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      Buckaroos - Pendleton, OR

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100 Meters
1.12Nick Jennings11.44aMay 165A-3 CRC Championshi..
2.10Trevor Sweet11.46aMay 165A-3 CRC Championshi..
3.12Alden Wyland11.54aMay 165A-3 CRC Championshi..
4.12Donte Robinson11.86aApr 12The Willamette Falls..
5.12Donovan Pointer12.24aMay 9CRC Last Chance
6.11Andrew Thomas12.34cMar 13Bucks Intrasquad Mee..
7.10Andrew Porter12.36aApr 22Hermiston v. Pendlet..
8.9Colin Rickman12.41aApr 18Apple Blossom Invita..
10Grayson Hughbanks12.41aMay 9CRC Last Chance
10.12Joel Boozer12.44cMar 13Bucks Intrasquad Mee..
11.10Dylan Clemons12.54aApr 8TDW vs Pendleton
12.11Nate Rickman12.74cMar 13Bucks Intrasquad Mee..
13.11Sean Ottosen12.84cMar 13Bucks Intrasquad Mee..
10Nolan Bylenga12.84cMar 13Bucks Intrasquad Mee..
15.10Ryan Lacey13.22aApr 22Hermiston v. Pendlet..
16.9Fernando Gomez13.23aApr 8TDW vs Pendleton
17.9Johnathan Jennings13.24aApr 8TDW vs Pendleton
18.12Cole Carey13.25aApr 1CRC Dual Meet
19.10Braidon Wood13.28aApr 22Hermiston v. Pendlet..
20.9Chase Swaggart13.35aApr 22Hermiston v. Pendlet..
9Grant Kennedy13.35aApr 8TDW vs Pendleton
22.11Cameron Dumont13.37aApr 1CRC Dual Meet
23.9Dalton Winterton13.38aApr 8TDW vs Pendleton
24.9Deven Page13.46aApr 1CRC Dual Meet
25.9Matthew Fowler13.48aApr 8TDW vs Pendleton
26.9Jonathan Wolotira13.70aApr 8TDW vs Pendleton
27.9Hagen Shelden13.71aApr 8TDW vs Pendleton
28.9Cade Anderson13.75aApr 8TDW vs Pendleton
29.9Chase Spratling13.79aApr 8TDW vs Pendleton
30.9Jose Melgar14.03aApr 8TDW vs Pendleton
31.9Isaac Ukachukwa14.25aApr 8TDW vs Pendleton
32.10Nolan Kennedy14.33aApr 8TDW vs Pendleton
33.9Robert Cooper15.28aApr 1CRC Dual Meet
34.11Jayden Majors15.52aApr 22Hermiston v. Pendlet..
35.9Aaron Benson15.56aApr 1CRC Dual Meet
36.9Dominique Hardesty19.82aApr 22Hermiston v. Pendlet..
37.12Gabe CampbellSCRApr 8TDW vs Pendleton
200 Meters
1.12Nick Jennings23.40aMay 2Dean Nice Invitation..
2.12Donovan Pointer23.47aMay 175A-3 CRC Championshi..
3.12Alden Wyland23.65aMay 175A-3 CRC Championshi..
4.12Donte Robinson23.95aApr 18Apple Blossom Invita..
5.10Trevor Sweet24.99aMay 9CRC Last Chance
6.10Andrew Porter25.03aApr 22Hermiston v. Pendlet..
7.10Grayson Hughbanks25.49aMay 9CRC Last Chance
8.12Cole Carey26.00aApr 8TDW vs Pendleton
9.11Andrew Thomas26.18aApr 4Carnival of Speed
10.10Dylan Clemons26.59aApr 4Carnival of Speed
11.9Colin Rickman26.73aApr 22Hermiston v. Pendlet..
12.9Fernando Gomez26.93aApr 8TDW vs Pendleton
13.9Johnathan Jennings27.00aApr 8TDW vs Pendleton
14.9Chase Swaggart27.49aApr 22Hermiston v. Pendlet..
15.9Matthew Fowler27.51aApr 8TDW vs Pendleton
16.9Robert Cooper27.73aApr 1CRC Dual Meet
17.9Deven Page27.79aApr 22Hermiston v. Pendlet..
18.11Cameron Dumont27.84aApr 22Hermiston v. Pendlet..
19.9Jonathan Wolotira27.87aApr 22Hermiston v. Pendlet..
9Cade Anderson27.87aApr 22Hermiston v. Pendlet..
21.9Dalton Winterton28.73aApr 1CRC Dual Meet
22.11Daniel Groseclos29.32aApr 22Hermiston v. Pendlet..
23.9Dyllon Baum30.04aApr 22Hermiston v. Pendlet..
24.9Isaac Ukachukwa30.41aApr 22Hermiston v. Pendlet..
25.9Jose Melgar30.42aApr 22Hermiston v. Pendlet..
26.10Nolan Kennedy31.34aApr 1CRC Dual Meet
27.11Jayden Majors31.92aApr 8TDW vs Pendleton
28.9Aaron Benson32.61aApr 22Hermiston v. Pendlet..
300 Meters
1.10Nolan Bylenga39.74cMar 13Bucks Intrasquad Mee..
2.12Donovan Pointer39.84cMar 13Bucks Intrasquad Mee..
3.10Andrew Porter40.24cMar 13Bucks Intrasquad Mee..
4.12Nick Jennings40.44cMar 13Bucks Intrasquad Mee..
5.12Donte Robinson40.94cMar 13Bucks Intrasquad Mee..
6.11Nate Rickman41.24cMar 13Bucks Intrasquad Mee..
12Alden Wyland41.24cMar 13Bucks Intrasquad Mee..
8.10Garison Alger41.44cMar 13Bucks Intrasquad Mee..
9.11Andrew Thomas42.84cMar 13Bucks Intrasquad Mee..
10.9Grant Kennedy43.24cMar 13Bucks Intrasquad Mee..
400 Meters
1.10Andrew Porter50.33aMay 24OSAA 5A State Champi..
2.12Donte Robinson53.11aApr 1CRC Dual Meet
3.12Nick Jennings53.36aApr 22Hermiston v. Pendlet..
4.12Donovan Pointer53.64aMay 2Dean Nice Invitation..
5.12Alden Wyland55.11aApr 22Hermiston v. Pendlet..
6.11Andrew Thomas55.83aApr 12The Willamette Falls..
7.10Dylan Clemons55.96aApr 12The Willamette Falls..
8.9Johnathan Jennings57.47aApr 18Apple Blossom Invita..
9.12Cole Carey59.92aApr 8TDW vs Pendleton
10.9Chase Swaggart60.86aMar 20Buck Track Classic
11.9Grant Kennedy61.22aApr 1CRC Dual Meet
12.10Ryan Lacey61.64aMar 20Buck Track Classic
13.10Devon Lindsey62.07aMar 20Buck Track Classic
14.9Deven Page63.38aMar 20Buck Track Classic
15.10Grayson Hughbanks63.57aMar 20Buck Track Classic
16.9Jonathan Wolotira64.80aApr 22Hermiston v. Pendlet..
17.9Dyllon Baum67.45aMar 20Buck Track Classic
18.11Devin Vaquero69.85aMar 20Buck Track Classic
19.11Jayden Majors71.80aMar 20Buck Track Classic
20.9Jose Melgar73.58aApr 1CRC Dual Meet
21.10Nolan Kennedy76.18aApr 1CRC Dual Meet
800 Meters
1.10Nolan Bylenga1:56.20aMay 24OSAA 5A State Champi..
2.12Alex Ferder2:07.48aMay 175A-3 CRC Championshi..
3.12Donovan Pointer2:10.35aApr 12The Willamette Falls..
4.12Weyekin Bill2:14.25aApr 18Apple Blossom Invita..
5.10Dakotah Rimbach2:16.21aMay 2Dean Nice Invitation..
6.9Chris Nickerson2:17.60Apr 22Hermiston v. Pendlet..
7.12Daniel Van Cleave2:18.97aApr 18Apple Blossom Invita..
8.10Garison Alger2:19.60Mar 20Buck Track Classic
9.10Asher Paslay2:19.90Apr 22Hermiston v. Pendlet..
10.9Jonathan Wolotira2:28.62aMay 9CRC Last Chance
11.10Sam Bliss2:30.91aMay 9CRC Last Chance
12.11Devin Vaquero2:42.74aApr 4Carnival of Speed
1500 Meters
1.10Nolan Bylenga4:12.96aMay 9CRC Last Chance
2.12Alex Ferder4:33.27aMay 2Dean Nice Invitation..
3.12Weyekin Bill4:36.14aMay 175A-3 CRC Championshi..
4.9Thomas Alberti4:46.83aApr 12The Willamette Falls..
5.10Dakotah Rimbach4:47.48aApr 18Apple Blossom Invita..
6.12Daniel Van Cleave4:54.62aMay 175A-3 CRC Championshi..
7.9Chris Newman4:56.47aApr 18Apple Blossom Invita..
8.10Sam Bliss5:11.10Mar 20Buck Track Classic
9.11Daniel Groseclos5:25.14aApr 8TDW vs Pendleton
10.11Devin Vaquero5:29.60Apr 22Hermiston v. Pendlet..
11.9Jon Diehl5:30.30Mar 20Buck Track Classic
12.10Asa Richerson5:46.67aMay 9CRC Last Chance
3000 Meters
1.10Nolan Bylenga9:27.77aApr 18Apple Blossom Invita..
2.12Weyekin Bill10:22.00Mar 20Buck Track Classic
3.9Thomas Alberti10:26.74aMay 2Dean Nice Invitation..
4.10Dakotah Rimbach10:41.55aApr 2629th Kiwanis Invitat..
5.9Chris Newman10:55.99aMay 2Dean Nice Invitation..
6.11Daniel Groseclos11:21.55aMay 9CRC Last Chance
7.10Sam Bliss11:44.50Apr 22Hermiston v. Pendlet..
8.11Devin Vaquero11:55.81aMay 9CRC Last Chance
9.10Ryan LaceySCRApr 18Apple Blossom Invita..
10Asher PaslayNTMar 20Buck Track Classic
5000 Meters
1.12Weyekin Bill18:01.70aMay 2Dean Nice Invitation..
2.11Daniel Groseclos19:24.86aMay 2Dean Nice Invitation..
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.12Joel Boozer15.00aMay 165A-3 CRC Championshi..
2.12Donte Robinson17.52aApr 22Hermiston v. Pendlet..
3.11Tristan Holcomb17.88aApr 18Apple Blossom Invita..
4.9Chase Spratling18.88aApr 2629th Kiwanis Invitat..
5.9Isaac Ukachukwa25.16aMar 20Buck Track Classic
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.10Andrew Porter42.06aMay 175A-3 CRC Championshi..
2.12Joel Boozer43.68aMay 2Dean Nice Invitation..
3.10Nolan Bylenga44.39aMay 9CRC Last Chance
4.10Garison Alger47.07aApr 1CRC Dual Meet
5.12Alden Wyland47.30aApr 4Carnival of Speed
6.10Sam Bliss51.11aMar 20Buck Track Classic
7.9Chris Nickerson52.52aApr 1CRC Dual Meet
8.9Johnathan Jennings54.34aMar 20Buck Track Classic
3k Steeplechase
1.12Weyekin Bill11:30.11aApr 2629th Kiwanis Invitat..
2.11Daniel Groseclos12:42.82aApr 2629th Kiwanis Invitat..
4x100 Relay
1.-Nick Jennings
Joel Boozer
Donovan Pointer
Trevor Sweet
44.30aMay 175A-3 CRC Championshi..
2.-Nick Jennings
Trevor Sweet
Andrew Porter
Alden Wyland
45.22aMay 9CRC Last Chance
3.-Joel Boozer
Alden Wyland
Nick Jennings
Andrew Porter
45.53aApr 4Carnival of Speed
4.-Joel Boozer
Nick Jennings
Alden Wyland
Andrew Porter
45.57aApr 18Apple Blossom Invita..
5.-Nick Jennings
Trevor Sweet
Alden Wyland
Andrew Porter
46.03aApr 2629th Kiwanis Invitat..
6.-Joel Boozer
Nate Rickman
Andrew Porter
Nick Jennings
46.32aMar 20Buck Track Classic
7.-Donovan Pointer
Trevor Sweet
Andrew Thomas
Alden Wyland
47.59aMar 20Buck Track Classic
8.-Relay Team 49.43aApr 8TDW vs Pendleton
9.-Andrew Porter
Alden Wyland
Nick Jennings
Joel Boozer
NTApr 12The Willamette Falls..
4x400 Relay
1.-Nolan Bylenga
Nick Jennings
Andrew Porter
Donovan Pointer
3:27.70aMay 24OSAA 5A State Champi..
2.-Donovan Pointer
Nick Jennings
Andrew Porter
Nolan Bylenga
3:31.32aApr 12The Willamette Falls..
3.-Nolan Bylenga
Nick Jennings
Andrew Porter
Andrew Thomas
3:31.75aMay 175A-3 CRC Championshi..
4.-Nolan Bylenga
Andrew Porter
Donovan Pointer
Nick Jennings
3:31.95aApr 18Apple Blossom Invita..
5.-Nolan Bylenga
Donovan Pointer
Nick Jennings
Andrew Porter
3:38.40aMay 2Dean Nice Invitation..
6.-Nolan Bylenga
Donovan Pointer
Andrew Porter
Nick Jennings
3:38.90Mar 20Buck Track Classic
7.-Garison Alger
Nate Rickman
Donte Robinson
Andrew Thomas
3:52.60Mar 20Buck Track Classic
Shot Put - 12lb
1.11Gerry Chavez43' 7.00Apr 4Carnival of Speed
2.12Cole Carey42' 6.00Apr 8TDW vs Pendleton
3.12Donte Robinson39' 6.50Apr 22Hermiston v. Pendlet..
4.10Michael Swanson37' 5.75Apr 2629th Kiwanis Invitat..
5.11Colin Wallace35' 6.00May 165A-3 CRC Championshi..
6.12Joel Boozer34' 6.00Mar 13Bucks Intrasquad Mee..
7.9Trevor Ulicini33' 3.50Apr 22Hermiston v. Pendlet..
8.12Nick Jennings33' 2.00Mar 13Bucks Intrasquad Mee..
9.10Dylan Clemons32' 2.00Mar 13Bucks Intrasquad Mee..
11Will Hubbard32' 2.00Apr 8TDW vs Pendleton
11.9Dalton Winterton31' 11.00Apr 22Hermiston v. Pendlet..
12.12Alex Ferder31' 9.00Mar 13Bucks Intrasquad Mee..
10Hunter Frazier31' 9.00Mar 20Buck Track Classic
14.10James Peters30' 7.00Mar 13Bucks Intrasquad Mee..
15.11Andrew Thomas30' 6.00Mar 13Bucks Intrasquad Mee..
16.10Cameron Clark30' 4.00Apr 8TDW vs Pendleton
17.9Jacob Dickerson30' 3.50Apr 8TDW vs Pendleton
18.9Carter Habig29' 5.00Apr 8TDW vs Pendleton
19.9Noah Bradbury28' 11.00Mar 20Buck Track Classic
20.9Logan Miller28' 8.00Apr 22Hermiston v. Pendlet..
21.9River Engum28' 3.50Apr 22Hermiston v. Pendlet..
22.9Dominique Hardesty23' 8.00Apr 8TDW vs Pendleton
Discus - 1.6kg
1.11Gerry Chavez128' 10.00Mar 20Buck Track Classic
2.11Andrew Thomas122' 0.00Apr 4Carnival of Speed
3.9Dalton Winterton108' 11.00May 175A-3 CRC Championshi..
4.11Will Hubbard96' 5.00May 9CRC Last Chance
5.10Hunter Frazier94' 6.00Apr 8TDW vs Pendleton
6.9Trevor Ulicini89' 9.00Apr 8TDW vs Pendleton
7.10David Gear86' 4.00Apr 22Hermiston v. Pendlet..
8.9Noah Bradbury84' 7.00Mar 20Buck Track Classic
9.10Cameron Clark80' 2.00Apr 22Hermiston v. Pendlet..
10.11Colin Wallace69' 10.00Apr 22Hermiston v. Pendlet..
11.10Jared Fossek69' 7.00Apr 8TDW vs Pendleton
12.9Carter Habig68' 3.00Apr 22Hermiston v. Pendlet..
13.9River Engum63' 8.00Apr 8TDW vs Pendleton
14.9Jacob Dickerson56' 11.00Apr 1CRC Dual Meet
15.9Dominique Hardesty42' 2.00Apr 8TDW vs Pendleton
16.9Giani ParadisoNDApr 1CRC Dual Meet
Javelin - 800g
1.12Donte Robinson174' 8.00Apr 18Apple Blossom Invita..
2.10Dylan Clemons131' 0.00May 9CRC Last Chance
3.9Grant Kennedy120' 11.00May 9CRC Last Chance
4.11Gerry Chavez117' 7.00Mar 20Buck Track Classic
5.10Hunter Frazier104' 2.00Mar 20Buck Track Classic
6.9Cade Anderson104' 1.00Mar 20Buck Track Classic
7.10Michael Swanson102' 0.00Mar 20Buck Track Classic
8.10David Gear101' 2.00Apr 4Carnival of Speed
9.10Jared Fossek97' 0.00Apr 22Hermiston v. Pendlet..
10.9Chase Swaggart93' 2.00Apr 8TDW vs Pendleton
11.10Cameron Clark89' 5.00Apr 22Hermiston v. Pendlet..
12.9River Engum83' 5.00Apr 22Hermiston v. Pendlet..
13.9Jacob Dickerson67' 7.00Apr 8TDW vs Pendleton
14.9Dominique Hardesty59' 0.00Apr 22Hermiston v. Pendlet..
15.9Dalton WintertonNDApr 1CRC Dual Meet
9Giani ParadisoNDApr 1CRC Dual Meet
9Noah BradburyNDApr 1CRC Dual Meet
9Carter HabigNDApr 1CRC Dual Meet
High Jump
1.12Donte Robinson6' 5.00May 9CRC Last Chance
2.12Joel Boozer5' 10.00Apr 4Carnival of Speed
3.9Jonathan Stuvland5' 8.00Apr 8TDW vs Pendleton
4.11Bryson Spratling5' 4.00Apr 1CRC Dual Meet
5.9Chris Nickerson5' 0.00Mar 20Buck Track Classic
6.9Conor Nokes4' 8.00Apr 1CRC Dual Meet
9Isaac Ukachukwa4' 8.00Apr 22Hermiston v. Pendlet..
8.12Gabe CampbellNHApr 22Hermiston v. Pendlet..
9Hagen SheldenNHMar 20Buck Track Classic
Pole Vault
1.11Bryson Spratling12' 6.00May 9CRC Last Chance
2.11Tristan Holcomb12' 0.00Mar 20Buck Track Classic
3.11Sean Ottosen11' 6.00Apr 22Hermiston v. Pendlet..
4.10Lukas Johnson10' 6.00Apr 8TDW vs Pendleton
5.9Morgan Holcomb10' 0.00Apr 8TDW vs Pendleton
6.10Dylan Clemons9' 6.00Mar 20Buck Track Classic
7.10James Peters8' 6.00Mar 20Buck Track Classic
10Braidon Wood8' 6.00Apr 8TDW vs Pendleton
9.10David Gear6' 6.00Apr 1CRC Dual Meet
10.10Ryan LaceyNHApr 1CRC Dual Meet
10Asa RichersonNHMar 20Buck Track Classic
Long Jump
1.12Donte Robinson22' 2.50May 165A-3 CRC Championshi..
2.11Tristan Holcomb18' 7.00Mar 20Buck Track Classic
3.10Dylan Clemons18' 6.50Apr 8TDW vs Pendleton
4.10Andrew Porter18' 3.25Apr 4Carnival of Speed
5.11Nate Rickman18' 2.00Mar 13Bucks Intrasquad Mee..
12Joel Boozer18' 2.00Mar 13Bucks Intrasquad Mee..
10Nolan Bylenga18' 2.00Mar 13Bucks Intrasquad Mee..
8.11Andrew Thomas17' 9.00Mar 13Bucks Intrasquad Mee..
9.9Morgan Holcomb17' 6.50Apr 22Hermiston v. Pendlet..
10.11Bryson Spratling17' 6.00Mar 13Bucks Intrasquad Mee..
11.11Daniel Groseclos17' 4.50Apr 8TDW vs Pendleton
12.10Sam Bliss17' 1.00Mar 13Bucks Intrasquad Mee..
13.10Trevor Sweet17' 0.00Mar 13Bucks Intrasquad Mee..
14.9Jonathan Stuvland16' 7.75Apr 8TDW vs Pendleton
15.9Chris Nickerson16' 6.00Apr 22Hermiston v. Pendlet..
16.9Chase Swaggart16' 4.00Apr 1CRC Dual Meet
17.10Oscar Ortiz15' 11.50Apr 22Hermiston v. Pendlet..
18.10Braidon Wood15' 11.00Apr 1CRC Dual Meet
19.9Chase Spratling15' 4.00Apr 22Hermiston v. Pendlet..
20.9Deven Page15' 3.00Apr 1CRC Dual Meet
21.9Hagen Shelden14' 9.25Apr 8TDW vs Pendleton
22.9Matthew Fowler14' 0.00Apr 8TDW vs Pendleton
23.9Conor Nokes13' 11.75Apr 8TDW vs Pendleton
24.9Robert Cooper12' 11.75Apr 8TDW vs Pendleton
25.9Aaron Benson12' 8.00Apr 1CRC Dual Meet
26.9Giani ParadisoNDApr 1CRC Dual Meet
10Devon LindseyNDApr 1CRC Dual Meet
11Devin VaqueroNDApr 1CRC Dual Meet
9Dyllon BaumNDApr 1CRC Dual Meet
9Isaac UkachukwaNDApr 1CRC Dual Meet
Triple Jump
1.12Donte Robinson43' 11.00May 175A-3 CRC Championshi..
2.10Dylan Clemons41' 0.25Apr 8TDW vs Pendleton
3.11Bryson Spratling40' 1.50Apr 18Apple Blossom Invita..
4.11Andrew Thomas36' 11.25May 9CRC Last Chance
5.10Andrew Porter36' 10.50Mar 20Buck Track Classic
6.9Chris Nickerson35' 9.25Apr 22Hermiston v. Pendlet..
7.9Morgan Holcomb35' 9.00Apr 22Hermiston v. Pendlet..
8.11Daniel Groseclos35' 6.00Apr 1CRC Dual Meet
9.11Tristan Holcomb33' 3.00Mar 20Buck Track Classic
10.10Braidon Wood32' 5.50Apr 8TDW vs Pendleton
11.9Hagen Shelden32' 0.75Apr 22Hermiston v. Pendlet..
12.10Trevor SweetNDApr 22Hermiston v. Pendlet..
11Nate RickmanNDMar 20Buck Track Classic


100 Meters
1.10Zoe Fishel13.31aMay 175A-3 CRC Championshi..
2.10Emily May13.50aApr 2629th Kiwanis Invitat..
3.11Marlene Bodmer13.81aMay 165A-3 CRC Championshi..
4.9Kiara Glover13.90aApr 2629th Kiwanis Invitat..
5.12Kristin Mascall14.03aApr 18Apple Blossom Invita..
6.11Hannah Boozer14.44cMar 13Bucks Intrasquad Mee..
7.10Taryn Sokoloski14.75aApr 4Carnival of Speed
8.10Keagan Utter15.04cMar 13Bucks Intrasquad Mee..
9.10Jackie Talbot15.34cMar 13Bucks Intrasquad Mee..
11Hattie Thompson15.34cMar 13Bucks Intrasquad Mee..
12Makayla Falk15.34cMar 13Bucks Intrasquad Mee..
9Diana Panduro15.34aMar 20Buck Track Classic
13.10Cece Hoffman15.44aMay 9CRC Last Chance
14.9Sophia Bynum15.89aMar 20Buck Track Classic
15.9Hailey Kendrick15.90aApr 1CRC Dual Meet
16.10Tianna Barfuss16.03aApr 1CRC Dual Meet
17.9Skylar BillNTApr 8TDW vs Pendleton
12Sheenah SchultzDNSMay 9CRC Last Chance
200 Meters
1.10Zoe Fishel27.52aMay 175A-3 CRC Championshi..
2.9Kiara Glover28.76aMay 165A-3 CRC Championshi..
3.10Emily May28.83aApr 2629th Kiwanis Invitat..
4.9Oceane Schreier29.35aMay 165A-3 CRC Championshi..
5.10Taryn Sokoloski29.47aApr 18Apple Blossom Invita..
6.11Hattie Thompson31.10aMar 20Buck Track Classic
7.9Sophia Bynum32.14aApr 22Hermiston v. Pendlet..
8.10Cece Hoffman32.28aMay 9CRC Last Chance
9.12Charmayne Robinson32.79aApr 1CRC Dual Meet
10.11Kelsee Cody35.78aMar 20Buck Track Classic
11.10Clancey DeutzNTMar 20Buck Track Classic
300 Meters
1.10Taryn Sokoloski48.64cMar 13Bucks Intrasquad Mee..
2.11Hannah Boozer48.74cMar 13Bucks Intrasquad Mee..
3.10Zoe Fishel48.84cMar 13Bucks Intrasquad Mee..
4.12Charmayne Robinson50.04cMar 13Bucks Intrasquad Mee..
5.10Keagan Utter50.34cMar 13Bucks Intrasquad Mee..
10Delaney Clem50.34cMar 13Bucks Intrasquad Mee..
7.10Charla Simons51.74cMar 13Bucks Intrasquad Mee..
8.11Marlene Bodmer52.04cMar 13Bucks Intrasquad Mee..
9Oceane Schreier52.04cMar 13Bucks Intrasquad Mee..
400 Meters
1.10Taryn Sokoloski65.47aApr 18Apple Blossom Invita..
2.9Oceane Schreier66.29aMay 2Dean Nice Invitation..
3.12Charmayne Robinson66.98aMay 175A-3 CRC Championshi..
4.10Zoe Fishel67.06aMay 9CRC Last Chance
5.9Kiara Glover69.76aApr 18Apple Blossom Invita..
6.9Sophia Bynum71.30aMay 165A-3 CRC Championshi..
800 Meters
1.10Taryn Sokoloski2:28.33aMay 2Dean Nice Invitation..
2.10Delaney Clem2:32.09aApr 18Apple Blossom Invita..
3.11Maddie Kelm2:37.78aMay 9CRC Last Chance
4.10Charla Simons2:38.20Apr 1CRC Dual Meet
5.10Chyenne Carey2:46.47aApr 2629th Kiwanis Invitat..
6.11Courtney Comrie2:48.42aApr 18Apple Blossom Invita..
7.9Skylar Bill3:05.20Mar 20Buck Track Classic
1500 Meters
1.10Delaney Clem5:04.57aMay 9CRC Last Chance
2.11Maddie Kelm5:23.44aMay 175A-3 CRC Championshi..
3.10Charla Simons5:36.27aMay 2Dean Nice Invitation..
4.10Chyenne Carey5:41.08aMay 2Dean Nice Invitation..
5.11Courtney Comrie5:54.70Mar 20Buck Track Classic
6.10Kaleigh Waggoner6:02.49aMay 175A-3 CRC Championshi..
7.10Clara Robertson7:42.49aApr 8TDW vs Pendleton
3000 Meters
1.10Delaney Clem10:59.45aMay 24OSAA 5A State Champi..
2.10Chyenne Carey12:40.43aApr 18Apple Blossom Invita..
3.10Kaleigh Waggoner12:46.64aApr 12The Willamette Falls..
4.11Evelyn PerezNTMar 20Buck Track Classic
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.11Hannah Boozer15.83aMay 175A-3 CRC Championshi..
2.12Kristin Mascall16.37aMay 175A-3 CRC Championshi..
3.10Jackie Talbot20.04aMar 20Buck Track Classic
4.9Hailey Kendrick20.44aApr 1CRC Dual Meet
5.9Kiara Glover31.71aMar 20Buck Track Classic
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.11Hannah Boozer48.35aMay 24OSAA 5A State Champi..
2.9Sophia Bynum54.30aMay 2Dean Nice Invitation..
3.11Hattie Thompson56.78aApr 4Carnival of Speed
4.10Jackie Talbot58.83aApr 1CRC Dual Meet
4x100 Relay
1.-Hannah Boozer
Zoe Fishel
Emily May
Kristin Mascall
52.90aMay 2Dean Nice Invitation..
2.-Marlene Bodmer
Hannah Boozer
Emily May
Zoe Fishel
53.41aApr 18Apple Blossom Invita..
3.-Hannah Boozer
Zoe Fishel
Emily May
Marlene Bodmer
54.09aApr 12The Willamette Falls..
4.-Marlene Bodmer
Zoe Fishel
Hannah Boozer
Emily May
54.50aApr 4Carnival of Speed
5.-Hannah Boozer
Zoe Fishel
Keagan Utter
Emily May
55.67aMar 20Buck Track Classic
6.-Marlene Bodmer
Makayla Falk
Jackie Talbot
Taryn Sokoloski
DQMar 20Buck Track Classic
-Hannah Boozer
Zoe Fishel
Taryn Sokoloski
Emily May
DQMay 175A-3 CRC Championshi..
-Hannah Boozer
Zoe Fishel
Kristin Mascall
Emily May
NTMay 9CRC Last Chance
4x400 Relay
1.-Zoe Fishel
Hannah Boozer
Oceane Schreier
Taryn Sokoloski
4:22.01aMay 175A-3 CRC Championshi..
2.-Zoe Fishel
Hannah Boozer
Taryn Sokoloski
Charmayne Robinson
4:27.58aApr 12The Willamette Falls..
3.-Zoe Fishel
Taryn Sokoloski
Hannah Boozer
Charmayne Robinson
4:28.48aMay 9CRC Last Chance
4.-Hannah Boozer
Taryn Sokoloski
Zoe Fishel
Charmayne Robinson
4:28.92aApr 18Apple Blossom Invita..
5.-Hannah Boozer
Zoe Fishel
Taryn Sokoloski
Charmayne Robinson
4:29.08aApr 2629th Kiwanis Invitat..
6.-Zoe Fishel
Hannah Boozer
Charmayne Robinson
Taryn Sokoloski
4:31.84aMay 2Dean Nice Invitation..
7.-Hannah Boozer
Charmayne Robinson
Taryn Sokoloski
Zoe Fishel
4:34.40Mar 20Buck Track Classic
8.-Relay Team 4:37.50Mar 20Buck Track Classic
Shot Put - 12lb
1.10Alex Chase29' 5.00Apr 8TDW vs Pendleton
Shot Put - 4kg
1.12Makayla Falk34' 11.50May 175A-3 CRC Championshi..
2.10Keagan Utter33' 7.50May 175A-3 CRC Championshi..
3.9Bethany VanCleave30' 4.00Apr 22Hermiston v. Pendlet..
4.11Marlene Bodmer29' 0.50Apr 4Carnival of Speed
5.10Cami Montgomery27' 7.00Apr 4Carnival of Speed
6.9Janelle Heaps23' 4.50Apr 8TDW vs Pendleton
7.11Hannah Wicklander23' 4.00Apr 8TDW vs Pendleton
8.10Alex Chase22' 10.00Mar 13Bucks Intrasquad Mee..
9.11Hattie Thompson22' 3.00Mar 13Bucks Intrasquad Mee..
10.10Brianna Gonzales21' 7.00Mar 13Bucks Intrasquad Mee..
11.9Sophia Bynum20' 7.00Mar 13Bucks Intrasquad Mee..
Discus - 1kg
1.10Keagan Utter97' 5.00May 24OSAA 5A State Champi..
2.10Cami Montgomery89' 9.00May 9CRC Last Chance
3.12Makayla Falk87' 0.00May 175A-3 CRC Championshi..
4.9Janelle Heaps69' 8.00Apr 4Carnival of Speed
5.9Bethany VanCleave67' 5.00Apr 8TDW vs Pendleton
6.11Hannah Wicklander55' 10.00Apr 22Hermiston v. Pendlet..
7.10Brianna GonzalesNDMar 20Buck Track Classic
Javelin - 800g
1.10Alex ChaseNDApr 1CRC Dual Meet
Javelin - 600g
1.11Marlene Bodmer122' 0.00Apr 18Apple Blossom Invita..
2.11Hattie Thompson109' 5.00May 165A-3 CRC Championshi..
3.10Cece Hoffman87' 0.00May 165A-3 CRC Championshi..
4.9Sophia Bynum70' 0.00Apr 8TDW vs Pendleton
5.10Keagan Utter65' 7.00Mar 20Buck Track Classic
6.11Kelsee Cody64' 7.00Mar 20Buck Track Classic
7.9Bethany VanCleave64' 1.00Apr 8TDW vs Pendleton
8.12Makayla Falk62' 11.00Mar 20Buck Track Classic
9.10Clancey Deutz55' 2.00Apr 1CRC Dual Meet
10.9Makalya Lee44' 8.00Apr 22Hermiston v. Pendlet..
High Jump
1.9Kiara Glover5' 0.00Apr 4Carnival of Speed
2.11Hattie Thompson4' 4.00Apr 18Apple Blossom Invita..
9Hailey Kendrick4' 4.00May 165A-3 CRC Championshi..
4.11Marlene Bodmer4' 0.00May 9CRC Last Chance
5.10Tianna BarfussDNSMay 9CRC Last Chance
Pole Vault
1.10Alex Chase7' 0.00Apr 8TDW vs Pendleton
2.9Hailey Kendrick8' 0.00May 175A-3 CRC Championshi..
11Courtney Comrie8' 0.00May 2Dean Nice Invitation..
4.10Clancey Deutz7' 0.00Apr 1CRC Dual Meet
10Cami Montgomery7' 0.00May 9CRC Last Chance
6.9Oceane Schreier6' 6.00Apr 1CRC Dual Meet
10Tianna Barfuss6' 6.00Apr 22Hermiston v. Pendlet..
9Kiara Glover6' 6.00Mar 20Buck Track Classic
9.12Lizeth Garcia6' 0.00Mar 20Buck Track Classic
10.9Makalya LeeNHMar 20Buck Track Classic
9Cheney ChrismanNHApr 22Hermiston v. Pendlet..
Long Jump
1.9Kiara Glover16' 3.50May 165A-3 CRC Championshi..
2.10Jackie Talbot16' 0.00May 9CRC Last Chance
3.12Charmayne Robinson15' 1.00May 165A-3 CRC Championshi..
4.9Oceane Schreier14' 4.00Apr 22Hermiston v. Pendlet..
5.11Hattie Thompson13' 11.50Apr 18Apple Blossom Invita..
6.10Cece Hoffman13' 4.00Apr 22Hermiston v. Pendlet..
7.9Makalya Lee12' 10.50Apr 22Hermiston v. Pendlet..
8.11Maddie Kelm12' 10.00May 9CRC Last Chance
9.10Keagan Utter12' 7.00Mar 13Bucks Intrasquad Mee..
10.9Diana PanduroNDApr 1CRC Dual Meet
Triple Jump
1.12Charmayne Robinson35' 2.50May 24OSAA 5A State Champi..
2.9Kiara Glover33' 6.00May 9CRC Last Chance
3.10Jackie Talbot32' 4.50May 175A-3 CRC Championshi..
4.9Makalya Lee26' 10.00Apr 22Hermiston v. Pendlet..
Hammer - 4kg
1.10Keagan UtterNDApr 12The Willamette Falls..
  * = Denotes a recent improvement
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