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100 Meters
1.13-14*Kelvin Barney12.90aMay 2Running Rebels/Top Pacers..
2.13-14Zamir Wallace13.73aMar 21RPM Legacy
3.13-14*Jaquez Gilliam14.10aMay 2Running Rebels/Top Pacers..
4.11-12Clarence Strong14.38aMar 28Contra Costa Cheetahs
5.13-14Maleeq Lovett14.80aApr 4Sacramento Speed Factory
6.11-12*Arell Carter15.00aMay 2Running Rebels/Top Pacers..
7.9-10*Da'maynie Nelson-Wilson15.07aMay 2Running Rebels/Top Pacers..
8.8UDeshawn Seymour15.24aMar 28Contra Costa Cheetahs
9.9-10Kenen Jones15.29aMar 21RPM Legacy
10.9-10Jakari Lovett15.65aMar 28Contra Costa Cheetahs
11.11-12Mykel King15.68aApr 4Sacramento Speed Factory
12.11-12Joseph Quinn15.71aMar 28Contra Costa Cheetahs
13.9-10*Jadyn Hudson15.83aMay 2Running Rebels/Top Pacers..
14.8UTayjon Harrell15.99aApr 25Revolution Express Track ..
15.9-10Malachi Johnson16.11aMar 28Contra Costa Cheetahs
16.9-10*Rashad Darensburg17.11aMay 2Running Rebels/Top Pacers..
17.9-10Miguelle Quinn17.39aMar 28Contra Costa Cheetahs
18.8U*Parris Perry17.51aMay 2Running Rebels/Top Pacers..
19.9Josiah Dillard17.65aApr 25Revolution Express Track ..
20.9-10*Amari Reese18.59aMay 2Running Rebels/Top Pacers..
21.8UCarter Ford21.14aMar 28Contra Costa Cheetahs
22.8UVincent Palacio21.90aApr 25Revolution Express Track ..
200 Meters
1.13-14Zamir Wallace26.77aMar 28Contra Costa Cheetahs
2.13-14*Kelvin Barney26.98aMay 2Running Rebels/Top Pacers..
3.13-14Jaquez Gilliam29.66aApr 25Revolution Express Track ..
4.11-12Clarence Strong29.96aMar 28Contra Costa Cheetahs
5.9-10*Da'maynie Nelson-Wilson30.72aMay 2Running Rebels/Top Pacers..
6.13-14Maleeq Lovett30.87aApr 25Revolution Express Track ..
7.13-14Jerod Davis31.27aMar 28Contra Costa Cheetahs
8.11-12Arell Carter31.43aApr 25Revolution Express Track ..
9.9-10Kenen Jones31.80aApr 25Revolution Express Track ..
10.11-12Mykel King32.03aApr 25Revolution Express Track ..
11.9-10*Malachi Johnson32.23aMay 2Running Rebels/Top Pacers..
12.8UDeshawn Seymour32.84aMar 28Contra Costa Cheetahs
13.11-12Joseph Quinn33.22aMar 28Contra Costa Cheetahs
14.9-10Jakari Lovett33.76aMar 28Contra Costa Cheetahs
15.9-10Jadyn Hudson34.92aMar 28Contra Costa Cheetahs
16.8U*Tayjon Harrell35.97aMay 2Running Rebels/Top Pacers..
17.8UParris Perry37.61aApr 25Revolution Express Track ..
18.9-10*Rashad Darensburg38.53aMay 2Running Rebels/Top Pacers..
19.9Josiah Dillard41.45aApr 25Revolution Express Track ..
20.8U*Vincent Palacio50.31aMay 2Running Rebels/Top Pacers..
400 Meters
1.13-14Zamir Wallace56.54aApr 4Sacramento Speed Factory
2.13-14*Amir Wallace57.22aMay 2Running Rebels/Top Pacers..
3.13-14Kelvin Barney63.87aApr 4Sacramento Speed Factory
4.13-14Jaquez Gilliam69.47aMar 21RPM Legacy
5.11-12*Mykel King70.69aMay 2Running Rebels/Top Pacers..
6.9-10Kenen Jones72.60aApr 4Sacramento Speed Factory
7.13-14Maleeq Lovett72.70aApr 25Revolution Express Track ..
8.11-12*Arell Carter72.91aMay 2Running Rebels/Top Pacers..
9.9-10Da'maynie Nelson-Wilson74.08aApr 25Revolution Express Track ..
10.8UDeshawn Seymour76.99aApr 4Sacramento Speed Factory
11.13-14Andrew Erickson82.85aMar 21RPM Legacy
12.9-10*Jadyn Hudson83.41aMay 2Running Rebels/Top Pacers..
13.9-10Jakari Lovett86.81aApr 25Revolution Express Track ..
14.8UTayjon Harrell1:30.83aApr 25Revolution Express Track ..
15.8U*Parris Perry1:33.10aMay 2Running Rebels/Top Pacers..
16.9Josiah Dillard1:34.04aApr 25Revolution Express Track ..
17.8UCarter Ford1:44.15aApr 4Sacramento Speed Factory
18.8UVincent Palacio2:03.97aApr 4Sacramento Speed Factory
800 Meters
1.13-14Zamir Wallace2:11.48aApr 4Sacramento Speed Factory
2.13-14Amir Wallace2:12.75aApr 4Sacramento Speed Factory
3.13-14*Jaquez Gilliam2:39.51aMay 2Running Rebels/Top Pacers..
4.11-12*Mykel King2:51.60aMay 2Running Rebels/Top Pacers..
1500 Meters
1.13-14Amir Wallace4:36.22aApr 25Revolution Express Track ..
2.13-14Zamir Wallace4:53.48aApr 25Revolution Express Track ..
3.13-14Andrew Erickson6:08.10aApr 25Revolution Express Track ..
3000 Meters
1.13-14Amir Wallace10:29.26aApr 25Revolution Express Track ..
2.13-14Andrew Erickson12:38.28aApr 25Revolution Express Track ..
4x100 Relay
1.13-14Amir Wallace
Jaquez Gilliam
Jerod Davis
Zamir Wallace
54.84aMar 28Contra Costa Cheetahs
4x200 Relay
1.13-14Amir Wallace
Jaquez Gilliam
Maleeq Lovett
Zamir Wallace
1:55.84aMar 21RPM Legacy
2.8UCarter Ford
Deshawn Seymour
Parris Perry
Tayjon Harrell
2:38.58aMar 21RPM Legacy
Shot Put - 6lb
1.9-10Miguelle Quinn18' 8.02Mar 28Contra Costa Cheetahs
2.13-14Maleeq Lovett16' 0.13Mar 28Contra Costa Cheetahs
Javelin - 300g TJ
1.11-12Joseph Quinn71' 0.00Mar 28Contra Costa Cheetahs
2.9-10Kenen Jones64' 3.00Mar 28Contra Costa Cheetahs
3.9-10Da'maynie Nelson-Wilson53' 5.34Apr 4Sacramento Speed Factory
4.9-10Jakari Lovett52' 7.00Mar 28Contra Costa Cheetahs
5.9-10Jadyn Hudson49' 10.00Mar 21RPM Legacy
6.11-12Arell Carter47' 11.00Mar 28Contra Costa Cheetahs
7.9-10Miguelle Quinn46' 5.00Mar 28Contra Costa Cheetahs
8.8U*Tayjon Harrell45' 5.00May 2Running Rebels/Top Pacers..
9.9-10*Rashad Darensburg42' 11.00May 2Running Rebels/Top Pacers..
10.11-12Clarence Strong39' 9.00Mar 21RPM Legacy
11.9-10Amari Reese33' 5.57Apr 25Revolution Express Track ..
12.8U*Vincent Palacio14' 3.00May 2Running Rebels/Top Pacers..
High Jump
1.13-14Zamir Wallace5' 2.00Mar 28Contra Costa Cheetahs
2.13-14Amir Wallace5' 1.81Apr 4Sacramento Speed Factory
Long Jump
1.11-12Mykel King12' 2.00Mar 28Contra Costa Cheetahs
2.11-12Clarence Strong10' 7.56Apr 25Revolution Express Track ..
3.9-10Amari Reese8' 1.24Apr 25Revolution Express Track ..
4.8UVincent Palacio4' 9.00Apr 4Sacramento Speed Factory
5.13-14Kelvin BarneyNDApr 25Revolution Express Track ..
9-10Malachi JohnsonNDApr 25Revolution Express Track ..


100 Meters
1.13-14Daysha Ford13.53aMar 28Contra Costa Cheetahs
2.11-12*Dylan Parks13.82aMay 2Running Rebels/Top Pacers..
3.13-14Kiara Jones14.50aApr 25Revolution Express Track ..
4.13-14*Sana German14.65aMay 2Running Rebels/Top Pacers..
5.13-14Zariya Mims15.27aApr 4Sacramento Speed Factory
6.8U*Ruby Ford15.57aMay 2Running Rebels/Top Pacers..
7.9-10Deja Williams15.58aApr 4Sacramento Speed Factory
8.9-10*Kamealoah Ware15.64aMay 2Running Rebels/Top Pacers..
9.9-10Caliyah Harrison15.67aMar 28Contra Costa Cheetahs
10.9-10Milani Bell16.15aApr 4Sacramento Speed Factory
11.9-10*Kennedy Carter16.31aMay 2Running Rebels/Top Pacers..
12.8UCali Harrison16.95aApr 4Sacramento Speed Factory
13.8UDeAnna Turner17.04aMar 28Contra Costa Cheetahs
14.9-10ZaRaya Porter17.38aApr 4Sacramento Speed Factory
15.8UAmaya Reese17.49aApr 25Revolution Express Track ..
16.9-10Zianni Larkin17.86aMar 21RPM Legacy
17.8USaini Hughes17.99aApr 4Sacramento Speed Factory
18.8UMykaela King18.03aApr 25Revolution Express Track ..
19.8UDaniya Jordan18.20aApr 4Sacramento Speed Factory
20.7Mariah Durham19.80aApr 25Revolution Express Track ..
21.8UNayelli Simonton20.93aMar 21RPM Legacy
200 Meters
1.11-12Dylan Parks28.08aApr 25Revolution Express Track ..
2.13-14Jaxin Woodward28.78aMar 28Contra Costa Cheetahs
3.13-14Kiara Jones29.49aMar 28Contra Costa Cheetahs
4.13-14*Sana German29.52aMay 2Running Rebels/Top Pacers..
5.13-14Daysha Ford29.56aMar 28Contra Costa Cheetahs
6.11-12Jiana Stewartburgess31.39aMar 28Contra Costa Cheetahs
7.9-10*Deja Williams32.60aMay 2Running Rebels/Top Pacers..
8.9-10*Kamealoah Ware33.06aMay 2Running Rebels/Top Pacers..
9.9-10Milani Bell33.13aApr 25Revolution Express Track ..
10.9-10Caliyah Harrison33.54aMar 28Contra Costa Cheetahs
11.8URuby Ford33.76aApr 25Revolution Express Track ..
12.9-10*Kennedy Carter35.19aMay 2Running Rebels/Top Pacers..
13.8UCali Harrison37.10aMar 28Contra Costa Cheetahs
14.8U*Mykaela King38.56aMay 2Running Rebels/Top Pacers..
15.8UDeAnna Turner38.91aMar 28Contra Costa Cheetahs
16.8U*Amaya Reese38.95aMay 2Running Rebels/Top Pacers..
17.9-10Kimora Williams40.56aApr 4Sacramento Speed Factory
18.8U*Daniya Jordan40.71aMay 2Running Rebels/Top Pacers..
19.7Mariah Durham43.17aApr 25Revolution Express Track ..
20.8U*Nayelli Simonton44.43aMay 2Running Rebels/Top Pacers..
400 Meters
1.13-14Jaxin Woodward62.79aMar 21RPM Legacy
2.13-14Daysha Ford62.80aMar 21RPM Legacy
3.11-12Dylan Parks63.03aApr 25Revolution Express Track ..
4.13-14Sana German66.15aApr 25Revolution Express Track ..
5.13-14Kiara Jones66.67aApr 25Revolution Express Track ..
6.11-12Jiana Stewartburgess69.96aMar 21RPM Legacy
7.13-14Zariya Mims74.57aApr 4Sacramento Speed Factory
8.8U*Ruby Ford75.21aMay 2Running Rebels/Top Pacers..
9.9-10Caliyah Harrison77.51aApr 4Sacramento Speed Factory
10.9-10*Milani Bell80.26aMay 2Running Rebels/Top Pacers..
11.9-10*Deja Williams81.12aMay 2Running Rebels/Top Pacers..
12.9-10Kennedy Carter82.29aApr 4Sacramento Speed Factory
13.9-10ZaRaya Porter86.94aApr 4Sacramento Speed Factory
14.9-10Kimora Williams88.50aApr 4Sacramento Speed Factory
15.9-10Kamealoah Ware89.28aApr 25Revolution Express Track ..
16.8UMykaela King1:33.12aApr 4Sacramento Speed Factory
17.9-10Zianni Larkin1:35.65aApr 25Revolution Express Track ..
18.8UDeAnna Turner1:37.37aMar 21RPM Legacy
19.8USaini Hughes1:38.37aApr 4Sacramento Speed Factory
20.8UNayelli Simonton1:52.02aMar 21RPM Legacy
800 Meters
1.13-14Jaxin Woodward2:27.55aMar 28Contra Costa Cheetahs
2.13-14Daysha Ford2:34.94aApr 4Sacramento Speed Factory
3.11-12Jiana Stewartburgess2:35.05aApr 4Sacramento Speed Factory
4.13-14Sana German2:37.68aApr 4Sacramento Speed Factory
5.13-14Kiara Jones2:39.46aApr 4Sacramento Speed Factory
6.11-12Dylan Parks2:41.42aMar 28Contra Costa Cheetahs
7.8URuby Ford2:52.28aApr 4Sacramento Speed Factory
1500 Meters
1.13-14*Jaxin Woodward5:00.29aMay 2Running Rebels/Top Pacers..
2.11-12Jiana Stewartburgess5:16.79aMar 21RPM Legacy
3000 Meters
1.13-14Jaxin Woodward10:35.61aApr 25Revolution Express Track ..
2.11-12Jiana Stewartburgess11:18.32aApr 25Revolution Express Track ..
4x100 Relay
1.13-14Daysha Ford
Jaxin Woodward
Kiara Jones
Sana German
55.95aMar 28Contra Costa Cheetahs
4x200 Relay
1.13-14Daysha Ford
Kiara Jones
Sana German
Zariya Mims
2:00.21aMar 21RPM Legacy
Shot Put - 6lb
1.9-10Kamealoah Ware12' 7.97Mar 28Contra Costa Cheetahs
Javelin - 300g TJ
1.9-10Deja Williams45' 1.00Mar 21RPM Legacy
2.9-10Caliyah Harrison39' 0.00Mar 21RPM Legacy
3.9-10Milani Bell30' 9.00Mar 28Contra Costa Cheetahs
4.8UCali Harrison28' 0.00Mar 21RPM Legacy
5.9-10Kennedy Carter24' 6.00Mar 28Contra Costa Cheetahs
6.8UNayelli Simonton22' 10.41Apr 4Sacramento Speed Factory
7.8UDaniya Jordan15' 2.28Apr 4Sacramento Speed Factory
Long Jump
1.11-12Jiana Stewartburgess11' 10.00Apr 4Sacramento Speed Factory
2.8UNayelli Simonton8' 10.30Apr 25Revolution Express Track ..
3.8UAmaya Reese8' 7.00Apr 4Sacramento Speed Factory
4.8U*Cali Harrison8' 2.50May 2Running Rebels/Top Pacers..
5.8UMykaela King7' 0.00Apr 4Sacramento Speed Factory
6.8UDeAnna Turner6' 10.00Mar 21RPM Legacy
7.8UDaniya JordanNDApr 25Revolution Express Track ..

* = Recent improvement

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