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100 Meters
1.11Cody Thomsen11.63aMay 7Amery Invite
2.12Ryan Hoang11.69aMay 12RL Rotary Meet
3.12Sonny Anderson12.15aMay 12RL Rotary Meet
4.12Robert Henry12.31aMay 12RL Rotary Meet
5.9James Baillargeon12.34cMay 14GWC Quad
6.10Tristen Robole-Collins12.44cMay 14GWC Quad
7.9Chris McLeod12.74cMay 14GWC Quad
8.10Connor McBrayer12.84cMay 14GWC Quad
9.12Reece Vergin13.44cMay 14GWC Quad
10Kody Dudgeon13.44cMay 14GWC Quad
11.11C.j. Springett13.54cMay 14GWC Quad
12.11Tanner MortensenNTMay 14GWC Quad
200 Meters
1.10Max Goulet23.55aMay 29WIAA D2 Sectional - Amery
2.11Cody Thomsen24.63aMay 12RL Rotary Meet
3.10Tristen Robole-Collins24.88aMay 12RL Rotary Meet
4.10Shawn Waalen25.04cMay 14GWC Quad
5.12Robert Henry25.24cMay 14GWC Quad
6.9James Baillargeon25.44cMay 14GWC Quad
12Tanner Wears25.44aMay 12RL Rotary Meet
8.9Chris McLeod25.94cMay 14GWC Quad
9.11C.j. Springett27.94cMay 14GWC Quad
10.12Reece Vergin30.94cMay 14GWC Quad
11.11Tanner MortensenNTMay 14GWC Quad
11Jon BenitezNTMay 14GWC Quad
400 Meters
1.10Tristen Robole-Collins54.28aMay 1Ellsworth Invite
2.11Jacob Howell56.26aApr 16Rice Lake Invitational
3.12Tanner Wears56.66aMay 1Ellsworth Invite
4.9Chris McLeod57.52aMay 12RL Rotary Meet
5.10Seth Amundsen58.59aApr 16Rice Lake Invitational
6.11C.j. Springett61.94cMay 14GWC Quad
800 Meters
1.12Tanner Wears2:05.37aMay 12RL Rotary Meet
2.11Matt Goodrum2:13.19aMay 1Ellsworth Invite
3.11Tanner Mortensen2:14.06aMay 12RL Rotary Meet
4.10Shawn Waalen2:18.94aApr 16Rice Lake Invitational
5.10Seth Amundsen2:21.73aMay 1Ellsworth Invite
6.10Ryan Heiss2:21.98aMay 12RL Rotary Meet
7.9Jude Ingham2:34.00May 14GWC Quad
1600 Meters
1.12Tanner Wears4:59.90May 14GWC Quad
2.11Matt Goodrum5:11.70aMay 7Amery Invite
3.10Ryan Heiss5:14.36aMay 1Ellsworth Invite
4.10Seth Amundsen5:22.81aMay 7Amery Invite
5.11Tanner Mortensen5:24.42aMay 12RL Rotary Meet
6.11Sam Shakin5:28.50May 14GWC Quad
7.9Jude Ingham5:43.55aMay 12RL Rotary Meet
3200 Meters
1.11Sam Shakin11:44.78aMay 1Ellsworth Invite
2.9Jude Ingham13:27.91aApr 16Rice Lake Invitational
3.11Matt GoodrumNTApr 16Rice Lake Invitational
110m Hurdles - 39"
1.11Brett Schulte16.47aMay 29WIAA D2 Sectional - Amery
2.11Braeden Rimestad17.71aMay 7Amery Invite
3.9Lucas Grimsby20.70aApr 16Rice Lake Invitational
4.11Jacob Howell22.57aMay 1Ellsworth Invite
5.10Connor McBrayer23.06aMay 1Ellsworth Invite
300m Hurdles - 36"
1.11Brett Schulte47.87aMay 12RL Rotary Meet
2.10Connor McBrayer48.13aMay 12RL Rotary Meet
3.11Braeden Rimestad48.83aMay 12RL Rotary Meet
4.11Jacob Howell51.39aMay 1Ellsworth Invite
5.9Lucas Grimsby52.38aApr 16Rice Lake Invitational
4x100 Relay
1.-Sonny Anderson
Max Goulet
Cody Thomsen
Ryan Hoang
45.02aMay 29WIAA D2 Sectional - Amery
2.-Relay Team 45.55aMay 8New Richmond Relays
3.-Sonny Anderson
Ryan Hoang
Cody Thomsen
Max Goulet
46.01aApr 16Rice Lake Invitational
4.-Cody Thomsen
Robert Henry
Sonny Anderson
Ryan Hoang
46.81aMay 12RL Rotary Meet
5.-Robert Henry
James Baillargeon
Tristen Robole-Collins
Connor McBrayer
48.34cMay 14GWC Quad
6.-Jacob Howell
Jack Ince
Elijah Newton
Michael Anderson
58.99aMay 12RL Rotary Meet
4x200 Relay
1.-Sonny Anderson
Ryan Hoang
Cody Thomsen
Max Goulet
1:34.43aMay 29WIAA D2 Sectional - Amery
2.-Relay Team 1:34.73aMay 8New Richmond Relays
3.-Cody Thomsen
Robert Henry
Sonny Anderson
Ryan Hoang
1:35.94aMay 12RL Rotary Meet
4.-Sonny Anderson
Cody Thomsen
Max Goulet
Robert Henry
1:36.73aApr 16Rice Lake Invitational
4x400 Relay
1.-Relay Team 3:45.93aMay 8New Richmond Relays
2.-Tanner Wears
Connor McBrayer
Robert Henry
Tanner Mortensen
3:55.60aApr 16Rice Lake Invitational
4x800 Relay
1.-Tristen Robole-Collins
Tanner Wears
Seth Amundsen
Matt Goodrum
8:17.12aMay 29WIAA D2 Sectional - Amery
2.-Tanner Wears
Matt Goodrum
Seth Amundsen
Tristen Robole-Collins
8:22.53aJun 6WIAA Division 2 State Cha..
3.-Tristen Robole-Collins
Tanner Wears
Sam Shakin
Matt Goodrum
8:45.58aMay 12RL Rotary Meet
4.-Relay Team 8:49.62aMay 7Amery Invite
5.-Sam Shakin
Tanner Wears
Matt Goodrum
Seth Amundsen
8:59.20May 14GWC Quad
6.-Tanner Wears
Matt Goodrum
Seth Amundsen
Ryan Heiss
9:13.64aApr 16Rice Lake Invitational
4x1600 Relay
1.-Relay Team 20:48.38aMay 8New Richmond Relays
SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8]
1.-Relay Team 3:50.73aMay 8New Richmond Relays
Shot Put - 12lb
1.11Elijah Newton43' 5.25May 12RL Rotary Meet
2.11Michael Anderson36' 0.50Apr 16Rice Lake Invitational
3.11Peter Place34' 7.25Apr 16Rice Lake Invitational
4.11Jacob Howell32' 9.75May 12RL Rotary Meet
5.10Connor McBrayer31' 0.00May 8New Richmond Relays
6.12Robert Henry29' 7.00May 8New Richmond Relays
7.11Jack Ince29' 4.00May 14GWC Quad
Discus - 1.6kg
1.11Elijah Newton136' 7.00May 1Ellsworth Invite
2.11Peter Place107' 11.00May 8New Richmond Relays
3.11Michael Anderson81' 9.00May 12RL Rotary Meet
4.11Jack Ince79' 3.00May 12RL Rotary Meet
5.9James Baillargeon77' 0.00May 8New Richmond Relays
High Jump
1.11Matt Goodrum5' 6.00May 1Ellsworth Invite
2.10Tristen Robole-Collins5' 4.00May 1Ellsworth Invite
3.9Lucas Grimsby5' 0.00May 8New Richmond Relays
Pole Vault
1.10Shawn Waalen11' 6.00May 29WIAA D2 Sectional - Amery
2.11Jon Benitez10' 0.00May 8New Richmond Relays
3.9Lucas Grimsby8' 0.00Apr 16Rice Lake Invitational
Long Jump
1.12Ryan Hoang19' 8.50Apr 16Rice Lake Invitational
2.11Brett Schulte19' 6.50May 12RL Rotary Meet
3.10Connor McBrayer18' 6.00Apr 16Rice Lake Invitational
4.10Tristen Robole-Collins18' 3.00Apr 16Rice Lake Invitational
5.11Jon Benitez16' 4.75May 12RL Rotary Meet
6.10Seth Amundsen15' 10.00May 14GWC Quad
7.12Reece Vergin15' 3.00May 14GWC Quad
8.12Jorgen Stevens13' 3.00May 14GWC Quad
9.9Lucas GrimsbyNDMay 14GWC Quad
Triple Jump
1.12Ryan Hoang39' 2.25May 7Amery Invite
2.11Brett Schulte39' 2.00May 7Amery Invite
3.10Seth Amundsen33' 11.50Apr 16Rice Lake Invitational
4.12Jorgen Stevens27' 9.25May 14GWC Quad


100 Meters
1.11Kara Standaert13.59aMay 12RL Rotary Meet
2.10Nastja Gramsch14.54cMay 14GWC Quad
3.11Alana Briseno15.02aMay 7Amery Invite
4.9Grace Grimm15.19aMay 12RL Rotary Meet
5.12Rylee Black16.54cMay 14GWC Quad
6.11Elli Meagher17.14cMay 14GWC Quad
7.10Olivia Jensen19.24cMay 14GWC Quad
8.9Lexa CorriganNTMay 14GWC Quad
200 Meters
1.11Kara Standaert29.09aMay 1Ellsworth Invite
2.11Alana Briseno30.33aMay 12RL Rotary Meet
3.9Grace Grimm32.79aMay 7Amery Invite
4.11Kaitlyn McKee36.04aApr 16Rice Lake Invitational
5.11Elli Meagher36.71aMay 12RL Rotary Meet
6.10Olivia Jensen37.84cMay 14GWC Quad
7.9Lexa CorriganNTMay 14GWC Quad
12Rylee BlackSCRMay 12RL Rotary Meet
400 Meters
1.11Alicia Monson62.37aApr 16Rice Lake Invitational
2.9Cheyenne Edwards66.94cMay 14GWC Quad
3.12Felicia Jensen75.04cMay 14GWC Quad
4.12Cami Schafer77.04cMay 14GWC Quad
5.10Hannah Roe83.14aApr 16Rice Lake Invitational
6.10Olivia Jensen86.37aMay 12RL Rotary Meet
800 Meters
1.11Alicia Monson2:22.80May 14GWC Quad
2.9Cheyenne Edwards2:51.90May 14GWC Quad
3.12Felicia Jensen2:58.34aMay 12RL Rotary Meet
4.10Hannah Roe3:02.70aMay 1Ellsworth Invite
5.12Cami Schafer3:15.20May 14GWC Quad
6.9Destiny DiCosimo3:20.28aApr 16Rice Lake Invitational
7.12Rylee BlackNTApr 16Rice Lake Invitational
1600 Meters
1.11Alicia Monson4:55.32aJun 6WIAA Division 2 State Cha..
2.10Elizabeth Monette5:49.09aMay 29WIAA D2 Sectional - Amery
3.10Hannah Roe6:31.28aMay 12RL Rotary Meet
4.12Felicia Jensen6:37.57aApr 16Rice Lake Invitational
5.9Destiny DiCosimo7:10.79aApr 16Rice Lake Invitational
3200 Meters
1.11Alicia Monson10:26.86aJun 6WIAA Division 2 State Cha..
2.10Hannah Roe13:53.82aMay 12RL Rotary Meet
100m Hurdles - 33"
1.11Kara Standaert17.96aMay 12RL Rotary Meet
2.10Nastja Gramsch19.24cMay 14GWC Quad
300m Hurdles - 30"
1.11Kara Standaert51.79aMay 12RL Rotary Meet
2.10Nastja Gramsch55.11aMay 1Ellsworth Invite
3.12Cami Schafer63.20aApr 16Rice Lake Invitational
4.12Rylee Black66.64cMay 14GWC Quad
4x100 Relay
1.-Relay Team 58.44aMay 8New Richmond Relays
2.-Olivia Jensen
Elli Meagher
Lexa Corrigan
Jenesis Gustafson
66.04aMay 12RL Rotary Meet
3.-Alana Briseno
Rylee Black
Olivia Jensen
Elli Meagher
66.64cMay 14GWC Quad
4.-Rylee Black
Nastja Gramsch
Olivia Jensen
Kaitlyn McKee
NTApr 16Rice Lake Invitational
4x200 Relay
1.-Relay Team 2:13.28aMay 8New Richmond Relays
2.-Olivia Jensen
Elli Meagher
Rylee Black
Lexa Corrigan
2:23.44aMay 12RL Rotary Meet
4x400 Relay
1.-Elizabeth Monette
Felicia Jensen
Cheyenne Edwards
Cami Schafer
4:50.05aApr 16Rice Lake Invitational
2.-Relay Team 4:52.62aMay 1Ellsworth Invite
4x800 Relay
1.-Alicia Monson
Elizabeth Monette
Felicia Jensen
Cheyenne Edwards
10:00.17aMay 29WIAA D2 Sectional - Amery
2.-Relay Team 10:20.31aMay 7Amery Invite
3.-Felicia Jensen
Alicia Monson
Elizabeth Monette
Cheyenne Edwards
10:41.10May 14GWC Quad
4.-Elizabeth Monette
Felicia Jensen
Cheyenne Edwards
Cami Schafer
10:54.42aJun 6WIAA Division 2 State Cha..
5.-Cami Schafer
Alicia Monson
Elizabeth Monette
Cheyenne Edwards
11:10.84aApr 16Rice Lake Invitational
4x1600 Relay
1.-Relay Team 24:18.58aMay 8New Richmond Relays
SMR 100-300-600-200m
1.-Relay Team 4:36.24aMay 8New Richmond Relays
Shot Put - 4kg
1.10Gabby Fredrick32' 5.75Apr 16Rice Lake Invitational
2.9Jenesis Gustafson27' 11.50Apr 16Rice Lake Invitational
3.11Emily Klitgard25' 5.00May 7Amery Invite
4.12Rylee Black24' 1.00May 8New Richmond Relays
Discus - 1kg
1.10Gabby Fredrick94' 4.00May 14GWC Quad
2.9Jenesis Gustafson83' 4.00May 8New Richmond Relays
3.11Emily Klitgard74' 7.00May 8New Richmond Relays
High Jump
1.12Cami Schafer4' 8.00May 1Ellsworth Invite
2.9Grace Grimm4' 6.00May 1Ellsworth Invite
3.11Alicia MonsonNHMay 8New Richmond Relays
Pole Vault
1.12Sierra Schwartz8' 0.00May 29WIAA D2 Sectional - Amery
9Grace Grimm8' 0.00May 29WIAA D2 Sectional - Amery
3.10Olivia Jensen6' 6.00May 1Ellsworth Invite
Long Jump
1.11Alana Briseno13' 0.50Apr 16Rice Lake Invitational
2.9Grace Grimm12' 7.75May 12RL Rotary Meet
3.12Rylee Black12' 3.00Apr 16Rice Lake Invitational
4.11Elli Meagher10' 10.00May 14GWC Quad
5.11Kaitlyn McKeeNDApr 16Rice Lake Invitational
Triple Jump
1.10Nastja Gramsch23' 1.25Apr 16Rice Lake Invitational

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