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100 Meters
1.12Prinz Singson11.05aMay 164A East Regional
2.12Jermaine Gibbs11.94aMay 164A East Regional
3.12Nick Mores11.98aApr 11Okie Blanchard Invit..
4.10Jacob Carbaugh12.03aMay 3Goshen County Invite
5.11Jeffrey Salinas12.15aApr 11Okie Blanchard Invit..
6.10Jake Forkner12.18aMay 3Goshen County Invite
9Mitchell Bell12.18aMay 164A East Regional
8.10Elliott Miller12.35aApr 26Pine Bluffs Invite
9.11Paul Sheppard12.71aMay 3Goshen County Invite
200 Meters
1.12Prinz Singson22.89aMay 164A East Regional
2.11Garrett Kuskie24.14aMay 3Goshen County Invite
10Elliott Miller24.14aApr 26Pine Bluffs Invite
4.10Jake Forkner24.27aApr 26Pine Bluffs Invite
5.12Jermaine Gibbs25.04aMay 164A East Regional
6.10Jacob Carbaugh25.41aApr 26Pine Bluffs Invite
7.11Paul Sheppard25.45aMay 3Goshen County Invite
8.11John Sheppard25.98aMay 164A East Regional
9.9Jackson Rudolph26.64aMay 3Goshen County Invite
400 Meters
1.12Nick Mores51.53aMay 164A East Regional
2.11Garrett Kuskie51.75aMay 24WHSAA 4A Track & Fie..
3.12Kyle White54.10aMay 164A East Regional
4.9Jackson Rudolph58.04aMay 164A East Regional
5.11John Sheppard58.80aApr 26Pine Bluffs Invite
6.11Rhett Muchmore62.45aMay 3Goshen County Invite
800 Meters
1.10Elliott Miller1:58.62aMay 24WHSAA 4A Track & Fie..
2.10Jake Forkner2:10.53aMay 164A East Regional
3.11Tyler Barnhart2:15.03aApr 11Okie Blanchard Invit..
4.11Jeffrey Salinas2:16.43aApr 26Pine Bluffs Invite
5.10Miguel Hernandez2:16.49aApr 26Pine Bluffs Invite
6.11Sam Horton2:17.55aMay 3Goshen County Invite
7.10Ben Monger2:18.08aApr 26Pine Bluffs Invite
8.11Garrett Kuskie2:21.14aApr 11Okie Blanchard Invit..
1600 Meters
1.11Tyler Barnhart5:00.71aMay 164A East Regional
2.10Jake Forkner5:03.65aMay 164A East Regional
3.10Ben Monger5:08.11aMay 164A East Regional
4.10Miguel Hernandez5:31.48aMay 3Goshen County Invite
5.11Sam Horton5:41.23aMay 164A East Regional
3200 Meters
1.11Josh Willyerd11:13.77aApr 11Okie Blanchard Invit..
2.11Tyler Barnhart11:28.02aMay 164A East Regional
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.11Jeffrey Salinas17.26aApr 26Pine Bluffs Invite
2.9Dawson Cooley17.78aMay 164A East Regional
3.11Cooper Mirich19.90aMay 3Goshen County Invite
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.11Jeffrey Salinas39.80aMay 164A East Regional
2.11Cooper Mirich44.47aApr 11Okie Blanchard Invit..
3.10Jake Forkner46.24aApr 26Pine Bluffs Invite
4.10Colin Wagner48.04aMay 3Goshen County Invite
5.9Dawson Cooley48.18aMay 164A East Regional
4x100 Relay
1.-Jeffrey Salinas
Nick Mores
Kyle Alexander
Prinz Singson
43.44aMay 24WHSAA 4A Track & Fie..
2.-Relay Team 45.31aApr 11Okie Blanchard Invit..
4x400 Relay
1.-Garrett Kuskie
Nick Mores
Jeffrey Salinas
Elliott Miller
3:26.44aMay 24WHSAA 4A Track & Fie..
2.-Prinz Singson
Nick Mores
Jeffrey Salinas
Elliott Miller
3:33.82aMay 164A East Regional
3.-Relay Team 3:35.54aApr 11Okie Blanchard Invit..
4x800 Relay
1.-Jake Forkner
Garrett Kuskie
Ben Monger
Elliott Miller
8:23.50aMay 164A East Regional
2.-Relay Team 9:19.10aMay 3Goshen County Invite
Shot Put - 12lb
1.12Grayson Fleming51' 11.50May 24WHSAA 4A Track & Fie..
2.12Zack Fuller50' 7.75May 164A East Regional
3.12Judd Stewart48' 11.50May 24WHSAA 4A Track & Fie..
4.11Cooper Mirich43' 8.00Apr 26Pine Bluffs Invite
5.12Damon Macleary43' 0.25May 164A East Regional
6.11Dylan Taylor41' 3.00Apr 26Pine Bluffs Invite
7.10Hunter Dilly36' 0.00Apr 26Pine Bluffs Invite
8.10Colin Wagner30' 1.00Apr 26Pine Bluffs Invite
9.9Kyle Seidenberg23' 9.00Apr 26Pine Bluffs Invite
Discus - 1.6kg
1.12Grayson Fleming175' 1.00May 164A East Regional
2.11Cooper Mirich120' 4.00Apr 11Okie Blanchard Invit..
3.12Damon Macleary112' 5.00May 3Goshen County Invite
4.10Hunter Dilly110' 11.00May 164A East Regional
5.11Colton Borm107' 6.00Apr 26Pine Bluffs Invite
6.11Dylan Taylor105' 0.00Apr 26Pine Bluffs Invite
7.11Rhett Muchmore96' 0.00Apr 26Pine Bluffs Invite
8.10Colin Wagner73' 11.00Apr 26Pine Bluffs Invite
High Jump
1.11Paul Sheppard5' 9.00May 164A East Regional
9Eric Lundgren5' 9.00May 164A East Regional
3.12Kyle White5' 3.00Apr 11Okie Blanchard Invit..
4.-Thomas Reams5' 1.00Apr 11Okie Blanchard Invit..
Pole Vault
1.11Adam Rexius12' 0.00May 164A East Regional
2.11Tyler Almquist11' 0.00May 3Goshen County Invite
Long Jump
1.11Kyle Alexander19' 10.75May 24WHSAA 4A Track & Fie..
2.10Jacob Carbaugh18' 10.00May 164A East Regional
3.12Talon Bullock18' 1.25Apr 11Okie Blanchard Invit..
4.11Rhett Muchmore16' 11.00May 164A East Regional
5.9Mark Dennison16' 6.50May 164A East Regional
6.9Mitchell Bell16' 1.50May 3Goshen County Invite
Triple Jump
1.11Kyle Alexander43' 2.50May 164A East Regional
2.12Talon Bullock42' 6.50May 164A East Regional
3.10Jacob Carbaugh41' 2.25May 164A East Regional
4.11Tyler Almquist38' 5.25May 164A East Regional
5.9Mark Dennison35' 0.75Apr 26Pine Bluffs Invite
6.11Rhett Muchmore34' 4.00Apr 26Pine Bluffs Invite
7.9Mitchell Bell33' 8.50May 3Goshen County Invite
8.11Colton Borm32' 10.00Apr 26Pine Bluffs Invite


100 Meters
1.12Melina Harris12.38aMay 24WHSAA 4A Track & Fie..
2.10Allee Williamson12.51aMay 164A East Regional
3.12Mercedes Merryman12.76aMay 164A East Regional
4.12Heidi Pfoor13.33aApr 11Okie Blanchard Invit..
5.11Sophie Seely13.74aMay 3Goshen County Invite
6.12Jordon Hardsocg13.94aMay 3Goshen County Invite
7.9Mikey Castillion14.76aMay 164A East Regional
8.9Emma Snow14.79aApr 26Pine Bluffs Invite
9.9Ashley Swearingen15.49aMay 3Goshen County Invite
200 Meters
1.10Allee Williamson26.10aMay 164A East Regional
2.12Jordon Rudolph28.48aMay 3Goshen County Invite
3.11Sophie Seely29.21aApr 11Okie Blanchard Invit..
4.9Aysia Espinoza29.67aMay 3Goshen County Invite
5.9Mikey Castillion30.56aMay 164A East Regional
6.9Ashley Swearingen30.78aMay 164A East Regional
400 Meters
1.12Heidi Pfoor60.22aMay 24WHSAA 4A Track & Fie..
2.11Sophie Seely65.53aMay 3Goshen County Invite
3.9Emma Snow66.62aMay 3Goshen County Invite
4.-Emily Fender70.29aApr 11Okie Blanchard Invit..
5.11Sam Erickson72.26aApr 11Okie Blanchard Invit..
6.10Jessica Willyerd75.66aApr 26Pine Bluffs Invite
800 Meters
1.10Katheryn Goodrich2:35.75aApr 26Pine Bluffs Invite
2.11Madison Yager2:40.74aMay 164A East Regional
3.12Casey England2:42.33aMay 164A East Regional
4.-Emily Fender2:44.18aApr 26Pine Bluffs Invite
1600 Meters
1.11Madison Yaggermeister5:30.75aMay 24WHSAA 4A Track & Fie..
2.11Madison Yager5:41.55aMay 164A East Regional
3.12Casey England6:05.66aApr 11Okie Blanchard Invit..
4.10Shannon Humphries6:16.12aMay 164A East Regional
5.10Kendall Cogley-Hunnington6:28.84aApr 11Okie Blanchard Invit..
6.10Jessica Willyerd6:48.85aMay 3Goshen County Invite
3200 Meters
1.11Madison Yaggermeister12:00.47aMay 24WHSAA 4A Track & Fie..
2.11Madison Yager12:37.58aMay 164A East Regional
3.12Casey England12:46.80aMay 24WHSAA 4A Track & Fie..
4.10Kendall Cogley-Hunnington13:56.08aMay 164A East Regional
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.12Heidi Pfoor14.36aMay 164A East Regional
2.12Jordon Rudolph16.10aMay 164A East Regional
3.12Jade Swanson-Ebert16.27aMay 164A East Regional
4.9Stephanie Salamacha17.22aMay 164A East Regional
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.12Heidi Pfoor43.61aMay 24WHSAA 4A Track & Fie..
2.12Jordon Rudolph48.46aMay 164A East Regional
3.12Jade Swanson-Ebert51.01aMay 164A East Regional
4.9Stephanie Salamacha51.61aApr 26Pine Bluffs Invite
4x100 Relay
1.-Mercedes Merryman
Sophie Seely
Melina Harris
Allee Williamson
49.43aMay 24WHSAA 4A Track & Fie..
2.-Relay Team 51.01aApr 11Okie Blanchard Invit..
3.-Mikey Castillion
Aysia Espinoza
Ashley Swearingen
Carter Mirich
56.53aApr 26Pine Bluffs Invite
4x400 Relay
1.-Stephanie Salamacha
Katheryn Goodrich
Sophie Seely
Melina Harris
4:17.30aMay 164A East Regional
2.-Relay Team 4:30.59aApr 11Okie Blanchard Invit..
3.-Emily Fender
Kendall Cogley-Hunnington
Katheryn Goodrich
Kaley Clift
4:55.26aApr 26Pine Bluffs Invite
4x800 Relay
1.-Madison Yager
Kendall Cogley-Hunnington
Katheryn Goodrich
Casey England
10:51.18aMay 164A East Regional
2.-Relay Team 11:09.22aApr 11Okie Blanchard Invit..
Shot Put - 4kg
1.9Elizabeth Barbour30' 0.00May 164A East Regional
2.10Alyssa Bjorgoist25' 8.50May 164A East Regional
3.9Devany Farris25' 8.00May 3Goshen County Invite
4.11Jenae Marcus25' 4.00Apr 11Okie Blanchard Invit..
5.9Alayna Stevenson24' 0.00Apr 26Pine Bluffs Invite
6.11Alye Wagner23' 6.00Apr 11Okie Blanchard Invit..
7.9Melinda Cool21' 6.00Apr 26Pine Bluffs Invite
Discus - 1kg
1.11Sasha Stellern103' 6.00May 24WHSAA 4A Track & Fie..
2.10Alyssa Bjorgoist78' 10.00Apr 26Pine Bluffs Invite
3.11Jenae Marcus78' 0.00Apr 11Okie Blanchard Invit..
4.9Elizabeth Barbour71' 6.00Apr 11Okie Blanchard Invit..
5.11Alye Wagner68' 1.00Apr 11Okie Blanchard Invit..
6.12Mercedes Merryman66' 8.00Apr 11Okie Blanchard Invit..
7.9Melinda Cool62' 8.00Apr 26Pine Bluffs Invite
8.9Alayna Stevenson61' 5.00Apr 26Pine Bluffs Invite
High Jump
1.10Allee Williamson5' 3.00Apr 11Okie Blanchard Invit..
2.11Sasha Stellern4' 11.00Apr 11Okie Blanchard Invit..
3.9Ashley Swearingen4' 6.00May 3Goshen County Invite
Pole Vault
1.11Sam Erickson9' 10.00May 164A East Regional
2.12Jordon Hardsocg9' 4.00May 3Goshen County Invite
3.9Carter Mirich7' 4.00May 164A East Regional
Long Jump
1.12Mercedes Merryman17' 3.00Apr 11Okie Blanchard Invit..
2.12Jordon Hardsocg16' 11.50May 24WHSAA 4A Track & Fie..
3.12Taylor McMillian15' 3.75May 3Goshen County Invite
4.9Aysia Espinoza14' 3.25May 3Goshen County Invite
5.9Mikey Castillion13' 1.25Apr 26Pine Bluffs Invite
Triple Jump
1.12Taylor McMillian34' 1.25May 164A East Regional
2.12Heidi Pfoor34' 0.00May 164A East Regional
3.11Sophie Seely33' 8.75May 3Goshen County Invite
4.9Emma Snow33' 2.50Apr 11Okie Blanchard Invit..
5.9Aysia Espinoza30' 2.75Apr 26Pine Bluffs Invite
6.9Mikey Castillion28' 6.50Apr 26Pine Bluffs Invite
7.12Jordon HardsocgNDApr 26Pine Bluffs Invite
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