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100 Meters
1.9Braden Lenzy11.36aApr 11Aloha Preview
2.12*Devin Distant11.65aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
3.11*Mihir Paralkar11.67aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
4.11Alex Gradin11.68aMar 19Sunset @ Tigard
5.11*Michael Casugay11.77aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
6.11*Mayur Paralkar11.88aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
7.10Caleb Johnson12.02aApr 11Aloha Preview
8.11*Dakota Holloway-Young12.07aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
9.12Nikko Thomas12.08aApr 1Tigard @ Canby
10.9Jakob Harrold12.13aApr 11Aloha Preview
11.12Vicente Villasenor12.16aApr 8Newberg @ Tigard
12.10*Aksel Thorsfeldt12.23aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
13.9Spencer Smith12.27aMar 19Sunset @ Tigard
14.11Zack Stevenson12.37aApr 8Newberg @ Tigard
15.10*Ryan Minniti12.38aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
16.11*Angel Keymolen12.41aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
17.10Ethan Schock12.47aApr 1Tigard @ Canby
18.10*Anders Song12.49aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
19.10*Matthew Mullen12.51aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
20.10Daniel Shimanovsky12.59aApr 1Tigard @ Canby
21.11Sean Grimes12.68aMar 19Sunset @ Tigard
9Brent Flores12.68aApr 1Tigard @ Canby
23.10Aaron Bjarnason12.74aApr 1Tigard @ Canby
12*Ryan Bay12.74aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
25.10Dante Friesen12.80aMar 19Sunset @ Tigard
26.9Trevor Moler12.91aApr 8Newberg @ Tigard
27.11*Braeden Charboneau13.00aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
28.9Kyle Bay13.03aApr 8Newberg @ Tigard
29.10Daniel Belmont13.11aApr 1Tigard @ Canby
30.11Chase Aleksynas-Crawford13.19aApr 1Tigard @ Canby
31.10*Bennett Shingledecker13.50aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
32.10Jared Stewart13.60aApr 1Tigard @ Canby
33.10Sam Jackola13.72aApr 1Tigard @ Canby
34.12*Jacob Kerchner13.75aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
35.10*Tarin Schneider13.78aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
36.10*George Anderson13.79aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
37.9Skyler Snook13.90aApr 1Tigard @ Canby
9Jonathan Grasser13.90aApr 1Tigard @ Canby
39.9Eduardo Belmont15.51aApr 1Tigard @ Canby
40.9Nicholas VaderDNFApr 1Tigard @ Canby
12Joe HollandDNFApr 1Tigard @ Canby
200 Meters
1.11Tyler Rosette22.82aApr 11Aloha Preview
2.11*Alex Gradin23.43aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
3.12*Devin Distant23.50aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
4.11*Mihir Paralkar23.60aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
5.12Tyler Powers23.77aMar 19Sunset @ Tigard
6.9Braden Lenzy24.01aApr 1Tigard @ Canby
7.10*Caleb Johnson24.59aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
8.9Cole Green24.67aApr 8Newberg @ Tigard
9.9Jakob Harrold24.82aApr 8Newberg @ Tigard
10.12*Joshua Henderson24.83aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
11.11Zack Stevenson24.88aApr 8Newberg @ Tigard
12.12Vicente Villasenor25.27aApr 8Newberg @ Tigard
13.11*Sean Grimes25.46aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
14.9Skylar Holloway-Young25.57aApr 8Newberg @ Tigard
15.10*Anders Song25.61aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
16.9*Brent Flores25.69aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
17.10Matthew Mullen25.70aApr 8Newberg @ Tigard
18.10Aaron Bjarnason26.11aApr 8Newberg @ Tigard
19.10Daniel Shimanovsky26.23aMar 19Sunset @ Tigard
20.9Marco Predovic26.25aApr 1Tigard @ Canby
21.11Angel Keymolen26.28aApr 1Tigard @ Canby
22.10Ryan Minniti26.49aApr 1Tigard @ Canby
23.9Justin Graham26.55aMar 19Sunset @ Tigard
24.10*Daniel Belmont26.67aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
25.9Trevor Moler26.73aApr 8Newberg @ Tigard
26.9Jordan Prunty27.03aApr 8Newberg @ Tigard
27.9*Kyle Bay27.34aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
28.10*Bennett Shingledecker27.48aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
29.10*Jared Stewart28.06aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
30.10*Tarin Schneider28.08aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
31.10Erik Holte28.10aApr 8Newberg @ Tigard
32.9Jonathan Grasser28.36aMar 19Sunset @ Tigard
33.12Jacob Kerchner28.58aMar 19Sunset @ Tigard
34.10*Sam Jackola29.36aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
35.9Collin Koonce30.13aApr 1Tigard @ Canby
400 Meters
1.11Tyler Rosette49.66aApr 11Aloha Preview
2.12Tyler Powers51.61aMar 19Sunset @ Tigard
3.9Braden Lenzy52.18aApr 1Tigard @ Canby
4.9Jakob Harrold53.39aApr 8Newberg @ Tigard
5.12Joshua Henderson54.28aApr 8Newberg @ Tigard
6.9Cole Green54.70aApr 8Newberg @ Tigard
7.9Skylar Holloway-Young56.30aApr 8Newberg @ Tigard
8.10*Ryan Minniti57.30aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
9.9Justin Graham58.19aMar 19Sunset @ Tigard
10.11Sean Grimes58.54aApr 1Tigard @ Canby
11.10*Daniel Belmont60.53aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
12.10Caleb Johnson61.15aApr 1Tigard @ Canby
13.12Ryan Bay62.69aApr 8Newberg @ Tigard
9Jordan Prunty62.69aApr 1Tigard @ Canby
15.10Erik Holte62.78aApr 1Tigard @ Canby
16.10Sam Jackola66.17aApr 8Newberg @ Tigard
400 Meters - Relay Split
1.11Tyler Rosette49.60Apr 1Tigard @ Canby
2.12Tysen Prunty51.70Apr 11Aloha Preview
3.9Braden Lenzy51.80Apr 8Newberg @ Tigard
4.12Tyler Powers52.50Apr 11Aloha Preview
5.9Jakob Harrold54.00Apr 8Newberg @ Tigard
6.9Cole Green55.20Apr 11Aloha Preview
12Joshua Henderson55.20Mar 19Sunset @ Tigard
8.11Michael Casugay56.30Apr 1Tigard @ Canby
9.9Skylar Holloway-Young57.00Apr 8Newberg @ Tigard
10.10Caleb Johnson57.90Mar 19Sunset @ Tigard
11.10Daniel Shimanovsky58.60Apr 8Newberg @ Tigard
12.10Aksel Thorsfeldt58.80Apr 1Tigard @ Canby
13.9Justin Graham59.20Mar 19Sunset @ Tigard
14.10Ryan Minniti60.10Apr 1Tigard @ Canby
15.9Brent Flores60.20Mar 19Sunset @ Tigard
16.10Marshall Smith61.00Apr 1Tigard @ Canby
17.11Sean Grimes61.20Apr 1Tigard @ Canby
18.9Chase Pettibone61.60Apr 8Newberg @ Tigard
19.10Trisstan Zirkelbach63.00Apr 1Tigard @ Canby
20.10Tarin Schneider63.50Apr 8Newberg @ Tigard
21.9Gustavo Sanchez63.60Apr 8Newberg @ Tigard
22.9Peyton Kuffel63.90Apr 1Tigard @ Canby
23.10Jared Stewart65.70Apr 8Newberg @ Tigard
24.9Enrique Villanueva-Noyes67.00Apr 8Newberg @ Tigard
800 Meters
1.12*Michael Adkins2:03.88aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
2.12*Kevin Henneman2:07.76aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
3.10*Cole Bankston2:08.12aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
4.12*John Caufield2:09.99aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
5.11*Mayur Paralkar2:17.95aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
6.9*Chase Pettibone2:18.00aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
7.10Trisstan Zirkelbach2:22.35aMar 19Sunset @ Tigard
8.12*Connor Bowman2:22.61aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
9.9*Gustavo Sanchez2:22.81aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
10.12Jake Logan2:26.92aApr 8Newberg @ Tigard
11.9Enrique Villanueva-Noyes2:28.00aApr 8Newberg @ Tigard
12.9Peyton Kuffel2:29.00Apr 1Tigard @ Canby
13.10Julian Nailling2:31.19aApr 8Newberg @ Tigard
14.10Jake Wolf2:33.99aApr 8Newberg @ Tigard
15.12Tucker Kaus2:42.30Apr 1Tigard @ Canby
16.10Sam JackolaDNSApr 8Newberg @ Tigard
1500 Meters
1.12John Caufield4:19.17aApr 11Aloha Preview
2.10Cole Bankston4:19.90Apr 1Tigard @ Canby
3.10*Nicholas Speth4:26.63aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
4.12Michael Adkins4:34.24aMar 19Sunset @ Tigard
5.9*Chase Pettibone4:38.53aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
6.9Peyton Kuffel4:45.51aApr 11Aloha Preview
7.9*Gustavo Sanchez4:49.30aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
8.12Connor Bowman4:55.70Apr 8Newberg @ Tigard
9.9Enrique Villanueva-Noyes4:56.69aMar 19Sunset @ Tigard
10.10Marshall Smith5:08.34aMar 19Sunset @ Tigard
11.10*Jake Wolf5:16.32aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
12.10*Cole Swanson5:17.06aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
13.12Tucker Kaus5:30.60aApr 1Tigard @ Canby
14.10*Julian Nailling5:34.26aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
15.9Spencer Smith5:35.20Apr 1Tigard @ Canby
16.10*Calvin Harris5:36.34aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
17.12*Jake Logan5:38.45aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
18.10Nathaniel MossDNSMar 19Sunset @ Tigard
3000 Meters
1.10Nicholas Speth9:41.99aApr 11Aloha Preview
2.12*John Caufield9:54.95aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
3.10*Jeremy Stephens10:10.55aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
4.12*Michael Adkins10:13.06aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
5.9Chase Pettibone10:15.44aApr 11Aloha Preview
6.12Connor Bowman10:24.20Mar 19Sunset @ Tigard
7.12Jake Logan11:06.00aApr 1Tigard @ Canby
8.10Nathaniel Moss11:21.20Apr 8Newberg @ Tigard
9.10*Cole Swanson11:45.22aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
10.12Tucker Kaus12:05.60Mar 19Sunset @ Tigard
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.12Tysen Prunty15.65aApr 11Aloha Preview
2.9*Spencer Smith17.44cApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
3.12Nikko ThomasDNSApr 8Newberg @ Tigard
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.12Tysen Prunty40.91aApr 11Aloha Preview
2.9*Spencer Smith45.69aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
3.12*Everett Dalton45.78aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
4x100 Relay
1.Devin Distant
Tyler Powers
Landon Floyd
Alex Gradin
43.68aMar 19Sunset @ Tigard
2.Devin Distant
Tyler Powers
Braden Lenzy
Tyler Rosette
44.20aApr 11Aloha Preview
3.*Devin Distant
Braden Lenzy
Tyler Powers
Tyler Rosette
44.26aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
4.Devin Distant
Braden Lenzy
Tyler Powers
Alex Gradin
44.53aApr 1Tigard @ Canby
5.Brent Flores
Braden Lenzy
Spencer Smith
Cole Green
46.13aMar 19Sunset @ Tigard
6.Aaron Bjarnason
Ryan Minniti
Matthew Mullen
Aksel Thorsfeldt
47.45aApr 8Newberg @ Tigard
7.Brent Flores
Skylar Holloway-Young
Justin Graham
Cole Green
53.90aApr 1Tigard @ Canby
8.Colin Hyatt
Craig Beecher
Trent Muller
Owen Schmidt
DNSApr 8Newberg @ Tigard
4x200 Relay
1.Cole Green
Jakob Harrold
Skylar Holloway-Young
Braden Lenzy
1:37.17aApr 11Aloha Preview
4x400 Relay
1.Braden Lenzy
Tyler Powers
Tysen Prunty
Tyler Rosette
3:25.93aApr 11Aloha Preview
2.Braden Lenzy
Tysen Prunty
Tyler Powers
Tyler Rosette
3:29.40Apr 1Tigard @ Canby
3.Joshua Henderson
Tysen Prunty
Tyler Powers
Tyler Rosette
3:32.24aMar 19Sunset @ Tigard
4.*Braden Lenzy
Joshua Henderson
Kevin Henneman
Jakob Harrold
3:36.90aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
5.Joshua Henderson
Jakob Harrold
Cole Green
Nikko Thomas
3:44.10Apr 1Tigard @ Canby
6.Cole Green
Jakob Harrold
Skylar Holloway-Young
Justin Graham
3:47.98aApr 11Aloha Preview
7.Braden Lenzy
Sean Grimes
Cole Green
Caleb Johnson
3:49.32aMar 19Sunset @ Tigard
Gustavo Sanchez
Trisstan Zirkelbach
Jared Stewart
Marshall Smith
3:49.32aApr 8Newberg @ Tigard
9.Sean Grimes
Ryan Minniti
Aksel Thorsfeldt
Peyton Kuffel
3:53.57aApr 8Newberg @ Tigard
Brent Flores
Jakob Harrold
Justin Graham
Skylar Holloway-Young
3:53.57aMar 19Sunset @ Tigard
11.*Relay Team 3:53.84aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
12.*Justin Graham
Skylar Holloway-Young
Brent Flores
Spencer Smith
3:56.00aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
13.*Aaron Bjarnason
Matthew Mullen
Sam Jackola
Ethan Schock
4:03.97aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
14.*Gustavo Sanchez
Marshall Smith
Nicholas Speth
Calvin Harris
4:09.09aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
15.*Trisstan Zirkelbach
Kameron Harvey
Tarin Schneider
Enrique Villanueva-Noyes
4:12.85aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
16.Trisstan Zirkelbach
Skyler Snook
Jared Stewart
Marshall Smith
4:17.05aMar 19Sunset @ Tigard
Daniel Shimanovsky
Enrique Villanueva-Noyes
Chase Pettibone
Tarin Schneider
4:17.05aApr 8Newberg @ Tigard
18.Trent Muller
Jacoby Wolfe
Jaden Storedahl
Craig Beecher
DNSApr 8Newberg @ Tigard
*Cole Hammond
Max Groznik
Sol Nudelman
Cameron Seymour
DNSApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.Michael Adkins
Joshua Henderson
Connor Bowman
Jeremy Stephens
11:50.92aApr 11Aloha Preview
Shot Put - 12lb
1.11Derek McMurray46' 4.50Apr 11Aloha Preview
2.11Conner Crist43' 6.00Apr 8Newberg @ Tigard
3.12*Ryan Bay41' 2.50Apr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
4.11*Spencer Olson38' 1.50Apr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
5.10Tyson Crabtree35' 3.50Apr 8Newberg @ Tigard
6.10Alex Stalen35' 0.25Apr 8Newberg @ Tigard
7.11*Cole Harrington32' 1.50Apr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
8.10*Jordan Fullerton31' 4.00Apr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
9.11Chris Choffat31' 1.75Mar 19Sunset @ Tigard
10.10Tyler Mack29' 6.50Apr 8Newberg @ Tigard
11.10Justin Lyons28' 7.00Apr 1Tigard @ Canby
Discus - 1.6kg
1.11*Derek McMurray144' 6.00Apr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
2.11*Spencer Olson116' 3.00Apr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
3.10Alex Stalen102' 6.00Apr 8Newberg @ Tigard
4.10*Justin Lyons99' 10.00Apr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
5.10Tyson Crabtree97' 10.00Apr 1Tigard @ Canby
6.11Conner Crist94' 7.00Apr 8Newberg @ Tigard
7.12Paul Molatore90' 4.00Apr 8Newberg @ Tigard
8.11*Cole Harrington90' 3.00Apr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
9.10Jordan Fullerton81' 7.00Apr 11Aloha Preview
10.9Keishon Dawkins81' 0.00Mar 19Sunset @ Tigard
11.12Challa Tusse79' 3.00Apr 8Newberg @ Tigard
11*Chris Choffat79' 3.00Apr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
13.10*Tyler Mack78' 10.00Apr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
14.12Joel Johnson78' 0.00Mar 19Sunset @ Tigard
15.9Collin Koonce75' 9.00Mar 19Sunset @ Tigard
16.9Eduardo Belmont57' 2.00Mar 19Sunset @ Tigard
17.12Ryan BayDNSMar 19Sunset @ Tigard
Javelin - 800g
1.11*Cory Hayden155' 2.00Apr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
2.11*Chase Aleksynas-Crawford147' 4.00Apr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
3.12Everett Dalton145' 4.00Apr 8Newberg @ Tigard
4.9Spencer Smith131' 6.00Apr 11Aloha Preview
5.10Tyson Crabtree119' 4.00Mar 19Sunset @ Tigard
6.12*Challa Tusse117' 1.00Apr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
7.10George Anderson115' 1.00Apr 11Aloha Preview
8.9*Jonathan Grasser111' 9.00Apr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
9.9Peyton Kuffel109' 8.00Apr 11Aloha Preview
10.10*Tyler Russ103' 0.00Apr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
11.9*Collin Koonce100' 5.00Apr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
12.9Keishon Dawkins91' 2.00Mar 19Sunset @ Tigard
13.10Bennett Shingledecker89' 5.00Mar 19Sunset @ Tigard
14.10Jordan Fullerton84' 6.00Mar 19Sunset @ Tigard
9*Kyle Bay84' 6.00Apr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
16.9Eduardo Belmont75' 5.00Mar 19Sunset @ Tigard
17.9*Enrique Villanueva-Noyes75' 0.00Apr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
High Jump
1.12Everett Dalton5' 10.00Apr 8Newberg @ Tigard
12Joel Johnson5' 10.00Apr 1Tigard @ Canby
3.11Dakota Holloway-Young5' 6.00Mar 19Sunset @ Tigard
9*Kameron Harvey5' 6.00Apr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
5.10Caleb Johnson5' 4.00Mar 19Sunset @ Tigard
12Joe Holland5' 4.00Apr 8Newberg @ Tigard
7.10George Anderson5' 2.00Mar 19Sunset @ Tigard
8.10Dante Friesen5' 0.00Apr 1Tigard @ Canby
Pole Vault
1.10Aksel Thorsfeldt12' 0.00Apr 8Newberg @ Tigard
2.12Vicente Villasenor11' 0.00Apr 8Newberg @ Tigard
3.9Spencer Smith9' 6.00Apr 1Tigard @ Canby
4.9Skyler SnookNHMar 19Sunset @ Tigard
Long Jump
1.12Tysen Prunty20' 2.75Mar 19Sunset @ Tigard
2.11Alex Gradin19' 6.50Apr 8Newberg @ Tigard
3.11*Michael Casugay19' 5.50Apr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
4.10Aaron Bjarnason18' 5.00Mar 19Sunset @ Tigard
5.9Justin Graham17' 7.25Apr 8Newberg @ Tigard
6.11*Braeden Charboneau17' 6.50Apr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
7.10Dante Friesen17' 6.00Mar 19Sunset @ Tigard
8.9Kameron Harvey16' 9.25Apr 8Newberg @ Tigard
9.12*Everett Dalton16' 7.50Apr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
10.10Ethan Schock16' 7.25Apr 8Newberg @ Tigard
11.11*Cory Hayden16' 3.25Apr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
12.10Matthew Mullen16' 2.00Apr 8Newberg @ Tigard
13.10Ryan Minniti16' 0.00Mar 19Sunset @ Tigard
14.9Marco Predovic15' 7.75Apr 8Newberg @ Tigard
15.10*Tarin Schneider15' 6.00Apr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
16.10Trisstan Zirkelbach15' 0.00Mar 19Sunset @ Tigard
17.12Landon FloydDNSMar 19Sunset @ Tigard
10Sam JackolaNDApr 1Tigard @ Canby
Triple Jump
1.12Joel Johnson41' 9.00Apr 11Aloha Preview
2.11Cory Hayden38' 10.75Apr 8Newberg @ Tigard
3.10Dante Friesen37' 0.00Mar 19Sunset @ Tigard
4.11*Braeden Charboneau36' 7.25Apr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
5.9*Kameron Harvey36' 4.00Apr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
6.12Joe Holland35' 0.50Apr 8Newberg @ Tigard
7.10*Tarin Schneider33' 9.50Apr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..


100 Meters
1.9*Lauren Paven12.88aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
2.9*Gabrielle Domier13.24aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
3.9*Cora Rainwater13.67aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
4.12*Cheyenne Delacruz13.72aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
5.9Gabby McGaughey13.75aApr 11Aloha Preview
6.12*Gabby Galvez13.94aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
7.11*Taylor Bryant14.02aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
8.9Kyra Medgin14.14aApr 1Tigard @ Canby
9.11*Madelynne Kutcher14.31aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
10.9Charlotte Welch14.39aApr 8Newberg @ Tigard
11.11*Karla Patterson14.51aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
12.10*Kyla Jones14.63aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
13.10*Jordan Samuels14.76aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
14.9Rylie Hill14.80aApr 8Newberg @ Tigard
15.10*Makenzie Dennis14.81aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
16.10Jessa Barendse14.93aApr 1Tigard @ Canby
17.10*Eva McConnell15.04aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
18.12*Honoka Suzuki15.13aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
19.10Lena Damis15.14aApr 8Newberg @ Tigard
20.10*Cindy Le15.19aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
21.10*Samantha Salgado15.23aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
9Marian Cardoza-Gutierrez15.23aMar 19Sunset @ Tigard
23.12*Destini Luna15.27aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
24.11Megan Ellis15.28aApr 1Tigard @ Canby
25.9Leilani-Malia Arellano15.34aApr 1Tigard @ Canby
10*Holly Wilder15.34aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
27.9*Leah Mason15.59aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
28.11*Alicia Schmidt15.79aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
29.10*Piper Even15.80aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
30.9Sara Presley15.86aApr 1Tigard @ Canby
31.11McKenzie Klein15.88aMar 19Sunset @ Tigard
32.10Robdu Hailu16.05aMar 19Sunset @ Tigard
33.10*Rachael Keenan16.26aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
34.10Ivorie MoncayoDNSMar 19Sunset @ Tigard
200 Meters
1.9Lauren Paven26.51aMar 19Sunset @ Tigard
2.12*Cheyenne Delacruz28.34aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
3.12*Gabby Galvez29.00aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
4.11*Taylor Bryant29.21aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
5.10*Kyla Jones29.85aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
6.12*Alisha Stone29.86aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
7.9*Rylie Hill30.99aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
8.9*Marian Cardoza-Gutierrez31.39aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
9.10Lena Damis31.86aApr 8Newberg @ Tigard
10.10Holly Wilder31.99aMar 19Sunset @ Tigard
11.9*Leilani-Malia Arellano32.50aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
12.10Kristen Fox32.73aMar 19Sunset @ Tigard
13.9Sara Presley33.01aMar 19Sunset @ Tigard
14.10Cindy Le33.16aApr 8Newberg @ Tigard
15.10Piper Even35.16aMar 19Sunset @ Tigard
16.12*Destini LunaDNSApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
400 Meters
1.9Lauren Paven58.85aApr 11Aloha Preview
2.11Natalie Bryant60.56aApr 8Newberg @ Tigard
3.9Gabby McGaughey64.59aApr 8Newberg @ Tigard
4.9Cora Rainwater69.74aMar 19Sunset @ Tigard
5.10Kristen Fox71.01aApr 11Aloha Preview
6.9*Marian Cardoza-Gutierrez72.50aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
400 Meters - Relay Split
1.9Lauren Paven58.60Mar 19Sunset @ Tigard
2.11Natalie Bryant60.40Mar 19Sunset @ Tigard
3.11Veronique Calmels64.20Mar 19Sunset @ Tigard
4.9Gabby McGaughey64.90Apr 8Newberg @ Tigard
5.9Lauren McFall65.30Apr 11Aloha Preview
6.11Abigail Lewis66.00Apr 8Newberg @ Tigard
7.10Kristen Fox71.10Apr 11Aloha Preview
8.10Holly Wilder71.20Mar 19Sunset @ Tigard
9.12Elizabeth Dean72.60Apr 1Tigard @ Canby
10.12Alisha Stone74.20Mar 19Sunset @ Tigard
11.9Marian Cardoza-Gutierrez75.00Apr 1Tigard @ Canby
12.12Mckenna Masterson75.20Apr 1Tigard @ Canby
13.12Hannaly Duff-McGaughey77.10Apr 1Tigard @ Canby
14.10Marley Johnson80.10Apr 1Tigard @ Canby
800 Meters
1.9Lauren Paven2:21.68aApr 8Newberg @ Tigard
2.11*Rachel Josephson2:31.33aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
3.11Veronique Calmels2:31.99aMar 19Sunset @ Tigard
4.11Abigail Lewis2:32.54aApr 8Newberg @ Tigard
5.12*Kela Apau2:40.24aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
6.10*Kristen Fox2:47.41aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
7.10*Holly Wilder2:49.11aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
8.12Kylen Tromblay2:58.97aApr 8Newberg @ Tigard
9.11Lauren Kerr3:25.18aApr 8Newberg @ Tigard
1500 Meters
1.11*Veronique Calmels5:10.73aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
2.10Marley Johnson5:12.90Mar 19Sunset @ Tigard
3.12*Hannaly Duff-McGaughey5:22.53aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
4.12Elizabeth Dean5:26.50Apr 8Newberg @ Tigard
5.12*Mckenna Masterson5:26.97aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
6.12Kela Apau5:27.80Apr 8Newberg @ Tigard
7.12*Kylen Tromblay5:56.63aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
8.10*Kaylee Beck6:14.85aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
9.11Lauren Kerr6:43.40Mar 19Sunset @ Tigard
3000 Meters
1.10*Marley Johnson11:10.07aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
2.12Hannaly Duff-McGaughey11:21.90Apr 8Newberg @ Tigard
3.12*Kela Apau11:38.97aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
4.12Elizabeth Dean11:42.51aApr 11Aloha Preview
5.12*Mckenna Masterson11:53.35aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
6.12*Kylen Tromblay13:48.98aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.12*Brianna Stoppa15.86aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
2.10*Sareena Patzke15.87aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
3.9*Charlotte Welch18.35aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
4.10Makenzie Dennis19.94cApr 1Tigard @ Canby
5.10Jessica Howell20.94cApr 1Tigard @ Canby
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.12*Brianna Stoppa47.68aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
2.10*Sareena Patzke49.79aApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
4x100 Relay
1.Lena Greene
Natalie Bryant
Gabrielle Domier
Lauren Paven
50.90aMar 19Sunset @ Tigard
2.Gabby McGaughey
Natalie Bryant
Gabrielle Domier
Lauren Paven
51.11aApr 1Tigard @ Canby
3.Madeline Whalen
Maritza Gonzalez
Gabi Molina
Monet Haney
51.71aApr 8Newberg @ Tigard
4.Gabby McGaughey
Lauren McFall
Gabrielle Domier
Lauren Paven
51.94aApr 11Aloha Preview
5.Gabby Galvez
Cheyenne Delacruz
Cora Rainwater
Taylor Bryant
53.28aMar 19Sunset @ Tigard
6.*Danielle Smith
Emma Hunter
Mya Hudson
Ellie Moreland
SCRApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
4x400 Relay
1.Lauren McFall
Veronique Calmels
Lauren Paven
Natalie Bryant
4:11.17aMar 19Sunset @ Tigard
2.Gabby McGaughey
Natalie Bryant
Veronique Calmels
Lauren Paven
4:11.36aApr 8Newberg @ Tigard
3.Lauren McFall
Kristen Fox
Gabby McGaughey
Lauren Paven
4:28.04aApr 11Aloha Preview
4.Lauren McFall
Abigail Lewis
Kristen Fox
Marian Cardoza-Gutierrez
4:40.34aApr 8Newberg @ Tigard
5.Hannaly Duff-McGaughey
Holly Wilder
Alisha Stone
Rachel Josephson
4:49.42aMar 19Sunset @ Tigard
6.Elizabeth Dean
Marley Johnson
Mckenna Masterson
Hannaly Duff-McGaughey
5:06.10Apr 1Tigard @ Canby
7.Relay Team DNSApr 8Newberg @ Tigard
*Rowan Halsey
Molly McCullough
Lucy O'Sullivan
Laura Votava
DQApr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.Elizabeth Dean
Veronique Calmels
Mckenna Masterson
Natalie Bryant
13:44.25aApr 11Aloha Preview
Shot Put - 4kg
1.11Elise Conroy36' 10.00Apr 11Aloha Preview
2.11Morgan Chamberlain29' 1.00Mar 19Sunset @ Tigard
3.10Rachael Keenan29' 0.00Apr 11Aloha Preview
4.12Brianna Stoppa25' 6.50Apr 8Newberg @ Tigard
5.9Jessica Zirkelbach24' 6.00Apr 1Tigard @ Canby
6.10*Jessa Barendse23' 4.50Apr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
7.10Lauryn Dalton21' 6.00Apr 1Tigard @ Canby
8.10Eva McConnell21' 4.50Apr 1Tigard @ Canby
Discus - 1kg
1.11Elise Conroy120' 5.00Apr 1Tigard @ Canby
2.11*Isobel Bailey101' 10.00Apr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
3.11Daria Weber92' 9.00Apr 8Newberg @ Tigard
4.10Rachael Keenan88' 5.00Mar 19Sunset @ Tigard
5.11Julie O'Farrell84' 4.00Apr 8Newberg @ Tigard
6.9*Lauren McFall74' 6.00Apr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
7.10Jessa Barendse72' 5.00Mar 19Sunset @ Tigard
8.9*Jessica Zirkelbach68' 8.00Apr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
9.12Destini Luna59' 9.00Apr 1Tigard @ Canby
10.10Lauryn Dalton55' 11.00Mar 19Sunset @ Tigard
11.9Leilani-Malia Arellano52' 1.00Mar 19Sunset @ Tigard
12.9Cora RainwaterDNSMar 19Sunset @ Tigard
Javelin - 600g
1.9Lauren McFall118' 10.00Mar 19Sunset @ Tigard
2.11Daria Weber111' 8.00Mar 19Sunset @ Tigard
3.11Morgan Chamberlain109' 8.00Apr 11Aloha Preview
4.12Kaitlyn Mason105' 2.00Apr 8Newberg @ Tigard
5.10*Jessa Barendse95' 0.00Apr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
6.11*Isobel Bailey92' 5.00Apr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
7.11Julie O'Farrell90' 7.00Apr 8Newberg @ Tigard
8.12Brianna Stoppa77' 0.00Apr 1Tigard @ Canby
9.10Piper Even60' 11.00Mar 19Sunset @ Tigard
10.10Rachael Keenan57' 1.00Mar 19Sunset @ Tigard
11.10Ivorie Moncayo45' 0.00Mar 19Sunset @ Tigard
High Jump
1.11Rachel Josephson5' 1.00Apr 8Newberg @ Tigard
2.10Sareena Patzke4' 10.00Apr 1Tigard @ Canby
3.11Madelynne Kutcher4' 8.00Mar 19Sunset @ Tigard
4.10*Jordan Samuels4' 6.00Apr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
5.11McKenzie Klein4' 4.00Mar 19Sunset @ Tigard
6.10Jessica Howell4' 2.00Apr 1Tigard @ Canby
Pole Vault
1.12Liz Prouty11' 6.00Mar 19Sunset @ Tigard
2.10Victoria Prouty11' 0.00Apr 11Aloha Preview
3.10Samantha SalgadoFAILMar 19Sunset @ Tigard
10Cindy LeDNSApr 8Newberg @ Tigard
9Sara PresleyDNSApr 8Newberg @ Tigard
9Charlotte WelchNHApr 1Tigard @ Canby
9Michal BarbisDNSApr 8Newberg @ Tigard
Long Jump
1.10*Sareena Patzke17' 0.25Apr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
2.9*Gabrielle Domier15' 3.00Apr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
3.11*Abigail Lewis14' 8.50Apr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
4.9Cora Rainwater14' 5.50Apr 8Newberg @ Tigard
5.11*Doreen Rodrigues14' 0.50Apr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
6.9Kyra Medgin14' 0.00Apr 8Newberg @ Tigard
7.9*Lauren McFall13' 9.75Apr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
8.10Jessica Howell13' 8.75Apr 8Newberg @ Tigard
9.12Alisha Stone13' 7.75Apr 11Aloha Preview
10.11McKenzie Klein13' 4.75Apr 1Tigard @ Canby
11.11*Karla Patterson13' 0.75Apr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
10Jordan Samuels13' 0.75Apr 8Newberg @ Tigard
13.12Honoka Suzuki13' 0.50Apr 8Newberg @ Tigard
14.10Makenzie Dennis13' 0.00Apr 1Tigard @ Canby
15.9Marian Cardoza-Gutierrez12' 10.00Apr 8Newberg @ Tigard
16.9Leilani-Malia Arellano12' 3.25Apr 1Tigard @ Canby
17.11*Megan Ellis12' 2.75Apr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
18.9Sara Presley11' 5.75Apr 8Newberg @ Tigard
9Leah Mason11' 5.75Apr 1Tigard @ Canby
20.10Samantha Salgado11' 3.50Apr 1Tigard @ Canby
21.11Alicia Schmidt10' 11.75Mar 19Sunset @ Tigard
22.10Ivorie Moncayo10' 9.00Apr 8Newberg @ Tigard
23.10*Robdu Hailu10' 3.25Apr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
24.10Cindy Le10' 3.00Apr 1Tigard @ Canby
25.9Michal BarbisDNSApr 8Newberg @ Tigard
Triple Jump
1.11*Lena Greene35' 10.00Apr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
2.11Abigail Lewis31' 7.50Apr 11Aloha Preview
3.11*Karla Patterson30' 1.75Apr 15Lake Oswego and St. ..
4.11McKenzie Klein29' 5.75Apr 1Tigard @ Canby
5.12Honoka Suzuki27' 9.75Apr 1Tigard @ Canby
6.10Makenzie Dennis26' 10.25Mar 19Sunset @ Tigard
7.11Alicia SchmidtDNSMar 19Sunset @ Tigard
11Megan EllisDNSMar 19Sunset @ Tigard
  * = Denotes a recent improvement
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