River Conference..
9.11Thomas AlbertiNHMar 17Buck Track Classic
12Hunter FrazierNHApr 29Blazing Bucks Intrasquad ..
Pole Vault
1.12Lukas Johnson12' 6.00May 125A-5 CRC District Champio..
2.12Ryan Lacey11' 0.00Apr 15Green and Gold Invite
3.10Syler Rimbach9' 6.00May 6Columbia River Conference..
4.10Trevyn Mikesell9' 0.00Apr 8River's Edge
5.10Nick Johnson8' 6.00Apr 15Green and Gold Invite
6.9Jonathan Swaggart7' 0.00Mar 17Buck Track Classic
Long Jump
1.12Dylan Clemons19' 5.50Apr 30Heinz Invitational
2.12Trevor Sweet18' 9.25Apr 29Blazing Bucks Intrasquad ..
3.11Cade Anderson17' 10.00Apr 2331st Annual Kiwanis Invit..
4.9Patrick Hendren17' 5.00Mar 17Buck Track Classic
5.10Hunter Baum15' 8.00Apr 30Heinz Invitational
6.11Hagen Shelden15' 3.00Apr 29Blazing Bucks Intrasquad ..
7.10Rylan Headley13' 0.00May 6Columbia River Conference..
8.11Thomas AlbertiSCRMar 17Buck Track Classic
Triple Jump
1.12Dylan Clemons42' 4.00May 125A-5 CRC District Champio..
2.9Patrick Hendren36' 10.00May 6Columbia River Conference..
3.11Hagen Shelden33' 6.25May 125A-5 CRC District Champio..


100 Meters
1.9Lillan Oja13.38aApr 30Heinz Invitational
2.12Zoe Fishel13.58aApr 2331st Annual Kiwanis Invit..
3.12Emily May13.85aApr 30Heinz Invitational
4.10Jaiden Lemberger14.07aApr 9The Willamette Falls Invi..
5.12Jackie Talbot14.28aApr 30Heinz Invitational
6.9Starr Redcrane14.30aApr 30Heinz Invitational
7.11Makayla Akers14.31aApr 15Green and Gold Invite
8.12Maria Cortes-Cerreda14.92aApr 8River's Edge
9.9Taylor Baum15.02aApr 15Green and Gold Invite
10.10Tristen Fye19.80aApr 15Green and Gold Invite
11.10Maizie WilliamsDNSApr 15Green and Gold Invite
11Oceane SchreierDNSApr 15Green and Gold Invite
200 Meters
1.12Zoe Fishel28.38aApr 2331st Annual Kiwanis Invit..
2.9Lillan Oja28.78aApr 9The Willamette Falls Invi..
3.11Kiara Glover29.11aApr 15Green and Gold Invite
4.11Oceane Schreier29.36aApr 2331st Annual Kiwanis Invit..
5.12Emily May29.74aApr 30Heinz Invitational
6.9Taylor Baum30.46aApr 15Green and Gold Invite
7.12Kaleigh Waggoner31.75aApr 8River's Edge
8.10Tristen Fye45.30aApr 15Green and Gold Invite
400 Meters
1.9Lillan Oja62.55aMay 115A-5 CRC District Champio..
2.12Zoe Fishel66.28aApr 15Green and Gold Invite
3.9Taylor Baum66.66aMay 115A-5 CRC District Champio..
4.11Oceane Schreier67.20aMay 115A-5 CRC District Champio..
5.12Kaleigh Waggoner71.09aApr 15Green and Gold Invite
800 Meters
1.12Taryn Sokoloski2:22.40aMay 20OSAA 5A State Championshi..
2.12Charla Simons2:28.69aMay 125A-5 CRC District Champio..
3.10Emily Driskel2:35.50Apr 15Green and Gold Invite
4.12Delaney Clem2:36.14aApr 1Carnival of Speed
5.12Chyenne Carey2:37.89aMay 125A-5 CRC District Champio..
6.9Starr Redcrane2:42.30Mar 17Buck Track Classic
7.9Taylor Baum2:48.20Mar 17Buck Track Classic
1500 Meters
1.12Delaney Clem4:59.19aMay 20OSAA 5A State Championshi..
2.10Emily Driskel5:16.60aMay 125A-5 CRC District Champio..
3.9Starr Redcrane5:37.10Apr 15Green and Gold Invite
4.12Clancey Deutz5:50.40Apr 15Green and Gold Invite
5.12Lauren Roberts5:52.76aApr 30Heinz Invitational
6.9Kaitlyn Driskel6:00.00Apr 15Green and Gold Invite
7.11Shiau-Yu (Nicole) Chen6:26.57aMay 6Columbia River Conference..
3000 Meters
1.12Delaney Clem10:35.57aMay 20OSAA 5A State Championshi..
2.10Emily Driskel11:46.66aApr 30Heinz Invitational
3.12Clancey Deutz12:18.62aApr 30Heinz Invitational
4.9Starr Redcrane12:56.23aApr 1Carnival of Speed
3200 Meters
1.12Delaney Clem11:53.24aApr 16Pasco Invitational
60m Hurdles - 33"
1.10Jaiden Lemberger11.14cApr 222nd Annual Buckaroo Intra..
2.12Kaleigh Waggoner12.14cApr 222nd Annual Buckaroo Intra..
3.10Dani Moore13.84cApr 222nd Annual Buckaroo Intra..
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.11Kiara Glover16.60aApr 16Pasco Invitational
2.10Jaiden Lemberger17.88aMay 125A-5 CRC District Champio..
3.10Maizie Williams19.23aApr 1Carnival of Speed
4.12Kaleigh Waggoner20.21aApr 2331st Annual Kiwanis Invit..
5.12Maria Cortes-Cerreda20.58aMay 6Columbia River Conference..
6.10Dani Moore21.67aApr 15Green and Gold Invite
200m Hurdles - 30"
1.10Jaiden Lemberger34.24cApr 222nd Annual Buckaroo Intra..
2.12Kaleigh Waggoner35.84cApr 222nd Annual Buckaroo Intra..
3.10Dani Moore36.54cApr 222nd Annual Buckaroo Intra..
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.10Jaiden Lemberger52.03aMay 115A-5 CRC District Champio..
2.10Maizie Williams54.99aMay 115A-5 CRC District Champio..
3.12Kaleigh Waggoner55.76aMay 115A-5 CRC District Champio..
4.10Dani Moore58.55aApr 9The Willamette Falls Invi..
5.9Kaitlyn Driskel67.34cApr 29Blazing Bucks Intrasquad ..
4x100 Relay
1.Makayla Akers
Zoe Fishel
Jaiden Lemberger
Emily May
53.20aMay 125A-5 CRC District Champio..
2.Zoe Fishel
Jaiden Lemberger
Emily May
Star Redcrane
54.15aApr 30Heinz Invitational
3.Chyenne Carey
Delaney Clem
Clancey Deutz
Kaleigh Waggoner
61.07aApr 15Green and Gold Invite
4.Relay Team DNSApr 2331st Annual Kiwanis Invit..
4x400 Relay
1.Taylor Baum
Zoe Fishel
Lillan Oja
Oceane Schreier
4:21.95aMay 125A-5 CRC District Champio..
2.Lillan Oja
Oceane Schreier
Charla Simons
Taryn Sokoloski
4:24.40aApr 9The Willamette Falls Invi..
3.Zoe Fishel
Lillan Oja
Charla Simons
Taryn Sokoloski
4:30.76aApr 30Heinz Invitational
4.Taylor Baum
Lillan Oja
Charla Simons
Taryn Sokoloski
4:31.80Apr 15Green and Gold Invite
5.Lillan Oja
Oceane Schreier
Taryn Sokoloski
Keagan Utter
4:40.90Mar 17Buck Track Classic
6.Oceane Schreier
Lillan Oja
Taryn Sokoloski
Keagan Utter
DQApr 1Carnival of Speed
Shot Put - 4kg
1.12Keagan Utter36' 5.50Apr 9The Willamette Falls Invi..
2.12Cami Montgomery32' 1.75May 125A-5 CRC District Champio..
3.12Bethany VanCleave29' 11.00Apr 15Green and Gold Invite
4.9Hunter Kiele26' 5.00Apr 29Blazing Bucks Intrasquad ..
5.10Maureen Davies25' 5.00Mar 17Buck Track Classic
6.12Kyana Tolwi24' 8.00Apr 29Blazing Bucks Intrasquad ..
7.11Haley Burchard22' 5.00Apr 29Blazing Bucks Intrasquad ..
8.9Brooke Zander19' 11.00May 6Columbia River Conference..
9.12Jennifer Schulze18' 6.50Apr 15Green and Gold Invite
Discus - 1kg
1.12Keagan Utter107' 6.00Apr 1Carnival of Speed
2.12Cami Montgomery99' 5.00Apr 9The Willamette Falls Invi..
3.9Hunter Kiele83' 10.00May 125A-5 CRC District Champio..
4.12Bethany VanCleave74' 10.00Apr 29Blazing Bucks Intrasquad ..
5.11Haley Burchard64' 10.00May 6Columbia River Conference..
6.12Kyana Tolwi62' 4.00Apr 29Blazing Bucks Intrasquad ..
7.9Brooke Zander58' 1.00May 6Columbia River Conference..
8.12Jennifer Schulze49' 8.00May 6Columbia River Conference..
Javelin - 600g
1.11Makayla Akers111' 2.00May 20OSAA 5A State Championshi..
2.12Lauren Roberts88' 1.00Apr 9The Willamette Falls Invi..
3.9Sarah Scott84' 9.00May 115A-5 CRC District Champio..
4.12Maria Cortes-Cerreda80' 0.00Apr 29Blazing Bucks Intrasquad ..
5.9Brooke Zander57' 8.00May 6Columbia River Conference..
6.9Leanne Machado56' 11.00May 6Columbia River Conference..
7.11Cora Theis54' 8.00Apr 29Blazing Bucks Intrasquad ..
8.9Cristal Ponce Palomera46' 4.00Mar 17Buck Track Classic
High Jump
1.11Kiara Glover5' 4.00Apr 1Carnival of Speed
2.10Jaiden Lemberger4' 8.00Apr 1Carnival of Speed
9Megan Burchard4' 8.00May 115A-5 CRC District Champio..
4.12Maria Cortes-Cerreda4' 2.00Apr 8River's Edge
5.9Kaitlyn Driskel4' 0.00Apr 8River's Edge
6.9Brooke Zander3' 11.00Apr 15Green and Gold Invite
7.11Cora Theis3' 8.00Apr 29Blazing Bucks Intrasquad ..
Pole Vault
1.11Hailey Kendrick9' 0.25May 20OSAA 5A State Championshi..
2.9Megan Burchard7' 6.00Apr 1Carnival of Speed
10Doria Summerfield7' 6.00Apr 15Green and Gold Invite
12Tianna Barfuss7' 6.00Apr 1Carnival of Speed
5.11Emma Montgomery5' 0.00Apr 29Blazing Bucks Intrasquad ..
Long Jump
1.11Kiara Glover16' 1.75Apr 1Carnival of Speed
2.12Jackie Talbot15' 8.50May 115A-5 CRC District Champio..
3.11Oceane Schreier15' 5.75May 115A-5 CRC District Champio..
4.10Maureen Davies15' 0.50Apr 8River's Edge
5.10Jessica Thomas11' 1.75Apr 29Blazing Bucks Intrasquad ..
6.11Haley Burchard10' 10.75Apr 15Green and Gold Invite
7.9Sarah Scott10' 7.50Apr 8River's Edge
Triple Jump
1.11Kiara Glover34' 11.50Apr 9The Willamette Falls Invi..
2.12Jackie Talbot32' 7.50May 125A-5 CRC District Champio..
3.10Maureen Davies31' 8.25May 125A-5 CRC District Champio..
4.11Oceane Schreier29' 9.50Apr 2331st Annual Kiwanis Invit..
Hammer - 4kg
1.12Keagan Utter94' 10.00Apr 9The Willamette Falls Invi..
2.12Cami Montgomery62' 0.00Apr 9The Willamette Falls Invi..

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