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      Storm - Bend, OR

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100 Meters
1.12Aaron Campbell10.75aMay 11Bend City Championships
2.11Kevin Gilbride11.31aMay 19IMC District Championship..
3.11Cody Buckendorf11.53aMay 11Bend City Championships
4.12Brent Gunderson11.74cApr 28Pepsi Invitational
5.10Robin Miller11.94cApr 18MT. View JV
6.11Antwan Johnson12.03aApr 25Summit JV
7.10Corey Cahalane12.24cApr 18MT. View JV
12James Stewart-Jones12.24cMar 16Mountain View Icebreaker
11Nathan Rau12.24cMar 16Mountain View Icebreaker
10.12Kevin Edwards12.54cMay 2Summit/Mt. View/Mazama
11.11Josh Speidel12.63aApr 5Crook CO JV
12.9TJ Whitehall12.64cMay 9JV Championships
13.10Mike Davis12.84cApr 18MT. View JV
14.11Blake Tull13.14cMar 22Summit JV, Culver, Gilchr..
15.10Cody Hester13.34aApr 25Summit JV
16.10Drew Rivera13.54cMay 2Summit/Mt. View/Mazama
11Garrett Banton13.54cMay 2Summit/Mt. View/Mazama
18.9Chris McKee13.74aApr 12Bend JV
19.10Michael Stormberg14.02aApr 12Bend JV
20.10Beau Stearns14.14cMar 22Summit JV, Culver, Gilchr..
21.11Gabe West29.94cMay 9JV Championships
200 Meters
1.12Aaron Campbell21.51aMay 19IMC District Championship..
2.11Kevin Gilbride22.96aMay 19IMC District Championship..
3.12Brent Gunderson23.70aMay 19IMC District Championship..
4.10Robin Miller24.04cApr 28Pepsi Invitational
5.11Cody Buckendorf24.45aApr 8Mike Kostrba Invitational
6.10Corey Cahalane24.52aApr 25Summit JV
7.11Antwan Johnson24.64cMay 2Summit/Mt. View/Mazama
8.12James Stewart-Jones24.74cApr 11Summit v. Redmond
9.11Josh Speidel25.14cMar 16Mountain View Icebreaker
10.12Kris Cox25.22aApr 5Crook CO JV
11.9TJ Whitehall25.44cMay 9JV Championships
12.10Hunter Phillips27.14cMar 16Mountain View Icebreaker
13.11Blake Tull27.24cMar 22Summit JV, Culver, Gilchr..
14.11Gabe West54.44cMar 16Mountain View Icebreaker
400 Meters
1.12James Stewart-Jones51.89aMay 19IMC District Championship..
2.12Aaron Campbell52.04cApr 28Pepsi Invitational
3.12Kris Cox53.09aMay 19IMC District Championship..
4.12Dylan Coleman53.20aApr 8Mike Kostrba Invitational
5.10Robin Miller53.41aMay 19IMC District Championship..
6.12Guy Hakanson54.05aApr 22Kiwanis Invitational
7.11Josh Speidel54.21aApr 5Crook CO JV
8.10Corey Cahalane54.97aMay 11Bend City Championships
9.10Hunter Phillips55.54cMay 9JV Championships
10.12Brent Gunderson56.24cApr 18MT. View JV
11.9Harlan Porterfield56.36aMar 23Valley Meet
12.11Cody Buckendorf57.34cApr 18MT. View JV
13.11Michael Johnston57.70aApr 12Bend JV
14.11Kevin Gilbride58.64cApr 11Summit v. Redmond
15.9TJ Whitehall59.14cApr 18MT. View JV
16.9Geoffrey Zath59.34cMar 16Mountain View Icebreaker
17.11Gabe West1:46.14cMay 19IMC District Championship..
400 Meters - Relay Split
1.12Aaron Campbell50.3May 26OSAA 4A State Championshi..
2.12Guy Hakanson51.1May 26OSAA 4A State Championshi..
3.12Dylan Coleman51.2May 27OSAA 4A State Championshi..
4.12James Stewart-Jones51.9May 26OSAA 4A State Championshi..
11Sean Fincham51.9May 26OSAA 4A State Championshi..
6.10Robin Miller53.1May 11Bend City Championships
7.12Kris Cox53.3May 11Bend City Championships
8.12Eli Mondry53.7Apr 28Pepsi Invitational
9.10Corey Cahalane54.2Apr 25Summit JV
10.11Antwan Johnson54.3May 11Bend City Championships
11.11Josh Speidel55.0Apr 5Crook CO JV
12.9Aric White55.1Apr 25Summit JV
13.9Harlan Porterfield55.7May 11Bend City Championships
14.12Brent Gunderson56.3May 11Bend City Championships
15.11Cody Buckendorf56.7May 11Bend City Championships
16.9TJ Whitehall57.4Apr 25Summit JV
17.11Michael Mangin58.3Apr 25Summit JV
18.9Geoffrey Zath59.2Apr 5Crook CO JV
11Michael Johnston59.2Apr 18MT. View JV
20.10Drew Rivera62.3Apr 18MT. View JV
21.10Mike Davis63.3Apr 5Crook CO JV
800 Meters
1.12Dylan Coleman1:58.67aMay 11Bend City Championships
2.12Guy Hakanson2:01.20aMay 19IMC District Championship..
3.11Sean Fincham2:03.07aMay 19IMC District Championship..
4.12Kris Cox2:08.0Apr 18MT. View JV
5.10Robin Miller2:12.60aApr 22LaPine Inv.
6.12Aaron Campbell2:21.3Apr 11Summit v. Redmond
1500 Meters
1.12Dylan Coleman3:58.87aMay 27OSAA 4A State Championshi..
2.11Sean Fincham4:22.96aMay 19IMC District Championship..
3.12Mark Leckband4:24.66aMar 23Valley Meet
4.12Karl Dickman4:29.63aApr 8Mike Kostrba Invitational
5.12Micah Depper4:39.9Apr 11Summit v. Redmond
6.12Kris Cox4:41.56aApr 8Mike Kostrba Invitational
7.11Michael Mangin4:48.66aMay 11Bend City Championships
3000 Meters
1.12Dylan Coleman8:51.68aMar 31Stanford Invitational
2.12Karl Dickman9:35.36aMay 19IMC District Championship..
3.12Mark Leckband9:54.0Mar 23Valley Meet
4.12Micah Depper9:56.78aApr 8Mike Kostrba Invitational
5.10Drew Rivera11:41.2Apr 11Summit v. Redmond
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.12Eli Mondry16.17aMay 19IMC District Championship..
2.11Michael Johnston18.08aMay 11Bend City Championships
3.10Drew Rivera19.47aMay 11Bend City Championships
4.10Mike Davis20.07aApr 22LaPine Inv.
5.10Hunter Phillips21.04cMar 23Valley Meet
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.12Eli Mondry43.05aMay 19IMC District Championship..
2.12Kris Cox44.40aMay 19IMC District Championship..
3.11Michael Johnston44.48aMay 11Bend City Championships
4.10Hunter Phillips47.33aMay 19IMC District Championship..
5.10Mike Davis48.31aApr 22LaPine Inv.
6.11Michael Mangin49.24cApr 11Summit v. Redmond
7.10Drew Rivera51.11aApr 25Summit JV
8.9Chris McKee51.94cMar 22Summit JV, Culver, Gilchr..
9.10Beau Stearns63.14cMar 16Mountain View Icebreaker
4x100 Relay
1.-Kevin Gilbride
Brent Gunderson
Cody Buckendorf
Aaron Campbell
42.82aMay 11Bend City Championships
2.-Relay Team 43.01aMay 19IMC District Championship..
3.-Cody Buckendorf
Aaron Campbell
Robin Miller
Brent Gunderson
43.56aMay 5Jesuit Relays
4.-Aaron Campbell
Kevin Gilbride
Cody Buckendorf
James Stewart-Jones
43.94aApr 22Kiwanis Invitational
5.-James Stewart-Jones
Kevin Gilbride
Robin Miller
Aaron Campbell
44.44cMar 16Mountain View Icebreaker
6.-Aaron Campbell
Cody Buckendorf
James Stewart-Jones
Brent Gunderson
45.54cApr 11Summit v. Redmond
7.-Corey Cahalane
Hunter Phillips
Mike Davis
TJ Whitehall
47.44cMay 9JV Championships
8.-Harlan Porterfield
TJ Whitehall
Blake Tull
Mike Davis
48.64cMar 16Mountain View Icebreaker
9.-TJ Whitehall
Corey Cahalane
Nathan Rau
Mike Davis
49.03aApr 25Summit JV
10.-Aric White
Drew Rivera
TJ Whitehall
Mike Davis
49.34cMay 2Summit/Mt. View/Mazama
11.-Corey Cahalane
Michael Mangin
Drew Rivera
Michael Johnston
49.94cMar 22Summit JV, Culver, Gilchr..
12.-Corey Cahalane
Hunter Phillips
Drew Rivera
Michael Mangin
50.44cMar 16Mountain View Icebreaker
13.-Drew Rivera
Blake Tull
Aric White
Hunter Phillips
51.60aApr 25Summit JV
14.-Robin Miller
Corey Cahalane
Nathan Rau
TJ Whitehall
DQApr 22LaPine Inv.
-TJ Whitehall
Brandon Freeman
Blake Tull
Patrick Laubacher
DQMar 22Summit JV, Culver, Gilchr..
4x200 Relay
1.-Brent Gunderson
Dylan Coleman
Cody Buckendorf
Aaron Campbell
1:31.70aMay 5Jesuit Relays
2.-Cody Buckendorf
Aaron Campbell
Robin Miller
Brent Gunderson
1:33.8May 2Summit/Mt. View/Mazama
3.-Dylan Coleman
Antwan Johnson
Corey Cahalane
Kris Cox
1:38.7May 2Summit/Mt. View/Mazama
4x400 Relay
1.-Aaron Campbell
Guy Hakanson
James Stewart-Jones
Dylan Coleman
3:25.50aMay 27OSAA 4A State Championshi..
2.-James Stewart-Jones
Guy Hakanson
Sean Fincham
Aaron Campbell
3:26.04aMay 26OSAA 4A State Championshi..
3.-Guy Hakanson
Sean Fincham
Dylan Coleman
Aaron Campbell
3:27.59aMay 5Jesuit Relays
4.-Relay Team 3:27.84aMay 19IMC District Championship..
5.-Dylan Coleman
James Stewart-Jones
Sean Fincham
Aaron Campbell
3:32.13aApr 8Mike Kostrba Invitational
6.-Eli Mondry
Robin Miller
Sean Fincham
Guy Hakanson
3:32.5Apr 28Pepsi Invitational
7.-Robin Miller
James Stewart-Jones
Dylan Coleman
Aaron Campbell
3:34.0Mar 23Valley Meet
8.-Guy Hakanson
Robin Miller
Kris Cox
Aaron Campbell
3:36.18aMay 11Bend City Championships
9.-Eli Mondry
Guy Hakanson
Kris Cox
Robin Miller
3:40.2Apr 11Summit v. Redmond
10.-Robin Miller
Josh Speidel
Sean Fincham
Kris Cox
3:40.8Mar 16Mountain View Icebreaker
11.-Aric White
TJ Whitehall
Corey Cahalane
Michael Mangin
3:47.1Apr 25Summit JV
12.-Hunter Phillips
Harlan Porterfield
Michael Mangin
Mike Davis
4:01.2Mar 16Mountain View Icebreaker
13.-Michael Johnston
Drew Rivera
Geoffrey Zath
Corey Cahalane
4:02.1Mar 22Summit JV, Culver, Gilchr..
4x800 Relay
1.-Robin Miller
Kris Cox
Sean Fincham
Guy Hakanson
8:26.32aMay 5Jesuit Relays
SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8]
1.-Relay Team 3:45.58aApr 15XO Invite
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.-Relay Team 11:16.59aApr 15XO Invite
Shot Put - 12lb
1.12Kevin Edwards43' 6May 11Bend City Championships
2.11Garrett Banton37' 11.5May 11Bend City Championships
3.10Kyle Linehan34' 9Apr 28Pepsi Invitational
4.10Kurt Mooney32' 0.75Mar 16Mountain View Icebreaker
5.11Dale Everett26' 7.75Mar 16Mountain View Icebreaker
6.11Stewart Briggs26' 3.5Apr 5Crook CO JV
7.10Beau Stearns24' 6Mar 16Mountain View Icebreaker
Discus - 1.6kg
1.11Garrett Banton131' 7May 19IMC District Championship..
2.12Brandon Neuman112' 11May 11Bend City Championships
3.10Kyle Linehan107' 4Apr 22LaPine Inv.
4.12Kevin Edwards104' 11Apr 8Mike Kostrba Invitational
5.10Kurt Mooney94' 3Apr 22LaPine Inv.
6.11Stewart Briggs92' 8Apr 12Bend JV
7.11Dale Everett85' 8Mar 16Mountain View Icebreaker
8.9Chris McKee84' 8Apr 25Summit JV
9.10Beau Stearns69' 0Apr 25Summit JV
Javelin - 800g
1.12Brandon Neuman165' 2May 19IMC District Championship..
2.12Kevin Edwards160' 9May 19IMC District Championship..
3.11Kyle Sayeg135' 11Apr 8Mike Kostrba Invitational
4.9Geoffrey Zath117' 3May 9JV Championships
5.11Nathan Carnahan94' 6Mar 16Mountain View Icebreaker
6.9Ian Austin72' 0Apr 25Summit JV
High Jump
1.12Towner Menefee6' 2Apr 28Pepsi Invitational
2.11Cody Buckendorf5' 10Mar 23Valley Meet
9Harlan Porterfield5' 10Apr 28Pepsi Invitational
4.9Aric White5' 8May 9JV Championships
5.10Patrick Laubacher5' 6Mar 22Summit JV, Culver, Gilchr..
10Mike Davis5' 6Apr 5Crook CO JV
7.10Cody Hester5' 4May 2Summit/Mt. View/Mazama
8.10Beau StearnsSCRMay 9JV Championships
Pole Vault
1.10Drew Rivera11' 6Apr 25Summit JV
11Nathan Rau11' 6Mar 23Valley Meet
10Robin Miller11' 6May 19IMC District Championship..
4.10Michael Stormberg8' 6Apr 25Summit JV
9Ian Austin8' 6Apr 25Summit JV
6.11Nathan Carnahan7' 0May 2Summit/Mt. View/Mazama
Long Jump
1.11Antwan Johnson20' 8.25May 19IMC District Championship..
2.11Kevin Gilbride19' 6.5May 19IMC District Championship..
3.12Brent Gunderson18' 10Apr 8Mike Kostrba Invitational
4.11Nathan Rau18' 8.25Apr 11Summit v. Redmond
5.12Towner Menefee18' 4.75Apr 11Summit v. Redmond
6.10Cody Hester17' 11Apr 12Bend JV
7.11Michael Mangin16' 6May 9JV Championships
9TJ Whitehall16' 6Apr 22LaPine Inv.
9.11Garrett Banton15' 7.75May 2Summit/Mt. View/Mazama
10.10Patrick Laubacher15' 4Mar 22Summit JV, Culver, Gilchr..
11.10Drew Rivera14' 6.5Mar 16Mountain View Icebreaker
Triple Jump
1.11Antwan Johnson41' 8.5Apr 18MT. View JV
2.9Harlan Porterfield40' 2.75May 19IMC District Championship..
3.12Towner Menefee39' 8.5Apr 15XO Invite
4.11Nathan Rau39' 1Apr 11Summit v. Redmond
5.10Mike Davis36' 5.5May 11Bend City Championships
6.11Michael Mangin35' 9Apr 12Bend JV
7.10Corey Cahalane33' 8Apr 12Bend JV


100 Meters
1.11Kourtney Parks12.54aMay 19IMC District Championship..
2.10Rachelle Wilson13.12aMay 19IMC District Championship..
3.12Montse Caccamo13.31aMay 19IMC District Championship..
4.10Marissa Berg13.52aMay 11Bend City Championships
5.11Suni Kumar13.74cMay 2Summit/Mt. View/Mazama
6.9Betsy Gascon14.04cMay 9JV Championships
7.12Sean Hansen14.14cApr 18MT. View JV
9Gabby Rivera14.14cMar 22Summit JV, Culver, Gilchr..
9.9Katie Souther14.22aApr 25Summit JV
10.9Alison Flaherty14.23aApr 22Kiwanis Invitational
11.9Samantha Bennett14.44cMar 22Summit JV, Culver, Gilchr..
12.10Mary Catherine Luerson14.54cApr 18MT. View JV
13.9Kayle Fancher14.59aApr 25Summit JV
14.9Maddie Yeakel14.64cApr 11Summit v. Redmond
9Anne Brinich14.64cMar 22Summit JV, Culver, Gilchr..
16.9Kirsten Tobey14.73aApr 12Bend JV
17.9Chelsea Conklin14.90aApr 12Bend JV
18.11Michaela Jagnow15.44cMar 16Mountain View Icebreaker
19.10Hannah Ross15.54cMar 16Mountain View Icebreaker
20.11Susie Whitehall16.34cMar 16Mountain View Icebreaker
200 Meters
1.11Kourtney Parks26.11aMay 19IMC District Championship..
2.10Marissa Berg27.02aMay 19IMC District Championship..
3.10Rachelle Wilson27.27aMay 19IMC District Championship..
4.9Gabby Rivera28.63aApr 22LaPine Inv.
5.9Kayle Fancher28.64cApr 28Pepsi Invitational
6.9Alison Flaherty29.34cMar 23Valley Meet
7.9Betsy Gascon29.62aApr 22LaPine Inv.
8.9Anne Brinich29.74cMar 22Summit JV, Culver, Gilchr..
9.9Chelsea Conklin29.84cMay 9JV Championships
10.9Savannah Knighten30.19aApr 12Bend JV
11.9Natalie Sharpe30.34cMay 9JV Championships
12.10Brooke Bailey30.44cApr 18MT. View JV
13.11Miriam Schwarzenthal30.64cMay 9JV Championships
14.10Katie Hermeling30.74cMay 9JV Championships
15.10Ryann Child31.24cMay 2Summit/Mt. View/Mazama
16.9Darragh Hildreth31.84cMay 2Summit/Mt. View/Mazama
17.10Hannah Ross32.50aApr 5Crook CO JV
18.9Erica Marley33.24cApr 18MT. View JV
19.10Jennifer Klein34.04cMar 22Summit JV, Culver, Gilchr..
400 Meters
1.11Kourtney Parks57.34aMay 27OSAA 4A State Championshi..
2.10Marissa Berg60.84aMay 19IMC District Championship..
3.9Alison Flaherty61.75aMay 11Bend City Championships
4.9Gabby Rivera63.44cApr 28Pepsi Invitational
5.10Rachelle Wilson64.35aMay 11Bend City Championships
6.9Emily Villano65.04cApr 11Summit v. Redmond
7.9Hilary Sharpe65.24cApr 18MT. View JV
8.9Kayle Fancher66.94cMay 9JV Championships
9.9Chelsea Conklin68.14cMay 9JV Championships
10.9Maddie Yeakel68.64cApr 18MT. View JV
11.10Katie Hermeling69.64cMay 9JV Championships
12.11Michaela Jagnow71.34cApr 18MT. View JV
13.10Chase Yeakel71.98aApr 22LaPine Inv.
14.9Natalie Sharpe73.59aApr 22LaPine Inv.
400 Meters - Relay Split
1.11Kourtney Parks57.2May 27OSAA 4A State Championshi..
2.9Alyssa O'Connor57.9May 27OSAA 4A State Championshi..
3.10Marissa Berg59.8May 27OSAA 4A State Championshi..
4.12Lindsay Zimmerman60.1May 27OSAA 4A State Championshi..
5.9Alison Flaherty61.7May 19IMC District Championship..
6.9Gabby Rivera63.3May 11Bend City Championships
7.9Emily Villano63.9Apr 22Kiwanis Invitational
8.10Rachelle Wilson65.1Apr 11Summit v. Redmond
9.9Hilary Sharpe66.2Apr 18MT. View JV
10.9Kelsey Briggs66.3Apr 25Summit JV
11.9Kayle Fancher67.3Apr 28Pepsi Invitational
12.9Chelsea Conklin67.4Apr 25Summit JV
13.9Natalie Sharpe70.3Apr 18MT. View JV
14.9Savannah Knighten71.2Apr 18MT. View JV
15.10Jordan Batha72.9Apr 25Summit JV
16.9Christy Mosier73.1Apr 5Crook CO JV
17.10Chase Yeakel73.3Apr 5Crook CO JV
18.9Taylor Audia73.5Apr 5Crook CO JV
19.9Katie Souther73.7Apr 18MT. View JV
800 Meters
1.9Alyssa O'Connor2:16.3Apr 28Pepsi Invitational
2.9Emily Villano2:27.37aMay 19IMC District Championship..
3.11Maggie Landry2:32.22aMay 19IMC District Championship..
4.9Hilary Sharpe2:32.58aApr 22Kiwanis Invitational
5.12Lindsay Zimmerman2:38.2Apr 11Summit v. Redmond
6.9Piper Nash2:38.74aApr 8Mike Kostrba Invitational
7.9Kelsey Briggs2:39.0May 9JV Championships
8.10Marissa Berg2:40.0Apr 18MT. View JV
9.10Brittany Goshorn2:54.0aApr 12Bend JV
10.10Laura Hooten2:54.83aApr 5Crook CO JV
11.10Mary Catherine Luerson2:55.4Apr 25Summit JV
12.9Michelle Kolb2:57.9aaApr 12Bend JV
13.10Lauren Sporck3:02.5Apr 25Summit JV
14.11Lisa Haak3:09.7Apr 25Summit JV
15.10Jennifer Klein3:11.3Apr 18MT. View JV
16.10Rosey Baber3:18.5Apr 18MT. View JV
1500 Meters
1.9Alyssa O'Connor4:35.21aMay 5Jesuit Relays
2.9Piper Nash5:11.09aMay 19IMC District Championship..
3.11Sara Wrightman5:15.03aMay 19IMC District Championship..
4.9Hilary Sharpe5:27.84aApr 22Kiwanis Invitational
5.11Maggie Landry5:29.35aApr 22Kiwanis Invitational
6.10Laura Hooten5:49.7Apr 11Summit v. Redmond
7.10Brittany Goshorn5:49.9Apr 18MT. View JV
8.9Michelle Kolb5:59.8Apr 18MT. View JV
9.11Carly Ziegler6:18.7Mar 22Summit JV, Culver, Gilchr..
10.10Rosey Baber7:13.62aApr 25Summit JV
3000 Meters
1.9Alyssa O'Connor10:12.00aMay 26OSAA 4A State Championshi..
2.11Sara Wrightman11:38.37aApr 22Kiwanis Invitational
3.12Tina Patel11:46.7Mar 23Valley Meet
4.9Piper Nash11:49.70aApr 15XO Invite
5.11Maggie Landry11:58.79aApr 22Kiwanis Invitational
6.10Laura Hooten12:18.3Mar 23Valley Meet
7.9Michelle Kolb12:50.1May 2Summit/Mt. View/Mazama
8.10Brittany Goshorn13:05.8Apr 18MT. View JV
9.11Heidi Price13:57.00aApr 25Summit JV
10.11Carly Ziegler14:18.3May 2Summit/Mt. View/Mazama
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.12Lindsay Zimmerman15.25aMay 19IMC District Championship..
2.11Suni Kumar15.35aMay 19IMC District Championship..
3.12Tricia Spencer17.34cMay 2Summit/Mt. View/Mazama
4.9Taylor Audia17.64cMay 2Summit/Mt. View/Mazama
5.11Susie Whitehall17.74cApr 18MT. View JV
6.11Heidi Price18.74cMay 2Summit/Mt. View/Mazama
7.9Katie Souther19.14cMay 9JV Championships
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.12Lindsay Zimmerman46.16aMay 19IMC District Championship..
2.9Gabby Rivera50.26aMay 19IMC District Championship..
3.12Tricia Spencer52.70aApr 8Mike Kostrba Invitational
4.9Katie Souther54.24cMay 9JV Championships
5.9Taylor Audia54.94cMar 22Summit JV, Culver, Gilchr..
6.11Heidi Price55.54cMay 2Summit/Mt. View/Mazama
7.11Susie Whitehall55.64cApr 18MT. View JV
400m Hurdles - 30"
1.12Lindsay Zimmerman69.04aMar 31Stanford Invitational
2k Steeplechase
1.11Maggie Landry8:44.84aApr 15XO Invite
4x100 Relay
1.-Rachelle Wilson
Montse Caccamo
Marissa Berg
Kourtney Parks
50.41aMay 5Jesuit Relays
2.-Rachelle Wilson
Montse Caccamo
Alison Flaherty
Kourtney Parks
50.74aMay 11Bend City Championships
3.-Relay Team 51.38aMay 19IMC District Championship..
4.-Kourtney Parks
Sean Hansen
Alison Flaherty
Rachelle Wilson
51.82aApr 22Kiwanis Invitational
5.-Kourtney Parks
Montse Caccamo
Sean Hansen
Rachelle Wilson
51.84cApr 28Pepsi Invitational
6.-Montse Caccamo
Kourtney Parks
Alison Flaherty
Marissa Berg
52.09aMar 23Valley Meet
7.-Montse Caccamo
Kelsey Testerman
Marissa Berg
Kourtney Parks
54.24cMar 16Mountain View Icebreaker
8.-Kayle Fancher
Susie Whitehall
Betsy Gascon
Savannah Knighten
54.54cMay 9JV Championships
9.-Kayle Fancher
Brooke Bailey
Savannah Knighten
Kirsten Tobey
56.14cMar 22Summit JV, Culver, Gilchr..
10.-Jordan Batha
Michaela Jagnow
Savannah Knighten
Susie Whitehall
56.25aApr 25Summit JV
11.-Alyson West
Alison Flaherty
Betsy Gascon
Maggie Landry
56.34cMar 16Mountain View Icebreaker
12.-Jordan Batha
Michaela Jagnow
Anne Brinich
Lindsey Baro
56.74cMay 9JV Championships
13.-Mary Catherine Luerson
Kirsten Tobey
Chase Yeakel
Hannah Ross
57.64cMay 9JV Championships
14.-Alex Lelli
Riley Peters
Natalie Sharpe
Chelsea Conklin
58.41aApr 25Summit JV
15.-Kayle Fancher
Maddie Yeakel
Samantha Bennett
Anne Brinich
59.04cApr 11Summit v. Redmond
16.-Anne Brinich
Alex Lelli
Riley Peters
Chelsea Conklin
69.14cMay 2Summit/Mt. View/Mazama
17.-Michaela Jagnow
Savannah Knighten
Brooke Bailey
Susie Whitehall
DQMay 2Summit/Mt. View/Mazama
4x200 Relay
1.-Lindsay Zimmerman
Marissa Berg
Gabby Rivera
Kourtney Parks
1:47.21aMay 5Jesuit Relays
2.-Marissa Berg
Rachelle Wilson
Kourtney Parks
Lindsay Zimmerman
1:51.0May 2Summit/Mt. View/Mazama
3.-Kayle Fancher
Gabby Rivera
Alison Flaherty
Betsy Gascon
1:55.0May 2Summit/Mt. View/Mazama
4x400 Relay
1.-Marissa Berg
Kourtney Parks
Lindsay Zimmerman
Alyssa O'Connor
3:55.78aMay 27OSAA 4A State Championshi..
2.-Relay Team 4:04.56aMay 19IMC District Championship..
3.-Marissa Berg
Emily Villano
Gabby Rivera
Alison Flaherty
4:14.46aMay 11Bend City Championships
4.-Kelsey Briggs
Maddie Yeakel
Chelsea Conklin
Kayle Fancher
4:33.5May 9JV Championships
5.-Sara Wrightman
Tina Patel
Maggie Landry
Emily Villano
4:42.9Mar 16Mountain View Icebreaker
6.-Katie Hermeling
Natalie Sharpe
Savannah Knighten
Jordan Batha
4:44.1May 9JV Championships
7.-Chase Yeakel
Jordan Batha
Chelsea Conklin
Kelsey Briggs
4:44.96aApr 25Summit JV
8.-Savannah Knighten
Natalie Sharpe
Brooke Bailey
Brittany Goshorn
4:46.6Mar 22Summit JV, Culver, Gilchr..
SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8]
1.-Relay Team 4:49.22aApr 15XO Invite
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.-Piper Nash
Alison Flaherty
Maggie Landry
Sara Wrightman
13:21.69aMay 5Jesuit Relays
2.-Relay Team 13:39.64aApr 15XO Invite
Shot Put - 4kg
1.11Suni Kumar37' 7May 2Summit/Mt. View/Mazama
2.9Christy Mosier32' 11.5May 19IMC District Championship..
3.11Michaela Jagnow31' 2.5May 19IMC District Championship..
4.12Lindsey Jackson30' 5Apr 28Pepsi Invitational
5.11Alena Martin27' 8.5Apr 11Summit v. Redmond
6.9Savannah Knighten24' 6Mar 22Summit JV, Culver, Gilchr..
7.9Samantha Bennett24' 0.5Mar 22Summit JV, Culver, Gilchr..
8.11Theresa Wilhelm23' 5.5Apr 18MT. View JV
9.10Lauren Hale23' 5Apr 25Summit JV
10.10Lauren Christy20' 10Mar 16Mountain View Icebreaker
Discus - 1kg
1.9Christy Mosier92' 3May 11Bend City Championships
2.11Alena Martin77' 11May 2Summit/Mt. View/Mazama
10Lauren Christy77' 11May 2Summit/Mt. View/Mazama
4.12Lindsey Jackson66' 9Apr 22LaPine Inv.
11Michaela Jagnow66' 9May 9JV Championships
6.10Lauren Hale66' 7Apr 25Summit JV
7.9Samantha Bennett59' 9Mar 22Summit JV, Culver, Gilchr..
Javelin - 600g
1.11Suni Kumar119' 1Apr 8Mike Kostrba Invitational
2.12Sean Hansen118' 3May 19IMC District Championship..
3.12Lindsey Jackson102' 6Mar 16Mountain View Icebreaker
4.9Samantha Bennett76' 4Apr 25Summit JV
5.9Christy Mosier74' 6May 19IMC District Championship..
6.11Alina Mazina47' 0Apr 25Summit JV
High Jump
1.12Lindsay Zimmerman5' 2.25Mar 31Stanford Invitational
2.9Emily Villano5' 0Apr 22Kiwanis Invitational
3.9Gabby Rivera4' 10May 19IMC District Championship..
4.11Heidi Price4' 8Mar 16Mountain View Icebreaker
10Rachel Phillips4' 8Mar 22Summit JV, Culver, Gilchr..
11Suni Kumar4' 8Apr 11Summit v. Redmond
10Rachelle Wilson4' 8Apr 18MT. View JV
9Maddie Yeakel4' 8Apr 18MT. View JV
11Michaela Jagnow4' 8Apr 18MT. View JV
10.9Kayle Fancher4' 6Apr 22LaPine Inv.
10Mary Catherine Luerson4' 6May 9JV Championships
10Lindsey Baro4' 6Mar 23Valley Meet
13.10Hannah Ross4' 4Apr 18MT. View JV
9Taylor Audia4' 4May 2Summit/Mt. View/Mazama
15.10Elena Absalon4' 2Apr 5Crook CO JV
10Alex Lelli4' 2Mar 22Summit JV, Culver, Gilchr..
17.11Miriam Schwarzenthal4' 0Apr 5Crook CO JV
18.9Betsy Gascon3' 10Apr 5Crook CO JV
10Riley Peters3' 10Mar 22Summit JV, Culver, Gilchr..
Pole Vault
1.11Theresa Wilhelm10' 3May 11Bend City Championships
2.9Taylor Audia9' 6May 11Bend City Championships
3.11Katie Frandsen8' 6Apr 11Summit v. Redmond
4.9Maddie Yeakel8' 0Apr 11Summit v. Redmond
5.10Chase Yeakel7' 0Apr 22LaPine Inv.
11Lisa Haak7' 0Apr 25Summit JV
7.9Margaret Weller6' 6May 9JV Championships
8.9Gillian Parker-Cullen6' 0Apr 5Crook CO JV
9.9Savannah Knighten5' 0Mar 16Mountain View Icebreaker
Long Jump
1.11Suni Kumar17' 3.25May 19IMC District Championship..
2.12Montse Caccamo16' 8.5Apr 8Mike Kostrba Invitational
3.12Lindsay Zimmerman16' 6.5May 19IMC District Championship..
4.10Rachelle Wilson14' 9Apr 11Summit v. Redmond
5.10Alex Lelli14' 7May 9JV Championships
6.11Miriam Schwarzenthal13' 11May 9JV Championships
7.12Sean Hansen13' 10.75Apr 28Pepsi Invitational
8.10Brooke Bailey13' 10Apr 22LaPine Inv.
9.9Gabby Rivera13' 9.25May 2Summit/Mt. View/Mazama
10.10Elena Absalon13' 8May 9JV Championships
11.11Susie Whitehall13' 7Mar 16Mountain View Icebreaker
12.9Betsy Gascon13' 4Apr 12Bend JV
13.9Natalie Sharpe13' 3.5May 9JV Championships
14.11Lisa Haak13' 3May 9JV Championships
15.10Shay-Lin Magnuson12' 11Apr 12Bend JV
16.9Darragh Hildreth12' 10.5Mar 16Mountain View Icebreaker
17.10Lauren Sporck12' 10Apr 12Bend JV
18.10Riley Peters12' 6May 9JV Championships
10Rachel Phillips12' 6May 9JV Championships
20.9Samantha Bennett12' 5Apr 5Crook CO JV
21.10Lindsey Baro12' 4.75Mar 23Valley Meet
22.9Erica Marley12' 4May 9JV Championships
23.10Jordan Batha12' 3.5Apr 25Summit JV
24.9Katie Souther12' 3Mar 16Mountain View Icebreaker
25.11Michaela Jagnow11' 9.5Mar 16Mountain View Icebreaker
26.10Ryann Child11' 6.5Apr 25Summit JV
27.10Kailey Stevens11' 4Mar 22Summit JV, Culver, Gilchr..
28.9Maddie Yeakel10' 11Apr 18MT. View JV
10Jennifer Klein10' 11May 9JV Championships
30.10Chase Yeakel10' 8.5May 2Summit/Mt. View/Mazama
31.10Tara Russell9' 5Apr 18MT. View JV
Triple Jump
1.11Suni Kumar37' 3.75May 27OSAA 4A State Championshi..
2.12Montse Caccamo33' 8.5May 19IMC District Championship..
3.10Brooke Bailey32' 3Apr 28Pepsi Invitational
4.9Savannah Knighten30' 4.5May 9JV Championships
5.10Elena Absalon29' 2May 2Summit/Mt. View/Mazama
6.10Mary Catherine Luerson29' 1May 2Summit/Mt. View/Mazama
7.11Susie Whitehall28' 9.5Apr 5Crook CO JV
8.10Shay-Lin Magnuson27' 3.5Apr 5Crook CO JV
9.10Tara Russell27' 0May 9JV Championships
10.10Kailey Stevens25' 5.25Apr 25Summit JV
11.10Rosey Baber22' 8Apr 12Bend JV

* = Recent improvement

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