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      Storm - Bend, OR

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100 Meters
1.11Nathan Crabtree10.62aMay 22IMC Championships
2.10Aaron Campbell10.99aMay 22IMC Championships
3.11John Torsey11.35aMay 13Bend City Championships
4.11Zak Lakovics11.59aApr 22MV/Redmond 3-way
5.11Chris Ward11.74cMar 31La Pine Frosh/Soph Meet
11Kyle Martin11.74cMar 31La Pine Frosh/Soph Meet
7.9Cody Buckendorf11.84aApr 22MV/Redmond 3-way
8.11Daniel Wiens12.01aMay 6Crook County Dual Meet
9.12Tad Joanis12.14cApr 13Bend Frosh/Soph
12Brian Kolb12.14cMar 18Mountain View Icebreaker
200 Meters
1.11Nathan Crabtree22.30aApr 17Crater Classic Invitation..
2.11Chris Ward22.84aMay 22IMC Championships
3.10Aaron Campbell23.64aMay 13Bend City Championships
4.11John Torsey24.40aMay 1XO Invite
5.9Cody Buckendorf24.65aMay 6Crook County Dual Meet
6.9Bryan Harper24.74cMar 31La Pine Frosh/Soph Meet
11Ben Haynes24.74cMar 18Mountain View Icebreaker
8.12Tad Joanis24.84cMar 18Mountain View Icebreaker
9.12Brian Kolb25.04cMar 18Mountain View Icebreaker
400 Meters
1.11Nathan Crabtree50.07aMay 6Crook County Dual Meet
2.9Bryan Harper51.74aMay 1XO Invite
3.12Gerhett vom Steeg53.19aApr 22MV/Redmond 3-way
4.12Tim Delaney53.77aApr 22MV/Redmond 3-way
5.10Guy Hakanson56.54cApr 13Bend Frosh/Soph
6.10Eli Mondry58.14cMar 31La Pine Frosh/Soph Meet
7.10James Stewart-Jones58.94cMar 18Mountain View Icebreaker
400 Meters - Relay Split
1.11Nathan Crabtree48.4May 29OSAA 4A State Championshi..
2.11Chris Ward49.3May 29OSAA 4A State Championshi..
3.9Bryan Harper50.5May 29OSAA 4A State Championshi..
800 Meters
1.11Kenyon Neuman1:57.37aMay 13Bend City Championships
2.12Gerhett vom Steeg1:59.96aMay 22IMC Championships
3.9Sean Fincham2:07.13aMay 6Crook County Dual Meet
4.10Guy Hakanson2:07.69aMay 6Crook County Dual Meet
5.11Nathan Crabtree2:12.1Mar 31La Pine Frosh/Soph Meet
6.10Eli Mondry2:33.3Mar 18Mountain View Icebreaker
1500 Meters
1.11Kenyon Neuman3:55.9May 6Jesuit Invitational
2.12Walter Jones4:36.25aMay 1XO Invite
3.10Kris Cox4:38.64aMay 6Crook County Dual Meet
4.9Sean Fincham4:44.40aApr 22MV/Redmond 3-way
5.10Karl Dickman4:45.80aApr 22MV/Redmond 3-way
6.9Gatlin Neuman4:51.02aApr 10Mike Kostrba Inviational
7.9Chris Young5:04.0Apr 13Bend Frosh/Soph
8.9Alex Mann5:36.6Mar 31La Pine Frosh/Soph Meet
1 Mile
1.9Sean Fincham4:58.74aMay 1XO Invite
2.12Walter Jones5:06.43aApr 2440th Annual Centennial In..
3.9Gatlin Neuman5:07.94aApr 2440th Annual Centennial In..
3000 Meters
1.11Kenyon Neuman8:35.13aMay 1XO Invite
2.12Walter Jones8:51.31aApr 2440th Annual Centennial In..
3.10Karl Dickman9:54.0Apr 2440th Annual Centennial In..
4.9Chris Young10:56.3Mar 18Mountain View Icebreaker
5.9Gatlin Neuman11:00.8Mar 18Mountain View Icebreaker
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.11Daniel Wiens15.90aMay 22IMC Championships
2.10Eli Mondry17.30aMay 13Bend City Championships
3.11Zach Welsh17.66aApr 17Crater Classic Invitation..
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.11Daniel Wiens41.83aMay 22IMC Championships
2.12Tim Delaney42.29aMay 1XO Invite
3.11Zach Welsh44.54cMar 18Mountain View Icebreaker
4.10Eli Mondry46.02aMay 6Crook County Dual Meet
5.9Jacob Shlegel54.64cMar 18Mountain View Icebreaker
4x100 Relay
1.-Aaron Campbell
John Torsey
Chris Ward
Nathan Crabtree
43.16aMay 29OSAA 4A State Championshi..
2.-Aaron Campbell
Zak Lakovics
Chris Ward
Nathan Crabtree
43.49aApr 2440th Annual Centennial In..
3.-Aaron Campbell
Zak Lakovics
John Torsey
Chris Ward
43.50aMay 6Crook County Dual Meet
4.-Aaron Campbell
John Torsey
Chris Ward
Zak Lakovics
44.34cMay 22IMC Championships
5.-Aaron Campbell
Kyle Martin
Chris Ward
Nathan Crabtree
44.51aApr 10Mike Kostrba Inviational
6.-Aaron Campbell
Daniel Wiens
Kyle Martin
Nathan Crabtree
44.94cMar 18Mountain View Icebreaker
4x400 Relay
1.-Bryan Harper
Gerhett vom Steeg
Chris Ward
Nathan Crabtree
3:20.47aMay 29OSAA 4A State Championshi..
2.-Bryan Harper
Kenyon Neuman
Chris Ward
Nathan Crabtree
3:24.16aMay 22IMC Championships
3.-Bryan Harper
Kenyon Neuman
Gerhett vom Steeg
Nathan Crabtree
3:27.65aApr 2440th Annual Centennial In..
4.-Nathan Crabtree
Tim Delaney
Gerhett vom Steeg
Kenyon Neuman
3:33.71aApr 10Mike Kostrba Inviational
Shot Put - 12lb
1.11Justin Valley46' 2Apr 22MV/Redmond 3-way
2.11Ben Coats44' 9Apr 22MV/Redmond 3-way
3.12Eric Elshire41' 5Apr 13Bend Frosh/Soph
4.12Tyler Robinson40' 6.5May 6Crook County Dual Meet
5.11Kyle Martin38' 6Mar 31La Pine Frosh/Soph Meet
Discus - 1.6kg
1.12Tyler Robinson124' 0May 22IMC Championships
2.12Eric Elshire112' 10May 6Crook County Dual Meet
3.11Ben Coats109' 8Apr 22MV/Redmond 3-way
4.9Garrett Banton96' 9Mar 31La Pine Frosh/Soph Meet
Javelin - 800g
1.11Justin Valley186' 9May 22IMC Championships
2.12Andrew Owings165' 9May 22IMC Championships
3.11Robby Voth150' 3May 22IMC Championships
4.11Greg Jackson132' 3Mar 18Mountain View Icebreaker
5.12Eric Elshire121' 5Mar 18Mountain View Icebreaker
High Jump
1.9Bryan Harper6' 0May 22IMC Championships
10Towner Menefee6' 0May 13Bend City Championships
3.10Jake Hermelling5' 8Apr 10Mike Kostrba Inviational
4.9Garrett Banton5' 2May 6Crook County Dual Meet
Pole Vault
1.11Ben Haynes13' 6Mar 18Mountain View Icebreaker
2.11Zach Welsh13' 0Apr 2440th Annual Centennial In..
3.11Zak Lakovics12' 6Mar 31La Pine Frosh/Soph Meet
4.11John Torsey12' 0Mar 18Mountain View Icebreaker
12Tyler Robinson12' 0May 6Crook County Dual Meet
12Andrew Owings12' 0May 6Crook County Dual Meet
Long Jump
1.11Nathan Crabtree21' 8.5May 6Crook County Dual Meet
2.11Zak Lakovics21' 0.25Apr 2440th Annual Centennial In..
3.11Kyle Martin20' 2Mar 18Mountain View Icebreaker
4.11John Torsey19' 7.5May 13Bend City Championships
5.11Chris Ward18' 10.5Apr 10Mike Kostrba Inviational
Triple Jump
1.11Chris Ward42' 10.5May 22IMC Championships
2.11Kyle Martin41' 6Mar 18Mountain View Icebreaker
3.10Towner Menefee40' 5May 13Bend City Championships
4.9Cody Buckendorf36' 4.25May 6Crook County Dual Meet


100 Meters
1.9Kourtney Parks12.76aMay 22IMC Championships
2.12Amanda Thoensen13.05aMay 13Bend City Championships
3.10Acacia Baldner13.43aApr 22MV/Redmond 3-way
4.11Tayler Hinds14.24cMar 31La Pine Frosh/Soph Meet
5.11Sarah Hill14.44cApr 13Bend Frosh/Soph
6.9Paige Thom14.64cMar 31La Pine Frosh/Soph Meet
200 Meters
1.9Kourtney Parks26.26aMay 22IMC Championships
2.10Acacia Baldner27.60aApr 2440th Annual Centennial In..
3.11Chandra Hanson27.82aMay 22IMC Championships
4.12Amanda Thoensen28.15aMay 1XO Invite
5.10Lindsay Zimmerman28.64cMar 18Mountain View Icebreaker
6.11Sarah Hill30.44cApr 13Bend Frosh/Soph
7.11Andrea Ernst31.74cMar 18Mountain View Icebreaker
400 Meters
1.10Acacia Baldner61.24aApr 10Mike Kostrba Inviational
2.9Kourtney Parks61.37aMay 13Bend City Championships
3.11Chandra Hanson61.48aMay 1XO Invite
4.12Amanda Thoensen67.88aApr 2440th Annual Centennial In..
5.9Libby Hayden68.34cMar 31La Pine Frosh/Soph Meet
6.9Lindsay Horton71.64cApr 13Bend Frosh/Soph
800 Meters
1.9Libby Hayden2:30.45aMay 22IMC Championships
2.11Mel Horton2:33.21aApr 22MV/Redmond 3-way
3.11Kimi Elliot2:34.64aMay 1XO Invite
4.9Beth Laubacher3:03.6Apr 13Bend Frosh/Soph
1500 Meters
1.11Mel Horton4:57.55aMay 29OSAA 4A State Championshi..
2.11Kimi Elliot5:24.4Apr 22MV/Redmond 3-way
3.9Laura Detherage5:28.44aMay 13Bend City Championships
4.9Libby Hayden5:30.23aMay 6Crook County Dual Meet
5.9Lindsay Horton6:10.4Mar 18Mountain View Icebreaker
6.9Beth Laubacher6:14.9Apr 13Bend Frosh/Soph
7.9Alex Child6:23.0Mar 18Mountain View Icebreaker
3000 Meters
1.11Mel Horton11:15.87aMay 22IMC Championships
2.9Laura Detherage11:30.50aMay 22IMC Championships
3.11Kelby Brothers12:04.0Mar 18Mountain View Icebreaker
4.9Ashley Gage13:04.24aMay 6Crook County Dual Meet
5.9Alex Child13:46.02aMay 6Crook County Dual Meet
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.10Lindsay Zimmerman15.57aMay 22IMC Championships
2.11Sarah Hill17.44cApr 2440th Annual Centennial In..
3.9Susie Whitehall18.58aMay 6Crook County Dual Meet
4.10Tricia Spencer18.64cApr 13Bend Frosh/Soph
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.10Lindsay Zimmerman48.27aMay 22IMC Championships
2.10Tricia Spencer53.44aMay 22IMC Championships
3.11Chandra Hanson54.94cMar 31La Pine Frosh/Soph Meet
4.9Susie Whitehall56.38aApr 10Mike Kostrba Inviational
4x100 Relay
1.-Amanda Thoensen
Acacia Baldner
Gina Fuqua
Kourtney Parks
51.90aMay 13Bend City Championships
2.-Acacia Baldner
Amanda Thoensen
Montse Caccamo
Kourtney Parks
52.24cMay 22IMC Championships
3.-Relay Team 52.34cMay 6Crook County Dual Meet
4.-Tayler Hinds
Amanda Thoensen
Acacia Baldner
Lindsay Zimmerman
53.71aApr 10Mike Kostrba Inviational
4x400 Relay
1.-Mel Horton
Chandra Hanson
Kourtney Parks
Acacia Baldner
4:06.11aMay 22IMC Championships
2.-Libby Hayden
Chandra Hanson
Mel Horton
Acacia Baldner
4:11.69aMay 1XO Invite
3.-Mel Horton
Acacia Baldner
Libby Hayden
Chandra Hanson
4:14.45aApr 2440th Annual Centennial In..
4.-Relay Team 4:19.34aMay 6Crook County Dual Meet
Shot Put - 4kg
1.11Sarah Rose34' 3May 22IMC Championships
2.11Sheila Fuchs29' 3Mar 18Mountain View Icebreaker
3.10Acacia Baldner29' 0Mar 31La Pine Frosh/Soph Meet
4.12Anita Perez24' 8.5Mar 18Mountain View Icebreaker
Discus - 1kg
1.12Nicole Stormberg98' 5Apr 10Mike Kostrba Inviational
2.11Sarah Rose87' 3Mar 18Mountain View Icebreaker
Javelin - 600g
1.11Mel Horton131' 8May 13Bend City Championships
2.11Roxanne Gilbride124' 11May 22IMC Championships
3.10Acacia Baldner120' 0Apr 17Crater Classic Invitation..
4.10Sean Hansen96' 8May 6Crook County Dual Meet
5.10Lindsey Jackson92' 11Mar 18Mountain View Icebreaker
6.11Chandra Hanson91' 7Apr 13Bend Frosh/Soph
High Jump
1.10Lindsay Zimmerman5' 2May 13Bend City Championships
11Gina Fuqua5' 2Apr 17Crater Classic Invitation..
3.9Heidi Price5' 0Apr 22MV/Redmond 3-way
4.10Kari Klaas4' 8Apr 13Bend Frosh/Soph
10Acacia Baldner4' 8Mar 31La Pine Frosh/Soph Meet
6.9Erica Bibeau4' 6Mar 31La Pine Frosh/Soph Meet
7.9Laura Pozzi4' 4Mar 18Mountain View Icebreaker
9Cassidy Root4' 4Apr 13Bend Frosh/Soph
Pole Vault
1.11Erika Stratton11' 0May 13Bend City Championships
2.11Roxanne Gilbride10' 0May 22IMC Championships
3.9Laura Detherage7' 3May 6Crook County Dual Meet
Long Jump
1.10Lindsay Zimmerman16' 6.25May 22IMC Championships
2.11Gina Fuqua16' 3.5Apr 17Crater Classic Invitation..
3.10Montse Caccamo16' 1May 14JV Championships
4.11Sarah Hill14' 1.5Apr 13Bend Frosh/Soph
5.11Jesse Wurm13' 8.5Mar 18Mountain View Icebreaker
6.9Kourtney Parks13' 7.5Mar 18Mountain View Icebreaker
7.10Acacia Baldner13' 1Mar 31La Pine Frosh/Soph Meet
Triple Jump
1.11Sarah Hill31' 4.5May 6Crook County Dual Meet
2.11Gina Fuqua30' 11Apr 13Bend Frosh/Soph
3.11Jesse Wurm30' 9Mar 18Mountain View Icebreaker
4.9Katy Schubert28' 7.5May 6Crook County Dual Meet
5.9Heidi Price27' 6.75Apr 13Bend Frosh/Soph
6.12Anita Perez25' 8Mar 18Mountain View Icebreaker

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