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60 Meter Dash
1.11Jordan Latt7.22aMar 12Tigard intersquad Time Tr..
2.11Zachary Schlachter7.25aMar 12Tigard intersquad Time Tr..
3.10Beau Hansen7.31aMar 12Tigard intersquad Time Tr..
4.10Nicholas Moore7.60aMar 19Jason Addy Classic
5.10Cris Hooper7.62aMar 19Jason Addy Classic
6.9Brandon Wick7.67aMar 19Jason Addy Classic
7.11Alex Epp7.70aMar 19Jason Addy Classic
8.11Curtis Middleton7.72aMar 19Jason Addy Classic
9.9Rian Anderson7.77aMar 19Jason Addy Classic
10.11Phillip Kinsley7.96aMar 19Jason Addy Classic
11.11Christopher Stevens8.01aMar 19Jason Addy Classic
12.10Kyle Acree8.07aMar 19Jason Addy Classic
13.9Jake Inman8.20aMar 19Jason Addy Classic
14.10Gavin Cronkrite8.32aMar 19Jason Addy Classic
15.10Luke Hass8.34aMar 19Jason Addy Classic
100 Meters
1.11Zachary Schlachter11.06aApr 15McMinnville @ Tigard
2.11Jordan Latt11.21aApr 15McMinnville @ Tigard
3.10Beau Hansen11.31aMay 152009 Pacific District Mee..
4.10Cris Hooper11.87aMay 152009 Pacific District Mee..
5.10Joseph Hart11.92aMay 152009 Pacific District Mee..
6.9Tanner Smith12.26aMay 8Pacific JV District Meet
7.9KC Bales12.31aApr 2Tigard @ Forest Grove
8.11Christopher Stevens12.42aApr 9Tigard @ Newberg
9.9Brandon Wick12.43aMay 8Pacific JV District Meet
10.11Tucker Williams12.44cApr 30Tigard @ Canby
9John Turzillo12.44aApr 9Tigard @ Newberg
12.11Curtis Middleton12.53aMay 5Tualatin @ Tigard
13.9Rian Anderson12.75aApr 2Tigard @ Forest Grove
14.12Tim Beckman12.94cApr 30Tigard @ Canby
15.9Joseph Carrigg13.00aApr 9Tigard @ Newberg
16.10Gavin Cronkrite13.01aApr 2Tigard @ Forest Grove
17.10Luke Hass13.19aApr 9Tigard @ Newberg
18.10Ralph Greene13.34cApr 30Tigard @ Canby
19.9Andrew Luu13.51aMay 8Pacific JV District Meet
20.11Ben Hawken13.64cApr 30Tigard @ Canby
200 Meters
1.11Zachary Schlachter22.33awMay 23OSAA 6A State Championshi..
2.11Jordan Latt22.39awMay 23OSAA 6A State Championshi..
3.11Don Terry24.34aApr 15McMinnville @ Tigard
4.10Cris Hooper24.47aMay 152009 Pacific District Mee..
5.10Beau Hansen24.57aApr 2Tigard @ Forest Grove
6.9KC Bales24.96aApr 2Tigard @ Forest Grove
7.9Brandon Wick25.27aMay 8Pacific JV District Meet
8.11Curtis Middleton25.32aMay 5Tualatin @ Tigard
9.11Phillip Kinsley25.42aMay 8Pacific JV District Meet
10.9Tanner Smith25.48aMay 8Pacific JV District Meet
11.9Rian Anderson25.57aApr 9Tigard @ Newberg
12.11Alex Epp25.74cApr 30Tigard @ Canby
13.9John Turzillo25.96aMay 8Pacific JV District Meet
14.11Christopher Stevens26.32aMay 5Tualatin @ Tigard
15.9David Robson26.56aApr 2Tigard @ Forest Grove
16.10Peter Tran26.95aMay 8Pacific JV District Meet
17.10Zach Mohamoud27.99aApr 2Tigard @ Forest Grove
18.9Andrew Luu28.16aMay 8Pacific JV District Meet
19.10Stephan Nguyen29.08aMay 8Pacific JV District Meet
300 Meters
1.11Zachary Schlachter36.11aMar 12Tigard intersquad Time Tr..
2.11Jordan Latt36.27aMar 12Tigard intersquad Time Tr..
3.11Don Terry36.77aMar 19Jason Addy Classic
4.11Ian McGetrick37.44aMar 19Jason Addy Classic
400 Meters
1.11Jordan Latt48.65aMay 152009 Pacific District Mee..
2.11Zachary Schlachter49.74cJun 27USATF Oregon Jr. Olympic ..
3.9KC Bales53.66aApr 15McMinnville @ Tigard
4.9Rian Anderson55.23aApr 24Elden Kellar Invitational
5.12Dominic Ferraris55.32aApr 9Tigard @ Newberg
6.11Don Terry56.51aApr 2Tigard @ Forest Grove
7.10Mark Medgin56.64aApr 15McMinnville @ Tigard
8.10Aaron Kirch57.24cApr 30Tigard @ Canby
9.10Kyle Menzies57.84aMay 5Tualatin @ Tigard
10.10Trevor Anderson58.07aMay 5Tualatin @ Tigard
11.10Jordan Reddicks58.44aMay 8Pacific JV District Meet
12.9David Robson59.32aApr 15McMinnville @ Tigard
13.11Phillip Kinsley59.44cApr 30Tigard @ Canby
14.10Austin Dean62.23aMay 8Pacific JV District Meet
15.10Zach Mohamoud64.13aApr 2Tigard @ Forest Grove
400 Meters - Relay Split
1.11Jordan Latt49.2Apr 24Elden Kellar Invitational
2.11Zachary Schlachter49.7Apr 17Westview Team Challenge
600 Meters
1.11Jordan Latt84.27aMar 19Jason Addy Classic
2.11Zachary Schlachter85.48aMar 19Jason Addy Classic
3.11Ian Walch85.88aMar 19Jason Addy Classic
4.10Mark Medgin1:30.12aMar 19Jason Addy Classic
5.12Dominic Ferraris1:35.63aMar 19Jason Addy Classic
6.10Trevor Anderson1:39.09aMar 19Jason Addy Classic
7.10Kyle Menzies1:40.66aMar 19Jason Addy Classic
8.9David Robson1:40.81aMar 19Jason Addy Classic
9.10Jordan Reddicks1:43.78aMar 19Jason Addy Classic
10.11Matthew Hilden1:43.82aMar 19Jason Addy Classic
11.9Ivan Kallevig2:03.36aMar 19Jason Addy Classic
800 Meters
1.12Dominic Ferraris2:01.36aMay 152009 Pacific District Mee..
2.11Ian Walch2:01.50aApr 30Tigard @ Canby
3.10Mark Medgin2:03.77aApr 30Tigard @ Canby
4.10Aaron Kirch2:05.94aMay 152009 Pacific District Mee..
5.10Nick Roche2:09.41aApr 24Elden Kellar Invitational
6.10Jordan Carroll2:14.96aApr 15McMinnville @ Tigard
7.11Matthew Hilden2:17.8Apr 30Tigard @ Canby
8.9Scott Rice2:19.5Apr 30Tigard @ Canby
9.9David Robson2:20.74aApr 9Tigard @ Newberg
10.10Trevor Anderson2:20.90aApr 15McMinnville @ Tigard
11.10Kyle Menzies2:23.1Apr 30Tigard @ Canby
12.10Jordan Reddicks2:27.24aApr 15McMinnville @ Tigard
13.9Tyler Wakefield2:33.24aApr 15McMinnville @ Tigard
14.10Stephan Nguyen2:42.90aApr 2Tigard @ Forest Grove
15.9Ivan Kallevig2:50.21aApr 2Tigard @ Forest Grove
1500 Meters
1.11Ian Walch4:19.30aApr 24Elden Kellar Invitational
2.12Dominic Ferraris4:20.98aApr 24Elden Kellar Invitational
3.10Nick Roche4:22.43aMay 152009 Pacific District Mee..
4.10Aaron Kirch4:25.66aApr 15McMinnville @ Tigard
5.10Jordan Carroll4:26.81aApr 15McMinnville @ Tigard
6.10Mark Medgin4:28.24aApr 30Tigard @ Canby
7.12Dylan Hallums4:33.00aApr 9Tigard @ Newberg
8.9Scott Rice4:38.52aApr 30Tigard @ Canby
9.11Matthew Hilden4:43.25aMay 8Pacific JV District Meet
10.10Austin Dean4:50.24aApr 2Tigard @ Forest Grove
11.12Andrew Taylor4:55.91aApr 2Tigard @ Forest Grove
12.10Jordan Reddicks5:02.4Apr 30Tigard @ Canby
13.10Peter Tran5:09.8Apr 30Tigard @ Canby
14.9Jake Inman5:11.2Apr 30Tigard @ Canby
15.9Matthew Christensen5:13.2Apr 30Tigard @ Canby
16.9Ivan Kallevig5:13.4Apr 30Tigard @ Canby
17.10Stephan Nguyen5:43.66aApr 15McMinnville @ Tigard
1 Mile
1.10Nick Roche4:44.58aMar 19Jason Addy Classic
2.10Aaron Kirch4:53.12aMar 19Jason Addy Classic
3.12Dominic Ferraris4:59.18aMar 19Jason Addy Classic
4.10Jordan Carroll4:59.92aMar 19Jason Addy Classic
5.9Scott Rice5:06.8Mar 19Jason Addy Classic
6.10Austin Dean5:07.4Mar 19Jason Addy Classic
7.11Matthew Hilden5:31.8Mar 19Jason Addy Classic
3000 Meters
1.11Ian Walch9:18.73aMay 152009 Pacific District Mee..
2.10Mark Medgin9:23.44aApr 24Elden Kellar Invitational
3.12Dylan Hallums9:28.30aApr 17Westview Team Challenge
4.10Jordan Carroll9:32.19aMay 5Tualatin @ Tigard
5.10Nick Roche9:37.4Apr 30Tigard @ Canby
6.10Aaron Kirch9:59.03aMay 1Cotton Invitational
7.10Austin Dean10:10.68aApr 15McMinnville @ Tigard
2 Miles
1.11Ian Walch10:35.0Mar 19Jason Addy Classic
2.12Dylan Hallums10:41.8Mar 19Jason Addy Classic
60m Hurdles - 39"
1.12Steven Coburn9.60aMar 19Jason Addy Classic
2.9Sean McGetrick9.89aMar 19Jason Addy Classic
3.11Josh GenslerDNSMar 19Jason Addy Classic
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.11Ian McGetrick14.64cJun 27USATF Oregon Jr. Olympic ..
2.12Steven Coburn16.21aMay 152009 Pacific District Mee..
3.11Josh Gensler16.93aMay 8Pacific JV District Meet
4.9Sean McGetrick17.28aMay 152009 Pacific District Mee..
5.9David Robson20.24cApr 30Tigard @ Canby
6.9Colin Strobel23.26aApr 15McMinnville @ Tigard
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.11Ian McGetrick38.90aMay 23OSAA 6A State Championshi..
2.12Steven Coburn41.78aApr 24Elden Kellar Invitational
3.9Sean McGetrick43.53aMay 152009 Pacific District Mee..
4.11Josh Gensler44.56aMay 8Pacific JV District Meet
5.9David Robson47.84cApr 30Tigard @ Canby
6.9Colin Strobel57.27aApr 9Tigard @ Newberg
400m Hurdles - 36"
1.11Ian McGetrick57.73aMar 28Stanford Invitational Day..
4x100 Relay
1.-Ian McGetrick
Zachary Schlachter
Beau Hansen
Jordan Latt
43.23aMay 152009 Pacific District Mee..
-Ian McGetrick
Jordan Latt
Steven Coburn
Chris Hooper
43.23aMay 142009 Pacific District Mee..
3.-Beau Hansen
Zachary Schlachter
Ian McGetrick
Jordan Latt
43.47aApr 24Elden Kellar Invitational
4.-Ian McGetrick
Jordan Latt
Zachary Schlachter
Beau Hansen
43.84aApr 17Westview Team Challenge
5.-Ralph Green
Kyle Menzies
Chris Hooper
Robert Dusevoir
44.82aApr 30Tigard @ Canby
6.-Ralph Green
Kyle Menzies
Robert Dusevoir
Chris Hooper
47.25aMay 5Tualatin @ Tigard
7.-Shai Gray
Don Terry
Chris Hooper
Ralph Green
47.38aApr 2Tigard @ Forest Grove
8.-Beau Hansen
Don Terry
Chris Hooper
Shai Gray
47.55aApr 4Mike Kostrba Invitational
9.-Rian Anderson
Nicholas Moore
Chris Bell
Adam Garcia
49.13aApr 2Tigard @ Forest Grove
10.-Josh Gensler
Phillip Kinsley
Christopher Stevens
Kevin Wallenburn
51.92aMay 8Pacific JV District Meet
11.-Brandon Wick
Kyle Menzies
Tanner Smith
Trevor Anderson
52.72aMay 8Pacific JV District Meet
4x400 Relay
1.-Relay Team 3:24.08aMay 30Oregon Elite
2.-Don Terry
Zachary Schlachter
Steven Coburn
Jordan Latt
3:25.74aMay 23OSAA 6A State Championshi..
3.-Don Terry
Steven Coburn
Zachary Schlachter
Jordan Latt
3:25.98aMay 152009 Pacific District Mee..
-Jordan Latt
Steven Coburn
Zachary Schlachter
Don Terry
3:25.98aMay 142009 Pacific District Mee..
5.-Ian McGetrick
Jordan Latt
Zachary Schlachter
Don Terry
3:29.21aApr 24Elden Kellar Invitational
6.-KC Bales
Zachary Schlachter
Jordan Latt
Mark Medgin
3:30.84aApr 17Westview Team Challenge
7.-Don Terry
Zachary Schlachter
Ian McGetrick
Jordan Latt
3:31.00aMay 1Cotton Invitational
8.-Don Terry
Zachary Schlachter
Rian Anderson
Jordan Latt
3:34.50aMay 5Tualatin @ Tigard
9.-Ian McGetrick
Jordan Latt
Don Terry
Zachary Schlachter
3:38.56aApr 4Mike Kostrba Invitational
10.-Rian Anderson
KC Bales
Mark Medgin
Don Terry
3:44.72aApr 15McMinnville @ Tigard
11.-Steven Coburn
Shai Gray
Aaron Kirch
Nick Roche
3:53.32aApr 15McMinnville @ Tigard
12.-Kyle Menzies
Phillip Kinsley
Trevor Anderson
Josh Gensler
3:55.32aMay 8Pacific JV District Meet
13.-Nick Roche
Don Terry
Josh Gensler
Mark Medgin
3:57.72aApr 2Tigard @ Forest Grove
14.-Sean McGetrick
Steven Coburn
Trevor Anderson
Kyle Menzies
3:59.80aMay 5Tualatin @ Tigard
15.-Trevor Anderson
Sean McGetrick
Kyle Menzies
David Robson
4:00.30aApr 15McMinnville @ Tigard
16.-Sean McGetrick
Kyle Menzies
David Robson
Trevor Anderson
4:03.8Apr 30Tigard @ Canby
17.-Matthew Hilden
Peter Tran
Matthew Khoo
Andrew Luu
4:05.28aMay 8Pacific JV District Meet
18.-Aaron Kirch
KC Bales
Kyle Menzies
Dominic Ferraris
4:09.10aApr 2Tigard @ Forest Grove
4x800 Relay
1.-Ian Walch
Mark Medgin
Aaron Kirch
Jordan Carroll
8:41.04aApr 17Westview Team Challenge
2.-Jordan Carroll
Mark Medgin
Dominic Ferraris
Aaron Kirch
8:54.93aApr 4Mike Kostrba Invitational
SMR 100-100-200-400m
1.-Beau Hansen
Zachary Schlachter
Don Terry
Chris Hooper
1:39.25aMar 19Jason Addy Classic
2.-Chris Bell
Adam Garcia
Sean McGetrick
Ian McGetrick
1:45.36aMar 19Jason Addy Classic
3.-Nicholas Moore
Brandon Wick
Rian Anderson
David Robson
1:48.31aMar 19Jason Addy Classic
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.-Ian Walch
Jordan Latt
Mark Medgin
Nick Roche
11:31.21aMar 19Jason Addy Classic
2.-Jordan Carroll
Austin Dean
Dylan Hallums
Aaron Kirch
12:09.32aMar 19Jason Addy Classic
Shot Put - 12lb
1.12Leif Erickson49' 7Apr 4Mike Kostrba Invitational
2.12Tim Beckman47' 10.5May 152009 Pacific District Mee..
3.11Curtis Middleton45' 0May 152009 Pacific District Mee..
4.10Nicholas Moore44' 10.5May 1Cotton Invitational
5.9Jeremy Moore39' 1May 5Tualatin @ Tigard
6.9Jarrad Schulte38' 10.25Apr 30Tigard @ Canby
7.9Nick Bower27' 6.5Apr 15McMinnville @ Tigard
Discus - 1.6kg
1.12Tim Beckman157' 7May 1Cotton Invitational
2.11Curtis Middleton145' 8May 5Tualatin @ Tigard
3.12Leif Erickson117' 2May 152009 Pacific District Mee..
4.9Jarrad Schulte115' 3May 8Pacific JV District Meet
5.10Nicholas Moore113' 5Apr 2Tigard @ Forest Grove
6.9Jeremy Moore109' 8Apr 30Tigard @ Canby
7.9Nick Bower61' 2Apr 2Tigard @ Forest Grove
Javelin - 800g
1.10Scott Brennan166' 3May 152009 Pacific District Mee..
2.10Beau Hansen159' 0Apr 17Westview Team Challenge
3.10Shane Fekete151' 5Mar 19Jason Addy Classic
4.11Austin Haag144' 4Apr 15McMinnville @ Tigard
5.11Alex Epp134' 0Apr 15McMinnville @ Tigard
6.11Kevin Wallenburn97' 9May 5Tualatin @ Tigard
7.9Makua Bernal88' 4Mar 19Jason Addy Classic
8.9Nick Bower70' 9Apr 2Tigard @ Forest Grove
9.9Matthew Christensen69' 2Apr 15McMinnville @ Tigard
High Jump
1.11Keith Kostol6' 0Apr 9Tigard @ Newberg
2.10Robert Dusevoir5' 10Apr 9Tigard @ Newberg
3.12Brett Weber5' 8Mar 19Jason Addy Classic
4.10Franklin Stutevoss5' 4Apr 30Tigard @ Canby
9Tanner Smith5' 4Apr 30Tigard @ Canby
6.9Tyler Wakefield5' 2Apr 9Tigard @ Newberg
7.12Steven Coburn4' 10Mar 19Jason Addy Classic
Pole Vault
1.10Gavin Cronkrite10' 6Apr 30Tigard @ Canby
2.10Franklin Stutevoss9' 6May 1Cotton Invitational
3.10Kyle Acree8' 0May 8Pacific JV District Meet
10Luke Hass8' 0Apr 9Tigard @ Newberg
5.11Ben Hawken7' 6Apr 9Tigard @ Newberg
Long Jump
1.11Don Terry21' 5.5May 152009 Pacific District Mee..
2.11Ian McGetrick21' 1May 152009 Pacific District Mee..
3.11James Leathers19' 11May 1Cotton Invitational
4.10Ralph Greene18' 9Apr 15McMinnville @ Tigard
5.10Joseph Hart18' 7.5Mar 19Jason Addy Classic
6.10Robert Dusevoir18' 3Apr 9Tigard @ Newberg
12Brett Weber18' 3Apr 30Tigard @ Canby
8.11Tucker Williams17' 11.75May 5Tualatin @ Tigard
9.10Kyle Menzies17' 10.25Mar 19Jason Addy Classic
10.9Brandon Wick17' 4.75Apr 2Tigard @ Forest Grove
11.9Rian Anderson17' 4May 5Tualatin @ Tigard
12.10Matthew Khoo17' 2May 5Tualatin @ Tigard
13.9Sean McGetrick17' 1Apr 9Tigard @ Newberg
14.12Steven Coburn16' 2Mar 19Jason Addy Classic
15.9Joseph Carrigg15' 10.5Mar 19Jason Addy Classic
16.11Ben Hawken15' 5Apr 9Tigard @ Newberg
17.9Matthew Christensen14' 2May 5Tualatin @ Tigard
18.10Zach Mohamoud13' 5.5Mar 19Jason Addy Classic
Triple Jump
1.10Joseph Hart40' 11May 1Cotton Invitational
2.11Keith Kostol40' 2.75May 152009 Pacific District Mee..
3.11Tucker Williams37' 11.5May 8Pacific JV District Meet
4.10Ralph Greene37' 3.5May 1Cotton Invitational
5.8Kaz Greene37' 2May 5Tualatin @ Tigard
6.11James Leathers36' 6Mar 19Jason Addy Classic
7.10Matthew Khoo36' 1.5May 8Pacific JV District Meet
8.9Brandon Wick35' 9.5Apr 30Tigard @ Canby
9.10Kyle Menzies35' 7May 8Pacific JV District Meet
10.9Tyler Wakefield31' 10Apr 9Tigard @ Newberg


60 Meter Dash
1.11Makenzie Bittinger8.19aMar 19Jason Addy Classic
2.12Kasey Kanada8.23aMar 12Tigard intersquad Time Tr..
3.11Brittany Nguyen8.28aMar 12Tigard intersquad Time Tr..
4.11Kristin Taylor8.33aMar 12Tigard intersquad Time Tr..
5.11Kaitlyn Choy8.38aMar 19Jason Addy Classic
6.9Erika Ely8.94aMar 19Jason Addy Classic
7.9Paige Herbst9.16aMar 19Jason Addy Classic
8.9Elisa Newport9.20aMar 19Jason Addy Classic
9.11Jessica Truong9.22aMar 19Jason Addy Classic
10.10Estili Peck9.33aMar 19Jason Addy Classic
11.11Olivia Patton9.44aMar 19Jason Addy Classic
12.9Karyl Kanada9.65aMar 19Jason Addy Classic
13.10Crystal Tolliver10.00aMar 19Jason Addy Classic
14.10Alexis Brien10.40aMar 19Jason Addy Classic
15.11Alex Hill11.43aMar 19Jason Addy Classic
100 Meters
1.11Makenzie Bittinger12.67aApr 30Tigard @ Canby
2.11Kaitlyn Choy13.25aApr 30Tigard @ Canby
3.11Brittany Nguyen13.60aApr 30Tigard @ Canby
4.12Kasey Kanada13.64aApr 24Elden Kellar Invitational
5.9Tawnya Fulton13.67aMay 8Pacific JV District Meet
6.9Elisa Newport13.75aMay 8Pacific JV District Meet
11Jessica Truong13.75aApr 30Tigard @ Canby
8.11Kristin Taylor13.76aApr 2Tigard @ Forest Grove
9.9Erika Ely13.91aMay 8Pacific JV District Meet
10.10Estili Peck14.23aApr 9Tigard @ Newberg
11.11Olivia Patton14.52aMay 8Pacific JV District Meet
12.9Paige Herbst14.72aApr 30Tigard @ Canby
13.9Tess Langseth15.04aApr 2Tigard @ Forest Grove
14.10Crystal Tolliver15.33aMay 8Pacific JV District Meet
15.11Alex Hill15.89aApr 9Tigard @ Newberg
16.10Kacey Peterson16.84aMay 8Pacific JV District Meet
17.10Alexis Brien16.87aApr 30Tigard @ Canby
18.10Jessica Tran16.90aMay 8Pacific JV District Meet
200 Meters
1.11Makenzie Bittinger26.26aMay 152009 Pacific District Mee..
2.10Katie Humphrey27.16aMay 152009 Pacific District Mee..
3.11Kristin Taylor27.64aApr 15McMinnville @ Tigard
4.11Brittany Nguyen27.83aMay 152009 Pacific District Mee..
5.11Kaleigh Morrison28.24cJun 25USATF Oregon Jr. Olympics..
6.9Tess Langseth28.98aMay 8Pacific JV District Meet
7.11Jessica Truong29.05aMay 8Pacific JV District Meet
8.10Diana Merchant29.82aMar 7Linfield Icebreaker (Unat..
9.9Tawnya Fulton30.08aApr 30Tigard @ Canby
10.9Elisa Newport30.18aApr 30Tigard @ Canby
11.11Olivia Patton30.41aMay 8Pacific JV District Meet
12.9Paige Herbst30.78aApr 30Tigard @ Canby
13.9Mikayla Mason31.63aApr 2Tigard @ Forest Grove
14.10Estili Peck31.75aApr 9Tigard @ Newberg
15.10Crystal Tolliver32.45aMay 8Pacific JV District Meet
16.11Alex Hill33.69aApr 30Tigard @ Canby
300 Meters
1.10Katie Humphrey44.19aMar 19Jason Addy Classic
2.11Kristin Taylor45.82aMar 19Jason Addy Classic
3.11Krista Anderson46.32aMar 19Jason Addy Classic
4.11Brittany Nguyen47.08aMar 19Jason Addy Classic
5.9Elisa Newport50.14aMar 19Jason Addy Classic
6.10Estili Peck50.78aMar 19Jason Addy Classic
7.9Mikayla Mason50.98aMar 19Jason Addy Classic
8.9Paige Herbst51.11aMar 19Jason Addy Classic
9.10Crystal Tolliver55.21aMar 19Jason Addy Classic
400 Meters
1.10Katie Humphrey58.96aMay 23OSAA 6A State Championshi..
2.10Kelsi Schaer59.30aMay 1Cotton Invitational
3.12Kasey Kanada60.84aMay 152009 Pacific District Mee..
4.11Krista Anderson62.98aMay 152009 Pacific District Mee..
5.11Kristin Taylor63.73aApr 24Elden Kellar Invitational
6.9Karyl Kanada66.75aMay 5Tualatin @ Tigard
7.9Tess Langseth67.64aMay 8Pacific JV District Meet
400 Meters - Relay Split
1.10Katie Humphrey58.5aMar 19Jason Addy Classic
2.10Kelsi Schaer60.2Apr 24Elden Kellar Invitational
3.10Diana Merchant61.1Apr 24Elden Kellar Invitational
4.12Kasey Kanada62.2Apr 24Elden Kellar Invitational
800 Meters
1.10Kelsi Schaer2:19.30Jun 6BorderDuel Track Classic
2.10Stephanie Arnold2:35.66aApr 9Tigard @ Newberg
3.10Christine Browning2:40.32aMay 5Tualatin @ Tigard
4.11Kaleigh Morrison2:45.8Jul 10USATF Region 13 Jr. Olymp..
5.9Mikayla Mason2:48.7Apr 30Tigard @ Canby
6.10Sarah Risinger2:52.69aApr 15McMinnville @ Tigard
7.10Hayley Dunning3:00.2Apr 30Tigard @ Canby
8.11Elizabeth Rosas3:00.60aApr 9Tigard @ Newberg
9.10Chelsea Staley3:02.3Apr 30Tigard @ Canby
1500 Meters
1.10Kelsi Schaer4:41.17aMay 23OSAA 6A State Championshi..
2.10Stephanie Arnold5:13.90aApr 17Westview Team Challenge
3.10Kaitlynn Davis5:24.65aMay 152009 Pacific District Mee..
4.10Sarah Risinger5:39.3May 1Cotton Invitational
5.10Ellie Dunklee5:43.1Apr 30Tigard @ Canby
6.10Hayley Dunning5:49.1Apr 30Tigard @ Canby
7.10Tracie Tran5:56.2Mar 12Tigard intersquad Time Tr..
8.10Kacey Peterson5:58.3Mar 12Tigard intersquad Time Tr..
9.10Hannah Bryant5:58.40aApr 9Tigard @ Newberg
10.10Christine Browning6:02.9Mar 12Tigard intersquad Time Tr..
11.10Natalie Perez6:07.26aMay 5Tualatin @ Tigard
12.10Jessica Tran6:09.34aApr 9Tigard @ Newberg
13.10Holly Slyter6:15.6Apr 30Tigard @ Canby
14.12Stephanie Sieg6:25.92aMay 8Pacific JV District Meet
15.11Alex Hill6:43.12aMay 8Pacific JV District Meet
16.10Chelsea Staley6:52.27aApr 2Tigard @ Forest Grove
17.11Elizabeth Rosas6:57.06aApr 2Tigard @ Forest Grove
1 Mile
1.10Kelsi Schaer5:39.72aMar 19Jason Addy Classic
2.10Stephanie Arnold5:52.6Mar 19Jason Addy Classic
3.10Kaitlynn Davis6:12.92aMar 19Jason Addy Classic
4.10Tracie Tran6:22.53aMar 19Jason Addy Classic
5.10Ellie Dunklee6:31.3Mar 19Jason Addy Classic
6.10Christine Browning6:36.6Mar 19Jason Addy Classic
7.10Hayley Dunning6:38.3Mar 19Jason Addy Classic
8.10Jessica Tran6:43.44aMar 19Jason Addy Classic
9.12Stephanie Sieg7:01.4Mar 19Jason Addy Classic
10.10Chelsea Staley7:13.7Mar 19Jason Addy Classic
11.11Elizabeth Rosas7:16.6Mar 19Jason Addy Classic
3000 Meters
1.10Kelsi Schaer11:00.83aMay 1Cotton Invitational
2.10Stephanie Arnold11:23.78aMay 5Tualatin @ Tigard
3.10Tracie Tran11:40.99aApr 15McMinnville @ Tigard
4.10Sarah Risinger11:58.9Apr 30Tigard @ Canby
5.10Kacey Peterson12:28.38aApr 24Elden Kellar Invitational
6.10Christine Browning12:56.72aApr 15McMinnville @ Tigard
7.10Jessica Tran13:38.7Apr 30Tigard @ Canby
8.10Natalie Perez13:53.24aApr 15McMinnville @ Tigard
9.12Stephanie Sieg14:25.80aApr 15McMinnville @ Tigard
2 Miles
1.10Kacey Peterson13:16.8Mar 19Jason Addy Classic
2.12Stephanie Sieg16:16.1Mar 19Jason Addy Classic
3.10Natalie Perez16:37.7Mar 19Jason Addy Classic
60m Hurdles - 33"
1.10Diana Merchant10.39aMar 19Jason Addy Classic
2.11Chelsea Terry10.61aMar 19Jason Addy Classic
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.10Diana Merchant16.52aMay 152009 Pacific District Mee..
2.11Chelsea Terry17.02aMay 152009 Pacific District Mee..
3.11Kaleigh Morrison17.10aJul 28USATF National Jr. Olympi..
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.10Diana Merchant47.39aMay 23OSAA 6A State Championshi..
2.11Chelsea Terry48.68aMay 152009 Pacific District Mee..
4x100 Relay
1.-Kasey Kanada
Chelsea Terry
Kaitlyn Choy
Makenzie Bittinger
50.65aApr 30Tigard @ Canby
2.-Kasey Kanada
Chelsea Terry
Kristin Taylor
Makenzie Bittinger
52.14aApr 24Elden Kellar Invitational
3.-Makenzie Bittinger
Brittany Nguyen
Kaitlyn Choy
Kasey Kanada
52.64aApr 15McMinnville @ Tigard
4.-Makenzie Bittinger
Brittany Nguyen
Kaitlyn Choy
Kristin Taylor
52.73aApr 17Westview Team Challenge
5.-Kristin Taylor
Brittany Nguyen
Makenzie Bittinger
Kaitlyn Choy
54.26aApr 2Tigard @ Forest Grove
6.-Jessica Tran
Erika Ely
Olivia Patton
Tawnya Fulton
54.82aApr 30Tigard @ Canby
7.-Jessica Truong
Olivia Patton
Erika Ely
Tawnya Fulton
56.25aMay 8Pacific JV District Meet
8.-Relay Team 57.77aApr 4Mike Kostrba Invitational
9.-Erika Ely
Elisa Newport
Paige Herbst
Jessica Truong
57.88aApr 2Tigard @ Forest Grove
10.-Makenzie Bittinger
Kaitlyn Choy
Brittany Nguyen
Chelsea Terry
DNFMay 142009 Pacific District Mee..
4x400 Relay
1.-Diana Merchant
Kasey Kanada
Kelsi Schaer
Katie Humphrey
3:58.64aMay 23OSAA 6A State Championshi..
2.-Makenzie Bittinger
Kasey Kanada
Kelsi Schaer
Katie Humphrey
3:59.81aMay 23OSAA 6A State Championshi..
3.-Diana Merchant
Karyl Kanada
Kelsi Schaer
Katie Humphrey
4:02.31aMay 152009 Pacific District Mee..
-Diana Merchant
Kelsi Schaer
Kasey Kanada
Katie Humphrey
4:02.31aMay 142009 Pacific District Mee..
5.-Kristin Taylor
Kasey Kanada
Kelsi Schaer
Katie Humphrey
4:07.87aApr 17Westview Team Challenge
6.-Diana Merchant
Kasey Kanada
Krista Anderson
Katie Humphrey
4:08.89aMay 1Cotton Invitational
7.-Kristin Taylor
Kelsi Schaer
Krista Anderson
Katie Humphrey
4:10.48aApr 15McMinnville @ Tigard
8.-Krista Anderson
Kelsi Schaer
Diana Merchant
Katie Humphrey
4:17.40aApr 9Tigard @ Newberg
9.-Kasey Kanada
Karyl Kanada
Diana Merchant
Tess Langseth
4:29.21aApr 15McMinnville @ Tigard
10.-Krista Anderson
Brittany Nguyen
Karyl Kanada
Tess Langseth
4:29.93aMay 5Tualatin @ Tigard
11.-Kristin Taylor
Diana Merchant
Kelsi Schaer
Katie Humphrey
4:31.05aApr 2Tigard @ Forest Grove
SMR 100-100-200-400m
1.-Kristin Taylor
Brittany Nguyen
Kasey Kanada
Katie Humphrey
1:59.25aMar 19Jason Addy Classic
2.-Jessica Truong
Tawnya Fulton
Diana Merchant
Karyl Kanada
2:08.85aMar 19Jason Addy Classic
DMR 1200-400-800-1600m
1.-Kelsi Schaer
Kaitlynn Davis
Krista Anderson
Mikayla Mason
14:07.44aMar 19Jason Addy Classic
Shot Put - 4kg
1.11Allie Moss31' 2.75Apr 9Tigard @ Newberg
2.11Kaleigh Morrison28' 6.25Jul 28USATF National Jr. Olympi..
3.10Amanda Carlson28' 3Apr 2Tigard @ Forest Grove
4.10Chloe Harris27' 4May 8Pacific JV District Meet
5.10Amelia Foster26' 2.5Apr 9Tigard @ Newberg
6.11Rachel Glancy20' 10.5Apr 2Tigard @ Forest Grove
Discus - 1kg
1.11Brittany Critchfield108' 2May 152009 Pacific District Mee..
2.11Elizabeth Rosas98' 10May 152009 Pacific District Mee..
3.11Andrea Fisher92' 6Apr 17Westview Team Challenge
4.11Allie Moss79' 3May 1Cotton Invitational
5.11Rachel Glancy63' 7Apr 2Tigard @ Forest Grove
Javelin - 600g
1.11Shaelynn Dalton107' 1Apr 15McMinnville @ Tigard
2.11Brittany Critchfield103' 2Apr 30Tigard @ Canby
3.11Keegan Brown89' 0Apr 15McMinnville @ Tigard
4.11Kaleigh Morrison88' 0Jul 29USATF National Jr. Olympi..
5.11Clarissa Yi76' 11Apr 30Tigard @ Canby
6.10Haley Demmin76' 8Apr 15McMinnville @ Tigard
7.10Roxanne Raye76' 4Apr 30Tigard @ Canby
8.11Emily Gross70' 11Apr 30Tigard @ Canby
9.9Megan King62' 4May 1Cotton Invitational
10.9Brenna Walsh58' 11Apr 30Tigard @ Canby
11.9Isabel Harger33' 5Apr 2Tigard @ Forest Grove
High Jump
1.11Kaleigh Morrison5' 3Jun 25USATF Oregon Jr. Olympics..
2.11Shaelynn Dalton4' 8Mar 19Jason Addy Classic
11Keegan Brown4' 8Apr 30Tigard @ Canby
Pole Vault
1.11Kaleigh Morrison11' 6Apr 9Tigard @ Newberg
2.11Makenzie Bittinger8' 0Apr 9Tigard @ Newberg
3.10Estili Peck6' 6May 5Tualatin @ Tigard
4.9Brett Higgins6' 0Apr 9Tigard @ Newberg
9Julianne Kubes6' 0Apr 15McMinnville @ Tigard
9Isabel Harger6' 0May 5Tualatin @ Tigard
7.10Alexis Brien5' 6Apr 9Tigard @ Newberg
10Ellie Dunklee5' 6May 8Pacific JV District Meet
Long Jump
1.11Kaleigh Morrison18' 2.5Apr 24Elden Kellar Invitational
2.11Kaitlyn Choy16' 8Mar 19Jason Addy Classic
3.11Krista Anderson15' 1.75Apr 2Tigard @ Forest Grove
4.9Mikayla Mason14' 6Apr 30Tigard @ Canby
5.9Erika Ely14' 3Apr 15McMinnville @ Tigard
6.9Julianne Kubes13' 9May 5Tualatin @ Tigard
9Isabel Harger13' 9Apr 15McMinnville @ Tigard
8.10Haley Demmin13' 4.25May 8Pacific JV District Meet
9.10Holly Slyter11' 5.25May 8Pacific JV District Meet
10.9Valerie Jarmer11' 4.75May 8Pacific JV District Meet
Triple Jump
1.11Kaleigh Morrison36' 3.5May 23OSAA 6A State Championshi..
2.12Kasey Kanada34' 4.5May 152009 Pacific District Mee..
3.11Chelsea Terry33' 8.5May 152009 Pacific District Mee..
4.9Isabel Harger30' 1.5May 8Pacific JV District Meet
5.9Karyl Kanada27' 8.5Apr 15McMinnville @ Tigard
Heptathlon Score
1.11Kaleigh Morrison3769Jul 10USATF Region 13 Jr. Olymp..

* = Recent improvement

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