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50 Meter Dash
1.7-8Jacob Parker11.54cApr 9Hermiston hosting Stanfie..
2.7-8Jayden McConnell12.64cApr 9Hermiston hosting Stanfie..
100 Meters
1.11-12Zack Gehrke17.24cMay 9Eastern Oregon Youth Trac..
2.9-10Gavin Tarvin17.74cApr 16Umatilla Hosting - Attend..
3.11-12Miles Valentine18.14cApr 23Pendleton Hosting - schoo..
4.11-12EJ Ducre18.34cApr 16Umatilla Hosting - Attend..
5.11-12Hank Gehrke18.84cApr 23Pendleton Hosting - schoo..
6.9-10Garrett Wiggins19.14cApr 23Pendleton Hosting - schoo..
7.11-12Chase Summers23.44cApr 23Pendleton Hosting - schoo..
8.7-8Jacob Parker23.74cApr 23Pendleton Hosting - schoo..
200 Meters
1.11-12Zack Gehrke36.74cMay 9Eastern Oregon Youth Trac..
2.9-10Gavin Tarvin42.64cApr 16Umatilla Hosting - Attend..
400 Meters
1.9-10Gavin Tarvin86.14cApr 16Umatilla Hosting - Attend..
Shot Put - 6lb
1.11-12EJ Ducre21' 7Apr 16Umatilla Hosting - Attend..
2.11-12Hank Gehrke14' 5May 9Eastern Oregon Youth Trac..
3.11-12Chase Summers14' 0Apr 23Pendleton Hosting - schoo..
4.9-10Garrett Wiggins10' 7Apr 30Boardman Hosting - School..
5.7-8Jacob Parker9' 11May 9Eastern Oregon Youth Trac..
Shot Put - 12lb
1.11-12Gabe Scott15' 4.5Apr 30Boardman Hosting - School..
Javelin - 300g TJ
1.11-12EJ Ducre64' 6Apr 16Umatilla Hosting - Attend..
2.11-12Zack Gehrke42' 6May 9Eastern Oregon Youth Trac..
3.11-12Gabe Scott41' 5Apr 30Boardman Hosting - School..
4.11-12Miles Valentine37' 10Apr 23Pendleton Hosting - schoo..
5.9-10Garrett Wiggins32' 6Apr 30Boardman Hosting - School..
6.11-12Hank Gehrke32' 4May 9Eastern Oregon Youth Trac..
7.11-12Chase Summers31' 6Apr 9Hermiston hosting Stanfie..
8.9-10Gavin Tarvin27' 6Apr 23Pendleton Hosting - schoo..
9.7-8Jacob Parker27' 5Apr 16Umatilla Hosting - Attend..
10.7-8Jayden McConnell18' 11Apr 30Boardman Hosting - School..
Long Jump
1.11-12Miles Valentine9' 5Apr 23Pendleton Hosting - schoo..
2.9-10Garrett Wiggins8' 11Apr 30Boardman Hosting - School..
3.11-12Hank Gehrke8' 10May 9Eastern Oregon Youth Trac..
4.11-12EJ Ducre8' 8Apr 16Umatilla Hosting - Attend..
5.11-12Chase Summers7' 9Apr 9Hermiston hosting Stanfie..
6.7-8Jacob Parker6' 8Apr 16Umatilla Hosting - Attend..
7.7-8Jayden McConnell6' 0Apr 30Boardman Hosting - School..
8.7-8Ethan Fisher4' 3Apr 9Hermiston hosting Stanfie..


50 Meter Dash
1.7-8Codi Hewlett9.64cApr 23Pendleton Hosting - schoo..
2.7-8Haley Summers11.04cApr 9Hermiston hosting Stanfie..
3.7-8Tylene Skillman11.54cMay 9Eastern Oregon Youth Trac..
4.9-10Katlynn Jackson11.74cApr 23Pendleton Hosting - schoo..
5.7-8Zora Gehrke12.54cMay 9Eastern Oregon Youth Trac..
6.7-8Zoe Russell16.34cApr 23Pendleton Hosting - schoo..
100 Meters
1.9-10Taylor Swaggart17.14cApr 30Boardman Hosting - School..
2.9-10Devyn Tarvin17.54cApr 16Umatilla Hosting - Attend..
3.7-8Codi Hewlett18.84cApr 9Hermiston hosting Stanfie..
4.9-10Lexie Cox19.64cApr 9Hermiston hosting Stanfie..
5.7-8Haley Summers21.34cApr 9Hermiston hosting Stanfie..
13-14Rami Wiggins21.34cApr 23Pendleton Hosting - schoo..
7.11-12Natalee Sherbahn21.84cApr 16Umatilla Hosting - Attend..
8.9-10Kylee Murstig22.04cApr 23Pendleton Hosting - schoo..
9.7-8Tylene Skillman23.34cApr 30Boardman Hosting - School..
10.9-10Katlynn Jackson23.44cApr 16Umatilla Hosting - Attend..
11.7-8Madeline Golphenee25.04cApr 16Umatilla Hosting - Attend..
200 Meters
1.9-10Devyn Tarvin35.44cMay 9Eastern Oregon Youth Trac..
2.9-10Taylor Swaggart37.14cApr 30Boardman Hosting - School..
3.9-10Kylee Murstig48.64cApr 16Umatilla Hosting - Attend..
4.7-8Madeline Golphenee55.14cApr 16Umatilla Hosting - Attend..
400 Meters
1.9-10Devyn Tarvin75.74cMay 9Eastern Oregon Youth Trac..
2.11-12Laci Wiggins1:44.04cApr 30Boardman Hosting - School..
3.9-10Lexie Cox1:50.24cMay 9Eastern Oregon Youth Trac..
800 Meters
1.11-12Laci Wiggins4:02.1Apr 23Pendleton Hosting - schoo..
2.13-14Rami Wiggins4:02.6Apr 30Boardman Hosting - School..
3.9-10Lexie Cox4:22.1Apr 16Umatilla Hosting - Attend..
Shot Put - 6lb
1.9-10Lexie Cox23' 5Apr 9Hermiston hosting Stanfie..
2.13-14Lizzie Cox17' 4Apr 9Hermiston hosting Stanfie..
3.13-14Rami Wiggins15' 2Apr 30Boardman Hosting - School..
4.11-12Natalee Sherbahn12' 4Apr 30Boardman Hosting - School..
5.11-12Laci Wiggins10' 6Apr 30Boardman Hosting - School..
6.7-8Codi Hewlett9' 10Apr 16Umatilla Hosting - Attend..
7.9-10Kylee Murstig7' 1Apr 30Boardman Hosting - School..
8.7-8Haley Summers3' 11Apr 23Pendleton Hosting - schoo..
Javelin - 300g TJ
1.13-14Lizzie Cox43' 5Apr 30Boardman Hosting - School..
2.11-12Natalee Sherbahn39' 0Apr 16Umatilla Hosting - Attend..
3.13-14Rami Wiggins36' 6Apr 23Pendleton Hosting - schoo..
4.9-10Devyn Tarvin33' 8Apr 30Boardman Hosting - School..
5.9-10Lexie Cox29' 7Apr 30Boardman Hosting - School..
6.7-8Codi Hewlett28' 6Apr 23Pendleton Hosting - schoo..
7.9-10Kylee Murstig19' 8.5Apr 30Boardman Hosting - School..
8.9-10Katlynn Jackson17' 10Apr 16Umatilla Hosting - Attend..
9.7-8Haley Summers11' 0Apr 23Pendleton Hosting - schoo..
10.7-8Zoe Russell9' 0Apr 23Pendleton Hosting - schoo..
Javelin - 600g
1.13-14Lizzie Cox48' 6Apr 9Hermiston hosting Stanfie..
2.11-12Natalee Sherbahn29' 2.5Apr 9Hermiston hosting Stanfie..
3.9-10Lexie Cox23' 5Apr 9Hermiston hosting Stanfie..
4.9-10Katlynn Jackson17' 2Apr 9Hermiston hosting Stanfie..
5.7-8Haley Summers16' 0Apr 9Hermiston hosting Stanfie..
Long Jump
1.9-10Taylor Swaggart9' 1Apr 30Boardman Hosting - School..
2.13-14Rami Wiggins8' 4.5Apr 30Boardman Hosting - School..
3.13-14Lizzie Cox8' 4Apr 9Hermiston hosting Stanfie..
4.7-8Codi Hewlett8' 1Apr 23Pendleton Hosting - schoo..
5.11-12Hannah Briggs7' 8Apr 9Hermiston hosting Stanfie..
6.11-12Laci Wiggins7' 5Apr 23Pendleton Hosting - schoo..
7.9-10Lexie Cox6' 10Apr 30Boardman Hosting - School..
8.7-8Tylene Skillman6' 9Apr 30Boardman Hosting - School..
9.11-12Natalee Sherbahn6' 5Apr 23Pendleton Hosting - schoo..
10.9-10Katlynn Jackson6' 3Apr 9Hermiston hosting Stanfie..
11.9-10Kylee Murstig6' 1Apr 30Boardman Hosting - School..
12.7-8Haley Summers5' 6Apr 9Hermiston hosting Stanfie..
13.7-8Madeline Golphenee5' 3Apr 16Umatilla Hosting - Attend..
14.7-8Zora Gehrke3' 2Apr 23Pendleton Hosting - schoo..
15.7-8Zoe Russell2' 2Apr 23Pendleton Hosting - schoo..

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